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Mutancy On The Bouncey

Reviewed: 09/09/2012

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Well; now we go completely downhill from here which isn't much of a slope since this is the second last episode of Darkwing Duck. This episode is basically an X-Men parody as Drake hires a bunch of mutants to fight a mutant named Cementhead. Oh; and this is for rant purposes, the final appearance of the rest of the Muddlefoots. So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Michael Maurer. The story is edited by Doug Langdale The animation is done by Hanho Heung-Up Company Limited.

We begin this one AFTER HAPPY HOUR outside city hall as we have shaking as we zoom down to see Gosalyn as a reporter behind debris as she is doing reporting on the fight between a monster Cementhead who is a block of cement with red pants. Think The Incredible Hulk without the rage; nor heat that goes along with it. The opposition of the day is a superhero clad rooster named The Rubber Chicken. I guess the Rubber Rooster was too offense even for Disney. It's more hilarious in hindsight when Disney Captions was allowed to say "Cock crowing" on a TaleSpin DVD set. The Rubber Chicken is of course a rooster/chicken in a red superhero suit and cape; and his gimmick is that he bounces like rubber. So we continue with Gosalyn's promo as a cloud of smoke and we have the full of himself mallard in a three way dance. Hey; it's Disney, the name is perfectly apporos. So CH, TRR and DW destroy parts of city hall as RC was hanging onto the flag above the entrance way and he falls down with the debris. We go to the far shot as Gosalyn proclaims that she knows why the city is over run by mutants. See; it all started with the flashback of doom because Gosalyn became part of the Saint Carnard School Newspaper team just to get out of studying in Study Hall. So we head to Binkie's kitchen as Binkie is cutting up some pineapple, cherry ham with the kitchen knife. Gosalyn is right behind her and pops a paper bag; scaring the living daylights out of her as she holds a knife in the wrong position and we flash and go to the newspaper shot of her. Apparently; this shot is enough to claim that she went on a murderous rampage. Riiiiiggggghhhhhhtttt Gosalyn. This is the same person who singing is hilariously bad and thinks comics are for despot dictators. Anyhow; we head outside as Herb is planting a tree just to be a good little environmentalist (hilarious considering what happened in A Star Is Scorned) as Gosalyn sneaks up from behind and blows a horn right in Herb's face. The tree lands on his head and we flash as an alien tree goes on a bloody rampage (second use of the word bloody in the last 20 seconds) according to the paper. This is the Gosalyn Enquirer. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyhow; we cut back to Gosalyn proclaiming that her stories were wearing thin (read: they figured out that they are frauds) and needed a really (read: real) story as we do a sky shot of the city; and then a pan shot inside a building filled with melted cheese as we see Drake and Launchpad looking for clues. Drake stumped as to why someone would want to destroy the entire supply of Cheeza Pets from the Swenlin Swine Company. Probably hates lactose products making people sick; have you ever thought of that Drake? Launchpad calls mozzerilla even though the color clearly makes it look like cheddar. Drake looks for clues with the Darkwing Magnifying Glass of Vanity and notices a few footprints on the cheese which look like a chicken's; he also notices a scrap of red cloth on the filing cabinet wedged in between some papers and also a card which belongs to the Rubber Chicken. So Drake puts two and two together and Launchpad claims it's three. Ummm; you mean five LP? Drake blows him off and proclaims that this means the Rubber Chicken is the one behind the destruction of the Cheeza Pets. Drake then ponders where he would hide and LP proclaims that it's at Hamburger Hippo. Drake asks how he deduced that and Launchpad points out that there is a conveniently placed Hamburger Hippo opposite the building and Rubber Chicken is shaking like a timid bunny rabbit. So Drake runs over to Rubber Chicken and calls him out on his "crimes". Rubber Chicken claims that he is innocent and was framed. Memo to Rubber Chicken: Climbing all over Drake Mallard is only going to incriminate yourself even more than the evidence he found at the scene. So Drake cuffs him and Rubber Chicken runs off and yes; his arm is rubber and he bounces back into Drake and both goofballs collide with each other and Drake accuses him of resisting arrest. RB manages to wiggle free of the cuffs and it's time to get physical so sezs Drake. So Drake runs about 35 feet away and then charges with the double WEBFEET OF DEATH; but the Rubber Chicken is made of rubber; so Drake bounces away and lands in the dumpster. HAHA! That is so symbolic of Disney's treatment of new characters from 1987 onward to today actually.

