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Disclaimer#2: The views and opinions expressed here are of my own based on many years of watching animated productions. Chances are that your opinion will be very different than mine and I do respect the opinions of others. The editorial covers three pages and will contain visuals. And now back to your regular internet surfing.

TaleSpin Edits

Last Updated: 11/10/2015

Disney has been no stranger to editing shows out (The animated film Alice in Wonderland on CBC Canada comes to mind.); however, no Disney Television Animation show outside of Gargoyles has ever been edited as servely as TaleSpin has. I'm producing a list of edits from the show and using this as a message to Disney that this is simply wrong. So far; this is just a partial list. If anyone has any additional edits from the TaleSpin (not shown here) ; E-Mail me at: And if you have any comments about the TaleSpin editing; don't be afraid to e-mail me at the same e-mail address above. I don't list stuff that is considered forbidden that is not edited for fear that post-production will edit it out in the end. (A moot point now since the DVD sets are second run syndication.)

Number of episodes edited for Disney Channel/Toon Disney: 24/65*
Number of episodes usually skipped for Disney Channel/Toon Disney: 1/65**

Editor's Note: All episodes have been restored uncut for the DVD release. Twenty-four of those episodes were known to be edited by Toon Disney. It should be noted that the DVD release of Plunder and Lightning uses the 1990 Syndication version and not the 1995 Disney Channel version. Same thing for the episodes themselves. The * indicates that there might be additional edits from episodes now that Disney has decided to allow the content in their DVD releases. The ** indicates that the skipped episode Flying Dupes is now on the TaleSpin Volume 3 DVD set. That only applies to television broadcasts.

TaleSpin In General

- Just after September, 2001; all episodes of TaleSpin which ran on Toon Disney at the time were removed from boardcast until September 2002. There have been two theories on this; the first one was that a lawsuit was brought by the estate of Louis Prima to prevent Jim Cummings from using Louis Prima's type voice in future Disney production and to collect royalities unpaid from Disney is series that used the Louie voice. The lawsuit was settled with the House of Mouse changing King Louie to King Larry and King Louie being removed from the Jungle Book 2 movie. However; TaleSpin's Louie was unaltered even to this day; which means that Disney has agreed to pay royalities on future appearances on the character if the character appeared in older productions such as TaleSpin. Jungle Cubs is unaffected because Louie's voice is completely different in mannerisms. The second theory is the one that is the most accepted one is that the show was pulled because of the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001. It does make some sense because the Air Pirates in TaleSpin were known for terrorism and hijacking cargo planes. Disney probably did it to prevent a huge "lack of empathy for the audience; most so in a high population market like New York City." backlash that would have been spawned as a result of doing nothing. It also doesn't help that Time Waits For No Bear, Baloo Thunder, Flight School Confidential and the fourth part of Plunder and Lightning featured various characters crashing helicopters and planes into buildings. However; more than a 1/3 of the episodes had no terrorism themes in them which made the move to pull the show completely seem unjustifed overall. Thankfully the show returned to air a year later and apparently; suffered some small snips and speeding up tape for commerical time. It should be noted that Louie is still voiced by Jim Cummings in the DVD release of TaleSpin along with Disney Channel/Toon Disney versions when the show returned to broadcast from 2002; thus indicating that 9/11 may have been the original reason and not the lawsuit.

- During TaleSpin's Syndication run when the commerical break would come; Disney would have these eyecatchers (yes even American animation uses them) which show a different TaleSpin logo and inside the logo there would be a clip from a TaleSpin episode (usually it was not the episode that ran that day). If you bought a TaleSpin VHS Video; the eyecatcher is after the first episode has ran; but before the second episode runs (and it's usually the episode that will run after the first episode runs). The background has some picture similar to what the Ducktales eyecatcher usually has (although the Ducktales eyecatcher only has a picture of the characters doing something in still motion). The music for the eyecatcher is a clip from the "Spin It" theme song. Anyhow; every episode had six eyecatchers to signal three commerical breaks with the last commerical break occuring just before the TaleSpin credits rolled. Anyhow; since 1995 those eyecatchers have been cut out completely in both Family Channel Canada and Toon Disney/Disney Channel boardcasts and either replaced with a signal for a commerical break like most American animation uses (we'll be back after these messages) or no eyecatcher at all (in the case of Family Channel Canada). I'm not sure about the TaleSpin airings on the Disney Afternoon because I didn't have UPN/WSBK TV38 at the time (which ran the Disney Afternoon on syndication) and all I have were the MITV airings which ran these eyecatchers on their boardcasts and they didn't have the Disney Afternoon. The eyecatchers have not been restored for DVD release.

- When TaleSpin was running on the Disney Afternoon block; the opening sequence for TaleSpin was reduced from sixty seconds to forty-five seconds. The entire WildCat scene in TaleSpin (The one where Baloo trims the hedges with the SeaDuck while WildCat ducks for cover; and a portion of Kit Cloudkicker surfing the skies while Don Karnage is shooting at him.) is cut. This is not a violence cut; this was a time cut since all Disney Afternoon shows running on that block were snipped for the same reason. This edit doesn't apply to Non-Disney Afternoon Syndication run, Disney Channel, Toon Disney, International cuts or the DVD release of TaleSpin as all those versions run at a full sixty seconds. Special thanks to Wauregan and Luke from Ultimate Disney for their help on the subject (in Luke's case it was pointing out that there were two versions of the opening.).

Plunder & Lightning (TV Movie Compared to Syndication) (128 Edits)

There are lots of edits; however, the ending result was that the original TV movie only added four or five extra minutes to the film. (Most of it coming from: "Home is Where the Heart Is") There were additions to the syndication version that did not appear in the first showing of "Plunder and Lightning"; strengthening a belief that the original TV movie was also edited as well. Thanks to Luara Ann Trombley for the videotape of P&L; and some extra footage of R.J. Williams from "Wake, Rattle and Roll". (I didn't know that there was a sequel to Wacky Racers.) Here is a small sample of edits; there are a lot more to come. I'm still plugging in more edits as I can find them when comparing my tapes. Please be patient.

Part One (40)

Part One had a lot of edits; and it really gave Part One (my favorite act in the whole movie.) a really bad name as the weakest part of the movie.

[1.] Title Card Edited in Syndication: In the TV Movie it was just Plunder and Lightning. In syndication Disney added Part One to the title card.

[2.] Cut In Syndication:There was a small two-second sequence where the CT-37's moved forward showing the damage to the plane of Flight#127.

[3.] Cut In Syndication: There is a 30-second sequence where the nose of the Iron Vulture breaks up some rock off a mountain; and Don Karnage orders the men inside the Vulture to open up the beak.

[4.] Added In Syndication: The syndication version showed a extra second of Mad Dog and Gibber getting into position before Don Karnage puts the teasure box down.

[5.] Cut In Syndication: In the beginning of the Kit chase sence they showed an extra couple of seconds just before Kit ran down the first flight of stairs and Dumptruck; they showed Don Karnage turning on a dime and they also showed Gibber and Mad Dog turning on a dime.

