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Haunting Visions of The Past

Written by: Chrisno 51

A Dream is just a Dream right?

Time Line June 28, 1938

The memories of my past haunt me unable to remember the truth of who I am. Unable to trust and love, I just look for a place to belong. God, help me to find my way and the ones who will love me and mend my heart and clear my mind. Help me to remember the forgotten good memoriesof my clouded past.

-Kit Cloudkicker-

Short poem by Kit Lee forgotten memories of the past Kit's call to anyone who will help.


The nights in Cape Suzette were warm and full of peace. But not for one bear cub named Kit Cloudkicker, the last few nights had been full of fear do to a bad dream that he had been having for some time now. His dad, Baloo, had seen that his son was not sleeping well lately, because he had fallen asleep in his chair on the Sea Duck many times. What kind of dream could be so bad? Kit would not tell anyone, not even his new mom Rebecca. Rebecca, who had just tied the not with Baloo to be Kit's true mom, since Baloo had adopted Kit. Rebecca wished to only help her son the best she could but kit would not tell her about his dream. Could the mind of 13 year old Kit be remembering something that happened in his past or could it be a vision of thing's to come?

The Story

“No!” Kit shouted once more from down the hall again. He shouted “Hey, let me go!”

As the young bear cub tossed in his bed again he shouted “help me, papa bear, help me.”

Baloo awoke, “oh man not this again” he stated.

“What?” asked Rebecca, who was also awoke.

“Kit’s having that dream again, this is the fourth time this week!” Baloo replied, as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. “What are we going to do Becky?” he asked.

“We can’t go on like this Baloo” Rebecca stated, “I have asked Kit about his dream nearly five times and so have you, but he won’t say what it is that’s keeping him up, I just wish he would tell me!”

“Bu...” Rebecca paused as she heard Kit scream again, this time louder as if he was falling endlessly. She jumped out of bed and told Baloo, that she would go see if he’s okay. Rebecca went down the dark hallway to Kit’s room and opened the door. Kit was breathing very hard and was almost ready to fall out of his bed. “Kit!” Rebecca shouted, “wake up!” Kit did not wake so she tried again. “Kit wake up, its only a bad dream, it can’t hurt you everything is alright” she said hoping it would help. This time Kit shot up out of his bed, shaking and covered in sweat. “Son, are you okay?” Rebecca asked softly.

“No mom, it was that dream again” Kit replied crying, “I can’t take this any more” the cub stated “I can’t sleep at night and when I do it’s at work with dad, this needs to stop, dad can’t keep flying without me to navigate for him!” Kit gave his mom a look that was very unhappy.

“Well tell me what’s been keeping you up” Rebecca asked, kindly.

“Okay mom”, Kit replied, still crying a bit “here it goes” he said, after taking a deep breath. “Remember when Don Karnage attacked us with the lighting gun over a year ago?”

“Yes, go on”, Rebecca said.

“Well I don’t know if you knew, but I tried to stop him from wrecking the city, but I was caught and Karnage threw me over the side of the Iron Vulture.” “I could not save myself because he broke my board, and if it was not for dad coming back for me I would have died!”

“But he saved you, son, your sister and I saw the whole thing, we watched in fear as you fell. Yes I admit it was close, but dad made it” “So what does this have to do with your dream, son?” Rebecca asked.

“Well mom”, Kit said “in my dream Karnage built a new type of lighting gun and attacked us again, dad and I went to stop him, but as before I was caught as I took the new jewel that Karnage was using from the gun.” “Him and I then had a sword fight which I won, but as I started to finish him off I couldn’t do it, for if I had I would have been no better than he was.” “So I just turned around and started to walk away when he hit me from behind with a pipe of some kind and busted my right leg!” “He then picked me up and hit me with the pipe again, this time I took a hard shot to my side and spit up my own blood!” “I tried to scream for dad to come help, but the pain stopped me.” “Karnage then said that I was going to die, I tried to fight and get free, but I couldn’t.”

“You poor, thing!” Rebecca cried. “I understand now, please go on” she said.

