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The Quiverwing Quack

Reviewed: 07/07/2012

Round One Of Gosalyn Being The Better Superhero Than Drake...

Well; we finally reach the first point of no return for this series. At this point, Gosalyn was merely a cocky tomboy who didn't like Drake being so overbearing. Her attempt to copy Cubbi was an absolute joke in one of the worst episodes if not the worst episode in the series. So now we come to the highest point for her in the series: Quiverwing Quack. How fitting that this is also the same time that NegaDuck returns after a lengthy cool off period and the official debut of Doctor Slug which appeared for a minute or so at the beginning of Inside Binkie's Brain?! So how does Quiverwing Quack and Arrow Kid stack up today? So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Dev Ross and story edited by Tad Stones. The animation is done by Sunwoo Animation.

We begin this one in the CITY OF SAINT CARNARD AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as we go to a building and a wall explodes. Out comes Negaduck and Drake as apparently Negaduck trapped the entire police force in lime jello. Ummmmm; if you were going for the obvious joke; why not lime jelly doughnuts?! Neggy blows off Drake's lame attempt to make him look weak and swings like Tarzan as Drake uses the grappling hook gun he stole from Plunder and Lightning; but Neggy counters with a lit bomb and it explodes in Drake's face. Yes; it's a Toon Disney cut; why do you ask? Neggy swings and bounces off a big ass lime jello cube containing a police officer and a car. Neggy climbs a building with suction cups and continuing to mock Drake. So Drake climbs up with suction cups and Neggy drops an iron safe on his head. Drake free falls and manages to get the right combination and get inside the safe; as if being inside the safe will make him escape injury in real life. Sadly; the iron safe bounces off the flag pole (Riiiiiiggggghhhhtttttt. The safe weighs more than me.) and Drake manages to get the door open again for no reason other than to allow Neggy to throw a lit bomb into the safe and slam it shut. The iron safe free falls as Drake cannot think straight and it crashes into the street. The bomb explodes of course and Drake's clothes are a mess. Drake is punch drunk as he staggers into the building and takes the elevator. We go up to the roof as the elevator opens and Drake shows how really stupid he is by going AHA! You would think after two bombs that Drake would come up with a new Krackpotkin plan; but apparently; he need a third bomb to explode in his face as it nails him back into the elevator. Elevator opens and we get a lot more bombs than the law should allow. Drake is juggling them as we discover that Negaduck got the bombs on sale from Discounts 'R' Us. That store is one FBI sting operation away from being shut down; I swear to PZ Meyers.

So Neggy mocks Drake and Drake decides to mock Neggy by informing him that he is no longer public enemy number one. Well; we already knew that Drake; we all know that it's Megavolt and Quackerjack who are #1 and #2 on the DARKWING...DUCK over villain's list; exchanging places when they appear. NegaDuck is #3 at best and #5 at worst. Neggy is SHOCKED and APPALLED (in that order) as he sees the new list and I think the officer who wrote this had a drug bender or something along those lines because Doctor Slug is public enemy number one now behind Neggy and Sparky. Now this makes zero sense whatsoever. We have only seen Doctor Slug once on this show before this and it was for a minute or so. Why not Sparky or Quacky; they are more over and with Quackerjack; Gosalyn has more reason to prove herself later on due to what happened in Days of Blunder/Toys Czar Us. And people are suddenly surprised when I say that Darkwing Duck is not as good as TaleSpin or even Ducktales (even with Bubba's Big Brainstorm stinking the joint)?! Sadly; Neggy reads it which means Drake gets to juggle the bombs again and Neggy is PISSED and leaves as the bombs explode in Drake's face. Yes; not even the power of bombs can kill this guy and make him shut up. In fact; he's less injured than Baloo was in Bringing Down Babyface and For A Fuel Dollars More.

