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Going Nowhere Fast

Reviewed: 08/11/2012

That's The Sign of DTVA Today.

Well kiddies; we finally made it to the final three episodes of season one on ABC. This first one is basically Rest Home Rangers combined with Faster Than A Speeding Tummi; only with NegaDuck as the heel. Well both episodes I mentioned were very good; but do they mix well together? So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Gary Sperling and story edited by Tom Minton. The animation is done by Sunwoo Animation. Man; after all the episodes I went through on the DVD sets that were animated by Sunwoo; I would have thought that these would not be done by Sunwoo. That is as wrong as me being wrong about Fish Hooks and Kick Buttowski being animated in Flash. They are animated on a medium called "Toonboom" (thank you forum-meisters from Toonzone); and I apologize for the regrettable error I have made since ranting on BOTH shows. One final note on Kick Buttowski: There were rumors about there being a Kick Buttowski/Phineas & Ferb crossover (well; there is a Marvel/P&F crossover planned; so the rumor wasn't as absurd as we thought it would be; although it makes the KB/P&B rumor look realistic.) which turned out to be false. But seriously; I'm glad it's false on it's ear because Kick Buttowski (the character) is so unlikable that it would make F&B jump the shark (although you would think that the repetitious nature of the show would have made it happen ages ago; but it didn't. And I love Phineas & Ferb by the way; unlike some people I know.) . If they want to do a stuntmen crossover; pick Kit Cloudkicker instead because he's likable and is cooler than Kick would ever be. I'm just saying. Now where was I? Oh yes...

We begin this one at a bank AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) because we need another robbery in the cartoon world of superheroes. Even though you are more likely to be robbed then murdered; or even some other major crimes. Human psychology is hell sometimes; isn't it? Anyhow; we head inside as see a large lineup on one teller and all the other tellers are gone. We see at the back of the line; Drake blowing off Gosalyn with a calculator and Gosalyn gleefully counters Drake protests of putting money in the piggy bank instead. I think Drake should be asking: Why did you pick this hour to go to the bank? Drake continues to complain; and Gosalyn continues acting calm until we cut to Negaduck boarding the doors. Then he takes out his vacuum cleaner and hopes over the telling counters and over to the door of the vault. He then proceeds to take out a small chalk board and scrape his fingers against it. Sorry; but Don Karnage is much cooler than you doing that torture; and besides there is no R.J. Williams present to over sell it either. Yes; this is supposed to be Nega Duck's first appearance on ABC (but he has appeared four times already!) and he has this really stupid promo:

Negaduck: I am the screetching fingernails on the chalkboard of justice. I am the sourball in the candy jar of goodness. I am Negaduck!

Yeah; this is going to be a long, slow, painful episode as Negaduck demonstrates. See he has stolen a particle accelerator which Drake blows off has having a big ego. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Projection much there Drake. Even Gosalyn has the Gruffi pose on full blast; so you know what she thinks of Drake's boasting and being full of himself. So Negaduck uses the nozzle to in his words "speed up the molecules in the door" and the safe door blows up. I'm guessing NegaDuck was really disappointed since it didn't blow up the city. And wouldn't you know it; the smoke and VOICEOVER OF DOOM beckons at 2:18...

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the Heimlich maneuver for the choking victims of crime.

Okay; that is a neat promo which Neggy hates as he shoots the Gedo Fashion Sense Beam of Death and Drake dodges all. You know Sunwoo is animating when the floor and stuff in the vault takes zero damage whatsoever. Drake blows his off as a Negadope; so Neggy shoots again and it hits Drake. Yeah; we are supposed to buy that Drake just stood there and took it when he wasn't breathing hard to begin it. Drake does the whirlwind spot in response because this is what this episode needs: More windbags! So we do the missile; pinball off walls; slide off a table and knock into the boarded up door. Negaduck already has a huge sack of loot as he yawns at this foolishness and walks out as Gosalyn consoles Drake; but is surrounded by a bunch of ducks and dognoses in trench coats. They blow off Drake for almost getting them killed. Drake gleefully counters that and they counter in kind as Drake panics. Ummm; yeah, like I'm going to take this seriously when those mob guys look like dressed up gangsters. They probably would have killed him even if he did nothing. So we head back to Drake's living room as Drake admits that Gosalyn was kicking shins to get him out of this one. Oh yeah; that's going to really help your case Drake. Drake asks where Gosalyn is and Launchpad claims that she went out for some baseball. Drake finds this odd since she never plays during dinner time.

