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Monsters R Us

Reviewed: 08/18/2012

Morgana's Dream Toy Store.

Only 13 episodes left in this series?! Can't be; Cartoon Duck Syndrome is so awesome that it will NEVER end. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah; I'm nuts today, so shoot me. So we begin this third season of Darkwing Duck (oh goody; the 1992 episodes which probably has the most animation goofs in a short amount of episodes); with a Morgana focused episode that focuses on the surreal and Darkwing Duck being a werewolf; thus proving that one of our TaleSpin fans who wants Rebecca to be a werewolf was (a) not as crazy as we thought that fan was and (b) Disney had no problems green lighting it. So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Michael Maurer and story edited by Doug Langdale. The animation is done by Sunwoo Animation. Oh lord; how many of these must I endure? Answer: two more; with the remaining ten being done by Hanho Heung Up Company Limited. Yes folks; season 3 is all overseas animation. Although Ducktales had Wang Films; so it isn't all that unusual.

We begin this one with a top window shot of Morgana's house AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as THE GANG OF GAG walk towards the house on the sky shot. Now that we all at season three; the continuity of the series is no longer completely shot and easy to follow; thus at this point, Drake and Morgana officially have eyes for each other. The animation here is choppy as Drake rings the doorbell and cuts a full of himself promo as the door opens and Drake crashes into the house with off-screen bumps. I love it when Morgana punishes Drake for being so full of himself. Launchpad and Gosalyn enter and then...HOLY CRAP!! The scene changer is basically a bloody smear job and the blood drips and flows to boot! Boy; I can just hear the Dragon Ball Z fans whine in misery now. I can understand reducing the blood flow to make the show more watchable; but removing is really hypocritical when DISNEY SHOWS are getting away with blood; most so on scene changers using full screen blood flow and spurting no less. On an unrelated note: Sailor Moon is getting remade next year and it will be faithful to the manga this time around.. Oh goody; I cannot wait to see the looks on anime purists' face when they discover that the dubbers actually got Zoysite (almost) right (although to be fair; Sailor Moon Uncensored did admit this so I'll give them credit for at least paying attention). And it means we might get Sailor Stars at last in North America although it's rumored that Toei wanted lots of money for the original one to be dubbed in North America; and didn't give a damn if Cloverway decided to change the Starlight's gender even though in the manga; they were tomboys; not transgender men. And then there's episode 200 with Sailor Moon naked when she saves Galaxia; and the pentagram used in Sailor Moon's new locket; and Maker Starlight's attack would have to be changed to Star Gentle Rebirth rather than Star Gentle Uterus. Although that last one would be an improvement. I love to see if they would change the name of Sailor Moon's Honeymoon Therapy Kiss. So yeah; where was I before I got completely sidetracked...

So we go inside the hallway as Drake wonders why Morgana would leave the front door unlocked. Launchpad claims that no one would break in to this house; not even a robber. A door slams to scare LP of course as Gosalyn heads to a door to open it; but Drake pushes her aside and opens it to reveal a lake of fire and it's Dullahan from the classic cartoon short The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Nice as Drake gets MURDERED by the HORSE FROM HELL which Dullahan probably stole from Duke Igthorn. Probably stole the heat that flew away from Igthorn too; judging by the flames. Gosalyn opens a door and gets floating clocks while Drake gets bats which he closes and claims that she is not in the _bat room_. Yeah; a bathroom joke; get it? POW! OUCH! Ummm...Yeap; GeoX gets it. Launchpad is looking at a shelf with a sunflower on it and it growls forcing Launchpad to bump into Gosalyn and Drake as they enter the _bat room_ and we get green fog effects and lots of light and flashes ending we a pan shot of Morgana's world complete with a castle. So we zoom into the castle and then inside the (Addams) family room as the trapdoor opens from the ceiling and the babyfaces fall right in front of a coffee table that looks like a coffin. No really; I'm as SHOCKED as you are. Drake lands on the casket as a big ass Frankenduck with a red big ass lollipop MURDERS him into the casket with the big ass SUCKER OF DOOM. He disappears as Drake raises his arm with the gas gun ready to make monsters suck gas; but THE SWITCH is on and it's Morgana. Morgana asks what is Drake doing here and Drake runs to her and acts like a full of himself protector. And thankfully; Morgana gleefully blows him off because that is her family see. This scene actually plays an important point later. Drake backs up like the REALLY STUPID, full of himself mallard that he is.

