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That Sinking Feeling

Reviewed: 07/17/2012

...In Quality Of DTVA Marches On.

Well; well, we have finally finished the syndication only episodes of Darkwing Duck; so now it's time to tackle the broadcast television episodes on ABC. YAY! It's going to be interesting since we are starting back around September of 1991 as these episodes ran on ABC at around the same time the Disney Afternoon was rolling along. Our first episode is #7 on Darkwing Duck's production paper and it's one of the first appearances in terms of air date order for Professor Moliarity along with one of the last DTVA appearances for the late Lorenzo Music as well. Well; how does this ABC episode fare? So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written and story edited by Tad Stones. The animation is done by Walt Disney Animation OZ. Finally! An in house studio does an episode after 11 episodes of Sunwoo, Wang, and Hanho. Considering the production number; the animation shouldn't be a problem. I hope...

We begin this one on the streets of Saint Carnard AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as we head to a close up of the bridge as Drake in shadow practices the fine art of not being seen and ruining it with his VOICEOVER OF DOOM. For some strange reason; I wish Jim Cummings had kept THAT version of the voice because that one sounds a lot less full of himself than the one he would be more infamous for. He gets on top of the bridge and we have the promo at 20 seconds flat...

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the winged scourge that pecks at your nightmares.

Oh yeah; now I can see why a lot of people love Darkwing Duck. Perfect promo; one that I can take seriously and doesn't sound vain. Drake finally shows up and is bored out of his skull. HAHA! Great facials too for a change. Drake complains about the lack of criminals in Saint Carnard. Well; that's not good. We've seen what happens when Drake Mallard has no one to arrest now don't we? Launchpad is fishing off the tower of the bridge which means he has to have the longest fishing line in the history of anthro-kind. LP claims that Drake is doing a great job as a oil tanker is in the harbor and it rises from a water pillar; then drops into a hole in the ocean and then disappears. LP facials are priceless as he tries to show Drake that someone stole an oil tanker; but Drake looks around and sees nothing...AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING. Drake at least praises LP for trying and it's nice to see actual shadows at night too. Drake walks around and wants to go home as LP swears he saw something disappear as he then see the tower of KDUQ (KDUCK in case you are wondering) pop and vanish. LP's facials said it as he leaves with Drake and we circle fade out nearly 2 minutes in; a new record for DTVA.

Then we circle fade in to a shot of an alarm clock on a desk. Apparently; Drake (in blue night shirt) has Donald's violent venom towards alarm clocks because he MURDERS it with the out of nowhere wooden mallet complete with red jackhammer background which engulfs the scene for about two seconds before Drake finally goes back to sleep. Apparently; this is the second alarm clock he has killed as the clock oversells dramatically onto the ground. Then the door opens and here comes Gosalyn to pounce on Drake's belly as per the opening. Drake is still sleep talking and wants to punish Gosalyn for this. Gosalyn tries to reason with him because it's a case see. So Gosalyn does the Gruffi pose and then returns with a goldfish bowl complete with goldfish and water. She throws it in Drake's face and Drake wakes up taking out a goldfish which has grown about four times it's size since the previous shot. Man; that goldfish is filled with hot air and it mixed with Drake's hot air. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BLAM! HEE HEE! Missed again Drake! YOU ARE NOT...POW! OUCH! Ummmm... So Gosalyn runs out as Drake has since changed magically into a purple bathrobe and blows off Gosalyn for trying the jackhammer approach of waking up instead of the sneaky approach of sneaking explosives under his bed. Ummm; yeah. So we head to the living room as Honker and Launchpad are watching the news and LP proclaims that he wasn't more crazier than usual. HAHA! I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments.

So we discover from a bear news reporter with blond hair and a gray trench coat that the USS Langdale (would have been funnier if Douglas was story editing this episode) and the station KDUQ were not isolated incidents. Geez; I wonder why since Launchpad saw both of them disappear. Oh; and the Saint Carnard electric company is gone too as the workers barely escaped with their lives because there shalt be no murder on children's cartoons. Drake loves his television because he's got a real case to solve this time. He agrees with LP and this is a job for DARKWING...DUCK. He sounds so much better in this episode too. Gosalyn and Honker have their mining gear on; wanting to tag along and of course Drake refuses to let them go because it's too dangerous, BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! Apparently; Drake kisses Gosalyn on the forehead and Gosalyn is going to a baseball game that he planned to go and Honker can have his ticket on his behalf. Now that is so generous of him as Drake and LP get on the flipping chairs of death. Gosalyn protests this outrage just to show that Raoul is dumb; but no dice. Although I have to admit; her scary movies monsters are a lot more creative than Freddy Jones' mole people conspiracy theories.

