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A Star Is Scorned

Reviewed: 07/02/2012

Wonder If Rockwell Has Kidnapped Gadget Yet?!

So we continue with the second half of the Canada Day Weekend rants with a return to the DW version of the real world as Rockwell is screwing Darkwing Duck again. Only this time, Rockwell has my sympathy. Why does he have my sympathy this time? So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Haskell Barkin (Fluppy Dogs Lives! Or not...) and Tad Stones and story edited by Tad Stones. The animation is done by Sunwoo Animation.

We begin this one in the streets of Saint Carnard as Drake is driving the Rat Catcher with Gosalyn in tow. Gosalyn asks if this secret meeting is about SHUSH, a crime boss and a blood sucking alien. Drake claims that he has a date with the television studio and the producer. WHAT THE HELL?! Okay; here's the obvious problem with this: You are going to tell me that Saint Carnard is in the real world now? After it was demonstrated that it was not in Twitching Channels already? Seriously; writers, WHAT?! This makes ZERO sense. I know I should wait until Rockwell shows up; but there is a security guard who is human with glasses on. Humans aren't supposed to exist in this world; if so they are supposed to be dog noses. The security guard does make me laugh by wanting Donald Duck in roundabout terms and that annoys Drake so much; he drives into the studio blowing him off. So we go into the hallway as Gosalyn tries to calm down Drake; but Drake wants none of it because he's a full of himself mallard. Then more human fans run in and shove Drake aside and want to get Gosalyn's autograph. Okay; that is funny, but it still makes no sense. The old lady proclaims Gosalyn is a good role model for woman everywhere. She's half right of course as Drake is not amused; but a tall, fat kid who is clearly bigger than the security guard and looks like it wants Drake's autograph. Drake accepts the note pad and Drake signs it as the big security guard's boy proclaims that he should get out into his sailor suit. HAHA! Drake is not happy about that. I'm not happy with this MAJOR CONTINUITY ERROR so sod off Drake Mallard and your feelings.

So we get the zig zag scene changer as Drake kicks the door down (that's coming out of your hide Drake.) as he demands more money to hype up the fact that he's full of himself. And we finally see Thaddeus Rockwell in the flesh who is looking more like Kent Powers from Quack Pack. Only sleazier and wearing a red shirt while doing paper holding hand gingerbread puppets. Drake and Gosalyn walk in angry and Rockwell somehow teleports behind them and pushes them into blue love seats (which will disappear soon enough; according to the goof notes taken by the website Lady In The Cake which is where I got my notes from.) as Rockwell files his nails while Drake sounds like a pushy diva who is really stupid and full of himself. Rockwell is reading the yellow cover book and the ratings show that people are sick of Darkwing Duck. (Kit/Rebecca/Baloo: IN YOUR FACE MICHAEL EISNER! Eisner: Still not renewing TaleSpin. Go screw yourself and watch Goof Troop like good little Disney characters. Kit/Rebecca/Baloo: DAMMIT!) BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If only that were true. Drake gets all dizzy and faints dead away. Rockwell admits then that it wasn't really that bad and that the show can redeem itself with a spin off character. Darkwing Duck and Quiverwing Quack would work out really well since Gosalyn already exists and it would wipe away that idea known as the Crimson Quackette. Gosalyn gets on Rockwell's desk and pitches idea number one: Gosalyn, Zombie Slayer. And yes; Gosalyn does say that they killed her friends and stole her Dad's soul. Oh wait; that sounds like the worse slasher fan fiction this side of Aerostars. Even Rockwell no sells it despite Gosalyn being awesome in her promo because they don't want a little girl as a star. PIPEBOMB!! And Gosalyn is so pissed off that she tackles Rockwell in her chair and bounces the chair towards the window. Rockwell then admits that he loves it and is waiting for the re-write; but he's already picked someone for this series anyway.

