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Before I begin; I would like to introduce myself!

My name is Gregory Weagle. I'm 38 years old and live in Porters Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm a big guy who loves his PC and surfs the Internet as much as Kit Cloudkicker surfs the clouds in Tale Spin. In my spare time; I like playing soccer and volleyball. (I'm not a bad volleyball player considering my size. I am a very big guy after all) I worked with Chris Barat (a member of Tale Spin: High Flight) and Luara Trombley on the Tale Spin Voice ID list and Episode Database for Tale Spin On-Line. I've also helped Debbie Madden (of Tale Spin Collectibles) in creating the Tale Spin translations.

Profile Updated: 04/17/2015

For those of you who want to know what my favorite animated series and Disney series; here is the full list:


Loved to Death:

[1.] TaleSpin- You know why. I'm not explaining it again. Read my editorials; please. ***** (2015 Gregory Weagle Says: Even more so than before 2009 Me said it.)

[2.] Kim Possible- Best performance for a lead woman star ever and the production values were as balanced as TaleSpin was. Too bad it took 13 years for Disney to produce a 'Loved to Death' show such as Kim. ***** (So far; this show is pretty close to TaleSpin in terms of quality and it's a really fun romp to say the least.)


[3.] Gravity Falls - This is basically Mystery Incorporated crossed with Phineas & Ferb, and is better executed with Gideon being the greatest heel in the new Disney and Mabel being a cross between Kit Cloudkicker and Molly Cunningham in terms of personality. **** 3/4 for now.

[4.] The Adventures of the Gummi Bears- The second offering from DTVA was a classic; despite being dumbed down. Excellent animation and good storylines. **** 1/2 (A couple of the later episodes were not very good; and even Cubbi had a bad episode at one point.

[5.] Gargoyles- This show could've been the TaleSpin killer if Chornicles didn't exist and turn into a comedy act in the last quarter of the series. However; the first ¾'s are treated like works of art. **** 1/2 (I still like this show; but it's less fun to watch than it was many years ago, mainly due to the fact that serial fatigue set in and I wasn't feeling it as a fun series, but something that was designed to lure a certain demographic away from Batman: The Animated Series, and I cared less and less as time went on.)

[6.] Darkwing Duck- The best comedy show on Disney ever; sadly it's DUD episodes caused Disney to its downfall in later years. ****1/2 (It did recover somewhat in the later episodes due to more Morgana. I really hated Drake Mallard for a while, and then I just didn't care about his low rent Tiny Toons-equse comedy.)

[7.] Ducktales- This series would be in the top five had it not been for Bubba Duck. I don't hate him; I just don't think he was a good character. Gizmo Duck was much better. **** 1/4 (Bubba wasn't really a bad character during the Bubba era, the nephews made that era worse by being even worse than Bubba was. The Gizmo Duck episodes were good in fact.)


[8.] Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers- Gadget was the main reason why this was a success and good storylines despite the problems with interaction between furry and human. **** (The Aussie Stereotype lowered the rating by the way.)

[9.] Phineas & Ferb - A very popular series that is actually good, albeit sloppy. Doofenshmirtz/OWCA is so hilarious, you will not care if it's a work or not. ****

[10.] Timon and Pumbaa- Very funny in most places and I'm sort of a Lion King mark in that. ***3/4

[11.] Aladdin- Best movie to cartoon ever. The storylines were fairly good and Mechanicles is classic. I didn't like the Genie's take on TaleSpin though. ***3/4 (The Genie's overall take on TaleSpin was good except that they had Iago be Kit Cloudkicker. Now granted; if you watched the Return Of Jafar, this makes perfect sense. However; Kit Cloudkicker is much more likable than Iago and Kit Cloudkicker does not have Gilbert Gottfried's voice. So I'm officially over it now.)

[12.] The Wuzzles- The first show I watched and it was too sugary for my tastes (and I happen to like sugar shows by the way) . Still; it was Disney's first attempt at DTVA so it was to be expected. It only lasted 13 episodes though. *** 1/2. (Some of the characters (Butterbear, Rhinokey) bothered me and there were five logic breaks per episode with some bad animation and a below average pilot, but the alternative universe is in fact impressive, and just need the TaleSpin touch to put it over the top. If Kevin Johnston wants to see this show get rebooted, then I would be happy to see it.)

[13.] Hercules: The TV Series- Second best movie to cartoon ever. The artwork wasn't good though. ***1/2

[14.] Mickey's Mouseworks/House Of Mouse- Although the animation was not as good as the original shorts; the sequences were fairly well done. Mickey's Mouseworks/House Of Mouse is better than it had any right to be. ***1/2 (I would give it a **** rating had it not been for the appearance of the Quackstreet Boys. Oh lord, the pain...!)

