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Pictures that can kill!

Kit Cloudkicker Images

These are just a few screen grabs that I just found. More will be uploaded later. (Please note that all images are copyright 1990/1991 by the Walt Disney Company and are used without premission. The creator of this webpage has made sure that no money was made from the creation of this page and that all material, character's names and captions are used with the upmost affection and respect to the Walt Disney Company and the Tale Spin team.)

(53rd Update: 05/15/2009... Webpage moved to 50 Webs. All Screen Grabs moved along with corrections made........ )

Plunder and Lightning Part One (Animation provided by Walt Disney Animation France S.A.)


Kitdon1.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker evading Don Karnage's sword at Louie's. (Editor's Note: I swear that there is a 
glitch in the animation because it looks like when Kit raises his legs in order to evade Karnage's sword; his left 
foot seemly connects with Don Karnage's chin and Karnage doesn't even feel it. Superbeing!)
Dandy.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker flying the Seaduck. "....You'll be a regular ace!" 
Kit1.jpg - Kit is hung upside down. The artwork and animation are unsurpassed here. 
Kitdon2.jpg - Kit hung upside down and Don Karnage thinks he got Kit right where he wants him.
Kitdon3.jpg - Another angle of the same sence; when Baloo spots the trio from the bushes.


Plunder and Lightning Part Two (Animation by: Walt Disney Animation France S.A.)


Slick.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker dodging bullets with his airboard. Even if he 
doesn't like to test its strength. 
Fly-high.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker cloudsurfing on his airboard.
kit5.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker cloudsurfing and holding Molly's icecream.

Plunder and Lightning Part Three (Animation by Walt Disney Japan/Hanho Heung-Up Co. Ltd.)


Cartogfr.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker is charting a very important point for the Seaduck using his dividers.


Plunder and Lightning Part Four (Animation by Sun Woo Animation)


stone6.jpg- Kit watches Don Karnage get shocked by an unstable stone.


Stormy Weather (Animation provided by Walt Disney Animation Japan/ Hanho Heung-Up Co. Ltd.)


Kitstorm.jpg - Kit surfing on golden clouds. It is his favorite way to pass the time.
Kitfoil.jpg - Kit looking very proud of himself; after landing the "Cloudkicker Surf to Doom" stunt.
CaptKit1.jpg - Kit zooming through a cloud in his cool, blue uniform. He is preforming at an Air Circus.
CaptKit2.jpg - Kit holding the tow rope with his foot. This is one of his favorite "Show off" moves.
Kitsad2.jpg - Kit crying after an arguement with Baloo over his dangerous stunts. Kit is a very stubborn boy.
Kitstrm2.jpg- This is one of the best sences in this episode. Kit on his airfoil looking very worried.
Kitstrm3.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker surfing on clouds in the bright blue yonder.....
Kitstrm4.jpg- Daring Dan Dawson shows his ture colors and cuts Kit's safety belt.
Kitstrm5.jpg- Daring Dan Dawson having a long talk with his stuntman or stuntboy: Kit Cloudkicker.
Kitstrm6.jpg- Kit on his airboard trying to grab the tow-rope. 
Kitstrm7.jpg- Kit pointing the location on a map to Baloo. 
Kitstrm8.jpg- Kit and Baloo giving each other a hug... If this doesn't prove the heart of TaleSpin; nothing will. 

It Came from Beneath the SeaDuck (Animation provided by Hanho Heung-Up Co. Ltd.)


Kitmolly.jpg - Kit on all fours; Molly is on top of him playing cowgirl. That is so sweet!
Kitmoly2.jpg - Kit looking shocked that Rebecca would ask for forgiveness. Rebecca is hugging Molly.
Kitmoly3.jpg - Molly asking Kit if he would hit his head between the chairs for her again.
Kitmoly4.jpg - Kit frowning at Molly. "Ah, no....". Note that he actually cracks a smile afterwards.
Kitmoly5.jpg - Sit back and relax and see Kit Cloudkicker save Molly with his airfoil.
Kitmoly6.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker opening his airfoil with Molly holding on to him. 
Kitmoly7.jpg - Now you've done it Kit! You've made Rebecca mad now!
Kitmoly8.jpg - "Hold her steady Baloo; I'm going out!"


