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Kit Cloudkicker Quote Page!!

10th Update: 04/15/2015- Page Reformatted. More Quotes To Come & More Editing Of The Original Ones!

Here are some of the quotes that I found quite catchy for Kit Cloudkicker. (Although Don Karnage is better at creating imfamous quotes; I'll try to do my best.) If you have other quotes of note; E-Mail me at

Plunder and Lightning

"For me? Aw; you shouldn't have!"
"No; you're right! This *IS* none of your business!!"
"It's been fun guys; but I gotta be going! Yahoo!"
"Yeah; listen to the Fat Lady!"
"I don't have any folks; but I'm gonna be rich!...and real soon too."
"Yeah; but your landings are C minus!"
"Stuff it in ya wind sock!"
"Well; Why do you think the Pirates are after me?"
"Got any rope Baloo?"
"Ya want some dessert!"
"No; I was a pirate. You happy now?"
"Thanks; Poppa Bear!" (Before Kit & Baloo hugged and made their friendship even deeper. It was the first time Kit accepted Baloo as a father rather than just buddies.)
"Please tell Baloo! Tell Poppa Bear! I'm *HIS* navigator!...always."
"Noble?! You're nothing but a cheap crook Karnage!"
"You came back for me?"

Destiny Rides Again

"Oh poor little Baloo! Fall down and go boom!"

Stormy Weather

"Six miles South-East of Cape Suzette. Right in the middle of some serious cloudsurfing!"
"Oh; You're all against me! I knew what I was doing! Doesn't anyone believe me?!"
"Baloo and Becky aren't my folks. I'm an orphan."
"NO! You can't tell me what to do! You're NOT my dad!"
"Here's looking at you; ACE!"

Polly Wants A Treasure

"Baloo told me never to talk to strangers. And I haven't met anyone as strange as you!"
"{laughing} I'd rather do algebra!"

A Bad Reflection On You

"What?! Kit Clownkicker?!"
"Poppa Bear? I still think -- you're the best!"

Bullethead Baloo

"Nobody falls out of a hammock like you Poppa Bear!"

The Golden Sprocket Of Friendship

"Nice try Poppa Bear!"
"You know what they say; It's a dog-eat-dog's life!"

Waiders Of The Wost Tweasure

"Anyone got a can opener?"

It Came From Beneath The SeaDuck

"No way! Mr. Shark says your coming with me."
"Cut that out you big seaslug!"
"This'll have a lot more effect in Frosti Pep."

"Hold her steady Baloo, I'm going out!"

Flight School Confidential

"Ace pilot Kit Cloudkicker performs another death-defying stunt! He gives it more throttle!"
"I sleep it. I dream it. I think about it every 10 seconds."
"That would be giving up. And I'm *no* quitter!"
"Oh; I wish Baloo were here!"

The Time Bandit

"Put on a happy face, `cause grey skies are gonna clear up!"

Last Horizons

"I stow still mean something to me!"

The Incredible Shrinking Molly

"Rats! No offense!"

Captains Outrageous

"No; that was getting hung up by the shorts."
"No; that was a disaster!"
"And the Vandersnoot's could be big clients!"
"I'm not afraid of you Don Garbage; watch who you're calling useless!!"

War Of The Weirds

"You're both nuts!"

The Idol Rich

"That's not the point. That was mine! And they had no right to take it from me!"
"No I can't. But I betcha that police officer can!"
"By George; I think Spigot's finally gonna get it!"

A Baloo Switcheroo

"I don't wanna be old and fat and tired and..."
"I can see my feet!"

Pizza Pie In The Sky

"Is this mass marketing or mess marketing?"

Bearly Alive

"Be real! Presidents have better things to do than play horseshoes!"

Advertising & Other Media

"Just wait until I get my license!" - "Drumming Up Business" AudioBook.
"Here; hold the mayo!" -
Tale Spin syndication TV promo 1990. (I know he said this! Plus he threw a perfectly good sandwich right into Don Karnage's face.)
"Jungle Aces; Flying high!" - Kit Cloudkicker's Passport; Playmates Action Figure
"I'm thankful that its Kit's turn to do the dishes!" - Molly Cunningham from a 1990 Thanksgiving ad featuring the Tale Spin characters. (It is not a Kit Cloudkicker quote; but it is a funny Molly quote indeed.)

More Kit quotes will be posted very soon! Keep your eye on the skies and on this webpage!

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