“What happened next” Kit said, was that Karnage threw me to my death, dad tried to save me, but he was too late all he could do was watch as I fell out of sight.” “Dad shouted something, but I did not hear him.” “That’s when I wake up every time, mom!” Kit cried.” “It felt so real like it was a vision of something that was going to happen!”

“It felt so real” Kit kept saying, rocking back and forth “so real.”

“Stop” Rebecca asked, kindly “it was just a dream and dream can’t hurt you.” “Just one thing though, did you have your board?”

“I don’t know” the brown cub hissed, as he looked up at his mom crying harder.

“Don’t cry son, it was only a dream and as far as Karnage, no one has seen him or his pirate’s in over a year now.” “Maybe he just gave up on trying to plunder and kill and started a new life, just as we did.”

Kit laughed a little and thanked his mom for her comfort.

“Now go back to sleep” the bearness said with a smile on her face, “don’t think about the dream anymore, okay?”

“Okay” Kit, grinned.

“I love you so very much, honey, good night”

“I love you too, mom, good night” replied, Kit.

Before, Rebecca, left she sang Kit, a song. “Close your eye’s, I’ll be here for you no matter what we may face, know that we’ll face it together, so rest, honey, and know that a dream is just a dream and I’ll be here for you.”

Rebecca, then closed Kit’s door and went back to her and Baloo’s room.

But, Kit thought, was this all just a dream or was it something that was going to happen? The young bear cub thought, if this is real would it happen the same way as my dream or would it be different in some way?

Mean while, as Kit slept, an old enemy was planning his return to take over Cape Suzette by storm with his new lighting gun, which was bigger and much worse than before!

“Oh Kit and Baloo, you can’t stop me this time”, Karnage hissed, as he looked at a picture of his old rivals. “We will see who has the last laugh this time, bwahahahahahah.”

“Get ready for the return of the feared pirate Don Karnage, Cape Suzette will be all mine, the end is near indeed!"

“Sir, we need to talk.”

“Huh, what is it, Mad Dog, can’t you see I’m plotting my best plan yet?”

“Yes sir, I can”, Mad Dog said, under his breath.

“Well what?” “What is it you want?”

“Well sir, we just got the old jewel you stole before back, it was just were you said it would be and still intact, we are ready to start making the new one.” “Should we start as you planned?”

“Yes, yes go now and do as you were told, because after today everyone will know that we are back for our revenge!”, Karnage laughed.

The evil laughter of Don Karnage, could be heard all throughout Pirate Island, long into the night.

The Return of Karnage - Time Line June, 29 1938

The battle between good and evil is endless, though I try to fight for what is right I still feel that we should all give peace a chance, and stop all the hate in the world. Violence has been a part of my life for to long, for that is all I saw when I was a pirate. Karnage's heart was black and he had no feelings for the ones he harmed. For the one year I was with him I stood by and watched as he hurt the lives of everyone we met. I will not take this any more, if I somehow get the chance to make up for all the wrong's I've made in my life, even if it means my own life. I will get Karnage back for all he has done to me, my family, and the people he hurt so long ago. I will know at last what peace is, and my mind will be free of the haunting vision's of my past, and if I die I will be happy to know that my new mom and dad loved me. I will never forget these memories of my past. I will not let my past hold me back any longer.

Rebecca had gotten back to her and Baloo’s room as she was crying when she sat down on the side of the bed, Baloo who had fallen back to sleep was awoke by the sound of his wife’s sobs.

“Becky”, he asked, “what’s wrong?”

Rebecca, crying harder replied, “it’s Kit.”

“What is wrong with him?”, the grey bear asked.

“It’s his dream.”

“What!”, Baloo shouted, “did he tell you about it?”

“Yes”, Rebecca sobbed.

“Well what was all the fuss about and is this the reason your crying?”

“First off, do you think you can handle it, Baloo?”

“Sure, go on, what could be so bad about a little dream?”

“Okay here is what Kit told me. He said that in his dream Don Karnage had built another lighting gun and attacked Cape Suzette again."