[15.] Filmore- A black kid in a good show? Progress has been made! They even throw a few TaleSpin curveballs to keep it interesting. The artwork isn't great; but it gets the job done. ***1/2

[16.] Teacher's Pet- Second best show about school ever. I like the crayon designs and the fantasy elements. Too bad it was released when shows about school were and are now taboo. ***1/2

[17.] Lilo & Stich- The Animated Series: This has the best animation of any series since TaleSpin and it is pretty good little cartoon despite being heavy-handed with the morals. *** 1/4 (Stitch!! from The Answer Studio in Japan is much, much better than this.)

[18.] Dave The Barbarian- I love the pig villian in this one. He was at least semi-funny. Dave wasn't (like cleaning is ever going to win my heart) and the animation is starting to get into Nick Land. The mild sexual jokes were in abundence and most were not really funny or even witty. A few episodes were pretty good; but that's it. (Wow; this is the one show where 2009 Me was way off base. Dave The Barbarian had a really bad start and Chuckles was buried in less than five minutes, but Chuckles is legit funny and outside of the cleaning gimmick, Dave is in fact a really good character and he was funny in a "Aw! My heart melted!" sort of way. Fang had a few good moments too and Twinkle "Gunplay" The Wonder Horse was the true star of this show. 2009 Me is right about half of the jokes on the show and the art style, plus there were some really bad episodes in the series, but Irmapoltz and Ned were great backup heels. Heck, even Malsquando had a decent moment. This is *** 1/4 for sure.)


[19.] Fish Hooks - This is A Buzz On Maggie in fish tanks; only Albert Glass, Shellsea, Angela and Milo make it worth watching. Like Rescue Rangers; it got off to a poor start and then recovered quickly into a respectable show until Fish Prom when they whizzed away the Angela/Oscar relationship in order to have Bea and Oscar together, leaving only Miss Lips/Mr. Baldwin left which is a mid-card angle at best. ***

[20.] The Buzz on Maggie- I didn't like the OH MY BUG! lines because they are a lame Business Standards & Practices attempt to take God's name in vain (and Kit Cloudkicker actually took God's name in vain for real in Baloo Switcheroo). Other than that; this was a pretty solid show despite all the usual tween-teenage sitcom stuff and Disney proves that they are better than anyone else when it comes to flash animation. ***

[21.] The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh- Average and a disappointment conisdering that it's based on a Canadian idea. Book is still better then the cartoon although the cartoon was okay. *** (I guess it's *** because of the Rabbit/Kassie moment. Not hard to understand why.)

[22.] Bonkers- The Marinda episodes were pure gold with good animation and was very funny. Afterwards; it completely falls aparts. Fall Apart was just not funny and Bonkers couldn't prop the show past DUD when Marina left. Biggest collapse in DTVA. **3/4 (**** for Miranda, DUD for Lucky.)

[23.] Goof Troop- Average sitcom cartoon. Could have been worse if Jymn wasn't there to salavage half the season. The christmas episode is second to only “Jolly Molly Christmas” in quality though. **3/4 (The Christmas episode is a step above It's A Wonderful Leaf due to the Reindeer Dance, but below even the Fish Hooks Christmas episode. Actually; Goof Troop isn't bad, it's just tedious and not memorable because outside of Goofy and Pete, everyone else is just there.)

[24.] Kick Buttowski - The Suburban Daredevil - If Kick was more likable and they tone down the fart jokes to make them better and memorable, then the series is a good concept. Jackie and Brianna steal the show in this one; but Brad has no heat as a heel because he acts like a babyface and Kick and Gunther act like heels, most so early into the season where they went 10 straight episodes with a thumbs down. ** 1/2.

[25.] Pepper Ann- Only self-centered cartoon in DTVA. Pepper Ann's character design was very well done; but everyone else was non-existient. Okay animation and the teachers were only annoying. **1/2

[26.] The Little Mermaid- The first movie was better than this. Just another average cartoon although it was a lot better than the movie sequel. **1/2

[27.] Sabrina: The Animated Series- This was an average cartoon with poor artwork and cheap black line; however; it was interesting to watch and it was better than it had any right to be. **1/2

[28.] Jungle Cubs- Jungle Cubs was better than the original Jungle Book; but it was an average cartoon at best. None of the character had the appeal; not even Baloo which is inexcusable since TaleSpin made Baloo, Louie and Shere Khan household names. Good animation though. **1/2

[29.] Proud Family- Average and inoffensive. Animation is about the same as Filmore without the curveballs. ** 1/2

[30.] Tarzan: The Animated Series- Another average movie to cartoon saga. Nothing special here. **1/2

[31.] Recess- Used to be in my doghouse of hatered however; it imporved in seasons afterwards. However; it still doesn't change the fact that school was degraded to the lowest of pandering on cheap laughs. None which were funny or even decent. ** 1/2 (The first season up to Doctor Slicer; * at best (which is where Recess did in fact degrade education), second season onward including the OAV's and movie: *** 1/2.)

