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The Frequency Fiends

Reviewed: 08/26/2012

Ah; The Scourge That Is Talk Radio.

Yeah; we are winding down the road to the end of Darkwing Duck as this episode focuses on Gosalyn giving new meaning to the term "split personality" and Sparky doing what he does best. So how does this episode do? So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Bill Motz and Robert Roth and story edited by Doug Langdale. The animation is done by Sunwoo Animation. Oh swell; same writers as Star Crossed Circuits and the same animator too.

We begin this one with the STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as we zoom in and do some rock music as Whiffle Boy has returned! Oh goody; he's doing some Donkey Kong/Mario platforming. And the villain is probably inspired by Tsukerinni too. And yes; Gosalyn is playing and doing the VOICEOVER OF DOOM for fun as the pixelized closeup goes to normal characters from a distance which is actually good continuity from the writers. We discover that the heel is Walrus Boy as Drake blows off Gosalyn's play by play. Hey suckwad; sod off and LIKE IT BABEE! Launchpad arrives with a crate from the platform and it's from SHUSH. Now you would think that after what happened in Star Cross Circuits; that Drake would be ordering LP to send back anything from SHUSH. However; Drake jumps on the box and gets giddy. Yeap; Drake is REALLY STUPID and full of himself. Ummm; yeah. He got a new weapon indeed. Gosalyn's selling of the video game is much more interesting to me and Drake blows him off. Gosalyn is not thrilled and Drake apologizes. Riiiiggggghhhttttt Drake; the guy who wanted to hit Gosalyn with a hammer at one point. Gosalyn goes back to playing the game and OH MY GOD! They actually used a blood spray in the game! Wow; just wow. Gosalyn cheers for the new high score and then the television set is off and the television is wireless to boot! So Gosalyn leaps onto the top and starts stomping it like a maniac. Drake blows her off because stomping on televisions is no way to treat a piece of machinery. He does have a point there Gos; you should ask my scanner about it. Then Drake goes back to the laser and shoots it and the wall completely no sells it. HA! SHUSH does have a sense of humor. Launchpad thinks it's a flashlight and Drake shakes it calling it a piece of junk. Gosalyn has the Gruffi pose on full blast. Well; shaking it is sort of an improvement over stomping on it, I guess.

Gos then takes a ball from the shelf (which magically appears out of nowhere for logic break #1) and Gosalyn kicks it and it bounces off the television; then the book shelf (which Gosalyn dodges), hits the lever (WRONG LEVER!) on the laser beam and it shoots Gosalyn causing her to comically over sell and drop to the ground. Ooooookkkkkaaaayyyyy. Gosalyn wakes up and claims that she's dead because she's on television; only green as toxic waste. Drake thinks Gosalyn fried her brain; but Launchpad notes the obvious as Drake doesn't like this one bit. And we get flames shooting up from the lab table and there's Gosalyn only red and another one that looks like Gosalyn; only it's yellow. And it's the yellow Gosalyn that just has to be floating down like some sort of divine creature. Drake is shocked as Launchpad explains that they are energy waves based on the three personalities of Gosalyn Mallard. LP also explains that it comes from the instruction booklet on the weapon given by SHUSH. Drake reads over it and blows off SHUSH for delivering him a useless weapons. The waves are not amused as we discover that yellow Gosalyn is Lightwave, red Gosalyn is Heatwave and green is Radiowave. Radiowave is the first to speak I should point out. I'm not sure who voices Heatwave nor Radiowave, although there are only two female voices doing these: Christine and E.G. Daily who is making her first appearance in DTVA and far from her last (Gargoyles as Alex Xanatos, Aladdin: The Series, Jungle Cubs as Bagheera, Louie in Quack Pack, Hercules The Series, Recess, Lloyd In Space and Lilo & Stich The Series as Blue Crayon.)! She has been in over 150 productions as an actress and her most recent credit is The Forgotten Ones coming in 2013. She also did soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto III and even Two And A Half Men.