Drake wiggles his finger under Gosalyn's chin because this is reality and not a comic book. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Projection much there Drake? Apparently; Gosalyn notices the same thing I do. See; he doesn't want to chance her getting hurt on one of his cases. Gosalyn blows it off as him getting mushy when the fun starts. Drake counters by claiming that it's only a take over the world scheme that will be done by dinner. So he pushes the button on the Basil statue and we flip the chair and do more animated sequences from the opening involving the Rat Catcher. Launchpad has a map and tells him to hang a right. Blink & Miss Moment #1: Drake's name is on one of the bill boards. Drake tries to hang a right; but gets dragged down into the giant ass sized hole and then we get the first logic break of the episode as it comes back up and the Rat Catcher pants. LP wonders how to get pass that hole and Drake brings in his grappling hook rope. It's time to repel which Launchpad confuses with him stinking the joint. HAHA! Well; not so funny since LP hasn't been saving the joint much since being on this show. Drake blows him off and we bounce down with more vanity than a WWE Diva and he splatters into the wall with a Scooby Doo Snow Angel spot. Sigh. Launchpad repels down and gleefully answers that spot for me. HAHA! So we head below the bowels (NOT THOSE ONES!) of the earth as Professor Moliarity (I'll nickname him Moli since that is easier to spell) has not only stolen the USS Langsdale; he seems to have stolen Drake's original voice like a filthy pirate. Oh wait... Anyhow; we see some mole workers and I can tell you right now; one of them is voiced by someone else other than Lorenzo Music. Moli tells them to continue the work and they salute him and leave.

See; Moli is using them to bring them to their destiny on the surface world. It's weird that Moli is their leader and looks like a goofy corporate suit. He also loves that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH. So we head to outside a stadium as we see a huge mess near Gosalyn's seat and purple stuff on her shoe (and she's wearing a purple sock for no reason) as Gosalyn is wanting ketchup packs on her hot dogs as she blows off adults because they make us miserable and then claim that they are building character. Well; they do build character. Ask Kit Cloudkicker about it. Honker doesn't seem too thrilled about this. Laughable logic break: The hotdog looks red on every shot and then it turns to feces just before Gosalyn puts the second ketchup pack on it. You would think WD-OZ would have noticed that Pacific Rim Animation level color mistake. Gosalyn keeps stealing food from Honker and getting bigger it seems as Honker tries to explain that Drake is only caring about her well being. Gosalyn blows it off because Drake treats her like a baby; even though she is acting like a little child right now. All Gosalyn needs to complete this is to stamp her tender little feet. So we head back to the hole as Drake free falls for no reason whatsoever. He lands on the ground in a far shot version of the infamous bump Donald Duck took during his lumber jacking days. Sadly; he breaks little ground and doesn't do the flat out feet spot at all. If you are going to steal Donald Duck's spot Drake; learn how to do the flat out spot properly. Drake is in pain (but not sympathy pain; oh no...) as LP comes down safely and calls it a great shortcut. HAHA!

So Drake fans his feet with the Zorro Hat and now they cannot find the power plant. LP looks under a rock and Drake blows it off in a sarcastic way. So we look for clues with the magnifying glass for a while to waste time. Drake ponders who could move a building without tread marks. Then they are forced to hide behind a rock (HA!) as a beetle marches into a cave. Ooooookkkkaaayyyyy, Drake wants LP to follow the beetle and LP proclaims that he has no bug spray. It's too bad copyright law prohibits "And me without my yellow submarine." because that joke was just dying to be used. Drake pulls LP away before he can make anyone bad jokes as we head further into the cave as the mole people with green jackets and mining hats (The crossover of Freddy Jones' conspiracy theories and Mr. Fat's Krackpotkin plans all rolled into one!) look on from the USS Langdale below. Moli is on top of the ship as Drake and Launchpad practice the fine art of not being seen on a cliff. Moli proclaims that he wants revenge for being driven down to the depths of dark caves and he'll get that revenge by using a Kineto Beam, which he plans to plunge the world into darkness by putting the moon into a fixed state; and eternal eclipse if you will. Ummm; this is not going to work as well as you think Moli. Unless you intend to make half of the world suffer; which is just fine for the moles because they instantly pop for him. He offers the SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT and tanning butter from his coat as one of the moles asks why that is needed. Everyone scatters as the mole gets MURDERED with a cannon complete with the bump WITH CHEESE AND BACON.