So Gosalyn jumps down and allows Rockwell to swing to his desk and push the button on his intercom which we discover that one of his suck up's is named Crosby to call up the new co-star. Drake and Gosalyn turn around and Crosby (the midget male with a red suit and brown hair) introduces Reggie Bushroot as the new gimmick for the show. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I like this idea better than Gosalyn, Zombie Slayer. Drake's reaction is as predictable as his show: He puts weed killer into his Gas Gun and Bushroot is smart enough to use Crosby as a human shield. Geez; why not? Shame on Tad Stones for not thinking this episode through. So Bushroot does some motion control (since when could he do that?) and brings one of the OUT OF NOWHERE planters with a small tree as it uproots itself and it grabs Drake Mallard. Rockwell tells Drake that Bushroot is the new gimmick. BOO HISS! I wanted the tree to plant Darkwing Duck in the pot; that the coolest spot in this series. The palm tree just lets Drake go as he has the Gruffi pose as Bushroot proclaims that he'll bring in a new audience. You know something; it is so funny in hindsight that this line would become the mantra of companies like Nintendo and Apple (among others) that built empires around that concept and became profitable ventures without depending on vices to get over. Drake of course is so old school; he remembers the Cabbage Patch Kids. I'm SHOCKED Play Along hasn't sued Disney for this. Bushroot seems fine with this; Drake and Gosalyn try to leave; but the STEEL DOORS AND WINDOWS block that attempt. I guess they turn on when Drake called Bushroot having delusions of grandeur. Rockwell shows the CONTRACT OF SLAVES as Drake forgot to read the fine print (which is all fine print); and mostly the edge because the studio is always right. HAHA! This is what happens when you "swallow your pride" way too late Drake. So do it now and get it over with.

So Crosby comes in with the scripts and buries Bushroot, Gosalyn and Drake with blue books of scripts. Rockwell takes one and proclaims that he is trying some new formats with the show including game shows, cooking shows and the like. In other words; Rockwell was watching Care Bears Nelevana circa 1988/1989. Rockwell throws the script at Darkwing telling him to break a leg because he's trying to put the best spin on his series. And really; with all the CDS going around early in this show, can you blame him?! Drake teases breaking his leg literally; but we scene change to back to the office with Rockwell as his suit has changed from red to blue. Ooooookkkkkaaayyyy; now Sunwoo is losing it. Rockwell is blowing off someone on the phone and we discover that it's the CEO of Dizzy Studios. WHY?! They own Disney; why not...Oh wait; that would make Michael Eisner look weak. Never mind. Then again; Rockwell is probably the stereotype of Michael Eisner; which suits me just fine. The phone has a mouth like a monster by the way as the head of Dizzy Studios blows him off for Rockwell unintentionally insulting him about the barnyard refugees. Yes folks; someone later came up with a Barnyard movie and series and we are all poorer for that. Then he calls Dizzy cranky as he calls without an intercom to Crosby as he somehow hears it and brings in a mountain of VHS tapes to Rockwell as Rockwell loves Bushroot because he's so cheap he only wants a lot of mulch. Also; he can keep the money himself because he's already decided that he is going to dump Darkwing Duck. So why don't you end the contract now? It's not like the contract FAVORS Drake and it's not like Drake is going to sue you for breach of contract anyway?! So he clicks on the remote control (out of nowhere) as a television screen appears to his left. Yeah; the continuity in this episode is shot all to hell.

