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The Steerminator

Reviewed: 08/28/2012

Taraus Bullba Vs. Darkwing Duck In A Wheelchair? Okay.

Ahh yes; this episode. In this season there are two episodes of vast importance to Darkwing Duck fans; this one was the return of Taraus Bullba and it was supposed to be a very important one to set up a more focused role later on. Sadly; it didn't happen until KaBoom took over and brought him back via the comics. The second one was Hot Spells and that was due to a moment that pretty much sealed the fate of Darkwing Duck. I'll explain that one in the next rant. So how does this episode fare now? So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Dev Ross and Tad Stones and story edited by Tad Stones. The animation is done by Hanho Heung Up Company Limited.

We begin this one in a cave with glass windows showing FOWL Eggmen at work working on a metal arm that swipes and shoots a cannon which creates a hole in the wall as FOWL Eggmen working on it get flattened to the wall and create snow angels. Okay; that was different. We cut to Steelbeak at the computer of FOWL High Command as he recalls the surgery done to his beak. He's still a little sore because FOWL High Command has now decided to use the technology on a new subject floating in a big ass tube filled with red transparent liquid. Steelbeak proclaims that this subject (which looks like a bull) was a mess in the wreckage and should be dead now. We zoom out and show a red helmet made into the shape of a bull's head. I think we all know who it is now as we scene change to AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as Drake is sitting in chair cutting another full of himself and cringing because he's shaking while Launchpad is pushing his wheelchair. Drake has also stolen Burl Ruxpin's shoes too as Drake blows him off for hitting every rock on the mountain. Which is hilarious considering that a mountain is mostly made up of rocks too. Launchpad claims that the chair has a mind of it's own and Drake claims that it can share it with him. And then he catches himself and apologizes. See; he broke both his legs at a ski sale shop; which has to be the lamest way to break both legs. Even more lame than Vinnie Mac blowing out both legs at Royal Rumble 2005. So we stop to do the binocular shot of the cave surrounded by three FOWL Eggmen. And one of them has been drinking Larson & Gary's Magic Elixir. Drake proclaims that they probably have video spies on the prowl so he's going to turn his disadvantage into his advantage. So we scene change as we see the FOWL Eggmen point their guns (which thankfully look reasonable this time; unlike Star Crossed Circuits) as Launchpad is peddling a snack bar which has a white sheet which gives away Drake Mallard right there. Although I doubt these heels have the brain power to figure that one out.

So we have a fruit salad bowl and as part of a "Two For None" sale (does LP realize that means infinity since you can only divide by zero if the number is also zero?) of Snooki Doodles. I swear to GOD he said that. I betcha the new Disney fans will think LP was referencing The Jersey Shore or something. And no; I'm not going to comment on this nonsense; so the roided eggmen takes the big ass bowl of doodles and of course as usual; they don't even bother to see Drake's head pop up; even though it's in clear line of sight of the heels. Launchpad wheels Drake stage left into the cave while the goons fight over a bowl of peanuts. And do the FCC FRIENDLY CLOUDDUST OF DEATH in the process as we head into the cave like lab as we have Bullkenstein propped against the table looking like an anthro version of the Terminator; only in red. BS&P Alert: The liquid in the spiral tube is blood believe it or not and it's flowing. I'm sure anime purists will be angry when they read this rant too. So we get the "It's Alive!" sequence as the helmet is now over Taraus Bullba's eyes (and yes; the suit he is wearing clearly indicates that it's him. Taraus wakes up and grasps his left hand (the machine one) to test it as FOWL High Command explains that the confusion is understandable since he was acutely injured in an explosion. Now this makes sense since it was from the pilot episode. However; why did it take so long to come to this point? This would be a good season 1 ending; but it wasn't to be. And considering that season three is going to be BS&P'ed to death; I don't know if this is going to be any better. FOWL High Command proclaims that he is the new agent capable of destroying armies with his laser horn which is pretty cool. He is now Agent Taraus Bullba and he is now part of FOWL. We cut to a cliff and see the babyfaces gasp in horror. Drake gets off death reference #1 as LP comments on his mechanic.

