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Reviewed: 07/09/2012

Ammonia Pine's Last Stand...

Well; we finally reached what many people consider the rock bottom of this series. Still; there is Ammonia Pine; so maybe this episode will not suck. Will it suck? So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Katie Kuch and Cheryl Scarbrough. The story is edited by Gordon Bressack. The animation is done by Sunwoo Animation.

We begin this one with the STOCK MUSIC OF DOOM at Drake's house as we head to Gosalyn's room and it's squeaky clean. And I mean sparkling squeaky clean. Drake is in shock as Gosalyn provides the clipboard as she wants a M-rated video game and wants Drake's consent on it. Wow; she really does have her bases covered here. Including a wet paint backdrop which Drake's ass sits in when he tries to sit down on the bed. Well; we now know that Gosalyn is a great painter AND a special effects designer in her spare time. No wonder she NEVER cleans her room. Gosalyn realizes that she's screwed and tries to run; but Drake grabs her and basically tells her no video game until she cleans up the room and then he walks out. That's it?! No grounding for life? Wow; he really has found a way to keep Gosalyn in check without making him look so vile and stupid. So Gosalyn pulls down a cord and brings out the radiation suit and puts it on as this room hasn't been cleaned in years. Yeah; it's my room. So we head down stairs as the ceiling is crumbling for no reason, Launchpad is panicking and Drake is no selling everything with the ear muffs. Drake tells LP to relax since it's only Gosalyn cleaning up her room. LP panics because she has been brain washed. Well; Drake did once threaten to nail her in the head with a hammer, so why should I be surprised? I don't see anything wrong with this opening; other than they have done it many times in other episodes before this.

So we head to a bucket shaped building; which is really a too obvious hideout for Ammonia Pine if you ask me. We see Ammonia Pine really burning up the lint circuit with her new flamethrower attachment to her new bland; but effective suit. Sadly; her red transmitter is still on and it's FOWL High Command (The shadow organization that goes nowhere in this world) as Ammonia Pine scrubs it and tells them to suck suds. HAHA! She's STILL stealing catchphrases from Drake Mallard and making him look weak. FOWL High Command blows her off for thinking that they were smudges (which they are) and want Ammonia Pine to do F.O.W.L.'s Emergency Extortion Plan 23B and she dances and cheers like it's 1991 all over again. And she has no idea what that means and almost burns herself with the flamethrower. HC claims that this money sucking plan is SOOOOOO important that she needs a partner and they sign off before Ammonia Pine can protest. She proclaims that she works alone; unless Steelbeak is involved. And that would have been a great choice. However; the writers proceed to flush this episode down the crapper as we hear another female voice beckons and we see dust and a dirty, rotten (and that doesn't include her character which is thousands worse) grimy, thin duck with a rotten apple core bow tie. Ammonia Pine is appalled and coughing up dust, and pulling her hair out as her partner is Ample Grime (Ammonia Pine is voiced by Mitzi McCall; Ample Grime is voiced by Ellen Gerstell the voice of Kathy Dodd in TaleSpin. Ample Grime pretty much killed Ellen's career in DTVA.). And then Ammonia stops selling and they have a hug while I gag on my own vomit.