So Drake looks out the window and panics because Gosalyn is up a tree trying to get a baseball wedged in between some branches as Honker warns her not to get the ball. Gosalyn gets on the branch and it snaps and she free falls. Drake panics and rushes out and grabs Gosalyn on the way down before she kills herself. All in a matter of three seconds. I know this because Honker and Gosalyn were about three houses away as we see Launchpad coming out the door and there are flames and Scooby Doo snow angel spots in doors, fences and trees. Boy; it's things like this that make old Disney fans look so awful; and no wonder the new Disney fans aren't exactly buying that the old Disney always rocks. Again; Disney is the problem, not the fan(boys/girl)s. So leave the fans alone and let them decide if they want to get off the train of the new Disney. So Gosalyn and Drake embrace as Drake is now basically Tummi from Faster Than A Speeding Tummi. So Honker does some calculating and calls it physically impossible to do that on speed alone. Gosalyn and Drake doublespeak that it's Nega Duck's particle accelerator that caused it. That leads to Drake showing off his new super power and making a dog wear a blue dress; but not a real blue dress because that's cruel. He speeds back to the front of the house as somehow the other babyfaces made it home within 30 seconds. Sigh; another logic break in the world of Saint Carnard. Drake cuts another full of himself promo as it's VAINO RIPOFF OF FLASH ON FIRE! HEE HEE! Water stops the burning of his ass; but cannot stop my brain from burning. Honker calculates that friction in the air is the problem as Drake cuts another promo claiming that this speed will catch Nega Duck in no time flat. Maybe; if you would learn not to be so full of yourself.

So we head to Drake's hideout in broad daylight as Gosalyn is spraying non-stick spray on Drake's clothes and Drake puts them on. Drake proclaims that there is no time to lose as he speeds out and somehow teleports into the city streets as we get the really crappy background looping sequence with the runner. At this point; they didn't even try to mask the backgrounds so they look less fake. I think TaleSpin had a few instances where this occurred; but it happens a lot in Sunwoo animated episodes of this series. And it sometimes infects other episodes not animated by Sunwoo. Drake tells the dark dognose marathon runner to get a scooter and runs off and screws with a bicycle rider who looks like Drake Mallard's lost long brother. And then we do the crappy background sequence again only this time with a duck in a blue like robe and glasses on with his girlfriend who is a dognose in a pink dress who are in a roofless red car. The man thinks that no one can beat him in speed. Do you really need to watch on if I told you that Drake out speeds him easily? So we race through town and do the whirlwind spot on another dognose with glasses and lots of papers. Then we scene change to the docks as Drake whizzes past a guy reading a newspaper and then notices that he is near a pier. So he stops and creates flames shooting by him as he stops about a few feet short of the edge. Drake thinks he is safe; and then the wood somehow burned a hole and Drake falls into the drink. Yawn. So we logically head to a dognose near a dumpster with the blueprints looking at them on some project that I don't really care about and Drake whizzes in and stops on a dime. So Drake takes the blueprints and speeds up near the dumpster taking beams and everything as he builds the tower like building upside down. Yawn; it's not as impressive as King Upmost's tomb, so it will pass. Drake gives the worker the plans and the work panics as he sees the building in shock as Drake tells him to sue his blueprint maker and speeds off. Whatever Drake.

So we scene change to a bank as Drake looks in the window (I guess he's been banned from this bank; but there's no explanation for it) as he speeds away looking for NegaDuck. It's clear now that they are going for backgrounds that are completely blurred because it will cover up the fact that Sunwoo cannot do moving backgrounds to save their lives. Drake then stops around and notices that the bank he's in front of is the only one that he hasn't checked yet and we hear alarm bells as the bank manageress (a dognose in a pink dress) is panicking and yelling at Drake that Neggy is getting away. Well; if I had a hyper laced really stupid mallard asking me rapid fire questions I would be yelling from the top of my lungs too. So Drake chases after Nega Duck who basically dead ring's the Rat Catcher. Negaduck is really pissed off because the accelerator backfired on him and Drake has a super power. Negaduck is clearly showing creative bankruptcy as a character when he's merely an evil version of Darkwing Duck; rather than an evil opposite version of Darkwing Duck. This all ends with Drake planting himself into a lamp post with absolutely no bump present whatsoever. THAT WAS WEAK! THAT WAS WEAK! THAT WAS WEAK! So Drake is punch drunk as we chase again into a clothing store and the flipping doors reject Drake. Nega Duck claims that Drake is still slow on the draw in brains. What a shock that is?! Drake spins around like a top and drills into the street. All speed and no brains. So Neggy is on the roof and brings out the crystal goblets of breakage and we play catch the glass for a while with Neggy demonstrating his juggling skills. Then the box of goblets gets involved and Drake gets a really big head before catching them. Old Disney fans; you should be ashamed of yourselves. Drake blows of Neggy and Neggy squashes him with the ANVIL OF NEIDHARTS. HAHA! And finally; a decent bump from Darkwing and it only took eight minutes to pull off.