So Drake pops out of the dumpster and does the worst selling of dizziness ever (the animation makes him appear to be perfectly fine despite the banana peels) and Rubber Chicken springs away to prevent Drake from trashing himself anymore than he already is. And yes; RC turns into a spring, why do you ask? Drake tries to kick; but he drops on his back and we scene change to another part of the city as Gosalyn narrates as we pan over to Darkwing Tower. Gosalyn even tries to keep the hideout a secret by claiming that she has a personal connection. HAHA! Even the kids cannot be fooled by this. So we head inside as Drake and Launchpad are pacing around wondering what their next move is going to be. Drake deduces that Cement Head is in collusion with Rubber Chicken because they are mutants. Wait; how does Drake know about Cement Head? I mean wasn't the three way fight supposed to happen after this flashback is over? Logic break #1 for the episode four and a half minutes in. Drake and Gosalyn then have a meeting of the minds and it wasn't at the principal's office. Gosalyn claims that she needs help and Drake shrugs her off. Launchpad points out that Drake thinks that Rubber Chicken is working with Cement Head to commit a crime against Cheeza Pets. Gosalyn gets all giddy and kneels down and pleas for Drake to take her along. Drake has the Gruffi pose and no sells of course because it's for grown ups only. Okay; that means LP and Drake should just screw off to bed now? After all; this is for _grown ups_ only. (Drake: I now know how Pete feels. The level of snark is off the charts with this guy.) Gosalyn gets her cheeks pinched too as Drake goes to the window and cuts a full of himself promo blowing off anyone who thinks he cannot solve this case; just as Launchpad is trying to explain to him about something important. And Drake goes over the window and falls into the harbor. HAHA! Ah; the dangers of being so full of yourself. It always leads to being really stupid. Launchpad tells Gosalyn that the card has the RC's address and she grabs it as Launchpad dives in after Drake as Gosalyn blows them off for being her role models. Gosalyn decides to leave to track down the RC on her own.

So we scene change to a roof made of grass and a big ass chicken coop. Oh yeah; this is not obvious in the very least; no siree. Gosalyn sneaks to the front door while doing the voice over of doom. Well; it is a flashback; so it's fine. The door opens and Gosalyn gets grabbed by the Rubber Chicken and somehow loses her paper she was carrying; but regains her microphone and tape recorder on the next shot. He wants to know who sent her; but Gosalyn jumps on him and gets in his face as RC finally decides to confess on the whole situation. He stretches out his arm (it's rubber; what did you expect?) and grabs a tissue as we discover that his real name is Clovis Clackenhoff (Corey Burton) and that his entire story is one big comic book. See his parents lived near a plastic factory which looks like a nuclear factory and it exploded. Of course logic break #2 is that the parent's didn't die and they gave birth to a bouncy baby boy; literally. Clovis was the baby in case you were not paying attention as he showed off his abilities to shape shift; and dunk a basketball despite having a defender look 15 feet tall. Ah; the power of cheating to get back at someone who is cheating by going to Larson & Gary. Of course; the kids at school made fun of him as per the comic shows. While this is a good style; the substance and animation quality leaves quite a bit to be desired in my view. Moving right along we show a shot of a building which is the Swenlin Swine company (check the pig tail on top) as Rubber Chicken was working as a janitor. He then uses an out of nowhere glass to overhear that Swenlin Swine is in cahoots with Cement Head. Can you smell the obvious plot twist coming; or do I have to spell it out for ye? See; Mr. Swine wants to rob the orphanage as RC proclaims that he could no longer hold back on his powers. Rob the orphanage? That sounds like an average A-Team plot to me. POW! OUCH! Ummmm... I pity the fool who told me that the obvious crack was safe to use.