[6.] Cut In Syndication: Kit's swinging off the rope causes Sadie and Rarchet to spin around before Kit lands and takes a grappling hook gun.

[7.] Cut In Syndication: After Kit takes the grappling gun; the TV movie showed an extra second of Don Karnage ordering Sadie and Rachet to trap the as-of-yet unknown boy.

[8.] Audio Change: The Syndication had the young boy's say "What?!" (RJ's almost sounds like Wha?) just before he stopped running. The TV movie; he said it just after he stopped running. (One of the few Plunder and Lightning edits that I actually liked because the TV movie didn't sound quite right.)

[9.] Cut In Syndication: Four second pan of Louie and a few customers noticing that Don Karnage has entered Louie's.

[10.] Cut In Syndication: Another 30-second sequence was cut. Kit is hiding from Don at Louie's; going from table to table and then looks upstairs. Don goes over to a table and is drinking some juice that was sitting on that table and he sounds very rude. "You always make the finest drinks, Louie".

[11.] Digital Alteration In Syndication: I noticed a supicious object on the top right where Don Karnage says "Hand him over and I'll let you go peacefully" This object was edited in syndication. (I couldn't tell what it was but I wonder..)

[12.] Added In Syndication: The Syndication version showed an extra second of Kit upstairs kneeling (beautiful artwork here.) to hide from Don Karnage.

[13.] Cut In Syndication: The TV Movie shows an extra three seconds of the pirates running up the stairs.

[14.] Cut In Syndication: Just before Don Karnage draws to strike with his sword on Kit; they show a four second edit where they show Don Karnage competely fed up.

[15.] Cut In Syndication: Before Baloo sezs "What are they after me for?" four seconds of the SeaDuck flying downwards in circles through some clouds.

[16.] Cut In Syndication: Baloo's Sea Duck spiral's up a cloud just after Don Karnage says : "Follow Them!"

[17.] Cut In Syndication: Baloo: "Hold tight Little Britches!" followed by Mad Dog: "No where to run!"; just before Kit said;" We aren't going to make it."

[18.] Added In Syndication: The syndication version showed Kit holding his hands over his eyes before saying:" No one can fly like that!"

[19.] Cut In Syndication: Just before Baloo says;" A quick exit.." Kit: "A double reverse thimbleman? A pretzel twist?"

[20.] Cut In Syndication: Where Karnage is chasing Baloo and Kit and Baloo is about to say "Those puffs of smoke say we will!"; Karnage gets Baloo in his sights and utters the following line "Your tail section is mine!" (Source: Dan Green)

[21.] Cut In Syndication: A few seconds are cut out where the Cape Suzette canons fire, hit a few of the pirates planes and they crash into the ocean.

[22.] Cut In Syndication: There is a small sence where the SeaDuck is flying into Cape Suzette over a small house.

[23.] Cut In Syndication: Inside Baloo's house Kit notices a glass stuck on a table by a piece of chewing gum.

[24.] Cut In Syndication: Baloo takes a piece of leftover pizza (which spoiled I might add) and sez to Kit: "You're hungry". Kit responds: "Not anymore" in disgust.

[25.] Cut In Syndication: When Baloo finds out that the bank auditor is going to take his plane away; Kit sez: "He said 'No Dough, Plane Go!'". Notice the tone of voice.

[26.] Cut In Syndication: After Baloo says "Kit! Your a genious, with a capitol 'J'!"; there's a 2 second scene cut where Kit and Baloo run across the docks to the job board.

[27.] Cut In Syndication: Here's the most inexcusable edit in Act I; Baloo sez this after he finds a "suit job.":

Baloo: Great, The Seaduck will be mine.
Kit: You and the Seaduck (under his breath). I'd better  be going...
Baloo: Hey; kid. This is a two-man job. I'll tell you help me; I'll return you to Louie's tomorrow.
Kit: Okay.... (Turns tough again.)

I called this one a bad edit because it spoke volumes about Kit's character and how many times he was betrayed! Anyone want to comment here?

[28.] Cut In Syndication: A few seconds of the Sea Duck flying are cut. (Just before we see Kit and Baloo in the Sea Duck at war with the gorilla birds.)

[29.] Cut In Syndication: Don Karnage screams into the microphone with bullets flying: "Men! You Nimconpirates!"

[30.] Cut In Syndication: The Seaduck then goes into the thick jungle. Kit says to Baloo "You don't have to do this to impress me." Baloo responds "Just saving our skins Kit."

[31.] Cut In Syndication: They showed a sence of Mad Dog's face before he runs into the wooden bridge and his plane spins around the wooden rope bridge before he falls.

[32.] Added In Syndication: The fall into the water was actually added in the syndication version.

[33.] Added In Syndication: The pirates response to Don Karnage's command to find the boy was added in the syndication version.

[34.] Altered In Syndication: The still-frame Air Pirate sence just before showing Kit hung up-side down; was right-side up in the original. The syndication version is shown up-side down. [This alteration I will forgive Disney for; because this was an animation glitch.]

[35.] Altered In Syndication: In the movie version; same scene as #34; there is a spot where Gibber is out of position and is forced back to be in front of Don Karnage and perfectly timed it to allow Don Karnage to lean on Gibber's head with his elbow. I find it a pretty funny spot. The syndication version completely removed it.

[36.] Added In Syndication Kit and Baloo shouted "Wha?" when they reached the lake filled with alligators. That was added in the syndication version.

[37.] Cut In Syndication: A small scene - 2 seconds or so - is cut when the Seaduck takes off, and flys toward the sun.

[38.] Cut In Syndication: After Kit says: "I'm... sorry about your plane." Baloo responds: "Don't worry kid. You win some.... You lose some." (Notice that he changes mood; ala Kit earlier on.)

[39.] General Edit For The First Three Parts of The TV Film: To be continued.... shown on the bottom of the screen at the end of the act in the syndication version. This is not shown in the movie version obviously.

[40.] General Edit For The First Three Parts of The TV Film: In the syndication version; the credits roll. In the television movie; the film continues at the beginning of the next act.

Part Two (45)

Not only does this act have the most edits; it also has the most notable edit in Disney Television Animation history ; "Home Is Where The Heart Is" and the scene spoke volumes about the show's ture value as a family show.

[1.] Added In Syndication/Alteration In Syndication: In the syndication version; there is a recap of Part One. When Kit Cloudkicker does the dive from the Iron Vulture; the scene is reversed.

[2.] General Edit: In The TV Movie there is no title card for Parts Two, Three and Four. In syndication there is a title card for each part.

[3.] Cut In Syndication: When the alarm clock goes off; the few seconds Baloo moans and groans is snipped in syndication.

[4.] Cut In Syndication: Baloo throws two pillows at the plane clock when the alarm goes off. That was cut in syndication although we do see the alarm clock in both versions on the close shot.