So we cut back to LP and Drake as Drake calls Moli a huckster. I wonder if Moli was designed off of religious carnival barkers?! That would at least explain the goofy suit and tie. Drake wants to get dangerous eight minutes in as we see Moli go over to the conveniently placed lever (WRONG LEVER!) and pulls it to reveal that he has create a system to bring out the baseball stadium. UH OH! Looks like Gosalyn and Honker are going to get their fun after all as food spills all about and the baseball fans all flee from the scene. Honker and Gosalyn leave the stadium; but watch the stadium sink below ground. Gosalyn is loving this and jumps onto the top of the stadium because she's not missing this adventure. Honker ponders over this and eats the hot dog and drinks the soda and jumps onto the top with Gosalyn. Sadly; he dropped the box of popcorn just to annoy me. You NEVER throw out good popcorn. Charred popcorn; yes. Good popcorn; that is MURDER BABEE! So we head down to underground level as Moli is loving this; until a huge boulder gums up the works and somehow Gosalyn and Honker manage to keep their balance in the process. Moli is not happy and we hear laughter from Drake (You know it's an early episode when he's doing that; and he sounds more badass in hindsight) and he cuts the exact same promo from the beginning of the episode. Now there is one vast improvement over the early episodes. And we get another shot from the opening which is Drake's first full of himself appearance. Then he swings from the out of nowhere rope and in front of Moli. He flings his cape and then Launchpad crashes into Drake OUT OF NOWHERE. HAHA! If he did this more often along with bringing his fatalism back; this show would be a lot better. And I do mean A LOT better. Moli gets off one of the funniest lines I have ever heard...

Moliarity: Darkwing Duck? Sounds like something I should have on egg rolls.

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Drake is PISSED and Moli pisses him even more as he pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and that crumbles the rock to bits. The stadium pushes up and down in a neat spot as LP gleefully sums it up for us. So the mole miners surround Drake and LP with their rifles with ease I might add. We then cut to Gosalyn blowing off adults for being useless (oh those are fighting words Gos!) as Drake brings out the gas gun and tells everyone to suck gas as the bomb shoots off and lands short of the mark. The pink crying tear gas cloud spot is AWESOME and it's a damn shame we will never see it again. Even though Drake blows it off of course. So we head inside the stadium as Gosalyn and Honker play slingshot with a big ass trash can (with the bat as the see saw); and it lands right on Drake and Launchpad. HAHA! Oh come on; you seriously think Gosalyn was aiming for the moles now wasn't she? The mole people are HER type of people after all. Oh and someone dumped a camera into the trash too as Gosalyn tries to feign that she hit the wrong guy. Launchpad I can understand; but Drake?! Moli loves this recycling idea and grabs an eaten apple. He orders the mole people to take them to the slug pit as Drake and Launchpad are screwed. That ends the segment almost 11 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we see Drake and Launchpad tied to a stake in the middle of a tube pan like hole which I assume is filled with slugs. Drake struggles as LP praise Moli for being creative. Moli is on the other side as he mocks Drake and Drake blows him off calling this peachy. A good chunk of the really crappy episodes are so peachy Drake; so I wouldn't exactly talk. Moli decides to reveal his Krackpotkin plan which is so stupid because it allows Gosalyn and Honker to sneak up from behind and MURDER two moles people with baseball bats off-screen. They dress up as moles and have guns too. I noticed that the guns are there; but none have been fired yet. So we get the full plan as we raise up the baseball stadium with oil tanker as an energy source and the radio station as the place to fire the beam which acts like a tractor beam to move the moon into the sun which causes eternal night in Saint Carnard. Then we see AFTER HAPPY HOUR unless you are a slug; then it's truly HAPPY HOUR~ as the slugs and mole go to the surface and commence the attack. See; the sunlight is gone and thus they cannot feel pain anymore. In other words; they have the same weakness as the Mudblups; only with a lot less creditability as heels. Drake mocks Moli again just because Moli is tormenting him with his plan. If that's the case; every villain should be doing this to him. Moli ponders it over and likes the idea; but he will still not miss Drake. HAHA!

