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Bad Tidings

Reviewed: 08/06/2012

Smell The Hate!!

All right; this is the Natal Day episode of the Natal Day Marathon as I decided to do this one before Battle Of The Brainteasers. We have basically another SHUSH VS. FOWL episode; or more to point, Drake VS. Grizzlikoff as the hate between the two gets really intense. GeoX trashed this episode a new one and is it really that bad? After seeing Dirtysomething? Well; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Gary Klein and Dean Stefan and story edited by Carter Crocker. I have absolutely nothing on Gary Klein. The animation is done by Sunwoo Animation. A rookie writer and Sunwoo Animation combination is really asking for trouble at this point.

We begin this one with the most not detailed at all STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM ever complete with VOICEOVER OF DOOM being full of himself. Oh lord; this is a bad sign right off the bat! Drake is hanging from the top of the tower in the moonlight being full of himself. Thankfully; a tidal wave rises up and swamps Drake. Sadly; even that doesn't make Drake take the hint. Drake has seaweed on him as he notices a Flash Quack bouncing on the bridge. Uh Oh! I think we know where this is going; and I don't like it one bit. Drake opens up the Flash Quack and pulls out the paper where Drake reads that he is needed urgently because it might be urgent. So we head to SHUSH headquarters (It's been a long time since that has happened) as we head to J. Gander's office as Gander informs Drake of a grave situation. It seems that there are tidal waves worldwide. Drake continues to squeeze his hat of water on Grizzlikoff just to piss him and me off. Yeah; you hate the Russian stereotype; we get it already!! Sadly; Gary Klein doesn't as you will see. Hoo boy; we are in for a LONG episode as Drake acts like a full of himself smart ass as he claims that all tidal waves are caused by volcanic activity with a seismic force of 7.3 or greater, with an epicenter in the Southern Hemisphere. Maybe in Quackeria; but not in real life Drake Mallard. Gander likes the deduction; but it's wrong because this is not a natural disaster. I beg to differ guys; as this episode seems to chugging along as such so far. Grizzlikoff has a yellow piece of paper with a note attached to it and he makes Drake drop on his face on the floor from the chair before letting the paper fly and Drake grabs it. It's from FOWL which they demand 90 kazillion dollars or the planet will be destroyed in 72 hours.

Now this is the dumbest terrorist act ever: Flooding the place like in the bible. That worked out REALLY WELL to punish human beings for their irredeemable sins; didn't it God? Never mind that you basically telegraphed your plans to humans and basically told them to build an ark too. GOD LOVES YOU! It's also hard to take someone seriously when FOWL has no idea that kazillion is not a word and the amount doesn't exist. Real terrorists are not going to attack on a global scale because the chances of getting caught are a lot easier that way. It's why you localize the act; because it's much harder to detect and when it does get detected; it's often too late. Yeap; very long episode. Gander proclaims that SHUSH needs Drake's help because god forbid SHUSH can not do it themselves. Drake offers some money; but Gander wants his expertise which really means "I need to invoke the sledgehammer of plot to justify Grizzlikoff even being in this episode". Gander goes to the most warped black land globe ever and points out the secret location which is in the Southern Hemisphere. HA! Drake's deduction is still better than the average duck. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm... Thanks Grizzlikoff; I needed that. Long episodes like this will do that to ya. Gander even offers a space shuttle from the Saint Carnard space program. So Drake goes over to the phone to call Launchpad; but Gander cuts him off because only one person can fly this space shuttle and that is the test pilot known as Grizzlikoff. Drake then slams the phone on Griz's head and Griz ties Drake up with the phone wire and yoyo's him through the window. Okay; that spot was pretty funny as Gander blows them off because they need to work together see. Not even Teddy F'N Ruxpin could get these two to order lunch together.