[5.] Cut In Syndication: Baloo shows a sign to Rebecca that sezs: "Gone Fishin!"

[6.] Added In Syndication: Rebecca reaction to Baloo's rudeness was not in the original TV movie; but was shown in the syndication version.

[7.] Added In Syndication: They showed a half-second reaction of Rebecca to those hundreds of eyes in Baloo's closet in the syndication version.

[8.] Cut In Syndication: When Rebecca wipes the mirror and says "Yes this place definatly needs a woman's touch." She sweeps a pile of junk off the dresser into a drawer and mutters "Or a bulldozer..."

[9.]Added In Syndication: In the syndication version; when Baloo was flying the Sea Duck out of Cape Suzette, they showed Kit holding onto the dash of the Sea Duck; looking at a huge blimp. (The artwork and reflections were excellent.) The orginial movie version didn't show that sence at all. (This is the sence where I started to get supicious that the movie itself was also edited very badly.)

[10.] Cut In Syndication: When Baloo, Kit and Molly arrive at Louie's, Louie takes Molly's hand (with his foot), kisses it and says "My, my, Baloo! These stewardesses are getting younger and prettier everyday!"

[11.] Alteration In Syndication: Here's another strange edit: In the syndication version; when Louie examines the stone, he is looking at it with his right eye. Well; in the movie version, Louie was looking at it with his left eye. Not only that; the stone literally flashes in his eye and it burns the eyeball. There is no burning in the syndication version.

[12.] Cut In Syndication: When Baloo and Kit are talking about the stone (after Louie says it's worthless):

Kit: "Karnage lifted it from one of Shere Khan's planes." 

[13.] Cut In Syndication: Just after Don Karnage gets nailed with the sliced mangos; Baloo says and I quote: "Bullseye!! Right on the button! HA!" before the mango in his hand gets shot.

[14.] Cut In Syndication: Just after Kit nails Gibber with the ice cream; you can actually see Kit start laughing (watch Kit's movement) just before you see the shot of Gibber tailspining down towards the water.

[15.] Cut In Syndication: When Kit Cloudkicker tries to get into the SeaDuck; the rope actually breaks and Kit nearly falls; however, was able to grab the end of the stable part of the rope and managed to get back into the SeaDuck. Probably a violence cut since one of the bullet misses Kit's head by an inch.

[16.] Cut In Syndication After Kit parks his airfoil inside the SeaDuck; there is a shot of Baloo pulling a lever which closes the tail section of the plane.

[17.] Cut In Syndication: At around the 15:55 mark of part two; there is a shot of Baloo, Kit and Molly in the cockpit as the SeaDuck goes up befor Baloo pulls the lever to do the Hans Solo Fruit Bomb Attack (I made the attack up; but it works). These lines are also snipped:

Baloo: Becky's Mangoes are Slowing Us Down!
Kit: What'll we do?!

They actually recycle the shot of Baloo pulling the lever to close the tailsection from earlier. Now that is a quality use of recycling!

[18.] Cut In Syndication: At around the 16:03 mark; Don Karnage actually takes some melons in the face before the mangoes rain in on Gibber.

[19.] Alteration In Syndication: During the Rebecca verbal beatdown; where the Seaduck's glass cup window shatters in a nice effect; the movie version still has the streak of blue on the front of the nose cone on the far right side of the screen. The syndication version removes this and it's all gray.

[20.] Alteration In Syndication: The eye is there in both versions; but it's moved in a way where the black eyeball is in the movie version; but it's missing in the syndication version.

[21.] Paint Edit In Syndication: The whole airplane looks slightly different; brown in the movie version; light gray in syndication. I guess someone thought the brown color make the plane look too close to feeces; but since Kit and Rebecca are that color as well....

[22.] Alteration In Syndication: When the tail section door opens; the movie version has the water painted a weird bluish-green tint color and little splash effect. That was changed for syndication to regular white water with a much bigger splash effect.

[23.] Alteration In Syndication: Also; the tailsection door is more damaged in the syndication version while the movie version looks like cardboard in comparison.

[24.] Cut In Syndication: After Molly winks to the camera; Baloo and Kit looked surprised that Molly would save them like that. That was snipped in the syndication version.

[25.] Cut In Syndication Also Baloo's "It's all water under the wings" line before Rebecca blows them off for destroying the uniforms to end the scene is cut in syndication.

[26.] General Edit: Some of the scenes in Part 2 are zoomed in for the movie version.

[27.] Alteration In Syndication: Shadow effects for the big family scene at night were added for the syndication version.

[28.] Major Scene Cut In Syndication: Rebecca sings her the lullaby, "Home Is Where the Heart Is." Kit overhears her singing as he's walking with Baloo to sleep on the Sea Duck. He listens, watches Baloo's back as he walks away and smiles slightly. He sneaks over to the window and watches Rebecca continue singing. He gets a look of incredible longing on his face as he watches the scene unfold, and looks on the verge of tears. Molly nods off and Rebecca finishes the song. However, she notices Kit at the window. Without actually letting on that she's seen him (which would be embarrassing to the 12 year-old, still clinging to his tough-guy routine - this is an important insight into Rebecca's character.) she picks up the cookie jar and slowly strolls over to the window, singing the last verse again, this time to Kit. She opens the window and places the cookie jar on the sill, as Kit hides. Kit grins broadly, sheds a tear, takes the cookies back to the Duck and happily goes to sleep. (Source: Dan Green)

Editor's note: Did you also notice that Kit took off his sweater for the first time before he goes to sleep. Before Kit went to the window; he got a grimpse of WildCat going to bed; showing the little boathouse that WildCat kept. (See Captains Outrageous) You have to see this edited sence in order to believe it! It's not the song that's emotional; it was Molly's quote during the song that gave Kit the longing of his face; the change of moods that Kit shows during this series shines here:

Molly: But what if I'm not with you? or.... what if I'm alone?

According to Jymn Magon; he could not say why the scene was cut. Although my sources tell me it was cut due to time. If so; then it may be the most heartless, soul less edit Disney has ever done since it eliminated an important part of Rebecca's character that could have changed a lot of people's minds about her in general. My guess is it was really done to make Kit's infamous betrayal of the Air Pirates a lot less tragic than it already was. In fact; many of the cuts seem to tone down the emotion of Kit's character and the Air Pirates as well. After some consideration and thought; I rule that it really doesn't matter what excuse they came up with because the reaction would still be the same as if they cut it for time.

[29.] Cut In Syndication: When Don Karnage rows into Cape Suzette in his Italian Row Boat of Doom with Dumptruck and Mad Dog in disguises; he actually sings more in the movie version than in the syndication version. Before the officer yells "Who goes there?"; Don sings this in addition and I'm paraphasing here: "O'scar policeo, ahao.....".

[30.] Alteration In Syndication: The spotlight is a lot dimmer in the syndication version than in the movie version by the way.

[31.] Alteration In Syndication: They actually added teeth in the syndication version for Dumptruck after Mad Dog slaps him by the way.