Drake mocks Radiowave and Radiowave invokes MOLLY VIOLENCE on Drake! This is a special day! And Drake even remembers to sell the shin too! Heatwave gives the right foot a hot foot and Lightwave uses the light beam to push Drake into the bookshelf and Drake gets entombed in books. HAHA! Gosalyn likes her personalities and wants them to go to a science project as Heatwave blows off Gosalyn (I can safely say that Heatwave is E.G. Daily because the voice CLEARLY sounds like Louie from Quack Pack) and pounds on the laser gun and it melts into molten metal. This would have been funnier if they had said "You really melted my meddle." Meddle, metal. It's COMEDY BABEE! Geez; now I'm starting to rant like TNA. That's horrifying. Lightwave loves science projects and it's clearly sounds like Tommy Pickles from Rugrats. Radiowave I'm not sure of; but she sounds like Angelica Pickles so I'm guessing it's done by Cheryl Chase who has done 25 productions; 14 of them are from the Rugrats Productions. She was also on Ren & Stimpy (the original one), Addams Family Values, Side By Side (her official debut in 1988), Pigs Next Door and her most recent credit Random! Cartoons as Nurse in 2008. Darkwing Duck was her second official acting appearance and only DTVA (this is not officially confirmed) appearance. She was also credited as Carole Wilder who voiced Squeaker in Dragon Ball! And Lightwave of course is lying and zaps the floor allowing Gosalyn to get WARNERED~! This would be even funnier if Rugrats was a Warner Brothers production; but it's from Klasky-Csupo/Nickelodeon so there you go. Heatwave burns the wall (IN YOUR FACE DRAKE MALLARD!) and the waves all bail stage right leaving Launchpad to look out of a hole in the wall...

Joey Styles: We just fixed that wall!

Drake climbs out of the books and sarcastically mocks the weapon again as Drake makes it to the hole in the wall. Drake wants to go after the fiends and he orders Gosalyn to clean up the mess which Gosalyn goes on a thirty second tirade which is uber funny and ironic because it was Gosalyn kicking the logic breaking ball that started the chain of events. I hate to say this; but Drake is completely justified in making Gosalyn clean up here. Seriously; Gosalyn, you just had to hang yourself to get a laugh and incriminate yourself even more. Gosalyn then catches herself and bails stage left. I have pissed on Drake a lot in this series; but this time Drake is in the right here. So we head to the top of a building as Lightwave is looking for fun on the horizon. This leads to living proof of Disney's television animation going to crap: Lightwave finds a building with few windows on the closeup shot and fires a beam burning a target into the building. Then she brings out the magic dart and fires it right into the bullseye of the building and the building appears to split in half. But; if you go to the closeup shot of the dart hitting the bullseye; the crack damage to the building is small and now there is windows with only two denizens of Saint Carnard looking on in horror. Damn you Sunwoo; we had a perfectly good spot and you ruined it! And Lightwave also remembers what happened in The Quiverwing Quack too as she shot from a divine bow & arrow. She is the sneaky version of Cupid. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SLAM! OUCH! Ummmmm...Oh; she shot me right in the ass on that one! And then we go to the far shot and we return with the building having few windows and it's split open completely as the black dot denizens of the building spill out and bail. WHAT THE HELL? Screw you Sunwoo!! You are getting closer to being worse than Kennedy Cartoons at this rate.

Lightwave is having fun while Heatwave is walking on the ground and melting the pavement and goes through the wall blowing off everyone within a 20 foot radius. The Louie voice is SO obvious now; I can sense it a mile away. She walks around in a circle because she is HEAT. With that ring of fire; can you really argue that point? The dognose nods in agreement (he's wearing green by the way). I should point out that the biscuits promo for Kick Buttowski was stolen from Heatwave. So Heatwave rises up (I guess there isn't a fourth wave; a blue one. Then again; I guess Soundwave is trademarked by Hasbro) into the sky and starts zapping the buildings with flame. She makes a U-shaped fire which defies the laws of physics; but still looks cool. Oh wait; I mean HOT. That's the word. Pay no attention to the obvious logic break made by Sunwoo. So we scene change to a stormy area where someone is flying a kite. A red with thunderbolt kite which means it's Sparky who is flying it by his plug helmet. HAHA! Apparently he is trying to clear the tunes out of his head and it's the Darkwing Duck theme song. Cannot say I blame him. And we get the lightning rod spot; and take one guess who plays such rods. Living proof that not sparing the rod is spoiling the child still. And Sparky apparently was trying to clear his sinus' and that failed. He rants and raves about it as we see the TRIO OF WAVES playing catch with a white ball with bolts sticking out. They then throw it to Sparky who catches it; and then we get the silliest explosion possible just to prove that BS&P is on everyone's ass again. Sparky stammers and then decides to ask the waves as they fly away.

