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Whirled History

Reviewed: 06/30/2012

Is It Any Worse Than Revisionist History?!

Well; we begin another stretch of episodes featuring alternative worlds because apparently; Darkwing Duck cannot get over without it. So it's Gosalyn turn to be in an alternative world all due to the fact that she has to do homework. Sounds so Quack Packish to me. So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Doug Langdale and story edited by Kevin Crosby Hopps. The animation is done by Sunwoo Animation. Geez; what a shock this is?! Although Sunwoo is not only still around; they have become a force in their home country, so in hindsight, Disney decision to use them wasn't such a bad idea. It still doesn't provide relief for us watching them animate DTVA though.

We begin this one on the planet Mars (check the red surface) as we head to a pyramid and see a duck in space gear (fictional because the helmet is open and thus there is no way he can breathe) on rocket skis rocket towards a rock like cane which contains a yellow sparkling thingy. The skis shoot into his boots and we discover that his name is Astroduck (I betcha his design was changed to be a duck instead of a duck robot for copyright reasons I bet.) and he's going to get the Golden Orb of Yterbbian which is a play on a legit chemical element as Ytterbium believe it or not. It's used as a radiation source for X-Ray, refining steel and makes atomic clocks more accurate (which is fitting since after this rant is done; tonight is supposed to stand still for about a minute. Astro Duck is voiced by Katie Leigh who also voices Honker. She started with The Adventures of the Little Prince in 1982 as the lead character and was the thief Sheila in Dungeons & Dragons, My Little Pony as Gingerbread, Greg in Pound Puppies, Jason in The Real Ghostbusters, Rowlf in Muppet Babies, Alex in Totally Spies, and Zuzu in Poppy Cat. Adventures of The Gummi Bears as Sunni is her DTVA debut, Bonkers as Bell and have a cameo in Quack Pack. She has 61 credits to her resume. Her most recent credit is the television movie Cyber Optics as Maya. Astroduck is interrupted by a green alien like monster dressed in purple with a cannon and was driving a weird red motorcycle scooter like device. He is the Evil Cosmic Overload Green Ham The Grossy Piggy. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ZAP! OUCH! Ummmm... Thank goodness that only stung because he has a Neutron Disassembler who can kill natch. He is voiced by the same guy who does Megavolt by the way. So Astroduck pulls out his Plasma Pistol and considering that the Overlord is dressed up in purple and black; we know it's Drake Mallard in real life. The green face is a disguise to fool us into thinking otherwise.

So we zoom out as the shooting laser beams commence as we see Gosalyn, Herb and Binkie watching television. Well; Gosalyn enjoying herself while Honker is sitting down writing on his notepad while his parents are shaking like leaves on the sofa. Okay; I can see Binkie in this position considering the amount of violence in the show and the fact that she hates despot dictators; so what's Herb's excuse then? Gosalyn is trying to butter up Honker and then the parents somehow change selling to snoring on the couch. Gosalyn calls them the best babysitters ever. And really; who can argue with that? Blam! HEE HEE! Missed again! YOU ARE NOT...POW! OUCH! Ummm... So Gosalyn steals Honker's notepad and blows him off for doing his homework; but Honker claims that it's her homework. Yes folks; this episode first aired a day after Gosalyn did the exact same thing to Launchpad and became a green bubble slime. How touching of the writers to repeat a gag a full episode after it originally started. She has learned nothing. But it's Drake Mallard; so who could blame her? Honker blows her off because he was going to help her; not be used like Launchpad was the previous episode. See; Gosalyn has a paper to pass in called The Great Explorers of History by Gosalyn Mallard. And as predictable as they come; Drake Mallard arrives to ruin an otherwise fine start to an episode. He grabs Gosalyn by the legs as Gosalyn blows off history as boring and junk. Drake blows it off because history is the fountain of knowledge. I am shocked he didn't cut the "those who fail to read about history are doomed to repeat it" because that argument has a flaw in that "those who learn from history often rehash it." That a lot of people read 1984; but saw it as a instruction manual instead of a fair warning. Gosalyn rips some fuzzies on the rug as she is forced out of the room. I'm amazed that he didn't bully Honker right there for doing Gos' homework either.