[32.] Major Paint Edit In Syndication: In the movie version; the SeaDuck still has all the bullets, damage; and even the nose cone clown face on front. That is completely changed for the syndication version as the SeaDuck is changed back to it's normal show looking paint job and all the damage has been repaired. That is a major continuity error on the BS&P part since WildCat hasn't even started repairing the SeaDuck yet and won't until that day when part three starts.

[33.] Paint Edit In Syndication: Inside the SeaDuck; Kit's blanket was purple in the movie version and now it's navy blue in the syndication version.

[34.] Major Paint Edit In Syndication: Again; same continuity problem. In the movie version; you still see the damage done by the Air Pirates while in the syndication version; the damage is completely gone and the paint scheme is the original Sea Duck color scheme.

[35.] Scene Shift In Syndication: Rebecca's tossing and turning in the hammock is the same; but placed in different parts of the scene. In the movie version ; it's placed just after Molly opens her eyes and calls out for Baloo and Kit. In the syndication version; it's placed just before Baloo inserts the stone into Molly's doll. So; now we have another 4Kids invention: The scene shifter.

[36.] Cut In Syndication: When Don Karnage and his two minions arrive at the docks at Higher for Hire; they go around the dock in the movie version; and a plane goes by in the background. No lines were cut; but we do see Don saying: "Look; this is it" and pointing though in the movie version.

[37.] Major Paint Edit In Syndication: Again; the movie version shows the SeaDuck completely damaged and with the clown paint job; while the syndication version shows the original SeaDuck paint job and no damage whatsoever.

[38.] Alteration In Syndication: When they pan up to Khan Tower; the zoom in is different. In the movie version; they zoom in perfectly straight towards Khan before cutting to Baloo and Kit talking about a deal. The syndication version has it zoom in left of center for some odd reason.

[39.] Alteration In Syndication: When we see Khan again; the camera pans south east slowly in the movie version. In the syndication version; the camera pans north west.

[40.] Alteration In Syndication: Also; the movie version seems to have the curtains at the far window completely closed when they should be open. The syndication version has them open and fixes this error.

[41.] Alteration In Syndication: The syndication version also has added some lighting effects to the back of Khan's suit during Kit's dagger play for some odd reason. The movie version doesn't have this.

[42.] Cut In Syndication: In Shere Khan's office, just after Baloo and Kit leave (when Baloo says "Sit tight Shere baby! We'll be back before you can say 'Sea Duck'!" Khan mutters under his breath (in relation to the $100,000 he's just offered Baloo for the stone) "It's worth 50 times that...".

[43.] Cut In Syndication: Baloo and Kit sang the last line "Don't trouble us with troubles Man. We're gone!" and showed a nice sence of Baloo and Kit singing just before Molly and Rebecca are kidnapped.

[44.] Alteration In Syndication: When Baloo enters the dark room looking for Rebecca and Molly; his shadow looks blue in the movie version. That was fixed into a regular looking shadow in the syndication release.

[45.] Cut In Syndication: When Baloo crumbles the paper; he looks like he wants to kill Don Karnage in the movie version the way he is holding that paper.

Part Three (27)

[1.] Added In Syndication/Side Note: In the syndication version; there is an episode recap from part two. Also; when they show Don Karnage and his goon on the boat near the SeaDuck; the SeaDuck is still damaged despite the syndication version clearly showing zero damage and the original SeaDuck paint job from the episode before. Can you say "expose the business" people?

[2.] Cut In Syndication: "You're the navigator"; Baloo says as he pushes some levers and there was also a small sence of the Sea Duck flying.

[3.] Cut In Syndication: "Okay Kit; give...."- Baloo before he says;" How come you know so much about the Air Pirates?"

[4.] Alteration In Syndication: Wii blue background in the movie version is replaced with the back wall of the cockpit in the syndication version

[5.] Cut In Syndication: "Did ya stumble on their hideout?"; Baloo says after that line.

[6.] Cut In Syndication: Just before Kit admits that he *was* a pirate himself there was a brief moment where he took the compass that he was using , had it closed, and had it jabbed into the navigation board that he was using. The look on his face at that point was as if he was hit over the head with a grand piano, that look of anger that he gave Baloo, with his eyes tightly shut....That was cut out. (Source: Richard Lowman)

[7.] Cut In Syndication: ".....We're buddies! We're partners! We're a team!"; Baloo says after "Aww; ferget them Little Britches; from now on, you're with me..."

[8.] Cut In Syndication: Kit giggles a bit and saids "Uhmmm....yeah!" before saying "Thanks Poppa Bear." and hugging Baloo. This edit is inexcusable; because it shows that Kit still has great diffcultly trusting a male adult. (Consider what he's been through over his life; as little as it was.)

[9.] Cut In Syndication: After Panther Pilot tells his navigator (in the Baloo blue pilot hat) to relax (this is 3:33 into the act by the way); the movie version had an additional scene with the following lines added:

Navigator: Relax?! Every cargo plane in the last week has been attacked by Air Pirates!
Pilot: Hey! This hull is armor steel {punches it to force the point.}! Nothing is going to touch it....

The syndication version resume after this with the Air Pirates suddenly attacking it just after the pilot telling the navigator to relax because it's just clouds.

[10.] Dialog Added In Syndication: Scene where Khan's cargo plane is hijacked; "They're coming in too fast!" is added dialogue in the syndication version. The original had nothing but silence. And anime fans say this practice is exclusive to anime?

[11.] Scene Shift In Syndication: In the syndication version; the scene where the Air Pirates shoot at the wings occurs right now with the line added that "They are going too fast!". In the movie version; the scene occurs after the navigator shoots a blue CT-37 plane down. (which is shown in both versions by the way)

[12.] Added In Syndication: The navigator shoots a lot more bullets during the turret turning sequence in the syndication version than he does in the movie version.

[13.] Cut In Syndication: The top view of the Air Pirates shooting at the Khan plane afterwards (a lot less shooting than the Scene Shift I mentioned earlier) is cut in syndication.

[14.] Cut In Syndication: A shot of a blue CT-37 shooting bullets for a few seconds is also cut in syndication.

[15.] Cut In Syndication: When the Khan plane lands in the Iron Vulture; a shot of the front wheels and the pilot reaction to the bump is cut in syndication.

[16.] Alteration In Syndication: The syndication version adds more lighting effects in the syndication version during Don Karnage's fishbowl raid which is missing from the movie version.

[17.] Cut In Syndication: The flying sequence Baloo does into the volcano is seven seconds longer in the movie version than in the syndication version (and also includes Baloo's reaction to his flying skills).

[18.] Cut In Syndication: When Baloo and Kit arrive at Pirate Island, and they enter the 'rigged' hallway, and Kit starts running:

Baloo: "Hey! What about the traps?" 
Kit: "Ah, everything in this hall's busted" 
[The trap goes off, and the two are made to bolt from a giant blade] 
Baloo: "Nice crowd you hung out with, Kit..."