Thankfully; Ammonia Pine's character kicks in as she has been splashed with green stuff (although that magically comes out of nowhere with no animation to indicate that the slime made contact with her.) and she's instantly repulsed by it. Ample Grime is also upset because it cleaned her off due to her suit. So we scene change back to Gosalyn's room as nothing has changed since we last saw her. Except the trash is barricading the door. Wait; so what did she do that caused the ceiling to crumble? Was she rocking to the cleaning blues or something?! And while I think about it; didn't Cleaniness Is Next To Badiness prove that a dirty room does have it's advantages? So what is wrong with Drake Mallard?! Anyhow; the door opens as Gosalyn gets buried underneath a trash tomb. I thought it would be Drake Mallard; but it's actually Honker. Gosalyn wants him to take out the trash; but she's keeping all of it, Honker can have the stray tin can. Honker then notices a pile of aluminum cans stacked high to the ceiling (Who does Gosalyn think she is; Milo Fishtooth?) and suggest recycling all this. Gosalyn blows it off because it has sentimental value. Yes; empty cans of Koo Koo Cola. I betcha Tad Stones is regretting ever creating that gimmick because it's often used against him to point out the redo routines and stupidity during drinking games. So Honker off hand sezs that recycling pays well and Gosalyn has green dollar signs in her eyes. Oh boy; that is a bad sign for an episode when you have to stoop to that low. Gosalyn grabs Honker and shakes him as she goes under the bed and apparently she returns with a case of Koo Koo Cola. I see Gosalyn has been playing the drinking game herself. They need about $49 to buy the game which was the suggested retail price of most games even today. Although some have been $70 in recent years. I still don't see the problem with this because I used to pay $120 for certain games back in the mid 1990's. The real problem isn't price; it's quality and it's content that is the problem with most modern video games today because if those two suck then no one is going to buy it regardless if it's 99 cents, FREE, or even $120.

So Honker has a can of cola and is confused as bubbles of color segue back to Ammonia Pine's hideout as we see the blueprint for Plan 23B which is basically a bulldozer with vacuum cleaner abilities and a slime gun to disable the victim before sucking up his cash and money as demonstrated in the crappy animation of the blueprints. Ample Grime ruins the effect further by dropping ice cream on the blueprints; forcing Ammonia Pine to scrub the blueprints. Man; Ample is killing this episode; and not in a good way I might add. So Ammonia cannot wait to build this thing and Ample steals the blueprints and both run out of the hideout and get into their "vehicles" (a term which I use much more loosely on Ample Grimes' oil sputtering green truck) and drive off as Ammonia Pine's car gets oiled by Ample Grime's green "truck". Ammonia cleans her awesome ride and then drives away blowing off Ample of course. Ammonia is trying; but she's in an uphill battle at this point. So we return to Gosalyn's room filled of cans AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as apparently; Gosalyn and Honker are balloons. Oh TAG! I know that they are bloated; but this is stupid. Burping occurs and they burp themselves out of the room and into the night. And yet we accuse Fanboy & Chum Chum of this crap?! So we get a red stop light in the living room flashing and beeping as Drake was looking for cases of Koo Koo Cola for Launchpad; implying that Gosalyn stole them from him.

So Drake goes to the wall and flips up the picture of Gosalyn and Launchpad plugging their fingers in their ears; to show a black button which he presses as apparently he moved the Snitch Computer; AKA RAT to the opposite wall near the front door now. So Drake goes to it and the RAT spits out computer paper as Drake deduces that there is a break in at the Rubber Works Factory. And yes; he is no longer stupid enough to not insert a GPS in the thing this time. Sadly; he read it upside down and it's at the mouse trap factory which makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever. If you read it upside down; I'm pretty freakin sure it's doesn't spell MOUSE TRAP FACTORY. I'm pretty sure it would be gibberish. Launchpad then notices Honker and Gosalyn floating outside at the window. LP panics as Drake admits that there are a few bugs in the RAT. And most of them are the writers trying to make jokes that don't work. So we head to the Rubber Works Factory as we see a gaping hole in the wire fence indicating that Ammonia Pine's acid cleaner; or Ample Grime's stink bomb. I'm guessing the former here as Ample is so giddy that her smell is overwhelming and pissing off both Ammonia and me. Ammonia cleans up while Ample shows off a dirty, smelly sock to repulse me further. Ammonia blows her off and then in one of those depressing moments; she makes history by being the first DTVA to make fart sounds with her elbow; five years before Quack Pack Dewey was doing it in Feats of Clay. Wow; just wow, no wonder the Quack Pack nephews were so screwed up. Ammonia panics as Ample doesn't take her seriously; so Ammonia invokes the pointy finger and Ample turns around and she is not happy as the dreaded VOICEOVER OF DOOM beckons at 7:42...