So Moli brings out the triangle and a rubber mallet (Why? Why not a wooden stick?) and bangs on it because it's time for the green slugs to come out and play as they rise from the ground. Moli tells Gos Mole and Honk Mole to watch over them and shoot to kill if they do anything to escape. Moli leaves and two seconds later; Gosalyn blows her cover and calls out for Drake. Drake is not happy to see her; but doesn't care and needs help anyway. Gosalyn calls on Honker and he's hitting the books and has only checked his calculations twice. Honker's foot seems to be drawn wrong for some reason as the slugs surround the goofs with attitude. Drake almost get his head eaten by a slug and then Honker takes the rifle and shoots it. The bullet bounces off the rock...Wait a second?! A CHILD FIRES A BULLET SHOOTING GUN?! Wow; just wow. Even funnier; Toon Disney KEPT the whole thing. This scene is an allegory of the downplaying of TaleSpin when adults were shooting the guns and scenes got snipped because of it. Anyhow; two spike rocks crash down and bonk both slugs in the head with weak shots; but the power of the gun makes sure that they go down easily. Then three more spike rocks (even bigger ones) fall onto the pit making a makeshift bridge. Gosalyn goes over an unties Drake as Launchpad pets Honker's head afterwards. So they escape to the platform to the lever (WRONG LEVER!) as the slugs chase them (and the babyfaces don't know about them). Drake blames Gosalyn for the trashcan incident and Gosalyn blows him off because they were going to be trapped anyway. Drake wants Gosalyn to go straight home once they arise to the surface. Honker is panicking about the slugs chasing them; Drake and Gosalyn trade blow offs, lever is used, slugs get it on the chin so to speak and we arise to the surface as it is HAPPY HOUR for beetles and mole people everywhere. Got that?!

We finally get gunfire and a lot of it (a good 0.6 Trigun) as the moles borrow underground and two blue uniform cops surrender faster than France (and they are dogs how apporos?!) and tanks fire and soldier fire guns that give off red smoke. Well; that is certainly different from the gun flashes we saw in TaleSpin. I guess red smoke is WD-OZ's calling card. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! With all these moles with rifles; Drake finally concedes that Gosalyn going home is not going to happen. We play Beetle Bowling (For Dollars) on the building which causes the soldiers to topple down and wave the white flags as then we see the babyfaces run towards the camera and see more bullets fired and missed Gosalyn and Honker by inches. The turn exit stage right looked like a Matrix move in actual speed when they turn around. Sadly; it made the background look crappy. So Launchpad gets a hole in his red hair as we are up to 0.7 Trigun now as the babyfaces run into the alleyway as Drake proclaims that they need to shut off the Kineto (A Wi-Fi Company today) Beam. How about destroying the oil tanker since it's the energy source? Sadly; they reach the dead end (second death reference of the episode; first one was making a killing). Drake proclaims that they double back; but here comes the giant ass slug ready to munch Drake's head off for my pleasure. That actually ends the segment 15 and a half minutes in. Well; that was pretty short.

After the commercial break; we see the slugs back up the faces to the wall and then they shrink and die. WHAT?! Apparently; Honker took a salt packet and doused it on the ground despite us not seeing the scene. Sadly; it's not a logic break because salt does kill slugs and Yahoo Answers describes it perfectly:

The death knoll for slugs and snails is summed up in one word:


Slugs and snails have a higher percentage of their body-weight made up of water, then other animals. Also, their skin is a much more permeable covering then average. When you salt a slug or snail, this increases the concentration of salt on the surface (outside) of the unfortunate subject. From a different perspective, this is DECREASING the water concentration outside the slug/snail. The process of osmosis is the movement of water from an area of high water concentration through a permeable membrane to an area of lower water concentration. The water INSIDE the slug MOVES OUTSIDE the slug, in order to reach an equilibrium concentration on both sides of the skin. Unfortunately, this means that the slug/snail is now much drier then it can tolerate. It literally dies of dehydration.

