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Editorial Index

The stuff Disney doesn't want you to know!

TaleSpin Editorials

Various TaleSpin Places!!- Here's a list of all the places in the TaleSpin world from the Television Series, the Comics and even various fanfics. UPDATED WHEN NEEDED!

The Impact It Has: Characterization - Alyson Terry's editorial on the impact of characterization on the show we all love. It is very long and well thought out. READ THIS ONE BEFORE ANY OTHER!!

Speaking Without Words: Setting - This editorial written by Alyson Terry talks about the importance of settings in the TaleSpin World.

TaleSpin Edits- This is an HTML file containing a huge compilation list of all the TaleSpin edits done by the Walt Disney Company. These are the sences (or just a sample of sences; as this file will be updated often.) that the Walt Disney Company doesn't want you to see. UPDATED WHEN NEEDED!!

Why Tale Spin?- I know that Darkwing Duck and Gargoyles are very popular animated series; so why would I pick the most underrated and one of the least popular productions ever created by Disney. This is the first Tale Spin editorial.

My Disney's Posse Didn't Do Their Homework!- Why did Tale Spin fail to attract the public? This editorial deals with one of the most dreaded words in the media. You may not like it; but you couldn't live without it. (A production that is!) I also give suggestions on how Disney should market their animated series by looking into the realm of Japanese anime.

The Burning Questions: 10 Things I would like to see in Tale Spin. If I were a Disney Producer and I was given the right to run the table on what I would love to see if Tale Spin did in fact run another season. Remember that this is just a sample of what some fans would love to see. Please note that some of this will appear in my fanfics whenever they are put on-line.

 The Mission Statement: I created this website for more than just because I love Kit Cloudkicker. I did it to send a message to other Tale Spin fans. UPDATED WHEN NEEDED!

Happy Birthday TaleSpin?: Kristof 's look of Tale Spin as Plunder and Lightning celebrates its eighth birthday. This editorial covers a theory that will make Tale Spin fans think twice about the original premise of Tale Spin and a series that was a combination of what Disney can do; and a major Disney mistake that some believe they haven't turely recovered from.

Christopher L. Stone: An Unsung Hero in Tale Spin. My focus is on the person who composed Tale Spin and the importance of music in an animated series. This is my show of thanks to Jeffrey Mika "Heron" (who is a big Christopher L. Stone fan) for sending me all that beautiful artwork for this website. UPDATED WHEN NEEDED!

Jymn Magon's Spin on Kit Cloudkicker and Tale Spin: Recently; Jymn Magon visited the Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage and gave me a bit of a teaser on how he modelled Kit Cloudkicker and some of the spirit that we know as Tale Spin. This is a follow-up to the Kit Cloudkicker Profile/Editorial.

Kit Cloudkicker: Young Jedi - Written by Dan Green. Dan talks about Kit Cloudkicker's relationship with Luke Skywalker. The relationships will surprise you.

Plunder and Lightning: A Jaw Dropper in More ways than One: Plunder and Lightning is still the greatest pilot episode that the Disney Company has ever produced. If only Disney didn't come and ruin it.... My editorial covers the importance of episode pilots and Disney's brutal attack on this pilot episode. Plus I'm sending a clear message to Disney officials......

Reading Between the Lines: Symbolism in TaleSpin - How important is the visual look of the characters or what they do? It tells an open-ended story about the characters that graze Cape Suzette in ways that dialogue cannot. Read on for an explaination...

Hitting Close to Home: Relevence in TaleSpin - Can there be negative baggage in a show of wonder such as TaleSpin. I say that it can happen and this editorial brings out 15 years of aging and shows that sometimes you have to expose the bad stuff in order to fully understand why the series was in fact so good....

40 Useless Facts of TaleSpin - This short essay is pretty much explains itself very well. It is now onsite because Aces of the Cape was looking for a new home on my last visit.

Disney's Fox & Family Devalued - This is without a doubt the worst rant fit that I have ever done about Disney. It includes graphic dialogue on the tv ratings; religion; the word 'aquire'; and one good take on why Disney is *NOT LIKE NINTENDO*!

Disney's Fox & Family Devalued Part Deux - After I cleared my head and thought rationally; I soon discovered just how light my first editorial is. This part contains a rawer deal; some pop for Kim Possible, possible factor into Disney's demise and a lot of talk about Disney's board of directors and my attempt to render PIXAR innocent...

It's All About School (Cartoons) - Here's another _Aces of the Cape_ editorial that I did for Jim Baylo. Naturally; it is a small rebutal to Jim Baylo's noble opinion on school cartoons and why I think the cartoon compaines have killed a genre that was quite a bit refreshing in the art of animation.

Disney's Exercise In Scarying Uneducated Television Critics- When you see a headline like know something is wrong...It's a couple of months late; however, it might just apply to future Disney releases anyway. Another editorial for Aces of the Cape.

