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Kit Cloudkicker Fan Fics

The best stories are Tale Spin stories!

In my humble opinion the best stories in the world are Tale Spin stories. Tale Spin is a symbolism in itself; meaning to "Spin a Tale" or create a story. Storyline was one of Tale Spin biggest strengths and this page will be the index for both my stories; Kit Cloudkicker stories from other fans and Tale Spin stories that you will not find anywhere else on the World Wide Web..........

143rd update: 05/24/2009: All fanfics have been moved to 50 Webs!....

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Gregory Weagle's Stories and Scripts

AeroStars: The TaleSpin Sa-Ga - The ultimate fanfic series about the past, present and future of the TaleSpin series.

Most Extreme Elimination Challenge Cartoon World Cup - The cartoon characters compete for the right to become the best cartoon in the world...and how do they solve their problems?! They play the game... MXC style. SERIES FINISHED!!

Kit Cloudkicker Fan Stories:


Nina Adams (9)


Colors of the Past Series

The End of the Beginning: Rebecca and Baloo are dead (Thanks to Don Karnage). Now; 12 years later, Kit now must face his biggest threat that will make him or break him.

Somewhere Over The Rain Cloud: Kit meets her future wife and Kit's struggle with his own past is not his alone.

Ordinary Life: Kit finally sees a hint of his past and Rebecca is considering adopting Kit's new girlfriend.

To Capture Your Love: The continuing saga of Kit and her new girlfriend getting together.

Too Far To See: Don Karnage is finally going to meet someone who's very close to him.

Down by the Boardwalk: The TaleSpin gang finally takes a break... Oscar has a crush on somebody..... and what else is going to happen?

Way Beyond The Blue: Kit Cloudkicker is fighting for his life; not to mention his own sanity. Plus Baloo is about to meet a former girlfriend.

Dear Unknown : Don Karnage meets a very special friend.

Storm in A TeaCup: Don Karnage is finally going to settle a score with a bothersome relationship.


Adam Davis (1)

Lost City : A fanfic about a greedy hunter who is finding a city on a land inhabited by a certain spieces that shouldn't exist anymore but somehow does. The hunter kidnaps Kit who may hold the link to the finding of that city.


Ricia (1)

Where The Daisies Grow: Baloo's latest excuse might just prove deadly for Miss Cunningham.


Emilio Velez (4) (2 Quizzes)

Kit has a Girlfriend: Think of this story as Kit's very first pure crush on a girl.

Kit has a Girlfriend Quiz: Now see just how smart you actually are. NO CHEATING!!

Kit Goes to Puerto Rico: Need I say more? Kit is visiting Tammy's family and friends in Puerto Rico.

Kit Goes to Puerto Rico Quiz: It's quiz time again!

Kit Cloudkicker on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire- And that's the final answer!!!

TaleSpin- Whose Line Is It Anyway?- The TaleSpin gang meets Drew and create behaviour that is turely out of character.


Alyson Terry  (4)


The Properties of Life: Even after the Plunder and Lightning battle; Kit still seems to be afraid to trust Baloo. This might be the very first adventure involving the two since the Lightning Gun.

Mind over Matter: Kit's past may finally get the best of him as he must battle MacKnee (from "Mommy for a Day") once again. Also includes a novelization of "The Idol Rich" episode.

Essence on You: The Child Welfare Department finally finds out about the family that shouldn't be. Could this be the end of the Baloo/Kit relationship forever?

Sphere of Influence: The Ultimate war story and how the TaleSpin characters reacted to. You have to read it to believe it!


Dan Green (6)

Innocents Aboard - Kit Cloudkicker decides to help Sasha in a spy mission; but could that cause a crack between he and his surrogate father?

The Family Business - A look at Rebecca Cunningham and her relationship with Kit Cloudkicker.

Dream a Little Dream of Christmas: A drama story about Kit Cloudkicker's very first Christmas.

(Webmasters Note: The views of Molly Jolly Christmas (A TaleSpin episode) are the views of the writers and are not the opinion of the webmaster; since my opinion to that episode is very different. Sorry Dan; I had to include this.)

Second Sight: A wacky story about a dream that Rebecca Cunningham has that shows why she, Baloo and Kit really need each other and why they were thrown together in "Plunder and Lightning".

Second Sight Part Two: In structure it is the same story as Rebecca's Dream; but this is for Kit Cloudkicker.