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the raspberry seed that you cannot floss out.

And the smoke clears and Drake enters with Launchpad and about three dozens mouse traps on him. This would have been funnier if the setup wasn't so contrived and forced. And then just to make me laugh; when Drake removes the mouse trap from his finger; all the mouse traps magically disappear. And Jim Cumming's dialog sounds slitted as well. Time for Ammonia Pine and her vacuum cleaner to rise above the crap! She uses the shrink wrap mode to shrink wrap Drake and Launchpad. HAHA! Now that's a neat move on her part. Then Ample ruins it all by invoking her slime gun which not only does no damage; it destroys the whole point of shrink wrapping by dissolving the one thing that would have killed them due to a lack of air. Do you get the fact that I hate Ample Grime so much now?! She's killing Ammonia Pine's coolness and heel heat; and it is getting WORSE as this episode marches along. Drake complains about his cape (Riiiiigggghhhhtttt; that's "damage".) and Ammonia Pine defends her sister and LP and Drake are shocked. I am APPALLED and vomiting in my mouth; which is not coming from my illness I have had the last week or so. So Ample brings out a box (after another lame rhyming promo from Drake) and we sic the hair lice on Drake and Launchpad. This must be Fanboy & Chum Chum's Back To The Zany Future. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So LP and Drake oversell itching (from head lice? Riiiiigggggggghhhhttttt...) as we scene change back to the house (WHY?) and into the living room as Launchpad has stopped selling and is sitting in the living room with no television on. Drake comes in and paces around wondering why two heels steal two hoses. Answer: They want to hang themselves together. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! POW! OUCH! OUCH! Ummmm....

So Launchpad goes through about three dozen plausible plans for the heels and Drake blows them all off because he just has to look stupid and needs a soul to project on. This goes on and on and on until we return to the hideout as LP deduces hose monsters. Drake thinks it over and proclaims that it has been done before. Name the episode it was done before Drake; or you can just bite me! So Honker and Gosalyn enter and they are normal size now for no reason as LP asks them about their progress in recycling. Honker admits that the exchange rate for recycling is very low. Only 21 cents?! BULLSH**! So Gosalyn goes over to Drake and asks about recycling old things and Drake is still pondering over and off hand gives her permission to do so. So Launchpad actually comes up with the correct plan as Gosalyn and Honker are stealing books from Drake's book shelves and putting them in the sack. Drake blows it off as too predictable as we see Gosalyn and Honker glaring at the Rat Catcher and Honker pleads for her not to do it. Then....WHAT THE F***?! We...jump cut to Drake in normal clothes running down the stairs of his house (??!!) with the alarm still on as he goes to the black button under the plugged ears picture, pushes the button and we see the RAT is gone and only a moth is present. WHAT THE F*** GUYS?! You have got to be ribbing me!! This appears to be a Toon Disney edit; but seriously, WHAT WAS SO OBJECTIONABLE?!

So Launchpad brings out the radio as it's KYRM again as there is a break in the museum of really expensive things. Oh yeah; that is not an obvious plan to get things stolen, no siree. So they go to the flipping chairs and Gosalyn has stolen both the radio and the Basil, GMD statue which allows Drake and LP to get caught in the chairs and face plant. Then we return to the hideout as the Rat Catcher is clearly in pieces and broken. So we get to see the results of Gosalyn's stealing; but not Gosalyn stealing?! WHAT?! So Drake calls for the Quack Cycle and Launchpad is as confused as I am over all this lack of logic and reason. So we go into the streets as Drake and Launchpad are riding the exact same tricycle Baloo rode on in A Bad Reflection On You Part One. Which I now wish I was watching right now over this episode. We ride away and we get another scene changer and go inside the Museum of Expensive Things as the glass case is melted through with Ample's Gunkomatic Acid Spray I guess. Ammonia grabs the diamond and blows Ample off for wiping slimy stuff on paintings on the wall including a badly done mustache on the Mona Lisa. And then here comes Drake Mallard on the Quack Cycle (which he stole from Baloo) and cuts his promo at 10:50:

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the squeaky brakes that...oh nuts!

