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The Haunting Of Mr. Banana Brain

Reviewed: 06/24/2012

Does That Mean Darkwing Duck's Brain Or Launchpad's Brain?

The answer to that is neither. So Gosalyn debuts here on the Youtube rants of this series and we focus on Quackerjack's banana puppet sidekick in this one. Yes; Mr. Banana Brain is headlining a DARKWING... DUCK episode. Poor, poor Escarmargot. So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Dev Ross and story edited by Tad Stones. The animation is done by Hanho Heung-Up Company Limited.

We begin this one with the STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM and no title card either. Huh? We see a shadow on the top of the suspension bridge and it's Darkwing Duck being full of himself claiming that he knows all the good stories. So Gosalyn climbs over the window and demands a good story. Drake is flustered and stammering like an idiot as usual. Since I didn't give Gosalyn a proper voice tribute; here it is. Gosalyn Waddlemayer-Mallard is voiced by Christine Cavanaugh and she began in David & The Magic Pearl as David in 1988. Then she did a few episodes as Mona Tibs in Salute Your Shorts and then went on to voice Bunnie Rabbit from Sonic The Hedgehog, Marty Sherman in The Critic, Bamm-Bamm in Cave Kids, Oblina in Aaaahhh! Real Monsters, Dexter in Dexter's Lab and Chuckie in Rugrats. Darkwing Duck is her DTVA debut of course and she appeared on Raw Toonage (as Gosalyn), Aladdin The Series, 101 Dalmatians The Series as Dumpling and Wizzer, Hercules The Series as Alcides and Recess as Sue Bob Murphy. She has 67 credits to her resume. Her most recent credits are a couple of Ronald MacDonald OAV's as Birdie in 2002/2003. She also appeared in the documentary 20 to 1. Gosalyn is supposed to be in bed but she can't sleep and needs a story to relax. So Drake reveals the title card for us as he calls it the...Oh; who cares?! It's just another full of himself promo anyway. And Gosalyn agrees with me because she wants to relax; not lapse into a coma. HAHA! Launchpad joins us now as Gosalyn goes over to Drake and announces the actual episode title as The Haunting Of Mr. Banana Brain. Okay; I admit that this is pretty funny to use suspense and tease the audience into thinking it's one episode when it's another. Launchpad and Drake gulp in horror as this is a little too interesting (read: too scary for adults) as Gosalyn shows off her awesome vampire like teeth as she calls Drake out for being scared about a case he did involving a cursed jack-in-the-box. Yeah; it telegraphs the heel; but seriously, the title already did that so....

We do the FLASHBACK OF DOOM (So this is the fourth episode in the series that they did this line of storytelling; not counting Darkwing Doubloon) as we head to the museum as we see various displays and the whole thing looks like a toy store. Wonder if this episode was edited during second run syndication; because this doesn't look like a museum to me. Gosalyn heels on Drake for pulling a Vince Russo like swerve on her and Drake blows her off (all voiceover) because admission prices are high at Whirling Water World. Drake is in "asshole daddy" mode today as Gosalyn does the Gruffi pose and goes to the locked up jack-in-the-box calling it a relic and handles it. Drake catches it and puts it back on the pillar blowing her off for touching it. More Gruffi poses from Gosalyn because Drake is a hypocrite for touching the jack-in-the-box in the first place. Drake blows off Gosalyn for no reason as Quackerjack in a trench coat is practicing the fine art of not being seen by Drake and Drake is too much of an asshole to notice. So Quacky steals a ancient bicycle riding toy and puts it in the sack as voiceover Gos blows off Drake some more because she's telling the story. Well; that's good because last rant was ruining Binkie's buzz anyway. Drake and Quack but butts and still have no clue as they walk around in a circle while Launchpad notices a red electric joy buzzer which Gosalyn gleefully handles. Gosalyn sneaks behind Drake and pushes the button using Drake's ass (because Gosalyn wants Drake to stop using asshole daddy mode) and Drake over sells and crashes into the ceiling as we see the jack in the box can talk and has green eyes inside. Huh? How does the trouble start with this? Sky shot and more Gosalyn and LP looking up at the ceiling. We discover that B&P strikes again as Drake is twirling around a ceiling fan and no damage has been done whatsoever. Sigh. LP isn't sure about this; Gosalyn claims Drake loves a good practical joke. Not in asshole daddy mode he does Gos as the jack in the box bounces around liking this as Gosalyn goes to the control panel next to the door and pushes a button which only serves to make Drake Mallard know how Dumptruck felt after Kit screwed him in A Bad Reflection On You Part 2. Hanho's animation is so manga like that it is not funny as Drake lands somewhere with a painful off-screen bump.