Drake drops down coughing and dizzy as Neggy goes to the OUT OF NOWHERE big ass bomb covered in blanket and pulls it out. Sorry Neggy; just because your bombs are bigger doesn't mean Drake is going to shut up. Neggy lights the fuse and Drake panics. Like a bigger bomb is going to do anything. Then apparently; the elevator opens (even though we never see it open) we see Gosalyn's arms as she is shooting arrows from a bow and Neggy is arrowed against the big bomb and the fuse is cut; disabling the spark. Well; I think Neggy is now officially below Steelbeak on the over villains after Gosalyn just beat him with a baker's half dozen arrows. We see Launchpad with Gosalyn; apologizing for being late because Gosalyn wanted to go to the sports store and she wants to be an archer. Drake acts like he's jealous as he takes away the bow and arrow making up an excuse that she's too young to use them and could cut herself. Drake would have blown a gasket if he knew about Kit Cloudkicker and his use of knives and cloud surfing. Drake blows off LP for bringing her here; Gosalyn blows off Drake for being an idiot and Drake invokes eye contact violence on Gosalyn because Neggy still escapes somehow; sans his costume. Oh; and the big ass bomb magically disappears without a trace due to the fact that Sunwoo is animating this episode and no one seems to give a damn. We pan down to the alley and then a closeup of Neggy wearing a barrel of laughs as clothes (pointless since we have seen Baloo naked as a jaybird twice in TaleSpin) and he's still sore about Doctor Slug and walks away.

So we head to Drake's house which has been painted completely white now (THAT'S RACIST!) as we head to Gosalyn's bedroom with Honker reading a comic book while Gosalyn is shooting plunger arrows. So real arrows are bad; but plunger arrows are perfectly okay?! One of them bounces off walls somehow and smacks right into a target of DARKWING...DUCK. HAHA! See; she does secretly hate him. And she's doing it upside down on her head. Sure; she has a pillow to cushion her head somewhat; but it's still cool. Gosalyn is still upset at Drake as Honker claims that Drake was concerned about her safety. Gosalyn blows it off because Drake doesn't care about her being better than Drake and thinks she's a baby. From an age standpoint; you are still a little child (in fact; you are younger than Kit is); but that didn't stop Kit Cloudkicker before. Gosalyn then has a Krackpotkin plan to be a someone Drake would notice; but would not be Gosalyn. She also bullies Honker of course which if Milo did that, Oscar wouldn't be able to protest in Fish Sleepover Party. Honker decides to go along with it even though he doesn't have much a clue to realize that he has been basically bullied into this. So we head to the dog pound as we see about a dozen of those damn hound dogs; the most overused stock character in the history of DTVA. And then in comes a shadowed NegaDuck who kicks the cage doors open and every dog scatters and backs to the wall like scalded dogs. Really?! With that costume? Suuurrreeee... So Neggy grabs the dogs and goes outside. He tosses them into the dog pound truck and drives out remembering to destroy the wire fence on the way out.

So we head down the street as Neggy is blowing off the dogs and then he runs into a fire hydrant and steals it and puts it into the back of the truck and the dogs seemly shut up on him. If only it would work on Drake. Neggy gets back into the truck and drives away. Well; that came OUT OF NOWHERE and went the same place I see. So we go to the museum of history as Neggy blows down the door with another bomb I have to assume and the dogs run in and stop in their tracks because this museum features skeletons of the dinosaurs. Neggy decides that it's chow time and the dogs act like the Tazmanian Devil and gnaw on the bones so much that they make a bone pile. Neggy thinks this will be enough to beat Doctor Slug; but then here comes Drake and Launchpad as Drake mocks Neggy with the #2 sign and demands that the bones be put back together. Neggy is PISSED so he sics the dogs on the goofs and the goofs do an almost picture perfect version of the Scooby Doo Chase Sequence before hiding in the already opened coffins. The coffins close (nice designs on them too) as the dogs sniff the coffins. Then they open and we have another logic break as the goofball are wrapped in bandages acting like mummies. Why is it a logic break? There is no bandages in the coffins. Idiots!! Thankfully; one of the dogs stops selling confusion and chomps on the bandage and we get Drake and Launchpad doing the whirlwind spot because that is exactly what this episode needs: More windbags. Another old joke that started in this series (Water Way To Go) as Drake invokes the black boots and throws them onto the ground; allowing the damn dogs to sell and chew on it. THAT'S RACIST!! They turn them into black sandals and both goofs run away stage left to another Scooby Doo Chase Sequence The Damn Dog Edition~! Oh; the irony! So the goofs hide on a totem pole that seems to be magical because when the dogs snarl at it; the wooden parts run away. Oh boy; fuzzy cartoon logic strikes again!