So we get a vulture with two heads wanting to eat Drake as they lick lips. Drake is then grabbed by a green skinned troll witch who throws Drake into the out of nowhere (at least in this episode; it's all magic so it's apporos and fitting) and throws him into the cauldron of boiling oil. Gosalyn calls this a cool family as Launchpad is hiding watching over the cat from Alice In Wonderland; only he has been Wuzzlified (half cat, half mouse). Launchpad bails into the arms of the Frankenduck and he's happy to see LP. LP bails stage right and we get the Scooby Doo running sound and an off-screen looping effect. Now you know you are watching a classic! Splash sounds ensue as Launchpad stepped into a green blob. Seriously. Great spot: Launchpad faints on cue and the feet come up with the green blob stuck to it. We then cut to the cauldron as Drake rises up with his hat as Morgana wants him to leave (although it's because she's afraid they are going to kill him; and not because Morgana hates Drake with a passion); as Drake would rather have her introduce the family to her boyfriend. UH OH! And the family is not happy to hear that. I see a one eyed sea hag monster who looks like she has been influence by Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Then we cut to the staircase as an old duck who is looks like Ebneezer Scrooge only in duck form and having Drake Mallard's color scheme is demanding answers to this outrage. See; the family is not happy because Morgana is dating a normal and they hate normals see. Geez; I wonder why since Drake pointed his gas gun at them to start with. His red eye is glassy by the way as the family shakes like Hanna Barbara leaves. We discover that the Ebneezer guy is Moloculo Macawber who is Morgana's father. Lovely. Molo is not happy to hear that and asks if this is true and Drake claims that he's not. Lobster courage; how it curses thee! Morgan does the Gruffi pose in response; thus proving that Drake is lying and stammering like an idiot.

Molo calls this fortunate as he appears to be happy with that response because normals will never be good enough to date Morgana. It's hard to argue against that point considering that the last date they had (My Valentine Ghoul) ended in Drake being chased by a pissed off Morgana. So I think Morgana has pretty much proven Molo's point. Drake then gets mad and takes Morgana and tries some of the kissy-kissy stuff ala Louie from the ending to A Touch of Glass. Apparently; she also gave Drake a nip on her neck which even Gosalyn is repulsed by that; let alone Morgana's family. Molo is pissed off as Drake flees (dropping Morgana onto the ground in the process) and hides as Molo uses the RED EYE BEAM OF SLUGS and turns a chair into a slug that has been Wuzzified into a half slug, half walrus. It's now clear that Moloculo is the god who created The Wuzzles. Moloculo shrugs his shoulders as Morgana gets into his face because she is friends with them see. Molo (voiced by Jack Angel in case anyone wonders; although I had to be corrected at least twice by Chris Barat already for voice talent that Lady In The Cake got wrong.) blows her off because he disapproves of normals in his household. All we need is to discover that Morgana is a normal and Molo disowns her and we have an allegory for homophobia if I ever saw one. Drake shows off his costume and asks if anyone would be caught dead in that costume. Answer: Yes; if the female green troll witch wasn't boiling you in the OUT OF NOWHERE cauldron. HAHA! VAIN DUCK ON FIRE! Molo invokes the pointy finger of death and Drake slaps it back. I agree; you can put an eye out with that thing. Morgana pleas with Molo to get to know Drake better. Morgana is implying that Darkwing Duck is complex and deep. Ummm...


So moving right along... The Two Vulture Necks want to know Drake and then burn him with the blow torch. As I said earlier; you cannot show a gun (on Toon Disney; although that rule is laughable for obvious reasons I have mentioned too many times before.); but you are not safe from the flamethrower. Molo ties up one of the vulture beaks and blows them off because he is willing to give Drake and the normals a chance to prove themselves. Morgana hugs her old man and walks Drake out the door into the next room for the always thrilling tour of the castle. Gosalyn follows because she wants to see the torture chamber. We discover that the green troll witch is Aunt Nasty who blows off this suggestion; but Molo claims that the dinner is a set up to torment them until they decide to go home (death reference #2 ensues). Bat flies into the screen and we segue to the dinner table as everyone sits down and we exchange notes for a while. Frankenboy is eating spider burgers (spiders as the burgers on buns) as we do a really neat spiral close up to halfway seeing Molo show the abode as Drake comments on the wallpaper and he shows a tiny bit of sarcasm as the bats fly around from the wallpaper making Drake duck in shame. HA! And Aunt Nasty is stirring up the cauldron on a fire right in front of Drake. Well; that is a slight improvement from dunking Drake into the soup. Drake asks what is for dinner and we get Pasta Serpentine, Transylvania Ghoulash, and Phantom Fizz. Well; that is different; although shouldn't it be Macawber Ghoulash since they are not in Transylvania? The one eye Jessica Rabbit reject calls it "dying for seconds" (death reference #3). The green blob dunks for Ghoulash and even Gosalyn decides to dunk for fun. HAHA! Drake does the eye contact violence on Gosalyn because she's getting more heat than Drake ever could. HA! SUCK IT DARKWING...DUCK!