So we head to Gosalyn's room as Gosalyn is sitting down at her desk blowing off the fountain of knowledge as the fountain of boredom and her drops into the book and snores. And anyone with an IQ of 10 knows where this is going because Saint Carnard is so boring. Cape Suzette never had this problem; and TaleSpin wasn't supposed to be a comedy series to begin with. So we go to the dream sequence of doom as Gosalyn's book has become The Pagemaster all over again. We soar out of the house and into the sky as we go from AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) to WELL BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (sunrise) in a matter of ten seconds. So the book is grabbed by a pink electronic pinching arm as Gosalyn turns around and notices AstroDuck; who is now looks like Honker. Can't be him; Honker would look like a tool in that outfit. Gosalyn states that he looks familiar as Astro wants to find the fountain of knowledge and this book will help him. How? He doesn't say as Gosalyn wants to join him on his quest and Astro has no problem with that as he rocket skis away. Gosalyn follows and naturally she has a rough time trying to handle with Pagemaster-equse book. The book gets above Astro and they bump into each other and fall down onto the beach with some excellent bumping as both kids heads are in the sand. HAHA! Like most kids who deny that history is useful; they bury their heads in the sand. And Astro's rocket skis are broken and the warranty expired on them recently too. Always remember to buy new skis before the warranty runs out so you don't have headaches like this later on.

So Gosalyn is all cool about this as she runs on the beach and Astro grabs her because he needs to find the fountain of knowledge. Gosalyn claims that she's helping him by asking directions. And then we hear thumping as a Viking ship runs aground and we see that it's Drake Mallard dressed up as Lief Erickson. Leaf Drakeson (might as well mock Drake Mallard while we are at it.) bounces onto the beach claiming that this is the shortcut to Iceland. I'm not going to even bother criticizing how accurate the history is in this world because since you already have ducks acting like human beings; it's pointless to point out how unrealistic the history really is. Gosalyn is not amused as Astro deduces that they are somewhere in the world's history. NO?! REALLY?! As if the viking wasn't enough to convince thee?! Astro is over lifting the giant book with Gosalyn as they pop it out of the sand and put it down as Gosalyn cannot believe that she's in history and Astro retorts with a flying history book. The book has turned the page to the Vikings discovering America. Of course this ignores the land bridge theory tens of thousands of years before this; but I don't care because again, Darkwing Duck is Lief Erickson here so you know this comes from the David Barton school of revisionist history. And memo to writers: lose the purple mask Lief Erickson. It's not like the voice and the look doesn't tell us he's Darkwing Duck anyway. Even more so when we clearly see Launchpad in a viking suit and reading the map upside down. Leaf is not amused that he missed Iceland when Gosalyn welcomes him to America. Gosalyn thinks that they left this out of the history books too. Astro is on the book wanting Gosalyn to come with him to find the fountain of knowledge; but Gosalyn still wants to ask for directions and we find two conveniently placed Indians on the beach out of nowhere (well; it's dream so it doesn't break logic) as they look like Herb and Binkie Muddlefoot in traditional gear; even Binkie for that matter. Wow; this makes Dances With Bigfoot even MORE stupid than ever. And Binkie apparently has done this before according to her.

