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Malice's Restaurant

Reviewed: 09/08/2012

The Revenge Of The Bunny Killers!

Well; we finally got down to the final three episodes of Darkwing Duck. I know it's hard to believe that five years ago, I could get through this vain comic book character with Cartoon Duck Syndrome. I guess I have truly grown a much thicker skin since the DVD set rants on this full of himself, really stupid duck. So our third to last episode of this series is actually one of those slice of life episodes that you don't see too often in this series which is Morgana running a restaurant while NegaDuck has his last stand and tries to kill bunnies. Sounds like a dream episode to me. So; let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Matt Uitz. The story is edited by Doug Langdale The animation is done by Hanho Heung-Up Company Limited.

We begin this one with a pan shot of the sky AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as we see the fog lift and we are at a weird teddy bear factory. Okay; this is different as we cut to the front doors as two security ducks with uniforms and radios are guarding the place. Well; one of them is while the other is playing the yo-yo. We make some small talk between the two as the non-yo-yo slinging duck is talking about the teddy bear being symbolic of family values. The Yo-Yo Duck (that should be his booking name) drops his yo-yo and brings out a teddy bear and hugs it as cute and cuddly. It amazes me that old farts wouldn't notice that this sort of contrived behavior is the same thing that happens in new cartoons and are condemned for doing it. Now granted; I think the new cartoon writers throw subtly out the window and it died a horrible death, but the setup here is the same now. In this case NegaDuck arrives in shadows on the Hell Rat Catcher and hates anything cute and cuddly. He pushes a button on the HRC and the tail section pops open and out comes those damn stock image dogs that seem to populate almost every DTVA series since then. I'm shocked Kick Buttowski doesn't have any to my knowledge; although Oskar The Dressed Up Dog more than makes up for it. And the two guards sidesteps and the dogs go into the factory and destroy all the teddy bears off-screen. Okay; I accept that Nega Duck is the foil for everyone who wants something other than more cartoon ducks. The dismembered teddy bears fly into the air outside as one of the guards asks how Neggy can be so cruel. Neggy's response: practice. However; this is nothing to Neggy because he wants to murder the more cute and cuddly animal of all times....and we segue to Gosalyn being repulsed by the Cute Little Lost Bunnies. Apparently; it gives Gosalyn cavities. Considering what happened in The Secret Origins Of DARKWKING...DUCK; she should only be so lucky. Launchpad is even questioning Drake on the matter inside what looks to be a dining room.

Drake claims that this is exactly what this restaurant needs. See; Drake invited the Cute Little Lost Bunnies (Max & Ruby? Ruby & Max? Before they became Nelevana darlings...) to counteract the creepiness of the dining room as we see Eek & Squeak (where have they been the last two or three episodes involving Morgana?) put roses into vases. Drake blows off the restaurant; so the rose turns into a flytrap and nearly eats Drake as he bails like a scalded dog. Oh well; better luck next time. Drake wants this to be a secret as we cut to Morgana asking Drake about the cobweb drapes in the window which has a burial wreath and a casket in front of said window. And yes; the cobweb drapes are being made by Archie the spider (same questions as Eek & Squeak) as Morgana calls this restaurant the Shadow Chateau. Drake wants to discuss the name; so Gosalyn stomps on Drake's foot off-screen. Yes; BS&P is in full force here. Drake recoils as Morgana comes over and hugs him for having good taste; which means it's the perfect setup for Aunt Nasty to put Drake in a big ass frying pan. HAHA! You cannot tell me that Morgana didn't set up Drake like that; no siree. Drake leaps out and plays Scooby to Launchpad's Shaggy telling Aunt Nasty to cut it out. But that would kill the only good thing Aunt Nasty has Drake. Just be thankful that this is the last time she appears. Come to think about it; she does look like a troll version of Grammi Gummi. POW! OUCH! Ummmmm... Morgana semi-drags Nasty towards the kitchen as Nasty claims that the food isn't cooperating. Geez; I wonder why? Drake goes into melodramatics because this is going to be a disaster and Morgana will be crushed as a result. See; the Cute Little Lost Bunnies are their only hope which Launchpad blows off because the food is great. Then we see Cousin Globby bounce in with a tray of food on his head. We get a closeup of the tray and here's the menu for Drake Mallard: fricasse of toad, lizard's gizzards, fried slug knuckles, adams apple pie, and marinated slime worms. Ummm; yeah.

