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Fraudcast News

Reviewed: 09/02/2012

Nowadays It's Shorten To Fox News!

So we continue the Labor Day marathon with the debut of The Bugmaster and the one of the only two times you will ever see a legit heel turn by a babyface child character. Unless you count Negaverse Honker. This one is of great interest to me because I want to see if Gosalyn's heel turn can match up to Kit's fake heel turn in Plunder and Lightning. So how does this episode fare today? So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Bill Motz and Robert Roth. The story is edited by Doug Langdale The animation is done by Hanho Heung-Up Company Limited.

We begin this one with a shot of some buildings in Saint Carnard AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) and we head to street level as a red car is speeding down the street. The Rat Catcher is giving chase and we discover that it's the robbers from Star Crossed Circuits; and we discover that his name is Big Cheese (LAME-O! Voiced by Charles Adler) with his big fondue gun and sprays cheese onto the pavement. Drake and Launchpad do the whirlwind spot for fun and somehow get into the wrong lane (even thought they are clearly in the same lane as the car) and we get the mat truck spot and the RC bounces right into the air and where it lands; do we really care? Naturally; he had the foresight to install a spring; but none for getting down. Great screaming as the RC bounces off the canopy and bounces into the air and finally lands on top of the red car and squashes the heels. Wow; that's three times now Big Cheese has been buried by Drake before Big Cheese could even hope to get over. The female mouse isn't with the party as we zoom out to a picture in picture shot of a female duck anchor with black hair and a pink shirt and tie wrapping up the story of this case. Oh; and she's the one from Canard Copy as Drake saves the day and next up is the mime cockroach Merriweather. Which I think is much more interesting and too good to be on a sleaze television show like Carnard Copy. Anyhow we zoom out to the GANG OF GAG watching the show in the living room with mature lighting. Gosalyn is all giddy about this moment and Drake takes it as Gosalyn finally praising her. Riiiiggggghhhhttttt Drake. You are SO VAIN! There's nothing that interesting about you. You're so vain! Gosalyn proclaims that the anchor for Carnard Copy is her idol and role model. HA! We discover that her name is Bianca Beakly (voiced by April Winchell) and I am having flashbacks here. Is there a secret daughter Mrs. Beakly refuses to speak of. TUNE INTO SOFT COPY TO FIND OUT!

Drake squeezes a pillow to his chest and flops down on the sofa as Launchpad thinks that Gosalyn is going through a phase. A phase of idolizing a woman who is awesome, rich and famous. HAHA! Drake is not amused at that at all. Drake blows him off ; but does admit that she is at least having a good nurtured role model instead of a lunatic monster. And speaking of lunatic monsters...We scene change to a board room at the table as Bianca turns into a red-eyed blood sucking vampire (and she is wearing a red skirt too) as the ratings are lower than a gopher's basement. Well; that is only six feet so those ratings aren't all down. I have seen worse. Doing work at Happy Hippos Burger Joint for a start. She has a pig furry and a dognose furry wearing clothes that clearly are not up to code in a newsroom as Bianca fires the pig fury remembering to spit flames from her mouth and nose when she drives the pig furry out of the room. She demands suggestions and the dognose furry shows a chart with a bump in it. The ratings went up when Drake's segment was shown and she blows him off so much that he's fired and he smacks against the wall in the hallway. She slams the door and then calms down and proclaims that she'll do a series on Darkwing Duck. She then walks out; grabs both guys whom she just fired and drags them behind her; basically rehiring them. Hmmmm; Bianca sounds like a certain catnose lady who bosses a certain heel around for screwing his neighbor around with petty schemes just because a guy is a goof. I cannot put my thumbPeg on who it might be. Anyhow; we scene change to the streets AFTER HAPPY HOUR as two more crooks (one of them is a duck wearing a blindfold (Why? I have no idea.), one is a dognose with a blue shirt.) are running away and then suddenly there are three crooks in the picture (logic break #1 for the episode) as Drake and Launchpad tackle them in the alleyway and we have the FCC FRIENDLY CLOUDDUST OF DEATH ensue.