So we view tape #1 as we go into the forest with blue birds. We pan over to see a bulldozer and in the foreground is Herb Muddlefoot with a hard hat on. And apparently; out of nowhere there are about ten more bulldozers as he wants wall to wall condos and calls progress wonderful. Binkie is reading the blueprints (while wearing a hard hat; probably donated by Drake to prevent her from becoming the Carnardian Guardian again. BOO HISS!) wants all the department stores you can muster and really; who doesn't?! So Herb starts driving the bulldozer stage left as Bushroot rises from the ground and uses the vines to stop the bulldozer and cuts the Darkwing Duck promo...say it with me..BETTER than the real Darkwing Duck does. HAHA! His pollen smoke bomb is ON target as Bushroot flexes his muscle which looks as skinny as Bugs Bunny. Herb's has hay fever as Bushroot blows them off for wrecking his friends and his home. Blinkie shows that they followed proper protocol and an environmental impact study which states that it would be ruined. But it goes in Binkie's favor because they filed in on time. HAHA! This is much better than watching Captain Planet because they are doing it for convenience and money rather than doing it for the sake of being evil. Herb drives the bulldozer and Bushroot cuts the dangerous promo better than Drake Mallard does and we have a huge beanstalk as Herb's bulldozer goes up into the air; Herb falls down taking the bump with HALF THE CHEESE AND BACON. And then we get the smoke and VOICEOVER OF DOOM to ruin a perfectly good scene at 7:40...

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the slug that slimes your begonias.

Ummm; BS&P wants a word with you Drake Mallard, as in RIGHT NOW! Not because it's related to sex in any way; but because no one know what a begonia is. Drake recoils and then notices that Herb is a construction worker and Binkie is a money grubbing land developer with no redeeming values whatsoever. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I think Binkie thinks she's that female villain from Captain Planet; except Binkie is reverse projecting here. And it's all under contract so they have no choice. And it was a good career move; so hear, hear! Drake walks towards Bushroot and proclaims that he is here to turn Bushroot into coleslaw. Because Drake is too damn cheap to buy some at his local supermarket or fast food eatery. Bushroot calls Drake out on his projection because he's protecting the environment and is not anti-social. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Drake stammers like an idiot claiming that Bushroot is breaking the law and Binkie shows him the legal papers. Man; you know this world is screwed up continuity wise when BINKIE is the rational one of this group. So Bushroot throws pine cones at Drake and Drake easily blocks them with his ultra lame karate moves. So the tree army throws about a million pine cones (all representing their kids) and Drake uses the lame karate moves on them which works for a bit and then he gets about a hundred of them stuffed into his mouth. HAHA! Sadly; the tape stops and Rockwell blows him off which is stupid because if he wants to make Drake look bad; this is the perfect way to do it.

Rockwell wants a new target audience to watch this; so Crosby brings in a new tape and puts in the walled television VCR. We then see a flower curtain and out comes Bushroot as we are on a children's educational show called Bushroot Time. Bushroot addresses the audience who are furry kids with flowers hats on. Oooookkkkkaaaayyyyy. So Bushroot calls for his flower friends which so happen to be farmers Binkie and Herb Mulch. Re-write his last name to Mulchafoot and that would work perfectly. Strangely; Herb is wearing a brown sack while Binkie is the farmer's daughter of course. Binkie picks Gosalyn and Honker as they are sitting on top of the bleachers despite not showing up at all on the far shot when we cut to the kids cheering. Another logic break from Sunwoo; which is proceeded on stage as Gosalyn's yellow daisy changes color to a red daisy when Gosalyn grabs the CLOWN SQUIRTER OF LAUGHS. Honker gets the lemon pie (with actual lemons in it no less) as the secret word is aardvark. Ah; so this is the edutainment version of You Cannot Do That On Television. I think the irony is totally lost on Rockwell; but then again, the continuity is totally lost on the writers as well. So it's time for Puppet Adventure Theater as we go to the puppet setup which has the initials BC on it. British Cinema? Bushroot Cinema? Something tells me Tito Insana didn't say "Puppet Adventure Theater" in the first run syndication airing of this episode and it was changed for trademark reasons. Too bad they didn't change the initials to PAT which would have made more sense here. Bad logic break there guys. The sunflowers are trimming the top as Bushroot blows off the evil mystery duck who was trying to turn him into weed killer. So Darkwing Duck is now banned for BS&P reasons now? Come to think of it; that doesn't sound so bad.