So we go to the scene changer as we get the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE GHOSTBUSTER EDITION~! I'm sorry if I sound distracted; but the whole Apple and Samsung suing each other bit is too funny at this point. Why should I care? Other than it gives me great laughs seeing the forums just light up with some of the dumbest arguments ever. Never mind that patent and trademark infringement cases happen ALL THE TIME; even decades ago. And Nintendo is not immune to this; although they do get sued more often than they usually sue others. So Sparky is sensing kindered spirits in these waves and wants to do some crimes together. The trio flies down as Radio Wave asks if Sparky can keep up and mocks Sparky's battery and tells him to get a life. That was just cold folks! Oh; and Sunwoo actually did a good job with the backgrounds moving this time; only when they go for the tail shot; the backgrounds are back to the crappy cardboard this series is best known for. The trio flies away on the front shot (and even the road looks fake as hell) as Sparky blows them off because he's butthurt. At least he's threatening enough as a heel that most mortal men would stay away from him. And of course we get the under construction bridge spot complete with stop on a dime spot which causes Sparky to fly out of the car. And yes folks; they did this spot only for Sparky to promote seat belt safety. Screw you writers! It's one thing if it were a babyface; but a heel?! REALLY STUPID! Sparky becomes the new head of a baby ad on the billboard and Sparky proclaims that he's upset now. His selling of being butthurt is much better than his selling of being upset. So we scene change to a street near a store with a banana yellow canopy as the Rat Catcher arrives and the trio of waves goes into the electronic store which Drake gleefully points out to us. I mean what other store would those two go in together. Although I don't get Heatwave's involvement in an electronic store; but whatever.

Launchpad is told to stay outside in case they escape. Riiiiggggghhhhhtttt. You got a arrow welding light wave; a flaming wave that melts anything she touches and you can radio waves that are inspired by Molly Cunningham. That's a real fair fight for LP. NOT! So we go into the store with no build up and we get the smoke and he appears; the master of no surprise at 8:38...

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the low point on your sine wave.

Okay; that was different; although I doubt the children in the audience for this show knows what a sine and cosine wave is. This falls under the "windsock" rule. And there is no one of course rendering him REALLY STUPID. Oh wait; the three waves are here so he's not all that stupid. Lightwave has a bowling ball for no reason that I can think of right at the moment. So Lightwave bowls Drake flatter than my sex life; which is funny but we get the old "use the wrong sound effect" gag I have seen in this series. Radiowave taunts Drake as she zaps some radio control toys (and apparently; only the airplane showed up in the original shot when Drake made his entrance and the rest of them came out of nowhere) to go after Drake as we cut to outside with Megavolt trying to talk to Launchpad who is in the shotgun position of the Rat Catcher. Sparky asks about energy demons and Sparky points to the store and enters in. LP then gets the LIGHT BULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and tries to charge in; but the door get slammed in his face. Then we see Heatwave outside and we dance with heat waves at Launchpad's feet. Ah; it's not that impressive after Ducks Of The West. Launchpad's selling is funny because Drake does the exact same dodging and selling in the toy shop. HAHA! Dance! Dance! Dance to your DOOM! HEEHEEHEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Okay; moving right along, Drake takes a white cork right in the right eye from a toy tank. HA! Radiowave and Lightwave exchange notes as Lightwave does some zapping and here comes Sparky blowing them off for thinking that they are geniuses. Sparky tries the zap finger; but it goes right through Lightwave and she yawns. She doesn't want to pay; she wants to play with a light sword. Well; at least BS&P is allowing knives here as LW swipes around while LP is driven up a power pole thanks to Heatwave sending a heat beam straight up his candy ass. HA! Heatwave then sets a fire on the pole as she likes roasted duck and then goes through the brick wall into the shop. We then cut to Drake and Sparky butting backs as Drake thinks this is so swell to die with his archenemy. Sparky takes that as inspiration because Doctor Slug is his archenemy. HAHA! Yeah; a two episode tops villain that had thirty seconds of screen time combined. Yeah sure. Drake takes offense to that as we smell burning and both Sparky and Drake are surrounded by a ring of fire and it's closing in on them. I see Heatwave is a pyromaniac as we end the segment 10 and a half minutes in. Much better episode than the last rant I did...

