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The Revenge Of The Return Of The Brainteasers, Too

Reviewed: 08/21/2012

The Revenge Of Flarg & The Evil Alien Hats!!

Well; we come to our third super episode of the beginning of season two as Honker and the evil alien hats returns for more brain sucking fun. Now sometimes; sequels don't work out well and sometimes they are better than the originals. It all depends on the writers and how much they care about entertainment value. It's not a straight out "sequels always sucks" as many people think it is; but when you have an original that is near the top in terms of quality, the sequel will always have a difficult time making it to that point; or better. So how does this episode fare? So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Charlie Howell and story edited by Gordon Bressack. Charlie's resume is largely the same old cartoons that you have already seen; although he did some acting in 1976 in the short Nutrition: You Are What You Eat, and some music with Rockin With Judy Jetson. Darkwing Duck is his only DTVA appearance. Pinky, Elmyra & The Brain, and Wakko's Wish are his most recent credits. He has 22 writing credits, two producer credits, three other credits, nine art credits, two music credits and one acting credit. The animation is done by Hanho Heung Up Company Limited. Get used to that company folks; the vast majority of the episodes from here on out are done by that company.

We begin this one with the most covered up city of Saint Carnard as we pan east to the stadium in the middle of the city as we hear a baseball announcer proclaim that it's two outs and bottom of the ninth. Interesting choice: The beginning has zero music; and then they build the sound up with horse racing music. Would have been better if they used some baseball type music instead. And you know right away that this is all a dream because at bat is Hammering Honker Muddlefoot in a blue baseball outfit. The dognose in the red outfit throws the flaming baseball and Honker hits it easily out of the park and wins. The crowd chants his name and every denizen type in Saint Carnard rushes to the field and we do the football victory spot on Honker. We return to reality (no, not really) as we see Honker laid out on top of a red lamp which didn't shatter. Logic break #1 of the episode right there folks. There is no way Honker could bump into that lamp and have it not shatter. No possible way. We discover that it's Gosalyn who beaned him on the head with the ball and he had been knocked out and silly. Oh; did I mention that they are playing ball in the living room? I know it's Drake's house because the flipping blue chairs are in the background. Gosalyn's batting skills suck badly as demonstrated by her as Honker has a better chance of hitting the ball and getting on base. Hey; Honker did a HBP; so it's a Base On Balls. Or got beaned and takes first base. It's an easy way to break up a perfect game. I'm just saying Gosalyn. Honker is depressed because he'll never make the little league team. Honker; wanting to be a jock? I wonder who bullied him into that one? Launchpad (with backwards baseball cap on his head) does the dumbest thing in this situation: praise Honker for being good at a demolition derby. So Honker grabs his backpack and proclaims that he's going home. Drake comes downstairs and blows off Gosalyn for MURDERING his Zorro hat. HAHA!

Gosalyn admits that she was using it for second base and Drake calls it Major Living Room Trashing. Oh; that's a good one Drake; maybe you can be known as the Zorro Comedian Of Trash. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BLAM! HEE HEE! Missed again Drake! YOU ARE NOT W...POW! OUCH! Ummm... Gosalyn blows off Drake because she was coaching Honker and Honker slumps at the door because he didn't make the little league team again. Drake tries to console him because he's not the next Oral Honkhirister; but Honker is tired of being smart. Ah; the old "plucky nerd is yearning to be a jock; because jocks are over and nerds suck." plot line. Honker wishes that people would look up to him the same way they look up to Darkwing Duck see. So we head to a planet shaped like a flower pot upside down as we cut in to a city as the announcer is praising Honker and we see on the television a puppet play featuring Honker as a puppet defeating an alien hat helmet and a puppet version of Flarg with a pepper shaker; all done in the Superman promo. Flarg blows off Nikito (voiced by Richard Karron; not Frank Welker as I originally thought) as Nikito (who has attached himself to a robot that looks like Roadkill Rodney without the bad ass electrical whip and has the crappiest design Baxter Stockman could use. Nikito turns off the television despite wanting to change channels as Flarg (on a red version of the same robot as Nikito) is tormented by Honker as he even has his own comic book which Flarg steals from Nikito and runs over it. Barada comes over to bow down to his evil overlord as Flarg is still sore about the Garlacian "wimps" and wants to chow down on a real brain; instead of a plastic version of Roadkill Rodney. So we hear someone slide three bowls of metal nuts, bolts and small sheets of metal as Nikito goes to it and eats up. He hates it; but cannot resist as Flarg blows off the meal as we discover that they are on Planet Fez and they will be escaping soon.