So Morgana comes in and proclaims that this was made for Drake and we start with "Make Drake Vomit" special #1 as she throws the food into Drake's mouth and Drake's eyes water. HAHA! Drake slumps into the fetal position as Morgana asks how was it. Drake clutches his stomach and fakes some yums. Launchpad wants Drake to try the squishy stuff and Morgana agrees with him; feeding him a fork of slime worms. HAHA! Drake's reaction is priceless here as he hold his beak and runs off looking like he's going to throw up. Morgana feels sorry for Drake which is sad because Drake is such a wimp. The cast of How To Eat Fried Worms have more guts than this loser. And Gosalyn is at the pay phone and tells Drake that the Cute Little Lost Bunnies are coming soon via their agent. Drake blows her off for ruining the surprise as the tray somehow falls and breaks in half spilling purple liquid on the floor as Morgana is pissed. See; Cute Little Lost Bunnies are the opposite of this restaurant and they will ruin it. Yeah; really smooth move there Drake Mallard. Drake backs away stammering and admitting that he did it because the restaurant which only serves to piss off Morgana further. Thunder bolts fly and create a ring of fire around Drake as he cowers. Morgana blows him off because she created this decor and then goes to the window wondering why Drake won't accept her for who she is. Probably because he's full of himself and really stupid. Drake claims that he does accept her and Morgana dares him on it by bringing his friends. Ummm what about Launchpad and Gosalyn? Why can't friends be family? Gosalyn already accepts you; because she revels in your style. Drake claims that he's a crimefighter and has no time to make friends. Launchpad suggests Herb and Binkie Muddlefoot and Drake pulls him down and claims that he exists to torment him. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Projection much there Drake? Morgana's Gruffi pose and "ahem" pretty much agree with me on that.

Drake asks in such a sarcastic manner rocking off his heels if she wants to meet her as Morgana is now honeywumpus and Morgana is thrilled about that. Drake talks through his teeth about a catastrophe and we head to the front lawn of the Muddlefoots as they are blushing at the thought of seeing Morgana. Although they space out when Eek & Squeak come out. Drake claims that he can explain the bats; but Herb doesn't want him to. Drake paces around proclaiming that this is turning into a disaster already and has to bring out the normal food before they start cooking. Herb then comes out with chef's hat yelling because it's BBQ time. Aunt Nasty shoves Herb aside because she's doing the BBQ. Herb insists that he does it because the BBQ is tricky to light. So Nasty uses his red zapping finger and the BBQ shoots a flame pillar into the air bringing the BBQ grill rack with it. Herb is so giddy that he wants pointers on that. Well; it cannot be in any worse hands with Herb around. So we scene change to Drake against the pink house with a bag of normal food. He bought normal burgers, dogs, chips and Winky Doogles. So we head inside the kitchen as Morgana goes over the menu with Binkie: ogre burgers, wolfsbane sausages, dragon chips, bat's claw cole slaw, pickled tadpoles, and ghoul aid. I'm guessing the ogre burgers are the result of what happened to the ogres after Gummi Bears ended, and ghoul aid is the undead Kool-Aid guy in liquid form. Binkie places the pickled tadpoles on the window sill claiming that she loves French food. Drake steals the tray and gets bit by said tadpoles. HAHA! Drake runs like a roadrunner into the hills out of sight (Wait; how big is the Muddlefoot's property anyway?) and screams in pain. So we return to the BBQ as Morgana comes out with the Ghoul Aid and the pitcher looks exactly like a Halloween version of the Kool-Aid logo. I'm not making this up everybody. She gives the tray to Globby and heads back inside.