Yeah; he crashes and burns much like this episode is doing right now. And that off-screen bump was ultra wussy too as LP and Drake appear to be overselling the wussy crash which did no damage whatsoever and the wall is in better shape than either riders or machine. Ample and Ammonia slaps hands (oh lord) and then Drake jumps up out of nowhere as the walls change colors from white to green and there is more gold sparkling in the background too. Drake tells them to suck gas; but the gas gun is gone and replaced with a white paper. HAHA! I see BS&P is taking these gun edits VERY seriously. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. Drake sees writing on it and realizes that Gosalyn is the one who has been stealing his stuff to recycle. HAHA! You have no one but yourself to blame for that one Drake. So Ammonia Pine invokes the Bubble Lead Cannon and Ample invokes the skipping rope to tie up the babyfaces and encase them in a bubble in that order. Then they float up into the air as Launchpad asks Drake about his opinion of modern art. Drake claims that he doesn't get the point; and then LP panics because the thunder bolt spear pops the bubble from about 70 feet in the air and both free fall to end the segment almost 12 minutes in. Okay; why end with a cliffhanger of them falling from 70 feet? Kit Cloudkicker fell from a much greater height and never got a cliffhanger; and in this world; Drake has fallen from bigger distances without the cliffhanger and often no selling them. Why the hell are bothering with this; it's not like the characters in this world are going to sell it?! I'm getting sick and tired of this episode; and the only reason I'm going on is Ammonia Pine despite being only a little more than halfway through this crap!!

After the commercial break; We see them falling towards a golden spiked ball. Now WHY didn't they show THAT BEFORE the segment ended?! That would at least given us some suspense. So Drake's cape attaches to a stapler like device and Launchpad bites Drake's leg. I swear to god that is what Launchpad did. And Drake completely no sells it of course despite willing to sell a 70 foot free fall. That is so Kick Buttowski-equse that it isn't funny. And I mean Deadman's Drop Kick Buttowski-equse. The weight is too much as both free fall and when they are on the ground; the golden spike ball is gone and the rubble looks like bland generic rubble. Sigh. Then two ducks take pictures and calls this modern art. This would have been a million times funnier had Ammonia Pine and Ample Grime did the promo. So we head back to the hideout and everything is gone and replaced with a paper for recycling. Apparently; losing his chemistry set and super computer were not as important as his comic book collection. Launchpad claims that she didn't steal the whacky sound effects record; but Drake blows it off because it's a real siren that goes no where after coming out of nowhere. Par for the course for this series I guess. So they jump into the Thunder Quack and apparently; it's still intact, but the thing won't start. Launchpad checks under the hood and the engine is gone. So that forces our goofs with attitude to take the bus. HAHA! And now they are feeling OUR pain. Drake gets noticed and that goes no where as Drake tries to sit down inbetween two denizens; but an old lady invokes the "Allow anyone who has difficulty standing to have the seat" rule (even though she looks perfectly healthy) and MURDERS Drake with the purse. Drake face plants again and the old lady blows him off. Lesson: Never trust an old lady to be automatically crippled. So we head to the filthy docks as the goofs with attitude get thrown out of the bus (probably because Drake broke the profanity rule and all of his vain promo can count as profanity when you really about it).