Taraus breaks free from the table and starts shooting at a FOWL Eggmen and making sure he gets WARNERED. Steelbeak is not amused by this ultimate agent (because he's supposed to be the ultimate agent see) although it's clear Taraus has no intention to play ball with FOWL going on about having to show gratitude to bringing him back to life without his permission. So he uses the red laser and burns Steelbeak to soot. HAHA! I love this Mecha Taraus already (I wish that when he returned for the mythical season four; he returns as a blood sucking undead zombie; just to make it Gosalyn's dream/nightmare complete.) as he prepares his green cannon and destroys the FOWL computer turning on them after teasing joining them. Well; he showed them didn't he? FOWL is now officially useless and done for this series (although I'm sure they return to KaBoom too.) as Taraus just destroys everything in the cave causing Drake's wheelchair to run backwards. Launchpad runs ; but trips on a rock as Drake hits the spikes and then get flown into the air as Steelbeak is underneath some junk claiming that this was all wasted on Darkwing Duck. Taraus hears that and gets in Steelbeak's face about it getting the CHEAP HEAT OF LAUGHS and then his suit short-circuits due to overheating. Ah; he has the Ad Infinium virus infecting him. Ad Infinium is a Commodore 64 game that goes way back into the 1980's: 256 levels; each level has unique aliens (and a belt of asteroids) and even Pac-Man made an appearance. Really fun game that was legit tough as it was laser hell. Taraus cannot move as Steelbeak wonders how long that will last. Answer: less then five seconds. We find Drake underneath some rubble as he is in shock as Taraus storms out stage left and remember to step on both of Drake's legs in the process. HAHA! Drake has to contain himself under the rubble because it was this close to overselling it and blowing his cover.

Taraus proclaims that he will deal with FOWL later and shoots a hole through the wall and storms out. We cut back to Steelbeak wearing a barrel over his clothes (which is useless because he was wearing his underwear and undershirt throughout the whole thing); commenting on the drafty conditions of the cave. He wants to locate to his secret base in Miami as we scene change back to Drake's living room and we flip up from the flipping chairs. And of course the wheelchair screws him and does a stunt bump onto the floor after flying in the air. HAHA! I know I should be have more empathy for Drake Mallard now that he's crippled; but if you go to a ski sale during Black Friday just to get a Christmas present for yourself; then screw you! No present is worth this type of abuse. Drake proclaims that the chair needs fine tuning. Ummm; no Drake. You just cannot get OUT of the chair and then flip up. Maybe you should buy two wheelchairs if you are going to fight crime in one of them. Launchpad comments about Bullba's robot brain as Drake gets up and is worried about Gosalyn since Taraus hasn't forgotten about Drake Mallard. And then we see Gosalyn bouncing a soccer ball in the house and greeting him even though she probably could hear him. Drake wheels to the door to block it and he stammers like an idiot since Gosalyn is grounded for not picking up her room. Gosalyn calls him out on that one (because she never picks up her room) and Drake claims that he doesn't need an excuse because he's the parent see. Ah; parent creep; how fitting? Gosalyn decides to storm upstairs and wait for her bread and water in her room.