What On Limbo's Dance Happened to Writing- It's amazing what editorial goodies can be found in the Christan Science Monitor. An article on reading inspires this writer to write an editorial on something that might have avoided all those messes in 2000. A powerful editorial with some background to my life and my reasons for getting into writing. The truth starts now!!

What's Inside the DirtBox?- Disney is safe for now......There is no way that I'm going to place the word FOX in the same breath as this really bad block of children's programming. This kind of television is the reason why Disney has never made many quality products over the years. Also; if this the future of Anime: I wish it went back to Japan. FIGHTING FOODOMS?! I talk about previews, commericalization, wrestling and two characters who I feel very sorry for right now. Time to take out the trash!!

Kim Possible Does The Impossible & Other Things- Pass the TaleSpin Standard of course. However; the question remains. Why did it take so bloody long? I attempt to answer that and Darkwing Duck fans are not going to like what I'm going to say. Also; an update on my favorite whipping boy and tackling the subject of Freedom Fries. American Wraith at its finest!!

Lost Episodes and Kingdom Heart- My first TaleSpin editorial in almost a year now; I think... I decide to think about something that bothered me while I was surfing the web. Plus; I respond to the talk about TaleSpin being used for a possible Kingdom Hearts sequel and why TaleSpin is much closer to Final Fantasy than even I thought it was.

Cloudkicker Simpson- This is another TaleSpin editorial which will answer the question. Is Stormy Weather a rip-off of The Simpson's Daredevil Bart? This editorial is a compare and contrast that teaches a lesson about dealing with so-called rip-offs...Longest editorial I ever wrote!

The Dirtbox Meets The Sandbox- What in the world could I say about 4Kids lousy children's programming block? Well; if thing do the way they do; the FoxBox might actually have a hope chest...Read on for my preview of the 2003-2004 edition of the FoxBox.

What I Want For My Birthday Is D-V-D! - Here is my take on a growing problem that has only one solution. Are you listening Disney? Dive into my mind as I sort out a solution to everyone's TaleSpin problem..

My Favorite Episodes- Think about it this way besides being a bonus editorial:This is pretty self-explaining yes-no?

Is This The Future of Animation?- This is my editorial about a cartoon block that'll make you wish for those parent's groups to win. It is that bad and I explain why this could spell doom for adult animation in general. Also my take on the word mature....

Why I Hate Those Uncensored! Websites- This is just a rant about something that I don't like. For all the information that they deliever; they are in danger of becoming the very reason why anime is edited. This is an editorial about why I have regretted the whole editing of TaleSpin thing. You see; I shouldn't have called TaleSpin a work of art. I'll explain in this editorial...

Silly FOX, The FOXBOX Is Just For 4Kids! - It's time for a full review of the 2003/2004 season of the FOXBOX. Is the new FOXBOX redeemable? Find out as you read about my feelings on the latest antics of the Cramp Twins, another dangerous show that is thankfully cancelled and of course my thoughts on Sonic X, Shaman King and Funky Cops....The surprises are inside....

An Ode to The Small Packages- What is the real so hung up on people being tall? I don't understand because the best characters in our media happen to be pretty short. My editorial talks about why parents shouldn't take risks in growth hormone just because a social fabric considers tall people to have more self-worth. I also show the world why TaleSpin was not only a watershed for female characters and memoriable kids with built-in flaws; that it also shows a watershed of how the little people can do big things...All without making it sounds so obvious. (Piglets BIG Movie)...

The Allagory of WDTVA: Why Is Must Be Defended & Shunned! - It's time to talk about the real cause of Disney's woes. I explain that Walt Disney is not all that he appears and why I think that Roy Disney's cause is noble; but dead in the water. Also included is a matchbox history of DTVA and a solution to the problem of diluation.

Silly Fox! The FOXBOX Is Just 4Kids Part Deux - This is a preview of the FOXBOX Fall 2004 lineup. Click on the link to check out all four new shows (including the powerhouse that is ONE PIECE!) that will be released in the Fall of 2004. Plus a review on Martin Mysteries and the dreadful Incredible Crash Test Dummies which has now joined The John Henson Project as one of the top ten worst shows of all time. It's Weaglerific!!

A One Piece For The Ages - Here is the follow up to my preview of the FOXBOX Fall 2004. My review on the first perfect score for the 4Kids block on boardcast television and my thoughts on the latest racing show. Plus; does the WINX Club meet my ulimatation or is it just another girl power show? Find out inside.

For Kids Dot TV - My preview of the 2005/2006 season of the brand new 4Kids TV block (okay; it was originally the Foxbox) beckons as 4Kids is at the crossroads of quality. How did MewMew and Alien Racers fare in my eyes. Click on the link to find out and remember; the buzz word for this editorial is _question marks_...

