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Kit Cloudkicker Fan Art Page!!

The best art is Tale Spin art.

Artwork Rules: The format can be in either .JPG or .GIF or .BMP format (.BMP is great since I can print it out and rescan it without a loss in quality at all and the size is reduced considerably.) . Please try to limit your picture to 125K so that others can send in their picture (I only have 11 Megabytes of webspace to work with.) The most important of all is it must be fanart with either Kit Cloudkicker, Molly Cunningham, Oscar Vandersnoot, Ernie and the Jungle Aces or any combination with the above characters and/or any character(s) from Tale Spin. In other words; I will not accept any pictures that do not have Kit Cloudkicker, Molly Cunningham, Oscar Vandersnoot, Ernie or the Jungle Aces in them. Expect if they are fanfic characters; they can be alone or with other characters not mentioned above.

Editor's Note: I'm now planning to put all the fanfic images on the Kit Cloudkicker Fan Art page.

(58th update: 05/16/2006: Artwork for Adam Davis added... one image added.....)

Tabias of Otters (1)

Kc.gif- The Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage Logo. Need I say more?

Adam Davis (87)

Kitpaint.jpg- A small stamp of Kit Cloudkicker.
Kitadv00.JPG- A B&W picture of Kit Cloudkicker hugging Baloo.
Kitadv01.JPG- A B&W picture of Kit Cloudkicker sitting on the dock; looking
awfully upset.
Kitadv04.JPG- A series of B&W poses of Kit Cloudkicker from part one of 
"Plunder and Lightning".
Kitadv06.JPG- A B&W face picture of Kit Cloudkicker.
Kitadv07.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker looking ashamed in his blue stunt suit from
"Stormy Weather".
Kitadv08.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker looking determined in his blue stunt suit from
"Stormy Weather".
Kitadv09.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker at age four or five years old. Isn't he cute?!.
Kitadv10.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker at age 15 or 16.
Kitadv11.jpg- The many different faces of Kit Cloudkicker.
Kitadv12.jpg- More Kit Cloudkicker poses in B&W.
Kitadv13.jpg- "It's not polite to turn your back on someone Kit".
Kitadv14.jpg- Even more Kit Cloudkicker faces and poses.
Kitadv15.jpg- Even more Kit Cloudkicker faces (Do I see a pattern here?).
Kitadv16.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker looking worried about something.
Kitadv17.jpg- Even more Kit Cloudkicker poses!
Kitadv18.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker with a huge longing on his face.
Kitadv19.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker giving Baloo a good old fashion tickling.
Kitadv20.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker wearing a white pilot's scarf.
Kitadv21.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker is smiling.
Kitadv22.jpg- "Something's Falling".
Kitadv23.jpg- "Don't Mess With My Poppa Bear!!"
Kitadv24.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker. What's that twister doing here?
Kit10.jpg- A series of shots of Kit trying to do his airfoil opening.
Kitdash00.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker looking extra dashing.
Kitold00.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker thinks wearing pants is cool.
Kitold01.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker fighting an old rival in pants.
Kitbite.jpg- Now this is taking the phrase "Bite Me" way too far.
Kitdino.jpg- Now who's gonna win this little match eh?
Kitscarf.jpg- Keep the scarf? Throw the scarf away? Kit doesn't know
what to do.
Kitwithkarny.jpg- Can you guess who suggested this picture.
Kitstanding.jpg - A B&W picture of Kit Cloudkicker standing.
decision.jpg- If Kit trying to stay away from Baloo or Don Karnage? Maybe its
a bit of both.
disagreement.jpg- Do something before Kit runs away from you Don.
hotday.jpg- Kit loves Coca-cola Classic?
karnagehair.jpg- I didn't know Don Karnage loved tupees.
diffkit.jpg- Different pose for Kit... NEW!
The following are artwork that was recolored by Ted Bear
kkc4.jpg - Color version of Kitwithkarny.jpg.
kitc1.jpg - Color version of Kitscarf.jpg.
Non-Kit Pictures
Baloo00.jpg- A B&W picture of Baloo Bear.
Molly00.jpg- This is "Action Molly".
Goldenrod00.jpg- This was a special request picture from Adam Davis.
Kitfox00.jpg- This is Cirrus Kitfox; Adam Davis' alter-ego making a silly 
Kitfox01.jpg- Kitfox is sitting down; head down trying to express his 
Kitfox02.jpg- Kitfox is always stunning.
Kitfox03.jpg- Kitfox is turely full of hot air.
Aerie.jpg - Another one of Adam Davis' creations.
Cirrus1.jpg - Kitfox has some good color.
Cirrus2.jpg - Kitfox drawn out of blue pencil. Very detailed.
Tedbear.jpg - Adam draws Ted's alter-ego.. Finally; the Bear has come back 
to the Kit Cloudkicker Fan Arts page.
Fanfic Pictures
Emilio Velez's Fanfics

