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Film Flam

Reviewed: 07/28/2012

A Full Of Himself Production!

Well; we are back to ranting three episodes at a time and I picked pretty much one of the later Tuskerinni episodes and this one caused some fans to think that TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck were in the same universe (which they are not - again this is in the same sense as people thinking that they saw Zipper get eaten by a fish in Louie's Last Stand). Yes; Gosalyn apparently is fragile even though she has been characterized as being stronger than Kit is. It's the old "movies brainwash you" trope that almost never works. So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Bruce Reid Schaeffer and story edited by Carter Crocker. The animation is done by Walt Disney Animation Japan with additional services done by Atelier Bwca, Studio Jack, Tama Pro and Jade.

We begin this one outside a club AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) somewhere in the city. Then we discover that we are in a movie theater and it's just a horror movie being played out. There is a pink shirt blond haired female dogsperson screaming badly (ah; the wonders of Z-Grade movie making) and being backed against the wall; she stops selling and blows everything off. Yeah; this is a Z-Grade movie for sure as we discover that our chainsaw welding friend is a Frankenstein dog creature with a bowtie. We then cut to the seats as Gosalyn is watching, eating popcorn and wearing 3D glasses. Gosalyn claims that her allowance is bigger than their budget and that she's the only one watching it. So Gosalyn is a Z-Grade movie lover. We then pan up to the hole were the movie is projected and a purple laser beam shoots from it into the Dog Frankenstein monster comes alive and into the real world. Ooookkkkaaaayyyyy. Logic break: when they go to the screen; only the character shows up and the background is completely white. Gosalyn dodges the chainsaw with ease and the Dog Frankenstein walks out of the movie theater. Gosalyn does praise the 3D effects as we head outside the city as the Rat Catcher is riding down the streets of Saint Carnard as the VOICEOVER OF DOOM continues to annoy me to no end. Launchpad thankfully points out that Drake has a 3 pm appointment with Gosalyn's school counselor. So we ride and then see a chicken hawk store clerk outside near his store pleading for help because someone stole all of his bananas. Drake still continues acting full of himself; doesn't notice the banana peels on the street as the Rat Catcher collides into them and spins around and the Rat Catcher gets trashed. Uh huh. Drake proclaims that the anti-lock brakes are no match for the common banana peel. Those have got to be the weakest brakes in history. Memo to Drake: Stop going to Scrooge for automobile advice.

So we cut to a dog in a cowboy outfit carrying bananas away. This is not unusual in the very least; after all we did see a cowboy stealing stuff in Stressed To Kill. Launchpad claims that he looks familiar to him as Drake climbs up and cuts another full of himself promo and it sounds like a bad B-movie; which is greeted with the same type of B-movie response. So much so even Drake is noticing it. Launchpad claims that he saw him on the Insulator Morning Show last week and he's the Snake-Eyed Kid. Drake drops down and wants to shoot out; so the Snake Eyed Kid takes out his pistols and shoots them which causes Drake Mallard to turn black bodied. Even more drole: the pistols use pop gun sound effects. That cannot be a BS&P decision since it's a Z grade movie and those sound effects can be expected. Drake claims that he is crisping his cape and then we scene change to inside an office with a red haired female duck wearing glasses and a blue suit with a white shirt looking at some paper. I'm guessing that this is Gosalyn's school counselor. I know this because the counselor is reading through Gosalyn's file and claiming that she saw a chainsaw welding monster go through the television screen. Now wait a minute. We saw in the previous scene with her that she commented on the 3D effects. So she still didn't believe for one second that the thing was real. Memo to counselor: Watch a 3D film sometime; you might get your answer. The counselor takes it as her not being able to tell reality from fantasy. So she tells stories; which means she wants to be a movie producer. She has had inspirations to be a movie writer for quite a few episodes in this series already (the last one being U.F. Foe). Even Drake is defending her; but the counselor talks him down. Damn; the one time someone talks Drake down to his desk and it makes her look really bad.