“Yeah, go on”, Baloo replied.

“He told me that you and him went to stop Karnage, but as you land he goes to stop the light gun, but is caught by Karnage. They then have a sword fight, which Kit wins, but…..” Rebecca started to cry again, knowing that she was close to the part of the dream that had upset her the most when Kit told her.

“But what, Rebecca? I swear I can take it.”

“Okay”, she replied. “After the sword fight Kit started to finish off Karnage, but he said he couldn’t, so he turned his back and started to walk away and Karnage then hit him with a pipe and broke his leg. Karnage then picked him up and hit him again, this time in the side causing Kit to spit up his own blood. He then told Kit that he was going to die.”

“What!”, Baloo shouted, when he heard how Karnage had hurt his son. “That must have been one bad nightmare!”

“Yeah”, Rebecca stated, “but that’s not the last of it. Kit then tried it scream for you to come help, but the pain he was having stopped him. He did tell me that you came to try and help, but that you did not make it in time.”

“What!”, Baloo shouted again, “what do you mean?”

“Well”, Rebecca started, “you got there just as Karnage threw him over the side of the Iron Vulture. He said you ran as fast as you could, but that you did not make it in time. He said that as he fell you tried to tell him something, but he did not hear you. The worst part of this is Kit thinks it is real," she stated.

“Hey!”, Baloo hissed, “what does Kit think huh? That if something like this happened I would not try to save him, no way Kit’s my son and I would not let anything happen to him, I love that kid too much to let anything happen to him!”

“Oh no”, Rebecca cried, “I knew you would think this way and that is why I didn’t want to tell you.”

“I’m glad you did tell me, I’ll talk to Kit first thing today about it and end this once and for all.”

“Baloo”, Rebecca asked softly, “please go easy on him he’s been through a lot over the last few weeks, and I don’t need you to make him feel any worse, so please go easy on him for me.”

“Okay, I’ll try.”

It was dawn and Kit had just got up, but before he could go down stairs he was greeted by his dad. “Hi, papa bear, the cub said with a smile on his face, nice to see you up so early! So what can I do for you?”

“Little britches, we need to talk.”

“Sure, papa bear, what’s on your mind?”

“Well your dream for starters, your mom told me about it last night, she told me the whole story. I’m sorry about what happened, but like she told you, it was just a dream it can’t come true.”

“But, papa bear”, Kit wined, “it felt so real like a vision of things to come.”

“But nothing son, it was just a dream and that is that!”

“But da……”

“Sorry son, it was just a dream let it go. Anyway I have to get to work and you need to keep your head clear so you can watch your sister.” Baloo rubbed his hand through Kit’s hair and kissed him on the head and said “I’ll see you tonight, oh and I know in my heart that this dream won’t come true.” Then Baloo left.

Kit sobbed and though his dad would never believe him, but he was right he had to watch his sister, which was a tough job to do.

Mean while on Pirate Island, Karnage and his men were in the last stage of finishing the lighting gun.

“Alright my men, we will take Cape Suzette today, yes Karnage hissed, today we will take all and leave Cape Suzette in ruins. Today is our day let’s get going. Oh Baloo and Kit, this is the end bwhahahahahaha. Oh I am so evil Karnage hissed, get ready Cape Suzette, here I come!”

Back in Cape Suzette Kit and his sister were listening to Danger Women. The day had went very well for the most part, just some bad weather, which was normal for Cape Suzette in the summer.

“Hey, Kit”, Molly asked, “can we go get some ice cream?”

“Not now Molly, this storm is getting too bad for me to take you out. You know how mom is if I take you out in this and you get sick, I’ll never hear the end of it, Maybe later okay?”

“Okay, Kit.”

Just then a news bulletin started on the radio.

“We interrupt today’s episode of Danger Woman to bring you breaking news. We here at K – Cape have got reports that the Iron Vulture has been sighted just north of the cliff guns and Karnage has demanded that we give up or he will invade Cape Suzette again.” The sound of thunder could be heard as Karnage fired his lighting gun, taking out the Cape Suzette cliff guns. “Sorry everyone”, the radio announcer said, “I’m out of here, Karnage is here and he just shot what looked like lighting at the cliff guns, which are now gone! I hope everyone is alright, but as for me I’m out of here, this has been K – Cape News.” That was the last thing anybody heard as the radio went dead!