Morgana warns Drake not to insult Aunt Nasty's cooking; but Drake cannot help being so vain as he eats the stuff and it's 12 alarm flamethrower aiming at the speed of vanity. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And somehow the flamethrower manages to burn Launchpad into a racist black face even though Drake was shooting straight ahead and Launchpad was sitting on the right side of the table with Gosalyn. I'm tempted to call this a logic break; but this is Morgana's world so it's probably one of those "fuzzy gravity" things in this world. Molo asks if it's too spicy for him and Drake gags like an idiot. HAHA! So Molo pours the Phantom Fizz into the steel mug and one of the bats comes close to it and does the dying seagull routine. Drake grabs the mug and it shoots fire out as well. Boy; that drink sure must be _HELL_ to create; let alone consume. High five, anyone? Drake drinks the Fizz and it's tasty to him. Then he turns into a fireball and whizzes around the room before landing head first into the table like Mick Foley did on a WWE PPV in 1997. Morgana is finally onto Molo and Molo makes no bones about it as he wants Morgana to date a ghoulish boyfriend instead of a normal. Drake pops out; walks on the table and gets in Molo's face because Morgana has great tastes. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Like I'm going to take Drake as a serious boyfriend to Morgana. Valentine Ghoul anyone? Drake blows him off in such a way to make it sound bad for him; and even Drake has to concede that as Morgana has the Gruffi pose. Molo wants her to raise a family of little monsters. Morgana tries to explain what she wants; but Drake and Molo invoke "male, hetero, white privilege" spot #178: telling her to shut up in roundabout terms.

We continue this silliness as Molo claims that they wouldn't last five seconds as monster and Drake foolishly blows him off because whatever monsters can do; normals can do better. Oh; like you cannot tell what happens next now can't you? Molo uses the ORANGE SATAN BEAM OF DEATH and we get a long sequence which Drake, Gosalyn and LP get hit and we get some swirly spots as Drake loses his mask and he's turning into a werewolf. Then a white/black werewolf segue and we see Drakenwolf howl at the moon on the table. And yes; Drake is holding his mouth; but he lasted more than five seconds so maybe Molo should have said five hours instead. It would have made more sense. Gosalyn is now Frankengos and she walks like one and likes it. And she takes the bolts off and her head comes off. HOLY CRAP! I didn't expect that since Gosalyn is female. W-Vulture helps her get her head back; but she doesn't mind. Launchpad is now a black bat with goggles as he goes over to the one eyed sea hag who is doing makeup as LP looks in the pocket mirror and notices that he has no reflection; but has a thirst for. And then he catches himself and goes over to Drake. BS&P RULEZ~! Ummm; we have heard the word blood in the past including blood sucking several times in this series alone. And this is the same episode that had a blood smear as a scene changer. Batpad flies over to Drakenwolf as Drakenwolf scratches himself like a dog. Batpad has problems and so does Drakenwolf as he want to bite mailmen now. Then he notices the Mousecat of doom and chases it in circles around Molo and Morgana. Morgana demands that he changes them back this instant; but since he's probably a thousand years older than Molly; he no sells of course.