[32.] Buzz Lightyear: The Animated Series- This is Tad Stone's worst effort in his career. The pilot was very nice; but it sank into average very quickly. Toy Story movies were much better. **1/2

[33.] Emperor's New Skool- I have seen the first two episodes and I'm really dissapointed so far. The animation is really stiff and no excuse compared to Lilo & Stich The Series. The voice acting is also off and the jokes are off key as a result. Why must every man-sized bump be replaced by the squeak sound (which works for wussy bumps only). The creators have a lot of work to do in order to turn things around. The premise is a good one so I'll give it a ** 1/2 for now and keep it on the Netural list for the time being. (I still haven't seen much of it since due to other projects.)

[34.] Super Hyper Monkey Robot Force Go- I haven't seen it yet. No rating.

[35.] W.I.T.C.H.- I haven't seen this show yet. No rating.

[36.] Wonder Over Yonder - I haven't seen this show yet. No rating.

[37.] Motorcity - I haven't seen this show yet. No rating.

[38.] Nightmare Ned- Didn't see so I cannot comment on it. No rating.


[39.] Quack Pack- Nephews that would make Carl Barks spin in his grave. Sad because Daisy's character was a great moment in Disney history; even if it was harshly needed. (Another one I underrated. I still don't like the show and it's mostly because of the nephews who push the crappy button every chance it got. However; even with that, it could have been good. Without the six negative star episodes; it could have been *** 1/2 easily. But that is what happens when a supervising producer gets it in his head that he is going to do something that is way over his head. So it gets ** 1/4.)

[40.] Shoonkums & Meat "Funny" Cartoon Show- A poor rip-off of Ren & Stimpy. You will sob in fear! *3/4 (There are worse shows than this.)

[41.] Mighty Ducks- Bad animation spoiled a half-decent storyline. Also tried to be TMNT too much. *1/2 (The whole thing was intended to sell hockey and nothing else. Quack Pack was awful in it's own right, but it could've have been good if Toby Shelton wasn't such a jerk. Mighty Ducks had no hope mostly because of David Wise either sabotaging the good episodes (few as there were), or writing really bad material completely. When the best babyface on the team is a scummy lawyer, this game is over and there's no way Mighty Ducks makes the playoffs.)

[42.] Lyold in Space- Doug in Space anyone? Unoriginal and quite pointless. *

[43.] The Weekenders- Very dull concept that has been done too many times before. Animation was out of place. *

[44.] Fluppy Dogs: Finally watched it and it was basically a downgrade version of the Popples with low rent everything. It started off fine for the first half, and then the second half went completely off the rails as the main kid was whining constantly, no character development, logic break out of the wazoo and everyone looking stupid in the end. No wonder the pilot bombed and never got past the pilot stage. Ironically; Fluppy Dogs would have been huge during the Nintendogs day if it was rebooted. *

Hated to Death:

[45.] 101 Dalmations- A complete and utter mess of a show which completely destroyed a good novel and a Disney Classic in the process. Antia will scare you with her cluelessness! 1/2*

[46.] Team Supremo- Come on Disney! Powerpuff Girls clones do not work because without the superhero violence it doesn't work. Bad animation and the lasso did this one in. Didn't anyone learned from TMN(H)T that replacing Michaelago's weapon with a grappling hook was not a good idea. This makes 101D look like TaleSpin. DUD.

[47.] Brandy And Mr. Whiskers- I couldn't tell the difference between Disney and Nick with this show. Charlie Adler tried hard to make Mr. Whiskers work (as he did with Mad Dog); but his was too poorly animated to execute properly. Brandy is a really bad stereotype who is selfish. I would have thought Disney was above such stereotypes considering TaleSpin and Gargoyles were made by the same company. Nothing in this show clicked (even Teamo had one good thing and that was some semi-funny villains) and I was looking for the exit on this one. DUD

Top Ten Best Shows Outside Of Disney:

[1.] Gundam Wing/ Gundam SEED- Gundam is really a great series with some big production values and some really compelling characters. Edited or unedited it's really something else. *****

[2.] Inuyasha - Beautiful presention and minimal editing from the original. You will laugh that Inuyasha's faceplant when Kigome orders him to Sit Boy! *****

[3.] Reboot - Best CGI show in the world. This has it all from the original premise (what really happens inside a computer?), two kick-butt villians (three if you include Daemon (Megabyte, Hexademical), an eye for TaleSpin-equse characters and plotlines (if TaleSpin went past Season One) and a cliffhanger that you love and hate at the same time. Love because it was done really well and hate because the series officially ended as a result. Mainframe must bring this show back since Doctor Who is now back on the air on BBC. ***** (They tried to reboot Reboot and it failed badly, so please don't.)

