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A TaleSpin Wedding

Written By: Ted Bear

TaleSpin and all the characters herein are property of Disney. And The Bear just don't care, mon freire..

My apologies to all my Spinner friends who were planning on doing something like this in their future fics for beating you to the punch, so to speak. But, here it is, the wedding to the century, as told (very briefly) in Kit's perspective… Enjoy!

Kit took a nervous glance at the small clock on the nightstand while hastily brushing off any lint or other imperfection on his new black tuxedo. He wanted to look perfect today, because today… was *the big* day. He then looked over at Baloo, who stood in front of his mirror, in a tux identical to Kit's, also making sure everything looked perfect.


The boy was still a little in disbelief that a time like this had finally come… When he had first come to live at Higher for Hire, never did he even dream that something like this would ever happen. Yet, here he was, all dressed up, ready to go to the chapel… And the expression on Baloo's face--- Kit couldn't remember the last time he'd seen him like this. There was a glowing happiness on the gray bear's continence, almost trance-like. The pilot was usually so rugged, but Kit had to face it, at times like this, his Papa Bear was a hopeless romantic. And if he was nervous, he was hiding it well. Kit, on the other hand, had a stomach full of butterflies, and he wasn't even the one getting married! Although, he did have a very important role: he could hardly believe it when they asked him, Kit Cloudkicker, to be the best man. Him, the best man! He felt so honored, and was so proud he could burst… Both bears had every right to be a little nervous; they both knew that when the sun set today, neither one of them would ever be able to say that life would be exactly the same anymore.


Baloo locked eyes with the cub through the mirror, and gave him a soft wink. "You all set, kiddo?" He asked, adjusting Kit's collar and tie…


Kit took a deep breath. "Sure Baloo..." He said, closing his eyes. He tried to imagine what the day would be like… how beautiful Becky would look in her wedding gown as she walked down the isle… and how cute Molly would look in her little pink dress. And that was another thing: Molly. Kit knew that after today, she'd have a great dad; if one thing Kit learned, is that great dads didn't have to have years experience in fatherhood to be great. This was true for him, and it would be with her, most certainly. "…I'm all set." He looked up at the gray bear with a reassuring smile.


"Good! We wouldn't want the best man to late now, would we?"


"I'm a little more concerned about getting the _groom_ there on time. That's my job!" Kit said, poking Baloo playfully in the gut. Each time Kit heard the term 'best man', it made him feel all the more proud… And there was no way any groom was going to be late while _he_ was in charge of getting him there…


Baloo chuckled. "So it is, kid. Okay, Li'l Britches, lead the way." And off they went, a new chapter in their lives to be begin. Wildcat went with the two bears to the chapel.



During the ceremony itself, Kit felt like he wanted nothing more than to stay lost in the moment forever… It was almost unreal, like a dream that he hated to awake from, where unknown anticipations mixed with comforting surrender. Kit looked around at the faces in the pews, and on the bride and groom themselves. Nothing could describe the scene, or how he felt as he took it all in… Then the realization hit him of why he was so awestruck--- because on this day, at this moment, life was a dream… and it was _real_.


As the minister spoke, Kit continued to gaze at the bride and groom… Rebecca looked far more beautiful in her gown than Kit could have imagined. He took notice of Baloo's reaction when he saw her as well; you could have knocked the pilot over with a feather!


Kit was there when the couple-to-be first met, but in all honesty, he never thought this day would come back then… They had more of a boss to employee relationship back then, but soon their feelings evolved for one another, almost like they were destined to be together… Funny, Kit thought, how a boss falls in love with an employee, and vice versa… Not to mention how different these two were from each other! The bride, so refined and well mannered, and the groom, so… well, opposite… And these two were going to be man and wife? Kit chuckled lightly at the thought. There was going to be some fun in store in the future…


He had some doubts at first about the wedding, wondering where this would leave things, but then he figured that it would be for the best, and besides, they looked so damn happy together, how could he ever even think about not wanting this to happen? And as long as they were all happy, things were looking bright.



At the end of the ceremony, it seemed to Kit that it had ended almost as soon as it began… He was so enwrapped in the moment that he had lost all sense of time.


A limousine awaited outside the chapel to take the newlyweds away on their honeymoon… Kit followed them out, along with the procession of other friends and family. They both waved at the boy before getting in, and he waved back, with a huge smile. Becky even blew him a kiss, making him blush a little…


As Kit watched the limo drive off into the distance, he couldn't help but become a little misty eyed, and even started to choke up a bit. A friend handed him a hanky. "Thanks." Kit said softly, "They sure look happy, don't they? I mean, they're really in love."


"Yep, Li'l Britches, They sure do." Baloo answered. "I tell ya, Wildcat's one lucky guy."


The End.

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