So SC calls on her intercom to bring in Case #1311 and in comes Gosalyn wearing an bug monster outfit which looks really cool. It's amazing how 20+ years have passed and this can be constructed today as someone cosplaying a character which is harmless and done many times at various Comic-con events and other events of that nature. Back in 1991; this would be constructed as weird and very harmful even though it is not. So I cannot dump the writers for that spot at least. Drake claims that she has an active imagination as most kids do even at her age. Drake also gets on Gosalyn's case about watching a Z-Grade movie and Gosalyn claims that it wasn't a green monster with a hacksaw. Memo to Drake: Hacksaws don't kill people faster than chainsaws. Even Gosalyn F'N Waddlemeyer-Mallard can figure it out which shows how out of touch you are in terms of reality. Drake rips the wooden table of the desk and then stammers like an idiot. Drake promises to supervise her media watching more carefully and the counselor advices not showing movies with the word blood in them. To be fair; it would also be advisible not to watch movies that are done by Z-Grade. Not because they are violent and brainwashing; but because they suck. So we head to the movie theater hallway as Gosalyn sees some posters on the wall for duck versions of Rocky III among other movies. Drake blows them off because they are considered blood fests to him. So he then invokes the contract of doom which is basically the DEED OF DEATH and Gosalyn has to sign it. Apparently; violent movies are off limits completely as they are at the top. I hope Gosalyn doesn't watch any historic films in class or Gosalyn's history teacher is going to be screwed with lawsuits; knowing Drake.

So apparently Gosalyn signs it and we head to the next scene in the movie theater with the GANG OF GAG watching a safer movie. So wait; Gosalyn sold that without any counter whatsoever? Are we supposed to buy that Gosalyn would be willing to sign a contract without at least questioning the contract in the first place? Drake explains that we are going to watch an G-rated animated movie. Gosalyn blows it off as a cartoon. Well; screw you Gosalyn! Drake might be full of himself and REALLY STUPID; but he does have better tastes than you Gos. I have to admit that at least. Anyhow; it's called the Whacky Adventures of Andy The Ape. So we go to the scene as a pig female mother is telling the titular character Andy The Ape (who is fully clothed by the way) to take care of her baby while she is gone. Andy (Jim Cummings) gets all giddy with the baby and baby whacks him in the head with the rattle. In 1991; no one would have batted a eye, but today, it would be a dangerous, moronic spot because it could be mimicked very easily and after all the studies on concussions and dementia; this is pretty violent in it's own right making Drake a hypocrite in the worst order. Then we get the ANVIL OF NEIDHARTS dropped on Andy's foot which does so much damage that the shoe opens up and we see his foot on impact. Andy bounces around just as Drake realizes that he got screwed big time. Oh no indeed! Still got better tastes than Gosalyn though. So we continues with the baby dropping anvils while Andy dodges them. I swear that Andy went downstairs somehow because otherwise; this doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Oh right he went downstairs as another anvil MURDERS Andy in the head and he is dizzy. Gosalyn simply walks out as Drake tries to tell her that in real life you don't pop up this way. Drake's speech is very ineffective because this is Darkwing Duck's world and not the real world. And we have seen a million times in this cartoon that the world mimics Andy's world. Now if he had addressed the viewers and broke the fourth wall; this speech would have worked a lot better; even if it's patronizing. Although it is also next to impossible for the average child to lift an anvil; unless it's very small.

Launchpad giggles as we head to another movie theater as Gosalyn has basically breached the contract because she's watching Mongo From Mars. I'm SHOCKED that Botchamania has yet to use this scene for their videos. Mongo is a red brain like alien with tentacles and a space helmet. Drake grabs Gosalyn and they are going home to watch a documentary on Lima beans. Still has better taste in movies than Gosalyn as the pink beam zaps through the movie screen and Mongo is ALIVE BABEE! The denizens all panic because this is not a 3D movie and they trample Drake under foot as a result. HAHA! Gosalyn points out that Mongo is loose and Drake looks like he's going to cook Gosalyn's goose..and then sees Mongo and is SHOCKED and APPALLED (in that order). Mongo whacks Drake in the face and his head inverts into his body. HAHA! Gosalyn pops Drake back to normal; or at least she tries to as Drake claims that this is what happens in real life. Ummm; no Drake. It's more like getting a bruise or cut on the cheek and maybe getting knocked out (and if he hits flush enough; kill the person), but he/she would still retain his/her body shape. Almost like Andy The Ape actually. Gosalyn blows off Drake for accusing her of being a maladjusted, pathological liar as Drake assures her that it's just a disguise and changes into DARKWING...DUCK. Yeah; because all villain are like the ones in Scooby Doo. So we scene change to the Rat Catcher in the streets AFTER HAPPY HOUR as we race to chase Mongo as he goes into the same abandoned boarded up theater used as a hideout by Tuskerinni.