Anyhow; the comic book detail is lacking a bit (including the crappy light bulb over Rubber Chicken's head) as we head to street level and we do a crappy jackhammer light to introduce Rubber Chicken and then return to reality (no, not really). I think I have jackhammered the point home about the hypocrisy of the old Disney; so I'll move on as Rubber Chicken proclaims that Mr. Swine framed him by destroying the factories that Mr. Swine owned just to put the criminal heat on Rubber Chicken. Rubber Chicken pleas for help on his innocence and Gosalyn decides to find help as we head to the streets of Saint Carnard as she finds Drake and Launchpad. Gosalyn narrates that she explained the Rubber Chicken's story and Drake laughs it off. Ummmm; yeah, real helpful guy this Drake Mallard is. The problem with this is that when you think about it; all anthros can be classified as mutants which is why this plot line works a lot more effectively with humans than it does with furries. He pulls Gosalyn's hat down and Gosalyn sulks as Launchpad pats her on the back and believes her story. Drake blows it off accusing Launchpad of believing in the Easter Bunny. See; Swenlin Swine is one of the most respected citizens in Saint Carnard; so it cannot be him destroying his own factories. In fact; he's going to see him right now for his protection as he walks away and loses the glass in the magnifying glass which doesn't shatter. Logic break #3 for the episode nearly eight minutes in. Gosalyn continues to narrate finding about eight different ways to call him a vain little prick (St. Canard's mighty, masked, vain, pig-headed, loud-mouthed, snooty, ego-maniacal, waffle-mouthed mallard). Hey Gos; don't be afraid to say what you really feel about him? Anyhow; we head to Swine's corporate headquarters as Drake walks into the hallway to the receptionist who is a pig with brown hair and glasses. Drake asks about Mr. Swine because he's here to inform him of a mutant rubber chicken. The receptionist is surprised because apparently; he has a super power too.. UH OH! Yeap; we HIT THE FLASHBACK...

So we see another comic book strip as we see a power plant getting shocked by yellow sparks as we discover that it's a fruit aerating plant which somehow the yellow sparks manage to zap a nearby house. It zaps the receptionist and apparently his new ability is to turn into a superhero made from bananas. It's an ice breaker at parties and sounds like a deal breaker for everyone else. Drake panics and runs into the office; where a golf ball (after the guy yells Fore) get stuffed in his beak. We then see a big ass pig in a red suit and has the evil mustache on. The Waluigi mustache I might add; only smaller. I'm guessing that this is Swenlin Swine as he hugs him and pops the golf ball from his mouth and it goes down DA....HOLE (Slurp!). Apparently; he likes Drake Mallard which I cannot see why since half of the police force hates him and the other half just hate his hat. Anyhow; Drake explains that a reporter claims that he is in league with Cement Head and Mr. Swine laughs it off and dodges the question completely focusing on Drake's clothes and sense of humor. Drake sits down on a red loveseat as Swine uses the remote to bring up the rising television from the floor and we play the last half of the Darkwing Duck opening. See Swine thinks Drake should quit crime fighting and become a movie star; and Swine Studios is looking for the next Clint Beakwood. Apparently; he thinks Darkwing Duck is the next one and Drake blows it off unless he gets a multi-picture deal with Beakwood. Here's a clue youngsters: If someone is trying to give you a film deal without answering the question of being in cahoots; chances are he is a villain and you are only becoming an accessory to his crimes. Drake also wants toy sales money and his own cartoon. Despite the fact that he was watching the opening of HIS OWN CARTOON! Yeap; Drake is REALLY STUPID. Swine agrees to it; but he has a problem with a certain rubber chicken destroying his property and might have to sell Swine Studios. Boo hoo indeed...