“No”, Kit shouted, I was right!

“What?”, Molly asked with a worried look on her face, “what’s going on, Kit?”

“My dream”, Kit shouted, “its coming true!”

“Dream”, Molly asked in shock, “what dream?”

“I can’t talk now we have to get to mom and dad, and fast!”

“But Kit, Molly screamed, “I don’t understand, what was the man on the radio talking about? I don’t understand”, Molly said again.

“Well, I don’t have time to tell you right now, I have to get you to mom where you’ll be safe”

Those were Kit’s last words as he and Molly got on Kit’s bike and rode off to Higher for Hire.

Just as Kit and Molly rode off Karnage had come through the Cape Suzette cliffs and started to wreck the city as before, but this time with ten times the power! With every shot from the lighting gun the city was left in ruin. Kit rode as fast as he could to out run the falling debris from the badly ruined buildings, as Karnage started his speech.

“Hello people of Cape Suzette, it is I that plundering wonder, Don Karnage! The last time I visited your fair city a pilot and his friend Kit Cloudkicker stopped me from stealing everything, but I will have you know that I do not care about your riches. I just want revenge on them and the city that made them hero’s. Enjoy your last day people of Cape Suzette and don’t blame me for this. The fate of your city now lies in the hands of Baloo and Kit. I will get what I want! Bwahahahahahah! Now say goodbye and remember this is not a plundering, this is a revenge! Ratchet, fire at will and burn this city down to the ground!”

At that time Baloo was in the Sea Duck going over his flight log for the day when he heard Karnage’s words.

“No”, the grey bear shouted, “Kit’s dream was not a dream, it was a vision! I need to tell him I am sorry for not believing him. Karnage, you say that you want revenge and this is not your fault, but the fault of my son and I. Well you cheap low life, you won’t win. Kit and I stopped you once and we can do it again. This ends now!”

A very tired Kit rode up at the docks. “Molly you go get inside with mom, I have to go”

“But, Kit”, she wined, “you don’t have to do this.”

“Sorry, I am not going to sit here and let Karnage take away the only home I have ever truly had. I have watched as he has taken away home after home from everyone we met when I was a pirate, but no longer”, Kit stated. “If anything happens to me I want you to know that having you as my sister has giving me the chance to be a kid and I love you very much.” Kit kissed Molly and sent her inside with his mom. Kit then ran over to Baloo, who was already warming up the Sea Duck. “Dad”, he shouted, “we have to stop this. I can’t and won’t let Karnage take away our home, this needs to end now!”

“I’m way ahead of you! Hop in I got a big surprise for Mr. Karnage, and I hope he gets a real kick out of it!” Baloo then shows Kit his little surprise.

“What the heck is that, papa bear?”, Kit asked.

“I don’t know Buzz gave it to me a few years back and told me it might come in handy some day, I think he called it a time bomb, you know Buzz.”

“So, how does it work?”, Kit asked.

“I think he said all you have to do is set the timer and its good to go.”

“Alright, Buzz”, Kit shouted!

“Well lets go give, Karnage, his revenge! What do you say, Kiddo?”

“Lets do it, papa bear!”, Kit replied.

“Wait”, Rebecca yelled!

“What is it, Becky?”

“Kit needs his airfoil!”

“Why?”, Baloo asked.

“Just in case something goes wrong, Kit knows what I’m talking about.”

“Sure do, mom, thanks!”, Kit replied.

“Can you please tell me what the heck is going on?”, Baloo asked.

“Sorry, papa bear, this is just between mom and I”

“Alright, whatever, you say, son. Lets pull chocks and give Karnage what coming to him!”

As Baloo and Kit take off, Rebecca whispered “please God, keep them safe and don’t let the rest of this nightmare come true.”