And of course Bianca and her staff is out with the microphone trying to get an interview in the middle of the damn fight. She is interviewing Drake who has somehow left the fight smiling with the title teeth grin which Bianca ribs him for. So Launchpad is the one getting his ass kicked here? Drake cuts a full of himself promo just for her as crime boils his onions. I thought frying my onion was more suitable since fried onion and onion rings are more popular than boiled. And it ends as Launchpad manages to knock all the heels out (and one of them teleports out completely) as Drake uses the teeth tile grin admitting that he does have assistance from Launchpad. Even though he did all the work here. Which is unusual since Drake usually does a good chunk of the fighting anyway. Bianca proclaims that this concludes part one in a series of reports and that surprises Drake. So Drake ponders this over and Bianca asks if he object to it; and Drake changes his mind and proclaims that she'll be on the adventure of a lifetime. Which involves a scene changer and we head to Happy Hippo's Burger joint for some late night snacking. HAHA! Bianca is not amused by this as Drake squeezes mustard over him from his stubborn hot dog (NOT THAT ONE!) and blows her off because it's a slow night. So Drake looks around and notices a parking meter expiring and springs into action telling Bianca to stand back because the felon might return. Memo to writers: parking meter violation are not felonies; I am sure of that. Anyhow; an old female duck lady dressed in purple shows up and I think she's the same one who appeared in Dirtysomething. Drake calls her sister and tells her to hold it right there (I believe this scene was in the Darkwing Duck promos soon after this.) and it's is the old lady from Dirtysomething because Drake gets MURDERED with the pink purse and hits the sidewalk. Bianca asks him about the pain of that moment and Drake's eyes are running like a badly designed television screen.

So we return to the living room as Gosalyn and Launchpad are bored on the sofa as Drake comes in with about a dozen VHS tapes and puts them into a dozen VCR's. Considering all the vanity on display by Drake over this series; this is pretty low on the vanity scale. And yes; the VCR's all have remote controls as Bianca shows footage of Drake going through pain and suffering for my pleasure. HAHA! Drake actually enjoys these good shots of him and as much as I enjoy seeing Drake get screwed by life; Drake's reaction is clearly a case of Stockholm Syndrome taking over. And then he ribs Gosalyn in vanity and then catches himself because he just realized that he stopped jay walkers and parking meter violators. Yeah; this was not good as Drake proclaims that no one wants to see such petty crimes. And as we see in the scene changer Bianca agrees with him and she's hissing at her camera crew. The pig furry tries to explain to her that there is a Super Villain Convention in Florida and Bianca blows him off because Merriweather the cockroach is more popular than Darkwing Duck. HAHA! If only that were true in real life; then Disney would be forced to keep TaleSpin alive instead of rendering it as filler for the Disney Afternoon. I realize that Disney had issues with FOX; but that should not be a deciding factor in canceling a show after one season. Anyhow; Bianca rants and raves about bugs and then gets the LIGHT BULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and realizes that the popularity of bugs gives her a Krackpotkin plan. So we scene change to a theater as the curtain opens and out bounces Merriweather the cockroach mime in spotlight on stage.

We cut to the crowd as a dognose in a green shirt is blowing off this act; while the lady beside him blows him off in kind because it's culture. We discover that his name his Henry so the Woman Next To Henry is voiced by Diane Pershing who started as Isis in Tarzan & The Super 7 in 1978. She then proceeded to mostly cameos until she appeared in Mighty Mouse & The Great Space Chase as Pearl Pureheart, then Dale Arden/Dunak X in Defenders of The Earth, Sweet Bee in She-Ra, and Poison Ivy in Batman The Animated Series. Darkwing Duck was her only DTVA appearance. She mostly did Poison Ivy in future Batman series, Static Shock and Justice League. She has 35 titles to her resume. Fallout: Vegas is her most recent credit. Then we go to a far shot and notice on the one of the balconies Bianca dressed up in green fly like outfit fitted with a green helmet with red eyes like a fly has. She flies in a jetpack (which clearly wasn't stolen from Professor Buzz; because this one is not stupid.) and lands on stage as her camera crew films her. She calls herself the monarch of the insect kingdom and she's the Bugmaster. All right! This should be good and she is not nice at all. So we segue to the living room as the babyfaces watch television and Pelican's Island again. Coconuts bonk someone on the head and Gosalyn and LP laugh at it. Drake is not amused and then we interrupt for Carnard Copy and Gos/LP complain that they were going to get off the island. Ah; it must be the series finale which is fitting because Darkwing Duck's time is almost up at this point. And here's a question: What self respecting television station would do a breaking news report from a trash television show like Carnard Copy? And why is it called Carnard Copy when it's called Soft Copy in Dry Hard?