Herb has a BBQ (it's a dream sequence; who cares if it's accurate?) going and he cooking up buffalo burgers. Which is not only accurate; but healthier too, in spite of the increased cost. Then more ships (with crosses on them) run aground and he comes Christopher Columbus who looks like Darkwing Duck in 1492 sailing gear. What? Was Dana Hill not available or something? And in a move that won't shock you; Launchpad is playing his sidekick here and he sucks as much as Leaf Drakeson's sidekick. So He's Drake Columduck. So Columduck walks over to plant the flag pole as he found a shortcut to India and he claims it for Spain. Which leads to Columduck and Drakeson to have a meeting of the mouths. And it wasn't at the trading post. I said mouth because their brains fell out a long time ago. Drakeson claims that it's America; so Columduck counters with the most racist question ever: Why are their Indians there? Drakeson is dumbfounded on that one. So am I for that matter. We all know that the real Indians are not American; Indian in the American context is a racial insult. And they resort to playground insults (I was here first..and the answer is Herb & Binkie Indian were first because they were around long before the Drake Europeans were here. So Blah to both of you windbags.) and tugging the flag. Gosalyn comes in to break it up and she accuses them of being babies. Which is ironic considering that Gosalyn acted like a baby when Drake dragged her out of the room to start homework. And Gos has the Gruffi pose and claims she got here first. Oh; sure give no credit to Astroduck at all. She does have Drake's ego now as the History Drakes accuse her of stealing their thunder; and bring out the weapons (a sword and an ax) to kill Gosalyn. Herb steals the ax and wants to play badminton; but Drakeson steals it back. BOO HISS! The natives were here first; let them have some fun before getting killed by your infectious diseases at least.

So Gosalyn backs up and bail as we get the SCOOBY DOO CHASE CHASE THE HISTORY OF GOSALYN'S "DEATH" EDITION to waste some time as Herb Indian returns with the badminton net and sets it up. Gosalyn goes under it and then we get a moment that Sunwoo screws up as both Drakes are supposed to catch the net and spin around and be tied to the net; but their bodies are too short and could get under the net without making contact with said net; but the power of suggestion makes them bind to said net. You just knew Sunwoo would screw up a spot somewhere; and it came at a reasonable almost seven minutes into this episode. Gosalyn thanks Herb who blows off the Drakes for tackling which is illegal in badminton. HAHA! Gosalyn asks Herb about the fountain; but Herb claims that legend sezs that it's as far as you want it to go. Ah; circular logic, gotta love it. So Astro Honk checks his space version of Google Earth (who cares what it is called in this show) and both ducks get it as China. So they return to the Pagemaster book as Gosalyn wants to know how to work the book. Astro Honk tells her to flip to a page dealing with China and Gosalyn flips back and finds the page she is looking for as both ducks get on the book. Gosalyn thanks Herb for his assistance and the kids all fly into the sky to glory. So we return to reality (no, not really) as Gosalyn grabs the book and starts to sleepwalk right through the open window and free falls and her clothes sang onto a tree branch. Gosalyn wiggles around as we head inside Drake's laundry room as Drake is ironing his cape and blowing off Launchpad for waxing the car with it. HAHA! In your face Drake Mallard!

So we pan over to the window which is the same window showing Gosalyn struggling around as Drake panics because Gosalyn is sleepwalking again. Wait; WHAT?! Since when?! I don't recall any episode where she did this before. He must be projecting again as Gosalyn unsangs herself somehow and lands on the ground and sleep walks towards the street as Drake runs out of the house (in his Darkwing persona no less) and then grabs his throat in panic because a mat truck is going to kill Gosalyn despite it's honking, because Gosalyn is sleep walking. Of course this spot was only served to allow Drake to go into the street (complete with Hanna Barbera looping and running sound effects); push Gos away and he gets MURDERED by the truck complete with impact stars screen because BS&P won't allow us to see Drake actually get hit by said truck. Drake has tire tracks on the bottom of his web feet too. Then Gosalyn somehow gets hooked by an opposite riding red/white two truck and gets towed away like a car that has been double parked. So she gets thrown away when the tow truck is at the construction site and Gosalyn flies and lands on the steel pillars. This would be extremely nasty; if I didn't see this with Jamie in Fluppy Dogs five years ago. So we get the usual spots involving construction sites which is so Mister Magoo'ish it isn't funny anymore. Then in the sky comes the Thunder Quack as Drake is hanging from a rope below and he proclaims that he always gets his man, daughter, girl, whatever. Who does he think he is; Dudley Doo-Right now? Naturally; Drake misses by a mile as the TaleSpin rope snap spot rears it's ugly head which is attaches with a pallet of bricks. I betcha Drake gets flatted like a pancake due to the bricks. I check the video...Nope; the bricks make steps for Gosalyn to walk down to safety and Drake wraps around another flag pole and springs away and takes a really nice back bump into Megavolt's lighthouse hideout as he slides down and Sparky wakes up and demanding answers to this outrage.