Tammy00.jpg- A picture of Tammy Martinez.
Kitadv02.JPG- Kit Cloudkicker is crying in this sence. From the fanfic 
"Thicker Than Water" created by Dan Green.
Kitadv03.JPG- Kit Cloudkicker and Sasha are kissing while Baloo and Rebecca
are watching on. They want Kit to have his romantic moment in the sun. This
is from the fanfic "Girl Trouble".
Kitadv25.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker is giving Sasha (Of "Girl Trouble" and 
Innocents Aboard) a great big hug.
Gregory's Fanfics
Kitadv05.JPG- Kit Cloudkicker playing soccer in "The Terror of TerraStone".
Scott00.jpg - A B&W picture of Scott T. Cat from "The Terror of TerraStone"
Scott01.jpg - The facial expressions of Scott T. Cat.
Lion00.jpg - A B&W picture of Lion Hazelnut from "The Terror of TerraStone"
Lion01.jpg - The facial expressions of Lion Hazelnut.
Lion02.jpg - Another picture of Lion Hazelnut.
Lion03.jpg - More faces from Lion Hazelnut.
Adam Davis' Fanfics

Tobypaint.jpg- A small stamp art of Toby Dalton from the fanfic "Lost City".
Toby00.JPG- A B&W picture of Toby Dalton from the fanfic "Lost City".
Toby01.jpg - Two pictures in one of Toby Dalton from the fanfic "Lost City"
Toby02.jpg - Another picture of Toby Dalton.
Toby03.jpg - Toby Dalton holding on to the rope.
Toby04.jpg - "Is that any way of treating your son; Dad!?".
Lostcity00.jpg- The official poster of Adam Davis' fanfic "Lost City".
Toby1.jpg - Toby Dalton converted to Japanese anime.
Toby2.jpg - A similar picture of Toby using a bluish shading.
Toby3.jpg - The many poses of the anime Toby.
Toby4.jpg - Toby Dalton looks and acts more like a cartoon character.
Toby5.jpg - Toby's looking kind of down lately.
Toby6.jpg - Toby's about to get a really nasty surprise.
Tobysdad.jpg - The many nasty faces of Toby Dalton's mean father.
Tobysevolv.jpg - Toby Dalton's evolution from cartoon to anime.
Lostcity01.jpg- Toby's dad and Kit Cloudkicker in a staredown.
Kittoby00.jpg- "Time for some noogies...."
Kittoby01.jpg- "Time for some tickles...."
Kittoby02.jpg- Some poses of Toby Dalton and Kit Cloudkicker from the fanfic
"Lost City". Note Kit Cloudkicker's shorts.
Kittoby03.jpg- What would happen if Kit and Toby changed wardrobes?
Wedgie.jpg- Here's why Disney didn't want Kit Cloudkicker to wear pants. Can
you say embrassing and downright painful?
Dino00.JPG- A picture of a dinosaur from the fanfic "Lost City."
Dino01.jpg- A picture of a dinosaur overlooking the SeaDuck.
Dino02.jpg- Another dinosaur.
dinoandduck.jpg- What is Baloo going to do about that big lizard. RUN FOR IT !!
jungleacelunch.jpg- The Jungle Aces are more than a match for anything....expect dinosaurs! (1)

Kit2.jpg- This is a picture of Kit Cloudkicker as a Space Pilot. A 
futurstic look of Kit if techonlogy speeds up at our current rate. 