We go to the prison window as he has a Krackpotkin Plan to discredit Honker Muddlefoot once and for all; because apparently, trying to murder him in cold blood would violate BS&P somehow. Nikito gets all giddy about the plan with Barada and then we hear someone as the prison guard in an blue English police hat is escorting a female hat who apparently has stolen Webby's large sun hat as seen in Scrooge's Pet. They exchange pleasure thoughts as the prison door to Flarg's cell opens and we discover that it's Flarg's mother known as Telaya. In other words; this is basically the alien version of Bringing Down Babyface which is not exactly great news for this episode's quality; but since Honker isn't unintentionally breaking him out of prison like Baloo did with Babyface Half-Nelson; this could be good. Teyala reveal a big ass nail file which springs open to reveal a chocolate birthday cake. And anyone who has watched, two or three Jim Cornette promos knows what happens when we see a birthday cake as it gets destroyed over the prison guards' face. Some surprise eh? NOT! The heels all wheel out as Nikito proclaims that this just like the movies. It's actually more like watching professional wrestling in the 1980's. Teyala (voiced by Susan Tolsky) is giddy and praises Flarg; but Flarg tells her to praise him later because they are leaving for planet Earth and getting revenge on Honker as he takes Nikito's comic and rips it in half before throwing it to the ground. So we scene change to Honker at the table (I'm guessing the Muddlefoot's house) as he is sulking and Gosalyn is still coaching him. Gosalyn claims that it'll take practice to make this work; and Honker considers it useless sometimes. So Gosalyn pulls Honker from the table and proclaims that once she shows him the special baseball batting stance; he'll be awesome. You know nowadays; being a pitcher is more important to the game than a hitter because if the other team cannot score; you always have a shot to win.

Then Binkie comes in and goes to the fridge and takes out a chocolate cake. Not too much though; because it will spoil his dinner. Never mind that Gosalyn has been spoiling him for the last year or so. Gosalyn no sells the cake because she's taking Honker outside for batting practice as she drags Honker into the living room. Binkie offers to make some ice cold lemonade instead as we head to the mirror as we see Herb admiring his head and apparently; he has thinning hair despite the fact that he has always had three hairs on the top of his head. Not much to thin there as Gosalyn runs in and startles Herb as he throws the mirror up into the air and I betcha it'll take forever for it to come down. Gosalyn asks Herb if he would like to do some baseball practice with her and Honker; but Herb seems more distracted by bald spots then baseballs. So Gosalyn and Honker bail out of the house as Herb ponders a toupee and we do a weird scene changer as Gosalyn and Honker walk out the house and Gosalyn decides to bring Launchpad back again. We then zoom out as we see the evil alien hats outside watching from the bushes as then we see two cats and two dogs in a wild chase around the yard for no reason other than to give the hats an excuse to suck on their brains. Damn; I'm so good and that is so predictable as Telaya is the fat cat of this operation and Nikito gets to be the dog of course. Minus the clothes; they could all be TaleSpin anthros for that matter. Flarg brings out the BLUEPRINTS OF DEATH as he is going to create a Galactic Harmonizer which is designed to cause destruction, terror, death, chaos and static cling. Nikito asks how this is going to discredit the "cult of Honker" (as Flarg would say) and Flarg states that Honker will push the button. And he has a really weird video camera to get it all on film. Barada is on look out as Flarg wants Honker in chains and they will be forced to crown him king and queen (so sezs Teleya). I don't think they are just going to give you the keys to the planet if Honker pushes the button Flarg. Get over yourself and destroy the planet yourself.