So Drake decides to help him stop Rubber Chicken from "destroying" his property and Swine gets him an elbow and Drake oversells it in such an absurd way that he plants himself into a conveniently placed vase. HAHA! Remember; Drake as an international object equals funny. Drake walks out of the office as Mr. Swine tells him to check with the receptionist for some parting gifts he hand delivered. So we head back to Darkwing Tower as Gosalyn narrates how godawful his grilling skills are and we see enough JOKEY SURPRISES OF DOOM to bomb Quackeria dozens of times over. Drake opens one and it doesn't explode because he got a alligator skinned golden plated Gas Gun carrying case. But it's not a real alligator skin that is gold plated because that is cruel. Gosalyn accuses Drake of being bought and paid for by Mr. Swine and Drake blows her off because he is not a crook. Sadly; Gosalyn's response is to stomp her foot claiming that he is and LP believes him. Drake blows it off because LP still believes in the tooth fairy and LP is in tears. Drake then grabs LP and leaves because he has a chicken to catch. Gosalyn is not happy at all as she narrates claiming that she handled this in a calm matter (well; I have seen worse) and we head into Mr. Swine's office as Gosalyn creaks open the door and then hide behind a vase as we see Mr. Swine on the phone talking to someone. Apparently; the gifts he gave to Drake were designed to keep him off the path to the real criminal and Cement Head will personally take care of Rubber Chicken as he pumps himself up and turns into cement and takes off the mask to reveal....I called it five minutes before it happened I should note. Damn; I'm so good. Gosalyn takes a photo of Cement Head as he notices the flash and stalks Gosalyn. He calls her a cub reporter and proclaims that this is her last picture. Gosalyn backs up asking if he would interfere with the freedom of the press. Answer: Yes Gosalyn, now RUN!! That ends the segment nearly 12 minutes in. Well; this has been decent thus far...

After the commercial break; we continue with Cement Head stalking Gosalyn some more as Gosalyn uses the camera to flash his eyes again and tries to flee; but there is no where to run and Cement Head grabs him and is going to throw her into the safe. Gosalyn gets grabbed and she demands answers. Cement Head decides to give her the information she wants because after all; who is going to believe her? And she is not going to live in a safe with no air? So we hit the comic book flashback of doom as we discover that Mr. Swine's father was an actor by the name of Marlon Hambone. See Marlon was in Hollywood; but he fell through a slab of wet cement (which somehow was big enough for someone who is about six feet tall and 12 feet wide) which apparently was radioactive as Mr. Swine was born as a baby who was living cement. He then became disowned by his own father as shown with the clothes on a stick scene outside the house and all I can say is: what a homophobe this Hambone fellow is. So Cement Head was forced to fend for himself stealing money and cracking safes and such stealing more than enough money to go into hiding and take over as Swenlin Swine and create an empire under the mask and persona while keeping his Cement Head form a secret. Gosalyn is happy for him and then slips out of the trench coat and escapes out of the office as Cement Head belly flops on the floor. Hmmm; must be a ground floor office. Gosalyn pants as she bars the door from the outside and then bails to the streets as she found a cool new trench coat according to her and walks on the sidewalk looking for help as she has proof of Cement Head and Swenlin being the same person. She is looking for Drake which isn't the wisest decision at all; but it doesn't matter because Drake is chasing Rubber Chicken through the streets.

Drake brings out the gas gun and tells Rubber Chicken to suck tear gas and Rubber Chicken submits; but Drake fires the tear gas bullet and it bounces off Rubber Chicken and breaks in front of Drake. Now here's a really gaping logic break that makes you wonder if the animators of overseas companies sometimes laugh in a wicked way when they do screwed up spots like this: After the bullet bounces back; we cut to Drake as the bullet breaks in front of him. Just before the bullet makes contact; Gosalyn runs in and the tear gas smoke appears. Also notice that Launchpad is still within the smoke cloud just as it breaks and he bails after the bullet breaks and the smoke flies around. That causes ONLY Drake to sell weeping. Gosalyn and Launchpad don't sell AT ALL. One of the most screwed up spots I have seen in this series outside of the Kennedy Cartoons mess that was Up, Up & Awry. This leads to the next logic break as Rubber Chicken walks into the store which looks like an electronics store; but Launchpad claims that it's Bob's Store Of Fragile Antiques. Drake wipes his eyes and still sells the weeping as he walks into the store and we cut to the Rubber Chicken in the store and all the items are antiques. That is the kind of sloppiness that makes great cannon fodder for someone to do a cartoon edition of Botchamania. Probably because of copyright issues; but that hasn't stopped Maffew though. So Clovis bumps into the wall near the coffee machine which looks like a soda can machine; good oversell otherwise though. So Drake runs in and we throw fragile antiques into rubber chicken and they all break natch as the female duck at the register proclaims that if you break it; you buy it and rings up the items Drake breaks. Rubber Chicken's body deflects all the damage and the whole floor is filled with broken antiques while the lady at the register continues to ring up the items. Yes; even the iron safe got involved, for no reason as a big ass vase bounces off Clovis' body and it comes down on Launchpad's body and somehow doesn't shatter. SOMEONE FIRE THAT VASE!