Drake calls Honker's plan a clever one. Nah; Honker just got lucky that he hates added sodium. Drake proclaims that it will take all of them and then teases Gosalyn into believing otherwise; before admitting that he needs everyone in this one. Gosalyn cheers and because Drake is such a full of himself vain bastard; he grabs Gosalyn's beak to shut her up. Sadly; that move will never work on Drake Mallard despite being the same animal as Gosalyn. And man; did Drake's pull on the beak kill Christine's voice on that one too. So Launchpad (the only one who doesn't have a voice problem) asks what is the plan and Drake is unleashing Operation Rat Catcher and has a pencil in his hand for no reason at all; because it's time to get dangerous...AGAIN! So we head further into the city as the Rat Catcher is just sitting there while the mole miners examine it. Then it starts up and runs into the camera only flattening one mole miner. Oh well; better luck next time Drake. So we get another sequence from the opening as it's time to catch a rat. Memo to Drake: He's not a rat; he's a mole person. Mole people are considered heels in this world; so stop acting so full of yourself. So we head to the stadium and then on top of it as Moli has found some hot dogs, a drink, a red baseball cap and a red sports team flag. Then a mole miner shows up to inform Moli that Drake has escaped and he's so pissed off that he smacks the mole miner with an awesome backhand. Nice. He also tells the miner to burn him and bring the remains to him. Ooooooooooooooo... This is an ABC episode right?! He also wants ketchup too since there is none in the stadium.

So we cut back to ground level with a driving sequence in the Rat Catcher as the mole miners and beetle are chasing Drake. Launchpad has dug a hole (oh; he's already trying to bury himself before Drake does. A little too late for that I suppose) and the Rat Catcher jumps over; but the beetle bumps the hole and rolls down the hill. Drake proclaims that they need to do something about these potholes. I agree; and the first thing they should do is arrest Launchpad for vandalism. Which leads to a really dumb logic break: Remember the shot of the beetle in a circle was rolling down the hill? When the mole miners arrive; the next changes to the beetle rolling up a hill despite there being no hills higher than the one the babyfaces were on in the previous shot. Logic break #2 for the episode and the first one I don't accept. This only serves the purpose to flatten the mole down into their mining hats which we have seen before. So we head to an outdoor cafe as the mole miner are eating burgers and here comes Gosalyn dressed like a waiter bringing out a surface world speciality which is the HOT CHILI PEPPER SAUCE OF DEATH~! The mole miner likes the idea (most of the moles seem to be voiced by Jim Cummings; this one with the Don Karnage voice minus the accent) and Gosalyn squirts the stuff on the burgers. The moles eat it and they get the CHEAP HEAT OF LAUGHS (and the one voice one gets a face that I cannot put my finger on who it is.) and they rocket into the sky and out of sight. Gosalyn apparently will not be getting a tip sadly.

So we head to outside the flower shop as the mole miners are directing two beetles while Honker hides behind a huge amount of flowers. Honker brings out his only fan and blows the flowers' pollen into the heels and they suffer sneezing and coughing so much that the beetles play pinball the buildings for fun; but do no damage. Heh. Just what this episode needs: More windbags. So we see the mole people selling various injuries and illnesses as Moli blows them off for complaining that they want to go home because he has four tons of tanning butter left. Okay; that joke makes no sense whatsoever and it doesn't catch. Get over yourself Tad. One of the mole people drinks a whole tank of water for fun. We cut back to Drake and the gang in the Rat Catcher driving towards the stadium. Sadly; it is still raised and there is a big ass beetle guarding it. Moli is pissed off of this as one of the mole people tells him that he's a duck. Moli blows him off because he wants to know what Drake is up to. Ummm; Moli, any villain worth his salt knows that he's trying to destroy the Kineto Beam. You know the thing that plunges the world into darkness and kills off the weakness your kind has. So Drake deattaches the Rat Catcher forcing the shot gun portion to drive stage left while cutting a chicken promo. Moli takes this as giving up and committing suicide. Wow; again. Drake drives off the beetle which somehow gives him enough lift to drive across the top of the stadium; but he misses Moli. Drake isn't happy; so he basically crashes into the KDUQ tower and fries himself. However; the force of the blow moves the moon away from the sunlight as it's day light once again and the mole people and beetles scatter to the underground like scalded dogs. Well; that was pretty direct and quick.

