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Tiff of The Titans

Reviewed: 08/04/2012

Gizmoduck VS. FOWL In A Titanic Struggle To Make Drake Look Bad...

Here is our second of five episodes on the Natal Day Marathon as we have the second canonal cameo appearance of GizmoDuck (for me; this is the final appearance of him) and we resume the "high" battle of SHUSH Vs. FOWL. When I mean "high" I mean; amount of drugs and drinks required to enjoy this angle. Of course with GD around; you know what that means? Yeah. So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Len Uhley and story edited by Kevin Crosby Hopps. The animation is done by Walt Disney Animation OZ so at least the animation will not suck much.

We begin this one outside of an army base. I know this because it sezs Army Base on the sign close to the gate and barrier. Plus there is a stop sign too. So; no witty name for the army base. I guess Fort Bragg is trademarked and Fort Bragging would have triggered a army sized lawsuit. The green truck stops at the barrier and out of the barrier house comes a female MP bird with a rifle demanding answers and one of the FOWL Eggmen (check the sleeve; I'm not fooled guys!) with a squeeze ball which spews out knockout gas and she is knocked out as the truck drives into the army base breaking down the barrier and then the truck top splits and the back splits to show as a tank that looks like an egg. Yeah; FOWL is so damn obvious it's not even funny. The egg tank makes it to the hanger and four FOWL eggmen come out including the big ass one which apparently has been doing drug dealing with Larson & Gary on the side. We discover that one of the FOWL Eggmen calls the plot device of doom the EGRT (which means it's called the Experimental General Retalitory Transport). The covers come off and it's GIZMODUCK~! Oh yeah! It's the original full of himself, really stupid mallard. Gizmo proclaims that the Eggmen are getting the booby prize while under the spotlight. And Gizmoduck cuts a full of himself promo just before a grenade launches in front of him and explodes in his face. HEE HEE! Then the Eggmen shoot their guns at him and laugh. The dust clears and Gizmoduck is fine as he has his usual international objects to counter such fiendish actions. Today's items: tennis racket, trashcan lid and the dreaded loaded boxing glove of death. The Eggmen bail into the tank and try to bail out of the army base; but Gizmoduck wheels in and catches it easily. FOWL fiend is so fitting in the context of this episode; so GD gets punished with the back cannon in the face. HA!

Gizmo gets pushed back by the cannon ball and he ends up flying around with some decent animation before dropping into a field with the barbed wire mesh fence behind him. Gizmo Duck gets up as the cannon ball rolls around the field and we discover that Gizmoduck is in a mine field set up by the army. Explosions ensue of course. Gizmo Duck is dizzy as there is a huge hole in the mine field and we scene change to Gizmo Duck on a soap box oiling his joints as a black bulldog in a brown uniform is grateful that they didn't steal the EGRT as Gizmoduck is confused. The general kicks down a conveniently placed fake trees (which are so fake; it gives new meaning to the term birdbrain) as we see a crane like jet plane which looks way too TaleSpin-ish to be taken seriously. Then again; this is COMEDY BABEE! See; the general is going to present this beauty to the Saint Carnard Air Show in three days. When did this show become a COMEDY version of TaleSpin? Or more to the point; TaleSpin if done in a Top Gun setting? Anyhow; Gizmo notices the Saint Carnard bit and the general refers to Darkwing Duck. Gizmo Duck claims that he has met him before and he's a security risk since no one knows if he's a hero or a hood. Now; if you go by production number; then this would be Gizmo Duck's first appearance which makes zero sense for GD to meet Drake. However; this episode aired a few weeks after Just Us Justice Ducks; which makes this the second appearance and thus this makes sense for a change. Gizmo Duck assures the general that he'll deal with Darkwing and he'll deal with protecting the EGRT from FOWL as he pushes a button and rides backwards through the fence and onto the road for a while. He bumps into a red car and tumbles behind the Welcome To Duckberg sign which has Scrooge's face on it. This pretty much confirms that Duckberg and Saint Carnard are in the same universe.