So the goofs with attitude are backed up against the wall as Neggy comes forward and mocks Drake again thinking that he's finally won, and then it's Gosalyn again only with a Robin Hood hat as she fires the arrow containing a red dog whistle (which looks like a train whistle) and it whistles and the dogs howl within a 40 yard radius. Everyone else is in pain as Gosalyn fires another arrow and this one contains a model orange cat on a skateboard (which looks like Sparky from Catteries Not Included) which causes the dogs to chase it out of the building. Drake and LP are in shock as Neggy is pissed off by another sappy do-gooder. So Negaduck brings out another bomb that is lit as Gosalyn finally appears as the Quiverwing Quack and she already looks infinity times better than the Crimson Quackette because she's being herself and building up the fact that she is becoming an archer in her spare time. She shoots another arrow with a pizza slicer attached to it and it slices the bomb perfectly in half while creating two fuses that are still lit. That was AWESOME! The bomb halves explode of course in Neggy's kisser. Neggy faints as Launchpad is amazed at that guy; but Drake is not fooled because it's clearly Gosalyn. Gosalyn shoots another arrow containing a rope as Gosalyn slides down and lands perfectly; while Honker crashes into Launchpad probably due to the amount of arrows he has to carry because he's the faithful sidekick known as Arrow Kid. Sadly; Honker didn't have enough presence of mind to change his shirt to a different color.

Drake is not buying this as Gosalyn blows him off because Drake has her confused with someone else and she's the Quiverwing Quack. I'm sorry Gosalyn; but it is clearly not working because Drake can already see through you. Burying types often have that unfair ability. Drake asks again as Gosalyn gives enemies the shaft showing an arrow for fun. Gosalyn again points out that if she didn't save them; they would be dog chow and then turns around and NegaDuck is in a green tank with a cannon to MURDER Quiverwing Quack. Oh; who gives a quack?! No reason for the sudden DUBBED ANIME STYLE sentence; although I'm sure Kaboom used it one or twice in the Darkwing/Ducktales comics. So Neggy gets into the tank and starts shooting shells which somehow miss Gosalyn despite the fact that in real life; those shell would have shredded both her and Arrow Kid. So Gosalyn wants Arrow Kid to fire the glue arrow; but Drake grabs both kids and throws them into the head of a T-Rex for safety reasons of course. That turns out to be REALLY STUPID because Drake brings out his gas gun to try to make Neggy suck gas; but a shell blocks the opening of the gun and it explodes right in LP and Drake's face. And then they are forced on their seats and then get flatten by the tank (Launchpad too! Wow...) with black skid marks and flatter than Alexander the Grape. NYUK! NYUK! NYUK! Yeap; I think it's safe to say that Drake is really doing this for another reason. Neggy pops up and mocks both goof and jealous prick and then runs them over again on a far shot. What the hell bother with that when you clearly showed them get run over on the close up shot.

So Neggy then brings out the cannon and is about to fire it for the killing blow and #1 on the public enemy charts with a shell; but we discover that Drake forgot that there was a large eye socket in the dinosaur's head for Gosalyn to fire an arrow with a glue bomb (colored orange for your safety as per the NES Zapper) and it fires and it lands into the mouth of the cannon and explodes glue all over the place and then creates a contained explosion inside the tank. Drake: BE JEALOUS!! Neggy pops up and Gosalyn fires the old plunger arrow right in Negaducks' kisser and is forced against the wall. HAHA! She is the spawn of Gadget and Chip's loins. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! BONK! OUCH! Ummmmm... And here comes the PRESS OF FRAUD including a return of Webwa Walters (with a bad voice ala Up, Up & Awry) as they mow down the goofs with attitude much to Drake's surprise as Neggy is unable to get the plunger off his mouth. Here's the problem with this: There is no glue on NegaDuck; so why doesn't Neggy ignore the plunger and escape? The press gets photos of Quiverwing Quack coming out of the dinosaur head and she cuts her promo while Arrow Kid waves hello at the wrong time and falls back into the head. Launchpad blows off Drake for never introducing him to the press. Which is funny considering that he has done it himself a number of times in Darkwing Duck and Ducktales. Bad continuity error there guys. Drake runs in and protests this "outrage" (read: projection) and smothers Gosalyn like an overbearing dad; even literally into his cape as Gosalyn blows him off for trying to get their facts straight by omitting the fact that he was going to..I don't murdered by NegaDuck! Yeap; jealousy. No question about it. You can see it in his smothering of Gosalyn right there.