So Globby puts the pitcher on the picnic table and pours a glass for Herb. Herb looks at it and wonder what flavor red is. Globby drinks the whole pitcher and turns red, natch. Herb asks if he is from somewhere else as we cut back to the kitchen as Binkie tosses some grasshoppers into the cookie dough. Binkie is symbolic of trying anything to spice up her life as we cut to the window where the dragon chips are lying on the counter. So Binkie comes over and slams the window on Drake's hand as he was trying to steal the dragon chips. Drake REPEATS THE SPOT and blows it at the same time. Wow; just wow, Drake truly is a jobber for life now. Seriously; the entire sequence is repeated exactly in running, the table scene, the hills scene, the green dust Drake's picked up; but the audio of the scream occurs during the entire sequence instead of the end. So Binkie comes out with the tray of goodies as Herb looks at a platter under dome and Nasty is glad as she throws a bunch of wolfsbane dogs on the BBQ and they scream pain. So where's PETA to blow this off? Drake sneaks up from the tray on the small table and tries to grab it; but Aunt Nasty grabs the hand and smacks it on the grill. Drake breathes a sigh of relief since it smells good. CHEAP HEAT OF LAUGHS ensue; runs into the U-turn and we REPEAT THE SPOT again! Where did I see this stupidity before? Oh yeah; Quack Pack, Transmission Impossible. Let's fade to black to turn Michael Eisner on while we are at it too. We return as the Muddlefoots and Morgana exchange notes on the meal and they loved it. HAHA! We pan over to see Drake with his back turned, on his knees looking sick as Gosalyn is consoling him. Apparently; the dish names make him sick. Herb claims that he didn't know what to make of Morgana; but the meal changed his mind and he'll bestow the greatest honor of all time: his BBQ apron. The one with the pineapples on it. Herb puts it on Morgana as everyone cheers and Morgan feels honored.

In fact; Herb will tell everyone on his Quackerware route that her restaurant is awesome and better than Hamburger Hippo. Morgan then turns around and notices Drake trying to throw a plate of Nasty's food in the trash; which Drake then puts on the ground, pushes it away with his foot and stammers like an idiot. Does the order of events really matter? Morgana puts on the Gruffi pose and claims that Drake is being dishonest about her food. I wish Grubby would have the same forethought whenever Teddy shows how much he doesn't like Grubby's Root Stew. Drake of course stammers like an idiot and Morgana feels crushed now. Yeah Drake; the very thing you are trying to prevent just happened because you are an idiot who doesn't like anything abnormal. He was scared that her feelings might have been hurt and she hugs him and forgives him while everyone cheers. WHAT THE HELL?! You are going to tell me that she bought that crap?! There goes Morgana's creditability as a strong babyface right there. If I were Morgana; I would get more pissed off and say "You hurt my feeling by acting like you know me when you don't!" and zap Drake with a thunderbolt for good measure. The cheering part is perfectly fine and they can leave that one in. There goes the perfect episode right there folks. Morgana proclaims that nothing can go wrong tonight as we segue to an alleyway as we get a FPS shot of Negaduck reading the newspaper as apparently he discovers that the Cute Little Lost Bunnies are attending the Shadow Chateau tonight. Negaduck lowers the paper and claims that he'll be there to MURDER those cute bunnies. Because he hates cute and cuddly creatures. He laughs badly...