He also instantly changes back to Fenton with a suitcase and he proclaims that he will be visiting his long time friend Launchpad McQuack. So we segue to Launchpad and Drake near a dumpster in an alleyway as Drake blows off LP because he has a paper that might lead them to Steelbeak's hideout. LP asks how he knows this and Drake proclaims that he claims to use deductive reasoning; but in reality, he found a dry cleaning bill with his name and address on it. Chip at least had a deduction meter; even if it was broken most of the time; Drake doesn't even have one to begin with. So we have Drake near the back door as he is going in with the gas gun. Launchpad thinks this plan is kind of dangerous. Ummmm; yeah LP, he is Drake Mallard after all, the dumbest duck in all the land. So we head inside a bowling alley as Steelbeek is at the scorer's table with a light on said table as he blows off the Eggmen for screwing up plans to steal the EGRT. We discover that the Eggmen are makeshift bowling pins which Steelbeak blows off for making excuse and bowls to try a 7-10 split; but only two Eggmen (including the big ass one) get knocked down. Ah; it's five pin bowling today as Drake breaks through the roof window shattering the glass and it's STONE COLD DARKWING DUCK~! I'm in a FOWL mood today; so shoot me. Anyhow; Drake taunts Steelbeak's hideout decision and Steelbeak blows him off because FOWL has a budget. A terrorist organization on a budget eh? So Steelbeak bowls Drake over into the bowling ally lane and Drake gets whisked away by the pin grabber. HAHA! So we scene change to outside as Steelbeak throws one eggmen into the port hole below and another one who is blinded by the helmet is kicked in the ass into the sewer below. Steelbeak jumps on having some choice words about his dry cleaner before sealing the porthole above him with the manhole cover. Launchpad runs in and slams the door right in Drake's face. HAHA!

Drake's beak gets bent as they say and he's dizzy. HA! Drake faints and we fade to black and then return in the sewers as we pan over hearing Darkwing Duck using the Rat Catcher and proclaiming that Steelbeak couldn't have gone too far. We see Steelbeak and two FOWL Eggmen left with him. Wait; so what happened to the other three?! Steelbeak squashed a FOWL Eggmen into his hat for fun as it walks around blind again. Steelbeak is not thrilled with Darkwing and Gizmoduck screwing around with his plans; so he has a Krackpotkin plan to stop this screwing around. And no; he's not going to turn himself in. That is far too rational to do. Steelbeak is being walked by a FOWL Eggmen as he is on the FOWL Eggmen's back as they bail. So we head to Drake's house and a shot of the flipping chairs as Gosalyn and Honker are watching a movie with a bowl of popcorn in hand. We discover that they are watching another horror movie called Nightmare on Pelican's Island. I'm betting that one will no longer air on television for a while. Sadly; it is interrupted by the lamp alarm of pain and Gosalyn calls it the parent alert as the flipping chairs flip around and somehow Gosalyn and Honker flip lots of popcorn in the process. Up comes Drake and LP as the kids are in Drake's lap for some unknown reason. Drake greets them and then Drake walks towards the closet as Gosalyn asks where he has been. Drake blows off Gosalyn claiming that he was looking for Steelbeak who is a slippery scum now. Gosalyn of course bumps into the door with her beak and deduces that it didn't go so well. Launchpad agrees and wants to take a break to clear the cobwebs. Drake exits the closet with a stalk of limp celery blowing off the suggestion because heroes don't take breaks. Then the doorbell rings and Launchpad answers the door. It's Fenton with his suitcase as they greet with the most absurd secret handshake ever. It looks like "Lord Of The Dances: The Fatalism Edition". AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Launchpad introduces Fenton Crackshell to Drake Mallard and the kids. Fenton proclaims that he likes the house; even if it's not McDuck Manor (I didn't realize the place had an official name.) as Launchpad points out that he and Fenton worked for Scrooge at one point. Drake called it "fun". I wonder what happened to Scrooge and Launchpad in terms of relationship before meeting Darkwing Duck. Drake asks why Fenton is here and Fenton claims that he's on official business for the government as he unintentionally hits the Basil statue and the flipping chairs flip a breeze behind Fenton's back. Drake comes over and we talk about booking a hotel room; but Launchpad points out that the hotels are booked to the gills because of the air show. Drake still thinks Fenton can find one; but Launchpad decides that Fenton can stay at Drake's house. Drake panics and pulls Launchpad into the kitchen and blows him off because of this secret identity business. LP is still clueless; so Drake orders LP to get rid of him. Launchpad comes out of the room; and we notice that Fenton is eating popcorn with Gosalyn and Honker while watching someone dice up a fat guy. I always wondered why Pelican's Island was canceled and now we know why. Drake is not happy at all as he notices that Fenton is wearing Drake's robe. HAHA! It's the battle of the two vain ducks! Reason #1 why no one buys Alaska Animal Lover's "New Disney teaches that vanity is good; instead of bad" arguments; because we have two babyfaces doing the exact same thing as their character in 1991! We go full circle.