These lines are cut in the syndication version.

[19.] Replaced In Syndication: The traps Baloo and Kit dodge are completely different. In the movie version; Kit and Baloo actually are forced to dodge a giant sawblade that comes down on them; but they dodge that easily. In the syndication version; Baloo and Kit simply run and jump against an unstable walkway.

[20.] Added In Syndication: The dance sence (where Baloo and Kit smashed two Air Pirates together) was added to the syndication version. I think it was to keep in line with the dancing animals stereotype that Disney is best known for. But if it was in the master; then it should stay in.

[21.] Cut In Syndication: The guard who brings Rebecca lunch actually looks at the key holders for a few seconds in the movie version. The syndication version cuts this out.

[22.] Added In Syndication: The Iron Vulture's mouth in the syndication version is actually shown with an opening sequence when the family hides behind the boxes. The movie version already has the Iron Vulture mouth open.

[23.] Alteration In Syndication: The furance spotlight is different; but is present in both versions. The syndication version is a full spotlight; while the movie version uses a more realistic fireplace like spotlight and is dimmer.

[24.] Cut In Syndication: Don Karnage thinks about it before he laughs in the syndication version after Baloo squeezes the hat after Kit officially betrays him.

[25.] Cut In Syndication: The Baloo/Rebecca/Molly chase is longer in the movie version and the first scene featuring the chase was cut in the syndication version. The following lines were also cut:

Baloo: Step on it, Beckey!
Rebecca: It's Rebecca!!

[26.] Cut In Syndication The SeaDuck flies up and the CT-37's fires bullets after it before the big cannons shoot from the ground. This scene was cut in syndication.

[27.] Alteration In Syndication: When Mr. Khan declares that he makes his own rules in dramatic fashion; the background is different. In the movie version; it's in the awesome pink background; while the syndication version uses the orange sunset background which looks nice; but less awesome.

Part Four (16)

Part Four was the least edited of the syndicated parts; but the most bizzare edit took place here:

[1.] Added In Syndication: In the syndication verison; there is a recap of the episode from part three. I should point out that they add about 30 seconds to the episode a piece.

[2.] Cut In Syndication: The opening shot is extended by one second in the movie version.

[3.] Cut In Syndication: When Karnage is (having a ball), blasting buildings, these two lines are cut:

Karnage: "How do you like them mangos citizens?!" 
Karnage: (laughing hysterically) "I am having such a good time!"

[4.] Cut In Syndication: 5:46 into Act IV; when Don Karnage fires the Lightning Gun into buildings a shot of the lightning gun before it fires into the second building is cut.

[5.] Cut In Syndication: When Baloo's dancing at Louie's, 5 seconds or so are cut where he's singing "I'm gone! Don't trouble me with troubles man!" which he follows with the uncut line "Hey Louie, ain't this the life (etc etc)"

[6.] Audio Cut In Syndication: Kit has just stolen the stone from the lightning gun in an selfless attempt to save Cape Suzette from destruction. Karnage and Co. are chasing him through the Iron Vulture. After leading them on a long and daring chase, he's finally cornered in the radio room. As the pirates slowly burn away the door with a blow torch, Kit desperately tries to get a message to Baloo. The message is as follows:

Kit: Please Tell Baloo. Tell Papa Bear! I'm his navigator! Always....".

The Disney censors edited out the word "Always". (Source: Dan Green)

Why they edit this I don't know. It might be a audio mistake; or BS&P didn't like what R.J. Williams was implying...

[7.] Cut In Syndication: Molly did in fact see Kit falling from the Iron Vulture. (Source: Dan Green)

[8.] Cut In Syndication: When Karnage tourches the bridge the Sea Duck is hiding under, and believes he's done away with Baloo and Kit. Karnage: "We have made the mince meat of them!"

[9.] Alteration In Syndication: The spotlight during the Air Pirate raid of the city is dimmer in the movie version than in the syndication version.

[10.] Alteration In Syndication: The tires they use on the SeaDuck are different as well. In the movie version; they have black treds with white sides. In the syndication version; they use black treds with blue sides. Sadly; they couldn't keep the continuity straight in the syndication version when the SeaDuck flies as the tires go back into the movie version.

[11.] Alteration In Syndication: When Don Karnage goes to the telescope; the syndication version adds the black telescope effect when we see the SeaDuck coming towards him. This is missing in the movie version.

[12.] Added In Syndication: In the syndication version; just after Don Karnage orders Ractchet to fire the Lightning Gun at the SeaDuck; we have a shot of the SeaDuck coming towards the camera and then we go to the commerical break. After the break; we go to a far shot of the Iron Vulture with the spotlights on the ocean and then another shot of the SeaDuck heading towards the Iron Vulture.

[13.] Scene Shift In Syndication: We head to the shot of the Iron Vulture's mouth as Don Karnage gets onto his pedastal and puts in this line: "Time to lighten up their lives!" as we go to the control panel. The syndication version has it as is; but the movie version is moved to after the shot of Baloo, Rebecca and Kit being show and Baloo giving more power.

[14.] Cut In Syndication: The movie version only has a shot of Ractchet rising up getting ready to fire which is snipped in the syndication version.

[15.] Cut In Syndication: Some extra parts of the Lightning Gun getting powered up were also cut in syndication.

[16.] Cut In Syndication: In the tunnel sequence; the Air Pirate's reaction to the low clearance was about two seconds slower in the movie version than in the syndication version.

[17.] Alteration/Cut In Syndication: The end credits are based on part four in the syndication version while the movie uses the entire film credits as a whole. The music is also longer in the TV Movie version too.

Final Note: The average number of edits was around 31 edits per episode; which is the average amount for a 4Kids anime dub by the way. If purists want to blame someone for Al Khan's vision of anime then Plunder and Lightning would be a mighty fine start for them.

TaleSpin Series Syndication Edits

First Run Syndication to Second Run Syndication

This section deals with changes that have been done between the first air dates and the re-runs. Here is what you may have missed:

Editor's Note: On August 29th, 2006; Disney released the first volume of TaleSpin episodes onto DVD. Disney released all 65 episodes onto DVD. The version is the second run syndication edits. Bear in mind that finding evidence between the first run and second run syndication is nearly impossible since most TaleSpin fans have never uploaded the episodes as aired for the first time. So I'm only going from secondary sources and they may not be 100% accurate. If anyone has seen the first run syndication version of TaleSpin and noticed any changes between the first and second run episodes; please e-mail me at: . The only exception is the Disney Channel version of Plunder and Lightning which aired on September 9th, 1990. Most of these known edits are animation changes to correct errors or bad animation (most sourced by the former TaleSpin website Wild Blue Yonder (only it's archive is still on the World Wide Web.)). However; there are a few noticable edits that were for BS&P reasons.

Citizen Khan

[1.] Around fourteen minutes into the episode; Clementine escapes a locked room through the window using the bedsheets as a rope. The ropes untangle and Clementine falls into the water filled horse stall.