The Time Bandit (Animation by Walt Disney Animation France S.A.)


Kitplne.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker looking outside the plane and looking very cute. (on the outside of course!)


I Only Have Ice For You (Animation by Walt Disney Animation Japan)


Kitgaze.jpg - Kit looking up at the roof of the dungeon. Water drops are about to rain down on his head soon.
Kitgaze2.jpg - A promotional picture showing Baloo, Rebecca and Kit Cloudkicker; Baloo's hand is full of jam.
Kitgaze3.jpg - "Hey; I can fly the plane!". Talk about Kit taking advantage of a situation.
Kitgaze3.gif - "Going nowhere fast?" Another picture of Kit, Rebecca and Baloo.
Kitgaze4.jpg - "How did you get stuck in that rope?". Rebecca and Kit see poor Baloo hanging around.
Chums.jpg - "You did it Miss Cunningham!" Kit hugs Rebecca Cunningham. 
Totheend.jpg - Baloo is hugging his navigator Kit Cloudkicker. Turly friends until the end..... 
Ice01.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker is pointing to something down below the SeaDuck
Ice02.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker is looking worried
Ice03.jpg -  Another image of Kit looking worried
Ice04.jpg - Baloo giving his best buddy Kit a good nudge that makes Kit twitch a bit.
Ice05.jpg - Image of Kit Cloudkicker
Ice06.jpg - Image of Kit Cloudkicker in the brigg. 
Ice07.jpg - Kit replaces the candle with a cup to catch the raindrops. 
Ice08.jpg - Kit feeling pretty proud of himself. 
Ice09.jpg - Kit looking pretty worried right now. 
Ice10.jpg - A raindrop is about to hit Kit Cloudkicker's little head. 
Ice11.jpg- Rebecca Cunningham is showing her confidence to Baloo and Kit that she can fly the SeaDuck.
Additional Images


The Bigger They Are, The Louder They Oink (Animation by Wang Film Company Limited)


Kitoink1.jpg - Kit gives Rebecca a little advice on how to deal with an 
"out-of-control" pig. Check out Rebecca's perm because it isn't pretty by 
any means.
Kitoink2.jpg - "Now that's putting your money where your mouth is!"
Kitoink3.jpg - Kit is tired after trying to control that ugly pig again. 
Kitoink4.jpg - Kit thinking that Baloo would never fool the pygmites with 
that costume.


Gurel and Unusal Punishment (Animation by Walt Disney Japan/Tama Productions)


Kitgru1.gif - Kit Cloudkicker holding a large mirror; while Baloo admires 
himself in his old suit.
Kitgru2.gif - Kit Cloudkicker looking on as Baloo takes out his very old 


Polly Wants A Teasure (Animation by Sun Woo Animation Inc.)


Kitick1.jpg - Kit is so tickish! Kit is getting a good old-fashioned tickling........ (The only thing he cannot stand!)
Kitick2.jpg - Kit is in trouble again!
Cldkckr1.gif - A collection of screenshots from the episode.
tt01.jpg- Kit looking at the caged parrot Ignatz.
tt03.jpg- Ignatz has found a good nesting place on Kit's head.
tt04.jpg- Ignatz at Higher for Hire.
tt11.jpg- Kit and Ignatz cloudsurfing; searching for the teasure.
tt12.jpg- Kit held by Don Karnage while Ignatz tries to escape.
tt13.jpg- Kit is planted againest the tree by Don Karnage.
tt17.jpg- Kit and Baloo hugging each other.... Do you like broken 'VHS tapes'? (Get the joke?).


Vowel Play (Animation by Walt Disney Animation Japan/Tama Animation Productions)


Gloating.jpg - Kit is gloating over his new look airffoil.