Drake is so jealous and even Webwa Walters calls him out on it which causes more shoving by Drake (no male on female contact? What no male on female contact?) as he wants them to ask NegaDuck and NegaDuck is gone. Ah; so that's why he did a stupid thing there. HEE HEE! Drake is REALLY STUPID. Drake is seriously screwed as Webwa basically calls Drake a jealous bastard and Drake does the Gruffi pose and thus proves Webwa's point in a nutshell. The animation here is terrible by the way as we head outside on the roof as Neggy is looking down from the sun roof and he doesn't like this hero since he's a rotten sexist; but it's the perfect target for public enemy #1. Neggy is so stupid because if he wanted to become public enemy number one; why not kill Doctor Slug instead? I should have realized that the moment the episode started; but I need some more lines to write and it's not like Doctor Slug is over or anything. Negaduck is an idiot in an idiot plot. Neggy walks into the camera and that ends the segment nearly 12 minutes in. Gosalyn is awesome; the animators aren't and the writers are in between. Drake is just jealous as usual.

After the commercial break; we go to Drake's house as Drake is apparently watching television and it's Quiverwing Quack, all the time. Sadly; the Ducktales parody of Rivera is gone and replaced with Quackera which sucks since he's not a duck. And apparently; we have a cooking show starring the very younger sister of Mrs. Beakly. Drake turns off the television in disgust and Gosalyn blows him off for it as Launchpad is dripping peas on Honker as he is eating with a knife. I see the tank has given him a concussion; although with his fatalism; it's hard to tell. LP asks about Arrow Kid and Honker admits that he would like to not be one; but Gosalyn would kill him for that. Apparently; being a super hero DOES NOT MAKE YOU A STAR~! Gosalyn is talking with her mouth full; just to annoy Drake and amuse me as Drake's jealousy meter is well beyond full at this point. So Gosalyn rubs it in and Drake brings up Andy Warhol and Quiverwing Quack's 15 minutes of fame are up because it's too dangerous and she's grounded from Quiverwing Quack for life. Honker breathes a sigh of relief. Gosalyn blows him off because Drake is just jealous and Launchpad yawns. Sadly; Gosalyn, like Kit Cloudkicker in Stormy Weather is completely in the right here even though what they both do is very dangerous (but their dads don't realize that it applies to them as well); and Drake has an even less of an excuse to protect Gosalyn than Baloo does with Kit (because Dan Dawson is a windbag who tried to burn Kit to ashes just for a stunt to maintain his heat.) . Launchpad points out the obvious projection on Drake's part and Drake blows it off because he doesn't treat her like a baby despite cutting the steak for her right in front of her. Old habits die hard except for Drake; otherwise, he would have shut up at this point.

