Gregory Weagle
266 Porters Lake Station Road
Porters Lake, Nova Scotia, B3E 1J9
(902) 827-3484 

Job Objective:

Seeking an administrative position within a progressive firm utilizing my skills and qualifications.


Windows 95,98, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
Microsoft Office, Access, PowerPoint and Excel
MS-DOS V6.22                     
Basic Lotus Notes
Group Wise
Lotus 1-2-3
WordPerfect V6 for Windows 
Keyboarding Speed: 39 WPM        
Netware 3.1x Administration      
Simply Accounting 7.0 for Windows 
dBase IV
Open Office

Work Experience/Education:

[1.] Work Experience (September 18th, 2006- Present)

Reboot Nova Scotia
LakeCity Employment Services Association
386 Windmill Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

* Doing inventory and specification checks on computer equipment such as video cards, modem cards, hard drives etc.
* Reselling Computers by installing software and putting in proper settings etc.
* Stripping Computers for parts.

[2.] Work Experience (October 14th,2005- January 2006)

Branded Products Ltd.
3 Burley Court, Unit B
Burnside Industrial Park, Dartmouth

* Packaging various dried food such as peanuts, raisins, various mixes, apple rings, apricots, etc. which includes: 
  filling containers from bulk; labelling, sealing and placing in delivery boxes 12/24 per box. Number of boxes filled 
  with final product per day depends on the orders. It can be from 20-40 boxes a day.

[3.] Work Experience (February 8th, 2005-August 2005)

Suncel Systems
800A Windmill Road, Suite 2
Burnside Industrial Park, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

* Trimmed various circuit parts.
* Removed tape from Pay-Per-View TV Boxes. Did up to 400 boxes a day.
* Assembled PPV circuit boards to PPV TV Boxes and pack them in boxes.
* Placed 66 screws in plastic bags and pack them with PPV TV Boxes. Can do at least 30 bags of screws a day.
* Infused program into PPV TV circuit boards with In-Program Circuit device. Already did at least 400 boards a day.

[4.] Database Entry (March 2003-August 29th, 2003)

Emergency Measures Organization                 
Eric Spicer Building, Dartmouth Nova Scotia

·       Completed data entry projects: Sector Profiles (over 100 Pages of detail) in 
        less than three months and Spring Flood of 2003 claims for EMO; finished in two days.
·       Completed a database for a Emergency Measures Tradeshow; finished in four days 
        (joint project)

[5.] Assistant to the Coordinator Mike LeRue (August 6th, 2002-August 29th, 2003)

Safe Communities Coalition of HRM 
Fire Station #3, West Street, Halifax Nova Scotia

·       Did research on Injuries in Nova Scotia; created a database for it and printed off 
        several charts and graphs.
·       Took the notes for the Minutes; designed the minutes paper for each.
·       Did the design for the 2003 Safe Communities Coalition HRM Business Plan and 
        entered the content needed. Started in October 2002 and was completed December 2002.
·       Safe Communities Coalition HRM Business Plan was approved in Feb. 2003; which was the 
        shortest time for approval by Safe communities. HRM was also designated as a 
        Safe Community at the same time.
·       Coordinated mailings for Safe Communities Coalition Designation Kickoff.
·       Did inventory of vehicles and supplies for the Fire Department. Completed in three days.

[6.] Basic Bookkeeping (45 hours) (September 1998-January 1999) 
Eastern Shore District High School, Certificate Received
[7.] Computer Support Specialist        (September 23,1996-August 8th, 1997) 
Compucollege School of Business, Diploma Received

[8.] Eastern Shore District High School (1996)

Hobbies and Extra-Curricular Activities

Enjoy long walks. I also like to write books.

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