Gosalyn claims that he got him down all right as Drake is being doll handled. HAHA! Sadly; the coolness is negated somewhat by the banana yellow dress and purple bow on her brown hair. Geez; these old times sure have the crappiest color schemes. Jack-In-The-Box likes it with glee as we see three denizens mock Drake for playing with dolls at middle age. The main taunter looks like a Pound Puppy so I wouldn't talk there sir. And Drakes' knees are tied together in a knot. Drake got them flexible legs that allows him to tie himself up without rope. Yeah; he's a REALLY STUPID superhero. He drops on his ass off-screen on the ground and a fourth denizen (a pig) joins in the fun along with Gosalyn. Sadly; she forgot to return the electric joy buzzer to where she found it and it buzzes. D'OH! Drake walks over and blows her off for embarrassing him. Still projecting your own faults into her I see Drake. Maybe you should have taken the hit and go to a theme park instead. Gosalyn pulls on Drake's arm and wants to go to the arcade to play video games. So we pan over to Quacky who is not happy at all with this and he flips over and blocks the babyfaces way. Quacky basically blows them off and his cover (in that order) and Mr. Banana Brain gets involved of course. Almost BS&P alert: One of the stars in one of the toys would be a pentagram if it had a circle surrounding it. So it's playtime about three minutes in and he brings out the ping pong paddle as the BAD EPISODE POLICE arrive (okay; it's not bad thus far) which leads to the ball getting paddled into the younger police guard's mouth and then the rope somehow grows to about 100 feet and wraps both officers up like a mummy. The younger guard grabs the paddle and they both fall down. Three more guards enter and they get squashed by a big ass beach ball. That ball had to have insides made from cement to flatten them into paper. And the bouncing ball seems to change colors in several frames as Drake gets squashed by beach ball when looking for a phone booth. Well; he had to do it because no one outclasses getting squashed like a pancake like Drake Mallard.

Jack-In-The-Box likes it; Drake staggers around and does the Ron Tussein spot right into the toy shelf as Launchpad remember this as being funnier than he remembered it. I see. So Quacky steals toys because he's Quackerjack and kidnaps Drake as he's being put in the sack. We return to reality (no, not really) as Drake claims that he was protecting his superhero look (Riiiiiggghhhhhtttt Drake. Concussions are not cool kids; remember that.) as Gosalyn agrees with me that this is full of crap. Gosalyn decides to play with Drake's mind and skip the next part which Drake gets all pissy about skipping the part where he buries Quackerjack. Can you blame Gosalyn for skipping that part? So we return to the scene of the crime as Quacky opens the sack which seems to get smaller and smaller as the episode progress. And here comes the smoke and Drake coming out at 4:21... Sadly; Gosalyn blows off Drake on the voice over and calls it the yo-yo that keeps coming back or something like it. HAHA! So Quacky bails and Drake uses the baseball and throws a curve ball and whacks Quacky in the back of the head. Then we go all Benny Hill and Drake is blowing off Gosalyn for it as Quacky goes for the big ass dentures of death and we slow down just as Drake is running as per Gosalyn's screw you response. HAHA! And Drake gets bit in the ass and Drake's slow motion response is uber funny as Paddywhack (might as well call him that since he's the focal character. Voiced by the late Phil Hartman; his third DTVA stint.) is feeding off the negative waves which is funny considering that he wasn't doing that when Gosalyn and Drake were blowing each other off. Logic break #1 for the episode almost five and a half minutes in. It bounces around and gets larger and then logic break #2 occurs merely ten seconds after the first one as it goes into the sack and returns to normal size. Sigh.

