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 Kit Has a Girlfriend

Written by: Emilio Velez

Disclaimer: Kit Cloudkicker, Baloo,WildCat, Molly Cunningham, Rebecca Cunningham, Oscar Vandersnoot Ernie and "The Jungle Aces" are copyright 1990/1991 Walt Disney Company and are being used without premission. The writer has made sure that no money was made in the production of this fanfic and all material is used with the upmost affection and respect to the Walt Disney Company and the Tale Spin Team.

Disclaimer#2: Tammy Martinez, Carlos Martinez, Natalie Martinez, David Martinez, Lauren Martinez and Joel Ventura are all the creation of Emilio Velez and cannot be used without prior premission from the writer of this fanfic. You many make copies of this fanfic if you wish as long as it is unaltered in any way and proper credit is given to the writer of this fanfic; not the webmaster.

At 7:00 in the morning, Kit Cloudkicker is in his bed sleeping without a shirt on and wearing black boxers. When the alarm clock went off, he got up from bed and started getting dressed to go to school. Instead of wearing his green sweater as usual, he is wearing a white sleeveless shirt and a nice pair of blue jeans. Rebecca wanted to drop Kit at his High School. The trip took 10 minutes from Higher for Hire.

When he entered the building, he saw Ernie at the lockers. "Hi Kit!" said Ernie. "So what's going on today?" said Kit. "Today I heard that there is going to be a new student coming to this school." said Ernie. "Is it a boy or a girl?" said Kit. "It's a pretty girl." said Ernie.

At 8:30, the morning bell rung. Kit went into his classroom. He sits in the front row. His homeroom and Spanish teacher is Ms. Velasquez introduces the new student. "Everyone, I want you meet Tammy." When Kit saw Tammy, his eyes are turning into pink hearts and smiles. Tammy walks to her seat. She sits next to Kit from Kit's left side. Kit is looking at her for 5 minutes and then Tammy looks at Kit and then smiles at him. "Would you like to go on a date with me?" asked Kit. "Oh, I love to." said Tammy.

At lunchtime, Kit enters the cafeteria and he gets on line to order food, then he pays the cashier for the food, and then he sits alone at the table. 4 minutes later, Tammy comes in the cafeteria and she orders food, then she pays the cashier for the food, and then she looks around for a seat and she saw Kit sitting at the table all alone. Tammy smiles at Kit and then she comes over to him. She sits next to him to have lunch.

At 1:00, he leaves the school because he has a B scheduele. His A scheduele was 2:30 because the teachers had a meeting. Meanwhile, Rebecca picks up Kit from school. Kit is coming out of school happy because of Tammy's date.

When they came back from High School, Rebecca and Molly talks to Kit. "Kit, you seem happy today." said Rebecca. "Yeah! I had a crush on this girl and she wants me to be her date." said Kit. "Is she beautiful?" said Molly. "Yes she is." said Kit. "Is she coming to your baseball game." said Rebecca. "Yes! she is coming." said Kit. "When do we see her?" said Molly. "At 3." said Kit.

Kit walks upstairs to his room to change into his baseball uniform. He changes his blue jeans into his white pants with black pinstripes. Then he takes off his sleeveless shirt. He puts on his wristbands. 1 on each hand. Then he puts his on his red mock neck shirt and then he puts on his royal blue T-Shirt with the words Cape Suzette on it. In the middle of the shirt is a baseball with a cardinal on it because the team name is Cape Suzette Cardinals. In the back, it has the #26 on the back because that is his lucky number and with the name CLOUDKICKER on top of the number. Finally he wears a royal blue cap with a red brim and the letters CS on the front. He gets his light brown glove and runs out of his room and leaves the enterance of Higher for Hire. Kit, Molly, and Rebecca goes to the red car to go to the field.

10 minutes later, they came out of the car next to Kit's home field. Kit saw Tammy sitting at the bleachers. Kit, Molly, and Rebecca comes over to her. "Tammy I want you to meet Molly and Rebecca. Miss Cunningham, Molly this is Tammy. My girlfriend." said Kit. "Nice to meet you Tammy." said Rebecca. "nice to meet you too." said Tammy. Kit goes into the dugout and looks at her. His coach yells "Hey Kit!, go warm up, your pitching today." then Kit says "Cool!"

Kit throws right-handed and he warms up in the bullpen for 5 minutes. After he warms up, Kit and his catcher goes in the dugout. Few seconds later, the coach announces the linup. As the coach calls out the lineup, all 20 players claps it up. "Okay batting 1 Ernie 1st base, batting 2 Kit pitcher, batting 3 Jason catcher, batting 4 Steven right field, batting 5 Raymond 3rd base, batting 6 Bobby shortstop, batting 7 Dante center field, batting 8 Eric left field, and batting 9 Terry 2nd base." The coach and his players put their hands up. Then the coach says "Everyone count 1,2,3 cardinals. 1,2,3!" then the players yell "CARDINALS!!!"

A minute later the players take the field. All 9 players go to their positions and starts warming up for the 1st inning. Ernie is the only player who throws left-handed. The coach has Maxie, John, Jimmy, Sal, Manny, Kenny, Paul, Warren, Alex, Matthew, and Oscar Vandersnoot on the bench.

In the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th innings he struckout the side 6 times this game. In the bottom of the 6th, his Jungle Ace friend Ernie ledoff with a single to center field. Then Kit is up at the plate. Molly, Rebecca, and Tammy starts cheering for Kit. The pitcher delivers the ball to Kit and he swings the ball into deep centerand it's over the wall for a 2-run homerun. Kit trots around the diamond. Kit and Ernie does their secret high five. they go into the dugout to high five their teammates. In the 7th, Kit is still on the mound to go for a perfect game. the 1st batter grounds out, the 2nd batter pops out, then Kit throws a 100mph fastball to strikeout the final batter of the game to get the perfect game.

All his teammates gather around Kit to celebrate the perfect game. 2 of his teammates lifted Kit. About 200 fans celebrated that perfect game.

After the celebration Rebecca, took Tammy home from the game. When they arrived at Tammy's house. Kit and Tammy went through the gate. As they approach the door, they are looking at each other and holding both hands and then Kit kisses her on the cheek and says "I'll see you tonight."

  After Kit, Rebecca, and Molly came back from Tammy's house, they went to Higher for Hire and went inside. Kit went upstairs into his room, and he played a sega game called Sonic CD for a half an hour. At 7:00PM, he started to get himself dressed to go to an amusement park. Kit came out of his room and he went downstairs to leave. "Have a good time!" said Rebecca. "Shake a leg!" said Molly. "Thanks!" said Kit.