Drake yells for Launchpad, no selling one of the yummy candies Fenton was offering. Launchpad tries to explain to him ; but stammers like an idiot. Then we hear on the television a special reporter as we get a shot of the television showing the outside of a move theater as according to the report; there is a mad man in there threatening to blow it up with movie goers. Drake and Fenton play the mime game almost blowing their covers...Wait a second? Ummmm... F********************************************************************K! I realize that this is back in 1991; but seriously, what the hell?! That's the third time this has happened in this show alone. Fenton goes to the door and changes to normal clothes as Drake heads to the door and gets squashed behind the door. Fenton is going to the dentist and Drake needs one at this point. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Fenton closes the door and somehow Drake changes into Darkwing Duck despite being squashed. Well; the logic in this episode is a lot better than Up, Up & Awry so I cannot complain about this much. So we head outside AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as Fenton runs and cuts his OH MY GOD promo and we change into Gizmoduck and roll out. So we head to the movie theater as various denizen are watching on in horror from the sky shot. We then pan up to Steelbeak behind the billboard as he dressed up a FOWL Eggmen like Darkwing Duck. Now; the problem with this is; the Eggmen is still wearing the yellow suit and it's light colors so the public can see easily that he's not Darkwing Duck at all; but some really bad imposter version of NegaDuck at best (or worst if you are the heel). Steelbeak hands him one of those circle bomb with a fuse on it you see in every cartoon known to mankind and Looney Tunes. Well; at least they got the build and beak right this time; so this is still better than Double Darkwings. Darkwing FOWL staggers in front of the crowd and everyone buys it hook, line and sinker that he's Drake. Ho hum.

Steelbeak: I am the stink bug that smears your windshield.  I am the cotton swab that gets stuck in your ear.

Mistake #2: Darkwing Duck never cuts his pun unless he sezs: "I am the terror that flaps in the night" beforehand. And of course the denizens fall for it. Besides; this fake Darkwing is terrorizing movie goers (and giving critics of Hollywood a lot more ammo than they deserve, even more than James Holmes); so why not use the "I am the terror" bit? After all; "terror" is a hot button word. And we were chugging along with this episode too. Steelbeak ruining another episode; what a surprise? Mistake #3: This fake Darkwing is using Rob Paulsen's voice and Rob Paulsen doesn't sound anywhere near Jim Cummings' voice. You are no Kit Cloudkicker in The Idol Rich Steelbeak; it must pain you to see a 12 year old outclass you in mimicking voices. Drake swings in and lands on a building about 50 feet away. Drake blows off the wrinkled as I see stupidity again. And it's not that Drake doesn't notice the yellow suit and that it's ruining his image. But the fact that he could end all of this by swinging to the building and knocking out the imposter. That would prove Darkwing Duck is innocent right? And it's not going to end the episode because Steelbeak could always find another way to screw Drake over right? Of course it won't happen because DUCKZ RULEZ~! Oh wait; Drake uses the grappling hook gun just as Drake FOWL wants what he wants and the bomb falls into Steelbeak's hands. Drake gets a bomb thrown into him as he drops to the roof floor and Drake FOWL falls on top of him just as GizmoDuck arrives to distract the crowd. All right; this is MUCH better now. Stupidity has been popped from the episode.