So Drake chases Quackerjack so Quacky finds some silly putty (which is named whacky putty in this show) and channels the Liquidator as he forms the LASSO OF BANE TO ALL ACTION CARTOONS EVERYWHERE. Well; this is COMEDY BABEE so it's to be expected. Sadly; it leads nowhere as it doesn't tie Drake up; but it splats right in Drake's kisser. Works for me I guess. So Drake is blinded and Quacky jumps on his pogo stick and bounces off telling everyone to see him on the playground. A war zone playground. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! CHOMP! OUCH! Ummmm... So Gosalyn struggle to get the silly putty off of Drake's face and bounces away as Drake's face is ripped off. Wonder if Ed Leslie was watching this and thought this was an awesome gimmick for WCW?! Drake is not happy as the exact same four stock characters (one is wearing the Kit Cloudkicker sweater I should point out) mock him for being such an idiot as Drake grabs the silly putty and tries to put his face on; but it's backwards and everyone laughs at his expense once again. Launchpad ribs DW (death reference #1 for the episode) as Drake decides to keep that in mind. So we get the chomping scene changer as we head in the city in some abandoned building as he was in a room playing with his rocking horse. Gosalyn is narrating which is great because she puts the heels over unlike the full of himself mallard. So Quacky opens the box and there is nothing in it. Huh?! Mr. Banana Brain gets involved in the puppet marionetting and Quacky throws it away as broken and likes his own made toys which include the rocking horse's mouth being a flamethrower, HUZZAH! So then we cut to the thrown out Jack-In-The-Box and we go to shadow as we see Paddy Whack for the first time. Think a duck version of a scary clown and you are almost there.

Paddywhack is a shadow spirit who dives into Mr. Banana Brain who is sitting down on the shelf. Paddy Brain (my new booking name for this combination) is testing out the puppet as Quackerjack has a fairy dancing doll with a near pentagram symbol (second one I might add in this episode alone) and it turns into a green monster with long, sharp claws. Huh. Quacky claims that girls will scream in delight and I think Quacky's thought process is out of sync with the rest of the world. Then Mr. Banana Brain is already on Quacky's shoulder and asks him to play with him. Quacky is happy to do just that as Paddy Brain floats and Quacky likes it's voice too. Quacky offers to play with him and a bomb called Destruction Bingo, and a wheel and crowbar as Demolition Derby. HAHA! Paddy Brain asks if they can use the neighbor's car because he has a better idea and whispers it into Quacky's ear. Quacky loves this and we do the eye shutter scene changer and head to an indoor arcade park as we get various kids having a good time. We pan over to Paddy Brain and Quacky at the door as Quacky blows him off for wanting pizza. Paddy Brain is not interested in pizza as he demonstrates his strength on a chair which is being sat on by a girl and she gets thrown on her ass. The Max Goof lookalike (sort of; he is wearing a red sweater and a different hairstyle) gets pizza splattered in his face by the girl and she storms off while Paddy laughs. The pizza runs like liquid as we discover that she's Malanda. Paddy Brain turns around; gets a boo on the Max clone bails stage left like a scalded dog (oh; how fitting is that?) as Quacky laughs when Paddy Brain returns from under the tables.