Launchpad comes over to Drake and claims Gosalyn is taking this very hard. Drake blows off Launchpad because he won't feel guilty. Oh come on Drake! I realize that you do have justification (and good justification) to keep Gosalyn out of this mess; but you did ground her on FALSE pretenses!! How can you not feel guilty about that? Drake claims that Gosalyn was almost killed to get to him. Except Taraus was NEVER really after him; he wanted the codes from Gosalyn; but Drake got in the way. Come on Dev Ross; we know what happened in the pilot; so why are you writing it as if it was different? So we head up to Darkwing Tower (now that we have an official name for the hideout; that is the one I'll use from here on out.) AFTER HAPPY HOUR as Drake blows off Launchpad's lack of speed in fixing something. Wait; isn't taking off the casts a good thing? Unless Drake is milking the injuries he has like Dale did in Kiwi's Big Adventure. Launchpad gleefully retorts him as Drake realizes that even Launchpad is making sense. Then the computer turns on and we see the head of J. Gander (this is SHUSH and FOWL's final appearance, Pre-Kaboom era.) as Drake wheels to the ladder and then realizes that he has screwed himself. HA! So he uses the plunger gun and rises up remembering to hit the plunger right in J. Gander's beak in the process before plopping himself in the chair with his feet up and being a full of himself duck as usual. Gander asks if Drake has got the new equipment they delivered to him. Again; why is Drake still buying from these guys? Drake claims that he has; but Launchpad is taking nine hours to assemble it. Gander asks if Drake needs any SHUSH agents to back him up; and Drake no sells the deal because he's full of himself. Gander decides to fizzle out as we then go back to Launchpad (with goggles and gas mask because safety first after all.) spraying the new invention with the violet paint which is a wheelchair version of the Thunder Quack; only it's the Hover Quack. In other words; the Thunder Quack dried up and shrunk. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Drake somehow manages to get down and back onto the wheelchair. He wheels and does another flip bump into the platform and lands in the Hover Quack with a degree of difficulty of 9.2. Launchpad whines because he is going to smudge the finish. He has a point there Drake; if you are going to fight crime with it; you cannot have it looking like a rush job. So we scene change to outside Gosalyn's room as it is boarded up and wrapped with barb wire. Man; Drake has relapsed into overkill Gosalyn's heat mode today. We see that Honker has entered through the window with the bed sheet rope spot. Yes Kit; I promise not to do stupid jokes about it since the Agony booth is pretty much persona non-grata to me at this point. Gosalyn is pacing around because Drake didn't give a reason for her being grounded. Ummm; not picking up your room was the reason he gave; along with being a parent. There are two reasons right there. Honker asks about the gas incident in the boy's locker room and Gosalyn blows it off as too soon. Honker asks about the UFO hoax and Gosalyn blows off that too. Honker then states that besides those two incidents; she has been good and Gosalyn finally gets it that she is being grounded for being good. In a way; I sure that makes sense since Drake is protecting Gosalyn from Taraus Bullba; but Gosalyn sees it as reverse psychology. Oh yeah; sure Gosalyn. Like Drake would be THAT dishonest. I know Drake is full of himself and really stupid; but being that dishonest requires him to be a total heel. Gosalyn climbs down the bed sheet rope claiming that Drake has a surprise for her as Honker holds on. Gosalyn also claims Drake is crafty even by Drake's really low standards.

