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Slime OK, You're OK!

Reviewed: 06/26/2012

Gosalyn Has A New Career: Being A Bubble Slime.

Yeah; that pretty much sezs it all in the captions. Bushroot returns and messes up Gosalyn; what can I say? Well; it was unintentional, sort of. So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Gordon Bressack and story edited by Kevin Crosby Hopps. The animation is done by Wang Films.

We begin this one with a sky shot of THE CITY OF SAINT CARNARD AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as we get the dreaded VOICEOVER OF DOOM (great...) as we head to a window at Drake's house and we get the promo barely 11 seconds in...

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the fingernail that scrapes the blackboard of your soul.

No kidding Drake. You are a full of yourself duck and you don't have to be literally scraping the blackboard either. Drake is on a blue sofa with a chess piece and we are playing Saint Carnard version of Monopoly with Gosalyn as Drake is squashing her like a bug and collecting that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH. Sadly; he is so full of himself as we have logic break #1 for the episode as Gosalyn suddenly has more Monopoly money in the background. And Drake is a liar as Gosalyn puts the game away pointing out that she owns it all and not Drake. HA! In your face Drake Mallard! Gosalyn throws the board game to Drake and Drake throws onto the out of nowhere game pile (get use to it; this is comedy and comedy tend to have looser logic than usual). Drake is pondering how to beat Gosalyn in a game and decides that they will play Trivial Swahili. See; Gosalyn cannot speak that language so at least Drake has his chance. Drake walks over; but Gosalyn stops him because she'll get it instead. Gosalyn runs upstairs so you know something is up with her. And I'm right as LP is doing her homework and cleaning up the room, at the same time. Apparently; Gosalyn won a game against LP. LP is having trouble with the homework so Gosalyn decides to help him. LP wants to know how to spell "Yikes" and Gosalyn claims that it's easy to spell. And here comes Drake to ruin a decently good scene as usual. Drake claims that Gosalyn should be ashamed of herself. Spoken from a guy who has no sense of shame whatsoever. What an idiot?! Anyhow; he threatens to ground Gosalyn; but the alarm sounds and the light flicker as he goes downstairs and goes to a conveniently place picture and pushes the red button behind it to reveal the walling which is another super computer. Because apparently; Saint Carnard is a "super police hero" state. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Drake calls it a crime fighting apparatus which is the Remote Alarm Terminal or RAT (because calling it a snitch computer is too obvious even for Drake) and it has picked out a crime in progress. Gosalyn asks where and Drake is flustered because he left out the GPS. Somehow I doubt he left it out. I betcha the government told him that it was illegal to SPY on people. Which is ironic; but this IS the government we are talking about.

So Drake brings out his radio (it's 1992; what did you expect?) as the announcer on the radio (Jim Cummings I guess) is from KYRM which is the all crime network. We discover that a botanical gardens has been broken it on Fidget street (I think it's the name) so that pretty much gives away the heel in advance. Gosalyn is forced to grab the radio as Drake pushes Launchpad aside as the radio is resuming programming of American's Funniest Misdemeanors; also known as Stupid Criminals on the Headlines segment of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Gosalyn wants them to wait up; but Drake no sells because Gosalyn is grounded for outsmarting Drake and making Launchpad look smarter than he. Okay; not quite, but Drake's a projector so my summary is more accurate than his. So there Drake. And it's not like Drake has ever learned the lesson Gosalyn is supposed to learn according to him anyway. The flipping chairs of doom flip and Gosalyn then goes upstairs and translates it to the following: LP and Drake are friends; Legal is a two way street, thus she should help them. And people are shocked when I call Drake REALLY STUPID. So Gosalyn opens the front door and proclaims that she learns her lessons quickly. I cannot argue with that overwhelming logic Gos. So we go to a spiral scene changer and discover that we are back as Bushroot's hideout again (Don't these writers realize that?) and cut to the closeup shot of Bushroot with a test tube of pink liquid as he blows off everyone for calling him a monster. Then explain your pet Spike for me Bushroot. Reggie Bushroot is voiced by Tito Insana and he started on Cracking Up in 1977 and was in several movies like Neighbors, Going Berserk, Amazon Woman On The Moon, For Keeps?, and Masters of Menace. He then got into voice acting in 1990 with Bobby's World, Spaceballs as Barf, and his most recent work is as Pig in Back At The Barnyard. Darkwing Duck is his DTVA debut and he appeared in Goof Troop as Colonel Carter, Baracuda in The Little Mermaid, Sidesick Stew/Scatter Squirrel in Bonkers, Prince Uncouthma in Aladdin The Series, Fat Cat in Jungle Cubs, Samsa in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Uncle Jojo Diggety, Teacher's Pet and cameos in House of Mouse. He has 43 credits to his resume. He also wrote for Police Squad, Saturday Night Live, Sledgehammer, Wedding Band and Masters of Menace.