So Neggy talks about the hardware department and walks off as we scene change to Launchpad driving the Rat Catcher and we see Drake on the sidewalk still squashed by the anvil flatter than my sex life. I don't know how; but they only showed Launchpad in the Rat Catcher; but when we cut to the sidewalk; Launchpad and Gosalyn run in. That is really cheap Sunwoo! And to make it even cheaper; Honker shows up too. WHAT?! Launchpad struggles to pop the anvil from Drake's softer than a grape body and Drake gets up and he has a beard. Yes folks; we have gone from super speed to super age. From Faster Than A Speeding Tummi to Rest Home Rangers which Tad and company wrote a year and a half ago. And we accuse TaleSpin of THIS?! Anyhow; Honker explains that the super speed causes him to age at an accelerated rate. Drake blows it off and tries to spin; but he sells injuring his back in the process. Drake blows it off anyway and we get another alarm bell as Drake slowly bails stage right and runs in as NegaDuck robs another store and put the loot in the extra large glove compartment. Lucky for Disney; no midget is inside. Drake being full of himself at that age makes him a laughable version of "GET OFF MY LAWN!" and for him; not in a good way.

Neggy shoves him on his ass and gets on the Hell Rat Catcher as Drake blocks in view. Neggy acts all shocked that it's Drake which is stupid because minus the beard; he looks exactly like Darkwing Duck. Drake's lame karate moves go from a figural sense to a literal sense of context due to old age. He's full of himself, and really senile. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BLAM! HEE HEE! Missed again Drake! YOU ARE NOT..POW! OUCH! Ummmm...(Drake: Thanks Gosalyn! Gosalyn: No problem; someone has to perform the punchline to Gregory's really vile jokes. Even if they are legit funny. Drake: Thanks...I think...) Neggy hops off and taunts the elderly as Drake is clearing in senile mode calling Neggy a whippersnapper. GET OFF MY REALLY STUPID LAWN! I can just hear Drake say that anytime now. Then we see Gosalyn and Launchpad run in as Neggy bails in the hell Rat Catcher remembering to drive around Drake in circles to taunt him some more before leaving stage right. Launchpad tells Drake to hold still as Drake can barely speak at this point and that ends the segment almost ten minutes in. A semi-yawner so far...

After the commercial break; we head to the living room as Drake is reading a green book on the sofa and looks about three times his age; despite acting like half of it's original age. We pan left to Gosalyn pleading for Honker; but Honker tells us that he cannot move; or he'll age even more. Gosalyn blows it off saying that he might as well be petrified. BS&P RULEZ! Why cannot you say "He might as well be dead." because that is the logical conclusion to all this. And it not like you cannot say die on this show; or any DTVA show. That is so 4Kids level; I suspect Al Khan will be stealing that any day now. Launchpad enters with a gift wrapped (in brown paper) rocking chair as LP claims that Negaduck left it at the scene of his previous crime. Wait; so Neggy stole a rocking chair and then left it for Launchpad to grab it. Isn't that just a ploy to get Launchpad arrested for "Grand Theft Chair"? AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm... Anyhow; it even included a card with sunflowers on it as Neggy taunts him some more on the card. Gosalyn calls this all not funny and I agree with her. And yes; Launchpad opens the present and it's a rocking chair. Can we please move on with the story guys? Gosalyn calls this an insult because DARKWING...DUCK will not sit in a rocking chair. Which is exactly what Drake does and he's knitting. HAHA! Now; the problem with this is; he's knitting and moving so he should be aging even more. Nega Duck; you are a sick duck!