So we return to the tower as Launchpad carries Drake and plops him into the Thunder Quack as Drake sells it. Now for a really funny; yet stupid logic break: Notice Drake's leg propped up. This was supposed to be the setup to pan over to the driver's side of the TQ and Launchpad gets in and drops the glass dome onto Drake's leg and Drake screams and his cast turns red and thumps. The problem with that is that Drake's leg is too far from the glass done and it shouldn't have come down on the leg at any point. Methinks that was BS&P'ed to death. I mean the bump took place off-screen; but there was no reason for Drake's leg to not be sticking out before the glass dome came down. Maybe after; but not before. Launchpad pulls up the glass dome and Drake blows him off because they should use the Hover Quack instead. LP blows him off because he's letting the paint dry. Wait; WHAT?! There's no evidence that the paint was ever an issue with the Hover Quack even though Drake sat in the HQ. Well; we find out as we fly out of the tower that Launchpad blows off Drake for lying and Drake response is so vain (I always tell the truth even if I have to lie to get there. That's like saying that Bret Hart always win clean; even if he cheats along the way.) that he needs to get his license revoked. He then admits that if Gosalyn found out; she would come along. Which is every episode in the series as he thinks Gosalyn is home safe. Then we see on the bridge Honker and Gosalyn biking and skateboarding in that order into the city and that ends the segment 10 and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; we head inside Darkwing Tower to a shot of the Hover Quack. Gosalyn and Honker pop up from the spiral staircase and Gosalyn is keen geared so to speak; because no one is here to ground her. Gosalyn then notices the Hover Quack and she thinks it's hers. Honker asks how that is possible and Gosalyn hops on the HQ and proclaims that it's her birthday soon. Honker claims that her birthday is three months away. Gosalyn grabs the paint sprayer and sprays purple paint thinking that it's a gas gun right into Honker's face. Logic break: The glasses on Honker are clean; and the paint doesn't match the Hover Quack's color scheme at all. Gosalyn then throws a green army helmet to Honker as Gosalyn's helmet has changed colors throughout this along with the buttons' colors being inverted in one of the shots. Honker hops in and puts on the helmet as Gosalyn blows him off for touching paint onto her. Honker apologizes as Gosalyn ponders over which button to push. Well; the obvious answers would be to push all of them as Honker asks about an instruction manual just as Gosalyn selected the red button. Because it's always the red button in these cartoons. Gosalyn proclaims that manuals are for weenies. Further evidence of Gosalyn being written as a tomboy. And so Gosalyn slams the button and we ride into the air and we scene change to the Thunder Quack as Drake is looking for Taraus Bullba. Drake cannot find him and he wants to draw him out as Launchpad flies in zippy directions like a fatalist world as Drake sells like mad. HAHA! We then cut to a waterfall as Taraus Bullba is on the edge of it and he is looking on with his binocular eye; stating that he will pick the time and the place for this final assault. So he uses the telescope eye and notices the bridge as he wonders why it dogs him.

This leads one of the weirdest things in a Disney Television Animation cartoon: We get a closeup of Taraus and then we superimpose footage from the pilot episodes of Darkwing Duck. Strangely; they show Drake putting Gosalyn in bed even though he should have never seen that scene at all. Unless he had a spy camera I am not aware about. This is basically the same thing they did for Old Man & The Seaduck; but the action music in this scene ruins the effect a little bit. A lot of people thought Christopher L. Stone's soundtrack was beautiful and that type of soundtrack he did would have worked wonders for this scene instead of the generic action music they used here. Bullba proclaims that he knows the time and place as he drops down from a conveniently placed trapdoor and laughs. So we head back to the bridge as it's sunrise (or sunset; it's hard to tell) as we get fireworks for no reason at all as the Hover Quack is on the suspension bridge rope as Gosalyn is playing it like a video game and Honker is green to the grills sick. Then a laser blast pushes the Hover Quack right onto the road as it plops with a wussy bump (well; they are kids, what can you do?) and then does the whirlwind spot because that is exactly what this episode needs: more windbags! They stop twirling and here comes Bullba as Honker panics and Gosalyn is completely shocked. And I mean; she looks like she's sleeping with her eyes open. Bullba tells that to follow his lead; but Honker no sells and slams the green button in a panic and we thrust forward bumping into Bullba and he lands on his feet still. Bullba proclaims that he will not be undone by children as he shoots lasers from the helmet and the HQ dodges all. Gosalyn is on the stick and she regains her composure (so much for her doing a BSOD) and turns around because she has the brave/stupid gene in her from Drake and she pushes the blue button for the assault cannon; but it fires right into the road and causes about $12 million in damages. HA! She tries again and this one blasts into Bullba's midsection; but it rains confetti instead. HAHA! Gosalyn gleefully blows off Drake for having a parade with it.