He goes over to a green plant and squeezes it to force a drop of green liquid into the test tube as it changes colors from pink to green. Sadly; Wang Films screws it up because it was green before the drop ever made contact. And then it turns white for no reason as Bushroot's new formula is ICU2 as Spike is chasing a fly in the foreground and failing as usual. Bushroot orders Spike to get the last thing to make ICU2 complete: plutonium plasma. Because it just has to be radioactive since radioactivity is all about mutations right?! Spike finds the tube of blue/green liquid and drinks about 75% of it; before giving it to Bushroot. And Wang's crack color team rears it's ugly head again as the liquid has changed to green from white. Bushroot pours the stuff as Spike grows as seen in the shadow in the background while Bustroot wants to cackle gleefully. And then everything is ruined as Drake makes it to the window and we get the VOICEOVER OF DOOM at 5:33...

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the spinach that sticks to your teeth.

Yeah sure Drake; give kids yet another excuse not to eat spinach because it causes tooth decay. Never mind those sugar sweet candy, gum and chocolates; spinach is what REALLY causes damage. And then we get one of the dumbest moments ever as Drake had Bushroot in his line of sight the whole time and yet Bushroot somehow teleports behind and Drake acts as if no one is there. Launchpad climbs down the vine (the one Drake used to swing in) and gleefully tells him to reel it in. What in? His full of himself promos. And Bushroot is found about five seconds later by Drake. Spike is apparently going to be sued which is silly considering that Bushroot is a plant duck wanted on various criminal behavior. Not going to fly Reggie; not going to fly. Drake brings out the gas gun and tells Bushroot to suck weed killer. Ah; I see Drake has finally learned that gas heals him. Bushroot decides to counter with about a dozen plants containing trees as they hope into the lab. And they have faces. Ooookkkkkaaayyyy. They stomp and bite Drake and LP's feet and we get when plants attack to waste some time. Spike tries to bail through the door and is stuck allowing Bushroot to bump him from behind. Bushroot pushes; he trips and falls; and loses some of the formula as it drops on the floor and then as Bushroot kneels down; Drake handcuffs him and invokes more plant insults just to annoy me (and Bushroot). So we go outside as Gosalyn arrives via a skateboard and notice Bushroot and Drake fighting in shadows behind a window. So Gosalyn grabs a garden rake (because a garden ho is extremely sexist natch.) and Drake notices her and blows her off. Gosalyn tripe over a rock bounces ass first into the goo on the ground and bumps into Drake and Launchpad. They bump into the wall; Bushroot somehow springs back and gets out of the handcuffs somehow (logic break if I ever saw one) and bails stage left.

Gosalyn feels bad because she wanted to help a friend and Drake blows him off because he's her father and that's different. No; it's because you are REALLY STUPID in not telling her to do her OWN HOMEWORK HERSELF! You have no one but yourself to blame for that one DW. So Drake drags Gosalyn back home to make her return to work as we head to Bushroot's lab (I think) as Bushroot has enough formula to turn a pile of hedges into a soul mate. One drop sadly only burns the bush top; but all of it basically turns it into a hedge monster with no sense of empathy. Say what you will about Bushroot; but he does have empathy, even if it's misplaced most of the time. The hedge monster of doom licks Bushroot in the face with the most vanilla spit you will ever see. He eats a bookshelf and roars into the camera with drool. Then we return to Drake's house in the morning as Drake is blowing off Gosalyn for not cleaning up her room and somehow it got trashed in the morning. Drake walks over as we discover that the toys in the room are a barricade because Gosalyn has become a green slime. She looking into the mirror and Drake is stunned to see this. Gosalyn wants to go to school and tries to leave; but Drake grabs her arm and it's a lot longer and stretchy due to the slime; because she's out going to scare anyone on his watch. He write a note on the conveniently placed notepad claiming that she's algae. Then he changes his mind and goes for the plague because it's more believable. I guess the common cold is not enough to stay home anymore in 1992. So we head to Drake's hideout as Gosalyn is standing on a circular pillar and admires herself. Drake is taking pictures of her as Gosalyn shows us how much Drake's full of himself promos have infected her brain. Drake blows her off for being full of herself (oh, the projection?!) as Drake is using a slime checker machine. It spits out computer paper and lights as Drake reads the paper and I quote...