Gosalyn wants to get dangerous as she tries to run in; but Drake uses the gun plunger of doom to reel Gosalyn back in. Well; that's normal so we head inside to see Mongo face to face with Tuskerinni. Mongo calls him master as Drake and Launchpad are hiding behind the desk as Drake admits that Gosalyn was telling the truth and Gosalyn comes up from behind with her notepad because she wants it in writing. HAHA! Drake blows her off for having a genetic urge to not follow orders. We sometimes call that Y2Kit. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm... Tusker calls this the best scheme ever; but as usual because he's so full of himself at 7:46...

Darkwing Duck: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the plot twist in the second reel.

The plot twist: Drake is marrying Gusto. BLAM! HEE HEE! Missed again Drake! YOU ARE NOT WORTHY! POW! OUCH! Ummmm... Nice use of the twisting stair case there Drake. Drake swings from the swinging lamp and drops down perfectly. Tuskerinni bails behind the chainsaw zombie and orders them to get Drake and Mongo wraps his tentacles around Drake's neck. HA! So Gosalyn runs in and the Snake-Eyed Kid comes OUT OF NOWHERE and uses the rope to force a FCC FRIENDLY CLOUDDUST OF DEATH and Gosalyn is face down on the ground tied up. Then Launchpad runs right into the zombie and the zombie grabs him in the beak after LP comments on his embalming skills. Tuskerinni wants them all tied up which in Gosalyn's case it's useless because she's already tied up. So we head inside the movie theater as the GANG OF GAG is sitting down in movie seats all tied up. Strangely; Gosalyn is tied up with a lot less rope (she was a virtual mummy in the previous scene) as Tuskerinni tells the penguins to set up the tripod camera and explains the scheme as he is using a 3D projector gun (complete with 3D glasses) to zap all the movie characters into real life and do his bidding. So the penguins start up the movie projector and Tuskerinni asks who stars in this black & white film as some guy picks up a cutlass and Gosalyn calls him Fleabeard the Nasty Pirate who sailed the seven seas. So Tuskerinni rewards her with bringing Fleabeard into the real world and in B&W too. Nice continuity from the writers too. Then we get another possible Toon Disney (/Dumb jump) cut to Tuskerinni calling this Drake's last fade out scene as he leaves the theater. The babyfaces panic like crazy as the shadow arrives and that ends the segment almost nine and a half minutes in. Wow; that was short.

After the commercial break; we return with a far shot of the tied up babyfaces as Fleabeard stalks the heroes and Drake has cutlasses in his eyes as he panics. Well; that was different. Then Fleabeard cuts the ropes and it shows Drake's costume rips to reveal a blue TaleSpin T-shirt. I am not making this up. Here's a bit of background on the whole ordeal of internet lure: When people saw the t-shirt; everyone thought that TaleSpin was in the same universe as Darkwing Duck. Except that TaleSpin's time period doesn't match so they refined it to a different time which would have worked better if there was a much more diverse animal set than Ducktales (which I have no issue with being in the same time period) and Darkwing Duck and thus implied that some kind of genocide happened in between the periods. To be honest; I did explore that concept for a spin-off to Aerostar called AeroCross (with Kit Cloudkicker somehow living through it and not aging (I think I had the idea of Professor Buzz making a machine that makes food say the same for a very long time and somehow Kit got into the machine due to the "Furry Genocide" and after he was found alive in the machine he still stayed around 14 or so.) but he lost both his blood and love families (which is a double whammy since Kit has no beef with his blood family, it was a case of stuff happens.).); but the problem with this is Disney is not going to allow such a BS&P decision anyway. So I stand my ground (it's a non-violent debate, honest! Officer...) in stating that TaleSpin takes place in it's own universe because that is the only way it could work without turning it into a BS&P nightmare on par with Kit Cloudkicker. Now that doesn't explain the Dale shirt worn in Citizen Khan; but that's easier to explain away because of the diverse animal set used in TaleSpin. This Dale might be a full anthro in TaleSpin's world. I guess he was the inspiration for Starfinder in High Flight; but probably isn't.