Second Sight Part Three: Again; the very same structure as Kit's Dream; but this one is Baloo. Plus an ending to prove the reason why these three characters really need each other. Special thanks to Mark Zaslove, Alan Burrnett and Len Uhley for writing the pilot episode.


Staci "Windsurfer" Faulkenberry (1)

Plunder and Lightning Novel: An account or novel on the greatest pilot episode in Walt Disney Television History (And that's no lie!).


Kristof (9)

Deja Vu : Kit Cloudkicker makes a bad choice to save time and that choice has a huge story behind it. It is a link to Kit's very troubled past and prehaps Kit isn't the only one who wanted out of the Air Pirates.

Splitting Decision: Kit Cloudkicker is torn apart to choose between Baloo and Firehound. This gives the Pirate Ground Crew Leader a chance to kidnap the staff of Higher for Hire.

Present Past: Kit is accused of crimes that he clearly didn't commit. This story is very dark.

Brotherly Love: A story about Kit's twin brother.... Yes; a twin brother for the daring young bearcub.

Air Freedom: Kit's life takes a turn for the worse when a rich-man tries to gain custody of both Kit and Chris. This story does contain abusive lanaguage; so view it at your own risk. This story doesn't end happily either as Kit now has to face up to his past to a complete stranger in order to clear his name for good!

A Clouded Day - The Aftermath of Fang's regin of terror. Is Kit's life going to get any easier?. NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!.

Seeking Out the Truth - The Grand Finale of sorts for Kit Cloudkicker. Is Kit's life really over and if so; will he die a happy bearcub.... View this at your own risk and expect anything to happen!

The Maxhattan Project- Baloo relives his life as a member of the Usland Navy. But something afoot here.

Sector- A Non-TaleSpin fanfic even though they both use the same name as Kit Cloudkicker. This story is fairly violent so view at your own risk.


Elysabeth (3)

Christmas Eve: A Tale Spin story about Christmas.

Count Your Blessings: Kit Cloudkicker dead? It cannot be....

Life of a Child: Lys' account of how Kit became an orphan.


Marc (3)

Spirit In The Sky: Kit meet a flight spirit who tells him that a former Air Hobo has plotted a personal attack on the young bearcub. The spirit is also trying to convince Kit to open his past to the world and to his best friend Baloo.

The Crimson Circle: A TaleSpin story that proves Kit is not the only one who has lost so much.

When The Heaven Falls: Has Kit's run-in with Dan Dawson allowed other pilots to exploit him? And who is that voice that tells Kit to lead to a river that no one knows..... Yes; Aly, Ollie makes an encore appearance.


Charles Gray (11)

Dreams, Lost & Found - A TaleSpin story where Rebecca Cunningham's apartment gets ramsacked and Kit's help might unlock a side of Miz Cunningham that we never have seen before.

Gathering Clouds - A 12 year old Molly Cunningham..... and her new friend who happens to be related to Shere Khan.

Meetings - A short story about the life of Rebecca Cunningham and her husband.

Haunted - A frightening story featuring Molly Cunningham and her new friends from 'Gathering Clouds'.

Choices - A story that occurs between Gathering Clouds and Haunted.

Redfruit Rising - The continuing sa-ga of the Terrible Trio.

Kiss Me- The Terrible Trio is back; this time the setting is 1946.

Who Me?- Finally; a Kit fic. Kit Cloudkicker is now 20 years old and the adventures are still in his blood.

The Great Amusement Park Chase - The Terrible Trio stars in this self-explaining story.

HomeRun- Kit Cloudkicker's service in peacetime is revealed. Young girls and a baseball bat.

The Shadow of the Valley of Death- The sad story that leads Molly Cunningham facing off againest a crippling diease with the Terrible Trio.


Steve Carter (1)

Dark Air - A substance is about to cost Higher for Hire & Khan Enterprises more than just money.


Ted Bear (2)

A TaleSpin Wedding - Baloo and Rebecca finally get married. Kit Cloudkicker brings us his thoughts on this unforgettable moment.

A TaleSpin Valentine Surprise- Kit Cloudkicker gives Miss Cunningham a surprise...A screaming surprise..


Susie Walton  (2)

Parent Trap: Kit meets his parents after 10 years of heartache. However; are they really Kit's parents?

Just the Bear Necessities: Baloo tries to show Rebecca that he's responsible after she and Molly get kidnapped.

Chrisno51  (2)

Spread Your Wings: Kit's biggest dreams come true as there is a match made in heaven!

Haunting Visions of The Past: Kit's biggest nightmare comes true as Don Karnage is back and wants revenge!

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