So we open the curtains as we see Drake on strings like Gregory Aerostar from The Nega Puppet. (Kit: I thought you were through with trying to suck up to your audience with your bad fanfic writing.) Drake blows off Bushroot and doing his version of Botchamania in the process. So the puppet trees MURDER him good as we see the real Drake (DAMMIT! I was hoping it was really Drake as a puppet.) playing with the puppets and asking for help. So he gets sprayed in the kisser by Gosalyn's SQUIRTER OF LAUGHS and that collapses the entire theater down as everyone plops onto the stage. HAHA! Drake blows off Gosalyn for jumping the gun before the secret word was said. Actually....(I changed the secret word to a gesture which is to be full of himself. Gosalyn can only do this. Honker is still bound by the secret word.) Gosalyn acts all innocent because she forgot. Riiiiiiggggggghhhhhtttt. So Drake sezs the secret word and Honker throws the pie in his face and gets sprayed with water. HAHA! Sadly; the tape stops and Rockwell blows off the children of the world for having no buying power and wanting to play outside. Riiiiigggghhhhhhtttt Rockwell. Then explain obesity rates in children skyrocketing Rockwell? Seriously; I would love to hear your excuse for that. Crosby is winding up tapes as he asks about couch potatoes and Rockwell gives about four or five different kinds. So Crosby puts in a new tape as we get blue fuzzy on the television and head to the forest AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as we recycle the scene only with dynamite being used. Ooookkkkaaayyyy. He tries to cross the wires; but the alarm goes off and both Muddlefoots bail as then we have a gun fight with Drake and Bushroot. Yes; a Rambo parody in a Disney cartoon. And with real guns no less. Bushroot and Drake up the ante on the guns shooting missiles, rocket and battleships worth of ammo. However; Bushroot just stops and blows it all off because his style is nature and not guns. And Drake agrees with him for once. Oh screw you Bushroot! If you are going to compromise; uses trees with rocket launchers, guns and missiles.

So the oak tree MURDERS Drake and Drake nails the back of the rock with a really good bump as he is knocked out. Bushroot's bamboo shoot figure comes over with the dynamite and proclaims that compromising is so stupid as the leaves tie up Drake and his mouth. Sadly; we still hear him protest that in the pilot; you are supposed to be threatened. Good rib on The Wuzzles pilot guys as Bushroot proclaims that he's a vegetable and doesn't know squat about story structure. So the oak tree rises out of nowhere and swats Drake into the sky and he blows up with a firework red explosion. Ummmm; yeah. We stop the tape and Rockwell loves the mindless violence, treachery and everything else about it. Rockwell asks what happens next and Crosby proclaims that he dies. Rockwell does not like this at all and that ends the segment 12 and a half minutes in. Okay; I admit that this is really funny; but this is also a real mess when you think about it. I mean; since when did Drake really die? And Dead Duck doesn't count because it was a dream...

After the commercial break; we see Rockwell going to the window as he calling killing Drake sure fire ratings; but toy sales would suck worse than TaleSpin. Okay; he didn't say that, but it was implied no doubt. So Crosby suggests that they focus on Bushroot and make him have a job. Rockwell blows it off and then in typical Drake Mallard fashion; he decides that a job is good. He brainstorms that Bushroot can be both a doctor and a lawyer and be called Bushroot MD: Attorney At Law. We then return to see that Drake has indeed not died from the explosion (what a shock?) as he free falls and then we cut to a court room as Herb is the bailiff (and still wearing his sandals, the cad) with Binkie as the judge. Bushroot is a lawyer in a suit with a black tie and a stethoscope. Bushroot calls his next witness to the stand which is Darkwing Duck as he goes through the roof and splats into the witness stand. HAHA! Drake is messed up as Bushroot asks the first hard question which is does he deny that he's trying to blow up trees. HAHA! Bushroot tends to prove that Drake is a tree hating sadist as Binkie is more concerned about Drake's well being than the case. Nice glasses on her face too. Drake defends himself that he loves trees as Bushroot tried the blood pressure device for him to say guilty. It doesn't work because getting a confession out of Drake Mallard is like not using Mr. History Buff. It never works. It's like trying to shut Drake Mallard up. It doesn't work. Get the picture? He said car parts and gets sprayed with water from Gosalyn who is with Honker as logic breaks it's ugly head because they aren't wearing the flower hats and Honker's pie is undamaged. Memo to Rockwell: HIRE A CONTINUITY MAN! He's probably more over than Drake anyway; so make like a star and do it.