So moving right along; Fleabeard is not very bright as Drake jumps up and FB kills a movie seat. And then Drake ties him up from behind and uses the grappling hook gun to fire FB up towards the movie projector and uses the switch to move the reels. That is a really cool spot actually as the babyfaces somehow are free and flee the movie theater. I will give props to the animators for keeping the continuity of the TaleSpin shirt in front of Drake's chest. That had to be hell to animate and make sure it didn't break logic. I'm glad Hanho didn't get this episode. And he takes a decent off-screen bump and bends the parking meter. Drake proclaims that they need to stop the crime wave and go after Tsukerinni. Gosalyn wants to help; but Drake grabs her and orders her to go home because she has to sign the contract. WHAT THE HELL?! I thought she already signed it...This leads back to Drake's house as Gosalyn has a newspaper walking into the living room as Drake tries to get her to sign the contract. So Gosalyn shows him the Kongo the Gorilla ad and promise to CONSIDER signing the deal. Drake is not amused because that movie is not on the "no" list and Gosalyn walks out claiming that she erased it from the list. So she hasn't signed the deal despite somehow getting her hands on it. How does THAT work? And she's already breached the contract anyway; so...WHAT?! Oh; I give up, trying to explain the logic of this series is only a little bit more sense than Quack Pack at this point; only at least Darkwing has the comedy excuse to back it up.

So Gosalyn leaves and throws the paper on LP's head. LP takes it and reads it as Drake is relieved and thus wants to get back on the Tuskerinni case. Drake thinks he has it in his head; but he decides to wait for Tusker's next move. So we head to the giant theater of doom as we head to the cheap seats in the balcony as Drake reminds her that he is taking time off of the case to go to the movies. Well Drake; you have no one to blame but yourself for being really stupid. So the movie starts and we replay Andy The Ape again. WHAT?! Gosalyn even gets on Drake's case on it too flipping his beak in the process. I don't blame her because (A) Drake already noticed that Andy The Ape is too violent for her (you don't leave to go watch a documentary on Lima beans if you do like violence. You go watch a documentary on World War II or watch Bowling For Columbine.) and (B) it only leads to a really contrived moment that somehow Kongo is connected to Tuskerinni. So why not just show Kongo instead?! That would make more sense because that was supposed to be the connection. Now people will point out that the writers did it as a plot twist. It doesn't work because Drake's stupidity is his gimmick. It's natural for him to not get it until much later. If stupidity wasn't his gimmick; then he would have got it right from the moment he saw the newspaper. UGH!! Besides; it's not like Kongo and Andy aren't going to come to life anyway as we see Tusker out in the hallway with his penguins and his 3D GUN OF LIFE as he wants to hurry up.

I cannot blame him for that because somehow Drake comes out with the gas gun. Wait a second? How did he change into Darkwing Duck?! So he changed in the movie theater? Then again; the cheap seats provide decent cover; so no logic break; but still odd. The penguins sell the gas gun and four reels of film OUT OF NOWHERE roll down and somehow cause Drake to roll on them like a roll in tray. Oooookkkkaaaayyyy. Drake rolls and this plan backfires because he collides into Tusker and takes a wussy off-screen bump as the steel reels begin to fly. The gas gun and 3D Gun fly into the air and drop to the ground as the 3D Gun shoots into the movie theater just before Drake kicks both guns away. Drake does his usual full of himself promo and Andy The Ape tackles Drake down to the ground and nails the wall with a decent bump and a concussion. He also gets the bell sound effect which at least sounds fine since this is a G-rated cartoon after all. Andy pops up from Drake's suit and kisses him complete with hearts. Tusker gets giddy over this; but he bails stage left with the penguins. Drake tries to follow him; but Andy grabs his cape and he has an iron grip on it too. Drake blows him off; so Andy shakes his hand and it's the jackhammer arm ala Baloo's handshake on Mary Lamb. Only Andy's arm comes off; and it's wooden. Okay; I can accept that somewhat. Drake tries to bail; but the ANVIL OF NEIDHART crashes onto Drake's head and we get the bump WITH CHEESE AND BACON. Andy is enjoying it; but I'm not in the mood to care much about it at this point.