The first run syndication line Clementine said was: "Well, a girl's gotta take a bath every once in a while."

The second run syndication line she said is: "After her bath, a girl's ready for anything."

According to the source: You can cleary see that what she says doesn't match up at all with the character's facial movements. Apparently; the voice didn't match well either according to the same source.

Jolly Molly Christmas

[1.] On Pirate Island, Karnage has just lectured his minions on how "Bad is good!" When he says "Christmas only comes once a year!" in the first run version, there is a small but noticable coloration error on Karnage; in the second run version, this is corrected.

Mach One For The Gipper

[1.] After Baloo and Wildcat are chased into a cave by Ace London and the Air Pirates, Wildcat suggests to Baloo to use the secret engine to escape. Baloo replies "Absolutely perfect!" In the first run version, the background behind Baloo is mistakenly shown as the sky, instead of the cockpit of the Sea Duck. Then, later on when the Sea Duck crashes inside the Iron Vulture, there are some colouring mistakes on Karnage. Both these mistakes were corrected in the second run version.

Stuck On You

[1.] Now here's where it gets interesting... After Baloo gets off the phone with the glue factory, he re-enters the office, and Rebecca waves his plane keys coyly at him. The difference here is Rebecca is drawn differently in both versions! In the first run version the shot is further away; in the second version, the shot is a close-up, with a different pose and with more expression.

Random of The Red Chimp

[1.] Here's the most noticably edited of the bunch. A furious Don Karnage confronts Aunt Louise at the helm of the Iron Vulture... And gets more than he bargains for. This whole scene is different in both versions! Karnage's expressions differ in both versions, and in the first run version, when Karnage bangs his head on a pipe, this action is covered by another pipe. In the second run version, you can see it clearly. Not to mention the other less noticable corrections (Karnage being hit by pies, the spotlights in the hangar of the Iron Vulture).


[1.] At the end of the episode, there is a close-up of pages from Baloo's Rick Skye comic. In the second run version, the camera pans across the two pages; in the first run version, it only shows the last page.

TaleSpin Series Disney Channel/Toon Disney Edits

Disney Channel & Toon Disney Versions Comparisons to Syndication

In 1995; Disney decided to edit the episodes of TaleSpin for violence, mimickery and racist dialog in order to please Business Standards & Practices for the Disney Channel. Here is what you may have missed:

Editor's Note: Starting On August 29th, 2006; Disney released the first and second volume of TaleSpin episodes onto DVD. Disney released the all 65 episodes onto DVD uncut (with the exception of Plunder and Lightning which is based on the 1990 syndication version; although several cuts in that four parter have been restored for DVD release.). So I suspect that these episodes are no longer cut by Disney and all edits on this page are based on the 1995-2005 PC version that ran on Disney Channel and Toon Disney.

Plunder & Lightning

Part One

- Just after Louie says; "Get out of my place Karnage"; a sword shows up and Louie backs up before Karnage says "Uhuhuh!" was cut out.

- Don Karnage says "This is no time for a Chinese fire drill!" was cut out. (Source: Kelly Anderson; TaleSpin Collection)

Part Four

- Remember what I said in the re-rant of Plunder and Lightning about Hacksaw's pistol checking being edited? Well; it clearly was along with Dumptruck taking bullet belts. I can now officially confirm that it is a Toon Disney edit.

- Karnage orders his men to "shoot down the door" and the bullets end up ricocheting around the corrider while they weakly dodge them! The shot with Don Karnage saying "Someone get the blowtorch". (Source: Jeffrey Mika, TaleSpin Source Page) are both cut out.

Editor's Note: These scenes are intact in the TaleSpin Volume 1 DVD version.

Stormy Weather

According to John Grant; Stormy Weather was originally titled: "Baloo Skies". This title is not being used for the DVD release however.

Vowel Play

According to TV Tropes; In Germany, Tale Spin had got only 64 episodes because "Vowel Play" havd proven impossible to translate sensibly in the first place (due to its plot of Baloo mispelling the skywriting code words he had been tricked by the villain into displaying, rendering the animation incomprehensible in non-Englsh countries.)

Editor's Note: This only applies to television and the DVD sets in Germany; although the final DVD set (Volume 4) has not been confirmed for release yet.

My Fair Baloo

[1.] When Owl Capone and his goons hijack the Spruce Moose the second time (and just after Rebecca storms out of the ballroom); in the syndication version we see one of the white bird gangsters take out his machine gun and fires it. This two second shot is cut.

[2.] This is also done a second time after Owl proclaims that the raft is only for his gangsters in roundabout terms. It's basically the same shot of the bird shooting the machine gun.

Editor's Note: Both shots are restored in the TaleSpin Volume 2 DVD release.

Polly Wants A Treasure

[1.] There was a 3 second edit where Dumptruck and Mad Dog were sifting through cargo and the part where Dumptruck puts the muzzle of a gun to Baloo's face was deleted out. If you watch carefully; it's frightening similar to scenes in the anime Trigun where the gunmen often put the gun into a person's mouth.(Source: Michael J. Gollihue)

[2.] Near the end of the second last sence; Kit is held by his sweater by Don Karnage and he said something to Baloo; "...or something terrible is going to happen!". That statement was deleted out, mainly because Don Karnage placed the sword under Kit's throat during that statement.

Editor's Note: All scenes in this episode have been restored for the TaleSpin Volume One DVD release.

Her Chance To Dream

Some syndies during it's original run didn't air the episode because the ending involved Rebecca basically killing the ghost of William Stansbury. The episode was reinstated afterwards on Toon Disney and the TaleSpin Volume One DVD set with zero edits that I noticed.

On A Wing & A Bear

When Don Karnage threatens the Yes-Man to give him a singing telegram; in the original syndication version; Don Karnage places the sword blade underneath the Yes-Man's throat. In the Toon Disney version; that shot was cut.

Editor's Note: That scene has been restored for the TaleSpin Volume 1 DVD release.

The Balooest Of The Bluebloods

After Helga cuts the chocolate bear's head off ; Hans proclaims that dessert is properly served flambeed. In the original version; Hans said "Of course not, sir." and brought out a book of matches and struck the match on the box. In the Toon Disney version; the match striking was cut along with the "Of course not, sir." and "Bon Appetti" lines being muted. His "dessert is properly served flambeed" line was moved to Hans setting the chocolate bear on fire.

Editor's Note: This deleted scene has been restored for the TaleSpin Volume 1 DVD release.

Captains Outrageous

There is a part where Oscar is supposed to pop out of the compartment in the floor of the SeaDuck and say, "Wait, Baloo, You forgot your matches." In fact; the beginning of the third act up until Baloo is sneaking towards the dungeon is also cut. (Source: Mike)

Editor's Note: This deleted scene has been restored for the TaleSpin Volume 2 DVD release.

