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No; it is not if Molly gets to see Kit knock his head on the chairs for her again. Sorry Molly! HA  

Four Years of Cloudkicking


  "Kit.....Kit Cloudkicker.." - Kit, Plunder and Lightning "Plane for Keeps".


July 4th,1998 is usually the day where America celebrates the birth of a country. However; for me it was officially the birth of a new website. The birth of a TaleSpin website......However; this was no ordinary TaleSpin website by any means. (Although no TaleSpin website is 'ordinary'.) This is the very first website which pays homage and respect to Disney's #1 character. He is the cutest, most in-depth young man ever designed by Disney: Kit Cloudkicker. Yes; Disney's answer to drama and excitement from a character who didn't get much respect from Disney. I chose Kit Cloudkicker because I simply loved him as a character and also because there was no website that in fact focused on him. I always figured that there were as many people who loved Kit as there were many people who loved Don Karnage.

Amazing for a website created by a Canadian; this is the Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker's Homepage fourth birthday and so much has happened over the last year. More than even I could dream of or even realize. So; what have I been doing for the last year or so? The following projects have now been completed: I've finished the Aces of the Cape editorial "40 Useless Facts of TaleSpin" (which never made it due to problems but was posted on my website), the WildCat profile/editorial, an editorial called "Disney and Family Devalued" which was the replacement for "TaleSpin on the Mainstream", and a bonus editorial on my favorite episodes of TaleSpin. The fanfics stories have really hit a huge dent in the armor when it comes to completion; when the last state of Cloudkicking address was issued only one complete story was completed and that was the AeroStar's Introduction chapter "The Impact of War". Now the AeroStar story has a total of five completed stories including the one mentioned: Chapter One "The Wesdon Turns", Chapter Two "ON I Z Power", Chapter Three "The Nega Puppet" and Chapter Four "Zabone's for Thee" have now been officially completed. "Terror of TerraStone" is also officially completed; all five parts to it and I have to admit it was worth the effort despite the fact that this was the very first story that was in development for the last four years; one month before The Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage was first released. Those are the completed stories; and all would be posted if it wasn't for techninal diffculties which I will explain later in this editorial address. Other works include Chapter Five's "The Dorf Formally Known as Raven" is completed in story script and the dialogue has been converted to HTML. Part One of "Klangs of a Feather" has been completed in story script and the dialogue has been converted to HTML; also the introduction of the DreamFlyers Saga "The Gentlewoman" is also completed in story script and the dialogue has been converted to HTML. "Plunder Project J4306" hasn't made as much progress as the others but it is up to sence five now as I write this. I've finally started the story script on "Unforeseen Impact" Chapter four. I haven't been able to put together the events to Chapter three; however, I do know how this story ends so I have taken a risk in doing Chapter Four first and try to make progress on this story which has taken forever. Rebecca's Diary sadly has shown no progress at all for the second striaght year. Not to mention that very soon; I'll be adding four new stories to the plate: in AeroStars Chapter Six "Dragging the Sparna" and Chapter Seven "The Education of Miniversal"; and two storylines that were originally used for "Terror of TerraStone" deserved separate stories in their own right. The first story is about Kit's meeting with Oscar Vandersnoot; while the second story explains why.....I cannot tell it just yet; since it would ruin it. The Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage has reached 40,000 plus while the Kit Cloudkicker Guestbook has over 250 signatures.

However; there are changes on the horizon and most of them will limit the amount of time that I will have to write these productions. You see; reality has finally caught up to me as I have a chance to get a real life for a change. Even as I write this; I'm preparing for a job interview for tommorrow; and beyond that (starting on June 17th) I will be getting work experience at HRM. That means that I will be working 9 am- 4 pm every weekday and that will be during my usual work hours for this website. This will affect my work; but I'll find a routine that will allow me to continue my passion for this cartoon that does at times consume me. Despite the problems of mental illness that have plagued me to the point that I sometimes couldn't even function properly; I have been able to rise above it and become a useful person once again. Now; of course I still need to lose some weight and get my energy levels back up as I also have problems absorbing vitamin B12. The second problem has been a more recent problem; Chapter Four of Zabone For Thee; this editorial and Chapters Four and Five of Terror of TerraStone have yet to be posted because my web browsers won't let me and I'm no longer surprised since my computer is now five and a half years old now; and if I download a new browser from the Internet; it will screw up the old computer. My family as agreed that this computer is on its last legs and once I have settled down on my job or work experience (depending on what happens in the job interview); which shouldn't be too long, then a new computer will be bought for the family room while the old five year computer will be moved to my room. (It cannot be sold; and it still has enough power for what I need to do.) There's the update for that problem. I end this address with a hope for the future. I am very thankful for the people who have been able to keep the passion of TaleSpin alive for the last four years. I have seen people come and go; but there is no doubt that they still love TaleSpin. It still gives me a light-hearted trek through a world I proably never will understand. The recent cartoons in this world have gotten worse. While Digimon 3 was fine and really the only cartoon that was even worth watching and only because of Rika. Medabots just didn't work for me; except for Mr. Referee, which was the funniest adult character I have ever seen since Don Karnage. None of the new US cartoons had any appeal to me whatsoever (Team Surpemo is almost as bad as Recess for its rip-off of the Powerpuff Girls). Only TaleSpin has kept my spirits alive despite not being on TV and only in reruns once in a while. Kids have grown up too fast indeed; and prehaps also in a paradox state of mind not grown far enough to watch them with a critical thought. There will be a day when Disney realizes that it's in danger of appealing to no one. Pleasing everyone is impossible because there are people out there who think media is useless. You have a better of creating something with ture thought and heart and soul placed behind it then trying to pander to a group who needs to look at freedom in its ture form. I have said enough already; and I have a lot to do right now in preparing myself for the the most important task at hand: Getting a life.....or a real job.

I shall return......That's my opinion; I welcome yours. See you next time.

Its time to return home Kitboy.

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