Drake blows off public transportation because he hates the public. Even though they are the ones who are paying Michael Eisner's slush fund. We get a really half decent gag that makes sense and is pretty funny with the before and after bit. Before is the dirty door on the right, After is the clean one on the left. Outside of switching it; this is a perfectly acceptable sight gag, the first good one of this episode and we are 14 and a half minutes into this thing. Drake notices a mix of mulch, motor oil and glue indicating Ammonia Pine and Ample Grime. Geez; I thought it was Megavolt, Liquidator and Bushroot teaming up together which would be more awesome than Ammonia Pine and Ample Grime. And speaking of the duo I hate (and leeching all of Ammonia's coolness and heat in one fell swoop.); the dirty door opens and out comes the duo with the BLOW & SUCK TANK OF DEATH. Oh come on; Ample has to ride on it. Screw her; that's Ammonia's plan; let her ride the thing. Ammonia comes out of the clean door and they want to take out the trash; so Ample can flop in it. This is her type of episode as Drake tries to go for something and of course he has nothing and both babyfaces get squashed with the bump WITH CHEESE AND BACON. Lame; just lame. I was hoping for a sud bath from Ammonia. Then OUT OF NOWHERE comes Honker and Gosalyn for no reason whatsoever as Drake notices the two and blows off Gosalyn for cleaning her out. Gosalyn shows her jar of pennies which is $1.57. Yeah; I think Gosalyn should give the money back and just clean her room now. Although after this stupidity; Gosalyn should wait until she's eighteen before buying video games because she is going to be a dull child after this episode. And that is exactly what Drake tells her to do and get all of his stuff back. Gosalyn blows off capitalism and walks off with Honker. Drake has the Gruffi pose on (because he basically admitted that he is a cheap skate) and proclaims that this is decisive thinking...

...which leads to them at the bus stop and taking the bus again. Drake sits down and is baffled by all of this stealing of common household items and one or two expensive items. It's like they took it out of the book of Don Karnage in Plunder and Lightning. And man; how I yearn to want that episode now. Launchpad proclaims that they are ending up in the dump; and Drake claims that everything ends up in the dump. Launchpad points out the window and Drake looks out and notices Gosalyn and Honker are running into the dump from the east (FOR NO GOOD REASON I might add!) while Ammonia Pine is going into the dump from the west. You know; this would make more sense if we had some build up like Ammonia having a cleaning fit because she doesn't like a stain on her record. You know; written with more grace like the previous two episodes involving her?! We slime and suck and blow and blow Gosalyn and Honker's cover. Gosalyn has a dirty ladle and tries to bail; but the GLUE SLIME OF DEATH traps them like Speedy Gonzales. Then we see Drake and Launchpad on the OUT OF NOWHERE conveyer belt which seems to be a clear excuse to put a death trap on them; instead of the kids and they get glue slime on them. Then we pan over and see the trash compactor. Ample is having fun screwing with everyone; Ammonia is wiping up after her and having no success saving this episode from a sure DUD. Drake and Launchpad panic badly and that ends the segment 17 minutes in. In a major shock; this episode is so far not the worst Darkwing Duck episode I have seen; let alone worst DTVA episode ever as some have claimed...however; there is still five minute left; so...

After the commercial break; we get bad panicking from the goofs as they are nearing the car compacter. Gosalyn pumps her fist in outrage; but Ammonia ignores her and invokes the suck function and steals Launchpad's bus tokens. HAHA! Ammonia and Ample drive out calling themselves a team. Whatever; I told you Steelbeak was a better choice for this mission. Launchpad grabs onto Drake and whines and whimpers about saying before (after he notices that his wallet is gone; along with the money and bus tokens.); then Drake notices a out of nowhere dirty spatula as LP is still a fatalism idiot. Drake struggles; but grabs the spatula and flips his feet out and flips LP's feet out and they jump off the conveyer belt. Now the problem with this is; it's super glue and it doesn't stick to the spatula; and even though they cut the stuff out somewhat; the stuff is still on the bottoms of their feet; so when they step; they should still be stuck. And even if Drake managed to get it where there was no stuff on the bottom of said feet, Sunwoo screws up because the green stuff is STILL there when it shouldn't be; and if it was; they stepped in it again and should be stuck, but they completely no sell it. UGH! UGH! UGH! Yeap; we are in negative stars now and I fear that it's going to get worse. And they do the exact same thing with Gosalyn and Honker; although they do a slightly better job at covering up the logic break. Sadly; they do some lame out of nowhere egg puns. And tease Launchpad going into the compactor before Drake saves him beforehand. GeoX: There's no way Bad Tidings can be worse than this episode; no way.