So we see a fat pig man with about three dozen orders of everything in a tray sitting down at the tables. He puts on his napkin to eat with knife and fork and then he's shocked to discover that there is no food on the tray. The pig man is confused as we see monster food being alive and acting like rabid dogs, oh my! The pig runs away as the food calms down and then bail when Paddy Brain arrives. So we cut to a shot of two kids at the arcade machines as a girl in a pink dress is watching a boy (wearing the typical American pre-teen gear) playing video games natch. They both get slopped with food in their faces. Girl is mad, boy is crying and we have a really lame food fight as Quacky and Paddy walk around as the GANG OF GAG (about time I used that stupid pun) as Gosalyn is glad she is going somewhere decent and everyone is shocked and appalled as there is a food fight that is getting better by the second. I should point out that the girl's pink dress has changed to lime green on this shot as Gosalyn is loving this. HA! Gosalyn runs in as Launchpad wants Drake to become full of himself and Drake is smart enough to stay out of it. Until he got a cream pie thrown in his face of course. Now it's personal. Oh come on Drake! You know it was Gosalyn doing another gag on you just to piss you off. That's what Gosalyn does best. So Drake bails and returns as DARKWING...DUCK; only to get a lemon pie in his face. HAHA! This is a job for the BAD EPISODE POLICE~! Drake peels the pie from his face and notices Quacky dodging food. He grabs some of the food and juggles it doing a cute promo.

Drake goes over asking about play things and Quacky likes games and drops Drake with the food of juggling doom. Drake gets up; dusts himself off and it is ON BABEE! Oh my; we have our first use of the word fetish in DTVA too. Drake invokes the POINTY FINGER OF DEATH (You can put an eye out with that thing you know) on Quacky as Drake goes over to the conveniently placed wall which contains a glass storage area for the garden hose and sprays waters on everyone not name Quacky. I smell about a dozen or so lawsuits in Drake's future after that; despite the fact that he didn't hit Quacky. Paddy wants to know who Darkwing Duck is. Trust me Paddy; you are better off not knowing. This is one of those rare times where knowing is a dangerous thing. Everyone is all wet as Gosalyn goes to Launchpad and blows off Drake for ruining her fun. That's the power of asshole daddy mode Gos. So Paddy Brain gets in from behind (complete with shadow) which Gosalyn and Launchpad clearly see. They run in to warn Drake and even yell to him to look out in a serious and grave matter. Drake is clueless as Paddy Brain takes the red electric joy buzzer (Payoff!) and buzzes Drake right in the ass and Drake over sells and finally does the Scooby Doo snow angel spot. Well; it is comedy, so this is kind of acceptable in this cartoon. Still reminds me of Hanna Barbera though. So Paddy gives Gosalyn the electric joy buzzer (UH OH!) and Drake does a second snow angel and takes the bump WITH CHEESE AND BACON onto the ground. Drake pops up and of course blames Gosalyn for everything. Yeah Drake; the one person who seriously warned you to look out beforehand which you clearly must have heard was Gosalyn you REALLY STUPID, full of yourself mallard! She wasn't playing a joke on you dumbass! Of course Drake doesn't believe her because the evidence is IN HER HANDS despite the fact that it was Gosalyn who told him to look out.

So we return to Drake's hideout down the spiral staircase as Drake and Gosalyn are arguing. Now personally; I realize that BS&P didn't allow the word keister (Open Office doesn't see it as a word though); but after so many references of butt in other cartoons, this is mighty classy. I'm sorry if I sound distracted doing this rant because Mega Man 4 Minus Infinity is completed (after a year of only three stages uncompleted) and it is even more awesome than before. Gosalyn blows off Drake and Drake stammers like an idiot. We get downstairs as I discover that we had returned to reality (no, not really) as Launchpad wants some lights turned on and Gosalyn blows it off because this is getting good. So we flashback as Mr. Banana Paddywhack Brain is really PISSED...and really mad. Paddy really blows off Quacky; so much so that Quacky nearly falls off a building and is forced to hang on. See; Drake Mallard ruined his meal and side course. Join the club sir; he can be quite an asshole. Quacky explains the rules of engagement and Paddy Brain really blows him off and wants Quacky to kill Drake in roundabout terms as Quacky falls off and bounces off the power transmission wires and of course fuzzy cartoon logic strikes again as Quacky is not shocked. Quacky bounces up and onto the roof as he blows off Paddy Brain for ordering him around. Then Paddy Brain brings out the spirit smoke from the top of the banana (oooooo; penis reference approaching at six o'clock) and we see Paddy Whack for real. And he is really creepy, almost as scary as some of the Mighty Hercules monsters. Almost. Paddywhack laughs out loud and Quacky is going to be the doll in his own mind which ends the segment 13 minutes in.