...and we do the clock scene changer to Morgana's house as a white limo pulls up in front of it. The door opens and out comes a pig in a blue suit, pants, and a gray hat. He goes to the gate and it opens with a creak. He steps in as there is thunderbolts and it rains. This guy blows off the rain; and I'm guessing that it's Mr. Mikey; the food critic who hates everything. The problem is when Eek & Squeak fly in and give him an umbrella; he praises them and writes it in his notes; killing the "hate everything" gimmick right out of the starting gate. So we head inside the dining room as the denizens of Saint Carnard (probably everyone on Herb's Quackerware route) are seated in chairs as Herb proclaims that the food is a killer. Drake sulks at a table with the GANG OF GAG as he proclaims that this is what he is afraid of. Then Launchpad notices Mr. Mikey coming into the door as Drake panics because Mr. Mikey hates everything. Wouldn't it hurt to cut out the umbrella scene out so that we can at least wait until he tastes the food so that it builds some suspense and makes us wonder if Drake is right; or just hating on Morgana?! Mr. Mikey allows Eek & Squeak to take his order and yes; he fully understands the squeaking of the bats on recommended food items and he blows off the spider soup because it gives him acid reflux/heartburn. That's hardly a sense of hate; that's just someone who has problems digesting spiders. He orders two items; one of them we saw in Monsters R'Us I do believe. Drake then decides to cozy up with Mr. Mikey and tries to bribe him with $50; then $100 and then $200. Yeah sure Drake; you are really trying to make Morgana look good. NOT!! Mikey slaps the money away and is insulted as he tries to leave stage left; but Morgana asks what is wrong. Mr. Mikey gleefully explains the charges of bribery on him by Drake and Morgana laughs it off claiming Drake is a kidder. Sadly; he's not kidding, he's REALLY STUPID. Why? Because Mr. Mikey demonstrated that he doesn't hate everything; otherwise, Eek & Squeak would have been blown off already.

Drake claims that he's kidding as Mr. Mikey sits down and before he can blow off anyone; Morgana offers him a free meal and he sells it anyway. Apparently; $200 is bribery; but a free meal is not. Then again; that is how video game reviews are bought off and paid for (except for Nintendo Power since that is already owned by Nintendo; so it's just brainwashing material). Drake sulks and we do a hurricane scene changer (the one used on weather maps) as we see Drake is sitting with the GANG OF GAG as Drake refuses to eat while Gosalyn and Launchpad eat. Gosalyn wants him to try the food out; but Drake no sells because someone needs to call the ambulance. I don't think that is going to be the problem Drake. More like you needing one when Morgana kicks your ass for being so much of a bigot at this point. Morgana watches Mr. Mikey eat and he tastes the food and he loves it and the place; calling the food unique and proclaims that she'll get a good review and shakes hands with Morgana. HAHA! Drake comes over and lies like a guy who has cheated on a dozen wives in his lifetime. Right down to the half embrace. And then the doors open and it's the Cute Little Lost Bunnies. HOLY CRAP! Two of the three bunnies look like baby versions of Buster and Babs Bunny. The Buster one even sounds like Charlie Adler (voice of Buster in Tiny Toons) for goodness sakes. Even Drake is flustered and Morgana is in SHOCK which at least explains WHY Morgana wants no part of it.

Morgana: Drake? The real reason I don't want them in this episode...IS BECAUSE WARNER BROTHERS IS GOING TO MOCK US IF THEY DON'T SUE US FIRST!
Drake: Come on Morgana! How much damage can two cute little bunnies do?
Morgana: {flustered} Why does TaleSpin not stoop to these levels of self-whining?

Probably because they are created by someone who doesn't have a personal grunge with Warner Brothers; nor an interest in being perverted for the sake of mockery. Too bad Jymn Magon wasn't the creator Eisner wanted and wanted demographics which meant lots of parodies of companies who were on the rise. It happened with Nintendo and the Wii and NES and it's happening here. Drake realizes that he forgot to cancel the bunnies and Morgana is PISSED off. I should note that the third bunny is a dark pink which was probably there to prevent anyone from noticing that Disney was mocking Tiny Toon Adventures. And really; after the FUD we saw from Cartoon Brew; is that really any surprise? Sparkles fly; the bunnies tackle Drake down and we zoom in to the window as Nega Duck pops up loving this. Now he gets to kill two birds with one stone. Don't you mean three bunnies and a dick?! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! POW! POW! POW! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! Ummmmm...Frankie The Ferret these bunnies are not. Nega Duck laughs and that ends the segment 12 minutes in. Good; but not great episode thus far...