Drake claims that he meant to do that (screw TaleSpin out of it's rightful 100 episode contract) as the babyfaces somehow get into the stadium and call for Drake. Drake plops down and cuts his usual full of himself promo (death reference #3) as Gosalyn hugs him. Now in any other universe; this would be the end of the episode; but this is DARKWING...DUCK; so it's time for Cartoon Duck Syndrome~! And Moli arrives wearing sunglasses and carrying a bazooka. Ah; so he DID think his plan all the way through. So much so; Drake lost his mask in some shots. Death reference #4 ensues as we fire some more shells and the sounds are clearly BS&P'ed. It sounds like whoosh sounds instead of a real bazooka gun. The babyface scattered like scalded dogs and the babyfaces hide behind oil barrels. Now that is the epitome of being REALLY STUPID. And yes; this scene and the blow up also comes from the opening as well. The explosion somehow manages to make the babyfaces rise about 100-200 feet or so; and Drake is using his cape as a parachute while the babyfaces hold on to him. Drake tells Gosalyn to use the gas gun and Gosalyn takes the gas gun and shoots the gas bomb at Moli; and it's laughing gas as we see another awesome pink cloud. Moli laughs and shoots more bazooka shells while Drake proclaims that she shot a madman with laughing gas. As if tear gas would have been better Drake? Gosalyn gleefully has a perfect excuse for that.

So the shell goes through the cape and they free fall and plop on the pitcher's mound with no bump whatsoever. Drake is on bottom and he is pissed off. It's time to kill Moli as Gosalyn wants in and gets it. So we see Moli with the bazooka around center field as we zoom out and notice that Drake is at the PA announcer booth as it's a baseball game between the Darkwing Ducks and the Moli Mini Moles. Moli is ticked off as Gosalyn throws a fastball from out of nowhere and it misses Moli by a mile. Here's a suggestion: Go for the glasses. Honker uses the calculator and hits the ball and it whacks the bazooka out of his hands as Launchpad grabs the ball and throws it to Drake as Moli tries to beat up Drake; but Drake invokes the trash can lid (OUT OF NOWHERE of course) and whacks Moli in the face. Sadly; his glasses do not come off which would have been a better finish and give Moli a reason to retreat without making him look like a coward. Drake tells Moli to give up; but Moli blows him off and digs into the ground like a coward. Drake mocks him as Launchpad is still confused. Drake wraps this episode up as she thanks Gosalyn for her help. Gosalyn wants a neat name to go along with this like the Masked Mallard or the Scarlet Quackette. The Masked Mallard is Scrooge McDuck's gimmick and we have already seen Dances With Bigfoot to know how much the Scarlet/Crimson Quackette sucks. You should go with something that accents your abilities; something like The Quiverwing Quack; or something like that. Besides; we all know Drake isn't going to share the spotlight with you; that two timing hypocritical vain slug.

Naturally; Drake blows it all of as we zoom out to the city as Gosalyn proclaims that she can take care of herself and Drake proclaims that she cannot take care of her own room. Oh that is fighting words Drake and Gosalyn calls it a cheap shot. HAHA! Gosalyn is a much easier character to make Drake defend his own actions. Kit Cloudkicker on the other hand; Drake would look like an idiot everytime; rather than an idiot every time Gosalyn becomes Pod Gosalyn so to speak. This episode is over at 21:09. If this was the first episode that aired on ABC; I would want to watch this show from here on out because the animation for the most part was excellent; the story was solid enough that it didn't try to do anything really stupid, had a lot of funny moments (although one or two jokes did not catch) and it allowed Honker to shoot a bullet shooting gun. Probably the only time in history you will see that. Sadly; BS&P put it's foot down on that, and really can you blame them? Sadly; the ending was almost similar to I Only Have Ice For You: Drake and Gosalyn arguing about heroism. Sadly; Honker does not play Kit here. Call it **** (80%).


Well; what can I say?! The animation was better than usual (in spite of some obvious coloring mistakes); the storyline was good enough even though there were some logic breaks in places. Moliarity is a perfectly fine heel and he had an excellent plan which Drake outsmarted him thanks to Gosalyn and Honker. What more can you want from this? Most of the humor was great; although the tanning butter thing did not catch at all. While the ending was fine for what it was; it's almost basically the same one they did for I Only Have Ice For You and the finish was pretty lame with Moliarity digging like a coward with the glasses on. However; seeing Honker shooting an actual bullet shooting gun was a hallmark moment that we will never see again. You would have thought that if Kit Cloudkicker couldn't do it; no one will and here we are, the first ABC episode of the series, Honker pulls it off. Amazing. Overall; an enjoyable episode, but I suggest that BS&P is going to be standing down the guns from here on out. Next week is my birthday so there will only be two episodes done: Film Flam and NegaDuck. So....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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