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No; it is not if Molly gets to see Kit knock his head on the chairs for her again. Sorry Molly! HA  

The Final Cloudkicking Address


  "Kit.....Kit Cloudkicker.." - Kit, Plunder and Lightning "Plane for Keeps".


July 4th,1998 is usually the day where America celebrates the birth of a country. However; for me it was officially the birth of a new website. The birth of a TaleSpin website......However; this was no ordinary TaleSpin website by any means. (Although no TaleSpin website is 'ordinary'.) This is the very first website which pays homage and respect to Disney's #1 character. He is the cutest, most in-depth young man ever designed by Disney: Kit Cloudkicker. Yes; Disney's answer to drama and excitement from a character who didn't get much respect from Disney. I chose Kit Cloudkicker because I simply loved him as a character and also because there was no website that in fact focused on him. I always figured that there were as many people who loved Kit as there were many people who loved Don Karnage.

Did I really make it this far? The website is officially ten years old? I should be celebrating this wonderful occasion. I mean; sure I didn't really do anything special in the last year or so other than a few minor updates and a review of the TaleSpin Volume 2 DVD set. I did rant on half of the episodes of Disney's Adventures of The Gummi Bears, the entire Wuzzles series and 27 more episodes of Darkwing Duck. I also did the DVD reviews on Gummi Bears and Darkwing Duck along with some really special rants on the wonderful world of MUGEN. I have Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers all ready to go for next year to rant on along with Chapter Two of Waltz of Wind completed in rough and second draft all ready to be completed in final draft. My tradition continues with Rebecca's Diary not being touched again and I have been doing a lot of LiveJournal writing lately on video game issues and a few interesting things about TaleSpin and other matters that were too short to be done in an editorial. So; I should be celebrating in spite of this because the Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage is ten years old. It should be a wonderful time indeed as I should be bringing on the party and party like it is July 4th, 1998 all over again......

...However; there is a time to realize that you have written everything that is to write about my favorite character and this series in general that anymore writing towards it will sound like I am repeating myself; or worse, pandering to the point of preaching to the choir thus making even more content sound worthless. I could repeat the history of this website here and inflate the number of words on this final voyage; but everything I said was already said in the Five Years of Cloudkicking Address. Again; this would be the worse form of pandering. The truth is; I didn't really plan anything other than to say farewell to the site as of this day forward; the Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage is officially retired. The reasons behind it are real simple: I have nothing left to write (unless you count the fanfics and the tributes; but really the information for the tributes are already provided in the links page). It would be pointless to continue writing editorials on TaleSpin and Kit unless I had something fresh and original to write. I was planning a few editorials on the burner including the infamous “Eisner is teaching us that snow is good when it's really painful in reality” letter of protest; but with Michael Eisner gone, the joke is gone with it. Doing a mock letter to Bob Iger just doesn't have the same ring to it. The other editorials have nothing to do with TaleSpin at all and they are about the video game industry being made into a complete joke by Mr. Hardcore elitists (Think Disney purist only with much more venom and fury.). There is the fanfics and tribute page and I still plan to work on them; but instead of trying to promise people I am going to do this and that, I'll do it on my own terms. It's not like I EVER kept my word in finishing Rebecca's Diary (when I had about eight different chances to do that one but never got past the second scene) or as recently as finishing Chapter Two of Waltz of the Wind which was in the box ready to go. It's easy to blame the forest fire threat on this; but I won't because I had completed the rough draft six months ago. I was more distracted in reading Sean Malstrom talk about business than anything else. Plus; I work three days a week, six hours a day at a computer recycling business which would actually be a place to make good money if it wasn't for government taxation in this country. Of course; I have been busy doing rants for other DTVA series on my Rant Shack Of Thoughts which has actually been really fun for me and in a way a chance to let off some steam from the daily grind. So I'm really no longer in the mood to do anymore really big projects for this website (other than fanfics and tributes) and since there is no word on if and when Volume 3 of TaleSpin will be released (and even if it was it'll be in the Rant Shack of Thoughts anyway); I am officially burned out TaleSpin wise. I still love the series and still have some great ideas for fanfics; but as long as Disney believes that TaleSpin is not viable to be reborn; I'm not going to waste my time trying to convince them otherwise. Business is business and for me; that's an playground I really have no business interfering in.

So; I would like to end this final address by thanking the following people who made this venture wonderful: A thank you to Jymn Magon, Mark Zaslove and Bob Kline for bringing the series together in just three days and managing to create a wonderful series that anyone could watch and feel like they were surprised even years after the show was released. Len Smith for Kit Cloudkicker's character design; RJ Williams and Alan Roberts for their refreshing voice takes on the little boy who could surf the clouds; the in house animation studios who made the animation good enough that I wouldn't complain too much when I saw it again to rant on five years ago; Sun Woo for giving me a sense of humor throughout this when they screw up, Libby Hinson for making me love Molly Cunningham, Jan Strnad for showing the Simpsons a thing or two about how to write real pathos, the rest of the team for keeping the main crew from going insane, Bob Iger for at least showing that he remotely cares about the series, Michael J. Gollihue for inspiring me to create this website, various writers and artists who provided the pictures and fanfics for this website including but not limited to Dan Green, Kristof, Jeff Mika, Tabias of Otters for the Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage logo, Adam Davis (first UKCHP fan), Wilson Goldwing , Nina Adams, Alyson Terry, Ted Heinz (The man behind the Kit & Karnage movement), Chris Barat (for the TaleSpin Time Line and some great help on Gummi Bears), Debbie Madden, Open Office and Claris Home Page Lite (for providing the web page builders to create this website), Geocities and Angelfire for hosting my website, and of course a special thanks for everyone who visited my website and gave me the motivation to keep going for as long as this site did. It's been fun but I have gotta run and remember when you pull chocks; it means it's time to go.....

Thanks for the memories Little Britches; you are forever enshrined......That's my opinion; I welcome yours. This is officially all I can say; there isn't anymore.

Its time to return home Kitboy.

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