Sparky sees Drake and blows him off for haunting him for the rest of his days. Well; that is what do-gooders often do Sparky as Drake slides down to the ground and then panics and yells at Gosalyn to look out as Gosalyn is near the edge of the construction beams; but the green truck of doom gives her a platform to walk on and she walks in circles for no reason as the green truck drives away and Drake runs after it yelling for Gosalyn of course. History is so dangerous it should be banned from all schools; not just the revisionist history too. It's side effect seems to be sleep walking. And Sunwoo's animating of Drake running is laughably bad as we return to the dream sequence of doom as we are in the sky as Gosalyn and Astro Honk are holding onto the book for dear life now. The book flies into a Chinese palace and crashes through the wall as Gosalyn blows off Astro Honk and Astro Honk checks his Google Space device and we see Herb Emperor, Binkie Empress and Drakeo Polo (Marco Polo in case you didn't notice the mocking) shaking hands and making deals. And yes; Emperor Herb has a BBQ pit and a spatula in case you are wondering. And yes; they are so friendly as Empress Binkie is bailing to get the fine china (get it?). Gosalyn loves this and deduces that Marco Polo discovered France. HAHA! Astro Honk is flustered. Gosalyn; France was discovered in 600 BC; at least. Marco Polo would have to be 1300 years old to be able to discover France and China. Gosalyn runs in and asks Drakeo Polo for directions on how to find the fountain of knowledge. Drakeo Polo blows her off because he has a sack of junk which so happens to contain fireworks, bombs spices and gears. Drakeo calls himself a failure (I see he has the Drake deflated ego virus in him too. Figures.) as Gosalyn swipes fireworks and places them under her shirt as Drakeo tells her that she can have it; and yes Drakeo Polo has a sidekick who is tied up and gagged right beside a window where there is a red scooter/bike thingy and it's the Cosmic Overlord; who so happens to be Sparky. So he's the Sparky Overlord. That sounds a lot better too. He points his death cannon at the babyfaces as the purple laser shoots through a wall...

Joey Styles: We just fixed that wall!

So Sparky is gleefully laughing as Gosalyn and Astro Honk back up against the wall and the trigger cross hairs are on them as they are going to be stop breathing when this is over as we get more laughing and that ends the segment 11 minutes in. Fairly good so far; but then again, this is a dream sequence, so it doesn't even need logic nor reason to get over.

After the commercial break; we then see the babyfaces in the basement as Sparky shuts the iron gate claiming that killing them is too good for them and he'll be back to do something even worse. Oh come on Sparky; what could be worse then being vaporized by a pink laser cannon?! Astro Honk tries the Plasma Gun; but the yellow laser bounces off the iron gate and nails him; causing light burns; but nothing else other than dizziness. Well; at least they didn't BS&P it by not showing any damage whatsoever; but Sunwoo messed this spot up anyway. Drakeo calls this a minor setback as he grabs Gosalyn's fireworks that see stole and she gets the LIGHT BULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY (how ironic eh?) and opens her shirt to reveal about three dozen fireworks and bombs and asks for a match. So we return to upstairs with Sparky Overlord as he ponders how to deal more pain than his awesome purple laser cannon. He teases burning them at the stake as he walks onto the iron grate and all the fireworks pop up and nail him as one sticks into his back and he crashes through the roof and explodes into fireworks in broad daylight (and poorly animated by Sunwoo I should note) and then free falls just as the babyfaces come out and somehow the iron gate opens without any trouble as Sparky falls into the basement and the babyface shut the iron grate. Emperor Herb decide to be the dead weight to keep Sparky down which at least makes sense here.