So we head into the gadget room of doom as J. Gander brings out the gadget. This spot has become a staple for Totally Spies in very episode in that series. Gander shows off a wrist watch on the table which doubles as a grenade. Drake would care about it; but Grizz and Drake keep making themselves look like a bunch of children. Drake grabs the watch and notices it is ten minutes slow. Gander explains the watch as you pull it out; twist it to the right time and then push it in. Drake of course is REALLY STUPID because he demonstrates it like a child and it blows up in his face. HA! So we go to the skies with the space shuttle flying as Gander does a voice over on how the world is in their hands now as Drake blows off Grizz's flying skills; but Grizz proclaims that they past 17 time zones; and regulations state that you need to set the time in an apporos manner. Drake gets all pissy and sets the grenade watch and we go off-screen to the explosion of the cockpit and then to the results as Drake blows off the regulations. Grizz panics because the radar is out and Drake blows off his dependence of technology. Oh sod off you REALLY STUPID mallard. You're not the guy who should be talking about depending on technology. The space shuttle nosedives and Grizz and Drake cannot even agree on how to steer the damn thing. Dammit; this is only giving anime dubbers ideas on making characters more mean than they already are. The shuttle spirals out of control; the flight stick is broken and we get another muted crash on a C island. So we head into a cave like hideout with FOWL Eggmen at the computers as we zoom out to see Steelbeak resting in his red chair proclaiming that FOWL High Command is going to be 90 kazillion dollars richer. He also wants a raise and we have a crunching. Wait; I thought the shuttle already crashed?!

FOWL Eggmen is looking from the periscope as Steelbeak wants answers and we cut back to see Grizz blowing off Drake for killing the space shuttle. They crashed on a palm tree which normally serve as a BS&P decision; but it actually serves Drake to wipe his hands clean of this and free falls because he's really stupid. Good off-screen bump though as Drake is perfectly all right until Grizz belly flops and squashes Drake flatter than Alexander the Grape. NYUK! NYUK! NYUK! Drake pops from the carnage and walks away as he warns Grizz to step aside and Grizz blows him off because it's only a coconut...Which so happens to be the size of a space shuttle and Grizz gets squashed. We hear the transmitter signal as J. Gander is on the monitor. Drake tries to grab the transmitter and Grizz takes it and blows off Drake as a noodle nut; which causes another pointless argument. Boy; these two have absolute beyond the pale negative chemistry when Grizz is not MURDERING Drake. They can be classified as a nuclear weapon. Gander tries to calm them down because the world as we know it will be destroyed; so Grizz pins the pre-world destruction blame on Drake because it's never the Russian stereotype as we get the sixth pointless argument of the episode and we are barely six and a half minutes into this thing. Just complete ass morons these two are. Gander yells at them to work as a team as we come to choking the duck for a bit before stopping. Whatever guys. Steelbeak (You know this episode is bad; when Steel F'N Beak is the most over guy in the episode) is at the periscope and he's not amused. That makes two of us and you know this is an ugly episode when I'm agreeing with Steelbeak of all villains! He also double ax handles big ass FOWL Eggmen like a whack a mole. HAHA! Steelbeak decides that it's time for a little coaching of these two. Personally; I would just leave them alone and let them screw themselves because both of them hate each other since this episode began.

So we have Drake and Grizz popping out of the shuttle as Drake proclaims that they must work as a team and put aside petty differences. Oh yeah; Drake thinks I am going to take that one seriously; considering that he cuts it like his usual full of himself promos. And yes Drake and Grizz shake hands and Grizz decides to sell it. Drake then wants Grizz to cut down 15 palm trees too build a shelter while Drake goes to the nosecone of the shuttle and opens a hatch as he also tells Grizz to get two dozen coconuts too. Grizz sells it anyway and walks away and then catches himself and snots as he walks back. And yes; Drake is lying in a hammock drinking while wearing a Hawaiian shirt and using a fern as a fan. Yeah; let's just make Grizz more stupid than Drake is why don't ya?! I HATE this Drake/Grizz teaming up think already and we still have about 15 minutes left in this episode. Grizz comes out and asks what the hell is Drake is supposed to do and Drake proclaims that he needs to guard the shuttle. So Grizz sells the bill of goods and walks away. WHAT THE HELL?! Drake clearly screwed him and Grizz does nothing? Just complete morons these writers are! So Drake continues to sleep on the job (since WHEN was he Baloo?) as palm trees come down and Drake wakes up and blows off Grizz for that. Grizz; was chopping a tree which fell away from Drake; thus proving that Grizz had nothing to do with it. Now we come to another stupid Drake moment: We see Steelbeak near a down tree with the FOWL Eggmen and we clearly hear him and admit to doing it. So what does Drake do? Blame Grizzlikoff time and time again for trying to kill him. Oh my god guys; this hate is so damn stupid; that I swear that I'm watching Fanboy & Chum Chum again. Grizz blows off Drake in the bushes and then bails as Drake gets squashed by another palm tree. I could imply that his ear drums are gone due to the palm trees; but he already should have heard Steelbeak the first time when he dodged the first one.