Once in the air Baloo and Kit talked about there plan. “Okay, let me see if I got this right papa bear”, Kit said. “Your going to set the time bomb and you want me to stop the lighting gun, right?”

“Right, that’s the plan little britches, just be careful okay?”

“I will, papa bear, unless the rest of this nightmare comes true!”

“What did you say, son”, Baloo asked.

“Nothing, papa bear.”

“I could have sworn you said something after that, oh well, maybe I’m hearing things. By the way son, I’m sorry that I didn’t believe you, can you forgive me?”

“Yes, of course you are forgiven, dad!”, Kit replied.

“Hey, son, if you don’t mind me asking what is the your looking at?”

At that time Kit had what looked like a note in his hand. “Oh, this? Its nothing important, just some stuff I was hoping on getting for my plane, other then that its nothing. Sorry, papa bear, I hate to lie to you , but I hope you never have to read this!”

“Okay”, Baloo replied.

At that time Karnage saw the Sea Duck and radioed Baloo. “So, Baloo, you think you can stop me? We will see about that!”

“Can it, Karnage”, Baloo shouted. “I don’t think I can stop you, but I know Kit and I both can. I hope you had fun, because this ends now!”

“Oh, you make me very angry! Away, my men, stop that plane”, Karnage shouted, as every pirate on the Iron Vulture took off after the Sea Duck. “We will see who has the last laugh”, Karnage hissed, “I will get my revenge!”

“Wow, look out, papa bear, pirates are heading straight at us”, Kit said!

“I see them”, Baloo replied. “Man, we need some backup and fast!” But before Baloo could radio for backup, about thirty planes came up and were ready to fire!

“Hey, thanks, who ever you are, you just saved my son’s hide!”

“No thanks needed, just paying you back for the help you gave me.”

“Hey”, Baloo shouted! Are you who I think you are? No, it can’t be!”

“What’s wrong, Baloo? Don’t tell me you forgot who I am! Well if you did I am Rick Sky leader of the Squadron 7”

“Wow, it is you!”, Baloo said, shocked.

“Another friend of yours is now leader of the rest of the group, say hi to Baloo, Ace."

“Ace!”, Kit and Baloo shouted together.

“Look Baloo, I can’t talk long, but it is me, Ace London. So what is the plan?”, London asked.

“First of all, thanks guys! Here’s the plan, you and Rick hold off Karnage’s goon’s and my son and I will take care of the rest.”

“Okay, Baloo, good luck to you and your son! Ace London, over and out”

“Same here Baloo, let end this once and for all! Rick Sky, over and out.”

And with that the attack on Karnage began. Though, Karnage had overheard Baloo!

“So, Kit is now your son Baloo, this is very interesting! I might just have to have some fun with that, bwhahahahah!”, Karnage laughed.

My family is so close to me no matter how far apart we are. Through the darkest hours of the night and the light of day dad, mom, and sis are here for me. I can now love and trust this is my home and Karnage will not take it away. My home and family mean so much to me, I will love them always as the battle rages on I look into my dad’s eyes and know all will be fine. These are the memories I hold dear to me now. All there is to fear is fear its self, Karnage this ends now! Nothing can stop us now! If you can’t fly don’t mess with the aces Kit and Baloo!

-Kit Cloudkicker-

Poem Forgotten Memories Part 3.

“Take this you pirates”, Rick said, as he and Ace opened fire.

“Sir, watch out pirates on you side”, one of Rick’s men said.

“Thanks for the warning! Ace, take care of these guys for me” Rick said.

“Sure thing” Ace said, as he opened fire!

“Your tail section is mine”, Dump Truck said.

“Ha ha, I think not” Baloo said, as he buzzed Dump Truck from behind catching him off guard .

“Alright, way to go, papa bear, but now what about us?”, Kit said

“Man oh man we got pirates at 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock! Somebody, Ace, Rick, we need help now!”

Tak tak tak the guns sounded as the pirates opened fire on Baloo. The bullets ripped through the Sea Duck as Baloo tried to dodge. “Don’t worry Baloo hip is on the way”, Ace London replied as he and his men opened fire.