After the commercial break; Quacky wonders what happened to Mr. Banana Brain; and Paddywhack grabs Mr. Banana Brain and blows him off for calling him that. He throws Mr. Banana Brain into Quacky and Quacky falls down as Paddy names himself as Paddywhack for real. He's panting hard as Quacky is still doing witty silliness. Paddywhack likes it and sets down the Jack-In-The-Box and opens it to reveal a light. UH OH! No good can come out of this as Quacky is sucked up like a vacuum cleaner and most of his clothes come off just as he tries to hang onto the lamp pole (out of nowhere of course) and Quacky is trapped inside the JITB. So we head to ground level in the Ratcatcher as Drake continues to be REALLY STUPID because if Gosalyn pulls off one more joke on him; she's grounded for life. Geez Drake; you love projecting your stupidity onto her; don't ya? Gosalyn has the Gruffi pose on behind him as she pleads that she had nothing to do with it. Sorry Gos; but when someone projects there is no reasoning with him. Then we hear noises and Drake drives the Ratcatcher up the building with no sense of logic or reason as we see Quacky finally inside the JITB and Launchpad notices it and stammers like a timid bunny. So Gosalyn and Drake notice the JITB and Drake blows off Quacky for leaving his toys behind. LP then grabs the JITB and drops it down. LP claims that the box ate Quackerjack as Drake grabs the box; opens it and places his arm in it and screams. Sadly; the acting is so terrible that it's clear that he is faking. And damn it to hell if I'm not right.

So Launchpad has to carry it as Drake accuses Gosalyn of playing a joke. Oh my god Drake; you are so stupid and I cannot blame Gosalyn for acting like she's innocent. So we head back to the hideout as apparently Drake has gone out alone to find Quackerjack as Gosalyn and Launchpad are scared of the JITB. So Gosalyn throws it into the conveniently placed vault and slams the door. Sadly; the logic breaking fiends strike again as it's back on the small table it was first on in the first shot it was shown. Still; this is supposed to be part of the horror so it is to be expected. It's sad when Gosalyn has to play Scooby Doo to LP's Shaggy here. Gosalyn wants LP to calm down as there is a rational way to explain this. Which is kind of moot when Gosalyn and Launchpad are half duck/half human. They then agree that the box is cursed and try to run out towards the door ; but the door is a blinder and it rolls up allowing Gosalyn and Launchpad to splat into the wall and then knock themselves out with blue birds chirping around. And now we come to the point where the writers lose it...So we head to a field as Drake, Gosalyn and Launchpad are walking with a picnic basket...and LP is narrating here for no reason whatsoever. The problem with this is Drake is STILL in his Darkwing Duck costume. Again for no good reason. Oh lord; what is the point of this? So we return to reality (thank god) as Gosalyn is sniffing flowers on the Thunder Quack beak while Launchpad is hiding inside and scared of course. Gosalyn was trying to build the moment and sadly; she blew it badly here. Drake finally returns (so we are back to reality which is not good in this world) as he tells LP to relax.