Then we find out why Drake FOWL only had the cape and hat as they are off him (and he's still tied up) as Drake (with bomb in hand) is propped on the building edge by Steelbeak as he and FOWL Eggmen bail stage left. Gizmoduck looks like he's drunk for no reason as he claims that he would have been here sooner; if he had exact change for the toll booth. Gizmo then notices Drake coming to; with the bomb in his hands and Gizmo bounces up onto the roof as Drake notices him right away. How sweet; the battle of the ego maniacs has begun and I'm rooting for Gizmo Duck. Not because Drake is a common criminal as Gizmo would say; but because Drake is committing gimmick infringement on Gizmo Duck's character and then making it suck. Drake claims that he was set up. Riiiiiggggghhhhhhhtttttt Drake. Everyone sets you up; it's never the fact that you are really stupid and full of yourself. No way. Pay no attention to the gimmick pirate behind the curtain. Gizmo asks why Drake is wearing a mask. HA! Gizmo Duck is wearing shades and a helmet to mask his identity so I wouldn't exactly talk turkey there Gizmo Duck. Gizmo Duck wants to get rid of the bomb; but Drake no sells because he's the hero of this town and he'll get rid of it. So they tug of war with the bomb for a while until it opens and a cigarette lighter arm comes out and lights the fuse. So what is that turkey thermometer attached to it for? A BS&P decision or something?

So Drake uses the grappling hook gun to rise up to the top of the roof; but Gizmo Duck follows him and we play tug of war on another building to kill time. At least this is amusing to me as they grab the bomb and Gimzo Duck uses the trash can to cover the bomb and it blows up doing almost no damage whatsoever. The only way you would know is the staggering the babyfaces do. Bringing Down Babyface's explosion with Baloo and the officers was much more awesome than this. The roof then crumbles and both babyfaces fall down screaming. Still not good enough guys. Then we cut to a roof top about 50 feet away as Steelbeak is watching with binoculars with two FOWL Eggmen who is still and stiff. Stealbeak laughs badly on this one as this is the end of the Vanity Brothers and this ends the segment 11 and a quarter minutes in. Well; this is certainly better than Up, Up & Awry that is for sure; but it is still pretty silly.

After the commercial break; we head inside the movie theater as Drake and Gizmo Duck are hanging from the ceiling while watching Old Yeller. I know this because Gizmo Duck asks about the final scene and Drake proclaims that they shot the dog. Gizmo Duck is not thrilled to hear that as Drake taunts him because he spoiled his childhood. Gizmo demands Drake let go of his wheel as Drake grabs his gun and the wires in the lamp snap and they tumble with good off-screen bumps into the chairs. Gizmo thinks the floor broke his fall (illogical; but whatever) and he thinks he killed Drake (impossible; but whatever) as we see Drake use the grappling hook gun to rise up as Gizmo Duck demands for him to come back. Drake blows him off because he has a reputation to save. Drake fires his gas gun with blue smoke and disappears under the tiniest smoke possible to make it look like he escaped. I think that is one of the few times I have seen Drake use the smoke to flee the scene. Gizmo Duck tries to stand up; but flops back onto the seats as he cannot get out. So we get another shot of the television as Gizmo Duck gets a grand parade; confetti and he kisses the most peachy baby ever in a pink dress. Yeah; he gets a parade despite not catching the real criminal; or even fake criminal. Gizmo Duck shows off like the full of himself mallard that he is while Drake, Fenton, the kids and Launchpad watch on the sofa as Gizmo Duck is given the key to the city by the mayor as Gizmo Duck loves everything; most so the cheerleaders as Fenton whisper yells. Drake uses the remote control to turn off the television as you can smell the jealousy coming out of him. Good way to preserve your identity, you full of yourself duck!

Drake proclaims that if he wanted to watch a clown he would tune into a Congressional Hearing. Thank you Drake for encouraging our leaders in Washington to create the Children's Television Act and making it work. Projection can be dangerous sometimes you know. Gosalyn calls Gizmo Duck cool with real super powers; while Fenton calls him(self) a polished professional while eating peppermint ice cream. Drake asks the question of what Gizmo Duck is like without the suit and Launchpad calls him a naked guy with goosebumps. HAHA! Fenton decides to leave to the kitchen to get more ice cream as LP wants Drake to be friends with Gizmo Duck (and Fenton); but Drake no sells and blows both Fenton and Gizmo Duck. So Drake sits on the flipping chair and proclaims that Gimzo Duck plays hero; and he's going to be one. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Projection much there Drake? He pushes on the Basil statue and the flipping chairs flip just before Fenton arrives with two medium size tubs of ice cream. He notices that Drake is gone and Launchpad claims that he went out for a spin. Gosalyn and Honker are not amused as LP shrugs his shoulder. Okay; I don't get the point of that so let's move on to outside on top of the movie theater (which to the animator's credit; still has the hole on the roof.) as Drake does his dreaded VOICEOVER OF DOOM while searching for clues with the magnifying lens.