From Higher for Hire, Kit walked 4 blocks down to the end of the street. Down there is Tammy's house. He goes through the gate then he knocks on the door. Tammy trots to the door, she opens the door. She saw Kit as she opened the door. "Hi Kit! I've been waiting for you. Please come in. " said Tammy. Kit goes in the house "Tammy, you have a nice house." said Kit. "Thank You!" said Tammy. "Come here, I want to meet my family. This is my mother Lauren and my father David." Kit meets Tammy's mother and father. "Nice to meet you, my name is Kit"

"Come with me, we are going upstairs to meet my brother and sister." said Tammy. They went upstairs to meet Tammy's brother and sister. Kit, I want ou to meet Carlos and Natalie." said Tammy. "Nice to meet you I'm Kit." Carlos and Natalie also says "Hello!"

After he introduced Tammy's family, he stayed for a few minutes watching TV. Kit and Tammy were ready to go to the amusement park. They went out of the house to go to the park. The place is about 7 blocks from the house on the left side. As they walk to the park, they hold hands.

When they arrive at the park, they buy tickets for the rides. First they wanted to play games there. They are playing the water squirting game with the clowns. Kit took #12 and Tammy took #11. They start aiming at their target. As the bell rings, the water starts shooting itself and Kit and Tammy are excellent shooters. Kit and Tammy got the lead until Tammy beats Kit by an inch.

After they finish that game, their next game is rolling the ball into the holes where a number moves. Kit took #6 and Tammy took #7. The holes in the front goes slow, the holes in the middle goes fast, and the holes in the back goes faster. When the bell rings, the ball comes out and they start rolling. So far they are good. At the end, Kit is in the lead then he beat Tammy this time. So they are even. When she won the other game, she won a teddy bear. When Kit won this game, he won stuffed dog.

After those games, they are going to the rides. First they go to the Whip. They get on line to that ride. The both go to the red one. Then the ride goes on. All it does is go around in a circle. When they go straight, it slows down until they go around halfway, it goes fast. Then are having fun on that ride. They love it. When the ride ends, Tammy and Kit jumps out of the ride and goes through the exit.

Next they are going to the bumper cars. When they enter, Kit took the blue car and Tammy took the yellow car. This ride goes around in a circle one way. As the bumper cars are getting ready to start, Kit better move fast because Tammy is right behind him. "You better run sweetie, I'm going after you!" said Tammy. "We'll see about that mi amor!" said Kit. Now the bumber cars start. At the first shot, she bumps Kit on the back side of the car. Kit runs away from Tammy. He'll just bump other cars.

Before the bumper cars are done, Kit is about to hit Tammy. The car slowed down, he tapped Tammy on the right side of the car. Now the bumper cars ended. They came out of the car and Tammy pats Kit on the back and says "good job sweetheart."

After the bumper cars, they're going to the water flume. They are standing on line looking all around the ride. As they approach the colored logs, they took the green log. Kit and Tammy saw 2 other people that those 2 are going with them in the back. Tammy sat in the front and Kit sat behind her.

Their log begins to move. They are heading straight for the hill. When they go the top of the hill, they go down just a little bit, until the giant hill that comes at the end. They flow around the ride. 2 minutes later, they go up to the top of the hill. Below is 100 feet down. When they go down, they put their hands up. Tammy screams out loud and at the same time, Kit yells "WOOOO-HOOOO!!!" When they go on the ground, a lot of water splashes on them. Tammy and Kit had a lot of fun on that ride than the Whip.

After the flume, they both decided to go to the batting cages. They went inside. Kit wanted to go first because he wants to warm up for next weeks baseball game. Kit grabbed a bat and a helmet. He goes in the cage. He bats with his right hand. Then the yellow light flashes, which means the machine is on. Then the red light flashes, which means the ball is about to shoot. The ball comes, he swings at the 1st ball and he hits it on the ground. The 2nd ball comes and he hits it straight. The rest of the 18 pitches that he hit is on the ground, line drive, or a pop up.

After Kit was done, he gives Tammy the bat and helmet. She goes in the cage and she also bats with her right hand. She is ready to bat. For 2 minutes the 20 pitches came 1 by 1 and she hit each pitch line drive. She took the helmet off. She put the helmet and bat on the rack. Then they walked out of the batting cages.

Before the left the park, they went to go buy a drink. They went to the vendor."Can I have 2 large fruit punches please?" asked Kit. The vendor makes the fruit punches. Then the vendor finishes the drink and gives it to them. "That will be $2." said the vendor. Kit gives the vendor $2.

They started drinking the punch and walking out of the park at the same time. After they drank the punch, they throw the punch in the garbage can. While they walking to Tammy's house, Kit grabs Tammy's hand. They walked 7 blocks from the amusement park.

When they approach Tammy' house, they went through the gate and goes to the top of the stairs. Kit and Tammy are holding hands and looking at each other. "Would you like to go to the dance with me tomorrow?" asked Kit. "Yes I will." said Tammy. Kit kisses Tammy on the lips. "I'll see you tomorrow." said Kit. Tammy open the door and goes inside the house. Kit goes through the gate and goes back to Higher for Hire.

Kit went a few blocks from his girlfriend's house. When he arrived, he knocks on the door and Baloo opens the door. "Kit, where were you?" said Baloo. "On a date." said Kit. "He has a girlfriend." said Molly. "Really? What's her name?" asked Baloo. "Tammy." said Kit. "Kit, I meant to ask you a question. What's her heritage?" asked Rebecca. "She is Puerto Rican." said Kit. "I asked her if she wants to go to the dance with me and she said yes" "What does she look like?" asked Baloo. "You'll see tomorrow." said Kit. "I'm going to bed right now." "Goodnight everyone!" Molly, Rebecca, and Baloo says "Goodnight!" Kit took off all his clothes and puts on his boxers. He jumps into his bed and goes to sleep for tomorrow's dance.

  At 9:00 on a saturday morning, Kit got up from bed to go to the high school dance. Last night it was for Juniors and Seniors. Tonight it's for Freshmen and Sophomores. Kit and Tammy are Freshmen.

He changes his boxers into his blue jeans and a yellow shortsleeved shirt. He went downstairs. "Good Morning everyone!" said Kit. "Good morning Kit!" said Rebecca and Molly. "Hi Baloo!" said Kit. "Hi Lil' Britches!" said Baloo. "Do you want to go ride with me for a while?" "Cool!" said Kit.

Kit and Baloo leaves Higher for a Hire and goes to the sea duck. They sat in their seats. The engine starts and the plane goes up in the air. The plane flew between 1000-1500 feet in the air. "Hey Baloo, can I go cloudsurfing just for fun?" asked Kit. "Sure, knock yourself out." said Baloo. "Thanks Baloo!" said Kit.

Kit reaches in his back shirt for his airfoil. Baloo opens the back of the plane. Kit grabs the the handle with the rope attached and jumps out of the plane. Then Kit gets on the board and cloudsurfs and yells "WOOOO-HOOOO!! WOOOO-HOOOO!! WHOOOO!!!" Kit got so excited because he loves cloudsurfing. Kit is doing different stunts while cloudsurfing. He is cloudsurfing for almost a 1/2 an hour. He pulls himself back into the plane.