So Drake decides to ease up a bit as Gosalyn gets the remote back somehow and we watch more Webwa Walters; only this time we have breaking news of Nega Duck speeding through the streets of Saint Carnard with a monster truck. Oooooo; redneck evil. Gotta really hate that. And he is using grappling hook to tear down Peppe's Pizza. Launchpad calls this absolutely criminal. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Doctors are really going to be cheering Neggy for this act; or not. Quiverwing Quack dresses up (and how she keeps her balance on the top of that sofa; I'll never know) and wants to take care of it; but Drake grabs her and Gosalyn decides to let him watch. Sadly; before Drake can give her the fourth degree of jealousy and projection we get the scene changer of doom as we see that Peppe's Pizza's main headquarters is shaped like the Leaning Tower of Pisa; only it's Pizza and it's not leaning. Yet. It amazes me how this is supposed to be a whacky cartoon; and yet they don't animate the mascot on the building as panicky like they seem to do with other inanimate object. Selective animation syndrome perchance? The denizens of Saint Carnard flee as Neggy mocks them for not wanting a tourist attraction called the leaning tower of pizza. So the Thunder Quack arrives and shoots a plunger from it's mouth and it sticks to the building. Memo to BS&P: The grappling hook is for the building; he's not trying to kill someone with it. Plunger gun not need here. It's fine with Gadget because she's supposed to be a small resourceful rodent who recycles; but here it is clear BS&P'ing. It's so obvious and kids will walk away from it...Oh wait; CDS, never mind what I said.

So we get the contracted tug of war spot which Neggy loses and gets him and his monster truck MURDERED with rubble and Negaduck is mad. So Drake is happy; but Gosalyn wants to swoop in and take him out by surprised; thus earning a Gruffi pose from Drake. Drake actually improves himself by saying that she should be careful. And really; who can argue with that? Problem: He's a dishonest full of himself mallard; which Gosalyn calls him out for. Then we get one of those moments that is clearly a jump cut we see NegaDuck come out of a store for no reason whatsoever with a harpoon gun and then gets squashed by the Thunder Quack's front wheel. Okay; there must have been a two second snip somewhere; but even if there was, this scene makes no sense since NegaDuck is still trapped in the monster truck. How did he get into the store?! So everyone jumps out as Drake wants to split up and tells Gosalyn to be careful. Again; anyone else saying that would be perfectly reasonable and factual; but this is Drake "REALLY STUPID" Mallard and even Gosalyn is on to him on that front. So Gosalyn and Honker walk away stage right as Drake has a really contrived tearful moment that makes me want to cut his beak to spite his face; but thankfully, Negaduck breaks logic and reason to do that for me pointing the harpoon gun at Drake. And somehow the harpoon misses by a country mile despite the fact that he did a good shot and Neggy is PISSED and so am I. Drake has golden borders around his body cutting another full of himself promo. DAMN YOU DRAKE MALLARD!! Neggy decides to bail and we discover that everyone was on top of the tower. Okay; I can understand the babyfaces being there; but NegaDuck? Oh never mind; I forget that Cartoon Duck Syndrome is in full effect in this episode.

So Neggy bounces off a flag pole and drops onto the roof of another building. Drake blows it off and bounces off the flagpole and does about a dozen flips; but he's REALLY STUPID because his landing is right on a trap door which Neggy conveniently opens and Drake drops down the stairs. HAHA! Jim Cummings voicing is WAY OFF here since he ends his speech before screaming about a full second after NegaDuck shuts the trap door on Drake. We see Honker proclaiming that Drake is in trouble. Sure he is; and he damn well deserves it too. Gosalyn uses the grappling arrow and we balance for a while as Neggy eats a banana peel and somehow plops it on the rope and Gosalyn doesn't look where she is going; but steps on and it and slips causing her and Honker to hang onto the rope for dear life. Launchpad gets onto the rope and slides towards the kids as Drake opens the trapdoor blasting Neggy away (what a shock?) and walks on the tightrope. So Neggy goes over to the rope and slingshots it forcing the babyfaces to flop and flip and hang on as Drake pleads for mercy. Neggy shows none other than a sword to trim his nails and cuts the rope and we have a Tarzan spot to end the segment 16 and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; we see the babyface crash into the side of Peppe's Pizza (and another impact star BS&P spot) as the heroes are fine. So Neggy fires his sword and it cuts the rope so everyone free falls. Gosalyn tries to bring out her arrows; but they keep flying up and Launchpad cannot grab them. So Drake takes his cape; turns it into a balloon and fires his gas gun to pump up the cape and it turns into a cushion as they land on the ground. Sadly; Honker springs back and his arrow helmet pops the balloon. Gas overwhelms them and it's laughing gas because they all laugh poorly here. I'm sorry; but R.J. Williams will never be topped. You should have went for the tear gas first Drake. Neggy blows off their laughter and has another Krackpotkin plan to become enemy #1 which is to kill everybody in roundabout terms. How? We don't know...yet. So we head back to Drake's house as the flipping chairs of doom as Gosalyn continues to blow off Drake for being a hero hog; and Drake has had enough of this as he was trying to explain that he was trying to save their saves. And he failed at that too; and you know he failed because Honker and Launchpad are giggling under their breaths. Sorry LP and Honker; you are not fooling anyone. They bail through the flipping chairs and we continue the fight which again; I'm sorry; but without a child voice actor; it doesn't work. Nothing against Christine; she can play a bad ass tomboy and a real boy and in comedy situations she's awesome. But this is a pathos scene; and I feel cheated every time. Even more so when TaleSpin had actual children voicing almost all the children characters in TaleSpin a year before this.