Barada then notices Gosalyn and company returning to the front lawn as Gosalyn is on the new makeshift mound she probably created herself. She throws the baseball and Honker whacks it out of the front lawn as Gosalyn does the circus catch spot on the hedges; but misses. Launchpad tells Honker to run and he does as Flarg informs Barada and Nikito to jump in while he sneaks around the bushes to get Gosalyn; while Teyala keeps the engine warm on the space ship. Remember that for later on as Honker slides at home plate safe; but Launchpad threw off his google hat (for no reason other than; you know...) beforehand and now he's Nikito's sucker as Nikito grabs Honker and cover his mouth. Honker tries to struggle but no dice as Flarg comes in. Wait; didn't he say that he was going after Gosalyn? So why is he still attached to the cat? He blows off Honker and Honker is going to pay as Barada attaches himself to Honker's head. Okay; here is the obvious problem with this plan: Does Flarg really believe that the Planet Fez is that stupid to not notice the alien hat on Honker's head? I mean; I can see the denizens of Saint Carnard falling for this stupidity; but Fez? Sadly; Flarg is really stupid; because Barada was attached to a dog beforehand; and the old law of fiction states that dogs must have unadultered hatred for cats and we give chase. And just to make the old Disney look even worse; the dog is dressed up in a purple robe. So Gosalyn returns with the ball as she wants to throw overhand; but Barada claims that the game plan has changed. Gosalyn decides not to throw overhand and then catches herself as she realizes that they are brain sucking alien hats from...

Stacey Stickler: Don't say it!
Bradley: Uranus!
Stacey Stickler: THEY ARE FROM FEZ BRADLEY! And real mature there B-man!
Bradley: Project much there madam?

So Gosalyn runs over the hedge as Barada and Nikito trip over the hedge and fall on their faces. HA! Gosalyn is then stopped by Flarg and is ready to take over her body; but the dressed up dog (again; why do we complain about this in the new Disney guys?) chases him away as Gosalyn runs stage left to the house as Binkie walks out with a tray of lemonade and hotdogs. Gosalyn wants the pepper (because that is their weakness - even though Binkie is sort of confused on putting pepper on hot dogs. Well; it's because it makes most stuff taste better for the fewest calories served. ) as we see Flarg near her and he jumps up and lands on her head as the cat gets chases into the bush tree by the dressed up dog. Gosalyn is on her ass and then notices that Binkie is now evil Flarg. Flarg is confused because he's dealing with a really dense brain now; but it will do as Gosalyn runs inside the house and we see Herb looking himself in the mirror with a toupee on. HAHA! He then tries on a purple clown like hair on for size and stares in the mirror as Gosalyn runs behind him and Herb turns around and asks Gosalyn about it and she screams. Herb feels that his feelings are hurt. So we get Gosalyn throwing out stuff from the top shelf cupboards and she finds the pepper shaker (which clearly looks like a salt shaker so I'm betting against it being salt) in the right cupboard and we head downstairs as Gosalyn prepares to make the hats eat pepper; but it backfires because they have clothespins on their beaks. Riiiigggghhhhttttt writers. Big logic break: Beaks don't work like noses and above all; no clothespins on the hats either which can also cause them to sneeze which is how they come off. Really, really stupid spot there guys. Gosalyn bails through the hallway as Herb talks to Flarg while wearing Elvis' hairstyle and Flarg shoves him and runs stage left. Flarg seems to have a major fetish for calling someone a bi-pied.

Herb thinks she didn't notice her. NO?! REALLY?! Like the brain sucking alien hat wasn't a give away Herb? The heels run outside and decide to leave the girl alone because they have more important matters to discuss as we see Gosalyn run into the kitchen and deny Drake Mallard a chance to eat a sandwich from the fridge. HAHA! Serves you right for not allowing Launchpad to eat more often. Gosalyn forces Drake's face to splat into the window and even he admits that the alien hats are back as we see Flarg, Barada and Nikito sitting on a space ship and flying into the sky. So Gosalyn and Drake get on the flipping chairs and it's time to get dangerous 10 and a half minutes in. Or more to the point; Drake's face as it get slammed into the Basil statue when Gosalyn nails the head on top. HAHA! So we scene change into Drake's hideout as Drake is putting on his Darkwing Duck costume. Gosalyn wants him to hurry up Drake tries to grab the Zorro hat as he cuts his full of himself promo at 10:30...

Darkwing Duck: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the pebble in the shoe of ignominy.