He has the Gruffi pose on full blast because he's teaching them a lesson in humility. Oh sure; except that Gosalyn was actually loving you guys for what you are which makes her even better than you. Drakenwolf is pissed off as he is leaving for help from a gypsy to change him back to normal as Drakenwolf, Batpad and Frankengos all walk out of the castle and out of sight. Morgana watches from outside and blows off Molo for getting exactly what he wants. Molo then starts to panic because they are heading towards the village. UH OH! Seems like Molo needs a lesson in thinking your plan to it's logical conclusion which is supposed to be a good function of "normals". Molo explains that the village and the castle had a pact to keep themselves on opposite sides and they shall never cross the line. Morgana blows him off for being immature (YAY! More so after Bad Tidings and we saw how good THAT worked out) and wanted him to cooperate with the village. The W-Vultures loved ripped normals and Molo grabs the beak to shut him up again because since these normals are "their kind" now and the normals will go after them for violating the pact. Yeah real smart there Molo; which proves Morgana was correct about Drake in spite of being full of himself. Morgana looks out the window as the Ghouls Of Gag walk towards the village and easily cross the white line. Frankengos asks about the white line and Drakenwolf blows it off as an old world custom as he wants the gypsy to cure him of his wolf and flea problem. So we go into the village fortress (I do see a church in the village; but no cross on it I should note) as the Ghouls of Gag walk in and Batpad asks about the villagers. Wolfendrake tells them to relax because they should be used to monsters. And we see the denizens with torches and pitchforks as they agree with him and they are not happy at all. This ends the segment 10 and a half minutes in. Great episode thus far. I should point out that I am ranting on the Toon Disney version and there is 15-20 seconds missing from the episode; so there has to be a cut somewhere.

After the commercial break; the village mob of death stalks our Ghouls of Gag (trust me; it's funnier this way) as Frankengos points out the obvious for me. Wolfendrake doesn't care as he's ready to show that Wolfendrake is no different than DARKWING...DUCK as we cut to the smoke and promo at 10:54...

Drakenwolf:  I am the terrier that yaps in the night, I am the schnauzer that digs up your petunias, I am Darkwolf Dog.

Oh my goodness; that was LAME! And Drakenwolf makes it funnier as he is giddy for the stick that the brown hair dognose with mustache and navy blue scarf has on his person. More like Dark Pablo Dog. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! CHOMP! OUCH! Ummmmmm.... Even Frankengos blows him off on the way out stage left so you know that was lame. Frankengos walks in and blows out a torch; but gets met by the pitchforks. So Frakengos calls for Batpad to do some blood drinking as BS&P has selective memory because Frankengos addresses him as a blood thirsty vampire bat. So Batpad amuses me and the female duck invokes the FLY SWATTER OF DEATH and swats Batpad right into Frankengos' big belly. So the Ghouls of Gag retreat stage left as we cut to Wolfendrake carrying the stick like the full of himself werewolf that he is. Some things never change; including the inability to shut up. Although I expected that one too. Frankengos squashes Wolfendrake in response. HAHA! Wolfendrake pops instantly and bails like a scalded dog and this time it's in the correct context in every way. They cross the line again as the mob crosses the line; but the Stick Leader of the group blocks them causing everyone to tumble into a neat little pile. Oh my goodness; do my eyes play tricks on me? One of them is that old dognose with the white mustache from The Status Seekers. It's Doctor Kunstenweimer! Oh goody; just what this episode needs: A reminder of those two who got blown off for self-plagurism of Allowance Day/The Time bandit. Anyhow; Kunstenweimer doesn't understand a word the stick leader sezs; but the guise of it is that he wants to return to the village to organize an army of villagers to destroy the monsters because apparently a mob is not enough.

So we do another blood smearing scene changer (which looks contrived for some reason) as we head back in the castle as the Ghouls of Gag break through the door and Frankengos puts the door back together. Sadly; the family is there and Molo is pissed off. He invokes the zapping finger of death as Drake dodges and hangs from the ceiling with his claws. Molo blames Drake (yeah; I'm killing the joke now, no sense using it for cannon fodder) for violating the pact which Drake gleefully blows off. Can you really blame Drake for that? It was Molo's fault for not swallowing his pride and not thinking his plan all the way through. Morgana threatens to never speak to his father again if he blows up her boyfriends. I don't think Molo cares about being on speaking terms with you Morgana. Molo concedes that petty hatred is not going to get them out of this mess and he wants to prepare for battle as Drake agrees with him. Okay; now I see where this episode is going now. So we have Drake bringing out his computer and we get more child playground level insults as Molo wants horror and magic; Drake wants technology, Morgana wants them to shut up and talk to them; which gets collectively blown off by the two man children. Morgana blows them off in kind and calls them 2 year olds. She just noticed that now. Drake and Molo agree to go their separate ways as they bail in opposite direction to prepare for battle as the door comes down of course. Morgana is pissed off and proclaims that she'll show them that violence is not the answer even if she has to kill them (death reference #4 for the episode). Don't you just love the circular logic of that statement?! So we have the guillotine scene changer before fading to black...