Pizza Pie In The Sky

[1.] When Louie is laying in bed and hallucinating, there's one scene in which they actually show the health inspector through Louie's eyes ,and he looks like an anchovie. What was cut was that; plus the entire themometer exploding spot and Louie saying that the Health Inspector was the king of the anchovies and it can talk. This was cut due to the fact that the shot of the Health Inspector's blue tie appeared to be a noose.

[2.] Also this line was cut out: "....with the bomb squad!" and the shot during that. The easier job part was retained however.

Editor's Note: Both deleted scenes have been restored for the TaleSpin Volume 2 DVD Release.

Whistlestop Jackson, Legend

Baloo, deciding that Whistlestop could use some artillery, opens the side door of the cargo hold and pulls a firework out of the case of fireworks. Disney cut out what immediately follows: Baloo strikes a match against the door jamb and remarks, "Time to light up some lives around here!". This was kept in the Family Channel Canada verison.

Editor's Note: This deleted scene has been restored for the TaleSpin Volume 2 DVD release.

Last Horizons

[1.] To get back to the Sea Duck, Baloo straddles a Panda-La rocket. Telling the others that he's doing this for Cape Suzette, "even if he is just a nobody", Baloo pulls out a match, strikes it and lights the fuse on the rocket. Disney cut out the whole match bit. (Matches... in these two and "Captains Outrageous" - hmm, do you sense a trend here?)

[2.] The episode was originally skipped because of the Asian stereotypes according to sources. Although I think it was Asian-descent doing terrorist acts was the real reason. The episode was reinstated on Toon Disney and ran on Family Channel Canada during the skip.

[3.] The episode also never aired in China; for obvious reasons.

Editor's Note: This episode has not only been reinstated; the deleted scene in it has also been restored for the TaleSpin Volume 2 DVD release.

Stuck On You

There are three edits in this episode, all of which involve Dumptruck and guns:

[1.] After a moment of silence for the "departed" Captain Karnage, Dumptruck attempts to get the pirates' attention by clinking a glass. When that fails, Dumptruck breaks the glass and fires his pistol into the ceiling. Disney cut straight from Dumptruck breaking the glass, to the pirates' reaction.

[2.] Later, when the pirates declare mutiny, Karnage overreacts to being called "crazy" and he and Baloo struggle over Mad Dog. Dumptruck pulls out his gun; this, and the following lines of dialogue, are cut: 

Dumptruck: Well if you're not crazy, how come you *act* crazy?
Karnage: Crazy? Crazy?! There is a perfectly logical reason why I am acting crazy!

[3.] In the glue factory, Karnage hides Baloo under a crate and stands on top of it as Dumptruck, Mad Dog, and Gibber approach. Gun in hand, Dumptruck exclaims, "Let's pickle the herrings!" - this short bit has been removed.

Editor's Note: All scenes have been restored on the TaleSpin Volume 3 DVD release.

A Baloo Switcheroo

[1.] At the very beginning, Karnage snatches the Idol of the Spirit-Switchers from Professor O'Bowens, who warns him of the idol's powers. Edited from this scene is Karnage's reply:

Don Karnage: Who cares about that? I just want the jewels!

[2.] After sending Baloo and Kit off with the idol, O'Bowens is cornered by Karnage, Mad Dog, and Dumptruck. After O'Bowens exclaims that his courage is "unshakeable", Karnage and company threaten with their swords, prompting O'Bowens to point to the departing Sea Duck and confess that the idol is on the plane. The sword bit and O'Bowens' confession have been edited out.

[3.] This episode didn't air in some syndies due to New Age Themes.

[4.] Only In The UK Version: The shot where the sword goes into the pocket socket is snipped out. It is still in the US version however.

Update: All scenes (including the one in the UK) that were deleted in 1995 have been restored for the TaleSpin Volume 2 DVD release. However; while Kit's Oh My God is intact in the actual audio; it was changed to Oh My Gosh! in the English Captions.

A Spy In The Ointment

Picking up right after the first commercial break; Rebecca and Baloo are cornered in a Thembrian alley as a dark figure approaches. Suddenly, Rebecca whips out a revolver and exclaims, "I'm packing a pistol, and I'm not afraid to use it." She is holding it backwards, however, and Baloo takes it from her just before the shadowy figure reveals himself to be Jack Case. This whole part is edited; (Which makes no sense, because while Rebecca throws herself all over Jack, Baloo tosses the revolver over his shoulder. With the previous shot cut out, where did Baloo get the gun? Once again, little things like this prove just how much editing can disrupt the storyline.)

Editor's Note: This scene has been restored for the TaleSpin DVD Volume One release.

Jumping The Guns

- When Louie swings onto the catwalk; the Air Pirates start shooting at the SeaDuck and Louie. Toon Disney snipped out the shot of the Air Pirates shooting their guns.

- When the SeaDuck flies around; we see a the Air Pirates in far away in the background shooting at it. The next shot is a closeup of some of the Air Pirates shooting and that shot was cut out.

Editor's Note: These scene has been restored for the TaleSpin DVD Volume Two release.

Flight School Confidential

When Kit is in the Thunderyak fighter for the first time -- after being chased into a building by Thembrian tanks, he makes it to the roof where he meets a half-dozen rifle-bearing troops. However, Kit remarks "Sorry guys!", pulls the stick around and zooms off the other way. What Disney cut was a couple shots of the soldiers firing at Kit, followed by a side-view shot of bullets pelting the snow around the fleeing Thunderyak. This segment lasts only six seconds, but it features the best unobscured view of the Thunderyak in profile. This scene is still intact in the Family Channel Canada verison.

Update: This deleted scene has been restored for the TaleSpin Volume 2 DVD release.

In Search of Ancient Blunders

After the giant statue drops on the mummy, Baloo, Wildcat, and Myra flee down another hallway. Falling down another pit in the floor (ceiling), they land in a pitch-black room which Myra deduces is the 'Chamber of Eternal Night' (Baloo: "No point in looking for the light switch!") Wildcat pulls out a book of matches, leading to some comic banter before the mummy arrives and chases our heroes out of the room, right into Karnage and company. In all, the sequence lasts 1 minute and 5 seconds - about the longest single edit yet (excluding "Home is Where the Heart Is" from P&L). These lines were also cut:

Baloo: Wildcat, are you in here?
WildCat: I don't know, I'm still looking.

Editor's Note: This entire deleted scene (plus all lines) has been restored for the TaleSpin Volume 2 DVD Release.

Bringing Down Babyface

- Half-Nelson and Officer Malarkey are struggling in the cockpit while Baloo looks on. As they struggle, Malarkey pulls out a revolver and fires a couple shots in the cargo hold. Baloo dodges these shots and snatches the revolver away, which he then nonchalantly tosses out the window before Half-Nelson tells him to "Use the sock!".

- Just when the Chuckleheads enter the antique car and Baloo stands there looking stunned as machine gun fire rains destroying the cake and balloons before Baloo is haulied into the car. What Toon Disney snipped out was the shot where we see Malarkey shooting the actual machine gun.