This one serves to piss off Drake as he spits into his hands. Drake takes an ax (out of nowhere); cuts a palm tree and asks if a tree falls on a bear; does it make a sound. He tips the cut palm tree and yes; we hear Grizz yell and the off-screen bump and sound. Steelbeak is hiding behind the palm trees and laughs badly at his handiwork. Now the problem with this sowing seeds of poisoning their team work skills is that Drake and Grizz not only hate each other; but it's impossible to take their attempts to work together in any serious matter. This is just plain overkill on Steelbeak's part; although Steelbeak being dick would have been cool if it was better served with a couple with good chemistry. TaleSpin and Stuck On You did it a lot better because Baloo and Don Karnage; despite their differences; Don had some pride and nobleness; even if his heart is black as sin. Sometimes; Canned Heat works wonders. Streelbeak makes a cold war joke which again works better in TaleSpin than here because the Thembrians are a funny bunch; and Grizz just isn't all that good unless he's trying to kill Drake. And wonder and wonders; Grizz has the suit off and he's about to MURDER Drake good. He grabs him by the neck and then...hugs him?! OH GOD; GIVE ME AN F'N BREAK HERE GUYS?! We are seriously supposed to buy that Grizz has a soft heart now? That is so contrived; I swear to god; the bosses told the writers to make Grizz go out there and act chummy. Drake struggles around and Grizz forgives him. Whatever guys...

So we scene change to a close up shot of a coconut which looks like a bowling ball. I want to know why writers/animators/storyboarders/prop designers make coconuts look like bowling balls? Real coconuts are a lot more fuzzy, have a more eclipse shape and don't contain three holes. Just so you would like to know guys. So it's AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark. Boy I wish it was happy hour because I need a drink and not of the non-alcohol kind at this point) as Drake uses the sword to cut the coconut in half and then throws it right onto Grizz's head who is attending the camp fire. Coconut juice flows as fast as #garbagejuice flows on "Are You Serious?". I hope that show gets on WWE network as an hour long show and they include botches like they do on Botchamania because then it would reduce Maffew to doing CZW and indie shows. And it's not like CZW doesn't deliver in bringing the "botch" in Botchamania. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Grizz takes the coconut off his head and wants answers. Drake points out that he was supposed to catch it like a basketball. Grizz takes out the book and declares that this goes against regulations. I'm guessing one regulation is "Existing While Being Drake Mallard" too which J. Gander violates in almost every episode involving SHUSH. Drake takes the book and throws it over the camp fire as Grizz makes a leap of faith over the fire and grabs it chest first. That is a BS&P decision if I ever saw one. We cannot have children burning books because they'll grow up to be despot dictators. Binkie said that in doublespeak; so it must be true. So Drake jumps on his back and tells him to relax. Grizz checks his watch and it's five minutes past his bedtime as he shrugs off Drake and walks off. Drake proclaims that he hates being deserted on a marooned island with Grizz and then realizes that he is. I realize that GeoX doesn't like Drake spelling out the joke; but seriously, that's the least of this episodes problems; so I'm going to let it slide because there is more lunacy to follow.

We pan up and see a dangling microphone in clear sight as we return to the cave as we see Steelbeak sitting down at his chair while the FOWL Eggmen are cutting audio tape and piecing together a tape which makes Drake say "I'll kill Grizz tomorrow" in roundabout terms. I don't get the point of Steelbeak bothering to do this since Grizz and Drake clearly HATE each other and thus it works better if Drake simply screws up because it is a waste of time to try to get these two to co-exist together. It only serves to make Steelbeak look like an idiot for not screwing Drake and Grizz know.. flooding the damn island or something; just to force the issue on the governments. Anyhow; we scene change to Drake outside the hut cutting coconuts with the sword as Grizz is sleeping inside. Steelbeak puts a speaker inside the window and Grizz hears that Drake is going to kill him tomorrow. Now if he was a good SHUSH agent; he would have clearly realized the cut snips and jumps in the words right away. However; since Grizz HATES Drake already and needs an excuse to kill Drake because this teamwork thing is MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH in the writers' tiny little minds; we see Grizz walk out and notice Drake is cutting coconuts with the sword. Grizz blows off Drake and then we head to morning as Drake wakes up and comes out of the hut as he asks about breakfast and wants hash browns and eggs over-easy. Then he panics as we see a shadow of Grizz on a log raft paddling away from the island. WHAT?! So Grizz is a coward now? I CLUB BS&P. Neat visual though as we end the segment almost 11 minutes in. AND I'M SICK OF THIS EPISODE ALREADY!! This is like a train wreck that I want to turn away; but cannot.