After the commercial break; we have a center shot of the dining room as Drake is being distracted by Pink And Buster as Babs bounces in and introduces themselves to the diners. Sadly; her voice is the exact same as Busters (Charlie Adler) despite clearly looking like a female. So they killed the mockery that they were shooting for. What? Did Tress MacNeille rebel against this and I didn't know about it at the time? We discover that the two bunnies are Bunny Joy (blue) and Bunny Fun (red) as more dancing and sparkles abound. Now; I think the whole idea of Tiny Toon parodies are funny in hindsight, but if you are going to do a parody; make sure you use voice actors that fit the characters you are trying to parody. DX did a great job of this (most of all Jason Sensation's parody of Owen Hart which was dead on; minus the crooked nose. Jason's Owen: If anyone smells what the Rock is cooking; it's me. Just look how big my damn nose is!) with their parodies; so why can't an animation company with better writers do the same? The bunnies dance all around Mr. Mikey with flowers and sparkles and he's gravely offended as he blows off Morgana for lack of commitment and rips the paper and walks out. So we cut to the window and see Drake dressing up with a white shirt and putting on a dognose with glasses and mustache disguise. We then cut to the kitchen as Aunt Nasty is cooking on the stove. So Nega Inspector runs in and pushes Nasty out because he has some inspecting to do. So then we return as Drake is trying to get Bunny Hugs off of him. I'm guessing that's the name of the bunny because she has an iron like grip on Drake's leg. So Drake shakes Bunny Hugs off and wants it to hug a CACTUS JACK OF DOOM. Drake goes over to Morgana and I think we all know where this is going now. Morgana is PISSED and I betcha she starts going crazy and chases Drake with thunderbolt like almost every episode when Drake screws over Morgana. I check the video...Not quite; but I'll accept zapping Drake to soot.

So then we head back to the kitchen as Nega Inspector as a pot over a fire on a tray on a wheel table. He opens the pot and stuffs a blue squid in it. He claims he never leaves home without it as Nasty asks if he is done with the inspection and Nega Imposter wheels it to Nasty proclaiming that it's all hers. So we cut back to Drake (with no heat nor creditability left) and Morgana (with Gruffi pose) as Drake claims that it was an honest mistake. What was the "honest mistake"? Not canceling the bunnies; or your inability to let Morgana be Morgana. Bunny Fun hops in and gives Drake a flower because Flower Power~ always works. Ummm; maybe in your cartoon world Baby Babs; but not with Morgana. I betcha Drake gets MURDERED again by Morgana. I check the video...Damn; I'm good. And man that was cold; at least blow him off before zapping the flower Morgana. Zapping the flower alone just makes you look like a dick when you are totally justified in your rage. Aunt Nasty brings out the pot of stuff and open it as the squid lands on the table and scares the denizens sitting at said table; then bounces over to the scared bunnies who hold each other and grabs them with the tentacles and bounces out the front door without any further incident. Drake then blows off Morgana and basically decides to be honest and call her food not just rotten; but evil. See how easy that was Drake?! Enjoy the rest of your life as a normalist; you're lucky you got a Kaboom release. Drake grabs Launchpad and it's time to get ghoul lach so to speak. We head outside as Drake notices the fake dognose glasses on the ground and it's a clue to him.

