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The Burning Questions?


10 Things That I Would Love To See In Tale Spin If the show had continued...

Now it is that all important question in the world. (Okay; so I'm going too far with this, but this is fun and I'm on a roll.) If Disney finally decided to come out of the closet and do a sequel (No spinoff like Quack Pack; I'm still trying to get the sour taste out of my mouth! (2015 Gregory Weagle Says: Just wait until Mighty Ducks; and then you'll have something to really complain about.)); what would I like see Disney do with the series. Here are in no particular order; 10 different things I would like to see in Season Two of Tale Spin:

[1.] More on Kit Cloudkicker's Past. This is without a doubt the easiest character to write about since any number of possible pasts could be in fact written and still be correct. Maybe Kit was abused by his own biological family? Prehaps Kit's parents were killed by the Air Pirates? (Wouldn't that be ironic? (No; that would be tragic!)) Who taught him to cloudsurf? Who taught him to be a good navigator? Was Kit part of other crimial organizations? Why did he really leave the Air Pirates in the first place? Any number of these with a good storyline would a good start. And remembe ; any other stories could in fact have some relationship with Kit's past. (Like I said in my rants; This plot point started the Kit Cloudkicker fandom, for better or for worse.)

[2.] What did happen to Rebecca's husband/Molly's father? There was no mentioning of Molly's father anywhere in TaleSpin. Maybe Kit is not the only one with a very tragic past? According to Jymn Magon; Rebecca is in fact a widow; so that tells me that her husband may have perished. (Disney image again!) I thought of something awful; what if Kit actually saw Rebecca's husband die? I'm planning to write a fanfic about that! (Jymn Magon has flip-flopped so many times on this and after hearing him admit that he hasn't had time to see the show, I doubt anything he says on this issue. He's looking for a handout. "The Long Flight Home" actually answered the question that it was a combination of divorce and death! By the way; Unforeseen Impact is the fanfic I wrote and I thought it was the best fanfic I wrote. Telling because I'm horrible at fanfics and that's why I switched to reviewing stuff because I can at least stay on point and not overuse grammar. Ironically; Disney's image did allow death scenes much to my surprise. Heck; we know TaleSpin characters can die in their show.)

[3.] Don Karange's past. Here's something that most fans would like to know about. DK is a very popular among Tale Spin fans. How did he become an Air Pirate? How did he get his attitude? The Fox/Wolf debate: Maybe he was born by a fox man and a wolf women or vice versa. (This *IS* an animated series after all.) Prehaps some fun episodes with Don Karnage: I like the idea of a pirate princess (Such as Amber from Tale Spin On-Line.); maybe Don Karnage had a brother and/or sister even worse then he his. (Testify~!)

[4.] WildCat's Past. He's the most underrated character in all of Tale Spin. WildCat is also a very deceptive character in that he may seem stupid; but proves that he can fix anything. I would like to know about WildCat's past and maybe introduce WildCat's parents. Maybe they were experts. Why is WildCat so shy and why he unintentionally says the wrong things? (Testify~! Wildcat's innocence and emiga of being crazy like a genius makes Charles Wildcat look like a brilliant character who is not a real jerk at all. The only thing preventing him from being full on Arnold from Hey Arnold! is that he's too shy to come someone out. Maybe he would gain that character development if the series continued.)

[5.] Shere Khan's Past. I still think of Shere Khan as an "vampire"; however, there is something about him that makes me think otherwise. Why is he always calm? Where did he gain his ruthlessness? There is very little known about his past: Maybe SK has a really close "girlfriend" or maybe there are more disgruntled employees like Douglas Benson (Louie's Last Stand) or Perry (Baloo Thunder). One final note: I would really like to see Shere Khan get off the comical stance as a character. (Shere Khan was good in TaleSpin in his role; but there was so much they could have done with the Mr. Khan/Mr. Downs character. His deadpan humor coupled with business savoy would have made him the perfect subtle heel instead of the comic tweener he was in the series.)