A few minutes later, the Sea Duck lands back on the pier of Higher for Hire. They come out of the plane. They both go inside the office. Kit goes to his room and Molly is following him. She goes inside with him. Kit hooks up his Sega Genesis to play Sonic the Hedgehog 3. "Kit, can I play Sonic 3 with you?" asked Molly. "Sure Molly, just grab a controller." said Kit.

When Kit turned on the machine. The Sonic 3 title comes up. Kit goes to the competition category. He took matchrace. Kit can choose 1 out of the 5 tracks to choose from. They are Azure Lake, Balloon Park, Chrome Gadget, Desert Palace, and Endless Mine. Kit chooses Desert Palace because that is his best track. When he started, he just runs past Molly really fast and beats her for 5 laps. Kit did it again 5 more times.

Molly took a turn to choose a track. She wanted Azure Lake because it is the quickest track. Molly had a strategy to beat Kit. She used the Sonic Dash Attack, and it worked. Molly flies over Kit. She also did this 5 more times.

At 2:00 PM, Kit, Molly, Rebecca, Baloo, and Wildcat went out to eat lunch just to kill some time. They took Rebecca's car to go out. They went into a local Pizza Hut. They came out of the car. Then they went inside. They sat in table 5 there. A waiter comes to the table. "What do you want to order?" asked the waiter. Then Baloo responds "I'd like to order 2 large pan pizzas. One plain and one pepperoni." "What do you guys want to drink?" asked the waiter. " I'll have an orange soda." said Molly, "I'll also have an orange soda." said Kit. "I'll have a Diet Coke." said Wildcat. "I'll have a Diet Pepsi." said Rebecca. "and I'll also have a Diet Pepsi." said Baloo. "Okay, It will be ready in 20 minutes." said the waiter.

7 minutes later, their drinks are here. The waiter serves the drinks. Then the waiter goes back to the kitchen.

"Kit, do you still want to go to the dance?" asked Baloo. "Yeah!" said Kit. "Want time is the dance tonight?" said Baloo. "It starts at 7:00 for Freshmen and Sophomores." said Kit. "Can anybody bring a camera?" asked Rebecca. "Yes, any kind of camera video or flashed it doesn't matter." said Kit.

12 minutes later, their pizza came. They all start munching on the pizza. They are eating those pizzas really fast. 30 minutes later all 5 ate both pan pizzas. Then they leave Pizza Hut. They all went to the car and they went back to Higher for Hire to get ready for the dance. At 6:00, went to take a shower for the dance. He needed to be clean.

At Tammy's house, Tammy went to her room to get herself dressed to meet Kit for the dance. She is wearing a red dress with a long skirt. 1 inch above the knees. Sh also wears a white longsleeve shirt. She also wears a blue squishy in the ponytail. "Does Kit know how to dance spanish music?" asked Tammy's mother Lauren. "No, I'll teach him how." said Tammy. "Do they have spanish music at the dance?" asked Lauren. "No, but I'll bring some spanich disks." said Tammy.

After Kit took a shower, he combs his hair and puts gel on his hair so he looks handsome. He gets ready for the dance. He is wearing black jeans and a black shirt with a turtleneck.

Now it's 6:30, everyone is ready to go to the dance. Rebecca took her photographed camera and Baloo took his camcorder. Kit, Molly, Rebecca, Baloo, and Wildcat went to the car. First they went to pick up Tammy at her house.

Meanwhile at Tammy's house, she waits in the front porch with her mother and father. 5 minutes later, a car arrives in front of her house. The door opens and came out Kit and Tammy walks towards him. Then she waves goodbye to her parents. Kit holds her hand and escorts her to the car then Kit goes in with her. Then Rebecca drives them to the high school dance in the auditorium.

10 minutes later, they arrive at the school. Then they parked in a lot. They all came out of the car. "Baloo, grab that camcorder!" said Rebecca. "Thanks for reminding me Becky." said Baloo. Tammy holds on to Kit's hand on her left side and holds on to Molly's hand on her right side. Then they all enter the building. They went to the back of the school. Now they arrive at the dance room.

"Kit can you dance the merengue?" asked Tammy. "What's that?" asked Kit. "I'll show you what it looks like. All you just do is grab my hands, then put it up as I walk to you, then my arms are in the air and then you slide my arms as I move back and then grab my hands. As you do that try to use your foot up and down alternating slowly. Try it!" Kit tries that step and he did it right. " Very Good!" said Tammy.

"Now, put your left hand around me and put your right hand on my left hand close it in my hand. Now go up and down a little and then go around in a circle. As you go in a circle, move your hips back and forth. Try that one!" Kit tries that step and he also did it right. "Excellent!" "This is so cool!" said Kit.

"Now as you dance, put my arm up and I'll spin once around. Then I'll do the same thing to you. Try that one also." As they dance, Kit spins Tammy around once and then the other way and Tammy spins Kit the same way he spined her. "Very Nice!" said Tammy. "Can I try it again?" asked Kit. "Sure, go ahead." said Tammy. Kit spins Tammy around and back and then Kit bends down and catches her and Tammy's leg goes up and Kit puts Tammy on her feet.

"Oh! You're good!" said Tammy. "Thanks sweetheart!" said Kit. "Was that part of that dance?" "Yes, It's part of every spanish dance." said Tammy. "I'll give the disc jockey these disks. Tammy give the disc jockey the spanish disks.

"Hey, Ms. Velasquez, can you dance the merengue with me?" asked Tammy. Then the music starts. "Now, watch me Kit." said Tammy. Tammy and their spanish teacher Ms. Velasquez demonstrates Kit the merengue. Then they dance that song. Then after the song was over, Kit tries the same dance with Tammy. Kit dances the merengue and Baloo recorded them dancing on camcorder. "That's the spirit Lil' Britches!" said Baloo. Very good sweetie!" said Tammy. Kit got used to that dance.

After about 4 merengue songs, Tammy sits in the chair to rest for a moment. Kit wanted to dance with Rebecca. Rebecca took a shot at that dance. She hasn't done this before, but she can do it. Baloo recorded them. Now Kit can do this easily.

After that song, this disc dockey changed the spanish music into disco. Everyone participated in the macarena. Wildcat is doing the video taping. Tammy, Kit, Baloo, Rebecca, and Molly in order left to right are dancing the macarena. After that, is the Electric Slide then the Y.M.C.A. and so on. They know all the moves in every song.

At 10 PM, the dance is over. Kit got so tired from dancing but he got used to it. They went to the car. Rebecca is driving the car. First they took Tammy home.

When they arrive, Kit and Tammy came out of the car. Kit goes to Tammy and kisses heron the lips. "Goodnight my love!" said Kit. Tammy walks in the house. She turns around and kissed on the hand and then blows it to Kit. Kit waves at her and smiles. Then he goes in the car.

Back at Higher for Hire, they came out of the car. They go inside. Kit walks upstairs to his room, changes his clothes, then he goes to bed to get some sleep for whatever happens next day.