So Drake notices oil on the ground as the sisters made their getaway as Drake wants the Rat Catcher, Thunder Quack, Quack Cycle and then Gosalyn is giggling about Drake being so sore about his own stupidity and Drake goes kind of nuts. Launchpad sits on the bumper of rubble cars and then gets his uniform stuck as he tries to pull it out. He is successful and it shows up a handle bars for the Rat Catcher. So yes folks; the writers basically imply that nothing is actually recycled and all of it is thrown in a landfill. Which is partially true I might add. It's a lot more complex than that though. So the GANG OF GAG looks around and Honker brings out parts of his gas gun and then Drake flips on assembly as Drake has a Krackpotkin Plan and Gosalyn questions Drake's sanity. Personally; I would question is sobriety at this point. I mean he has a toilet seat for crying out loud. So we scene change and we see the fruits of labor which Drake calls the Nut Quacker. Oh god; that was HORRIBLE! Even Gosalyn sarcastically sums it up for me so you know Drake is lame as usual. Launchpad asks Honker if this will work and Honker claims that it will as Drake starts it up like a lawn mower; but no go. Honker gives Eisner a heart attack as there is no power. Gosalyn grabs the jumper cables and Drake steals them because it's too dangerous for children. He connects both of them to the battery terminals and he gets fried with Wii beams; even though he never touched the contacts with his body nor metal. Bad, bad logic break there guys. And very, very unfunny in hindsight too. And it's enough to start the engine. Everyone gets in and let's get dangerous with about two minutes to go.

So we head into the street as one of the park cars stink for no reason as Ample uses her glue gun to spit on the denizens of Saint Carnard and stick them to the payment. Ammonia invokes the sucking machine and sucks up a bird's clothes and rich stuff to reveal red spotted underwear. They even tease ripping his underwear off; but the scene quickly cuts away to a shot of Ammonia before that can happen. That is absolutely stupid and hypocritical because we have seen Cubbi and Baloo strip naked three times ON-SCREEN. So why is it unacceptable to suck up someone's underwear?! She's dirty again for no reason as Ample blows her off for being a neat freak. Hey screw wad; if she wasn't a neat freak; she would lose the only thing that make her so over. Ammonia does me proud by telling her to shut up. And here comes Drake in the Nut Quacker as he calls them two dirt bags. Yeah; let's talk like 2010 Joker Sting now as Ample shoots the glue gun and Drake brings up the green hood up as a shield. This would have been fine; if the glue didn't bounce off BEFORE it had a chance to make CONTACT with the hood. GOD!! And they REPEAT THE SPOT and get it right the second time as the hood comes off. The Jungle Aces are much cooler than you Drake when it comes to wearing pots on their head. Get over yourself. So Drake uses the hose microphone and we fire the blenders with pink anti-bacterial soap at Ample Grime and she is disabled. Good; she was completely ruining Ammonia's buzz and Ammonia agrees with me as she brings out the vacuum cleaner of death to suck Drake into submission.

