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When I started looking for TaleSpin stuff on the Internet in November of 1997; there were only three websites (Tale Spin On-Line, High Flight and the Don Karnage shrine.). Not including my site; there are now 18 websites based on TaleSpin. This website will be updated as much as possible.

92nd Update: 06/08/2020- 2 links corrected, 7 Links removed...

TaleSpin Main Links (11)

TaleSpin Source

Created by Steet; this is a user generated website for TaleSpin fans. You can add information on the series as well as art, images, fanfics, music and much more!

TaleSpin Live Journal

The unofficial TaleSpin blog website.

TaleSpin Wikipedia Entry

Pretty self-explaintory, yesno?'s TaleSpin Website

This website features a full cast list; a full crew list; an episode guide and comment board.

TaleSpin The Card Game

A small website containing information and details on the Unofficial TaleSpin Playing Card Game.

TaleSpin Comic Page

Pictures for Flight of the Sky Raker in English and Russian.

The TaleSpin Source Page

Created by Jeffrey Mika; this is the place for full information on the TaleSpin series. Think of it as the Unofficial TaleSpin bible.

VoiceChasers TaleSpin Page

Created by Kristy; this is the place for all of the TaleSpin Voice Talent List. (With help from me and Laura Ann Trombley)

Internet Movie Database: TaleSpin

This page includes a plot summary, the main voices and their credits to other shows. Also included is the co-creator of TaleSpin; Jymn Magon and music composer Christopher L. Stone.

Katarina's Page O'Wenches and Stuff

Created by Katarina; this website features mostly fanart for Scarlet Karange and Don Karnage. Check out the picture of Ted as a TaleSpin character. Look out Teddy!!

TaleSpin Stories

Golden book TaleSpin scripts.

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Fan Pages (5)

Don Karnage

Pirate Island

This webpage includes a bit of art and some fanfic's on Don Karnage and his future wife and kids. This is a very small webpage created by Katie O'Sullivan.

Baloo Von Bruinwald XIII

All Websites Have Disappeared Down The Memory Hole!

Kit Cloudkicker

The Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage

This of course is my website. This website is basically the information overload of Kit Cloudkicker commentary and information on the TaleSpin Cast & Crew. Plus much more!

.Kit Cloudkicker Forums

Created by the late Tom Cloudkicker (who passed away some time ago); this is the forums perfect for Kit Cloudkicker fans.


Kit Cloudkicker's Live Journal Blog. The perfect place to talk about Kit Cloudkicker.

Rebecca & Molly Cunningham

Ricia's Rebecca Cunningham's Page

A small website featuring Rebecca Cunningham and features Ricia's fanfics.

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Other Links (2)

Anime Super Hero

The ultimate cartoon website for news, discussion and other good happening in the world of cartoons.

Ultimate Dizzy DVD reviews

News and reviews on Disney DVD's among other sets.

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