Andy apologizes for that gaffe and we head outside AFTER HAPPY HOUR to a sky shot of Saint Carnard and then we pan over to a sky shot of Tuskerinni setting up a table with a projector on it. Okay; what was the point of Tuskerinni going into the movie theater at all with the film reels? Other than for crap and giggles and giving Drake a foil to play with? I can guess it's to steal reels from the theater and/or run interference; but it still doesn't make sense because you would think Tusker already has them since he's a movie buff. So we run the film and it's Kongo (which actually in part explains why they showed Andy The Ape instead of Kongo; albeit in a really loose manner; but it still doesn't explain why Tusker went into the movie theater. ) in full color. Tusker takes out the 3D Gun and shoots it to bring Kongo to life. This is the final fictional character he zaps into real life so let's get this chaos and destruction started. Kongo sucks his thumbs while Tusker kisses his knee. Okay; let's scene change before this gets way too mushy even for me. So we have Kongo dressed up with a blue book as Tusker is dressed like a director telling him to find the lady of his life and smash the jewelry store. Tusker gets out of the way and yells action in the megaphone. Kongo uses his foot crumble the jewelry all the way to the ground. And then we cut to Drake on top of a building being so full of himself.

So Drake and LP land somehow on the ground without incident and Tusker calls them infidels. Kongo is pissed off and mad now. UH OH! Drake's vanity is going to get it's just desserts. Kongo grabs them (and he only has the baseball cap on) and throws them into the brick wall of a building with MAN-SIZED bumps. Tuskerinni cuts a promo about times as we Drake and LP in the brick wall like lawn darts. So then we jump cut to morning as Tusker is blowing off Kongo for eating five banana trees which is met with Tusker being in a banana tomb. HEE HEE! Kongo is not amused as Tusker wants him in line or he'll never work in this town again. Oh yeah; that'll make him think twice. Tusker gets squashed with the foot and is peeled to the foot as well. Nice splashing effect with the bananas. So we see Kongo walking in the streets in broad daylight as we find LP and Drake noticed Tusker's flatten body. Drake proclaims that he will hate himself in the morning (you wish you were Poppa Bear Drake) as Konjo (according to Gosalyn) hears Drake yelling about stepping in something. Konjo notices his foot is filled with squashed banana and Tusker. So he rips apart a flagpole and scrapes Tusker with it from his foot and sticks it into the building. Then Gosalyn runs in apparently having enough of the cartoon (Drake still has better tastes then you Gosalyn.) and notices Konjo right away. Drake tries to grab Gosalyn but Gosalyn runs in wanting Konjo's autograph. I think we all know where this is going. Yeap; he grabs her, climbs up a building, Gosalyn panics and unleashes this classic line:


We get zoom in shots of cloud which is probably the FCC's way of making sure Gosalyn never sees the actual ground as Konjo climbs up and that ends the segment almost 16 minutes in. Boy; those first five minutes of this act were brutal. However; the last couple are better; so I cannot complain much.

After the commercial break; we see Konjo climbing up with Gosalyn in hand as Drake demands that Tusker help him; but Tusker, the penguins and Mongo, Snake-Eyed Kid, and Green Zombie Dog arrive as Tusker is going to help with Drake being dead at the hands of fictional characters. Snake-Eyed decides to try his hand first with the Z-Grade sounding pistols of doom. So Drake asks Launchpad how did Snake Eye Kid get defeated in the movies and LP tells him that it's Bonanza Bob. So Drake bails and returns dressed up like a cowboy. So we get the cowboy stare down as SE Kid brings out the pistols and yes folks; they still sound like pop guns. And it's made funnier by the fact that he's making Drake dance, dance, dance to his doom! HEEHEEHEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Funny how the guns sound like 4Kids; but the clicking sounds still remain real when SE Kid runs out of ammo. You know you are screwed as a heel when THAT happens. Unless you are from Thembria; then you just bring out the bathtubs and baloney. Then we get another example of Michael Eisner downplaying TaleSpin because Drake brings out the biggest Gatling Gun I have ever seen and shoots about a 0.8 Trigun just from that. Finally! A 1.0 Trigun or more in a DTVA show not named TaleSpin. Total Trigun: 1.5. If this were a TaleSpin episode; they wouldn't have allowed the showing of Drake shooting the gun at all. Hell; you cannot even show a police officer firing a machine gun (but you can show the bullets). Needless to say; SE Kid flees stage right in a cloud of dust. So Tuskerinni in his own unique tells himself to this...

Tuskerinni with the voice of The Sheriff from Blazing Saddles: Never mind that sh**; here comes Mongo!