  Meanwhile at Tammy's house, Tammy is in bed. At 9:00 am, her alarm clock rings and she gets up from bed and so does her brother Carlos and her sister Natalie. Tammy goes to the book cabinet and she takes out the family album. She opens it and she looks around for herself and her sweetheart Kit. "Tammy, are you looking for your boyfriend in that album? asked Carlos. Tammy knods her head and says "Si!"

Moments later, their mother Lauren comes into the room and says "Breakfast is ready!" then the 3 children runs downstairs to go to the dining room to eat breakfast. The whole family sits in their chairs and next to an oval shaped table. Their food is on the table and the family starts eating.

At Higher for Hire, Kit wants to take Molly to go to the park to play catch. Kit is wearing a green T-Shirt and a cordouroy material pants. Molly is wearing a red elbow legnth shirt and black pants. Kit grabs Molly's hand to take her to the park. Kit has his glove and Molly's.

Kit walks almost a half a mile. When they arrive at the park, Kit gives Molly her glove and a baseball. Molly tosses the ball to Kit. Then Kit throws the ball back to Molly. Then they go back and forth, back and forth until, he saw a family walking across and outside the park. "This girl looks familiar." said Kit. When the family goes inside the park, someone is waving at Kit. Kit and Molly walks to her and smiles. Kit did not realize that Tammy and her family is there. Kit and Molly trots over to her. Tammy, Natalie, and Carlos are holding kites. Kit and Molly followed them to the back of the field.

Kit and Molly watches Tammy, Natalie, and Carlos flying their kites. The wind speed is 5 to 10 mph east. Moments later while flying the kite, Tammy passes her kite to Kit. Kit drops his baseball glove on the floor. Then Natalie passes her kite to Molly. Tammy puts her left arm around Kit and looks at the kite flying. Their mother and father watches them fly the kite.

They all stay in the park for about 30 minutes, then they all get tired. The Martinez family decided to leave the park. So then Kit and Molly says "Goodbye" to the Martinez family. Kit kisses Tammy on the cheek. Then she bends down to Molly, and Molly puts her arms around Tammy and kisses her also on the cheek. Tammy giggles and says "Bye sweetheart!" Kit picks up his and Molly's glove and leaves the park.

Kit and Molly jogs a half a mile for some exercise to Higher for Hire. They enter Higher for Hire, and Kit runs to Rebecca. "Miz Cunningham, guess who I saw at the park that I did not realize." said Kit. "Who was there?" asked Rebecca. "I saw Tammy at the park." said Kit. "You're kidding!" said Rebecca. "That's right mommy, I saw her too." said Molly.

Kit and Molly walks upstairs to his room. They walks inside Kit's room and turns on the T.V. They are watching their favorite baseball team the New York Yankees. They found it on MSG. MSG stands for Madison Square Garden. The Yankees are playing against the Orioles. The Yankee pitcher is David Wells who threw his Perfect Game.

Before the starts, Kit hears the phone ringing and he picks up the phone. Hello!" said Kit. "Hi Kit, this is your sweetheart calling." "Oh! hi Tammy, are you watching going to watch the Yankee game?" asked Kit. "Yes I am." said Tammy. "Ask miss Cunningham, Baloo, Wildcat, and Molly if they all can come to my house with me and the family and we can watch the game with us?" asked Kit. "I'll go ask them, I'll be back in a second." said Kit.

Kit opens the door and askes from the top of the stairs. "Miz Cunningham, Baloo, Wildcat, Tammy wants me to ask you if you guys want to come to Tammy's house to watch the Yankee game?" asked Kit. "Sure, no problem!" said Rebecca. Kit goes back to his room. "Becky, why do we got to go there for? I'm exhausted." said Baloo. "Because it's his girlfriend." said Rebecca.

Kit grabs the phone. "Yes sweetheart, we'll be there." said Kit. "Cool! When you come over, bring your swimming trunks with you because I got a swimming pool in the backyard." said Tammy. "Cool!" said Kit. "Tell the others to bring their bathing suits." said Tammy. "I'll tell them." said Kit. "See you in a moment." said Tammy. "Bye!" said Kit. Kit and Tammy hangs up their phones. Kit whispers out loud "Yes!"

"So what did she say?" asked Molly. "She said to bring your bring your bathing suit. We are going to Tammy's house." said Kit. Kit goes out of the door and Rebecca looks at him. "What did Tammy say?" asked Rebecca. She said to bring your swimming stuff." said Kit. Kit goes back to his room. He goes into the closet and grabs 3 swimming trunks and 2 1-piece bathing suits. 1 small and 1 large. Then he grabs a white bag and puts them in.

3 minutes later, they all exit through the door and walks from Higher for Hire to Tammy's house. When they arrive, they went through the gate and Kit goes toward the door and knocks on it. Tammy walks to the door, then see looks through the eyepiece, and then opens the door. "Hi Kit!" said Tammy. "Hi mi amor!" said Kit. "Please come in." said Tammy. Kit and the others enter the house. "You have a nice house." said Rebecca. Thank You!" said Tammy.

Kit an Molly follows Tammy upstairs to her room. They enter her room. Kit and Molly looks around the room. Kit decided to play a video game before the Yankees the game. He is playing Sonic the Hedgehog 1. He puts the Sonic code on. When the levels come up, he chooses level 5 which is Starlight Zone.

He plays the 5th level and he is doing good for the first 2 zones. In the 3rd zone he faces Robotnik and he defeats him. After he beats the bad guy, goes to the last level which is Scrap Brain Zone. After the 3 zones of that level, he advances to the final zone. He hits Robotnik 8 times and he beats the game.

After that video game, They go downstairs to watch the Yankee game. They sat on the couch and watching the game on T.V. Kit sits between Tammy and Molly and he puts his arms around both of them. Kit, Molly, and Tammy are cheering their heads off because they love the Yankees. Tammy is wearing an ANSKY shirt. Everytime the Yanks get a base hit, they clap and cheer a little. When the Yanks hit a home run, they stand up and goes crazy.

They watch their favorite players play baseball. In the Yankees 7th inning, Bernie Williams and Tino Martinez are up to bat. Bernie comes to the plate and they chant "BERNIE, BERNIE, BERNIE". When the pitch comes , Bernie balst a home run in the upper deck. Kit, Molly, and Tammy are going crazy for that homer.

After Bernie is Tino and they also chant "TINO, TINO, TINO". When the pitch comes, he also smacks a home run. They all went wild and yelling real loud that the others in the backyard can hear it. Baloo goes in the house. "Who's winning?" asked Baloo. "2-0 Yankees." said Kit. "Cool!" said Baloo.

After Baloo left the living room, Carlos and Natalie sits on the couch with Molly, Tammy, and Kit to watch the game. In the top of the 9th, Mariano Rivera comes to the mound and closes the game. The Yankees win 2-0 over the Orioles. As John Sterling always says "YANKEES WIN, THEEEEEE YANKEES WIN!!!" They start a group hug on each other to celebrate the Yankees win.