“Ah, look we have the upper hand! Oh I am so happy revenge will be mine”, Karnage said. Tak tak, Mad Dog opened fire again on Baloo. Mad Dog shouted “what!” as the sound of gun fire was heard from behind. Ace and men took out the pirates, but Mad Dog dodged and flew off. “That’s it run you coward you’ll get what’s yours” Ace replied.

“Hey, thanks guys, my son and I thank you all”, Baloo replied.

“Your welcome! Rick and I will hold off the rest of these guys so you and Kit can finish the job, Ace London over and out”

“Same here, Baloo, lets end this! Rick Sky, over and out”

Victory was not at hand yet as Kit and Baloo now had a meeting with Don Karnage, who was not happy that the battle was now in the favor of Baloo and his friends.

After the close call Kit and Baloo landed on the Iron Vulture. “Okay, remember the plan little britches?” Baloo asked.

“Sure do papa bear, I even came pre-paired.”

“What do you mean by that, son?” Baloo asked.

“Well you remember last time I used a glove to take the jewel right?”

“Yes I do” Baloo replied.

“I kinda took mom’s without asking”

“Good going son, but you don’t think she will be mad do you?”

“Nah, I think she will understand. Thanks mom, kit thought as he pulled the glove out of his pocket. Kit knew his mom had put it there before she went to work that morning.

“Okay kiddo, let’s split up. I’m going to give us about thirty minutes to get out of here and get back safely, okay?”, Asked Baloo.

“Sure papa bear, let’s do it!” With that Kit and Baloo went on there way.

Seconds later Kit came upon the lighting gun. “Man, I hope that Karnage is not looking” Kit said as he put on his glove and reached for the jewel. Kit grabbed it, but as he went to put the jewel in his shirt pocket a voice from behind him caught the young cub off guard.

“Ahem, what do you think your doing? Put that back!”, Commanded the voice. Uh oh not good Kit thought as he turned around to see that the voice was coming from none other then Karnage himself.

“So Mister Cloudkicker, we meet again, tisk tisk what a shame trying the same thing that nearly killed you the last time! Didn’t I teach you any better?” Said Karnage.

“I guess not, Don Garbage!”

“It is Karnage for the last time you insolent little fool!”

“Who are you calling a fool, yourself?” Kit asked.

“Why you little… if that is how you want it, here catch!” Karnage slid a sword over to Kit.

“Sure Karnage if it’s a fight you want, you got it! I might die, but I will not let you hurt any body ever again” Kit shouted as he picked up the sword and ran for Karnage, as he did the same. As the fight began Kit hit Karnage at every turn.

“Well, I see I thought you well” Karnage said as he ducked under Kit’s sword.

“Karnage, you taught me nothing. I fight for what is right, I don’t think you get it! Oh that’s right, all you know how to do is hurt, I will not let you take away my home, this ends now!” Kit swung his sword as hard as he could, using the rage and hate he had for Karnage to knock the sword out of Karnage’s hand. “There its over, give up Karnage!” Kit shouted.

“Okay, you win I give up do with me as you will, I only wish that you can forgive me.”

“Sorry Karnage, I can’t and won’t ever forgive you. I have said it once and I will say it again. You are nothing but a cheap crook and I can never forgive that.” Kit raised his sword to deliver the final blow, but as he started to finish Karnage off he thought of his mom and dad, they would not want him to take the life of another no matter how evil, and Kit also thought he would be just as bad as Karnage if he did. So Kit dropped the sword and turned his back and started to walk away, but he was unaware that he had fallen right into Karnage’s trap.

“Hahaha, I knew you could not do it”, Karnage laughed.

“What!” Kit replied, as out of nowhere Karnage hit him from behind. Kit had just taken a hard shot to his right leg from a steal pipe, which broke his leg on impact. Now unable to move, Kit was right where Karnage wanted him.