Drake panics and wants more ammo as Gosalyn and Honker blow up beach ball like balloon part way and throw them into the vacuum cleaner's suction mouth. And if you recall; that is the exact same finish they used in Dirty Money; and a similar finish they did in CINTB. Ammonia Pine is finished; she has no heat left. And Drake had little to do with it for a change. Both females get cleaned (Ample gets air in her face? How does that clean her?) and slime in that order; then jump down and blow off each other which is pretty much the exact finish from CINTB. And yes; the machine explodes after a really lame fight with cleaner and mud too. And then just to rub it all in my face; Drake comes in and wraps this story up with his VOICEOVER OF DOOM. Oh lord; shoot me NOW! And we get the Quackerdo reference just to annoy me as we return to Drake's house and Gosalyn puts the statue on the desk and Drake has apparently brought the game; but he has to tell her something. Gosalyn grabs the game and kisses Drake on the cheek as Drake tries to inform her. Gosalyn then gets all upset as she apparently forgot to clean up her room still. But then we see an OUT OF NOWHERE television which is taken apart as Drake shows a paper for one recycled television. Sure; let's screw up the ending while we are at it. Because this makes no sense at all and it makes Gosalyn Mallard look like a really stupid person. If they were shooting for Gosalyn outsmarting herself like Martin Torque in From Here To Machinery ; this fails badly. Gosalyn is not nearly as upset as I am and we mercifully end this episode at 21:07 aired. When the biggest praise is that this is still better than Bubba's Big Brainstorm; you have got a HUGE problem. Ammonia Pine's career is flushed down the toilet and so is Ellen Gerstell's marketability after this poor excuse of an episode. -* 3/4 (-35%).


This episode made me cry; but not in a good way. I cried seeing a perfectly fine heel like Ammonia Pine get dragged in the muck by probably one of the worst villains ever which is a stinky female heel who has no heat and has no ability other than leeching off of Ammonia Pine's cool heel routine. I mean; how can kids hate Ample Grime when Ample Grime is a HERO to them. Kids love dirt and filth because it counter acts the neat freakness of their parents. Ample Grime would have worked as a babyface; but not heel; just like David the Barbarian's babyface cleaning gimmick which was such a failure. And also; how can the old Disney fans defend this episode while blasting Fanboy & Chum Chum. I can do both because Fanboy & Chum Chum's main problem is not gross out jokes; it's gross out jokes that make NO sense; and break logic and reason. We got gross out jokes and even the old fart sound routine. Seriously. There was only one decent sigh gag in act 2 of the episode (the before and after door routine which I thought was funny); and a few laughs from Ammonia Pine. We had a decent start; and then Ample appeared and it was all downhill, Mount Everest style. Every other joke was either horrible, lame, or when it looked like a good idea; it was screwed up either by bad writing or by Sunwoo animation who missed spots like crazy (green hood shield spot is a prime example of it). And the whole Gosalyn recycle thing only served to make Gosalyn look really bad. Are we supposed to buy that Gosalyn is so stupid that she would disassemble a television and thus screw herself out of the video game. And how did Gosalyn get to Drake's gas gun. None of this is explained; and we also had one of the biggest whiplash jumps cuts ever. And a lot of logic breaks. This pretty much ended Ellen's marketability as a voice actress (she was rendered to anime back when anime wasn't so huge) and pretty much ended any hope for the writers to get another job with Disney again.

But look at the bright side; this was still better than Bubba's Big Brainstorm; all thanks to Ammonia Pine because without her; this is a -** 1/2 episode (and that is being generous) and the worst episode in DTVA before 1996. This was beyond horrible. I don't know how this made television; but it did. Thank goodness this episode is over. So the next three episodes will be Kung Fooled, Bad Luck Duck and That Sinking Feeling. Somehow; I am not liking the last two either since the Darkwing Duck Fan Club is returning. Bad Luck Duck is also the last episode in order. The next episodes after that go back to September of 1991; just to annoy me. I know some critics have pointed out problems in watching the episodes in order; but seriously, the show is so out of whack now that it's time to stop blaming the critics and blame DTVA for being so stupid and thinking that they can get away with such antics because he's a cartoon duck. I realize this is 20 years too late; but still. So....

Thumbs way down in hell for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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