Sometimes you need a little Botchamania in your life. I'm guessing copyright is preventing a Cartoonamania type of Botchamania because I'm certain we would have a field day just showing footage from Ruby Spears or Hanna Barbera alone. Anyhow; Mongo floats in and Drake asks for advice and LP has never seen that movie. D'OH! So Gosalyn yells at Drake and it goes a wee bit too fast for me other than the last part where Mongo can be defeated by controlling their minds. It's funny that the guy who ripped Fanboy & Chum Chum on IMDB is apparently a Darkwing Duck fan; because this is an example of a character who speaks way too fast. Not as fast as 240 words a minute mind you; but still fast enough to annoy me. Apparently; Mongo has a blood relationship with Lord Zapp and he uses mind control to defeat Mongo. Drake blows off Gosalyn for that as Gosalyn claims that she already seen it three times. That must be one of the shortest films ever. They shrug their shoulders as Drake bails and returns wearing a really cheesy costume even by Drake's cheesy standards and he proclaims himself as Lord Zapp. Now anyone with a brain would realize that this doesn't work because Drake himself has no superpowers; but somehow the presence of Drake in costume is enough for Mongo to oversell pain and back up; ending in a rock-a-bye baby promo that puts Mongo to sleep. To paraphrase Bill Cosby: Riiiiiggggghhhhttttttt. Are we on Candid Camera or something?

Tusker is ticked off (and I don't blame him) as Drake wipes his hands clean of this break in logic and reason. So Tusker orders Green Chainsaw Zombie to cut Drake up. Green Zombie groans and welds his chainsaw as Drake calls up Gosalyn for movie advice (and getting off the second gore in DTVA history; next to Rebecca's gory details blast in Bearly Alive) and she tells him that he was defeated by South Dakota Smith. So Drake bails and returns dressed like Indiana Jones and asks for advice to beat him. Gosalyn claims that Drake doesn't want to know. Drake asks why and Gosalyn proclaims that the zombie wins. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So the zombie stalks the goofs and here comes goof #3: Andy The Ape as Drake grabs him and stomps on his foot. Andy bounces around and we get the whirlwind spot which overwhelms the green zombie because that is what this episode needs: More windbags! They hit the wall and Andy suffers a concussion while GCZ is knocked out. So that is that for them as we go to the Thunder Quack and spiral up on the far shot of the city as we see Konjo and Gosalyn continue to climb up the building and make it to the top. Konjo is mad for whatever reason as the TQ flies around as we play out the Kong scene ala Attack Of The 50 Foot Webby. Drake crackles with glee because Konjo won't know what hit him. Drake; meet projection (also known as Konjo's fist). Projection, meet Drake. I'll let you two get to know each other.

So the TQ takes a nose dive and Drake calls for LP to release the cable. LP sells and we have another grappling hook shooting from behind the TQ and it wraps around Konjo's wrist. Oh boy; we all know where this is going. See Paddle Ball Gorilla from The Ducky Horror Picture Show. Launchpad cuts the cable after some paddling as Launchpad proclaims that planes have zero effect on movie apes. So that's why TaleSpin never got an episode like this. We should only be so lucky. Drake then has a Krackpotkin Plan in mind as we cut to the top of a building near the door as Drake and Launchpad walk out in movie director's gear. They are on a building which is about 100 feet away from the top of the building where Konjo is. Remember that one because you are going to see another logic break here. Drake sits in the director's gear and he looks like a bigger tool than usual as he has the megaphone and addresses Konjo. Konjo is confused but gets it as he is in a scene and he is supposed to drop the girl. Gosalyn panics and pleads for mercy; but Konjo drops her anyway and sadly; the logic break is that Gosalyn somehow falls 100 feet sideways before dropping into Drake Mallard's arms unharmed. Konjo's arms are not big enough to extend past 20 feet or more so Gosalyn's real life projectory should be a splat in the street. Gosalyn blows him off for almost killing her (first kill reference of the episode) and Drake counters that the heroine is always unharmed in these movies. The babyfaces all run through the roof door and down to ground level. Now; why didn't they just do the previous scene on the street and make Gosalyn's fall more dramatic?!