He knits himself right into the floor and Honker tells him that rocking chairs make him age. Gosalyn and Honker climb out as Drake is in full BSOD mode and appears more helpless than ever. Gosalyn is getting more and more pissed off. Gosalyn; DRAKE IS IN NO CONDITION TO DO ANYTHING AT THIS POINT! Kit Cloudkicker would have dragged Honker and Launchpad over and try to come up with a plan to find Nega Duck's particle accelerator and cure Drake with it. I mean; we ALL know how this one is going to finish since it has to be the same finish as Rest Home Rangers. He knits in rapid fire the biggest ass scarf ever and manage to rise above the floor. Why is it that old sucky characters actually are more over than their original forms? I saw this with Monty and now I'm seeing it with Drake. Gosalyn drags Honker and LP over and asks Drake about dealing with NegaDuck; but Drake is in full BSOD mode that he's so miserable that he is still full of himself. So he finds the out of nowhere remote control and we watch television as we see Tom Lockjaw (Scott Bullock again) recapping the crime wave of Nega Duck. We see footage of the denizens of Saint Carnard running away from the 10th National Bank (and he's robbed the first nine national bank groups too.) as he threatens everyone with the nozzle. Tom's arm has a microphone and asks for an interview. I was tempting to ask the question of why this is any different from a theater shooting and why no one bats the same eye on media influences when it comes to bank robberies; but I realized that no one in their right mind will answer that question because it would be admitting that we are a bunch of fools who can rationalize anything away and turn it into an emotional cry for help that is not needed nor wanted.

Anyhow; the interview is ho-hum and involves logic breaking as the pre-tape footage somehow allows Nega Duck to come out of the screen and threaten Tom Lockjaw's life since Nega Duck makes DA RULES (FAIRY GODPARENTS!) and he will probably break them too. Nega Duck has a protection agency and if anyone wants to join in; give him all your MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Joining is a must; or Nega Duck will make sure you DO know what the consequences are for breaking DA RULES (FAIRYGODPARENTS!). And yes; Tom Lockjaw drops dead; what a surprise? And really; is Nega Duck being a sponsor of a news channel any worse than FOX News? Awwww; if you wear a cheap lapel pin; he'll leave you alone. It's like the reverse version of those Star of David badges and pink triangles they forces Jews and homosexuals to wear during the 1930's and 1940's; only you don't get killed by the mass slaughter that is to come. Yes; I have now officially Godwinned this episode. Couldn't have done it without you Nega Duck! Gosalyn is hopping on the sofa pleading for dad to stop him. Oh come on Gosalyn! Drake no sells of course because he's just TOO OLD and broken down. So Gosalyn runs over to get on Honker's case who is reading a book and Honker blows her off because he's only nine years old. See; biology is a bit over his head at this point; but beam technology is more up to his speed. Man; Honker sounds more like Jimmy Neutron would be if he were a duck. Anyhow; Gosalyn's plan is to grab the accelerator from Nega Duck and then try to figure out curing Drake. Sounds like a sound plan to me. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmmm...

Drake is flipping card and smoking them as he asks for a game of Old Maid. It's the senile version of gambling. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmmm... Boy you know this episode is not so good when I'm bringing out the Rhinokey and Fairly Oddparents cracks in the same episode rant. So we scene change to the streets of Saint Carnard AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as we see the horror of all horrors: No damage to the city whatsoever. We see the GANG OF GAG minus Drake in the Rat Catcher (with Launchpad driving in one of the few times he was allowed to do that); and then we get the same crappy backgrounds as in the daytime and a third person front shot as Gosalyn reveals the plan which is to find Neggy and get the accelerator. Launchpad asks where to find the hideout and of course we see an apartment building with spotlight and pictures of Nega Duck's nasty mug. We also see various denizens in a lineup outside as the babyface jump out. Gosalyn walks over to a geeky dork duck with buck teeth and glasses wearing a lime green shirt. Gosalyn asks the nerd and he responses by saying that they are here to pay up for Nega Duck's protection. So the babyfaces casually walk to the side door and we scene change for no reason as we see Launchpad ram through the side door. Launchpad is all right as they all go inside and notice that there is a giant hamster wheel in the room. Gosalyn asks what that is for and here comes Neggy with his new accelerated sex nozzle. The babyfaces panic and we head to Drake's house as Drake is slowly rocketing in his chair (I guess the speed accelerator has it's downsides) as we see the television screen flash and Nega Duck is cutting a promo about the protection agency while Gosalyn, Honker and Launchpad are trapped in the giant hamster wheel and running.