The Incrediable Shrinking Molly (Animation by Disney France S.A./ Disney Animation UK Ltd.)


Kitshin1.jpg- Kit and Baloo looking very worried about Molly. 


Time Waits For No Bear (Animation by Walt Disney Animation Japan)


Kitwait1.jpg - Kit is very angry about how that elephant was treating his 
friend Baloo.
Dapper.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker wearing a gangster suit.


Bullethead Baloo (Animation by Walt Disney Animation Japan)


Capnkit2.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker wearing a white scarf and goggles and trying
 to impress the Jungle Aces with his handsome smile.
Kitbull1.jpg - A collection of screenshots from the episode.


The Idol Rich (Animation by Sun Woo Animation Inc.)


Kitidol1.jpg- Kit is ticked off after the Street Pirates gave Kit a black
 eye and smashed his airboard.
Airwaves.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker is copying Col. Spigot's voice. Almost to 
ir02.jpg - Kit: "Well; come on Big Mouth!".
ir04.jpg - Kit looking sly with that black eye.
ir06.jpg - Kit trying to swing across.
ir07.jpg - Kit trying to fit through the cage.
ir13.jpg - Kit pulls the rugs from underneath Baloo.
ir15.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker sitting on Baloo's chest proclaiming victory.
kitidol00.JPG - Kit Cloudkicker with the black eye.
kitidol01.JPG - Kit Cloudkicker with the black eye from another angle.


Waiders of The Wost Tweasure (Animation By Wang Films Co. Ltd.)


Kitteas1.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker evesdropping on Airplane Jane and Princess (soon to be Queen) Gwace.


A Touch of Glass (Animation by Sun Woo Animation Inc.)


Kitad.jpg - A Higher for Hire ad featuring Kit Clooudkicker, Baloo Bear and Rebecca Cunningham.


Louie's Last Stand (Animation by Sun Woo Animation Inc.)


Discus.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker throwing his airboard like he was in a discus competition. He is a track and field star at Cape Suzette school.


Flight School Confidential (Animation by Sun Woo Animation Inc.)


Kit03.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker is currently talking to Bobbo; a very plump 
Thembrian kid.
Kit04.jpg - Kit is standing at attention waiting for Col. Spigot to measure 
Kit05.jpg - Kit is starting the get supicious about this flight school at
Kit06.jpg - Kit gathering the troops stating that they have been duped.
Kit07.jpg - Kit is way over his head now. Screenshot sezs so!
Kit08.jpg - "No Baloo; you did it!"
Kit09.jpg - "Pick up the mike; Little Britches."

Jolly Molly Christmas (Animation by Wang Films Inc.)


Kit01.jpg - Kit looked worried as a thunderstorm claps on Christmas Eve.
Kit02.jpg - Snowflakes are beginning to fall on Kit Cloudkicker's head.

Molly Coddled (Animation by Sun Woo Animation Inc.)


Kitcod1.jpg - Kit picks up some garbage off the SeaDuck.
Kitcod2.jpg - Kit and Molly looking a bit annoyed.
Kitcod3.jpg - Kit giving Baloo a good lecture.
Kitcod4.jpg - Closeup of Kit's expression of seriousness.

Mommy for a Day (Animation by Walt Disney Animation Japan)


ankara1.jpg - Kit and Molly are currently riding on Henry the 10 foot Ankara.
kit9.jpg - Sit back; relax and watch Kit Cloudkicker save Molly's pigtails..
kitmom00.JPG - Kit Cloudkicker shows bad attitude towards the Yenkara.
kitmom01.JPG - Kit Cloudkicker's on the telephone.
kitmom02.JPG - Kit talking to someone else while on the telephone.
kitmom03.JPG - Kit falls flat on his face after a rough landing.
kitmom04.JPG - "Some Cloudsurfer you are!"
kitmom06.JPG - "What was that?"
kitmom07.JPG - Mr. MacKnee VS. Kit Cloudkicker.