I think it's a little too late to be doing promos without the smoke. Unless BS&P considers it bad for their audience's health, movie rating and bad logic breaks. And of course he doesn't pay attention as Telaya appears out of nowhere. Wait a minute? Wasn't she supposed to be in the space ship with Flarg? Oh DAMN YOU stupid rookie writer! There goes any hope of this episode being better than the original. And yes; Telaya lands on Drake's head and she's the queen of the galaxy. Nope; you are the dumbest logic break of the entire far. Gosalyn claims that this is a new one. If she's talking about the logic break; then she is sadly mistaken. Gosalyn then catches herself and she is screwed as Teyala backs her up and that ends the segment almost 11 minutes in. Not as good as I thought it would be thus far...

After the commercial break; we see Teyala back up Gosalyn as Gosalyn proclaims that her brain won't be taken alive and Teyala asks who is going to stop her? Answer: Barada; that's who. I thought we saw Barada with Flarg and Nikito on the space ship when Drake and Gosalyn were looking out of the house? Teyala is insulted and wants him reblocked; but Flarg blows it off because they need Barada since he's attached to Honker. Okay; this makes sense now. Although it still doesn't explain how Teyala got in. Teyala loves the new outfit as she dances around and Flarg cannot help but to call her ravishing. Flarg proclaims that they will be sitting side by side as king and queen; but they still have work to do as we scene change to the heels as we see a number of horns and other debris on the ground as Flarg does a neat spot making Barada and Honker look at the map up and down as Flarg proclaims that the device will be used to frame Honker as the destroyer of the galaxy. Flarg places the blueprints on the table and opens them proclaiming that they need a Sonic Instigator to finish the job. Barada proclaims that there isn't one in this backwater mudhole; but Flarg proclaims that on Earth; it's called a kazoo. Yes; we have totally lost it when it comes to alien plot lines; so Z-gradish of Flarg to use that as a plot device. So Flarg tells Teyala to go to the store and buy a kazoo and Teyala loves shopping trips. Flarg gives her keys to the Rat Catcher (or Thunder Quack; I'm not sure) and tells her not to parallel park. What; is that a capital offense on Planet Fez or something? Teyala walks stage left as Gosalyn opens the door to a green sphere shaped rocket thing and looks around and notices a green fedora lying around. She has this sharp look on her face and the hat segue into a scene changer as we see Flarg and Barada assembling the Harmonizer of Death as Flarg wants something connected; but then demands the flargan tube and of course Nikito is munching on it like a stoned hippie. HAHA!

Flarg blows him off and orders him to patch up something while he bails to get a new tube stage left. The green door opens and Gosalyn puts on the green fedora hat with eyes on it as she bosses Nikito around. HAHA! She orders the harmonizer to be disconnected and Nikito obeys her. However; Barada and he's got Honker's brain so he is not fooled as Gosalyn's teeth smile isn't fooling him. Barada tackles her down and Barada talks like Max Goof from Goof Troop. And he's on HONKER'S head for goodness sakes. Like Honker is going to talk like Max Goof? Sure Charlie; sure. So Gosalyn brings out the pepper shaker and shakes pepper into Barada's face and he forgot the clothespin on his nose (just as well; since it's a BAD logic break anyway) and sneezes Barada off his head and drops on his back. Bradada flies into the air and it lands in a sack and tied up by Gosalyn. Honker is dizzy as hell wondering what the hell happened. Gosalyn throws the sack into the storage area as he orders Honker to get into the Rat Catcher and get the motor running as she is going for Launchpad. So we see Nikito doing more to piss off Flarg who conveniently shows up just in time to blow him off for being so stupid. He's suppose to do patch work and Flarg does the yell so hard; the victim flies like crazy off-screen. Flarg bails to find Tony Barada (so Barada has a first name? Really Charlie?) as Gos-Flarg enters just to screw with Nikito's mind. Oh; and it's not Ninto Flarg; it's Ni-ki-to and has been since they appeared in the first season. Idiots! Sadly; Gosalyn's voice is too loud and Nikito is smart enough to at least give Gosalyn enough rope to hang herself because Flarg comes in and does the Gruffi pose. D'OH!