Darkwing: Her genetic structure has metamorphosed into a photosynthetic primordial ectonic structure...

Translation: She's a bubble slime; she can call herself the Bubble She-Slime. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SPLOOSH! EWWWWWWW! Ummmmmm... Gosalyn starts eating plants and Drake claims that she's going to get bigger unless they find a cure. And she eats the machine for fun, burps and admits that she made a mistake. Heh. So we get the green slime scene changer of doom (I'm surprised You Cannot Do That On Television didn't do this scene changer; it's not like someone doesn't get green slime dumped on their head at least once on the show.) as Drake has She Bubble Slime Gosalyn strapped to the table and Drake invokes the electronic matter separator on Gosalyn which is basically a thunderbolt. Green smoke ensues (I'm retiring this joke for obvious reasons. One of them which is: I already made my point about Quack Pack enough times for people to get it) and we clear with Zorro hat. Gosalyn is now mini She Slime Gosalyn as she splits into six or eight slime balls depending on what mood Wang Films was in when they animated this episode. Drake and Launchpad chase the slime balls and both crash into the lab table and chemicals spill onto the floor; but the table doesn't break. The JAPANESE TABLE lives! The Gos' all reform each other and we get off Keen Gear #1 of the episode as Drake is not amused. Party pooper. Then we get alarm sounds and more red lights flashing. So we return to the Remote Spy Term...oh; who gives a crap?! I just realized that the picture that contained the button shows LP and Gosalyn plugging their eyes, ears and mouth for whatever reason. More computer paper spits out as LP asks where and Drake is ready for this one as he pulls down the projector screen (This is becoming the new rope snap spot now isn't it?) as he does some calculations that will completely whiz over everyone's head unless you have an IQ of 160. And this spot takes FOREVER, FOREVER, FOREVER as Terry Funk once cried out. Okay; only into the night as Drake's stupid spot is interrupted by a slam against the front door as LP yawns and opens the door to reveal a newspaper.

Drake grabs it and proclaims that Bushroot has invaded the Saint Carnard Nursery. LP then stops selling his tired look and panics before Drake corrects him since it's a plant nursery. Considering that this is Bushroot; does it make any difference if they are babies or not? Sure; in the real world, but I'm talking about this fantasy world here. Drake and LP go to the flipping chairs; but Gosalyn continues to eat and eat objects that would crush a normal man's stomach into many pieces. So Drake invites her along anyway. How fitting that it took being a bubble slime for her to get the right to join alongside Drake in this one. So we head back to the Saint Carnard Nursery which I believe it's the same one from The Incredible Bulk due to the caged fence. So we see Bushroot and Spike taking out sacks of fertilizer and walking out with them. He calls out for Hedgy because it's snack time; but there is a huge pile of slime all over the ground which indicates that Hedgy blew up and died. UH OH! That is not good for Gosalyn. So Drake and LP sneak up from behind and Drake calls him out in a sarcastic manner. Oh snap; here comes the burial of Bushroot; Drake Mallard's #1 weapon against anyone who messes with his vanity. Bushroot points and tries to bail as Drake blows him off for being unoriginal. Oh wait; Hedgy is still alive; but he's turned into a Hedgy Slime who comes up from behind and Bushroot flees. So Hedgy wants food (and can speak now) as LP and Drake shake like leaves complete with teeth chattering sound effects. Ah; I see the Horta Editorial team has sound edited this episode. The shadow engulfs the GANG OF GAG and that ends the segment 11 and a half minutes in. I'm just not feeling it in this episode; it's fine, but it's not all that funny.

After the commercial break; We have Slime Hedgy backing Drake and Launchpad to the wall and Bushroot can barely watch this. So Drake brings out the hedge clippers because we all know plants are weak to cutting tools; even slimy ones. Sadly; no flamethrower as the BS&P had enough of that and actually got wise and realized that flamethrowers kill and cause a great mess even more than bullet shooting guns. So Hedgy counters by grabbing them and eating them. HA! Simple, to the point and does a good job of screwing Drake. Hedgy grabs Drake and Launchpad as She Slime Gosalyn slimes in at 12:09...