Destiny Rides Again (Animation by Sun Woo Animation)


artifct5a.jpg - Kit is looking at the cursed idol.


WhistleStop Jackson, Legend (Animation by Sun Woo Animation)


jackson6.jpg - A picture of Kit with Baloo, Rebecca aand WhistleStop Jackson.


Captains Outrageous (Animation by Walt Disney Animation Japan/Hanho-Heung Up Co. Ltd.)


wildcat5.jpg- Wildcat working on what Oscar and Kit believe is a secret Anti-Pirate Weapon.


Pizza Pie in the Sky (Animation by Walt Disney France S.A.)


Kitpizza00.jpg- "What is that funky smell?!" Okay; he didn't really say that
but that smell is overwhelming.
Kitpizza01.jpg- Kit has a block of ice on his head and a smell is 
overwhelming him inside an active volcano. You cannot get more original 
than that.
Kitwhat00.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker talks to someone doing hand motions.
Kitwhat01.jpg- Same sence....Slightly different pose.


Other Images that I don't know which episode they come from......


Kitwhat02.JPG - Kit is looking at the control Panel.
Kitwhat03.JPG - Kit kneeling down on the chair of the SeaDuck.
Kitwhat04.JPG - Kit is now sitting down on the chair.
Kitwhat05.JPG - Kit is shrugging his shoulders.
Kitwhat06.JPG - Don't you think Baloo handling Kit badly here?

Disney Artwork (Stills)


ts2.jpg - Kit and Baloo playing a game of catch. Beautiful artwork and emotion here.  
ts4.jpg - Kit with his arms folded. Baloo with a thumbs-up and whinking. "Best friends; Yes we are!"
Kitfly.jpg - Scan of one of two Tale Spin coloring books. Kit is cloudsurfing in the foreground while the Air Pirates 
are in the background.
Kit.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker surfing on a red version of his airfoil. The artwork is excellent in this one.
Cldsurf1.jpg- Scan of a page from a coloring book. Kit Cloudkicker surfing the clouds. B&W.
Cldsurf2.jpg- Scan of a page from a coloring book. Kit showing his cocky side when cloudsurfing. B&W.
The following are scans from a Latvin TaleSpin storybook; scanned by Denis V. Sidorov:
Kitbook1.jpg- Scan of a page from a book. Kit, Molly, Rebecca and Baloo walking from the plane on an ice flow.
Kitbook2.jpg- Scan of a page from a book. Kit, Molly and Wildcat looking very happy about something.
Kitbook3.jpg- Scan of a page from the Latvin TaleSpin storybook. Kit and Baloo inside the Sea Duck.
Kitbook4.jpg- Scan of a page from the Latvin TaleSpin storybook. Kit Cloudkicker writing something down on a
Kitbook5.jpg- Scan of a page from the Latvin TaleSpin storybook. Kit with a pair of glasses; ready for action.
Kitb10.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker running looking worried.
Kitb6.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker surfing on a yellow airfoil dodging a ring.
Kitb7.jpg - Kit and Baloo really look angry.
Kitb8.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker Image.
Book Disclaimer - (c)"Egmont Russia"; a series of the books "Classics of Disney". Scanned by Denis V. Sidorov
The following images were scanned from a 5-cent Russian coloring book from Denis V. Sidorov:
Disclaimer: (C) Den Publishing, 1992. Images based on drawings by artist A. Emelianov
KitVHS1.jpg- Scan of the cover box for Tale Spin's "Teasure Trap". Kit is waving hello to all of his fans.
KitVHS2.jpg- Scan of the cover box for Tale Spin's "That's Show Biz!". Kit, Baloo and Louie whooping it up.
c1.jpg - Scan of the cover box for the Russian PAL version of TaleSpin's "Daredevil Bears"
First01.jpg - Scan of an early picture of Tale Spin (Circa 1988). Note all the changes compared to now. Kit 
Cloudkicker actually wearing pants and surfing on an oval airboard. How much has changed since Disney approved
the project back in 1988.
Inplane.jpg - Scan of an early picture of Tale Spin (Circa 1988). You may notice that Baloo is fat in this pic. 
Kit is currently flying the plane.
Kitfire.jpg - Scan of an early picture of Tale Spin (Circa 1988). Kit is firing a cannon at the Iron Vulture which has 
huge sails. The Iron Vulture was known as "The Sky Shark" before the project was approved. Notice Kit's face:
Could there be a second premise in Tale Spin that Disney would never allow? You decide. 
Concept.gif - Here a scan of the TaleSpin characters (Circa 1988). Notice the changes in Rebecca, Molly,  and
Kit. Kit looks like the youngest in that group of characters and is wearing pants. Rebecca looks even more human 
than usual and Molly is older. Notice the other Disney Afternoon characters are the same as they should be in and
around the characters.
promo1.JPG - Here is a scan of a picture from the Fall 1993 edition of KIDS magazine. Here is Baloo, Louie and Kit
Cloudkicker looking at a red teasure box. This is believed to be either a promotional picture or a sence from a 
TaleSpin episode that wasn't played! (This picture was scanned by me using my Canon CanoScan FB320P  
scanner.) Sorry about the poor job that I did; it was on two seperate pages.
Poster_1.jpg - A picture of Kit Cloudkicker piloting a plane. This is one piece of Disney artwork that I haven't 
found yet.
Poster_2.jpg - A picture of Kit Cloudkicker cloudsurfing.
Coloring_2.gif - A B&W artwork of Kit Cloudkicker playing catch.
Connect_dots_3.gif - Kit Cloudkicker connect the dots B&W picture.
Wallpaper_2.gif - Kit Cloudkicker wallpaper.
Togreg.jpg - This picture is a tribute to the Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage reaching the 10,000 hit mark!
Hereslooking.jpg - This is a college of screengrabs of Kit Cloudkicker in tribute to the Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker
Homepage's second birthday.