After the commercial break; we see Grizz rowing away from the island on a different shot as Grizz thinks he's safe from Drake because no one can swim that far; and then the dreaded voiceover of doom beckons and Drake pops from the water and blows Grizz off because he swam the channel twice in a straight jacket. Riiiiggggghhhhhttttt Drake Mallard. Grizz brings out the wooden oar and blows him off for trying to get rid of him and Drake blows him off for basically doing the same; only being a coward. Then the out of nowhere second oar is found and we sword fight for a while to waste time. This goes on for a long time as the log raft ropes snap and the logs break up and both idiots sink to the bottom. Then we scene change to the beach shore as the tide brings in Drake and Grizz together. That would be so symbolic if I gave a damn about either of these two at this point. Drake is pissed off so he is going to draw the line. Which leads to Drake taking a bucket of white paint with paintbrush (out of nowhere and this gag is going the same place too) as he paints the most complex line ever which makes sure it paints animals, rocks, trees and Grizz's foot. Drake is the worst carbon neutral duck in history. Grizz has the Gruffi pose and informs him that he almost fixed the shuttle. Drake doesn't give a damn as long as it's not on his side as he splatters the paint with the brush right in Grizz's face.

Grizz and Drake butt heads and we have a deal as they snarl at each other. Meanwhile; Steelbeak hides behind a palm tree and calls it tension in the ranks. You know Steelfreak; if you put as much effort into screwing the governments of the world with floods as you do overkilling the scene of two childish brats; then FOWL High Command would be 180 kazillion dollars richer ALREADY! And to think; Steelgeek is the most over character in this episode right now. Steelbeak takes out a straw and shoots a pea to break a twig attached to a coconut. The coconut tumbles to the ground and both idiots grab it and we have a tug of war. Memo to Drake: It fell on Grizz's side as well; so you are hosed. And we are supposed to believe Grizz cannot wrestle a coconut away from Drake. Anyhow; we hear the transmitter and we see Gander on the monitor looking quite pissed. Drake and Grizz plop into the seats as they act like a bunch of school children. Both in the condescending behave mode and in the tug of war that soon follows. I'm not going to call it anymore because this is so contrived and forced that no one can believe that these two could get along unless their writing bosses told them to go out there and try to be a team. The only thing of note is the breaking of the monitor in half and the fact that Drake used a Russian soup as a sub for the term "bullsh**". So Grizz is blowing him off as Drake tells him to turn around. Grizz does the Gruffi pose and calls it the oldest trick in booklet. Which leads to a second tidal wave which washes the goofs right into the cave and covering them with seaweed entomb. Again Steeldeek; why not put an effort on the tidal wave instead of two idiots who hate each other?!

Then Drake spouts water from his ear (that would hurt actually) as he points out that Grizz has a fish in his left ear. Which he does and Grizz claims that he cannot hear him because he has a fish in his ear? DAMMIT enough with the obvious joke guys! If Grizz had two fish stuck in his ears (ala Mike from Startropics only with bananas in his ears); this would at least make sense; but did we need Grizz to say "I have fish stuck in my ear" too? This only serves to allow the fish to whack Grizz in the face with his tail; thus making the fish the third most over character in the episode next to Steelhick and J. Gander! So then we see Drake looking at X & O paintings on the wall and he smears his face into one and we discover that they done ten minutes ago. Whatever guys; it's not funny. We scene change to deeper in the cave with the two FOWL Eggmen of the same body type doing more X & O's to waste the time away. They are having more fun than me at this point as they are fourth on the over list at this point as Drake whisper yells that FOWL is behind this. Umm; you ALREADY KNEW THIS FROM THE NOTE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE EPISODE! So he taunts the Eggmen and they tackle both Drake and Grizz with some really awesome MAN-SIZED bumps. FINALLY! A quality spot! And it took fourteen minutes to do it too. Drake wants to be boosted up and Grizz blows it off and takes Roided Eggmen (Whites courtesy of Larson & Gary's Egg Noodle Surprise.) down with a body slam. Then Drake turns around and wants to show him how it's done. And somehow Eggmen #2 teleported to the other side. So Drake backflips and throws Eggmen #2 over his shoulder and he flies into the wall with no impact stars or cuts. Then Grizz does it Russian dance style as he kicks Eggmen #1 into the wall complete with Scooby Doo Snow Angel spot. And we don't see the kick make contact at all. I guess that was a head shot.