Gosalyn is seriously screwed as somehow; Barada hops out of the storage room in the sack as Honker is freed. Gosalyn bails (sans green fedora hat) and slams the door in Flarg's face. That's a BS&P way of saying: STOP SAYING THE WORD INFIDEL (, you infidel!). Flarg goes coo-coo and blames Nikito of course even though he did nothing to deserve it. Even Nikito is questioning this behavior as he follows Flarg and Gosalyn runs the other way and climbs the ladder onto the Rat Catcher (thus Teyala stole the Thunder Quack) as we see Honker in the shotgun position. Honker proclaims that he doesn't have a learners' permit so he didn't turn the engine on. Of course he doesn't; he's only eight years old, so sezs canon. So Gosalyn pushes buttons and the RC starts and drives down the bridge railing just as Flarg and Nikito run to the storage room. Flarg orders Nikito to the ship as we head to a novelty store somewhere in Saint Carnard as we see Teyala inside looking at the cashier as it's a dog dressed in red with a blue bowtie with white spots and one glass glasses on. He is so giddy (Richard Karron) to see Darkwing Duck graces him with his presence in his humble little shop. He even offers him fake handcuffs and we know they are fake since they are red in color. HA! Teyala likes the look of it; but she only wants the kazoo. It costs $1.39 and Teyala has trouble finding some money; but finds two dollar bills anyway and pays the man. The man gives her the kazoo in a paper bag; and she takes out the blue kazoo and eats it because it's made of metal. She spits so much that she comes off Drake's head and he's confused as hell. She drops somewhere and then returns just as the man asks about the iron in his diet. Personally; that question is better served for Launchpad sir. Teyala gets back on Drake's head and wants a dozen kazoos for the road. She gets a bag of them; but Gosalyn and Honker manage to make it into the store to blow her off.

Sadly; the time compression of this episode is shot because here comes Flarg and Nikito as the kids bail and Gosalyn kicks cans to cause Teyala to roll on them and crash on screen right on top of a pile of whoopie cushions. Fart sounds ensue; just to show that Quack Pack doesn't have a monopoly on that spot. Nikito gets buried in joke glasses and he fears the four eyes. Gosalyn throws smoke cans and Honker bashes them with the telescope as the smoke clouds surround everyone and everyone coughs; but the kids get caught and someone manages to find the red handcuffs and cuffs Honker and Gosalyn together. Honker proclaims that he struck out and that ends the segment 17 minutes in. Well; I guess that was sort of useless....

After the commercial break; we head to Drake's living room as the flipping chairs flip up with Nikito, Barada and Flag together with the Harmonizer of Doom as they walk around to admire the place. Then the chairs flip up as Teyala brings the kids towards the stair case as Flarg blows them off for screwing with him too much. Gosalyn does the standard stupid "you won't get away with this" speech before Teyala hand cuffs them against the railing of the stairs. Honker release his fist into a hand and we cut to Teyala hiccuping and eating more kazoos as Flarg blows her off nicely because the kazoo are needed for the harmonizer. Teyala continues to hiccup away stage right as Flarg tells Barada is useless without a host and wants him to attaches himself to Gosalyn. But then Flarg catches himself and realizes that the kids have escaped. Then he blames Nikito for the devices even though it was Teyala who introduced the red handcuffs in the first place. BS&P RULEZ! So we head outside AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as Gosalyn and Honker climb over the fence and we all know Herb is next on the list to get his brain sucked; this time be Barada. Honker proclaims that the aliens never heard of trick handcuffs; as Gosalyn and Honker bail into Herb's house as Herb comes through the front door with a fedora hat and both kids tackle down Herb; steal his hat and stomp all over it's corpse. If only corporal punishment was still around; if only. POW! OUCH! Ummmm...Okay; never will be around; never at all. Herb thinks that they hate his look and should have said something. Everyone comes into the house as Honker and Gosalyn try to warn him about the brain sucking alien hats; but no dice as Herb takes out the tonic from the Feather Club For Men and sprinkles it on his black comb. Sadly; the comb is so slippery that it slips out and he searches for it just as Flarg and Nikito enter the house.