So Drake looks around and smells something as English Feather. Drake blows off Steelbeak's scent as he picks up a piece of newspaper which contains an ad for the Saint Carnard Air Show. Drake walks around and is about to walk over the crumbled roof pondering why Steelbeak is going to the air show; but then hears cheering and we cut to the denizens on the streets cheering for Gizmo Duck in his GO GO GADGET COPTER mode. Drake proclaims that he hates that guy as he turns around and falls through the hole in the roof and then doesn't bump well at all as Drake states that he really hates Gizmo Duck. Oh yeah; because that will really make you not guilty of your crimes. This is where swallowing your pride has it's benefits. So we head to the Saint Carnard Air Field as we pan left to a far shot of a hanger with black smoke. When we go to the closeup; there is white smoke and the parrot furry security guy is slumped against the door of the hanger and he appears to be sleeping with his eyes open. Why? I have no idea. We go inside as Steelbeak admires the EGRT as he hears noises outside. One FOWL Eggmen with a long rifle walks out of the hanger and gets grabbed by Gizmo Duck. Since the arm is from the right; what happened to the security guard sleeping then? Steelbeak realizes that he is in trouble and bails behind the wooden crates as Gizmo Duck wheels in cutting his usual full of himself promo as Steelbeak cannot believe Drake didn't do a good job in distracting Gizmo. Gizmo wheels around as Steelbeak has somehow stolen FOWL Eggman's rifle and cocks it good. Gizmo then turns around thinking that there are more stooges and hides behind a wooden crate. Wait; Steelbeak was RIGHT BEHIND HIM?! Damn you logic break! Stop ruining my buzz!

So Drake notices the security guard and FOWL Eggmen sleeping together and then practices the fine art of not being seen with gas gun inside the hanger. But he blows it because he sees the ERGT and then breaks the fourth wall despite the fact that it was GIZMODUCK who knew of it first. Thankfully; Gizmo Duck blows him off for me and calls Drake out. Drake calls Gizmo Duck the comedy relief. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Projection much there Drake Mallard?! So they whack each other and blow each other off as Steelbeak shows the proper way to practice the fine art of not being seen. Drake calls him a walking shopping cart to paraphrase him and Gizmo Duck calls that out of line. So he does the old chalk line spot and dares Drake to cross it. See; Drake is trying to prevent a crime while Gizmo thinks Drake is the one committing it. Gizmo has a point; Drake is committing a crime: The crime of being jealousy that Gizmo Duck is a much better character than he is. Drake of course crosses the line by dancing all over it and Gizmo Duck is steaming up and bringing out the INTERNATIONAL OBJECTS OF DEATH; to accent the talking to death Steelbeak was pointing out. We have a stinky fish, grenade, bow and arrow and an actual pistol. What; no skunk?! That's really sloppy Gizmo Duck! You must be losing your touch at this point. Drake dodges all and kicks the box of crates and we play dominoes as somehow Steelbeak disappeared because he was hiding behind the last box of crates that fell on Gizmo (the one with the prop.). Dumb logic break there guys. Drake wipes his hands clean of this silliness; but Gizmo pops back up from the wooden crate tomb and calls Drake out again. Gizmo tackles Drake and we quickly cut to Steelbeak calling this a paddy-cake parade. Yeah; because apparently BS&P finds an on-screen fight too gruesome. Now I can understand if it was two kids fighting; but two adults babyfaces? Whatever makes you happy BS&P. Steelbeak climbs up the EGRT anyway.