Drake deduces that this is a conspiracy plot to use the bunnies to take over the world and then he cuts a full of himself promo in the process. Well sort of in this case. Drake wants Launchpad to go to 20th Centuary Duck Studio and talk to the make up artists while Drake goes to Cute As A Button Studios. In Drake's mind; someone is trying to make the bunnies look bad. As if the mockery of Tiny Toons wasn't enough to make them look bad. The foods' a foot as both adults scatter and we return to the dining room as Gosalyn asks Morgana about the food and Morgana is certain that it's sabotaged. Although there is creditability on the cobra cutlets; but not the ghoulach. Gosalyn ponders over who would be evil enough to kidnap cute bunny rabbits and both deduce that it's NegaDuck. Gosalyn wants to save them from being murdered but Morgana thinks that Nega Duck will brainwash them into his line of thinking. Nice non verbal cue from Morgana which indicates that she thinks Gosalyn could suffer if she comes along; so she tells Gosalyn to stay behind and help with the cleanup as she leaves and Eek & Squeak come out with a bucket and mop. Gosalyn is not amused which is basically the same feeling I get every time someone claims that non-verbal cues are evil and makes kids change channels. Pretty shows a lack of trust doesn't it?! So we head to a movie studio (It must be the Cute As A Button studio because it makes perfect irony) as we see a number of personnel tied up and gagged on the floor inside. We pan over to Nega Duck blowing off the bunnies as we see a war scene as the bunnies are in the bunker in Rambo gear. See; NegaDuck has renamed them the Metaloid Skull Bunny Warriors (Why wasn't that Ace Bunny's title in Loonatics?) and he wants them to corrupt the youth of Saint Carnard. Jack Thompson would have a field day explaining this scene as justification for suing video game companies into oblivion; but he's disbarred now so there you go.

Bunny Fun claims that Standards & Practices would never allow them to wear such outfits. FINALLY! Someone admits on a Disney show that BS&P exists and is out to ruin our fun. This only serves to make Drake look even more stupid than he already is. So Negaduck gets pissed off and Bunny Hugs hugs his leg and he could use a friend. Aw! That bunny is so gonna die. Neggy's reaction is priceless as he shakes it into the other bunnies and blows them off. Neggy wants them to grit their teeth and growl. That fails as quickly as my sex life; so Nega screams at them and they get buried in dust. He threatens to kill them with hand grenades if they don't attack him with his eyes closed and after the count of three. He gets to two and then gets zapped in the ass by Morgana. HA! Morgana does the grand speech and takes too long to deliver the thunder spark finger as she gets squashed into the door by Drake. No male on female contact? What no male on female contact? Then he notices Morgana near the door and that's a no-no Drake. Neggy decides to play BS&P the hard way as he opens the crate and out comes the hounds from hell. Hilarious animation mistake: The crate opens and there is only eyes at first before the dogs are shown in full a few frames later. The problem is the crate is not shadowed at all; thus we see the dogs form as if we see them on the storyboard. The dogs run towards Drake as Drake stammers like an idiot and realizes that he has no dog biscuits left. That ends the segment sixteen and a half minutes in. I don't think you can corrupt those bunnies; they are already corrupted. How do I know? They mention Standards & Practices; that's how I know...

After the commercial break; we head to outside on the pavement as Drake and Morgana are tied down on the ground by stakes. It also appears Drake's left hand is touching Morgana's hips too as Nega Duck claims that he has a diablotical trap which involves a steamroller with buzz saw in front. For a guy who is supposed to be a bad ass you would think that he wouldn't use something out of the Dudley Doo-Right playbook and mix Ducktales death traps in it too. Nega returns to the set to corrupt the incorruptible as Morgan struggles to get free; but no dice. Drake apologizes for blaming her food on everything and Morgana pretty much agrees with him. HAHA! Drake blows him off for making him feel guilt over nothing as we get the machine closing in on the babyfaces; but it stops about a foot away from flattening and cutting them in pieces because Eek & Squeak pulled the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and stopped the device. We then see Gosalyn on top of it and is glad she doesn't like cleaning thus they should be lucky for it. So we cut back in the bunker scene as the bunnies do the worst growling this side of Rebecca Cunningham from Pizza Pie In The Sky. Nega Duck is pissed off as he calls their acting like three bars of soap. Bunny Fun offers him a flower to relieve his blood pressure and Neggy blows him off as the fire is in his eyes. He brings out the spike club and the cloud of smoke and he appears; yadda, yadda, yadda at 17:54...

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the editor who cuts your scene.