Gosalyn and Honker bail as Herb asks Flarg (Did I mention that Binkie is so awesome when she has Flarg as the host on her brain?) about dinner and Flarg blows him off as a bi-pied. Herb decides to leave to go get pizzas. HAHA! Well played Charlie; well played as Flarg and Telaya tackle Gosalyn and Honker down after Gosalyn wanted to do some telephone crank calling long distance. So Nikito comes in with the harmonizer and the video camera as Flarg has Honker and we roll tape as he proclaims that he will make Honker push the button and Honker will use the harmonizer to destroy the universe and he'll be the hero who stops him. Memo to Flarg: You shouldn't have said that while Nikito had the camera ON. I'm calling the finish right now as Flarg calls for Barada to get on Honker's head; but Barada slips and slides off Honker's head easily. Honker drops down and brings out the TONIC OF SLIPS which he stole from Herb somehow and puts some on Gosalyn's head and Drake's head. Telaya is so unstable that she slides off quicker than Barada. Drake comes back to his senses as he orders the alien hats to surrender. Flarg no sells and decides to destroy the universe anyway; but the GREEN BEAM OF DEATH freezes them in their tracks. Drake proclaims that they have been whammied. The kids notice the hat pole space ship as the alien hats from Fez have arrived along with Klatuu2 who have finally found a way to speak without having to attach themselves to a host. I guess that incident in the first season developed their character. Drake is not happy for them stealing the glory from them. Oh sod off Drake Mallard; Honker is the real hero when it comes to alien hats! Get over yourself and stop trying to bury heroes do earned their positions!

Klatuu2 complains about the traffic in the galaxy and that they should learn to car pool. Don't you mean space ship pool? I realize that it sounds dumb; but it makes MORE sense. Scene changer as Klatuu2 proclaims that Flarg and his evil alien hat friends will never bother earth again as three guard slam the hats into a carrying case under lock and key. Logic break: Flarg is talking when he shouldn't be since he has no host attached to him and where is Nikito? And it cannot be a BS&P decision because Nikito is male? And where is Binkie for that matter? The GANG OF GAG watch on as the Klatuu2's guards want an autograph with Honker (and his notepad) and Honker gleefully accepts them. The guard love this as Drake tells them one at a time like he's the hero of this outfit; as the guards bump into him and Drake whirls around because he's the ultimate hero of windbags everywhere! HAHA! The guards get signed notes from Honker as they are giddy as hell as one of the guards takes their picture together and then bail as Gosalyn comes in and calls Honker a hero as Honker has that look of "Drake's going to bury me now; isn't he" and that ends the episode at 21:10. This was basically your average sequel and not Toy Story sequel: Okay; but logic breaks and a dumb plan just made it look weak in comparison; thus it is a disappointing effort overall. *** 1/2 (70%).


Wow; this was the weakest of the three super episodes on the card. I was looking forward to this and it was good; but not awesome as I thought it could be. It was funny; but it wasn't epic funny like the first time and the whole Flarg plan was dumb because Fez is not going to buy that Honker would betray them; most so when Flarg's friend Barada was going to sit on Honker's head and make Honker push the button. Like a bunch of aliens from Fez are going to buy that bill of good with a cowboy hat on his head. And it doesn't help that Nikito filmed the whole plan with the camera before the finish which basically exposes the plan for all to see. There are also a couple of logic breaks, several mistakes that should have been corrected before this episode aired (Nikito is Ninto. Really guys?) and the whole plan was just plain silly. Like I'm going to buy that a musical device is going to destroy a planet. If Flarg's plan was to kill eardrums; then that would have worked better. All in all; this was a decently written story and the Herb hair gag was good and it was nice to see that Herb walking out and not being the victim was refreshing near the finish; but it wasn't as good as the original time and really; I have had enough of alien hats now if Flarg is going to look like a alien wuss in right of everyone. Although Teyala would have been something if she wasn't such a female stereotype.

So next weekend; we do Star Crossed Circuits, The Steerminator and The Frequency Fiends. Again; I don't know what order I will do these episodes; one looks really bad; one involves Gosalyn and Sparky; and the other one is Tarus Bullba's return. So it will be an interesting to watch; although I am not looking forward to Star Crossed Circuits at all. So....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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