Mean while Baloo had just set the bomb and was starting to worry about Kit, as he heard him scream for help. “Hold on little britches, papa bear’s on his way! Baloo ran as fast as he could through the Iron Vulture to finally reach the beak where upon his arrival Kit was held by the collar of his shirt.

“Aw, Baloo you are here at last! I was beginning to think that you did not care for your son.”

“Dad!”, Kit screamed, “help me, he has already broke my leg and God knows what he’ll do to me next.”

“Shut up you!” Karnage replied, as he slapped Kit.

“Why you, let my son go!” Baloo shouted, as he walked closer to Karnage.

“hahaha, Baloo one more step and I drop your son!”

Baloo, now filled with rage shouted “If you harm one hair on my son I’ll I’ll…"

“You’ll do what Baloo? Give up and I’ll let your son go.”

“No, papa bear it’s a trap don’t listen to him” Kit shouted with all the strength he had, but again all he got was another slap from Karnage.

Baloo seeing his son being hurt helped him to give in. “You win, Karnage” he shouted! “I give up”, as he gave Kit a wink. Kit knew his dad had a plan but what happened next was not part of that plan, as Baloo rushed at Karnage, he did what he said he would do. He dropped Kit over the side. As Baloo continued to run after Kit he was to late , Kit was already falling and Baloo could do nothing to stop it. Baloo shouted to his son as he fell faster and faster out of sight, “Kit I love you son, I’m sorry”. Though Kit did not hear him as the lighting and thunder roared back to life as the storm started again.

Mean while after Kit was out of sight he opened his air foil and grabbed it with his hand and glided to the water below, where he was picked up by a Cape Suzette coast guard ship. Kit was now safe, but his leg broken pretty bad. As Kit was taken inside the ship to have his leg looked at he looked up at the Iron Vulture and said “good luck dad, please come home safe”, as a tear rolled down his cheek.

Back on the Vulture, Baloo hung his head knowing he had failed his son and would never see him again. Baloo quickly snapped out of it and turned to Karnage. “You no good two timing liar, we had a deal you said if I give up you would let Kit go!” Baloo shouted.

“I lied” Karnage replied. “I saw the wink Baloo, I’m not dumb I knew you two had a plan, so what are you going to do about it?”

“I’ll show you!” Baloo reared back and punched Karnage. Baloo, who was filled with the rage of failing his son fought Karnage. He knew that this could not give him back his son, but it was the only thing he could do. As the storm raged on, Karnage ran and climbed a ladder to the of the Iron Vulture, but Baloo was not going to let him get away that easy!

Now both Baloo and Karnage were on top of the Vulture, and the storm that raged above gave a fighting back drop for this to be there final show down, as before Karnage was hit at every punch, Baloo had the upper hand and was not about to let up. “Baloo, please lay off, I’m sorry” Karnage begged. “Honest I’ll change I swear on it. Baloo didn’t listen, with every punch he only saw the person who took away his son, until he knocked Karnage over the side of the Vulture. “No!” Karnage begged, “please help me.”

“Sorry Karnage”, Baloo replied, “like you said this in not a plundering this is revenge, my revenge”, Baloo stated as he tossed Karnage off.

The last word of Karnage were “You have not seen the last of me”, as he was caught by one of his men, oddly enough it was Mad Dog. Karnage and Mad Dog then left Cape Suzette.

Baloo had won, but his victory was short lived, for Karnage was alive and vowed to return again, but that was not going to stop Baloo from taking something from him. He started the timer on the bomb and ran back to the Sea Duck. His heart was torn apart, not only had he failed him once but twice. Baloo was going to tell Becky what happened and she would take it hard enough. Baloo cleared his head and took of. Just in time as the Vulture blew up from behind him.

As the people of Cape Suzette cheered on there hero, a voice baloo thought he would never hear again came in on his CB. “Come in dad, do you read me, I repeat do you read me, papa bear?”

“Kit, is that you!” Baloo asked, as he picked up his mike, but I saw you fall how did you…..”

“Oh papa bear, I used my air foil”, Kit replied.

“But how, you said Karnage broke your leg?” Baloo asked.