Neggy is going to accelerate them too and turn them into broken down senile ducks as Gosalyn pleads for Drake not to listen. Wait; you were trying to get him to move; now you don't want him to listen to you pleas for help? Make up your mind girl! Drake is actually following her advice as he snores to sleep and Neggy taunts Drake some more as we end the segment 15 and a half minutes in. It's okay so far; but I'm just not feeling it nor do I care about it. The Porters Lake Pirates' them for Lake & Shore Days is a million times more interesting than this and I normally don't care about that either.

After the commercial break; we continue with Drake snoring and the television set still on. You know; this would be a perfect booking decision if they showed Herb and Binkie come into the house and help Drake and thus prove that there is character development in this show for even them; but I don't expect that to happen. Drake turns the channel and then catches himself. Now THAT is a good timing spot there as we see Gosalyn pleading for help; but Nega Duck blows Drake off as a fossil and a relic. Drake is now officially pissed and old people can be the most pissed off when they are disrespected. Drake slowly starts to walk and he discovers the perfect way to keep his body from killing itself: Walking extremely slow towards Nega Duck's Protection Racket Agency of Doom. Drake somehow manages to get into the hallway without anyone noticing mind you as we cut back to the other babyfaces acting like chipmunks because apparently that spot was NEVER overused in Rescue Rangers. Launchpad and Honker proclaim that there has to be a way out and Gosalyn blows them off because Drake has given up. Wait; you were the one who told Drake not to listen to Nega Duck...Oh never mind; I hear creaking and the door opens and it's Drake Mallard slowly walking down the stairs. Gosalyn is happy to see him; but then here comes Nega Duck taunting Drake good.

Drake slowly walks up the stairs which is actually a smart move since he keeps him from aging too much; but Neggy pushes the button and the stairs move like a fast escalator and Drake is forced to speed up and drop on his face aging even further. At least now the writers have stopped breaking logic on the speed and made it so Drake aging process is more consistent to being reasonable instead of being absolutely cartoony for the sake of it. Nega Duck steps on Drake's back and brings out the camera and tries to take a picture; but it clicks and there's no picture. He notices that there is no roll of film in the back; so he has to bail to the local corner drug store to steal....ERRRRR... buy one and when he gets back; he'll take a picture to show the world that Drake is done and everyone will be forced into a world of Nazism without the Nazi symbols. It's not like this episode rant hasn't been Godwinned already. You know; if I cared about Nega Duck in anyway; I would have wanted to strangle the writers for making it so obvious in the finish. So Gosalyn wonders what to do and Honker is inspired by a controversial theory by Albert Einstein that running backwards will revive your youth. However; he said this during his final years of life when he was wearing watches on his ankles and accusing Abe of being an alien from...

Stacey Stickler: DON'T SAY IT!
Bradley: Uranus!
Stacey Stickler: Real mature B-man!

Wow; this episode really is sucking if I didn't use that last one with those alien hats from...Fez. Although I see the irony of the watches on his ankles as Gosalyn calls for Drake to get up and go backwards as Drake struggles to get up (and yes folks; there is a white button on the stair railing along with a red one) and he pushes both buttons. And yes; the button went from white to black now as the hamster wheel goes even faster than before. Actually; no the stairs sounds makes Drake goes backwards as he runs towards the hamster wheel and pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and stops the wheel completely. Honker explains that he must run backwards quickly through a lot of stages in his life to get back to normal as Drake runs backwards and through the door with the Scooby Doo Snow Angel spots. So we run backwards through the city as Drake is so helpful in deconstruction of the building he created upside down. Damn you Drake Mallard! That thing sort of grew on up as he runs to a car and looks at himself and is normal; but somewhat younger. So he decides to run forward as we cut to the local drug store as NegaDuck comes outside with a wheel barrow filled with rolls of film as he walks by proclaiming that there is no time to waste on taunting Drake and there is Drake right beside a lamp pole. He cuts a full of himself promo and then runs up the lamp pole and Nega Duck keeps shooting the accelerator nozzle and Drake keeps dodging as the lamp part gets broken off and it lands on Neggy's noggin with a sick bump which causes Drake to drop down and get zapped by the accelerator and he is rendered so old and crumbles to dust. OH MY GOD! They murdered him. YOU BASTARD! Gosalyn comes over to the remains; but we hear Drake's voice and he's standing there near a sidewalk and we embrace. Wait; how do the babyfaces know Drake isn't at super speed anymore?