So we cut back to Drake and Gizmo circling each other as Drake's hat is slightly on fire. Drake blows off Gizmo for thinking that he has had enough because no one is going to leech off Drake's heat. AND THE ROCK SEZS NO ONE! He blows out the fire and now has a sling on his arm as Steelbeak is now in the EGRT and he thanks them on the transmitter for the plane as Gizmo Duck finally gets with the problem earning a good blow off from Drake. Steelbeak allows the EGRT to take off with the legs bent in and then he opens the hatch and the EGRT lays a bomb the size of a big ass egg. And he blows off the performance of Drake and Gizmo Duck. I think we all know who to blame here eh? Drake blows it off because the EGRT laid an egg. It doesn't sound as good as The Wuzzles as Gizmo Duck panics because he gets the part where Steelbeak called it a bomb. See it's a Yolk Bomb which causes heated egg yolks to smother anyone who is in it's path as the spouts open on the bomb and mixed up egg yolks pour out and flood the entire area with egg yolks. That is a BS&P decision if I ever saw one. Damn you TaleSpin for having too many explosion scenes with babyfaces! Steelbeak proclaims that the yolks on them and his laugh is still one of the worst I have ever heard in DTVA as somehow the EGRT can shoot bullets upward as he breaks through the roof of the hanger and flies away. Drake and Gizmo Duck are stuck as Drake proclaims that they are going to be souffle(d) to death. Okay; egg yolks are sort of sticky; but not sticky enough to adhere to people and it's way too easy to wash off. If they added glue to it; this would be a decent and funny death trap; but they didn't so it's not threatening. This ends the segment 17 and a quarter minutes in. Still funnier than Up, Up & Awry, in spite of the bad logic.

After the commercial break; we continue with the overflowing egg yolks as Gizmo Duck cannot reach for his controls because his arms are stuck. From egg yolks?! RIIIIGGGHHHHHHTTTTT! This trap requires too much suspension of disbelief in order to work properly. Drake swims over to ask Gizmo about the copter and manages to push the blue button. However; Gizmoduck flies around the egg yolks; beating them up into scrambled eggs as Drake somehow bumps into the props of Gizmoduck and sails onto Gizmo's belly. WHAT THE HELL?! You do realize that in real life; you would have been shredded. And it's not like we haven't seen this before (Bad Luck Duck). Anyhow; this is enough to allow the babyfaces to ride the scramble egg wave down to the ground outside and free. That was a really neat visual; I'll grant them that much. Gizmo Duck wipes the egg from his eyes as Drake spits out egg yolks for fun. Gizmo Duck admits that he was wrong about Drake even if his methods are disturbing and devious. Gizmo Duck also hoses Drake for my amusement as Drake hops into the Rat Catcher as Gizmo Duck wants to follow him; but points out that Gizmo Duck has a flat tire. So Gizmo jumps into the side seat; and breaks the Rat Catcher. HAHA! Gizmo Duck asks for a spare tire and we scene change to the country road as Gizmo Duck is wheeling with Drake on his shoulders. That spare tire is extra large I might add. Drake claims that when they meet Steelbeak; he has a plan; which leads to more blowing off from the vain mallards. So we cut to the middle of the city as Steelbeak lands with the legs and grabs an orange car; but nothing else as the denizens panic and flee. Steelbeak claims that this is great for FOWL High Command. Yeah; another device where there is chaos but no destruction to go along with it.

So the radar picks up Gizmo Duck and Drake which causes Steelbeak to wonder when these two will quit. Answer: Never, because they are too vain to give up. So Steelbeak wants to kill two birds with one stone (death reference #3 for the episode) as he shoots the machine gun on the Greek Duck Statue and it crumbles allowing the giant ass globe to bounce and squash Gizmo Duck flatter than my sex life. Drake knocks on rock and his sarcasm acting on Gizmo Duck's well being is so full of himself. So Gizmo pops up and blows off the globe as he throws it into the EGRT's legs and Steelbeak is losing some control. So Steelbeak loses the legs and flies away still having problems with the controls I see. So Drake and Gizmo go after him and they find an expressway ramp that is under construction and shoot off that into the air as Drake somehow manages to fly off of Gizmo Duck upwards and then when he does the dangerous promo Drake splats into the EGRT with Gizmo Duck splatting to Drake's right which makes no sense since he should be under Drake with that projected track. Anyhow; Gizmo Duck takes care of the plane; while he tackles Steelbeak. This time GD sells and Drake hops into the cockpit as Steelbeak blitzes him and Drake throws him into the side of the cockpit. Huh? How did Drake do that? I mean; Steelbeak had a gun and somehow; Drake was easily able to counter it? Nice way to kill Steelbeak's creditability there; as if he had much creditability to begin with. Drake brings out the gas gun (why is the hole in the gun blue colored?); but Steelbeak counters by eating it. HA! That's one way to get your heat back. Drake and Steelbeak bump into the front of the cockpit for goodness knows what reason since Gizmo Duck hasn't screwed with the controls yet...