TaleSpinV1.jpg- The Official Artwork for the new TaleSpin DVD Set Volume 1..Now available

tsmenu.jpg- Main Menu screen from TaleSpin DVD Volume 1 (Disc 1). Kit looks crosseyed for some reason.

tsmenu1.jpg- Main Menu screen from TaleSpin DVD Volume 1 (Disc 3). Disney's still using that wimpy pose for Rebecca.

tsmenu2.jpg- Episode Selection screen from TaleSpin DVD Volume 1 (Disc 2). Pretty clever...

TaleSpin Ads

cdad.jpg - An ad for the Disney Afternoon soundtrrack. Notice how Kit is drawn in this scan.....Hmmmmm...


Kit Cloudkicker Products


Kitfig.jpg- Playmates' Kit Cloudkicker figure.
Kairfoil.jpg- PVC Kit Cloudkicker figure.
Kbbutton.jpg- A pin button of Kit Cloudkicker and Baloo Bear. (I do collect
 pin buttons!)
Kit-mac.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker holding a box. This is from a box of mac-AIR-
roni and cheese from Carnation. Notice that Kit's airboard is purple.
Kitpass.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker small summary profile on the back of the Kit 
Playmates figure.
Kitplush.jpg- The Kit Cloudkicker Plush Doll. I wish I had that doll; so at
night, I could hug him and tickle him behind the ears.
Ts-cel.jpg - An animtion cell showing Kit and Baloo. From the episode: 
"From Here To Machinery". 
Kitiron.jpg - An iron-on patch 2X2" of Kit Cloudkicker.
Kits.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker picture of MacDonalds' die-cast airplanes.