After the commercial break; we go to the far shot with the trio of waves surrounding Drake and Sparky with the ring of flame as Drake brings out the gas gun and...I cannot believe I'm typing this...tells them to...wait for it... flame-retarding foam. HOLY CRAP! And Heatwave blasts the gas gun and melts it. Serves Drake right for calling Heatwave a retard. I would take offense to that too. I'm shocked Toon Disney didn't cut that line out.. Sparky tries the zap finger on the sprinkler system and that turns on the rain as the flame ring goes out. Drake wonders about shorting out and both goofs get fried. HAHA! The trio of waves stalks the babyface and heel (sure sign of a tweener for life) as Launchpad is on top of the power pole and the pole falls into the store and somehow does very little damage to it; but it causes the waves to bounce out against buildings and out of sight. Well; that was kind of a weird sequence there. Launchpad goes over and we see Drake and Sparky are pressed like being through an iron and they stick together through thick and thin for another Tale to Spin. Oh lord; that was really horrifying. Launchpad pops both guys as Drake thanks LP and all three adults run out of the electronic store and hide behind a brick wall and pant. So we see Drake and Sparky exchange thank yous. Drake paces around and admits that he needs help and Sparky proclaims that he knows energy waves like the back of his head and then looks at the back of his hand and swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE for no reason. Even Drake thought that was pointless as they shake hands on the deal and opens up a man hole cover because we are going to the sewers to DARKWING...TOWER~! Everyone hops into the sewers and Sparky of course fries and that apparently clears up his sinuses. I just don't think water conducts electricty all that well guys.

Anyhow; we head to Drake's hideout as Gosalyn is hammering the wooden boards on the floor blowing off her brain as we see Sparky, Drake and Launchpad rise up from the floor and we get one of those scenes where Drake just has to bring up the fact that they are not related in anyway. I realize this is true in canon; but did BS&P have to add that line and make Gosalyn look even weaker than she already was. Sparky then turns around and Gosalyn is in shock. She blows off Drake who is rocking on his heels (you wish you were Kit Cloudkicker) because Drake was brainwashed by aliens from...

Staci: Don't say it!
Bradley: Uranus!
Staci: Real mature B-Man!

So Drake takes the blindfold and introduces Sparky to Darkwing Tower; and Sparky proclaims that he's in Auddoban Bridge. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Let's see Drake weasel his way out of this one. He claims that it's a hologram to fool outsiders. Probably the same hologram used by God to fool non-believers into thinking evolution exists. Yeah; sure Drake, keep telling yourself that. Sparky looks at the Thunder Quack and likes Drake's idea as Gosalyn drags him down to her level and demands answers to this outrage. Well; she does have a point since why would Drake want to get Sparky over. I mean; it goes against the character of Darkwing Duck in general. Never mind that he did the same thing with Jambalya Jake; but he was one villain everyone wanted buried. Drake claims that he needed a power expert and Sparky is a genius...Who plays paddle ball in his spare time. HAHA! Drake is pretty much screwed as he walks up the ladder of his extensive library as Sparky gets only one book; while LP and Gosalyn get about three dozen books between them. Ummm; yeah Drake is still punishing Gosalyn for some reason here. She fixed the floor Drake; it's your fault for being so giddy about a weapon from an organization that gave you a love sick super computer that controlled your life. So we scene change and we do so much reading that it should have killed of Al Khan; but it didn't. Although Al did a great job of killing 4Kids' reputation; that much I am certain. Anyhow; only one book is left and Drake is at his wit's end. Launchpad notices the final book and takes it off the shelf as it's called "Squishy The Squirrel's Big Book Of Quantum Physics". HAHA! Drake's reaction is so predictable that Slappy is going to be spoofing it at some point in Animanics. Like I said before; why are fans so surprised when WB takes pot shots at you when DTVA took potshots at TMNT and even Warner Brothers themselves. I'm shocked WB didn't spoof TaleSpin much if at all.