“He did, but not my arms I opened my air foil and glided to safety, and was picked up by a coast guard ship. I had the doctor check my leg and he told me that I need to have surgery and I’m on my way to the hospital now” Kit explained.

“That’s good to hear, by the way, what hospital are they taking you to?”

“I think my doctor said he would operate on me at Cape Suzette Memorial” Kit replied.

“Good I’ll be there soon, and I’m sorry I let Karnage get away!”

“That’s okay, I understand hopefully we gave him a scare and he’ll never bother us again.”

One hour later, Baloo arrived at Cape Suzette Memorial, as Kit was being pre-paired for his surgery.

“Dad!”, the young cub smiled, “you came” Kit said happily!

“I told you I would be here little britches, how are you doing?” Baloo asked.

“I’m scared papa bear” Kit said.

“I understand, but I know you’ll be just fine, by the way do you know who your doctor is?”

“I think his name is Dr. Bagheera” Kit replied.

“You don’t say, I know that your in good hands now. Bagheera and I know each other from long ago.”

“Okay Baloo” Kit replied.

“Mr. Baloo, we need to get started now” the nurse said, “you can see your son after we get done.”

“How long will that be?” Baloo asked.

“For this surgery it usually takes three to five hours, but for what you and Kit did for us today we’ll try to do it as quick as possible.”

“Alright, just take your time” Baloo said. “Oh Kit, tell old baggy pants hi for me.”

“Okay papa bear, and tell mom thanks for all she did.”

Kit was then wheeled into the operating room. Baloo blew him a kiss as he went through the double door and said “stay strong son.”

A few seconds had passed, and Rebecca, who had heard the message back at Higher for Hire was now at the hospital. “Baloo” she asked “how is he doing?”

“Oh, hi honey, he’s doing fine he’s been in there for a while now, but the nurse just told me that he is doing great.”

“That’s good to hear. So what happened up there?”

“I’m sorry Becky, I just need to keep my mind on Kit now I will tell you all about it later.”

“It’s okay, I understand I saw most of it anyway.”

“Huh?” Baloo asked.

“Yes, just like before I saw the whole thing and I’m sorry, I know you tried your best to stop Karnage. But look on the bright side at least he doesn’t have the Vulture anymore.”

“Yeah, that time bomb did end that, but one thing Becky, Karnage said he would be back and I’m worried about that.”

“Don’t worry, its all okay now I think he learned his lesson this time.”

“How do you know that?”

“I just have that hunch feeling.”

Just then, Dr. Bagheera came out of the operation room. “Baloo, Miss Cunningham, your son just got out of surgery ane he’s doing just fine. You may go back and see him if you’d like.”

“Thanks doctor” Rebecca replied.

“Thanks for your help, baggy.”

“Baloo, how many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?” Bagheera hissed.

“Sorry doc, thanks for all you did for my son.”

“Just to let you know, Kit is still asleep from the medication we gave him, but he should wake up soon.”

Baloo and Rebecca walked through the double doors and down the long hallway to Kit’s room. Once there Baloo opened the door and was first to speak “Hi, little britches, I know your asleep, but I just want to let you know that you did good today.”

“Hi, sweety, I want you to know that you were very brave up there and I’m glad the rest of this nightmare didn’t come true. I love you and we’ll talk more once you get up. Your dad and I will be right here and we love you very much.”

Kit had heard the words from his parents in his first waking moment and said “I love you too.” But just then the nurse brought Baloo and Rebecca his clothes and as Baloo picked up his shirt the jewel Kit had taken from the lighting gun fell out, along with a p small piece of paper. The words on the paper read the following…..

Dear, Mom and Dad...

If I some how don’t make it back, I just want to say that I love you and thank you for all the love and care you have given me. Tell Molly that she is the best kid sister a boy could have. I love you very much and thanks for giving me the best memories of my life.

-Kit Cloudkicker-

Both, Baloo and Rebecca started to cry. Kit, who was now up asked what was wrong.

“Oh, Kit we love you too” Baloo and Rebecca said together and reached over and hugged their son.

The End

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