So Gosalyn presses everything she can find and she rockets out of the hole she made and shoots blue balls of lasers in every direction complete with the third whirlwind spot of the episode. Bullba finally takes one of the shots and we get BSOD'ed and he plops on his belly onto the road. He is not having fun anymore. I say: Well; you shouldn't have fun since you have a bulls*** gimmick. See what I did there? (Kit: What has happened to these rants?) Gosalyn and Honker are dizzy; which gives Taraus Bullba a chance to grab them and then here comes the TQ as Drake uses his cape to parachute right into the Hover Quack. How convenient that he has forgotten how that thing got there?! I mean he even shows Gosalyn and Honker right in front of him; and Drake doesn't even notice the obvious. Bullba throws the kids onto the road to his right as Drake is in the Hover Quack and tells Bullba to meet his programmer. Which would have been funnier if Bullba wasn't half organic/half robot to begin with. Drake pushes the button; but the assault cannon is gagging on him. HAHA! So he tries all the buttons and we got nothing...AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING! So Drake rides backwards to retreat; but Bullba fires the green cannon and MURDERS Drake and his Hover Quack are destroyed; along with a hole in the road. Gosalyn and Honker foolishly run to the hole as Drake is hanging by his cape on the bridge. Bullba grabs the kids again and shows them to Drake. Drake stammers like a defeated shell of a man; and then admits that he'll do anything. Bullba's eyes light up; but he hasn't decided yet. He drags the kids away (as they kick and struggle) as Bullba will let him know of the decision later. Drake just hangs there looking bad as we end the segment 15 and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; we head to a cave with Gosalyn and Honker in a cage as Bullba mocks Drake for being a spineless wimp and his face looking so tragic. So easy to torture; yet so hard to shut the hell up. Yeah; I made up that one; but we all know it's true. Bullba notices Gosalyn; the one with "spirit"; and demands her to tell him about Darkwing Duck. Gosalyn goldbricks on that; so Taraus gets pissed off and almost shorts out again because this is no game. He grabs Gosalyn and demands answers NOW. Gosalyn stammers when asked about the Hover Quack; so Honker claims that they are writing his autobiography. He pushes Gosalyn back into the cage mocking Drake's ego and puts the cage back together as he proclaims that there is always a market for Joke Books. Except for today; it's Joke-E-Books. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So we head back outside as the TQ is using the spotlight to search the ocean for Gosalyn and Honker. Using night vision goggles. Yeah; right smart Drake; even more mockery as he almost blinds LP with it. Drake takes them out as he proclaims that if only Gosalyn understood the situation. If only you didn't LIE to her Drake! I'm SHOCKED LP didn't just say that now. Drake proclaims that she won't be there for long as he tells LP to fly into the storm and ready the cloud seeding machine. So we are going to lift the Baloo Switcheroo finish and rust Bullba solid eh? At least it makes more sense here then in TaleSpin as LP asks the obvious question: How to draw Taraus Bullba out of the hideout. Drake slumps again and proclaims that now he has to trust Gosalyn to figure a way out.

This creates a segue way back to the cage as Gosalyn instantly wakes up and claims she has a Krackpotkin plan as she demands Honker's shirt and backpack. Honker strips off-screen and reappears with an undershirt on. How sad that BS&P is in full force here because seven years ago; Cubbi strips ON-SCREEN and was naked? Gosalyn grabs the painted stuff and throws it at the upper branch of the water fall as the paint drips into the water. He used oil based primer I see as the paint turns from purple to pink on the next shots. The backpack snaps from the upper branch (and Gosalyn panics); but it sits on the lower branch and continues chugging paint on the water without further incident. Now this is a neat visual outside as we cut back to the Thunder Quack as Drake is still using the night goggles and notices the ocean has green sludge, bottles and a trail of purple paint. Now; the problem with this is; it looks pink to me. Anyhow; Drake tells Launchpad to follow the paint as we make it to the waterfall and the mouth of the TQ opens. Out comes Drake as he is thrown inside as we cut back to Bullba continuing to taunt the kids from behind and Drake blitzes in and bowls Bullba over down to the ground. Gosalyn cheers on in approval as Bullba's head is in the wall; while Drake cuts a full of himself promo thinking he has won. You have four minutes to be proven wrong Drake as Bullba pops himself from the wall and now he's pissed. Oh lord; he is PISSED off now! Drake's vanity does that to people a lot of the time. Apparently; he landed in some computer equipment because he's doing a can-opener spot to allow his head to show up. Then on the next shot; the crappy metal box panel is gone completely and it's time for fried duck as he shoots lasers at Drake. Hmmmmm....Fired Duck....SLURP! Drake goes high gear reverse. Now the yellow laser BS&P'ing is actually apporos since he's a robot so I'm not going to complain about it here; but at times, when it makes contact with the wheelchair; you hear a ping sound similar to a bullet. Very interesting choice of sound effects.