[4.] Witch Hunter Robin - Another great anime series with no editing (even the OP's are retained) about a female (who happens to be the main character and a witch) witch hunter. This show gets real creepy after all of her friends get killed though. *****

[5.] One Piece - First perfect score on the FOXBOX with hypocritical characters, rubber punching and pirates who make Don Karnage blush. Even Kit will blush at how simple he's become compared to these characters. ***** (One Piece is awesome, 4Kids' editing was godawful.)

[6.] Funky Cops - The best P.I. type cartoon ever with decent animation and funny antics from the two disco dancing fools. **** 3/4

[7.] Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball GT/ Dragon Ball Z: Hey it's the Dragon Ball series, what did you expect? One of the best second-class anime productions out there; edited or not edited. **** 3/4

[8.] Shaman King: Very interesting show about spirits and being the king of the ghosts. Great fight scenes and some excellent meaness from Anna which is one of the cutiest (and meanest) teenage girls out there. **** 1/2

[9.] Sailor Moon- Don't care if its edited except for the Funny Symbols Line! ****1/2 (

[10.] Astro Boy 1980's Edition- Only kids show with a naked girl robot ever. Ture story! ****1/2 (The Canadian dub featured this and I think it was an edit because the other dubs feature breasts with no nipples; while the Canadian dub had no breasts, but with nipples. Still a great show even when edited in Canada via Telefilm because they got away with a lot more than you would expect from a dub during the BS&P days.)

Top Ten Worst Shows Ever!

[10.] Breadwinners - Imagine watching Fanboy & Chum Chum in Toon Boom with less charm and slightly better quality. DUD.

[9.] The Incredible Crash Dummies (2004 shorts)- Three minutes of unfunny sketches which exploit an icon in the world of auto safety and seatbelts. Shame on you 4Kids! DUD

[8.] Fanboy & Chum Chum - Imagine watching Chargeman Ken; only in CGI and professionally done somewhat on purpose. That's this show in a nutshell. It's a godawful television program, but the main character are way too easy to mock and therefore it cannot be the worst show on planet Earth. -*.

[7.] Stripperella - Despite the fact that Stan Lee's name is on the list; it is not up to Stan Lee's tight standards. The animation is pretty poor and the storylines are so shallow that it shows that the only reason for it's own existance is for the adult content. Watch Spiderman 3D (**** 1/4) if you want a Stan Lee newbie; it's better. -**

[6.] American Dad - I don't care if it's unpatrotic. This is basically Family Guy (which is basically a series of bad deadringers and indecent jokes that are not funny); only even less funny. Stan's character is so contrived and forced that it makes him insulting; particually with the Stan of Arabia where I hoped that Stan and his family got what was coming for them because they are a disgrace to America. They got out alive of course. -**

[5.] Detention- This show makes Recess look good in comparison and I figure that they ripped it off from them and replaced the male principal with a female one (Miss Kisskillya is an unprofessional version of Doctor Slicer.) . This show really insults my intellegence both as a former student and an adult who is not in the teaching profession because of it and Recess. TaleSpin handled school better than this garbage. -****

[4.] Chargeman Ken - Oh lord; Knack Animation's most notorious 1974 anime series that makes Rocket Robin Hood look like Disney Feature. The animation is not animation at all; Ken Izumi is so unlikable that he murdered a human being on camera for no good reason at all. Satan looks like the Purple Pieman crossed with the Winter Warlock and is the dumbest heel in anime and his Jurals are even worse. Every episode is so bad that it's funny, that with the exception of one episode (the one that took place in a mental hospital) it instantly becomes unintentional comedy.

[3.] Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue - Unlike Chargeman Ken; this had animation, but the whole angle was so dishonest and so jerky that it was no fun to watch even from a bad show prespective. When the flu is trying to prevent you from watching this show, it is a dire warning and should be heeded. -****.

[2.] Ren & Stimpy's Adult Party Cartoon - Do you want a new definition for why censorship happens? This is the cartoon for it. The only good thing is that the show is well-animated. However; that means nothing when you cover your eyes just to prevent your eyes from burning watching this obscene cartoon. There's no plot and it is not even close to being funny. Avoid like the plague. - ***** (When even your best fans think you have gone too far; you've gone too far and stop caring about what made you succeed in the first place.)

[1.] The Cramp Twins- This show stinks in every avenue and its just a grossfest repeated over and over again. What makes this the worst cartoon in history is that it is a kid's cartoon that has no place on the television dial because it degrades just about everything and does in such a matter so that it could pass the FCC standards without incident. This is an absolute disgrace and will never be compared to the live-action series Malcolm in The Middle. -*****

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