Drake proclaims that he'll never say the word despite the fact that said it earlier in the children's show. Honker asks what word; so Drake said it and Honker blasts Drake in the face with the pie. HAHA! So Bushroot brings out a jar with a twig with glued on purple leaves claiming that it's a butterfly. HAHA! I see that he comes from the Tuskerinni School of Making Up Evidence. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Binkie and Herb have no clue that they are being duped and Herb wants life plus 20 years, which is still more generous than most copyright laws. Binkie goes for 100 years only which is even more generous than that. Drake protests this outrage and looks at the jar and he's not fooled and Bushroot is screwed. So Bushroot jumps onto a table and we have darkness with spotlights as he proclaims that he tried to do things the legal way and now it's time to poison the well literally with herbal tea which turns the Muddlefoots into mushroom zombies. Which breaks logic for two reasons: (1) the adult Muddlefoots aren't wearing their judge and bailiff gear in that order, and two, where is Gosalyn in this? Rockwell demands answers to this craziness which is silly considering that it's crazy to think that the writers approved of Rockwell and Drake being in the same world after demonstrating in Twitching Channels that they are not. So Drake wants spare change for the parking meter and then bails out of the courthouse and up the spiral staircase as Bushroot wants them to kill him and make him a part of nature. Well; that's nice of him. Drake continues to run up in one of those spots which shows how cheap the animation has gotten.

So Drake gets to the top floor and locks himself into an empty room (another sign of really cheap animation when the is completely empty) and the cartoon heart beats out of his chest. He goes to the second lock door with locks on it and of course the Muddlefoot Mushroom Zombies crash through the wall. More signs of cheap animation: Herb's snow angel shows nothing but black; while the others show the outside hallway leading to the stair. Ultra, ultra cheap guys. They surround Drake who cannot get the door open. And then we see melted butter splattered on the mushrooms as the mushrooms try to MURDER Drake. Binkie is the first one to notice as they turn around and it's Gosalyn dressed as a cave Rambo with a machine popcorn popping gun as she is Gosalyn - Zombie Slayer. HAHA! See; build up the joke and then pay it off. When Rockwell does this better than the new Disney; you know that the new Disney is hosed. Well; Kick Buttowski anyway. She lights a fire and we get the fireball on the screen which Drake is still tangled with the zombies pleading for mercy. Then we see Rockwell and Crosby behind the desk as Crosby apparently admits that Gosalyn sneaked in a re-write to the re-write. HAHA! Rockwell proclaims that Gosalyn needs therapy. Really Rockwell? You have never met Kit Cloudkicker in your life; although your real life counterpart wishes he never EXISTED?! Do I sound bitter? (Kit: So Crosby goes to the television and puts in a tape that is supposed to be upbeat. We see a green curtain behind Bushroot as he introduces the game show known as Earth Consequences. And the contestant is the environmental pest known as Darkwing Duck. HAHA! I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments.