Launchpad walks around blinder than a bat and bumps into more vases and they shatter as the girl rings up more items. Drake finds a dish and claims that he can dish out anything and it is deflected and lands in Drake's mouth. HA! He spits it out and the dish shatters. Drake proclaims that Rubber Chicken is busted as Gosalyn enters the shop and gleefully retorts that one as we have the chicken/duck fight that would later be stolen for Family Guy; only bloodier. It's amazing that the one angle that did get over in Family Guy was not from the 1980's and was stolen from a Disney show. How untalented do you have to be to have your best angle come from a DTVA show and be such a throwaway sequence at that? Drake grabs the hands of RC; but Launchpad steps on Drake and Rubber Chicken bounces out the door. Launchpad pops the vase out and Drake of course projects his stupidity of throwing stuff at a rubber chicken into Launchpad. Geez; what a shock that is? Gosalyn claims that Drake has the wrong mutant and shows the picture; which Drake blows off because she said the same thing about those two bloody rampages she wrote earlier. That is actually really good psychology there guys. Gosalyn is mad now as Drake tries to leave; but the girl stops him because he caused $10,000 in damages (Only $10,000? Yeah right!) and wants payment now. Drake explains that he was trying to stop a criminal rubber chicken with mutant powers. And then the female register duck claims that she has mutant powers too. Yeah; this is way overplayed now guys. We hit the comic book flashback as her father worked in a glue factory and fell into the vat of glue and she was born with superpowers as a result. So all of these males give birth to kids with mutant powers? Geez; if there ever was an excuse for giving females full autonomy over their bodies; this would be it. Drake blows her off and so Glue Girl sticks the bill on his bill and walks off. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! See; she has a bill and she stuck it on Drake's bill. That's comedy. Geez; I am starting to write like DTVA. That's horrifying.

Drake tries to get the bill off his beak; but the bill wraps around his beak and OH MY GOD! It really did shut Drake up! THIS IS A SPECIAL DAY! Gosalyn is narrating now as she proclaims that she now has to stop Cement Head on her own and she must bail to regain the trust of Clovis/Rubber Chicken. So we head to a newsroom as we pan east to Tom Lockjaw (whom I believe is his final appearance) and we get the one appearance of Daphne Duckbill (female duck in a dress with Rebecca's sweater color scheme.) as apparently the top story is that Darkwing Duck has to pay for property damages. Only in Saint Carnard would that be the top story. Everywhere else; it's someone getting killed. We pan over to the curtain as we see Gosalyn and Clovis whisper yelling to each other. Gosalyn wants Clovis to get on the air and explain to the world about their super powers to show that there are other mutants out there. Yeah; great idea, let's just let Clovis talk and incriminate Clovis as the vandal even more than he already is. Why not just find Cement Head and beat him? It's a safer plan than this. Rubber Chicken would like to go; but he has stage fright. Well; of course you do Clovis; it's because you are literally a chicken after all. So Gosalyn pushes him behind the news counter much to the surprise of Tom and Daphne and RC brings the microphone down. And he stammers like an idiot. I just find it hard to accept Clovis as a criminal mastermind when he has the same abilities of Darkwing Duck; minus the full of himself part.

