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TaleSpin Timeline

In response to an e-mail message from a TaleSpin fan; I've thought that it would be a great idea to reveal when your favorite episode first aired in US TV syndication. Although TaleSpin doesn't follow a real chronology; this is a listing of the airing dates in order. This timeline is what I actually use for my fanfics. I'm also intrigued by the fact of the differences in the production number in each of the series compared to the actual airing of the episode. Below the timeline; there is also a chronological order according to production number. See the difference before your eyes!

3rd Update 05/19/2014- Reformatted Page.

1990 Episodes- Syndication

09/09/90- Plunder & Lightning TV Movie (Replayed 11/19/90-11/22/90)
09/10/90- From Here to Machinery
09/11/90- It Came from Beneath the SeaDuck *
09/12/90- Time Waits for No Bear *
09/13/90- Mommy for a Day
09/14/90- I Only Have Ice for You *
09/17/90- Molly Coddled
09/18/90- Polly Wants a Teasure
09/19/90- Vowel Play
09/20/90- The Idol Rich*
09/21/90- Stormy Weather*
09/24/90- Bearly Alive
09/25/90- Her Chance to Dream
09/26/90- All's Whale that Ends Whale
09/27/90- The Golden Sprocket of Friendship
09/28/90- For a Fuel Dollars More
10/01/90-10/02/90- A Bad Reflection on You (2-part Episode)
10/03/90- On a Wing & A Bear
10/04/90- A Star is Torn
10/05/90- A Touch of Glass *
10/08/90- The Bigger They Are; The Louder They Oink *
10/09/90- A Spy in the Ointment
10/15/90- Balooest of the Bluebloods
10/16/90- A Baloo Switcheroo
10/22/90- Whistlestop Jackson, Legend
10/24/90- Double or Nothing
10/30/90- Feminie Air
11/01/90- Last Horizons
11/05/90- Flight of the Snow Duck
11/07/90- Save the Tiger!
11/08/90- The Old Man & The Sea Duck
11/13/90- War of the Weirds
11/15/90- Captains Outrageous
11/23/90- The Time Bandit
11/27/90-11/28/90- For Whom the Bell Klangs (2-part episode)
12/03/90- Citizen Khan
12/04/90- Gruel and Unusual Punishment
12/20/90- Jolly Molly Christmas

*- Disney Channel Preview Episode

1991 Episodes- Syndication

01/07/91- My Fair Baloo
01/09/91- Waiders of the Wost Tweasure
01/10/91- Flight School Confidential
01/17/91- Bringing Down Babyface
01/21/91- Jumping the Guns
01/30/91- In Search of Ancient Blunders
01/31/91- Louie's Last Stand
02/04/91- Sheep Skin Deep
02/05/91- Pizza Pie in the Sky
02/06/91- Baloo Thunder
02/07/91- Bullethead Baloo
02/08/91- Destiny Rides Again
02/11/91- Mach One for the Gipper
02/12/91- Stuck on You
02/13/91- The Sound and the Furry
02/20/91- The Road to Macadamia
02/21/91- The Romance of Red Chimp
02/22/91- Your Baloo's in the Mail
02/25/91- Paradise Lost
04/08/91- The Incredible Shrinking Molly
05/03/91- Bygones
08/08/91- Flying Dupes

Disney Channel Preview Episodes

05/05/90- I Only Have Ice for You
05/06/90- Time Waits for No Bear
05/13/90- A Touch of Glass
05/19/90- It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck
05/26/90- The Bigger They Are, The Louder They Oink
06/16/90- The Idol Rich
06/17/90- Stormy Weather

Special Thanks To Chris Barat For Compiling This Information.

Production Chronology

Production #4306-xxx Is The Code For TaleSpin Production.

Pd#-Ep#- Episode Title
N/A-N/A- Plunder and Lightning TV Movie
001-005- I Only Have Ice For You
002-016- A Bad Reflection On You (1)
003-003- Time Waits For No Bear
004-020- A Touch Of Glass
005-002- It Came From Beneath The SeaDuck
006-010- Stormy Weather
007-021- The Bigger They Are, The Louder They Oink
008-015- For A Fuel Dollars More
009-009- The Idol Rich
010-004- Mommy For A Day
011-038- The Time Bandit
012-007- Polly Wants A Treasure
013-001- From Here to Machinery
014-022- A Spy In The Ointment
015-013- All's Whale That Ends Whale
016-011- Bearly Alive
017-019- A Star Is Torn
018-012- Her Chance to Dream
019-006- Molly Coddled
020-018- On A Wing And A Bear
021-014- The Golden Sprocket of Friendship
022-032- War od the Weirds
023-025- WhistleStop Jackson, Legend
024-024- A Baloo Switcheroo
025-023- The Balooest of the Bluebloods
026-008- Vowel Play
027-028- Last Horizons
028-027- Feminine Air
029-034- Plunder and Lightning (1)
030-035- Plunder and Lightning (2)
031-036- Plunder and Lightning (3)
032-037- Plunder and Lightning (4)
033-041- Citizen Khan
034-026- Double or Nothing
035-029- Flight of the SnowDuck
036-044- My Fair Baloo
037-042- Gruel and Unusual Punishment
038-046- Flight School Confidential
039-030- Save The Tiger
040-031- The Old Man and the SeaDuck
041-047- Bringing Down Babyface
042-052- Pizza Pie in The Sky
043-050- Louie's Last Stand
044-033- Captains Outrageous
045-039- For Whom The Bell Klangs (1)
046-040- For Whom The Bell Klangs (2)
047-048- Jumping the Guns
048-051- Sheepskin Deep
049-049- In Search of Ancient Blunders
050-045- Waiders of the Wost Tweasure
051-053- Baloo Thunder
052-060- The Road to Macadamia
053-058- The Sound and the Furry
054-055- Destiny Rides Again
055-063- The Incredible Shrinking Molly
056-062- Paradise Lost
057-065- Flying Dupes
058-057- Stuck on You
059-064- Bygones
060-059- The Ransom of the Red Chimp
061-054- Bullethead Baloo
062-056- Mach One for the Gipper
063-017- A Bad Reflection on You (2)
064-043- A Jolly Molly Christmas
065-061- Your Baloo's in the Mail

Thanks To Kelly Anderson For The idea Of Creating This Page.

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