...and speaking of the vain duck himself; he opens the side panel with all the wires and calls this complicated. He looks at the wires and is having trouble deciding which one to pull as we cut back to Steelbeak giving Drake a good shoulder squeeze. So Gizmo does the Warner spot as the plane takes a nose dive lower as Steelbeak throws him multiple times into the cockpit wall; causing Drake a concussion because Drake calls him BeakSteel. And I get accused of coming with mockery names for this loser?! So Gizmo pulls on the big wires and fries Wii beams as the EGRT falls straight down and lands squarely in the street as it's more damaged than the city. Ho hum. Gizmo Duck hops down and then gets squashed by the door panel as Steelbeak casually walks out and then face plants. Gizmo pops out as Drake comes out and Gizmo slaps Drake's back and he face plants. Well; you do what you gotta do. So we head to a shot of a television screen as we see the general inspecting the plane while the female reporter proclaims that Steelbeak is going to jail as Steelbeak is in the police van. Which is weird because usually Steelbeak escapes from such failed attempts. The van drives away as we pan over to see Drake and Gizmo Duck shake hands. We cut to the living room as Honker, Gosalyn, Launchpad and Drake are watching television. LP passes the chocolate chip cookies as Drake wraps this baby up as Gosalyn thinks Drake and Gizmo make a great team. Drake stammers like an idiot but admits that Gizmo's not a bad egg. Good enough for him I guess.

Fenton enters, walks over with the luggage and manages eats the last cookie from the plate. HAHA! Drake is not amused as Launchpad is sad to see Fenton leave so soon. Drake elbows him in the ribs with the plate and LP admits that all things much come to an end. Gosalyn and Honker shake hands with him for one last goodbye with Launchpad; and then Fenton calls Drake; Drake-a-rooy. HAHA! Drake blows it off as Fenton notices Gizmo Duck on the television and proclaims that Gizmo Duck saved the day. Drake blows it off because the way he sees it; Darkwing Duck saved the day. Fenton and Drake argue like a pair of vain stupid mallards. It's like this is their gimmick or something. The kids and Launchpad appear to be heading for the outside door; but the outside shot of the house AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) shows no one outside the front door as the two vain shadow ducks continue to blow each other off and that ends the episode at 21:15. This was like Up, Up & Awry; but it had better animation, logic made more sense and Steelbeak was worth burying more than Megavolt was. Plus; a lot less stupidity although there were some logic breaks I couldn't accept and the whole egg yolk death trap was so dumb. Call it *** 1/2 (70%).


Okay; this was basically a much better redo of Up, Up & Awry and I enjoyed this one a lot more than that abomination. As I stated before; A Gizmo Duck/Darkwing Duck crossover was pure gold written all over it; but two of the last three episodes featuring them together wasn't all that good. This one is closer to Just US Justice Ducks Part One because even though it's basically Up, Up & Awry all over together; the premise made sense from the start; their antics were better, I didn't care about Steelbeak and thus any burying by Drake Mallard was just fine, the animation was better and the logic breaks were kept to a small amount. Personally; some of the logic breaks did tear my head out because the whole Egg Yolk Bomb was such a stupid death trap. Egg yolks are not that sticky at all. The EGRT was a pretty neat design though and the finish was pretty fitting. Although I would live not to see another movie theater in this series ever again. So overall; this episode was fun in spite of the dumb death trap and some logic breaks. I think we found the source of Kennedy Cartoon's problems: breaking internal logic at the speed of sound. Because WD-OZ did a much better job reeling in the cartoon spots without killing the logic of the series. So next up is Calm A Chameleon with the main heel for this one getting more exposure in KABOOM than in this show. So....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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