Drake basically tells her to go to her room and Quiverwing Quack is banned forever. Gosalyn cries; blows off Drake Mallard as an overbearing son of a bitch and slams the door upstairs to her room. It ends with Gosalyn proclaiming that he is treating her like a baby girl and Drake responds softly that she is. If there was ever a time that I would punch this guy in the face; that is it. Sure Gosalyn is still a little child; but she is no baby. Sure; she's cocky and sometimes acts slightly less than her age (and who hasn't; even in adult hood?); but Drake acts like a baby once every five or six episodes; so screw him. Let's face it: Drake claims that he cares; but if he really did, then he would retire from crime fighting altogether. And no one realizes that because he's a cartoon duck and we as kids are supposed to cheer him. Well; screw him. Again; Drake Mallard got his ass handed to him by Neggy throughout the episode and Gosalyn only makes one tiny mistake (slipping on a banana peel); and now Drake wants to kill and bury Quiverwing Quack; the most awesome super heroine ever made before Sailor Moon became a household word? F*** you Drake Mallard!

Okay; we return to Drake's house AFTER HAPPY HOUR as we hear knocks on the door and it's Honker noticing Gosalyn doing the bed sheet spot. OH NOES! NOT THE BED SHEET ROPE SPOT! ANYTHING BUT THAT! Gosalyn uses the usual circular logic as Honker tries to explain to her that facing NegaDuck alone with kill her (and really; Honker does have a point there...); but Gosalyn shoots the net arrow at Honker and Honker gets tangled up in the net. Nice going Drake; she's out of control now as we head to the living room as Launchpad cannot believe that they are fighting so much now. Drake asks if it was so wrong to do what he did. Answer: yes. He claims that Neggy is not an after school criminal. Even though he looks like Drake's ultra violent side with Gedo's fashion sense. Sounds like an after school criminal to me. Launchpad talks about letting go which is swell advice from Ripcord McQuack; who then threw him out and told him to get a job. Drake is not amused. As that is going on; Gosalyn drops down and lands ass first on the ground in front of the house and bails. Then we return to see Honker bounce down the steps with the net on him. Honker tells Drake that Gosalyn is going to fight Negaduck by herself and Drake screams badly. Yeah Drake; good move in smothering her and now she's going to die because you are a full of yourself, REALLY STUPID smothering duck.