Launchpad wants to know how Drake pulled off. Drake proclaims that he ran backwards because his thinking was accelerated too as he ran off to make himself young again and enrolls into a university where he studies chemistry in the lab with two scientists named Professor Allan and Professor Gerrick who the names are inspired by the Flash comic book. That's fine except; take a good look at them, they look awfully familiar. OH MY GOD! It's....LARSON AND GARY in the flesh. WHAT THE HELL?! You couldn't make new character designs for them? At least in TaleSpin and Sheepskin Deep when they had the platypus Oscar Vandersnoot; it was somewhat creative and thoughtful. They basically took stock animations of Larson & Gary; the two most annoying scientists in the history of Disney television, they are on par with the DiPizzi Twins in Kick Buttowski along with TNA's duo of Gunner & Murphy; and did nothing to them at all. No changes at all; not even a change of colors. Memo to the writers: Larson & Gary are D-E-A-D due to what happened in Beauty & Beet. So you cannot pretend that they are alive; or that Allan and Gerrick are twin siblings which they clearly are not. God damn I didn't need this. So he delivers a paper to Switzerland and delivers the antidote. Then he returned to Gosalyn's room to collect a vacuum cleaner bag of dust and then he runs back to the lamp pole (which apparently has repaired itself) and takes out a spare suit and the dust; and then drinks the antidote as we return to reality (no, not at all) as Gosalyn asks about Nega Duck as we see Nega Duck recover and Drake comes over and shows him the antidote and NegaDuck casually drinks it. Yeah; let's end this episode with more stupidity on stilts. Nega Duck spits it out and tries to menace Drake; but then turns into a living statue on cue. Yes folks; they have lifted the ending to Faster Than A Speeding Tummi as the finish. We have to deal with it.

Gosalyn and Launchpad are surprised as Launchpad does some hand tricks on Negaduck's face as Drake explains that he also found an formula for a slow motion potion. Whatever Drake; since you used the EXACT SAME TEST TUBE AS THE ANTIDOTE! Stupid logic break is so damn stupid. Gosalyn asks Drake what he is going to do with Nega Duck and Drake has a way to have his way with Nega Duck. So we head to the park as Gosalyn, Honker and Drake sit down while Launchpad puts Nega Duck on a raised platform and the birds come out. Yes; it's the exact same ending they used for Dry Hard only without the cement. Drake proclaims that even Nega Duck has fans as everyone laughs at the no joke to end the episode at 21:08. Wow; this took 12 hours to complete and it was dull as dishwater because it was really paint by the numbers in almost every single way. And Sunwoo's animating of backgrounds is falling at this rate now; along with the really bad logic break at the end. ** (40%).


Oh my; this took almost forever to rant on because it wasn't all that interesting. Faster Than A Speeding Tummi and Rest Home Ranger separate are great experience; but when combined; it feels like mixing a steak with ice cream; they taste great on their own; but they don't taste all that good combined. This episode was really dull and I didn't care about most of the characters in this episode. The episode was for what it was; a silly, paint by the numbers episode with NegaDuck with few funny giggles and a slightly hot finish screwed up by crappy backgrounds from Sunwoo, a few logic breaks and the horror of seeing LARSON & F'N GARY alive and well after we were showed that they were murdered by Bushroot despite the writers changing the names. It doesn't work and it looks awfully lazy of the animators to do that. Even Wang Films did a better job of using recycled characters in TaleSpin in Sheepskin Deep (and even had better backgrounds). Overall; just a dull episode that doesn't really offend me in content; but the dullness was what offended me. Then again; writing Nega Duck properly is much worse than Kit Cloudkicker was because even at their worst and most laziness; Kit Cloudkicker was still a decent character. So there you have it; the second last episode of NegaDuck and we'll never see him again until the second last episode of the series with him against Morgana. I have decided to do the final 1991 episode left first Merchant Of Menace tomorrow because I need a laugh and Grizzlikoff as a murdering Muddlefoot machine against Herb should at least be amusing. Then I'll do the big 1991 episode A Brush With Oblivion with the debut of Splatter Phoenix against Honker Muddlefoot once again. So....

Thumbs down for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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