So Bullba grabs Drake and then Drakes kisses Bullba right on the lips. And it was done properly! SBS&P is going to have a heart attack; I swear to God! Bullba spits in disgust and Drake circles him while Bullba fires the yellow laser which destroys the circle of the floor and Bullba gets WARNERED~! Drake is proud of it; but Bullba somehow arrives OUT OF NOWHERE. WHAT?! No Jetpack?! Screw you Dev Ross! I wanted to see him rise from the floor like a zombie. Bullba shoots the yellow laser and destroys the floor of the cage forcing Honker and Gosalyn to hang onto the bars and then slide down onto the floor. The kids bail behing the piping as Drake wheels backwards and invokes the gas gun to make Bullba suck gas. He fires the gas gun and the cart emits smoke and Bullba no sells proclaiming that Drake is dumb to think he'll be sneezing to death. But then Bullba scratches himself because it's really itching powder. I know that Bullba has some flesh and blood; but he shouldn't really be selling that move much. Honker points it out and Gosalyn cheers for Bullba's death. And really; can you blame her?! So Drake calls that one scratched bull as he needs a way to lure him outside. So Bullba helps him by shooting Drake right into the water fall and Drake lands about seven feet away from the cliff. He calls for Launchpad to sow the clouds as the Thunder Quack is seeding the clouds right now. Drake blows him off because he promised cats and dogs. So we get the MAN-SIZED bump on Drake just to allow Bullba to go all woof on us. Drake then invokes the grappling hook gun and then reels himself in as he invokes the wheelchair of doom right into Taraus' kisser. HA!

Bullba drops on his ass in some rocks as Drake is on a rock in his wheelchair still mocking him like a full of himself duck would. So Bullba recovers and shoots green lasers into the rock as Drake dodges and then brings out the out of nowhere umbrella for no reason when Bullba exposes him from the rocks. Drake does the "wink, wink, nudge, nudge, nudge, hint, hint..." spot and Bullba burns the umbrella to ashes. So Drake backs up as the back of his wheel chair gets blown as Bullba proclaims that he's going to destroy every feather from his scrawny hide. Drake blows him off for projecting which is funny considering how much of a master of projection Drake is. Drake is still calling for the rain as Drake bails in wheelchair as the green cannon continues to be used. So Drake spins around and mocks Bullba as Bullba has finally lost his anthro edge and is now a real mecha bull if you catch my drift. And yes; we do the bull fighting spot (at least the movement of the cape is used; so it doesn't matter about the color of the cloth at this point. Bullba charges and Drake raises the cloth to reveal a banana peel. WHAT?! How many times do I have to tell you that everyone is in on the joke that banana peels do not make people slip. Ice does a better job; wet ice most of all. I realize that it's 1992 and everything; but that spot needs to retire. It only serves to bury...Oh wait; never mind. So Drake backs up a bit as Bullba collides into the rocks and then gets entombed by them. Then Bullba rises from the rocks and stalks him as he proclaims that he can destroy him and an army of Drake Mallards. I just wish Bullba would get Drake to shut up; but of course his anger sparks him; causes him to lose his mind and all bodily functions in the process. Well; the cloud seeding thing would have sucked because Bullba has ALREADY proven that water doesn't work since he would have to go through the waterfall to get to Drake.