Fred Stamps (2)

Stamps1.jpg- A computer created image of Kit Cloudkicker. Kit sitting in the
Sea Duck and looking pretty sly.
Stamps2.jpg- A computer created image of Kit Cloudkicker. Kit looking 
excited and wearing the symbol of the Air Pirate: The red scarf around his 

Jeffrey Mika "Heron"(9)

Reflect.jpg- The first in a series of pictures from Heron. The picture is 
called "Reflections"; and is shows the symbolism that it protrayed by the 
daring young bearcub.
Scargogg.jpg- This one is called "Scarf and Goggles". Kit Cloudkicker in a 
"Flight of Fantasy" (so to speak) as he is engaging in an imaginary combat
againest the Air Pirates.
Hitmist.jpg- This one is called "Hit the Mist". Our favorite young daring 
bearcub is doing some late afternoon cloudsurfing. The title was inspired by
Baloo's line in "Stormy Weather".
Kit_jedi.jpg- This one is called "Kit Cloudkicker-Young Jedi?". This artwork 
is inspired by Dan Green's editorial on Kit Cloudkicker and also inspired by
the most famous trilogy in North America: Star Wars. 
ts9th.jpg - This is TaleSpin's Ninth Birthday and The TaleSpin Source Page's
first birthday; so here's a college of the series in full bloom.
Fanfic Pictures

"Deja Vu"
Firehoun.jpg- This is a B&W picture of "Firehound" from Kristof's fanfic 
"Deja Vu".
Firehou2.jpg- This is a B&W picture of "Firehound" looking busted up from 
Part Four of Kristof's fanfic "Deja Vu".
Kitbandg.jpg- This is a B&W picture of Kit Cloudkicker looking seriously
injured. This is from Kristof's fanfic "Deja Vu". 
Ktyshrk.jpg - A B&W picture of "Firehound's" "Kitty Shark" airplane; a 
Conwing Classic from the fanfic "Deja Vu". 
Nick Killpack  (3)
Nohands1.JPG- A picture of Kit Cloudkicker holding the tow rope with his 
teeth. Kit is showing off once again; "Look Poppa Bear! No Hands!".
Peterbg1.JPG- A picture of Peter Bright from Dan Green's fanfic "Second
Sight" B&W. 
Peterbg2.JPG- A colored picture of Peter Bright from Dan Green's fanfic 
"Second Sight". 

Lex (9)

Kitlex.jpg - A color picture of Kit Cloudkicker sitting down and thinking about something. (His flying prehaps?)
Kitck.jpg - A picture of Kit Cloudkicker showing off his cloudsurfing to a dog pilot. (Inspired by Dan Green's 
fanfics; I believe.)
Tailgun.jpg - A picture of Kit Cloudkicker playing tail-gunner with Molly.
Kitleap.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker is reaching for the tow rope. Excellent lighting effects.
Kitpost.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker drinking a bottle of orange soda on top of a post at Higher for Hire.
Fanfic Stories
Inno2.jpg - This piece of art is from Dan Green's fanfic "Innocences Aboard". Kit Cloudkicker is hugging Baloo 
after he rescues him. Sasha is looking on; with her arm supporting her face.
Marc2.jpg - This is a sence from "The Crimson Circle" proving why Baloo is not such a great idea to have for a
formal meeting when it deals with a bonafide genius.
Eoy01.jpg - This is a sence from Alyson Terry's fanfic "Essence of You". Words just cannot discribe this sence.
See for yourself. 
Daisy.jpg- This is a sence from Ricia fanfic "Where the Daisies Grow".
Steve Carter (7)
Kitbond.jpg - This is Cloudkicker, Kit Cloudkicker. Kit is blowing a bubble pipe. 
Kittick.jpg- Rebecca is giving Kit Cloudkicker a good old fashion tickling on his feet. Kit is wearing swimming 
trunks and Molly is teasing Kit; only she doesn't know that she's going to get her turn at it. (By Baloo...)
Kitletting.jpg - Kit finally lets go of his emotions here.
Kitband.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker at age 17; auditioning for a new band.
Kitham.jpg - Even the hard working Kit Cloudkicker can get his R&R.
Kitmech.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker in a mech costume. Notice that he is an adult in this shot.
Fanfic/Poem Artwork
Touchmagic.jpg -  Steve Carter's explains: " Here's an illustration for the poem, Touch Magic.  It was the first 
image that the poem provoked." The poem Touch Magic was written by Joseph Greenlee.