So Sparky takes the book and it's written just like Dick, Jane and Spot books. See Sparky read. See Drake moan. See Launchpad be surprised. See Al Khan get heart attack. See Al Khan live to annoy the living piss out of the anime purists. See me not care anymore. See Warner Brothers mock Rescue Rangers. See angry fans throw mug in Kit's face. POW! OUCH! Ummmm..Thanks Kit for that one; you are a lifesaver. So we continue on as Sparky finds the page he is looking for and calls it amazing and simple. Simply amazing as they say as Drake sees Squishy The Squirrel showing a bunch of formulas on a blackboard. And now that I really think about it; I noticed that the scene changers seem to be more complex version of the Wuzzles scene changers which look jarring and out of place. Anyhow; we head to a power plant because when Sparky is involved; you need a damn power plant. We head to the roof as the TQ has landed and Sparky has created a electric magnet device as he is setting it up. Gosalyn of course has the Gruffi pose on and she blows off Sparky. Sparky then goes over and yells at Gosalyn for doubting him. Considering that he has the frying fingers of death; I would not want to piss of Megavolt anymore than he already is. Gosalyn is dropped on her back by the power of suggestion and Gosalyn admits that she only asked once. Sparky then goes over the device without missing a beat making sure to use language even someone like me will never understand. It's true that I mock Disney Captions a lot; but they are a big help in situations like this and sadly; I don't have that going for me at this point. Blame Disney's demographic attitude; what a surprise?! Thankfully; Lady In The Cake does provide the line and I quote....

Megavolt: The magnet will interpolate the hyperstatic matrix to a random, they'll go boom!

Whatever you say, Sparky. So Sparky pushes the lever (WRONG LEVER!) to his right (Republican Moderate) to give negative poles; and then Drake steps in and blows him off claiming that he is betraying them. WHAT THE HELL DRAKE?! Sparky hasn't even so much as tease a possible heel turn yet for goodness sakes! I cannot believe that you would do that. Actually; I could because Drake is so full of himself and his programming has been patched up working good as new. Damn you Drake Mallard to hell! He's burying heels again which is why I took two months off to get away from this REALLY STUPID duck back in 2007! This leads to the dumbest tug of war of negative and positive levers ever. And you thought Youtube comments were filled with nonsense?! Gosalyn steps in and calls them immature. Well; welcome to Demographics 101 Gosalyn; it is the Eisner way! Drake stops and brings out the OUT OF NOWHERE chair and rope and ties Sparky up. Why don't you tie him to the train tracks while you are at it Darkwing Dumbass! Sparky gleefully sums up Drake in a nutshell as Drake has the EVER CHANGING MAGNET REMOTE OF DOOM (and yes this has a meaning as you witness the number of times Sunwoo changes the wired remote device that Drake is holding.) So Gosalyn takes the MEGAPHONE OF JIMMY HARTS and taunts the trio of waves. Drake questions this mocking and Gosalyn points out that they are from her brain. Okay; here's the obvious logic break: If they came from Gosalyn's brain; then shouldn't Gosalyn be...I don't know...BRAIN DEAD?! Or at least in a coma?! Yes; I ignored it because BS&P RULEZ~! Happy Kit? (Kit: Happy as a surfer on white vapor!) So here come the light waves as Drake pushes the red button (it's always the red button. At least Sunwoo hasn't screwed up the box...Yet.) and the magnet fires a blue beam and all the Rugrat rejects get zapped. (Road Dogg: Are you serious?)

Drake gets all giddy and thinks he has won; but then we see that the beam only served to combine the trio together into Napoleon Wave~! The ice cream; not the literal, moral and figural midget from France. Gosalyn gleefully sums it up for me as Sparky taunts Drake because Sparky was right all along. Yes folks; we did that contrived and forced scene with Drake blowing off Sparky for betraying him just because he wanted to push the lever (WRONG LEVER!) to the correct way to end this damn episode. Cartoon Duck Syndrome; you have disgraced thee! Drake realizes that he is screwed and that ends the segment 16 minutes in. And to think; this episode was chugging along nicely until Drake started to become an idiot. CDS; how do you screw with me?