After the game, Kit took out his trunks and Molly's 1-piece bating suit. Kit gives Molly her swim suit. Kit changes in the bathroom next to the living room. Molly changes upstairs. Kit took off his clothes and puts on his trunks. 5 minutes later, Kit comes out of the bathroom and out of the house into the swimming pool.

Kit's trunks is yellow with red seams on both sides. The trunks has elastic on the top. The legnth of the trunks is 10 inches from the elastic to the bottom of the trunks.

Then Molly comes out of the house with Tammy. They are both wearing 1-piece bating suits. Tammy's is red and Molly's is green. Kit, Molly, and Tammy goes into the water. They are all having fun. They played some water basketball, water volleyball, etc. They stayed in the pool for an hour. After they are done with the pool, they come out of the water and dries themselves. Then they go in the house for a while. Kit didn't wear his shirt since he was in the pool.

Kit, Molly, Baloo, Wildcat, and Rebecca stayed in the house for a while. Then they get tired. Kit wears a white shirt. They decide to go to Higher for Hire. They exit through the door. "See you tomorrow at school sweetie." said Tammy. "Goodbye my love!" said Kit. Kit waves goodbye at her and Tammy kisses her hand and then blows it at Kit. Kit and the others goes back to Higher for Hire.

  Kit wakes himself up from bed and he gets dressed to go to High School. He is wearing blue jeans and red elbow legnth mockneck shirt. He put his pinstripe pants, his blue T-shirt with the words Cape Suzette on the front and a cardinal on it, 2 royal blue wristbands, and a blue cap with a red brim. On the car is the letters CS on the front. He put his stuff in his backpack.

Molly and Rebecca are waiting for Kit downstairs. Kit walks downstairs with his backpack and they all go to Rebecca's car. She drives to Molly's school first. She arrives at the school and she drops her daughter off. After dropping her, Rebecca goes to Kit's high school. When they arrive at Cape Suzette High School, Rebecca drops Kit in front of the high school. "Bye Miz Cunningham!" said Kit. Kit walks in front of the school until the 8:00 bell rings.

When the bell rings, Kit and the other students go inside the school. Kit goes to his locker in the hallway and grabs his books. Then Kit goes in his homeroom and he goes to his seat in the front.

Moments later, Ernie comes in the classroom. Ernie gives Kit a high five. "What's up dude!" said Ernie. "I feel good!" said Kit. "Did you know that we have baseball practice today?" asked Ernie. "Yes, I know." said Kit. "I was talking to coach a couple of days ago and practice is today."

Moments later, Tammy comes in the classroom. Tammy hugs Kit and then sits in her seat next to Kit. At 8:10, the late bell rings. The class listens to the announcements on the T.V. After the announcements, everyone talks quietly until 8:30.

When the bell rings, Tammy and Kit go to their 1st period which is English. Their teacher is Mr. Davidson. They are learning all the parts of speech.

At 9:15, they go to their 2nd period which is Math. Their teacher is Mr. DiFelice.They are learning about angles and how they are measured.

At 10:00, they go to their 3rd period. Kit's language class is Spanish. Kit teacher is his homeroom teacher Ms. Velasquez. He is learning about AR, ER, and IR verbs. Tammy's language class is Italian. She knows every word in spanish but not Italian. Her teacher is Ms. Verdicchio. She is learning about Italian adjetives.

At 10:45, they do downstairs to the 4th period which is to Science. Their teacher is Ms. Giovanni. They are learning dangerous hurricanes and how they work.

At 11:30, they go to the cafeteria to eat lunch. Tammy and Kit orders some lunch. They both sit at the same table. Then they eat their lunch. Then Tammy talks to her other friends. Kit goes outside in the back of the school to play some basketball. He played for a little while. Then Kit goes back to the school to wait for the bell.

Then the bell rings at 12:15. Kit and Tammy goes upstairs to their 6th period which is Global Studies. Their teacher is Mr. Miceli. They are learning Latin America on the caribbean.

At 1pm, they go to the 7th period which is Art. Their teacher is Mr. Law. They are doing a drawing on any baseball team. Kit and Tammy did it on the New York Yankees. Other students are doing Mets, Red Sox, Orioles, Braves, Indians, Mariners, Cubs, Cardinals, etc. They are drawing this picture for 45 minutes.

At 1:45, they go to their last period which is Religion. Their teacher is Ms. Harrison. They are learning about the Life of Christ and the 10 commandments.

At 2:30, the school day is over and Kit goes to the hallway. He put his books away in the locker. After that, he goes to the gym locker to wear his blue T-Shirt, pinstripe pants, 2 wristbands, and his light brown glove for practice.

10 new players wanted to play ball. Their names are Felix, Dominick, Jeffrey, Michael, Shawn, Eddie, Lawrence, and 3 of Ernie's jungle aces. After the 30 players got themselves dressed, 1 coach took 15 players to a green van and another coach took 14 players to a royal blue van. Kit decided to go to Rebecca's car. He wants Tammy to go with him to the field. Rebecca and Molly are in the car.

Then Kit and Tammy goes to the car together into the car and goes to the field. The baseball field is 12 blocks away from high school. When they arrive at the field, they come out of the car and Rebecca locks the doors by beeping the car on her keychain.

4 minutes later, the 2 vans approach the baseball field. The 2 coaches and their 29 players come out of the vans. They enter the field. They go to right field and they do some exercise for a few minutes. Then they do their warm-ups by throwing the ball to each other.

Then the team goes to the field for fielding practice. The coach starts doing their fielding by hitting the ball and putting the balls in play. He gives the the whole team a chance to catch or field the ball.

After that, they are going to do a scrimage. Kit took off his blue shirt and left his mockneck shirt on. So does Ernie and 13 other players, but Ernie's and Kit's jungle aces did not. Kit throws his shirt over the dugout to Molly. Kit tries to wear it and Kit's shirt is too loose but it still fits her. Tammy sits on the opposite side of the dugout.

15 minutes later, a whitre car arrives at the field and Tammy looks at the car and a 16 year old sophomore comes out of the car. She says to herself "This guy looks familiar." When he enters the field, he sits on the bench. Tammy looks at him mad because his name is Joel Ventura. Tammy broke up with Joel back in the 6th grade because she had no respect from him.

Joel walks across the dugout to Tammy. Tammy is so mad at him, because she doesn't want to talk to him. "Hi, my lady!" said Joel. "You are not my lady and I don't want to talk to you!" said Tammy. "Why?" asked Joel. "Because I broke up with you 4 years ago and now I got a boyfriend who's cuter, more respectful, and well-mannered than you are." said Tammy. "Who is your boyfriend?" asked Joel. Tammy points at the field and says "Kit Cloudkicker!"