Emilio Velez (6)  
Tammy.jpg- A picture of Tammy from the fanfics created by Emilio Velez. And
she really loves Kit Cloudkicker indeed!.
Kittammy.jpg- A picture of Kit and Tammy hugging each other after a baseball
Kittammy2.jpg- A picture of Kit and Tammy kissing each other.
Kittammy3.jpg- A picture of Kit and Tammy at Cape Suzette High School.
Kitpool.jpg - A picture of Kit enjoying himself at a swimming pool.
Kittammy4.jpg- A picture of Kit Cloudkicker and Tammy cloudsurfing.
Kittammy5.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker and Tammy are dancing in this sence.
Denis Sidorov (5)

Here are five "fan" art images from Russian bootleg, non-licensed calendars (year 1992) from what I have.

Kitcl1.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker and the gang.
Kitcl2.jpg- Mad Dog preparing to punch Kit Cloudkicker's lights out.
Kitcl3.jpg- Kit watching the TaleSpin logo in awe.
Kitcl4.jpg- Kit is shrugging his shoulders.
Kitcl5.jpg- Kit saving Molly; the episode should be very familiar.
emblems.jpg - Time for some Kit Cloudkicker Fandom.
Charles Gray and Ed Garica (1)  
trio.gif - A picture of the trio from Charles Gray's fanfics "Gathering
Clouds" and "Haunted". Includes a 12-year old Molly Cunningham.
Roxy (1)  
tammy1.jpg - A picture of Tammy from Emilio Velez's fanfics.
She-Wolf (2)  
Quackattack.jpg - A small explaination: I've kept this little secret in the
closet for a long time. (Over a year in fact) I was so upset with the way
Huey, Dewey and Louie from Quack Pack were protrayed that I wish that they 
were locked up in a room and justice would finally be done to them to the 
point where they would turn back into their original selves before this
problem began. The following picture speaks for itself; with two familiar
characters also in the room.
dtailtickle.jpg - Why stop there? Here comes an encore preformance... Now
admit that TaleSpin is the best show in the World? SAY IT!!
Katarina (3)
bb.jpg- Baloo & Beckey dancing around.
KKforever.jpg- Kit is laughing hard with a famous pirate looking on.
MadKit.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker in some nice looking clothes.
Wilson (1)
Kittickled.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker from Chapter 2 of Unforeseen Impact. Wakey,
 Wakey my little sleepyhead.
  Bryce Lee (13)
kitteen.JPG - Kit Cloudkicker in his teens.
kitarrested.JPG - Kit Cloudkicker has been arrested.
kitconvict.JPG - Look familiar?
kithum.JPG - Kit is humming a tune.
kitpirate1.JPG - Kit's playing air pirates.
kitpirate2.JPG - He is a pirate.
kit_backpack.JPG - Kit is wearing a backpack.
kits_girl.JPG - Kit's girlfriend.
kit_pinstripe.JPG - Kit is wearing a suit.
kit_sneak.JPG - Kit is sneaking around.
kit_soldier.JPG - Kit as a soldier in this one.
kitfaces02.jpg - Many faces of Kit again....
melencholy2.jpg - Kit wearing pants and red sweater....
  Lee Salpietro (6)
kitback.jpg - Kit turns his back on something....
kithide.jpg - Kit is hiding from something....
kitmad.jpg - Kit looks awfully mad....
kitsit.jpg - Kit is sitting down....
kittalk.jpg - Kit is talking....
molly.jpg - B & W picture of Molly Cunningham's face....
  Katie Jones (11)
cloudsurfing.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker surfing the clouds for my amusement. 
kitstand.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker is standing for attention.
kitposes.jpg- Various poses of Kit Cloudkicker in B & W.

kitwhere.jpg- Kit wonders where he belongs.

clownkicker.jpg- Don't you dare call me Clownkicker.

yahoo.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker cloudsurfing again.

air_pirate.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker looking like an Air Pirate.

kitlaugh.jpg- Kit is laughing.

karnagekit.jpg- Kit & Karnage together..Just the way Ted likes it.

cloudsurfing2.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker cloudsurfing again.

kitsurf.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker decides to take up a new sport...
  Elysabeth (4)
Kitskec1.jpg - A B&W sketch of Kit Cloudkicker. 
Kitskec2.jpg - A B&W sketch of Kit sitting cross-legged. Note that in both
pictures that Kit isn't wearing his navgater's cap.
Kitgap.JPG- A B&W sketch of Kit Cloudkicker wearing jeans.
Kitworry.JPG- Note: The artist was watching Stormy Weather while doing this
sasha1.JPG- A B&W sketch of Sasha from Dan Green's fanfics (Innocents Aboard 
and Girl Trouble).

Time to go home Kit.....


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