Launchpad is paranoid because he doesn't want to think about this next part as we flashback to the hideout as the JITB is on the table and it opens to reveal Paddywhack as he rises up and stalks Drake from behind while Drake is at his computer trying to pinpoint Quackerjack's hideout. Paddywhack loves the gloomy decor which shows how much of a life Drake Mallard really has. Drake is still stupid and doesn't suspect a thing as Paddywhack blows cold air and freezes Drake's beak again. HAHA! Drake of course accuses Gosalyn of playing with the thermostat and starts blowing her off as he turns around and the monitor shows Paddywhack making funny faces at Drake's expense. Drake blows Gosalyn off for playing her tapes in the hideout as Gosalyn and Launchpad do a Tazmania and chain up the JITB which is pointless as there is a floating teacup and Drake's chair is floating among other things as Paddywhack hovers Drake over the edge and drops him onto the floor with a resounding thud. HAHA! Drake is about to blow off Gosalyn again and Gosalyn is about to do the same; but Drake recoil and admits that he believes her now because Paddywhack is right behind her and Launchpad as Drake faints in the carnage. We see Paddywhack stalking them as he wants them to play with him as we fade to black with orange eyes to end the segment nearly 17 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we return to reality as we cut to the Thunderquack as Gosalyn is sitting about while Drake is tending to Launchpad on top of the beak who looks like he's in cardiac arrest mode right now. Or having a stroke. Drake checks LP's blood pressure and it's perfectly fine as Drake tells Gosalyn to continue. Gosalyn asks which is scarier: the eyes or drooling fangs. Drake picks option #2 and we head back to the flashback as it's drooling fangs (according to Gosalyn) continue to back up our babyfaces. Launchpad is scared as Drake sits up and calls Paddywhack a friend of Quackerjack. Well; he USED to be Quacky's friend Drake; so you're half right. He calls him the freak patrol (or geek patrol which should earn Drake a punch to the face, natch) as Paddywhack goes nuts over this laughing. So Paddywhack twists his head around as he explains that Gosalyn was the one who woke him up in the first place with the joy buzzer gag; earning Gosalyn eye contact violence. And it's Drake's fault for being such a cheapskate. So screw him. Paddywhack wants to feast on something as Launchpad proclaims that they haven't gone to the market in weeks. Did I mention that Drake is more of a cheapskate than Scrooge is? Paddywhack doesn't want food and LP faints dead away for no reason whatsoever. Oookkkkaaayyyyy. So Paddy blames Drake for ruining his fun at seeing people miserable. If he were around when Taz was in ECW; man would he have fun. So Drake does the worse thing possible: Cut a thinly veiled fat joke on him. Oh sure; stoop to Rhinokey level gags Drake; that'll make me like you. NOT! Paddy's head inflates and he is PISSED. And after that; can you really blame him. His head pops and somehow; Launchpad is back up magically only to faint dead away again. Well; at least this one makes sense; but it sure rendered the first one as overkill didn't it?

So Paddy pumps himself up as Gosalyn is shoved aside and it's time for Drake to get dangerous. So he invokes the LEAD GRIP KUNG FU ACTION KICK OF DEATH and Paddy crumbles all to pieces. Sadly; his head doesn't crumble completely and he rises up complete again. Paddy blows him off and hides in the JITB proclaiming that Drake is not invited to the party. Now here is where CDS works because if this were the finish; this would suck. The babyfaces all make it to the JITB (and yes Launchpad recovers magically again.) as they think it's all over. Gosalyn wonders about that party as Paddy pops from the box to inform her that he's inviting three people: Quackerjack, Mr. Banana Brain and Gosalyn of course. So the JITB acts like a vacuum cleaner and sucks up everything as Gosalyn cannot hang on much longer as Drake grabs Gosalyn and goes for the grappling hook gas gun and fires it yelling for Launchpad. Launchpad grabs it and he cannot pull up two guys. Yeah; maybe that Drake diet was not such a good thing after all. So Drake ties up Gosalyn and allows himself to be sucked in the box and the box closes. Now this episode really sucks. HAHA!

Ron Sparks: It sucked more than Shaun Desmond.