The crowd boos Drake badly as Bushroot gives Drake a choice between the money grubbers who has no redeeming value whatsoever (which is of course Binkie and Herb in their construction gear holding that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH.); or a bunch of trees in pots with blue birds. Oh my; this is a really tough choice because I like both of them actually. So Drake blows him off because he's a defender of law and justice and it's hard. So Gosalyn squirts more water in his face to cool down. Drake doesn't get the clue that Gosalyn is just doing it just because she's Gosalyn F'N Mallard and she follows no one's orders. Not even Rockwell's. Drake squeezes his hat and cape and proclaims the secret word and Honker throws another pie in Drake's face. HAHA! Bushroot declares Drake the winner and he gets the best prize of them all; an image of Saint Carnard being leveled by trees and plants as payback for killing them. Sounds like a fair trade to me. That ends the segment almost 17 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we head to the streets of Saint Carnard as Drake is on the Rat Catcher with Gosalyn in tow in the exact same footage as the beginning of the episode. Drake is dumbfounded as to why Bushroot gets all the good lines over him. Maybe it's because Reggie Bushroot is better than you and you keep burying him. Have you ever thought of that Drake Mallard?! Gosalyn thinks Rockwell is trying to screw Drake Mallard and Drake doesn't believe that because he's the star of the show see. Gosalyn then tells Drake to ask Bushroot about it as we see Bushroot in a limo with the SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT. He's also wearing tiger pj's as he is having a meeting with Mr. Dizzy and then drives off as Drake is pissed because he never had a meeting with Mr. Dizzy. So we head to the studio as the security guard is allowing the limo to come in; but not the Rat Catcher. Apparently; Darkwing Duck is no longer authorized personnel which means Rockwell has fired Darkwing Duck. Apparently; Rockwell has forgot proper protocol in the ending of contracts I see. The guard orders him to move as Drake ponders how to get inside. Gosalyn has the perfect way to get in; but Drake is not going to like it.

So we scene change to the security guard inviting Mr. Duck in as Gosalyn is dressed like Louie from Ducktales and Drake is....BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh boy! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Again; make the joke and then pay it off. Sadly; the writers forgot one piece of logic: Having Honker dress up as Louie; Gosalyn as Dewey and Tank as Huey Duck; since Honker wears a green shirt, Tank wears a red shirt and Gosalyn wears a purple/bluish shirt. Close enough. They had the perfect sight gag and they didn't go all the way with it? REALLY STUPID move there Barkians. No surprise since he wrote Fluppy Dogs. And it's not like Honker wasn't available; and they already used Binkie and Herb; so why not have Tank involved?! So Drake enters looking pissed off and walking like McSlantly (think I missed that?) as we head to the theater as Rockwell is sitting with Mr. Dizzy and Bushroot watching videos of Bushroot being awesome. Rockwell praises Bushroot and blows off Drake which Drake and Gosalyn overhear from the ajar door and Drake panics because no criminal will ever take him seriously again. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Since WHEN did any criminal (not named Bushroot) EVER take you seriously? Ah; jealousy what awesome have you wrought on Sailor Drake Duck?! AHHAHAHAHA! BLAM! Hee Hee! Missed again Drake! YOU ARE NOT...POW! OUCH! Ummm...

So Gosalyn and Drake head to the film room as Gosalyn notices the footage of what really happened and Drake takes out the scissor and proclaims that it's time for something Rockwell will never forget. So he cuts the film as we head back to the theater as the tree army marches towards the camera and then it stops and the background breaks logic and turns white. But the trees are still there. That's not how a projector works guys! Mr. Dizzy has black hair and looks like a clone of Rockwell; even though we don't see his face on camera we do see the back of his head. Rockwell talks to Crosby about something and Crosby claims that his greeness is off the charts. Rockwell then wants to play tape #2 to really rub it into Drake Mallard; but then we get whining jealous Drake voice in the background as we go to the tape and see Bushroot trashing Saint Carnard with his tree army (not really; they aren't doing much damage if any due to Sunwoo being so cheap.) as he proclaims that he has won. And then the VOICEOVER OF DOOM with smoke beckons at 19:03...

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the editor who leaves you on the cutting room floor. I am the clock cleaner who who will ring your chimes!