Drake appears with Morgana in her arms as he swings like Tarzan (how sad that Morgana has to play JANE in this scene?) and swoops down. He introduces Morgana and then drops her like a bad habit. What an idiot?! The bunnies flee as Drake brings out the gas gun ready to make Neggy suck gas but the bunnies drop Drake on his back because he pointed a gun. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's obvious now that this is the BS&P protest show as Bunny Hugs wants to hug Drake. And unintentionally impale him with the hook; which I was hoping was on purpose. So Drake does the "make you look" spot involving sour faced children and the bunnies all run outside and Drake bars the door. Morgana has the Gruffi pose on for no reason. Nega Duck for kidnapping the bunnies or Drake for having to lie to the bunnies. So Nega Duck whistles and out from the overturned car is those damn dogs again. Why didn't these two become twins and star in a Disney Feature Film since they appeared so many times on these DTVA shows as it is. Which one is Gunner and which one is Murphy?! SUCKS!! Neggy proclaims that he isn't holding back. Wait; so tying them to the ground and having them run over by a steamroller/buzz saw tank was "holding back"?! Drake runs in and grabs one of the dogs by the ear and demands Morgana to zap him into a monster. Morgana zaps him proclaiming that he's a fire breathing dragon....and Drake turns into a purple bunny rabbit. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You think by now that Drake realizes that this happens every time with Morgana and it's time for a new plan that doesn't involve magic?! But he doesn't because he's REALLY STUPID! Drake demands that she zap him back; so Morgana goes through her book of spells. HAHA! Come on; you seriously think Morgana doesn't know how to revert Drake back to normal now, do we?

So the hounds tackle Drake and we have the FCC FRIENDLY DUSTCLOUD FIGHT OF DEATH because somehow we need Drake to make the babyface comeback (with no heat I might add) as we do the Bugs Bunny spot. It's official; this episode was designed as FUD on Warner Brothers. It fails like all attempts at WB mockery. Even TaleSpin couldn't pull it off; so why bother?! Wabbit Drake pops up and demands the dogs to be zapped and Morgana blows him off for being bossy; and then zaps the dogs and turns them into worms. The worms bail slowly like scalded dog (and sound like them too) as Morgana has time to flip through revert spells. Neggy blows them off as cowards and bring out the blue attack squid who doesn't need to be corrupted because he's just plain evil and bad ass to begin with. He bounces in with a spike club, hammer and ax as Morgana continues to flip through the book while Wabbit Drake hangs all over her. Then in comes Gosalyn being flown by Eek & Squeak and it's time to suck spiderwebs as she uses Archie and ties up the squid with spider webs and hangs him from the catwalk. So then Morgana finally finds the counter spells section of the book and zaps Wabbit Drake back to normal. Damn; I wanted to see her turn him into a parody of the WB frog; just to complete the stupid mockery. Nega duck bails as Morgana finds this odd. Drake cuts another full of himself promo and then the wall breaks and we have the Nega Blaster which is basically a really crappy Gobot combined with a sand buggy. Yeah; this is the finish of Negaducks' final pre-Kaboom appearance; deal with it. Morgana tells him to suck spells; but the red laser bounces off the side spike shields of the robot and Morgana gets zapped and turned into a red slug. Irony is such a fickle muse isn't it Morgana?