Confusion abounds as a duck with a snazzy hair cut and a gray suit and pink tie is sitting down with his papers. We get a picture in picture shot of the Bugmaster's mug as she is causing terror and mayhem inside the Saint Carnard Center For The Art. Motto: We put the "State" in "art of the State". AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And she shows up Merriweather the Cockroach mime who has been bugnapped. Now THAT boils my onions! Because she owns TNA right now. POW! OUCH! Ummmm.... Gosalyn proclaims that she sounds awfully familiar as Bugmaster blows off Drake Mallard as a second rate jerk. HAHA! I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Drake blows her off because he's a first rate jerk. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Great way to admit how much of an asshole you really are Drake. So Bugmaster mocks Drake with the cockroach as Drake motions to Launchpad to get ready as Gosalyn insists that something is strange here. Drake agrees with her because kidnapping a cockroach is strange. Drake calls this a phase in life and LP and Drake go to the flipping chairs and we flip down. Scene changer and we head to the Saint Carnard Museum which is the second most robbed place in this series next to a bank. We see the Rat Catcher stop in front of it and Drake naturally cannot see where he is going because he bumps right into the camera like an idiot. We then see Bianca on microphone interviewing Drake on challenging the Bugmaster. I'm guessing the cameraman and grip are voiced by Charlie Adler and we can move on to other things. Drake of course does not know the meaning of jokes and why they work and even he admits that he has no clue what he is talking about. See what being full of yourself can lead to?

Anyhow; he motions Launchpad to come inside the museum as LP asks why the Bugmaster would strike here and Drake goes all Sherlock on us as he shows up a display under glass which is the The Golden Scarab of Quackentatum. Sometimes those hurricane of puns are too repetitive to be taken seriously. Launchpad is impressed; but I'm not since Drake used a sensor watch to locate the plot device. Anyhow; the camera crew is here as well as Drake cuts another full of himself promo while Launchpad is giving out the V-sign which is over Drake's head. HAHA! Then we get a fly buzzing around for no reason and Drake gets zapped in the ass with a mini version of Piccolo's Special/Demon/Devil/Fiend Beam Cannon attack. HA! We see the Bugmaster hanging from curtains as she has used her Wasp Sting Gun. Sadly; no infection on Drake as of yet. And of course here come the bug puns which even Drake thinks are lame. Well; that's YOUR problem Drake; not MINE! So Drake invokes the grappling hook gun and misses. But it's the "wasn't aiming for you" spot and tears down the curtain and down goes the Bugmaster under curtains. Bugmaster pops out from the carnage as Drake has the gas gun ready to make her suck gas; so she counters by threatening to kill the mime cockroach. I don't think anyone on this planet (other than bug and mime lovers) are going to care if he dies or not. Drake, bastion of vanity backs off and drops the gun as he pleas for the cockroach to be put down. Now Drake; you realize that you want her to kill it; but Bugmaster decides that tormenting both cockroach and cockroach hater is much more amusing and throws the BUG STINK BOMB OF DEATH which causes the smoke of stink to stink the babyfaces while Bugmaster bails and remembers to steal the golden scarab even though we don't actually see it. Ho hum.

Drake compares the bug stink bomb to Launchpad's chicken feathered pot pie. Ummmm; yeah let's insult his cooking. After all; "real men" don't cook right? Stupid rigid gender roles! The camera gets in Drake's face and Drake stammers like an idiot as usual. Drake claims that he has everything under control. I agree; but it's really under Bianca's control as we zoom out to a television set as Darkwing is paused and Bianca sums this up nicely. We are back in the board room as Bianca likes the golden scarab because it pays her twice the salary over her bosses. She loves this criminal stuff; but Darkwing Duck is an annoyance and she is going to do a final episode in the series as she brings out her black marker and draws an "X" on the television set and proclaims that she is going to murder Darkwing Duck in roundabout terms. Even the camera crew is taken aback of this and that ends the segment almost 11 minutes in. Pretty fine episode thus far...

After the commercial break; we return to Drake's living room AFTER HAPPY HOUR as the GANG OF GAG is sitting on the sofa as Drake is still using about a dozen VCR's and acting vain. He proclaims that the only thing that would make this all better is if he actually catches the Bugmaster. HAHA! Great acting from Jim Cummings there as we cut to a shot of the television with Bianca wrapping this up as Gosalyn thinks this is all strange. Drake thinks Bianca is wearing too much makeup; but Gosalyn asks why she is not there when the Bugmaster shows up and why does she know where the Bugmaster would strike next. Now any normal person would have figured out that Bianca and the Bugmaster were the same person by now even without the obvious scenes that show her admitting they are the same person. However; Drake just tells her to go see her about it and ask. Gosalyn is not amused; but then sees a good story hitting her in the kisser and decides to bail to the television station. After dark I might add. So Gosalyn enters the station hallway and goes to Bianca's dressing room which the door has no knob on it. Then when she opens the door on the other side; there is no window, but there is a knob. Notice how Tad Stones' productions seem to have obvious mistakes in logic that even people who like television animation can see; and yet there are much fewer mistakes in logic from Jymn Magon productions? Okay; he only made TaleSpin; but that still accounts for something doesn't it?