You thought I would forget that joke eh? So we head to Drake inside a spotlight. The world is clownish and surprisely upbeat for a guy who is supposed to like misery. And then the magic logic rears it's ugly head again for my pleasure (in this case) as Drake proclaims that no clown is going to make a clown out of...BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Drake tries to rip off his clothes and it only serves to make him look more and more clownish as this goes on. HAHA! So Quackerjack is in a gray trench coat and blows off Drake for getting all the good clothes. Drake blows him off as Quacky begs for mercy and Drake doesn't give a damn. So Quacky wants to team up and Drake is about to blow this one off and tells him don't make him laugh. Then Paddy laughs and Quacky gleefully answers that one for me. So Drake recoils and realizes that this might work out; so let's get ridiculous. So we see Paddywhack dancing along in his world having a good time. Then he sees the horror of all horrors (to him): Drake and Quackerjack are having fun and enjoying themselves in this new world. Yeah; you just knew that kindness and lighthearted play would be the finish. Might as well accept it. So Drake hits Quacky with the wooden mallet while Drake gets murdered with the big ass anvil. And they are expressing themselves and having a good time. You have to be a great actor to fool Paddywhack into believing that you are not being miserable here. Quacky opens a wooden door which allows a truck to murder Paddywhack. HAHA! A "license on the truck" joke that makes sense for a change.

So we get a door bell; and Paddywhack no sells and gets the piano special in a spot they lifted from In Search of Ancient Blunders. Sadly; it was funnier in TaleSpin than here as Clown Drake wants to get it; but Paddy cuts him off and opens it and gets the loaded big ass boxing glove in the face for his troubles. Quacky gleefully answers that one for me as Paddy is shrinking and getting upset as Drake and Quacky pretty much sum up Paddy's vile misery as Quacky takes out Mr. Banana Brain and proclaims that they should teach him love and kindness to make the heel mend his evil ways. Then they blow that idea off (good; that would have been a lame finish anyway) and we get the double electric joy buzzer of death in stereo. HAHA! See; make the joke; build it up and then pay it off. Paddy has had enough and he rips open the scene and kicks Quacky and Drake out of the JITB. Drake's hat somehow lands on his head as Gosalyn embraces Drake and Launchpad wants to know what to do with the box. So we head outside the bridge and the JITB is thrown into the harbor and sinks; only to be chomped on by a big ass fish. Thank goodness that Darkwing Duck ended after 91 episodes; because if this show continued into a fourth season as it was planned; they would have to find a way to explain that scene away because Paddywhack was supposed to return. I don't have the episode name on me; but man would they have problems since that fish made things very decisive in my view.

So we return to reality (no, not really) as Gosalyn wraps this story up and is using a towel to give Launchpad relief as he is slumped in the chair. Drake does his usual full of himself promo about how he saved the day and LP is glad it is over. However; the writers did find a way to explain it as we see the babyfaces go outside and notice that Paddywhack has possessed the big ass fish and then swims away stage right. The GANG OF GAG looks stunned and that ends the episode at 21:08 aired. Incredibly fun episode and Paddywhack earned his heel stripes in this one. A few logic breaks did mar the experience and Drake's projection routine is really getting old at this point. He's no longer turning heel; he's just getting more boring. **** 1/4 (85%).


Well; we have another good episode from Drake and his gang of gag. Paddywhack was a legit good heel and I got to give the writers props for making Gosalyn the narrator here, so that she could put over the villain as a legit threat; something Drake's ego would never allow. Personally; Drake Mallard is getting more dull and his projection routine on Gosalyn is so low rent and unconvincing because he has to act really stupid just to justify threatening Gosalyn with grounding even though it was clear Gosalyn had warned him in a serious tone and thus was not mocking him. And Drake's reputation is so tainted with stupid now; that it made the climax and finish so fitting as Drake was dressed like a clown and they also found a way to make CDS work and still do a proper finish and ending which allows them to bring Paddywhack back. Sadly; the comeback died that day as an episode was planned for season four; but the ratings tanked so much that Disney decided to work on Goof Troop instead as the focus which also had more than 65 episodes. Gosalyn was Gosalyn, LP was LP, Drake was stupid, Quackerjack was awesome as usual and there were a few mistakes and logic breaks. Overall; an incredibly fun episode and one that made me love Paddywhack as a heel. So next up is Slime Ok, Your Ok as Bushroot returns and Gosalyn gains superhero powers: As a bubble slime. So....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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