Kit puts on a batting helmet and he grabs a bat. On the field, the coach adds another shortstop, another 2nd baseman, a middle infielder, a left center fielder, and a right center fielder. Kit leadsoff the 1st inning of a 4 inning scrimage. He comes to the plate. "Let's go Kit Whoo!" yelled Tammy. "He is going to strikeout." said Joel. "We'll see about that." said Tammy.

Kit is facing 1 of his jungle aces. Kit bats right-handed against a righty jungle ace pitcher. The pitcher throws and Kit swings a smacks a bomb to right field. It is long gone. Tammy yells "All right Kit WHOO WHOO WHOO WHOO!!!" Kit trots around the bases. When he touches home plate, he looks at Tammy and says "That homerun was for you sweetheart!"

After the 3rd out, the other 15 players with the red mocknecks. Kit does to the mound and Ernie takes 1st base. The other players Jason, John, Dominick, Shawn, Jeffrey, Raymond, Felix, Sal, Eric, Terry, Alex, Bobby, and Eddie on the field.

The first batter Kit faces is Oscar Vandersnoot. Oscar comes to the plate , and he bats the same batting stand as Jim Leyritz with his left leg straight and his right leg bends criss-crossed and his arms up and wiggling his bat.

Kit starts his full wind-up and pitches to Oscar and he swings a foul ball over the dugout. The ball shoots at Tammy and Joel. Joel pushes Tammy out of the way and they go down. The ball misses them by a foot of their heads. "Thanks!" said Tammy. "No sweat!" said Joel.

Tammy looks at a cream pie under her legs. Do you want to kiss me?" said Joel. "Sure." said Tammy. She is going to kiss Joel. She puts her lips together to kiss Joel and she goes closer to him. At the same time, she grabs the cream pie and smashes him in the face and says "I don't think so!" Then he runs back to his car and leaves.

At 5pm, Kit finishes the last out and practice is over. The whole team packs up the equipment. Kit says Goodbye to his teammates. Kit and Tammy goes to the car and took Tammy home. "Hey Tammy, who is that guy trying to bother you?" asked Kit. "Well, that is my ex-boyfriend Joel. I broke up with him in the 6th grade because I had no respect from him. So I wanted you to be my boyfriend." said Tammy. "What school does he go to?" asked Kit. "He goes to St. Bruno High School." said Tammy. "Wait a minute! The Cardinals play St. Bruno for the finals on friday. If we win Wednesday." said Kit.

When the car arrives, Tammy steps out of the car. She closes the car door and Kit opens the window all the way. "I'll see you Wednesday my love!" said Kit. Kit kisses Tammy on the cheek. "Bye sweetie!" said Tammy. Tammy kisses Kit on the nose and she giggles. Then she goes in the house and she waves at Kit goodbye.

  On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week, Kit has those day offs from school because incoming freshmen are going to do a test on those 3 days. Kit sleeps n his bed for a little while, since there is no school.

At 10pm, Kit wakes up and the telephone rings. He picks up the phone. "Hello!" said Kit. "Hi sweetie Kit!" said Tammy. "Oh hi Tammy! What's up?" said Kit. "Yesterday, the coach was talking to me and I decided to be a cheerleader for the baseball team." said Tammy. "Cool! Any other cheerleaders for our team?" asked Kit. "2 others, their names are Monica Fiorentino and Elise Quinones." said Tammy. "Are you watching the Yankee game later on?" asked Kit. "Oh Yes!" said Tammy. "We are going to win!" said Kit. "That's right my man." said Tammy. "I'll talk to later, Adios!" said Kit. "Adios mi amor!" said Tammy. Kit and Tammy hands up their phones.

Moments later, he phone rings again and picks it up. "Hello, who is this?" asked Kit. "This your friend Ernie." "What's up?!" said Kit. "Cool!" said Ernie. " We got a game tomorrow at St. Mitch high school for the 2nd round of the playoffs." "I know, it starts at 1:00. said Kit. "I'll talk to you later. See Ya!" "See Ya dude!" said Ernie. Kit hangs up the phone.

2 minutes later, Baloo wakes up from bed. "Good morning Lil' Britches!" said Baloo. "Good morning Papa Bear!" said Kit.

Kit gets up from his bed and he grabs blue shorts and puts them on with his black shorts. The weather was so hot that Kit doesn't need a shirt on. Kit is playing a videogame called Sonic the hedgehog 2. He's playing that gsme for a little while.

At 1pm, he puts on the T.V. to MSG network to see the Yankees play their interleague rivals the Mets. The pitcher for the Yankees is Andy Pettitte. Kit hears something outside his room. He opens the door slightly so he can peek through. He sees Rebecca, Molly, Wildcat, and Baloo watching the Yankee game downstairs. Kit grabs a red shirt and goes downstairs with it. He takes a seat and he puts on his red shirt.

10 minutes before the first pitch begins, they hear a door knocking. Rebecca walks to the door and she opens it. She sees the Martinez family outside the door. "Hi! Please come in." said Rebecca.

"Oh Kit, guess who's here?" said Molly. Kit gasps and says "Tammy! I didn't know you are coming over." "Well, my mother called Miss Cunningham." said Tammy. Tammy hugs Kit. "Yankees will win!" said Kit. "Yeah! That's our team sweetie." said Tammy.

kit walks to the kitchen and he grabs some chips, hot dogs, pretzels, and other goodies for the game. he carries all those goodies next to the T.V. There is a lot of chairs and sofas for the ballgame.

Kit grabs the remote and he puts up the volume. he wants the ballgame louder. As the game begins, they all start cheering for the Yankees.

The first pitch is a fast strike and everyone clapped. The Yankee pitcher andy Pettitte is an awesome pitcher. He strikesout 12 batters in a row. Everyone is cheering their heads off.

In the bottom 5th, they have the heart of the order, which are Paul O'Neill, Bernie Williams, and Tino Martinez. After Paul O'Neill flied out to center, Bernie comes to the plate. "Uh-Oh, Bernie is going to crush that ball out of Yankee Stadium." said Kit. "That's right sweet Britches." said Tammy.

As Bernie comes to the batters box, Tammy yells "Dale a la bola Bernie!" The whole Martinez family can speak Spanish. Bernie gets a basehit. Then Tino is up and he grounds it into a double play. Both teams didn't score until the 8th. they had the bottom of the order. Tim Raines, Scott Brosius, and Joe Girardi.

Kit puts his arm around Tammy's shoulder and smiling at each other. The Yanks scores 1 run and takes the lead. Mariano Rivera comes out of the bullpen to close the game. he has a 1-2-3 inning and the Yanks win. As John Sterling always says "Yankees win, THEEEEE Yankees win!!! Everyone is cherring and cheering for the Yankees win. Kit kisses Tammy on the cheek and Tammy giggles and touches her chest. As Kit grabs the remote, Tammy kisses him back and she smiles. Kit and Tammy starts laughing.

Kit and Tammy walks upstairs to Kit's room to play a baseball videogame. They are playing World Series baseball. Molly walks upstairs to Kit's room to watch him play.