[6.] The Jungle Aces. How were the Jungle Aces formed? I would like to know more about Ernie and how he first met Kit? I'm actually creating a fanfic about this known as "The Terror of TerraStone" where Kit tells Ernie about a huge pearl that he found in a lost city when he was on his own years ago. However; a greedy hunter (hired by Don Karnage) kidnaps the kids and uses them to access the lost city. It's up to Baloo to stop him. (Terror Of TerraStone was another fanfic I wrote; and I got cold feet writing it. I take too long writing books. At least with rants; it only takes about five hours to finish one rant compared to five years to finish a fanfic. Yeah.)

[7.] Better Animation. Actually this is a silly idea. Tale Spin's animation is very well done along with the beautiful artwork. What I would like to see Tale Spin's animation be done by one animation studio: Walt Disney Animation France. They did such a great job with the first two acts of Plunder & Lightning. DuckTales did well with just one animation studio per season (TMS Entertainment and later Wang Films Company Ltd.) and using six animation studio like TS did does cause some levels of cheapness in some episodes while beautiful animation in others. (It's impossible in today's envirnoment and even in 1990 for just one animation studio to do all the animation; because of the large volume of episodes being produced in 9-12 months. Plus; WD-France required help from at least five animation studios in Spain, London, China, Chile and Argentia (and probably needed more help from freelancers) just for six episodes. Walt Disney Animation Japan had Hanho, Jade and Tama; but knowing anime like I do know now; having dozens of animation studios doing the same episode is not uncommon; many of them from Japan. Tama Production might be the tip of the iceberg. Sun Woo and Wang Films have their own animation studios and often don't farm those out; but Sunwoo has bought several animation studios out not too long after TaleSpin ended. It's a global network out there for animation; no matter how much people believe in exceptionalism; if you want good television animation on budget, you pretty much had to give the jobs to folks around the world; who don't mind getting a lot of money as long as they got money to live. I'm more concerned about the employees being treated right than where my animation comes from.)

[8.] Bring some of the "One-Shot" characters back. Out of the 150+ characters (Wow; you are whaffling 1998 Me!) that only made debuts in one episodes; there were many that deserve to return for an encore and didn't return in other episodes. Thursday was excellent as a police officer (Vowel Play) and considered the most colorful member of the law. Myra Foxworthy and Kattie Dodd were excellent female characters. I personally like to see Klang back; maybe againest Kit Cloudkicker. I love to see Oscar Vandersnoot (Captains' Outrageous) return for a second episode and one that would refine him as a hero.(What a great guy!) Professor Buzz was very good as well. (Although he is a "Two-Shot" character.) (Almost every one and two shotter (outside of Barney and Gomer) deserved more than they got. Molly Cunningham as well; but she was hamstrung by the fact that Molly was voiced by a seven year old girl. Go figure.)

[9.] Lots of new characters. It wouldn't be a Tale Spin show without its cast of new main and cameo characters. I like the spunky girl concept (A Tale Spin Petition signature suggested this.) as long as it doesn't turn out to be another Gosylan Mallard (of Darkwing Duck) (Kevin Johnston says your full of poop there 1998 Me! A Gosalyn look-a-like would be perfect as long as (a) she's a perfect foil to Kit, (b) Kit doesn't turn into a rotten sexist like the nephews and (c) she has gentle wit like the rest of the show and her snark isn't too mean-spirited. Her not acting like a slimey heel at times also helps. And no; Molly Cunningham is not Gosalyn Mallard. She's Cubbi Gummi.). Many of the fanfics that I read over the last year or so are very nice; The High Flight characters are excellent and should be included. (Greyclaw, Starfinder, Winger, Arizona, Little Bit, Bertie, Jack and Katie Windward, Oni and others) Others included some from my fanfic (All are subject to change):Sara Mandate, Gregory Masamune, Lord TerraStone, Lady Wemir, Ray and Escobar Marion, Krista Debonair, Stephen Cunningham (Molly's father in my fanfic) and much more. (Wow 1998 Me! You were trying to sell these fanfics as some great story. They really are not.) I think if Disney does bring Tale Spin back; they should ask for feedback from Tale Spin fans about new characters and ideas. (Please don't do that! The TaleSpin fandom outside of Ann29 is way too gritty to be doing that. Even my fanfics aren't good enough to be used; although some of the ideas I had are in fact great as long as they are modified enough so that it doesn't kill off the fun spirit of the show; which many fanfics including mine should have learned and didn't.)