Oh never mind; as Drake tells Konjo to lose his grip and Konjo actually sells it as he grabs his throat and starts to lose his balance. Drake tells Konjo to fall and he does forcing Gosalyn and LP to bail. Yeah; Drake is still really stupid as Konjo squashes Drake and somehow not flatter than a grape and no cheese and bacon bump. It looked really wussy. Drake pulls himself up from the carnage and thinks it's over; but we have about a minute left as Tuskerinni and the move heels plus penguins still have the 3D Gun and therefore this is the final scene for Drake. Gosalyn has a plan of her own and she tells him to reverse the charge like in the movie from Fargo something. Another Z-Grade movie Drake hates Gosalyn to see. Now; I wouldn't be yelling at Gosalyn for watching that movie; I would be yelling "WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST TELL ME THAT FROM THE START?!" and Gosalyn would say "Because you never asked.". See; comedy. HA HA HA! Tusker laughs as he does the dumbest thing imaginable; standing in front of Drake while the heels are behind him. Because we all know Tusker cannot really fight back while Drake can use the LEAD GRIP KUNG FU ACTION KICK OF DOOM to knock the 3D Gun out of his hands and into Drake's hands. He shoots the 3D Gun into all of the movie characters and Tuskerinni into the 3D Gun and Drake officially calls it a wrap. Fine by me.

So we head into a movie as we watch the three heels dodge anvils in the field on screen. Mongo, SE Kid and Green Zombie run away (complete with Hanna Barbera sound and looping effects) out of sight. We cut to the seats as Drake and Gosalyn are watching as Gosalyn is sarcastic about this movie being violent. Drake admits that it is; but it has a happy ending. And yes; Andy Ape gets a closeup screen and panics. So the whole contract thing has been erased from memory as if nothing had happened. I guess Gosalyn didn't sign the thing after all which at least removes one gaping logic break which is good because it was the worst one of the episode. So we see Tusker dodging anvil and yelling for someone to get him out of this picture. Sorry Tusker; you wanted to play with 3D fire; then you shall get burned with 3D fire. Circle fade out to end the episode at 21:03 aired. A couple of gaping logic breaks aside; this was a decent episode despite the whole metaphysical angle that really didn't catch as much as it should. *** 1/4 (65%).


Well; I did say that NegaDuck was the better episode and I was right about it. It was a solid fun episode with some funny stuff in it; but the gaping logic breaks made it fall flat. The whole "Gosalyn is fragile" doesn't work because Gosalyn is a less complex character than Kit Cloudkicker where Kit would produce winkle after winkle if given the chance to; so it's hard to buy that a bunch of violent films could damage Gosalyn Mallard. In all fairness; I can understand some people being concerned about Gosalyn's cos-playing (although Drake has no right to complain since he did the same thing three times later on) back in 1991 when it wasn't a common place and was shunned on; but that shows how much the culture has changed in 2012. Tuskerinni plan was fine although I was confused a number of times with Tuskerinni entering a movie theater and then leaving it to shoot outside for no reason. And shooting Andy The Ape was unintentional; so why did he bother to enter the theater? That was not explained very well at all. Another piece of confusion was the contract Drake gave to Gosalyn. I thought she signed it because normally parents want the signature before a movie starts and yet Gosalyn didn't answer either way because she gave no answer. We just went to the next scene. I assumed she signed it and then after the first act; Drake wants to go home to make Gosalyn sign the deal. Which doesn't happen as Gosalyn agrees to it as long as she sees Konjo. And then the whole plot thread is thrown out and never seen again. What was the point of that? This script appeared to be rushed and it wouldn't surprise me if it was considering the time crunch a lot of supervisors had with DTVA in general. Then there is the obvious problem with trying to tell Gosalyn that in real life; people don't act like cartoon characters. Which doesn't work because the Darkwing Duck world is the same as the movie world in that world. It would have played better if Drake just broke the fourth wall and explained it to the viewers because it was clear Gosalyn didn't care about the lecture when she walked out to watch Mongo.

After that; the episode was all right, although I didn't buy Drake's attempt to control Mongo's thoughts and the Indiana Jones Zombie crossover bit was hilarious, so I cannot blame the writers for making me laugh. Overall; this was a pretty decent episode that could have been better if they had written it that Gosalyn had indeed signed the contract so that the Mongo viewing breach would be more meaningful. Some of the dialogue could have been changed. It wouldn't need to change the ending because it gets the job done regardless of what they did with the contract; although Gosalyn could have said: "I thought this was on the No list" instead of saying that it was merely violent. Everything else was fine and the usual stuff in Darkwing Duck's world. Next up is Fungus Amongus and then Slaves To Fashion which is the second Tuskerinni episode in three I am doing this week. Oh joy! So....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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