...and we head to a far shot of the castle as we cut into a room as Molo wants his family to scream the impossible scream. One-Eyed Jessica is at the organ as Aunt Nasty is leading the scare skill challenge as Cousin Globby, CatMouse and W-Vulture (W is a Japanese use for the word double in case anyone is wondering) do the worst scaring noises ever. Morgana is in the room as she blows off Molo for acting like a monster. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh come on Morgana; you should know better than calling him that. That only serves to motive him. Molo is addressing a pair of spiders (Ah; this is going to be a Fire Emblem Sacred Stones fight now.) and zaps them into bunny rabbits. HAHA! He tries again and gets little bear cubs. HAHA! Morgana wants Molo to give up now because he is sucking the life and heat right out of her. Well she didn't say that; but it was implied. Molo no sells because a new deal is out and he doesn't deal with normals. He zaps the bear cubs and they become man eating boots. Aw; close enough! Sadly; the joke is dead now; but Molo annoys me by zapping them into bat umbrellas. Molo has no concept of quitting while being ahead; although it's great that he is referring them as demons at least. Nintendo doesn't like that word either. Spiral scene changer and we decide to go into the wood to check on the Ghouls of Gag. Drake goes through the computer cutting another vain promo while handing Launchpad the glue grenade (because technology is so BS&P'ed nowadays.); but LP has problem and splatters himself and the glue grenade into the tree. Ummm; yeah. Then we get the black ooze scene changer (BS&P RULEZ~!) as we see Drake digging a hole like a dog while Gosalyn is shoveling with a "No Dogs Allowed" sign which buries Drake. HAHA! I love it when the writers finally realize the joke and pay it off. Drake blows her off because they could affect her allowance. Yeah; they are building a trench so...?

Here comes Morgana as Drake gets all giddy with Morgana as Morgana wants him to end this stupid fight and make peace with the villagers. Drake agrees with her; but he's not ending the fight because he wants to prove that he's better than Molou. Yeap; these two are really meant for each other; right down to the circular logic. Launchpad is drinking out of a straw at a ketchup bottle filled with ketchup on a tree stump. And he's having issues at this point with self control. Drake tells him to control his animal instincts; and then a cat appears out of nowhere and Drake chases it. Morgana blows Drake off for being so full of himself as Gosalyn comes in and tells her to change him into something else and Morgana blows it off because she wants to teach him the art of diplomacy. So Gosalyn tells her to change him into a diplomatic water buffalo. HAHA! Hey; it's better than doing what you are doing now Morgana: Whining and complaining. So we get a shot of the castle WELL AFTER HAPPY HOUR (sunrise) as we pan down to a shack where Drake has two leaves on him and calls it camoflague. Riiiiggggghhhhtttt Drake Mallard. Gosalyn has a rocket launcher (I see the Honker Gun Effect has gone from Honker to Gosalyn now) as the family all walk in and Molou proceeds to mock Drake for being such an idiot. When the monsters at least have some badass umbrellas to beat up some normals; you Drake are screwed good. Drake mocks the umbrellas as Aunt Nasty points out that the villagers are marching as stick leader comes up the hill as Molou proclaims that this is the chance to separate the men from the monsters. Drake has his makeshift gun ready and asks how a bunch of yahoos will do against them. Then the yahoos bring out the big laser guns, tanks and airplanes. What? No silver bullet rifle gun? I CLUB BS&P!! Drake gulps as his manhood is shrinking to 1/2 of my size on it's worst day and that ends the segment 17 and a half minutes in. Again; really great episode thus far...