- During the scene where Baloo is standing behind the door and the Chucklehead are about to kill him with their pistols; the actual gun cocking (where the gun clicks) by the Chuckleheads and a shot of one of the Chuckleheads about to pull the trigger is snipped out.

- Half-Nelson prepares to dynamite the warehouse before the cops arrive. Ma Nelson's following remark is cut: "This place could use a good spring cleaning anyhow!". The lighting of the match shot is also snipped out.

Editor's Note: All deleted scenes have been restored to the TaleSpin Volume 2 DVD release.

Mach One For The Gipper

- At the end, General Patton tells Baloo his achievement "will go in the history books." Baloo's remark ("Honest injun?") is cut out just before he goes on to say "Well how about that!"

Editor's Note: All scenes have been restored on the TaleSpin Volume 3 DVD release.

The Golden Sprocket of Friendship

This edit occurs about halfway through the episode, and involves the removal of a considerable amount of material from the following exchange between Trader Moe and Colonel Spigot. {Edited lines and actions appear in brackets.}

Spigot: Oh, you're back. You found my sergeant?

Moe: Sergeant? We're just your friendly neighborhood hot dog vendors!

Goon: Yeah, we're not crooks or nothin'!

Spigot: Hot dogs? Hot dogs?!

{--Spigot's gun brushes against Moe's chest--}

{Moe: Watch where you're pointing that thing, shortstop! It may be loaded!}

{Spigot: It's all right, my bullets are back in Thembria. They can't leave the country without an eleven-fourteen form, and we were all out of those.}

{Moe: Gee, that's too bad. In that case,} hand over what's in the box!

Spigot: The Golden Sprocket? Never! {Say, you're not the kid in the pickle outfit, are you?}

{--Moe points a pistol at Spigot--}

{Spigot: *gulp* Guess not...}

{Moe: We gotcha outnumbered three to one!}

{Spigot: Uh, let's not do anything *I'm* going to regret.}

{Dunder: --removes cap on suit-- Hey, what're you doing to my fearless leader?} Where's Baloo?

Moe: What is this? A bogus poupon? Where's my other goon?!

--Spigot slaps the gun out of Moe's hand--

Spigot: Aha! Now it's two against two. Come on, Sergeant Dunder! Now we've got *you* outnumbered.

Editor's Note: This scene has been restored for the TaleSpin Volume One DVD release.

Citizen Khan

- As Baloo, Kit, and Clementine are about to go rescue Wildcat from the miners, Gomer and Wendell block the exit:

Gomer: No one's goin' nowhere!

Baloo: Sez who??

{--Four rifles appear from nowhere, pointing at Baloo's snout--}

Gomer: Sez me!

Baloo: (gulp) Whatever you sez...

Editor's Note: This deleted scene has been restored for the TaleSpin Volume 2 DVD release.

War of the Weirds

- Numerous shots are cut of Colonel Grogg firing his machine gun wildly at the "Martians", spraying the campground with gunfire. Kit turns to Baloo:

Kit: This is us leaving??

Baloo: Right the first time!

{--Baloo and Kit make a break for it--}

- A few seconds of gunfire are also edited just before Grogg's machine gun finally runs out of ammo.

- Right after Rebecca runs into Baloo and Kit, Grogg -- driving in his jeep with Wildcat -- waves his gun and fires into the forest, sending several stray shots flying over Baloo, Kit, and Rebecca's heads.

Editor's Note: All deleted scenes are restored for the TaleSpin Volume 2 DVD Release.

Paradise Lost

- As Baloo and O'Roarke prepare to leave the valley, there is a tense moment where the two are in the cockpit with O'Roarke pointing his rifle at Baloo. Baloo says "You're crazy!"; to which O'Roarke replies, "You're right," before ordering Baloo to start the engines.

- The original title of the episode was called The Hunt. Probably BS&P thought the title name was too violent. Sadly; there is a film called Paradise Lost which has content about teenage thrill killing. (Source: Jeffrey Scott's Official Website).

Editor's Note: I'm not certain if these scenes have been restored for the TaleSpin Volume Three DVD release since I don't have the DVD set yet.

All's Whale That Ends Whale

- As Kit (disguised as a seal) makes his way to Moby Dimple's tank, Seymour spots him and grumbles, "All I need is to start the show a seal short!" What's edited is a following shot where Seymour throws a rope around Kit's neck and drags him off to the stage, just before the show begins.

Editor's Note: This scene has been restored for the TaleSpin Volume One DVD release.

Flying Dupes

- This episode was been black listed completely since it went onto the Disney Channel in 1995. It caused some problems when a week after the first boardcast on August 8th, 1991; the Russia leader was removed from power after a failed coup. He was restored to power in the end. Apparently; Disney came under fire because the episode's plot revolves around a bomb and blowing up a world leader (The High Marshall) and the show was barred in the US as a result. Interestly enough; the episode still ran on Family Channel Canada and some independent channels in America and outside America throughout their runs from 1995 onward without a single edit. Disney still refuses to show this episode in the US even to this very day (except for an unintentional showing on Toon Disney which is on Youtube somewhere). Some however argue that the episode was banned because the underlying themes of the plot (Corperate Sponsored Violence being one of them.) was hitting way too close to home to Disney. That is still not been proven as of yet.

Editor's Note: This episode has been reinstated when it was released officially on the TaleSpin Volume Three DVD release.

Other Edits (Various Episodes)

- I'm almost certain Ransom Of The Red Chimp has an Toon Disney edit; but I don't have the TaleSpin Volume 3 set to confirm nor deny this. Only the running time is slightly shorter than usual.

- According to sources; the entire song "Friends for Life" (which is part of the Disney Afternoon Soundworks CD.) was cut from the TaleSpin series. It might have been originally planned for Road To Macadamia and probably was cut for time reasons.

- According to sources; the entire song "Monkey In Your Tank" (which is part of the Disney Afternoon Soundworks CD) was cut from the TaleSpin series. It was originally planned for A Fuel Dollars More and probably was cut for time reasons.

- There might be a few episodes that never showed up in the series; due to the 65 episode limit. Several sources have claimed that one episode was supposed to be called "The Hunt For White November" which was supposed to feature a spy plane from Thembria. There was also a script about Molly meeting Dangerwoman whom she was in a wheelchair; and a few others.

I wonder why Disney finds it unacceptable to show *responsible* adults handling matches, or to show villains like Karnage and the pirates handling bullet shooting guns. And the pirates are villains, so naturally they have bullet shooting guns, as opposed to the heroes for the most part (Rebecca's use of the gun was cut; along with at least one shot of a police shooting a machine gun). And Baloo's welding a flare gun was still kept in A Touch of Glass. Disney Channel/Toon Disney's editing practices are such a joke that it's not funny. They double standard everything. Thankfully; the point is rendered moot now that it's shown that the TaleSpin DVD's are the second run syndication version and thus pretty much all the TD/DC cuts are gone.

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