So Clovis tells all mutants to help him because Cement Head is slandering all mutants and to drive safely before he bails exit stage right. Daphne then admits that she has mutant powers too. Oh lord not the damn FLASHBACK OF DOOM again. Apparently; she chowed down on radioactive chicken soup. We know it's radioactive because it's lime green in color and she turns into The Amazing Sneezemaster; who can display cold and flu symptoms at will. OH MY GOD NO!! Now how am I going to make fun of The Mighty B! now?! Yes; she drank radioactive chicken soup; and we are shocked when the kids of today don't buy the utter disgust that we parent have; that the lead character in The Mighty B! tried to drink infected chicken pox fluids so she could get the chicken pox?! Never mind how disgusting it is to do so; and the fact that chicken pox is deadly if it kills you; and beyond the pale nasty if you don't get killed but get extremely unlucky. Quite honestly; the risk/reward ratio greatly favor getting vaccines; even if I have to down a million of them to make it effective. Of course; the biggest problem is not vaccines; it's dealing with the fact that no one is truly normal and autism is only an excuse to not deal with the reality that some people will never truly conform to the rigid standards of society and that those standards are thus the problem and need to be adjusted; or eliminated all together. It's called being human after all. So Daphne sneezes on Tom and destroys his clothes. Damn; I wish her cold would kill him dead; so I won't have to put up with him ever...Oh wait; second to last episode, never mind.

So Daphne urges all mutants to side with the Rubber Chicken and help him fight Cement Head as we hear Gosalyn narrate that the mutants in Saint Carnard were inspired as we see Glue Girl watching the television and stands up pumping her fist. Banana Boy stands up in his office (remember that for later) and is mad as well as he's looks ready to MURDER someone. Meanwhile (so sezs Gosalyn) we return to the Cheeza Pet Factory as Drake and Launchpad follow the footprints (which clearly look like human footprints) out of the factory and then into the (moral) sewers and then up a wall; into the same office hallway where Banana Boy was working and into his office as Drake finally notices the pig mask and of course he skirts around the fact that he really blew it and admits that there is a small chance Gosalyn was right all along. So we cut to a shot of the desk as Cement Head turns around in his chair and is taking the busted thing quite well. He stands up and he wants to crush the adult babyfaces as this is lovely. Launchpad repeats the lovely part and that ends the segment almost eighteen minutes in.

After the commercial break; we see Cement Head walk over to a globe and slap it out of it's holder and it smacks the babyfaces off-screen through a window and they free fall off screen as Cement Head waves goodbye. Methinks the jump in the music indicates a Toon Disney cut. If not; then BS&P is a moron, as usual. They land in trash cans off-screen and Cement Head walks to the safe and pulls it out of the wall and proclaims that he is busted and therefore he must take that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH and run. So we scene change to outside the tower as we pan down to the ground and we see a shattered globe and two goofs with attitude have their asses stuck in trashcans and dizzy as hell. Launchpad thanks his lock powers for saving them and Drake is pissed off because it seems everyone has mutant powers but him. Nope; only four guys Drake and you couldn't get a rash even if BS&P allowed it. You are just so full of yourself. We then get rumbling and shaking as we see Cement Head leaving the building and Drake wants to get the mutant maniac. So we get more narration from Gosalyn as apparently; there is a trash can remover service in Saint Carnard (that's a winner right there) and we head to city hall (as we saw at the beginning of the episode) as Cement Head arrives with his safe over his head. And then here comes the VOICEOVER OF DOOM and smoke at 19:03...

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night....

And he gets interrupted before he even has a chance to speak as Clovis arrives with Daphne, Banana Boy and Glue Girl. Lead by Gosalyn Mallard of course. Now the obvious logic break: Clovis was the ONLY ONE who appeared as a babyface mutant at the beginning of the episode! For goodness sakes guys; you didn't even try to do a proper build up. So the mutants all introduce themselves and Banana Boy transforms and bumps Drake away calling him a non-mutant useless duck. HAHA! They pump their fist and it is ON BABEE! Everyone runs in except for the Sneezemeister as she sneezes and blows everyone away and Clovis ties up Banana Boy and pops his banana so to speak. Drake blows them off as rookies and jumps in trying to cut his lame promo again; so Cement Head slaps him into the brick wall as Launchpad does the pixelized snow angel spot. Okay; that was different. Drake plops down praising Cement Head's backhand (despite slapping him with the palm of his hand) as Clovis who somehow untied himself from Banana Boy and dusts Drake himself. Clovis proclaims that it's him and Drake against Cement Head now. So WHAT WAS THE POINT of bringing the mutants together to fight when Clovis is the only mutant who could fight a battle properly? You could have made them spectators and have Daphne screw Drake with her sneezing powers; but no, you had to bury the mutants before they even had a chance to be threatening. Not to mention that none of the spots match with the beginning of the episode anyway. Good job writers; you can forgot about the good review of this episode now. Please let this episode end now. So Clovis and Drake run in as Cement Head tears up the pavement and we do the wave run spot as we cut to Gosalyn reporting with the microphone behind a pair of trash cans which is just an excuse for them to not animate the fight since it would violate BS&P. However; it's perfectly fine to show the babyfaces hit the wall on-screen and do more pixelized snow angels. Gosalyn thinks they will probably not defeat them. At least now we know who to blame and his initials are M.M.