After the commercial break; we see the army of villagers advance as Morgana tries to tell them to talk to the villagers; but no dice because real men don't talk. Ah; another reason to kill rigid gender roles and Morgana decides to let them kill themselves because she is done cleaning up messes that they made. Well; mostly Molou's mess anyway since he started it. So Molou goes over to his family and they march away stage left; while the Ghouls of Gag bail stage right because it's time to get dangerous. You don't know the half of it pal. So we scene change to behind a rock as Drake has the wrench and he's going to screw a tank. He jumps over the rock and he gets squashed by a tank wheel right into the ground. Launchpad gleefully sums up that one for me as we cut to Molou with the family and his army of evil umbrellas and they get all burned off-screen causing the umbrella to bail stage left like a bunch of scalded dogs. Yeah; Morgana suddenly is the smartest person in the entire room. So we go to the trenches as the villagers are behind them with their lightning BS&P guns as Gosalyn throws the glue grenade and Drake of course fetches it because he cannot control his animal instincts. It explodes and Drake is splattered and stuck in glue. Heh. So we see a truck as the family sees a bird wearing a green jacket with a smoking pipe as he just casually pushes the black button on the side of the truck and it brings out another laser gun as it shoots yellow beams and everyone bails stage left. So we see everyone head back to the castle drawbridge and everyone stops and plops right in front of Morgana as Morgana looks smug. We pan over to Drake and Molou asks what the hell went wrong. Morgana blows them off because they are supposed to bring everyone together to talk...And Drake and Molou get inspired and shake hands and will work together to smash the villagers. And just to piss off Morgana more; they thank Morgana too. You know the payoff is coming; you just know it.

Well; it cannot be any worse than the first one as everyone runs stage right and we fight some more off-screen. Sadly; we never get to see if the monsters get their asses kicked as Morgana is PISSED. And I do mean PISSED. How do I know? She rises to the sky in a storm cloud and just go nuts with thunderbolts basically MURDERING everyone into ash and soot and dirt. And not just the monsters; but the normals as well. Now; the problem with this is on the one hand it pays off the fact that she threaten to kill everyone if she didn't get her way and she did it. On the other hand; if logic was the story and not BS&P; it would mean that the normals and monsters would look at each other and work together to kick Morgana's ass into her grave for using such circular logic. However; since she's female and therefore; kicking female ass is sexist of the worst kind; we are going to get the obvious finish which is that everyone talks to each other and we get a peace deal signed. Which is kind of silly because both options would have ended the same way anyway; but the former wouldn't protect Morgana and Morgana is far too over to not be protected. The later turns her into a dictator which is probably what the writers wanted anyway (I mean you think either side is going to no sell a deal from a witch with thunderbolt spells? No chance in hell!) . Both finishes are fine; but I prefer Morgana getting her butt kicked for circular logic. Although one thing is certain; violence does get results and history has proven it. Morgana claims that she has a plan and we go to the castle as Morgana's plan is to turn it into a tourist attraction. Sounds fair to me. Stick Leader still sucks at speaking and the tourists all run in the money. Hey; this is similar to the Ducky Horror Picture Show now that I have really thought about it.

So we see Stick Leader buried in a cash dollar bill tomb and he pops up and it's cha-ching time. We then go to Molou who is decked out in white now as Drake comes in and they both shake hands for a truce as Drake asks to be changed back to himself. Molou agrees to it and zaps him with the orange beam; but Drake is pissed off because it's Drake Douglas Mop Of Death. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Drake bounces around threatening to MURDER Molou and that ends the episode at 20:50 aired. What did Toon Disney cut out of this? Was there a scene with a bullet shooting gun or something? Awesome episode with a almost great finish; but BS&P does rule after all. Again; you DO NOT PISS OFF MORGANA MACAWBER! **** 3/4 (95%).


Well; what a way to start season three and it was almost a perfect episode too. Then again; pissed off Morgana is awesome and almost everything clicked in this story. I did like Morgana's family as the dumb monsters who should know better than to hate someone else just because they are hated by a bunch of normals. The whole moral was supposed to be "diplomacy always wins out"; but let's face it, this episode is really "Don't Piss Morgana Off" and even the most harden diplomat would be on Morgana's side in spite of the obvious hypocrisy she performed during the finish. However; she did threaten to kill them if they didn't agree to her way, so they paid it off as the writers were supposed to do it; although it should have ended with the normals and monsters deciding to come together and kick Morgana's ass; but BS&P had to do the Ducky Horror Picture Show finish which is a fine finish; but it makes Morgana look like a nasty, charming dictator. Other than that and the laser guns (another BS&P decision no doubt); this was a near perfect episode. Although I'm sure the animators did some "screw you" moments with the blood scene changer and Gosalyn handling a rocket launcher which never got fired sadly. So next up is either Inherit The Wimp; or The Revenge of the Return of the Brainteasers, Too. So I get either the final appearance of the Liquidator; or the return of the alien hats from Planet Fez. So....

Thumbs way up for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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