He plays game 7 of the world series. Hee plays with the Yankees against the Marlins. After 30 minutes of that game, he beats the Marlins by the score of 4-2. He wins the World Series. In the regular season, he won 160 wins and lost twice. Then he plays sonic CD.

He plays level 6, Stardust Speedway part III. Robotnik's ship is chasing Sonic with a robot Sonic on the track. Kit races the robo-sonic. He keeps leading the race. At the end, Kit beats his robo-sonic. Kit saves Sonic's girlfriend to end the 6th level.

In the last level, Metallic Madness, he plays the first 2 zones and then a final zone. He battles Robotnik for more than a minute. He destroys 1 blade at a time. Then he blows up the whole ship into pieces.

Kit turns off the T.V. and he goes downstairs with the 2 girls. "Hey, do you want to Louie's with me?" asked Kit. "I've never heard of that place. Can you show me?" said Tammy. "Sure!" said Kit. Kit askes Tammy's mother. "Miz Martinez, can I take your daughter to go to Louie's place?" "Sure, she is your girlfriend." asked Lauren.

"Let's go Baloo." said Kit. Baloo, Kit, and Tammy goes to the Sea Duck to go to Louie's. Louie's place is about 10 minutes from Higher for Hire.

When they arrive, they all come out of the plane. Kit holds Tammy's hand. Then they all go through the door. They all sit on the bar table. "Hey what's up cuz?" asked Louie. "I feel good." said Baloo. "How about you pal?" asked Louie. "Pretty Cool!" said Kit. "And who is this pretty girl that I see?" asked Louie. "Louie, I want you to meet my girlfriend Tammy. Tammy this is Louie." said Kit. "Hi Louie!" said Tammy. Enchante Mademoiselle!" said Louie. Louie kisses Tammy's hand and Tammy giggles.

Louie gives Kit and Tammy each vanilla ice cream. After that, they are having a really large shake with 2 straws. They each grab a straw, puts them into their mouths and drinks the shake together. Kit and Tammy looks at each other.

It's 10pm, Baloo, Kit, and Tammy are really tired. They all exit and waves at Louie goodbye. They enter the plane. Baloo starts his engine and they takeoff.

When the arrive at Higher for Hire, there is nobody there. "Baloo, I'll take Tammy home." said Kit. Baloo enters Higher for Hire. Kit walks with Tammy a few blocks to the house. They go through the gate. Kit kisses her on the lips. Tammy starts giggling. They are waving at each other.

"Goodnight my love." said Kit. "Adios mi amor. I'll see you tomorrow." said Tammy.

  Kit is dreaming about him with his lover, Tammy. Kit and Tammy are both having fun at the green field. They are both sitting next to a tree. They are both laughing.

They get up from the tree and they started fooling around. In the middle of the green field, they both go close to each other and looking at each other. They put both arms around each other. They close their eyes and puts their lips together. They go close to each other to kiss. By 1 centimeter, he was this close to kiss Tammy.

Baloo wakes Kit up from bed. "Oh, shoot!" said Kit. "What happened Lil' Britches?" asked Baloo. "I almost had the best dream I've ever had in my life." said Kit. "Who, your girlfriend?" asked Baloo. Yes, I was about to kiss her, but I didn't make it on time." said Kit. "Do you have my stuff for the game?" "Yup, It's downstairs." said Baloo.

Kit and Baloo walks downstairs to have some breakfast. "Good morning Molly and Miz Cunningham." said Kit. "Good morning Kit!" said Rebecca. "Oh Kit, Tammy called me and she'll be herein a little while so she can watch you play baseball." "Cool!" said Kit.

10 minutes later, Kit hears a door knocking. Kit walks to the door and he opens the door and he sees tammy. Kit kisses Tammy on the lips. "Buenos dias mi amor." said Tammy. Good morning sweetheart!" said Kit. Tammy enters Higher for Hire. "I've come over to see you play ball." said Tammy. "Are you going to cheer for me?" asked Kit. "Of course I will. You're my boyfriend right?" said Tammy. "Yeah!" said Kit.

Kit grabs his uniform and goes to his romm alone. He puts his pinstripe pants on. He took of his shirt. He puts his plain white sleeveless shirt on. The temperature is 85 degrees. The field is going to be hot. He puts his 2 wristbands on. 1 on each wrist.. Then he grabs his cap and glove.

His sleeveless shirt has the team name CARDINALS on the front in red, outlined in black. On the back, it has his number 26 with the name CLOUDKICKER on top of the number.

He puts his cap on. He holds on to his glove. He comes out of his room. He holds on to Tammy's hand.

"Baloo, are you going to watch Kit win the semi-finals?" asked Rebecca. "Of course Becky, I always watch him play." said Baloo. Kit puts his left arm around Tammy. "Well mi amor, we are going to win the semi-finals." said Kit.

Rebecca, Baloo, Kit, Molly, and Tammy goes to the car. Rebecca drives them to the field. They pass Tammy's house. Tammy waves at her mother and father.

Few minutes later, they arrive at the ballpark. They all come out of the car. Kit, Molly, and Tammy trots to the field. Molly and Tammy walks into the dugout, Kit goes to 1st base. A lot of his teammates are sleeveless shirts and some are wearing regular jerseys with no mock necks.

The coach gives them fielding practice. Ernie is in the bullpen pitching. He is throwing with Oscar Vandersnoot catching. Molly and Tammy watches them practice for a while. Then they all go into the dugout. Their is Cardinal Thomas High School. Their team name is the Ravens.

The coach holds his lineup card. The whole team including Molly and Tammy claps it up.

The coach yells "Okay, batting 1 Ernie pitcher, batting 2 Kit 1st base, batting 3 John 3rd base, batting 4 Shawn left field, batting 5 Dominick center field, batting 6 Oscar catcher, batting 7 Felix 2nd base, batting 8 Kenny right field, and batting 9 Matthew shortstop."

The whole team including Molly and Tammy piles their hands up. "Let's count 1,2,3 Cardinals. 1,2,3!" Then the team yells "CARDINALS!!!"

After the opponent finishes practicing, the Cardinals team takes the field. Molly and Tammy applause for the team. More than 500 people came to see the semi-finals.

"If we win, we go to the Cape Suzette finals. I'm also going to be a cheerleader for the team." said Tammy. "Can I be a cheerleader Tammy?" asked Molly. "Sure, but you don't know how to be a cheerlead." said Tammy. Yoy can teach me." said Molly. "Oh, true." said Tammy. Tammy thinks for a moment and says "I'll teach you how soon." "Cool!" said Molly.

Meanwhile, back at the field. Ernie gets the sign from Oscar. He does his full wind-up and thows a fast strike with his left hand. Oscar throws the ball back to Ernie. Ernie throws another strike. Then he strikesout the batter looking. The next batter comes to the plate. Ernie deals and the batter swing and lifts a flyball to Dominick who also is a lefty. He catches the ball for the 2nd out. The next batter comes to the plate and he grounds to 1st. Kit fields the ball and steps on the bag for the final out of that inning.