Taraus is helpless as he has to witness Gosalyn jumping into Drake's lap and they embrace. Now THAT's a good "Screw you" to Taraus as Honker comes in and checks on Taraus and he's going to be hot for the next couple of hours. Drake wants J. Gander to wrap this up and then it rains. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Drake just looks like he wants to kill himself as LP climbs down proclaiming that it's better later than never. Hey; if it means Taraus has one more heel comeback; then that's perfectly good with me. Taraus growls like crazy as Honker gets thrown off. Taraus' rage is out of control because he blitzes the wheelchair with Gosalyn and Drake in it. Drake and Gosalyn bail in opposite directions; allowing Taraus to collide right into the wheelchair and he falls over the cliff for the Disney Death of Doom. Or until Kaboom revives him for the Darkwing Duck comic. Either way is acceptable. Honker and Gosalyn are holding up Drake as Drake proclaims that Taraus cannot swim with all that weight. So I'm guessing that he would return to Season four as a undead zombie. If so; perfect! Drake then finally admits that he was wrong to not tell her the truth and Gosalyn takes this as she is right for a change and that it is her birthday. And then we get probably the best ending that was possible as Taraus rises from the ocean grave as a space jet plane; all red. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I don't care if that is BS&P'ed; they had plans to bring him back anyway; but those plans went to hell just like Paddywhack. Oh well; there is always Kaboom! Bullba proclaims that he'll get his revenge on them and then flies off into the skies out of sight. Drake proclaims that his life just got more complicated and that ends the episode at 21:08. Logic breaks aside; and BS&P being a piss ant; this was a kick ass episode. The story of this episode was that there were plans for a season four involving Taraus Bullba returning as a main villain (along with the return of Paddywhack) but the show was nixed probably due to less than stellar ratings in the second season. The moral of the story: Even kids can see through bulls***. See what I did...POW! OUCH! Ummmm... (Taraus: Just go to the Review Line before I fry your face in, Mr. Weagle. Gregory: Okay; if you say so...). **** 1/2 (90%).


Well; one of the super episodes of this season is in the books; and it was almost as awesome as I remembered. I felt Taraus really redeemed himself in this one after using Gosalyn comic free falling to trivialize Kit's fall in Plunder and Lightning part 4; he was badass and he pretty much took it as well as dish it out. I enjoy this one from start to finish; although Hanho's animation was pretty crappy at times. I'll never understand why Disney allowed Hanho to do solo episodes. I guess they had a different view of It Came From Beneath The SeaDuck as I do. Drake was fine (if you disregard his "white lying" bit) and most of the FOWL/SHUSH stuff was kept to as much as needed for the storyline to work. Gosalyn was Gosalyn and she deserves some props for seeing through Drake's bull on the grounding thing. Now the ending wasn't much of a cliffhanger (I mention this because everyone calls this episode a cliffhanger when it clearly is not) because cliffhanger tend to end with the heels winning the battle thus far over the nearly defeated babyfaces; but this one ended with Drake barely squeaking by Taraus and being close to a draw as you can get. If their intention was to set up season four; then they did a kick ass job in convincing me to watch on. However; Disney didn't care and went onto Goof Troop/The Little Mermaid as slowly; but surely, Warner Brothers was making Darkwing Duck look like a joke in the face of Batman: The Animated Series which was doing stuff even TaleSpin and Gargoyles was afraid to do; and considering how little BS&P was done on those two shows; that's saying something. Warner Brothers became a serious television animation contender in a span of two years and WB was mocking Disney for being so wimpy. And really; after all the BS&P'ing that was done here (even though we saw red blood flowing in one scene and Drake kissing Taraus in another); can you really blame them.

Well; with one super episode down; we are down to the last seven episodes of this series. Next weekend; I'm doing Hot Spells as part of the 500th update of this website; followed by either Fraudcast News and Paint Misbehavin. Yeah; the banned episode where Gosalyn sells Drake's soul to the devil, the return of Splatter Phoenix (and she should thank Eisner for allowing her to come back) and the debut of the Bugmaster who seems to be related to Mrs. Beakly in some way. Or maybe not. So....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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