So Gosalyn walks in noticing Bianca looking in the mirror and she introduces herself and proclaims that she is her biggest fan too. Bianca turns around (hiding the fly helmet of the Bugmaster) calls it sweet and goes to the phone to call security on the phone so she gets the boot with an 8X10 gloss photo of herself. Jeepers; she and Drake would be perfect for each other. Sadly; the packaged helmet falls to the ground and Gosalyn sees it right away. Bianca is so BUSTED! Anyhow; Bianca grabs the helmet as Gosalyn sulks in defeat because her idol is a criminal. So Bianca explains that she did this all to make Darkwing Duck look good and promises to return everything she stole because she's going to lose to Drake Mallard and make everyone scared of him again. Here's the problem with this: If Drake is going after petty criminals; anyone would be scared to death. Because then he is becoming Darkwarrior Duck now. Gosalyn is not convinced and accuses her of doing this to boost her rating like a cheap Vince Russo. Okay; that's not what she absolutely said; but it's implied still. Bianca admits that she is and Gosalyn decides that this is A-OK with a cherry on top with her. Bianca proclaims that she's helping Drake and he doesn't know it and offers Gosalyn to help her. Gosalyn is so giddy for her idol that she proclaims that she'll help her. Bianca has some evil intentions and love this turn of events and we circle fade to black to turn Michael Eisner on...So then we circle fade in back to Darkwing Tower AFTER HAPPY HOUR and then inside at the computer as Drake is cross referencing bugs and insects to determine where the Bugmaster will strike next. Launchpad isn't so sure of this and Drake proclaims that science always works. Forgive me PZ Meyers; but..


LP decides to walk off to read the funny papers and Drake shrugs LP off and continues to input data. The printer feeds him information on paper and we get the educational line of the episode; but no one cares since it does nothing to help Drake find the Bugmaster anyway. LP tries to show him something; but Drake ignores it because he's an idiot and he stomps on the monitor calling it a useless piece of junk. I'm guessing he's using Wikipedia somehow in 1992. Launchpad offers him the newspaper and Drake decides to use it thinking that this is a waste of time; but the demands from Bugmaster are clear to meet him between the corner of third and McSwain at midnight at an abandoned warehouse. Drake admits that the untrained eye is good and it's time to get dangerous as he bails. Launchpad ponders over the cost effectiveness ratio of trained eyes. Scene changer and we head out to the abandoned warehouse which used to be a honey making plant. I know this because there is a giant bee statue on the building. And it doesn't look abandoned to me since it looks clean and the trucks and boxes are still on the property. Drake opens the door and we head inside with Drake and Launchpad looking around as Drake sums up the entire series in one fell swoop while Launchpad sums up what would be a refreshing idea to the series. Even if it gets ECW mutants angry and screaming. Then a spotlight beckons on the floor and Launchpad notices Merriweather on the floor miming that there is danger.

Drake blows it off and then hears Gosalyn motioning to him. Drake then notices Gosalyn on the box crates demanding answers as to why she is here in that stupid bug outfit. And then Gosalyn turns on Drake calling him a masked meat head. HA! So a net gets dropped on the adult babyfaces as the camera crew in bug costumes (so Bianca has a posse I see) films and the Bugmaster drops down and cuts a promo on them as Gosalyn is now called The Grub. Gosalyn laughs as Drake is about to meet his doom...the doom of a canceled show in December of 1992. Drake proclaims that she really is going through a phase and that ends the segment 15 minutes in. Wow; that was a really short segment. I do have one question: Why is Gosalyn being a heel now? I know why Kit played the heel turn in Plunder and Lightning and it was one of those spur of the moment things that would seal his fate and all that; but it doesn't apply to Gosalyn here. She seems entirely clueless because Bianca admitted to stealing and no one is going to let her off the hook even if she was telling the truth. And there's no real reason for Gosalyn to have any heat with Drake anyway. So I'm not sure why Gosalyn would suddenly help her when she clearly commit a crime. I hope the writers write in some unknown personal grunge Gosalyn has with Darkwing Duck; or else it going to make Gosalyn look like a clueless dolt.