After the commercial break; we see Sparky turning around in his chair and blowing Drake off as Drake paces around thinking. So Napoleonwave uses Lightwave's right arm to suck up power from the energy plant and all the power goes out in Saint Carnard. Geez; real smooth move Drake Mallard; no wonder people like me blame you for DTVA going down the drain (until Gargoyles of course) for a long while. The trio wants to smash stuff; but Lightwave wants them to wait until after they get ice cream. How generous of her. NOT! The Napoleonwave stomps away stage left as Gosalyn claims that she isn't that bad. I have to agree with her; she's way worse than that. POW! OUCH! Ummmm...Drake wonders what to do and Sparky screams at him like a maniac. Serves Drake right for being REALLY STUPID! Anyhow; Launchpad points out that they are out of range and everyone gets into the Thunder Quack and we give chase. I should point out that Sparky disappears and reappears in between shots during the TQ sequences. So the Napoleon wave brings in a tanker filled with strawberry ice cream (would have worked if they used Napoleon ice cream guys!) as she opens both it and the arena dome and pours strawberry ice cream into the arena. Drake is so shocked by this; he covers Gosalyn's eyes in horror. Gosalyn sees it and doesn't give a crap. Which is exactly my response to Drake's stupidity too. So the Napoleon wave throws ice cream into the windshield and we go into a tailspin (BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) as Sparky has magically reappeared on the FPS shot. Lovely logic break there Sunwoo. So we see the waves grab a tower and a model globe and we play batting practice with it as the globe is dodged rather easily by the babyfaces + heel who is turning babyface no thanks to Drake's contrived and forced behavior.

So Drake admits that the direct assault is not working at all as Sparky proclaims that he is kind of sad to separate them because they are having fun. Launchpad believes that the taunting is not working here as Gosalyn has a Krackpotkin plan all due to Sparky and having fun. So we head back to the power plant and everyone is dressed up like characters from the Whiffle Boy game Gosalyn is playing. See; this is the best way to trick her brain waves into thinking that this game "is real" when everything else is "fake". Gosalyn; you are now the female Vince Russo; only you don't suck like him. Drake is Whiffle Boy; in case there was any doubt. Drake questions this and Gosalyn blows him off because she spent her entire allowance on it. Drake informs Sparky to lure her to the white X on the ground and throw...THE SWITCH! Sparky is all confused and I don't blame him. While I have sort of mellowed out on that spot; it still sucks. So we cut back to the Napoleonwave playing with a car as the smasher while the junk cars are marbles. Huey Duck; BE JEALOUS! HAHA! The Ducktales one; not the Quack Pack one. (Kit: Are you serious?) . So Sparky comes over and gets fried to a crisp by Lightwave. Lightwave demands answers and Sparky claims that the world biggest Whiffle World video game is back at the power plant. Radiowave calls this cool beans and the waves remember to squash Sparky when they exit stage right. So everyone gets into position as we role play Whiffle Boy for a while. Gosalyn is the damsel in distress which I think Drake forced her in that outfit because I thought Gosalyn hated pink dresses? Launchpad plays the Tuskerinni reject as Napoleon wave arrives with Sparky running in front of her to alert the babyfaces. So Sparky gets onto the roof and gets to the magnet beam remote device and grabs it. Here is where it changes to two blue buttons as Napoleon stomps in and that causes everyone to lose their balance and Sparky falls overboard and gets tied up in the wires just short of hitting the buttons which are back to their original colors. Sparky whines and I don't blame him.

So the Rugrat rejects sit down with the makeshift joystick (speaking of overcompensating for their own shortcomings...) and it breaks as Drake wants Sparky to press the damn button now as he hide behind a chicken barrel. Don't ask me why that has anything to do with the game as the RR rejects grabs Whiffle Drake thinking that he's too tubby to play that role. Even though he clearly looks like Whiffle boy; minus the screwed up helmet. So they tear apart Drake's outfit much to the shock of Gosalyn and Launchpad and the rejects like this because they have their own Darkwing Duck to play with. HAHA! Now are you wishing that you listened to Sparky, you full of yourself Zorro reject? Anyhow; they drop Drake as they decide to up the ante and they produce red goblins with thunderbolts. Oooookkkkkaaaaayyyyy; this episode is now completely overbooked and it's time to mercy kill this. So Drake stomps and kills a red goblin as Rugrat Gosalyn brings out the green slime plants and anvil of Neidhart bats. I'm surprised that WWE didn't just repackage Natalaya into a female vampire? A million times better than her farting angle that is for sure. Drake destroys the green slime plant with the anvil bats just to prove his hatred for Bushroot is still on. And the roller chicken balls appear and Drake gets burned to ashes by the explosion. HA! IN YOUR FACE DRAKE MALLARD! Drake climbs up as the Gosalyn Waves grab Princess Gosalyn (HAR! HAR!) and Drake climbs to the top and he wins. Riiiiigggggghhhttttt....Lightwave grabs him...REJECTED! As usual. We then cut to Sparky who finally has the remote control device and pushes the button...and there's nothing....AND THE ROCK MEANS NOTHING.