Morgana slowly bails stage left as Gosalyn tries to use the Archie bola while cutting a much better Warriors promo than Huey Duck from Feats of Clay. Nega Duck counters with the tennis racket which considering his character is completely out of character for him. Isn't tennis cute and cuddly?! Gosalyn gets tied up and hung from the ceiling like squid as Drake tries to get back up as Nega Duck proclaims that he's going to be so flat; he'll look up to tie his shoelaces. Despite the fact that he wears no shoes Nega Duck. So Neggy decides to tell him that Morgana is a slug as Drake glances over looking for counter spells. Drake then brings out the out of nowhere wrench and unscrews all the nuts and bolts on the Nega Blaster and it crumbles to the ground. Who does Drake think he is; Supermouse Monty?! Drake wipes his hands clean and cuts another full of himself promo as he embraces Morgana and claims that he accepts her for what she is; provided it's not a slug. Okay; this sounds slightly better than before as Launchpad runs in to inform Drake that he has a book with an autograph from Clint Beakwood. Drake does the Gruffi pose as LP asks if he missed anything and Drake cuts another full of himself promo; which Launchpad proclaims that he didn't miss a damn thing and reads the book. HAHA! Drake is so not amused and that's his problem, not mine nor LP's. He's flustered and I don't give a damn. So we head to the dining room of the Shadow Chateau as the GANG OF GAG, Morgana, Globby and the adult Muddlefoots are at the table. Herb asks where Drake is and Morgana claims that he's somewhere here as Aunt Nasty comes out with a platter under a silver dome. If you cannot guess who is inside the dome on the platter; you have no business reading this rant. Damn; I'm so good as Drake has an apple in his mouth and he spits it out and proclaims that he cannot eat them; so he'll join them. Oooookkkkaaaayyyyyy. That ends the episode at 21:07. Well; for a BS&P/WB protest show; it is really good, but as an episode, not so much. This is more of a Cleveland Notes version of a Morgana focused episode; but it is difficult to take the writers seriously about Drake not accepting Morgana when Drake many times in this season supported Morgana over her own kind! This is probably the worst Morgana focused episode; at *** 1/2 (70%). This was a disappointment because the whole slice of life combined with the Halloween factor sounded great on paper and may have been great in practice; but the focus on acceptance was seemly tacked on.


Well; this final appearance for Morgana and Nega Duck wasn't a disaster; but it was a disappointment. Mostly for three reasons:

[1.] The "He Doesn't Accept Me" plot with Morgana and Drake was contrived. I'm sorry; but after two episodes of Drake taking Morgana's side against Moloculo, Aunt Nasty and Cousin Globby's vision of normals; it's hard to take this all seriously. Drake's entire "I must bring the cute rabbits to offset the creepy decor" is pointless and it only served to make Morgana look like a thin skinned witch and make Drake look like a dick. This plot thread was not needed. When Morgana wasn't getting on Drake's case; she was awesome as she usually was. If you need to zap Drake; let Aunt Nasty do it. Or bring in Moloculo and where was he anyway? Although you could say the same for Tank and Honker. I haven't seen either one since Steerminator.

[2.] The whole mockery of Warner Brothers and Tiny Toon Adventures would have been a lot funnier if Michael Eisner didn't have a personal grunge against WB for rising up like a phoenix and overtaking television animation with Batman and Tiny Toons dominating Disney's offerings. And if WB was mocking them first. On it's own; it's really funny though; and bringing BS&P into the lexicon certainly makes it semi-historic. However; it did nothing in the ratings and considering what Goof Troop and Little Mermaid were to follow; it seemed like desperation on Disney's part. They were trying to FUD WB; instead of getting the shows over on their own merits. I think TaleSpin; the filler show, avoided this for the most part, minus the Destiny Rides Again sequence with El Gato. Nevertheless I liked Bunny Hugs on hugging legs; it was cute.

[3.] Another episode with the same stock dogs NegaDuck used. This is laziness and overuse of a character design that is past the due date at this point. Despite that; they continued to show up in other shows. Plus; the whole finish was lame as Drake beats NegaDuck with a wrench and then becomes the pig for Aunt Nasty in the ending which I saw coming a mile away because that is Aunt Nasty's gimmick which is to cook Drake every chance she gets.

Otherwise; this was a good episode with only a few logic breaks and mistakes from Hanho Heung Up (although the crate opening spot was hilariously crappy.). Gosalyn and LP were themselves and the story concept was neat and really; who didn't want Nega Duck to murder some bunny rabbits on camera after corrupting them for the evil purpose of poisoning America's children?! It made for some fine television; but those three problems weighed heavily on the rating; so it was a disappointment since I was expecting a classic ***** episode; and I ended up getting the Cleveland Notes edition. So there is only two episodes left and next up is Mutantacy on The Bouncy and then we end the series with Extinct Possibility. So....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you all next time!


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