After the commercial break; we get the sky shot of the heels surrounding the netted adult babyfaces as Bianca wants Gosalyn to make herself look evil in front of the camera. Drake demands answers to this outrage and acts like Gosalyn is not his daughter. Gosalyn proclaims that they are going into the beekeeper in the sky (LAME-O!) and their death is to be suspended into a working big ass bowl of hot beeswax (MUCH BETTER!). Sorry Gosalyn; but this will not shut Drake Mallard up. I don't think even canceling his show is going to work either. Launchpad does like Gosalyn's evil mannerisms though. So we scene change to the babyfaces being cuffed to a pulley and lowered towards the liquid boiling beeswax as Launchpad asks Merriweather why he cannot get out of the handcuffs and Drake blows him off. Okay; you hate mimes and bugs; we get it Drake! So the camera crew films as Bugmaster proclaims that this is the final segment for Darkwing Duck. Oh yeah; let's just blow your cover while we are at it. She also has her Wasp Sting Blaster in case any funny business occurs. Well; Drake as a international object is funny so I don't think this should be a problem. Drake finally realizes that the Bugmaster is Bianca Beakly and she admits it. But he won't live to tell about it because he's going to be a dead ugly candle. So the goofs plus mime get lowered into the boiling bees wax as Drake blows off Gosalyn for losing her marbles and calls this a truly counter productive way to get an allowance. I beg to differ Drake Mallard as Gosalyn asks BM about Drake escaping and BM proclaims that she'll let Drake win at the last second because it's more dramatic. Ummm; that's how every episode is Bianca. You pretty much sealed your fate there.

Drake wonders what he did to make Gosalyn turn heel and Launchpad runs down the groundings and making her eat beets incident; which Drake blows him off for because he gets the picture. They are now a few feet from the beeswax as Gosalyn thinks it's time to let them up and BM claims that she is her idol and to trust her. Gosalyn decides to relent...and then steals the Wasp Sting Blaster and blasts Bianca right in the ass and basically turns on her. HAHA! (Kit: Awesome!! She's got my "screw the Pirate Captain" down to a T!!) Bugmaster runs after her as Drake struggles and decides to do the art of Carpathian bone dislocation. And yes; it's all off-screen because it's freakin painful as demonstrated by his arms on the next shot of him. But he does manage to get himself loose and climbs up the chain and then slingshots himself and kicks the camera man as he manages to bump into the Bugmaster (who is chasing Gosalyn around the beeswax pot and they both crash to the ground with the boxes to break their fall. Now here's the problem with BS&P'ing that spot: Yes; you can get serious injury from a bare floor; maybe even death. But think about it; wooden splinters from the boxes can pierce through your body and cause serious infection which could kill you if left untreated. So it's really nasty either way. Anyway; it was good for what it was as Drake pushes the lever (WRONG LEVER!) to the left and Launchpad and Merriweather are saved. At least in theory. Drake embraces Gosalyn who admits that she never actually turned on Drake and it was a ruse to get Bianca to think she was on her side. First rule of Gosalyn's journalism of doom. However; Drake and Gosalyn get shoved into the lever (WRONG LEVER!) to the right by the blue costume camera grip and Launchpad/Merriweather get lowered in again which shows that we are finally CDS this episode because the embrace should have been the finish.

So Drake runs in and invokes the LEAD GRIP KUNG FU ACTION KICK OF DEATH which seems to have no feeling of contact; but the power of suggestion gives the grip a print of Drake's foot and he flies over the ladder and out of sight. So Drake raises LP again; but the grip comes back and punches Drake off-screen in the face and we lower LP again. This episode is dying now; and it's time to mercy kill it before all of Bugmaster's heat is gone. So we get the tug of war on the lever (WHAT DID THE LEVER DO TO DESERVE THIS?!) as Launchpad is almost ready to vomit and Merriweather just belches. I don't believe for one second Launchpad ate a six burger lunch. No freakin way. Not with that body type. So Gosalyn is watching on and fires the Wasp Sting Blaster right into the camera grip's candy ass and gets driven up the ceiling and breaks through. We cut back to BM and the camera man who is dressed like a ladybug I should note while Drake tugs the lever back to the left to save Launchpad. So Gosalyn grabs the camera and wants this on tape as Bugmaster uses the jetpack to rise up again. Gosalyn tries the Wasp Sting Blaster; but it is destroyed by the Sonic Cricket's Chirp Blaster gun which is basically a sound wave gun only portable. BM blows off Gosalyn and proclaims that she'll kill her after Drake is killed because she's such a little traitor. So Gosalyn gets the stuff on film as BM and Drake finally have the showdown only Drake Mallard cares about. BM drives him on his back; but Drake counters by kicking the Cricket Chirp Blaster Gun. She bails as Gosalyn is loving this as Drake cuts a full of himself promo. Launchpad then yells at Drake to look out because here comes the camera man. Drake dodges him and LBCM prat falls on his face near the pot edge as usual.