Gosalyn: I am the slime who slurps in the night. {She grabs Drake and Launchpad and basically breaks Hedgy's arms in the first awesome spot of the episode.} I am the wad of gum that sticks to the heel of crime. I am Yucky Duck!

Fitting booking name and it must pain Drake to realize that Gosalyn cut better full of herself promo than he does. I still like Bubble She-Slime better; but Yucky Duck will do in a BS&P pinch. And Hedgy is gone and the heels are hiding behind a bench as Gosalyn realizes that it's time to shorten the entrance. Nah; Bushroot is still here so you still have a chance to slime him good if nothing else. Bushroot wonders where Hedgy is and he turns around and panics as finally Hedgy is reduced to a steaming pile of goo and dies on him. Memo to Bushroot: Radioactive materials KILL. See A Thousand Ways To Die during the time when a bunch of would be terrorists tried to make a makeshift nuclear bomb. So Gosalyn apologizes for letting Bushroot get away; but Drake dusts himself and not only forgives her; he allows her to come along because he's going to use his powers to catch Bushroot. Yes; this is the same F'N guy who earlier in the episode blew Gosalyn off for using Launchpad; her friend to do her homework. Drake must be using the "I'm your father so it's different" clause. It only serves to show how really stupid Drake is and shows that he's worse than Gosalyn. Anyhow; he tells Gosalyn to get slimy. So we slime scene change to a fade to black...

...and return as the porthole is opened which leads into the (moral sewers) as Gosalyn is not sure of this. Drake blows her off because she did want to help after all. Oh goody; Drake is using this as an excuse to make Gosalyn learn a lesson that DRAKE needs to learn. Just peachy guys. Gosalyn dives into the sewers and we get some popping up and down including breaking a light bulb from a lamp pole. SPARKY GONNA KILL YOU! If you ever return to normal. Gosalyn turns to a slime pile and sulks at this life of crime fighting. So we head to Hungry Happy Hoppos as she slimes up the stool (NOT THAT ONE!) and the denizens sitting in front of the counter bail; along with the chef I bet. Gosalyn eats fast food; which is only slightly less crappy than she is right now. Drake and Launchpad run in and Drake demands answers to this outrage. Gosalyn offers fries and Launchpad not only takes the slime fries; he eats them and completely no sells the whole thing. Seriously. Drake grabs her and forces her to come along because she hasn't searched the world for Bushroot. Gosalyn pulls away and has had enough because she just wants to be his daughter again. Gosalyn slimes stage left and Drake takes almost ten seconds before stopping and turning around to notice Gosalyn has left his utility belt of crime fighting now. Geez Drake; can you project anymore of your faults on her?! Even Launchpad notices that so you know Drake is such a vile piece of crap. Drake is forced to recoil on that one.