BRATZ! Spoiled Again! - The review is out for the 2005/2006 season of 4Kids Television. Have all my questions been answered? Find out as I review the return of a cartoon icon, something different from the rest and of course, the title of this editorial. However; the real question might be the one that 4Kids Entertainment refuses to answer and it could be the end of the quality of this block. Why? Click on the link and find out...

The Crossroads of 4Kids TV - You know the buzz word for this editorial. Now click on the link to find out what I have to say about the fall lineup for 4Kids Television in 2006. After reading this; you might be saying how the mighty might be falling...

The End of 4 Kids Dot TV - The exciting conclusion to an editorial series that has gone too far as usual. ..and it ends with a bang as the worst anime series has been found; if you consider it anime in the first place!

Hey!! The Sox Win The Series - 18 years of heartache and lust; now this media creation is falling apart. The Sox Win The Series; The Total Eclipse of the Heart!...Read on to see why this bastardized song has an important meaning.

Stop Being Such Girly Men!! - Is feminism ruining boys all over the world?! No; but this issue has now poured into animation and this editorial is a reminder to all who read it that it does take time and heart to write something that won't be just another shout in the wind. This editorial contains some sarcasm and also contains someone getting what they deserve for making a fuss over an issue no one cares about.

The Agony of Cartooning: The Fifty Worst Cartoons I Have Ever Seen!- I don't think I need to explain any further.

One Year of Cloudkicking - My editorial about my first year as a webmaster and also some rambles about Teddy's rant on Disney plugs and why I'm obessed with the series.

Two Years of Cloudkicking - This Editorial is for the second year of the Kit Cloudkicker Homepage and this time I rant about the 'Unforseen Impact' of the TaleSpin on people and why its time for the entertainment industry to take notice.

Three Years of Cloudkicking - This editorial is for the third year of the Kit Cloudkicker Homepage's existance and this time; it all about comebacks.

Four Years of Cloudkicking - This editorial was made during my problems with my browser; so there was little to talk about. Although I admit; the lack of good animation this year helped that cause a lot.

Five Years of Cludkicking - This is the biggest moment for this website as I'm celebrating five years on the web. So it's time that I stopped talking and let the TaleSpinners out there talk about my website.

Six Years of Cloudkicking - Another year of Cloudkicking has arrived and surpassed. I don't have much to talk about this year; so I'm going to just address the releases and then talk about Nintendo DS. That should prove that I really don't have much to talk about this year.

Seven Years of Cloudkicking - Another year of Cloudkicking has arrived and surpassed. I don't have much to talk about this year since the Big N won't talk about a revolution. So; I'll create a revolution of my own: The revolution of voice talents working on videogames.

Eight Years of Cloudkicking - Another year of Cloudkicking has arrived and surpassed. I promised to give my thoughts on Wii; but I only need one word to describe it: Awesome!! Click on the link to see the reason why it is awesome and why sometimes acting like you know what you are talking about when you don't can be fun as those fake blogs on Wii demonstrated.

Nine Years of Cloudkicking - Another year of Cloudkicking has arrived and surpassed. This time around and it is a tribute to anime and TaleSpin since many fans talk about the similaries between TaleSpin and Castle In The Sky. Plus; I look at the future status of Volume 2 of TaleSpin on DVD

The Final Cloudkicking Address - Yay! My website turns ten years old. However; anyone expecting a big party bash out of this better be prepared to be disappointed big time. I explain more as this site is finally put into retirement.

TaleSpin Reviews From The Rant Shack of Thoughts

TaleSpin - Click here to see the reviews for all 65 episodes of TaleSpin.

Character Profile/Editorials

Kit Cloudkicker Profile/Editorial- It just wouldn't be a Kit Cloudkicker Home Page without a profile about the best child furry in animation. It is not just any profile; this is the story of a character who captured my heart and soul for the last five years. I cover why he is so complex; and his symbolism in Tale Spin. Kit fans should not miss this!

Rebecca Cunningham Profile/Editorial- A profile on Rebecca Cunningham; she is the most instrumental in convincing Kit Cloudkicker to stay at Higher for Hire. My small look on one of Disney's best female characters.

Molly Cunningham Profile/Editorial- A profile on Rebecca's young daughter Molly Cunningham. Yes; she is an annoying character! However; TaleSpin would never be the same without her. My spin on one of Disney's greatest "Filler" characters.

Baloo Bear Profile/Editorial - A profile on the original star of TaleSpin Baloo. This editorial takes a look of why Baloo is different from the other spin-off characters that existed in Walt Disney Television Animation. And why Baloo and Kit must be together.

Frank WildCat Profile/Editorial - A profile on Baloo's partner in TaleSpin. This editorial attempts to explain the power of a paradox and why WildCat's paradox makes him the most underestimated character in all of TaleSpin!

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