Drake cuts another full of himself promo which BM counters with a net of spider webs. Then she ties Drake up with the spider webs and proclaims she is going to entomb him in spiderwebs. I find that sort of counter productive since nothing...AND THE ROCK MEANS NOTHING...will shut Drake Mallard up. BM proclaims that he has bugged her for the last time; which is hilarious considering that it was Bianca who was wanting to use Drake as a doll for higher ratings in the first place. Gosalyn giggles as this would work in Wacky Home Videos. So Drake gets his right arm free somehow and then brings back the buzz saw cufflinks for old times sake to cut the webbing away. Yeap; say farewell to Bianca's heat; because it's flying away as we speak. So BM swoops down and misses Drake by a mile as Drake stuffs webbing into his gas gun and it's time to suck webs as he shoots the web into the left part of the jetpack and now the jetpack is officially the JETPACK OF STUPIDITY. HAHA! Man; she whirlwind spot really, really sucks as she gets tangled into the web and splattered against a wall. Bugmaster demands that she is taken down; or they'll never work in this town again. Like Drake cares anymore; his show is going off the air in December anyway. Bad ratings due to BS&P getting their fingers in the pie; no thank you Kit Cloudkicker. (Kit: What are you staring at? Toadie: HEE HEE!) Gosalyn is giddy that she almost blows Drake's cover; so the eye contact violence stops that as Drake cuts another full of himself promo and Launchpad blows him off for insulting Merriweather. Well; he is a diseased cockroach mime Launchpad. And he'll be the head booker for Impact Wrestling. That is horrifying. Drake is on the flip flop juice again as we zoom out to the picture in picture shot of a news announcer wrapping up this case of the Bugmaster/Bianca Beakly, former newscaster.

So we cut to the living room as Gosalyn is mentioned as the one providing footage and Gosalyn is so happy over finally getting her report on the air. Launchpad praises her for it as Drake admits that she did a great job even though she had to discover that her idol was a self-centered maniac who wanted cheap pops. Gosalyn gleefully hugs him and gleefully retorts that one for me. HAHA! I don't think I need to mention it as Drake claims that he was talking about Bianca Beakly and Gosalyn proclaims that he was his idol before she was as Drake kisses her on the forehead and then blows her off about raising her allowance. Gosalyn claims that it was worth a shot and we circle fade out to ends the episode at 21:08. A really good Darkwing Duck love in that went on for too long near the end. And Hanho Heung Up was actually on it's best behavior this time around as only one animation mistake was seen in the entire episode. Nice. **** (80%).


Another episode down and another good episode in a series of them. Boy; Darkwing Duck has been on a roll since Bad Tidings with only two clunkers and some really impressive episodes like this one. I got to love Gosalyn's betraying Bianca as she played her like a fiddle throughout the whole episode and it was on par with Kit Cloudkicker's betrayal of Don Karnage (both times) and his fake heel turn (turning on Baloo) in Plunder and Lightning; although Kit's was a lot more historic and a lot more frightening in it's implications for both the series and the DTVA division in general. Gosalyn only betrayed a petty thief who wanted ratings compared to Kit betraying a whole terrorist group and screwing them out of terrorizing Cape Suzette. Although Drake pretty much killed all of Bianca's heel heat the moment he did the slingshot into the lever; the finish went on for way too long and the whole insulting of Merriweather was pretty much tacked on as a joke that didn't catch. Drake's vanity was on full display here and it made sense for a change and I did get a chuckle of a cartoon character in a cartoon world saying that science always works. Which is true; but it still makes me laugh when a character who is not real sezs it with no sense of irony whatsoever. Hanho Heung Up screwed up one scene and that was it. It was mostly good times and up until the 18 minute mark; it was perfect before Cartoon Duck Syndrome dragged it down near the end. So next up is either Clash Reunion or Paint Misbehavin. Sparky or Splatter Phoenix? I still cannot decide right now. I guess I go for the episode that requires the least amount of work since both have debuting voice actors (for rant purposes). So....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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