Yeah; we just had to get double on that promo as Rockwell grabs onto Crosby's shirt and demands answers to this outrage as Bushroot eats more popcorn and thinks this would be edited out. If only we could do this to every gun scene in DTVA; then life wouldn't be so bad. Yes; Drake is swinging on a bell in a bell tower and breaks the bell and it lands on one of the tree soldiers and drops them. Then we get the puppet theater spot where Drake brings out the garden shears and starts cutting tree puppets since the show is running long. Bushroot comes up to protest this outrage; so Drake sezs the magic word; bails and Bushroot gets water sprayed in his face and about three rubuarb pies in the faces which he likes anyway since it's his favorite. Drake calls him a good sport as he offers a choice on Earth & Consequence as we play the prize behind the spotted doors spot. Bushroot picks #2 after about three or four picks on the other doors as Drake decides to be generous and open all three doors which contain flying wood termites. Ummm; yeah. So then we go to a talk show as Bushroot is complaining about losing his forest with Herb and Binkie sitting together as Drake proclaims that this is one shrubs opinion as he has a caller on the line which is Honker Muddlefoot pointing out that Bushroot has a point; but people have to live too, so let's compromise. See how great Captain Planet would be if they just...compromised. Can you imagine the pops that show would have gotten?!

So we finish up as the forest is saved and the condos got built as tree houses and everyone is truly happy as Gosalyn with hard hat arrives saying that it's all thanks to DARKWING...DUCK....and really creative editing. The continuity was dead from the start; it's not like the finish is going to revive the corpse now. Bushroot claps as Dizzy tells him to not quit his day job. Bushroot takes it rather well which is great because that means he's not going to be buried. Rockwell however, isn't so lucky as Mr. Dizzy pushes the blue button and the platform opens a trap door to reveal a blazing fire and two devils in white suits and ties. Yes; accounting is HELL, literally. Rockwell screams and gets engulfed by the super imposed fireball and apparently he dies. So we head to the top of a hanger BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (sunset) as Drake Mallard proclaims victory and cuts his usual full of himself promo. Gosalyn ignores him and notices a white limo pulling into the studio. Gosalyn wonders who the big star is and Drake groans because it's the Muddlefoots minus Tank as they are getting their own television show according to Binkie. HAHA! After their performances in this episode; are we surprised? So Herb wants to cast Drake as his annoying neighbor as we zoom out and notice that Drake and Gosalyn are watching television at home. If this was some cop out to explain the continuity errors in this episode; it failed. Thank goodness this was Barkians final writing appearance in animation. Drake proclaims that there is nothing good on television. Well; maybe if they didn't CANCEL TaleSpin; this wouldn't have happened! Do I sound bitter NOW?! (Kit: Ummmmmmmm...yeap.) So we then screw up the final spot as the circle fade out occurs well before Drake Mallard clicks on the remote to signal the circle fade out. That ends the episode at 21:08. What a messy comedy of errors and stupidity this was?! I mean; much of this was basically paid off gags that were screwed up because either no one knows the source material, or Sunwoo being Sunwoo. And the huge continuity error at the beginning killed whatever groove this episode could have had. ** 1/2 (50%).


Another Bushroot episode that had a good storyline and really, really funny moments that were screwed up every time. I will give the writers this: they properly wrote Bushroot and didn't make him look like such weak sauce of a change and they toned down Drake's burying powers which was really nice. However; this episode's continuity is completely shot. For one: Why use Rockwell and Crosby when the episode clearly takes place in Saint Carnard? We showed in Twitching Channels that Rockwell's world is not in the same world as Saint Carnard. So why did you use human characters here? Did Barkian unintentionally get a bender from reading that TaleSpin comic that featured human in it for no reason? Two; Sunwoo screwed up a lot of spots including the ending. Three: The Sailor Donald Duck gag was outstanding; until the writers screwed it up by not including Tank and Honker; and dressing up Gosalyn like Louie instead of Dewey which her color of her shirt comes closest. No sense of source material; and no sense of continuity. Finally; a lot of recycled animation really hurt this episode too. It's sad because a lot of the stuff was funny and those mistakes removed could have easily given it ****. Use the characters from Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlton since they are anthro and they make more sense even if the manager is not a ferret and breaks logic in a different sense. It's minor compared to using humans instead. Overall; a disappointing episode that should have been very good. So; next up is The Quiverwing Quack which should be a dandy. So....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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