But most importantly......

[10.] Do not even dare edit "my" masterpiece. As you proably heard by now; the Disney company has indeed cut and edited sences from Tale Spin. According to the Disney Company they are doing this to make it more "Polticially Correct" and it should not affect the storyline. PC is not my reason why I think this kind of stance by Disney is inexcusable. The real reason why I'm againest this is to protect the original vision of the producers and writers of the show (Jymn Magon et ali). I've been told by many experts on storywriting that if you take any piece of an excellent story; you've basically ruined that excellent story. Every scene; every cut scene has purpose even if you or Disney doesn't notice it. No scene is unimportant. The sad thing is that Disney has been allowed to edit Tale Spin to death since the first showing of Plunder and Lightning on September 9th,1990. I wish that Disney would put an uncut version of "Plunder and Lightning" on videotape and stop this maddness. Disney is not the only ones guilty for this; this is a warning for all compaines: Edit our "Masterpieces" and we'll get ya! (Well; at least P&L Disney Channel is available for download unofficially and the uncut DVD sets are available officially, so Disney at least heeded that threat if nothing else. Not to say that every scene doesn't have a purpose because in TaleSpin, characters are not automatic joke machines (Now there's a concept someone needs to build and make happen: A machine that does nothing but tells jokes. Have a show of a machine telling jokes for 7, 11, 22 or whatever minutes you need and just have them do that all the time. Kids will watch anything; so why not seeing just a machine that spews out jokes?! I realize that it's insulting; but execs are psychopaths disguised as human beings; so they can relate to a joke machine.); but saying Politically Correct without realizing that PC is a bigoted dog whistle is really stupid 1998 Me. I was against the editing because Disney was so inconsistent with it that they shouldn't have bothered because it was so laughable. Either put it on DVD uncut; or show it at all and create some heat on yourself. Which Disney did in the end. So I'm happy that they listened to #10 at least even if they didn't listen to anything else.)

So enjoy watching the show because Disney isn't going to bring it back for another season. Disney had a huge hit on their hands and they blew it. Someone has to tell them that we will not support you ever again if Disney is going to continue ignoring us; the public. Disney will have a ture test in 1999 though. The series is called Mouseworks and it is Mickey Mouse's chance to revive Disney's quality. If Mouseworks is a good cartoon; then prehaps Disney has indeed gone through a cycle of having one bad season like they sometimes do. However; if the company treats Mickey Mouse disgracefully (like Huey, Dewey and Louie from Quack Pack) then the last question will be this: Did Walt Disney's vision mean anything at all or have we been suckered into another corporate setup? (The answer is: Yes; but no one cared and yes; but no one cared anyway because money talks and a giant weighes. As for Mickey Mouse: Disney actually did a good job with Mickey Mouse and House of Mouse; so I don't know why 1998 Me is so upset. Quack Pack's problems were less of a concept and more because Toby Shelton made a mess of the product. Besides; Daisy needed a makeover badly and the nephews were madeover basically because they wanted to kill off the rotten stink of the Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue PSA that the nephews appeared in. Noble; but foolish in the end.) And what would Walt think of this if he was still alive? (That is a great question that will never be answered because he's dead. Plus; as I mentioned earlier, focus on what he did and not what he said. He might have said "You cannot top pigs with pig(let)s!"; but purists forget that Walt Disney wasn't good with making sequels because he was mostly an entertainer who raided the public domain and make productions of his own. Sure; it makes Disney look like a hypocrite from a copyright point of view; but that hasn't stopped the company from acting like it does now.) Time will tell that.

That's my opinion; I welcome yours. See you next time!

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