So Emperor Herb finds a bed with a red mattress and puts it on the iron grate and flops on the bed. Well; someone came prepared I see. He thanks the kids for saving his hide and offers anything to them. Gosalyn asks where the fountain of knowledge is and Emperor Herb claims that he doesn't know the exact location of it; but it's in Africa. So Gosalyn opens the book and buries Astro Honk in it as she flips the pages of said book; but then the wall breaks down and it's Columduck again with his flag to claim India in the name of Spain. Gosalyn blows him off because he's in China. That's funny because the real Christopher Columbus was looking for a short cut to CHINA..and India. So the writers are stupid here. Columduck calls it a minor setback and leaves. Riiiiggggghhhhttt; just a MINOR setback, eh? So Gosalyn hops on the book as Astro Honk finds Africa in the book. I think this is the only cartoon in Disney history to mention Afghanistan and we whiz out of the palace into the sky. Then we hit the imaginary bumps of doom which means we are returning to reality (no, not really) as Gosalyn is walking in circle with her book on top of a train. I don't understand why they need this sleepwalking subplot because it's not like it means anything to the story in her dream and it only serves to put Darkwing Duck on television more than he already is at this point. And do stupid things like get on the tracks and yelling stop at the train. Train doesn't give a damn; Drake faceplants into the front of the train; more bad Sunwoo impact star screen, don't care, want to return to the dream right now.

So Drake climbs up and becomes a bridge for Gosalyn who also does a poor job of selling pain when Gosalyn steps on him. I blame the stiffness of Sunwoo animation more than Jim Cummings inability to scream properly here. Gosalyn is walking backwards, then turns on a dime and walks forward as Drake thinks she's safe. On a train? Riiiiggggghhhhtttt Drake. And here comes Sparky to greet him and to fry him too. So Sparky pulls the train spike to separates the cars and Drake racks himself (of course) and pops like a balloon and then springs the Team Rocket exit before Team Rocket ever existed into the mountain. Okay; what is with the balloon popping impact spot doing here? Wrong sound effect guys. Spark climbs up and kidnaps Gosalyn for real and then his plug sparks yellow as we return to the dream sequence as it's a dark and So the thunder bolt nails the flying book (after Gosalyn praises this scene no less) and we go into a tailspin (BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) and we have PAGEMASTER ON FIRE~! We crash into a tree of course as the book suffers about 20% burns to itself and both kids are fine, sort of. We then pan down to ground level as out of the bushes we get Doctor Dead Duck with of course his sidekick. And no surprise it's another Darkwing Duck/Launchpad combo. This time they are in safari gear this time along with eyes of lion, tigers and vain idiots. Most so vain idiots. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! BLAM! HEE HEE! Missed again Drake. YOU ARE NOT...POW! OUCH! Ummm...Sadly; the animals are such cowards because one blow off from Dead Duck forces them to bail from the dark bushes. So Gosalyn calls for Doctor Dead Duck for information on the fountain of knowledge and Dead Duck blows it off because they cannot find Doctor Livingstone, or in this case Doctor Living Herb because he's in the jungle flipping burgers on the BBQ. Dead Duck and LP go over to Living Herb as he stuffs coconuts into Dead Duck's mouth. HAHA! Yes he's cooking coconut burgers why do you ask?

Gosalyn has the Gruffi pose on as the book magically heals itself (bad logic there Sunwoo) as we go through the same gag routine of Gosalyn asking for where the fountain is, Living Herb doesn't know exactly; but it's beyond the land of ice which is the North Pole; and beyond Iceland. Yeah; we have gone full circle and then some as Gosalyn and Astro Honk climb onto the book and they are about to take off; but Sparky Overlord grabs them from behind. The kids struggle as the background in this scene is completely off somehow as Sparky proclaims that nothing will save them now. Sadly; here comes Columduck's ship to MURDER Sparky again. So Columduck and LP jump down and Columduck needs to phone a clue as Gosalyn gleefully responds. HAHA! I see where Drake's REALLY STUPID gene comes from too. Columduck blows her off for being smug. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Projection much there Columduck?! So Gosalyn and Astro Honk get on the book and fly away into the sky before Sparky can reach them. So we head to the snow caps of the North Pole as the book crashes into the snow and buries Astro Honk and Gosalyn. Both pop up and Astro Honk blows off the book as we see a dog sled mush and it's....another Drake look alike history man. This time we reference Robert Perry; so we'll call him Mallard Pissant. And yes; LP is his sidekick which is getting dumber and dumber as this episode progresses. So Gosalyn asks about the North Pole and Mallard Pissant is so full of himself; that he needs to ask LP about it. Well; we know where Drake got his full of himself gene from as LP suggests that the North Pole is over the hill which we clearly see.