So we gets the same denizens from the burger joint as they run away from her again for no reason as we see Gosalyn in an alley sitting down on a crate and crying...crude oil? Why do I get the feeling that the original plan for this episode was to make her look like crude oil; but was scrapped because it was considered too racist even for Disney? Or it's a Wang Films mistake; either way. Gosalyn tries the determination promo and then chickens out because she's lost. Then we get the shadow of Reggie Bushroot and Spike as they are on top of a roof and they say hello to Bubble She-Slime. Bushroot jumps down as Gosalyn backs up to the wall; but Bushroot is friendly and pets her and wants to be her friend. Gosalyn isn't so sure of this; but she does realize that she's sort of half plant. Bushroot proclaims that friends are there for her and Bushroot has no problems being her friends and wants to be with her. Wow; Drake you are hosed when the heel comes off as a babyface; but Bushroot is a sad heel after all so there you go. Bushroot and Gosalyn walk together as Spike is left behind for no reason at all. Huh. So we head back to the hide out as Drake is playing with his chemical set again. Ummm; shouldn't you be looking for Gosalyn right now? Or at least let Launchpad do the same? LP walks in as Drake has good news and bad news. The good news is that he found a cure for Gosalyn's slimeiness. And it's all Wii Blue Ocean color too. This is just great. Drake proclaims that the bad news is that it may be too late. Geez Drake; maybe you should have found Gosalyn first BEFORE you did this so you would have a chance to save her. Then we break logic and reason as he tests the substance on a sunflower and it turns into a smart plant, hungry plant, insane plant and a steaming pile of goo. Wait a second? This is the cure he used right? So he created a blue liquid formula from a green slime piece and it's designed to KILL plants. Which means if Gosalyn takes it; she's...DEAD?! WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT?! The flask contains the cure; but it turned to goo. So it should be the green stuff Gosalyn used to kill the sunflower plant and not the cure. GOD!! There goes a good episode flushed down the drain. I do not accept this logic break AT ALL. So the green slime in the flower pot is a segue to Bushroot as he mixes another ICU2 flask in his hideout as this improved formula will give him an army of smart plants. Gosalyn of course responds with insanity as she is in stage three of her death march. She eats the formula of course and most of the stuff and then she growls and walks into the camera to end the segment nearly 17 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we head back to the hideout as Gosalyn continues to eat plants as Bushroot REPEATS THE SPOT basically even though it's animated differently; it's the same spot. Ah; the pitfalls of having different people animating at different times with no coordination. So Gosalyn grabs Bushroot and tries to eat him; but Spike pulls Bushroot back and Bushroot blows her off. Gosalyn has neon green tears now as she thinks Bushroot doesn't love him. Bushroot claims that he does as he brings in the GLASS VACUUM CLEANER OF DOOM and Gosalyn is sucked into it and comes out in a big ass glass jar. So then we head outside to a closeup of the road with red infer red light covering half of the screen as we see green slime on the ground. We then cut to Drake and Launchpad on the Rat Catcher as Drake calls this easier than he thought because the red x-ray vision can let him see anything. And he crashes into a truck just as the light turns red. Never mind that the slime tracks were clearly in sight Drake. We know you are trying to JACKHAMMER the point home that you are REALLY STUPID. So we return to Bushroot as he stirs a test tube of more formula; but the test tube holder: the long edition gets used by Drake. Bushroot blows off Drake for stealing and Drake does a raspberry; so Bushroot wraps his vine arms around Drake's neck and throat. HAHA! Good for Bushroot. Sadly; this won't get Drake to shut up. Nothing can shut up Drake Mallard, AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING! Drake is tied up as Bushroot takes the test tube again and then instead of doing the sensible thing which is to plant Drake into a flower pot (the best spot ever in this series); he twirls him around. This is so stupid because Drake twirls into Bushroot. Nice going writers; you buried Bushroot with that one.

Bushroot throws the test tube to Spike and Spike dances around. Spike bails to the outside as Bushroot and Drake follow. So Launchpad runs in and tries the shovel to break the glass; but no dice as it's harder than my big toenail is right now. That's HARD. So we cut back to outside as Spike buries the test tube like a dog and remembers to put the Dairy Queen whipped topping on it. HAHA! Bushroot blows off Spike as Drake asks what was in that formula; and he states that it's extra strength ICU2 which turns the entire lawn into a big ass carpet lady. POW! OUCH! Ummmm... Check the video and try telling me otherwise. So she grabs Drake and kisses him for a bit before Drake wiggles away and stomps down to blow her off because he wants no grass stains on the cape. That is a no-no Drake. And even Drake realizes it as he bails stage right; but it's no good since they tumble down the lawn. So we head back inside as Launchpad tries to use his arm to grab Gosalyn inside; but it doesn't even come close to working. Sadly; LP steps on THE SWITCH and gets sucked in and splatter into the goo. Gosalyn asks if he's a friend and LP claims that he hopes so. So we head back to Bushroot, Drake and Spike against Madam Grass Lawn. Drake uses the garden rake to push the female lawn back; but it doesn't work so Drake tells Bushroot that they need to work together. Bushroot gleefully retorts for me and Drake is not amused. He tells Bushroot to grow up and Bushroot blows him off for being mean. Drake corrects his context and Bushroot forgets that he's part plant (silly since anthros do grow up.) and rises up with Drake in tow. Drake goes over and bails stage left.