We then see Sparky back on the roof (he climbed up anyway; so no logic break) as he realizes that they sucked up all the power and we are doomed, DOOMED I SAY! Oh please Sparky; that's nothing compared to Nintendo. Then he notices the wires underneath the remote device (which makes the buttons on the top disappear; but whatever) as he rips the wire and ties it around his plug. Yeap; they are going to do the Sparky Special finish as I expected them too. Which is nice continuity from the writers as the Rugrat Wave Rejects are about to finally kill Drake and Gosalyn as Drake pleas for Sparky to throw...THE SWITCH! So Sparky loops the other wire on the opposite side of his plug helmet and he gets shocked and awed as the blue sparks power up the magnet and zaps the Rugrat rejects into oblivion. Okay; here is the problem with this: Note the left pan shot when they show a brief shot of the magnet. Note the lever (WRONG LEVER!); it's in the same spot as it was when Drake used the magnet device. So it should have made them bigger; not kill them. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID! Did I mention REALLY STUPID?! Wouldn't it hurt to have that lever pulled to the left so it was in the negative polarity which is what Sparky wanted in the first place?! It's things like this that make me say "BULLSH**!" when people claim that TaleSpin is contrived and forced. And these bad habits infect other series as well because this is the type of logic break we saw in the finish of Transmission Impossible (reversing the batteries which doesn't work at all); written by Jymn Magon of all people. Soul crusher indeed.

At least Sparky, Drake and Gosalyn make up for it by taking the bump WITH CHEESE AND BACON~ to the ground below. And yes; the Rugrats' voice reunion is dead and done to death in other shows. Launchpad grabs Sparky's ankles as somehow Gosalyn is on the ground despite being WITH Drake when they free fell during the magnet sequence. GOD! Sparky asks if they got him and Drake cuts his usual full of himself promo and dust himself off. Drake tries to wrap it up; but Sparky gets into his face claiming that it's NOT over because they can use a television to bring them back in a one in a zillion chance (You got to choose your numbers more carefully Megavolt) via a particle accelerator and we circle fade to black to end the episode at...Oh wait; we see Lightwave, Heatwave and Radiowave pleading with the fans to get them a particle accelerator. HAHA! Oh; would a video card do? Just asking. They knock on glass to end the episode at 21:07. The first 14 minutes was very good; and then Sunwoo screwing up nearly every scene (and background) and Drake Mallard did one of the most contrived things I have ever seen. The Whiffle Boy RPG was funny; but got screwed up by a dumb episode caused by Sunwoo being Sunwoo. At least the fourth wall breaking ending was good. Call it *** 1/2 (70%).


Well; this episode is sort of a disappointment as the whole concept of Gosalyn's brain waves running wild and killing everybody was a fun concept that had the making of being awesome if it was executed properly. For 14 minutes; it was delivering as promised. However; the last seven minutes was another story. Now Sunwoo's crappy animating was on full display here as there was a considerable amount of logic breaks in the entire episode as a whole (Lightwave's bow & arrow routine on a building in the early ones) and the finish was screwed up because of it. The lever was still on positive and clearly shown as such when Megavolt was pointing out that negative was the way to go. And speaking of some really crappy booking; WHAT WAS DRAKE'S PROBLEM? Drake's "I don't trust you" stance is really contrived and forced because it was done just to bring the waves together and there was no indication that Megavolt was going to turn heel at any point of this episode. Similar to Just A Tad Smarter; only at least Megavolt is over; so it's more forgivable; but Drake's contrived moment is unforgivable. This is the work of Cartoon Duck Syndrome in a nutshell. I don't know who was more immature: Drake Mallard; or the writers who thought that spot was a swell idea. Overall; the storyline was a great one and seeing Gosalyn's brain waves wreck havoc and create Whiffle Boy characters did entertain me (including the fourth wall break at the end); but the writing and animation were really sloppy to say the least. So next up is the big one; The Steerminator as Taraus Bullba returns and Drake is in a wheelchair like Francias Xavier from X-Men. Only with two broken legs. So....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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