So we have the babyfaces plus Pissant hovering over to the North Pole and then we see....wait for it...Santa's workshop. Out comes Santa who looks human with puffed cheeks which completely kills the continuity this episode was shooting for. What; did Herb need a smoke break or something?! The babyfaces all walk into the workshop for hot coca and then the house falls and it's two iron cages as this is a swerve because Santa unmasks to the Sparky Overlord. Astro Honk clearly doesn't have Honker's IQ because he proclaims that he fell for the exact same trick twice before this. So we return to reality as we head to a junkyard (it's UNCENSORED BABEE!) as Sparky demonstrates the car crushing compactor machine for us inside the shack. Then he walks out and out of nowhere sets Gosalyn on her feet and she sleepwalks right straight for the car crusher of death as Drake screams for Gosalyn on the next shot as he's on the Rat Catcher. He jumps from the RC (Launchpad is with him by the way) and fires a bullet right to the lever (WRONG LEVER!) to the conveniently placed crane which hooks Gosalyn and whisks her to safety. I think that's the only time Drake used a bullet in his gun. His Gas Gun is metal because it sticks to the metal trash cleanup device and Drake shows how really stupid he is because he doesn't let go and misses Gosalyn trying to save her anyway. Gosalyn makes it to the other side unharmed; Drake and Launchpad land in the car crusher and Sparky turns the device on as he is going to make some Darkwing Paste, with a sprinkle of LP. Drake and LP watch helplessly as the segment ends eighteen minutes in.

After the commercial break; we get a floor shot of Sparky mocking Drake and bailing as Drake and Launchpad try to stop the crushing irons; but no dice is forthcoming. So Drake and Launchpad climb up the walls as the car crusher works it's magic and both goofs walk out like accordions. It's COMEDY BABEE! So we head to the moon as we are clearly dreaming at this point; because there's no air in real life and Gosalyn is wearing her usual gear here. Sparky has Gosalyn and Astro Honk on a blue Wii X on the ground and uses the purple laser cannon to threaten them because they are supposed to stand there while a big giant meteor approaches the moon (which is supposed to be a space ship containing Neil Armstrong. Gosalyn blows off Astro Honk and Astro Honk counters claiming Gosalyn is a lazy girl who doesn't want to learn history. Memo to Astro Honk: Saying you'll never learn anything that way, is completely wrong because you are implying that she WANTS to learn anything. She HATES history; she thinks it's boring. She doesn't WANT to learn history. I know I risk the wrath of the teaching profession for this; but with most kids, it's all true. They don't care. In fact; wasn't it Rick Mercer who said: "He who learns from history will rehash it over and over again"?! Seriously; don't you educators realize that knowledge is a double-edged sword?! Clearly; Astro Honk doesn't. Gosalyn then claims that she did in fact learn something which is do not let a minor setback defeat you and nothing is ever exact as the spaceship MURDERS Sparky and lands on the moon. HAHA! Gosalyn's so smart! Gosalyn's so smart! SMRT! I mean SMART! Kind of puts a bullet hole in that "laziness never gets you anywhere theory" doesn't it Astro Honk?!