Clovis pops himself from the wall along with Drake as he calls this Davey & Goliath without the slingshot to save them. Drake is not amused; but then he gets inspired and whispers to Clovis about something. We cut back to Cement Head as Drake runs in and mocks his mother's overshoes. I don't get that one and I don't want to get it as Cement Head thinks Drake is witty. If that is wit than that word is now declared meaningless; it can join the word censorship in the corner in shelf #4312. CH wants to squish Drake and Drake bails allowing Clovis to step in and hold on to two opposite lamp poles as CH chuckles over Clovis stopping him as Drake runs into the alleyway and Clovis gets tackled by CH. We head into the side door and up the apartment building stairs as Drake is being chased by Cement Head to the roof as CH somehow breaks through the roof door; but he cannot make it to Drake as Drake breathes on Cement Head and we get the sequence of a slingshot as Cement Head flies into the air out of sight. What was the point of causing damage to a building if you were just going to do the Team Rocket exit? Even the Gummi Bears don't stoop to those kinds of complex traps. Clovis watches on as Drake comes in tired claiming that they got him. Drake calls him not bad for a mutant. That insults Clovis so he calls Drake a vain, pig-headed, loud-mouthed, snooty, ego-maniacal, waffle-mouthed mallard. Drake blows him off because he's not vain at all. Methinks Drake needs to look in a mirror as he winks and we circle fade out to end the episode at 21:07. This was pretty decent until the animators and writers screwed up the whole mutant team up segment; and then it became a really bad finish and ending that was pointless and buried the mutants completely. Well; all but Clovis, he was almost completely buried. Not a good parody of X-Men at all. * 1/4 (25%).


Okay; where to begin with this mess? I get the idea of an X-Men parody and the mutants and all that. I did like Cement Head and Rubber Chicken and I thought their stories were fine and the concept of the flashback with comic book style flashback was neat as a concept. The problem is; the execution was terrible. Hanho screwed up in spots (the Tear Gas Spot was horrible) and the last three minutes of the episode made no sense to the action that happened in the beginning. The whole mutant coming together was such a waste because they had a decent team to use; and the writers proceed to bury them all; except for Clovis who fought the battle with Drake against Cement Head. What was the point of doing a throwaway spot with the other mutants relating their stories; if there is no pay off for them; except for Clovis. And none of the finish matched the beginning of the episode when Gosalyn was narrating at all because the first 16 minutes or so was supposed to be a narrated flashback by Gosalyn. I could blast Drake's extremely dense routine in believing Mr. Swine/Cement Head; but that was expected since Drake is stupid anyway. So overall; we had a perfectly decent little episode for 15 minutes or so; and then the cliff came and we dive 90 degrees straight down. Only in Darkwing Duck and maybe even Quack Pack would you see finishes screwed up like this. And it's so frustrating because Darkwing Duck is much better than this on the whole compared to Quack Pack and it frustrates me to see finishes that would make Quack Pack blush. So yeah; this was a poor X-Men parody; although seeing Drake Mallard fail to bring Clovis to justice did make me laugh so it wasn't a negative star episode; or total write off. Last up is Extinct Possibility and I'm praying to them to please make it so that it's funny. So....

Thumbs down for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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