Disney Adventures (Comic Books)


Kitcomic.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker wearing a fur coat and looking a bit worried.
Kitcomi1.jpg - Kit holding his hand up and saying "No thanks". Note that's
Kit's hand on the bottom right; not a tickling feather. 
Kitcomi2.jpg - Kit laying down the law on Col. Spigot. Now that's putting on
 a tough act!
Kitcomi3.jpg - Kit wearing Don Karnage's outfit and laughing. I told you it 
was too big for him!
Kitcomi4.jpg - Kit looking in awe along with WildCat.
Kitcomi5.jpg - Kit reading a book with Molly standing beside him wearing her
 Danger Woman outfit.
Kitcomi6.jpg - Other close up of Kit Cloudkicker.
Kitcomi7.jpg - A frog-like lizard serves some sort of drink for Kit 
Kitcomi8.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker wearing a green suit and boots. Not what you
 expect from a simple lad!
Kitcomi9.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker looking at the night light.
Kitcomic.gif - A picture of Kit Cloudkicker on the cover of Part Two of the
 Origin comic.
Kitcomi2.gif - Another closeup look at Kit Cloudkicker.
Kitcomi3.gif - Scan of the cover issue of Tale Spin#1. Kit is saving a tied-
up Rebecca Cunningham.
Kitcomi4.gif - Scan of the cover issue of Tale Spin#7. Kit and Molly have 
discovered a teasure and Kit shows a part of his past that you may never 
have heard of before.
Kitclose.jpg - A closeup of the cover of Part Two of the Origin comic. It is
 in low-res so it does look a bit pixalized. This was enlarged by my good 
buddy Kit. (It's ture)
Kitcom10.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker, Baloo and WildCat in their warm coats.
Kit-green.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker surfing on a green airboard holding 
something in his left hand. I told you he's left-handed.
Kit-yell.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker surfing on a yellow airboard holding a record
kitandkarny.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker and Don Karnage look to be friends again.
(Only in Ted's mind).
meankit.jpg- Time for Mad Dog to walk the plank.
kitflying.jpg- Another chance for Kit Cloudkicker to fly the plane.
Comic "Night Out of The Town"
Kitstudying.jpg- Kit is studying a flight book with Molly asleep beside him.
Kitcookin.jpg- Kit smells a idea that he's about to cook up.
Sneakykit.jpg- Kit puts his plan into action.
Sorrykit.jpg- Baloo chewing off Kit while Kit is completely disoriented.
Sorrykit2.jpg- Baloo giving Kit his own mind. (Like Kit will learn from this)

Special Thanks to Jamie Chan and Debbie Madden for scanning these screen images from the comics......


Kit Cloudkicker at Disneyland/DisneyWorld


kitwlk1.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker wants a big hug from someone.... He is a lonely
child indeed. 
kitwlk2.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker shaking hands with a huge Kit fan....

Special thanks to Beth Bohnert for finding these pictures and Richard Lowman who actually scanned them.

Non-Kit Cloudkicker Screen Images


Smtslogo.jpg - Small version of the Tale Spin logo. 
Ts-group.jpg - All the heroes of Tale Spin; Kit Cloudkicker, Molly 
Cunningham, Rebecca Cunningham, Louie Lamount, Baloo Bear and WildCat. 
Tslogo.jpg- Medium sized version of the Tale Spin logo.
Dagang.jpg- A picture of the main characters of the Disney Afternoon 
(Circa 1991): Duck Tales; Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers; The Adventures of 
the Gummi Bears; Darkwing Duck and Tale Spin. (Baloo; Kit Cloudkicker and 
Louie Lamount.) 
Molfall.jpg - Molly Cunningham in her Danger Women outfit!
Moll.jpg- Molly Cunningham sitting down in a plane.
Mollpap2.jpg- Molly has the ability to mess up an office within seconds.


Opening Sequence (Sences that didn't appear in the episodes of Tale Spin)


Kit1a.jpg - Kit surfing the clouds and looking very worried as Karnage is trying to spray Kit with gunfire.
airfoil1.jpg- Kit Cloudkicker running towards the back of the Sea Duck with his airfoil.
Odeo.jpg - Kit Cloudkicker calling out "Odeo"!

Kit starting to open his airboard.


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