Bushroot thinks Drake turned on him like a coward; but Drake return with a cane and he calls for about a dozen sheep to eat some grass. Okay; that sort of works as a finish I guess. And Drake gets squashed by sheep because Drake as an intentional object is funny. Sadly; it's about the only thing he can do well at this point. Bushroot pleads for Drake as Drake blows off Little Bo Peep. Oh sod off Drake Mallard; Bo Peep is a million times cooler than you. Get over yourself. They all watch Madam Grass Lawn get eaten by sheep as Drake runs in and notices LP and Gosalyn trapped in the big ass jar. So Drake tries the LEAD GRIP KUNG FU ACTION KICK OF DEATH and that yields nothing of course. He staggers backwards and he pretty much no sells the pain anyway. Drake then goes into melodramatics about Gosalyn dying in front of him until Bushroot runs in and throws the switch in reverse which blows Gosalyn and Launchpad out of the jar. Drake cannot believe this as Bushroot cries in Drake's cape and Drake blows him off. Then he tries to act all tough in throwing the book at him; but Bushroot doesn't seem to care, even when Drake does the dreaded Gruffi pose. Drake opens his eyes and Bushroot is still there. So Drake pushes him out the door and throws him out of the hideout. Yes; his own hideout. Umm; Drake, the reason he didn't leave was because this is HIS lab; you JACKASS! Spike does me proud by running over Drake before running out. HAHA! They run in shadows towards the forest as Launchpad proclaims that all Bushroot wanted was a friend; and Drake claims that Spike is his friend more or less.

He also proclaims that sometimes we have to know who our friends are as Gosalyn takes her arm and slimes DW. HAHA! Launchpad talks about the cure for Gosalyn just as we segue to Drake's house and see Gosalyn in the bathroom fully naked (sort of; she has no breasts despite half her chest is exposed (they cover it up much better in far shots) as Drake brushes her with soap and water and Gosalyn acts like she's been tortured. Yes; she's a bigger wuss than Kit Cloudkicker. Kit is not afraid of baths (he fell into water twice in the series); but if Drake did that to Kit; Kit would be pleading for him not to do that because he is so damn ticklish that the bathroom would be a complete mess. That was a spot I wanted to do with Rebecca and Kit in Rebecca's Diary. Okay; this is a decent ending and all; but it makes no sense at all. Even if you entertain the thought that the test tube Drake used on the sunflower was in fact ICU2; it was blue even though the stuff is lime green or white in some instances. It's still a massive logic break because it confuses me into thinking that Drake found a cure and it was that blue liquid. I don't know if the ending was supposed to be different; or that they were planning to show Drake giving the formula to Gos and she is back to normal but is a slimy mess; so Drake has to clean her up (that later ending makes more sense) in the bath because Disney BS&P didn't want to show a possible drug scene, but that gap does make this episode look incredibly low rent. Gosalyn pleads for mercy (Mercy? From Drake Mallard?) and that ends the episode at 21:07. Well; that ends the groove early doesn't it. On the one hand; this was a solid story; but it was dull and not much clicked for me until the climax and even then it was muted. However; the climax also contained the worst logic break I have seen and it really killed off this episode. Call it ** 1/4 (45%).


Why is Bushroot saddled with these bad episodes? First Nightmare of the Living Spud and then Easy Come Easy Grows and now this episode? Okay; this episode wasn't overly horrible or anything; but it wasn't all that funny and Drake's entire moral on friends was so silly because Drake never got his come upperence for being a hypocrite for using Gosalyn as a tool after scolding her for having LP do her homework which was very minor compared to using her and maybe killing her in the process. Bushroot was the best thing of this episode; and he stumbled a good deal during this episode. Launchpad was fine; but Drake's projection again is getting old and stale. The really big problem with this episode is the climax and finish: I don't know if this is a writing issue (if it was intended that the blue stuff was the cure; then they screwed up big time and then BS&P probably screwed them over in the ending) ; or Wang Films screwed up (which I think is the most likely because then the ending makes more sense; even though it begs the question: How does soap and water turn Gosalyn back to normal?), but the blue liquid flask scene where Drake basically killed a sunflower with it is an inexcusable logic break because it confused me throughout the finish and ending. I will give Bushroot props for making Drake look bad a lot more effectively than usual in his focus episodes. Sadly; that logic break killed any hope for a good episode; and the dullness of the episode pretty much assured a below average episode. That's the nature of Tad Stones' productions: Mostly ideas; sloppy execution. So next up is the Canada Day Weekend rants; so I might do four episodes: Whirled History, U.F. Foe, A Star Is Scorned for sure; and maybe I'll do The Quiverwing Quack at last. So....

Thumbs down for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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