Drake comes in and wants to shake hands as the two tease being friends; but then they blow it off. Well; why not? It at least prevents this episode from being more contrived and forced than it already is. Speaking of the contrived laugh; here comes Steelweak with the Gruffi pose. He brings out his oversized gun (small dick eh Steelpeak!) and backs them up. That leads to the scene changer and Drake and Grizz are hanging from their wrists from a pulley about 20 feet away. Steelbeak thanks Drake for buying him enough time to escape as he opens the bottom hatch beneath their feet and it's water filled with sharks. We also see a rocket ship as Drake is shocked because he thought this was their hideout. Steelbeak opens the top of the cave to reveal the moon and asks what controls the tides. Drake thinks it's coconuts and Steelleak blows him off because it's the moon. I don't understand why GeoX thinks this is jarring because it makes perfect sense since the moon does play a role in the size of tidal waves. Steelreek bites the sandbag on the bottom and sand falls out as the heels enter the rocket ship and blast off to the moon. Grizz blows off Drake of course as we drop slowly down towards the sharks and that ends the segment almost 16 minutes in. And yes; we still have a good five minutes or so to go in this episode...

After the commercial break; we see the slow descent of the babyfaces and we get assigning blame and shark dodging spots to waste time. Drake wants another truce; and Grizz at least no sells it for two seconds; but deciding to do so. So they swing in opposite directions as the sharks shuffle on the ground to get into position and the rope snaps to the right (thus proving Drake right and burying Grizz) and we bump off-screen which sadly makes it like the sharks actually ate both babyfaces; but when we go to the scene changer, the babyfaces are all right and into the Stealth Shuttle from SHUSH. Why not call it the SHUSH Shuttle then? So Drake asks the status of the shuttle and it's 90% working. So Drake asks him to go to the moon so they can save the world. Grizz no sells because the thing is not designed to go to the moon and thus it is impossible to leave without the test pilot. Oh lord Grizz; if you're going to do the truce as a tweener/babyface; just go along and help him already. You are not a heel and even then; you could tease turns later. So Drake hops in and attempts to turn on the engines; but gets only the windshield wipers. Grizz does the Gruffi pose to waste some time as Drake finally finds the button on the engine and we ride them cowboy shuttle. Grizz invokes the out of nowhere LASSO OF BANE TO ALL ACTION CARTOONS EVERYWHERE and ties it to the nose cone as the shuttle actually gets into the air and drags Grizz with it. Grizz climbs back into the shuttle and we break logic because Drake is now on the right side of the shuttle when he was starting the engines on the left side of the shuttle.

So we go into space as somehow the babyfaces are now wearing space suits. Wait; if this shuttle wasn't designed for space travel; then why does it have space suits? Memo to BS&P: If you going to do that; make sure you change the dialogue of Grizz admitting that the shuttle was not designed for space travel. GOD! So we head to the moon and crash land in a wussy off-screen fashion. See; Grizz forgot to fix the other ten percent of the shuttle which was all on the brakes. To quote Super Dave Osborne: Brakes are important kid! So we cut to inside as Grizz gives oxygen helmet to Drake and both put their on and open the cockpit hatch. Grizz wants to step down and be the first SHUSH agent on the moon. Why are you bothering with this? It's not like Drake is a SHUSH agent to begin with and what good would that serve if FOWL BEAT you to the punch?! And yes; this sets up Drake wanting to hog the glory from Grizz; as pointless as this sounds. Oh; we are heading to the worst episode in Darkwing Duck history at this rate now. So we play even odds to settle the score and both shoot which is even and therefore Drake wins. Grizz takes that kind of well as Drake stands on the nose cone and cuts a full of himself promo. I never thought I would enjoy the sound of that; but this episode managed to pull it off. Well done Gary Klein; you can go back to whatever job you were doing before you got this "dream" job. Drake bounces down and bounces like a rubber ball. Okay; that was pretty funny at all; but it didn't lead to anything.