So we get a shot of Saint Carnard from the air and then we zoom to the bridge as we see Negaduck plugging up holes. See; he has plugged every pipe in Saint Carnard which will cause the buildings to balloon and explode due to methane build up. Okay; that is a neat death trap in a cartoon; but way too cumbersome in real life. Again; why not kill Doctor Slug instead? So we zoom out to a hill where the Rat Catcher is as Launchpad jokes about inflation and Drake blows him off as he is looking for Gosalyn. We then see Neggy prepping his Hell Rat Catcher motorcycle and riding onto the bridge, but Gosalyn invokes the grappling arrow to snag Neggy and drop him to the ground. Gosalyn tells Neggy to surrender RIGHT NOW (good luck with that Gosalyn.) and Gosalyn cuts her promo. Sadly; she forgets to let go of the rope; so Neggy throws the rope and Gosalyn goes over the bridge and hangs down from it above the water. The problem with this is; Gosalyn is only five feet from the water; so dropping in and swimming would be a good idea. What a time to make Gosalyn REALLY STUPID just to make Drake save face?! Again; what classic Disney character is Darkwing Duck again?! Thankfully; the shark appears to kill that option and almost eats Gosalyn in the process. This only serves to make Gosalyn look better than you Drake Mallard. Neggy declares victory to become public enemy #1; but here comes Drake Mallard as Neggy blows him off because he cannot save both the girl and the city. Drake blows it off because heroes have sidekicks see as Launchpad and Honker unplug the water main which causes water to spill out and the building all fart and return to normal size.

And then in one of those scenes that makes me shake my head; Drake invokes the LEAD GRIP KUNG FU KICK OF DEATH on Neggy and it connects as Neggy completely no sells it by still goes flying and somehow lands on his Hell Rat Catcher. Ummm; yeah. Drake grabs the boomerang rope and lifts Gosalyn up from the bridge. Neggy blows off Drake; but Drake brings out the bomb and thanks him for the information as we see bombs OUT OF NOWHERE on the Hell Rat Catcher (oh god Sunwoo...) and it explodes of course. Neggy flies into the air and where he lands the writers don't care. And yes; the writers don't care. So Gosalyn and Drake embrace each other after teasing a repulse; Drake finally admits that Gosalyn does have it. Wow; just wow. Even though she was rendered stupider than Drake to make that work. Flight School is a lot better as a finish than this. Good way to make Quiverwing look weak. Gosalyn does make up for it somewhat by asking when and thinks she can do it in a couple of weeks. HAHA! Drake is not amused and that ends the episode at 21:06 aired. Gosalyn tried and she did as great of a job as she could; but Drake killed her character and the writers didn't care one bit about getting Gosalyn as Quiverwing Quack over. Logic breaks and animation problems plagued this episode a lot too. *** (60%). What a disappointing episode this was after all that hype?!


Oh man; what a disappointment this episode this was?! Now; Gosalyn was awesome as Quiverwing Quack for the most part and she's responsible for all of the stars for this rant. I love Quiverwing Quack which is a mix of Robin Hood and Gosalyn's ability to be an archer. Sure; it comes out of nowhere that Gosalyn has learned the art of archery; but time constraints prevented that character development; so it's forgivable. She carried this episode well past average; but she was the only real thing that was good (other than Webwa Walter's call out on Drake and Arrow Kids' bumps). Nega Duck looked like an idiot in this episode: He tried to kill the babyfaces many times; which in any other episode would have been fine, but yet he didn't even bother (or more to the point; the writers) to try to do the most obvious heel way to be public enemy #1: Kill your competition; namely Doctor Slug. And we are supposed to believe Doctor Slug is a creditable heel? Doctor Slug has only been on screen for a minute in Inside Binkie's Brain and he gets #1?! Megavolt has a lot more creditability and he was #3 on the paper. Why not use him? Then you have Sunwoo's animation where they looked bad (the kick to the face at the end by Drake was awful; even more so Negaduck's reaction), Jim Cummings timing on some lines was off and several logic breaks really hurt this episode. It's also impossible to take Drake's pathos with Gosalyn seriously when Drake is so full of himself and acts like a baby. Then the writers had to make Gosalyn look really stupid to make the finish work when they should have Neggy do something that Gosalyn cannot block so that Drake can justify his position on Gosalyn being too young and even Gosalyn admitting that she made a big mistake (and then Drake pointing out that she does have it.). Overall; a disappointing episode. Gosalyn got the Quiverwing Quack character over and Drake Mallard buried her just to message his ego while lying that he was doing it to protect her. Incredible! Now I know why I keep cutting Drake down to size every time I do this series.

Next up is Jail Bird and more NegaDuck followed by probably the worst episode in the series history: Dirtysomething. Although it does have Ammonia Pine; so it might not suck. So....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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