And of course the American Flag has no stars on it on the first shot we see. Sigh. A duck in a spacesuit walks down gently and we all know it's Drake Armstrong (playing Neil Armstrong) because he screws up the promo. Because he just had to bury Sparky. AGAIN! Well; we now know where Drake got that one from. And Drake Armstrong still has his Darkwing mask on and has a sidekick which is LP. Then here comes Columduck and I'll say this: It's a good thing this is a dream sequence because if this happened without that into play; this would be a Cartoon Duck Syndrome finish for sure. And now that I remembered: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MALLARD PISSANT?! So Columduck climbs down and then recoils and realized that he screwed up this one big time. Just now?! He then points to something in the distance and it's the fountain of knowledge which is a sparkly fountain with the worst animated water I have ever seen. It looks like the choppiest haze/slow motion ever. Gosalyn runs to it as Astro Honk cuts his promo; but gets a cannon laser pointed to the back of his head. So Astro Honk brings out the...I cannot believe I'm typing this...the ATOMIC GEDO POCKET KNIFE OF DOOM which destroys the laser cannon. Oh come on guys! That was lame as Honk throws a really good raspberry at Sparky Overlord; but Sparky counters with the atomic broadsword. Which looks like a redesigned light saber from Star Wars. So Gosalyn goes to the fountain and the fountain collapses and thus justifies the lousy animation from Sunwoo. Heh. Gosalyn calls it a cheap special effect as Astro Honk and Sparky admit that this was all a work just to screw Gosalyn in the head for not learning history the right way. Gosalyn sulks as she wonders how to get home and Sparky grabs her and shakes her while Astro Honk yells at hear to wake up...

...And so we return to reality (no, not really) near a fountain as Gosalyn finally wakes up and Launchpad is shaking her and yelling at her to wake up. Gosalyn is surprised to be here as they are on top of the fountain while Drake and Sparky are on the edge of the bottom fountain dodging each other. Sparky tells Drake to stop and fry like a fried duck. Hmmmm; fried duck...SLURP!! So Gosalyn decides to finally throw the book and she hits Drake with it and he dances like a goofball for a good 15 seconds and then splashes into the fountain. Gosalyn thinks she made an error in judgment. Ummm; no Gos, that was right on target. Sparky mocks Drake; but somehow Drake comes up wet and kicks Sparky in the ass (and that doesn't fry both guys) as Sparky flies into the air and then drops into the fountain and completely fries and short circuits himself. He bounces down and somehow for no reason whatsoever; he does the bump WITH CHEESE AND BACON and drains the fountain completely. Riiiiiggggghhhhttttt writers. Drake has the history book and Gosalyn sarcastically is glad to see it as the episode ends at 21:08. Weak finish to Sparky that broke logic and Sunwoo animation problems aside; this was a history kicking episode. Too bad it demonstrates that the writers still have problems trying to write a show that is more than just about cartoon ducks. This problem caused major quality problems for Ruby-Spears and DTVA writers seem to be too reminded of that as well. Not as good as the Secret Origins of DARKWING...DUCK; but it's very good so call it **** (80%).


Another alternative world episode; another good episode in the process. Most of it was pretty funny; although I found the whole subplot with the real world Darkwing fighting Sparky completely pointless because it didn't really play into the finish at all; and removing them (with the exception of the ending of course) would have yielded the same result and payoff; only there would be more suspense. Sunwoo did screw up a few notable spots; and the whole Drake/sidekick thing was overplayed by the time Doctor Livingstone showed up. They should have used one shot characters for the rest of the characters and then have Neil Armstrong played by Darkwing Duck at the end for comedic effect because the same character in different clothes didn't catch as a joke and it would have given more suspense to the fact that this is a dream and thus shock Gosalyn more when her fountain of knowledge turned to be be fake. And Sparky going through the fountain was a dumb way to make the heel escape guys. Overall; a very enjoyable episode with some notable flaws. However; it still shows the problems Darkwing Duck has when you put CDS into the head of the writers and just let the show get over on merit rather than on the crutch of a "cartoon duck". Next up is "U.F.Foe" which might be bad; then we return to the real world (sort of) with A Star is Scorned (and with Bushroot; it's hard to tell) and the debut of Quiverwing Quack. YAY! So....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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