We scene change to Grizz and Drake walking on the moon's surface together. Drake has a plan; but Grizz wants to consult the book; which Drake swipes away because in five minutes; half of the city is under a water park. Even though we have less than three minutes left in the episode thus telegraphing the finish almost right away. So we scene change to a console in the middle of nowhere as Steelcreak walks to it with his goon squad to push the button; but here comes Drake and Grizz. Steeleek blows Drake off as he talks about humans being 90% water. I'm trying to find the composition of water inside of a duck; but I'm getting blanked; so I'll have to take the heel's word for it. So Steelveek pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) on the device and we get blue beams zapping Drake in the chest; but Drake no sells. Yeah; this episode is so stupid that Drake used the regulation book to shield himself from a ocean beam. Grizz blows off Drake; so Steelteak threatens them with the blue beam and the babyfaces call for the fourth truce of the episode. Now this truce is actually apporos because their lives are being threatened and thus it should work here. However; the writers blew their truce load in the six shooter and now this truce is meaningless because no one cares if they are calling one for real now. Again; premature blowing loads is such a tragic sight for rookie writers with popped cherries. So Grizz gives Drake a boost and Drake lands on top of Steelkeek's head (yeah; this episode sucks so much; mocking Steelbeak is a much more entertaining venture.) and Drake walks on the helmet and spins Steelreeks' head. Okay; that was cute. Drake bails and Steelhive loses his balance and smacks into the console and breaks it even though we clearly only see sparks and no other damage whatsoever. Sigh. Don't worry; there is only about 90 seconds left in this episode.

So Steelbleak orders the troops to bum rush the poachers and then the ocean beam cannon fires out of control forcing Steelsleek to bail stage right while the blue beam fires on his moon dust shadow. Drake and Grizz brace themselves for the FOWL Eggmen and they do the Russian Dance of Doom with the kicks hitting in the stomach. Yeap; it was a head shot earlier. So the blue laser cannon is now having a mind of it's own as it chases Steelseed which has to be the best spot of the entire episode right there. Sadly; the console explodes as it bumps the moon's surface too much and Steelzeke is forced to bail stage left into the rocket and flies away hurling one final insult to Darkwing Duck and calling him a doofus. Whatever Steelyeek as the rocket flies away out of sight. We then get a sky shot of the idiots as Drake proclaims this as a job well done. Riiigggghhhtttt Drake; like I'm buying this crap. Grizz smacks Drake around gleefully as he wants to do some more teamwork stuff because it could be months before they are rescued. Drake wants to radio an SOS; but Grizz blows him off for violating regulations. Oh crap! Yes; they argue; Drake paints the planet in half again as we zoom out and that mercifully ends the episode at 21:12. God damn; this was AWFUL pretty much from the moment Drake squeezed water on Grizzlikoff. This teamwork thing was so bad that it might be the cause of everyone calling Teddy Ruxpin a creepy doll. Still better than Dirtysomething though and not the worst episode in DTVA history thanks to a few funny spots that went nowhere. - * (-20%).


Well; I just had to do this one first and thank goodness I did because this one was on par with some of the worst Darkwing Duck episodes ever! We had a decent opening and then everything just went to the south pole quickly. We have probably the worst pairing ever with Grizzlikoff and Darkwing Duck because these guys hate each other so much and none of the teamwork stuff works because they keep doing a truce time and again and it comes off as contrived and forced. Grizz and Drake has disasterous negative chemistry. They are a nuclear weapon! So much so that when the last truce was issued which is the real one; it means nothing because no one cares since they cried woof too many times and as predicted; this one lasted about a minute or so before they returned to their old selfs. The whole plot with the floods is basically stupid. Why wait 72 hours when you have a flooding machine (which came out of nowhere with no build I might add) to use right now. Why use the moon at all when you have a perfect cave and total control of the oceans via the moon? You could control the moon to keep it in one place and then shoot to your heart's content. And Steelbeak was okay this time; but everyone fell well below his level. Steel wasted too much time trying to screw Grizz and Drake despite the fact that they were too unstable to keep this relationship going. Plus; Grizz shouldn't be falling for obvious tape editing and then run like a coward off the island. It clearly hurt his badass persona. Not to mention that he sold all of Drake's selfishness and the logic breaks. I'm going in circles here because it all falls back on the fact that we have a rookie writer. Sunwoo was actually on their best behavior and there were a few cute spots which didn't lead to anything of note. What a crappy episode this was and it's a major disappointment because I didn't expect it to be this bad. It's a good thing Grizz was a tweener and not a team player because he and Drake were awful together. Utterly, utterly awful. Next up is Battle of the Brainteasers and this one should be a dandy. So....

Thumbs way down in hell for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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