In the bottom of the inning, they have Ernie and Kit up this inning. After the opposing team warms up, Ernie goes to the plate and Kit is on the on deck circle. He bats left-handed aganinst a righty pitcher. His batting stand is the same as Tino martinez. The pitcher deals and Ernie swings at the ball and has a leadoff single.

With Ernie on first, Kit comes to the plate. "Let's go Kit Whoo!" yelled Tammy. Kit does his batting stand and watches the pitcher. Ernie leads off from 1st. Ernie runs and the pitcher throws a changeup high and the catcher throws the ball wide. The shortstop can't make the play and it goes to center field. Ernie steals 2nd and trot to 3rd. The officials score it a stolen base and an error on the catcher.

With Ernie now on 3rd base with no one out, the pitcher does his full wind-up and Kit swings a flyball into right field. Ernie is at the bag. The right fielder makes the play. Ernie tags and comes to score easily and the Cardinals lead 1-0.

Kit and Ernie high fives his teammates. "Good job Kit!" said Tammy. "Thanks!" said Kit.

In the 2nd inning, Ernie goes back on the mound. He strikes out the leadoff batter. Then the next batter pops it up to Oscar. Oscar throws the helmet and makes the grab. Then Ernie strikes out the next batter.

In the 3rd inning, Ernie strikes out the first 2 batters swinging. Then the next batter ground the ball to short. Matthew fields the ball and throws to Kit to end the inning.

In the 4th inning, The first batter grounds to 2nd. Felix throws to Kit for out #1. The next batter strikes out swinging. And then the next batter line drives to 3rd. John snaches the ball for the final out of the inning.

In the bottom of the inning, Ernie and Kit is up again. Ernie swings and pops it up to the pitcher and makes the play. Kit comes up to the plate. He looks at the pitcher and he deals. Kit swings and gounds out to 1st. John comes to the plate. He gets hit on the back. Shawn comes up and he swings and drives it to center field. The center fielder catches the ball.

In the 5th inning, the coach changes some players. Ernie stays at the mound. Sal replaces Kit. Jeffrey replaces Felix. Jason replaces Shawn. Lawrence replaces Dominick. Jimmy replaces Kenny. Oscar, John, and Matthew stays in the game. Ernie strikes out the first 2 batters. One batter swinging and one batter looking. The next batter grounds to John. He throws to Sal to end the inning.

In the 6th inning, Ernie goes to the mound for the last time. The first batter leadsoff with a single. Then the next batter hits into a double. He has runners on 2nd and 3rd with no one out. The next batter bunts and Ernie grabs it and throws to first. The runners stay with 1 out. The next batter strikes out. Then the next batter grounds out to 2nd. Jeffrey throws the batter out. The Cardinals still have a 1-0 lead.

In the 7th and final inning. Oscar Vandersnoot replaces Ernie. Kit goes behind the plate. Oscar strikes out the first 2 batters looking. The team is one out away to go to the finals. Oscar deals the pitch and the batter pops it up sky high. Kit throws the mask away. The ball falls down. Kit catches the ball and the Cardinals go to the finals. Kit runs to Oscar to celebrate. The players on the field and the dugout including Molly and Tammy runs to the mound and celebrates.

Kit hugs his teammates and then he hugs Tammy and Molly. All 3 of them are starting to cry because they have never been into the finals. 500 fans are going crazy.

The players starts to leave the field. Rebecca and Baloo comes out of the stands to see Kit, Molly, and Tammy.

They all go to the car and leaves the field and everyone of them smiles. They go to Tammy's house. When they arrive, Tammy comes out of the car. She kisses Kit on the lips and she says "Goodnight my sweetheart." She walks in the house. Kit waves at Tammy goodbye. Then they go back to Higher for Hire. Kit can't wait for Friday's game.

  Kit plans to go on a second date with Tammy. He wants to take her to the mall. Tammy loves to go shopping.

Kit lies on his bed thinking about Tammy. He smiles about it. Moments later, Molly walks into his room. "You look happy today." said Molly. "Yep, I'm going to take her on another date." said Kit. "Where are you taking her?" asked Molly. "I am going to take her shopping." said Kit.

At Tammy's house, Tammy is in her room watching T.V. She hears a phone ringing. She picks up the phone. "Hello!" said Tammy. "Hellooo Ms. Tammy, It's Joel." "Why are you calling me for?" asked Tammy angrily. "I want you to have a date with me instead of that Kit Cloudkicker creature." said Joel. "Who are you calling Kit a creature!?" said Tammy. "Where are you taking me?" "To the movies." said Joel. "Are you going to make me watch another horror movie?" asked Tammy. "No, I promise." said Joel. "OK, fine I'll go." said Tammy. "Bye-Bye!" said Joel. "Bye!" said Tammy. Tammy slams the phone and she starts to cry.

Her mother comes inside Tammy's room. "What's the matter honey?" asked Lauren. "Joel wants me to go out with him.." said Tammy. "I have an idea." said Lauren. "What is it mommy?" asked Tammy. "All you have to do is go with him. I know he brekes promises. Just break up with him on your date. So you don't have to worry about it. All you got is Kit." said Lauren. "That's a great idea. I'll try it." said Tammy.

Kit plays a video game for a little while. Then he looks at his wrist watch. It's 7:30 pm. He turns off the Genesis. Then he turns off the T.V.

Back at Tammy's house, she gets herself dressed. "Now try to do everything that I say." said Lauren. "When that clown takes you to the movies, smash him like a cucaracha!" said Carlos. "Show him what you're made of!" said Natalie. "Yeah! I'll knock his little head so bad, that he'll have 0's on all of his exams!" said Tammy.

30 minutes later, a car horn honks and Tammy looks outside her window. She sees Joel in his car waving at her. She goes downstairs. "Good Luck honey." said David. "Thanks daddy!" said Tammy. Tammy exits her house and goes into the car. Lauren and David waves at her daughter and Tammy goes into the car and then takesoff. "I hope this works." said Lauren.

Moments later when Tammy leaves with her ex-boyfriend, Kit comes towards the house. He turns to the left. He sees Tammy in a car with her ex-boyfriend. Kit starts to lose his temper and gets angry. A few tears come down on Kit's face. He runs back to Higher for Hire mad. He enters and slams the door. Then he runs upstairs to his room.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Baloo. "I don't know, I think you should talk to him." said Rebecca. Baloo walks upstairs to the room. He sees Kit slaming his school baseball cap and throws himself in bed.

"What's the matter Lil' Britches?" asked Baloo. "I don't want to talk about it." said Kit. "Come on Kit, you can tell papa bear." said Baloo. "Tammy has another boyfriend and now I lost a girlfriend." said Kit. Kit begins to cry. Baloo walks out of the room. "So what did he say?" asked Rebecca. "Tammy broke up with Kit." said Baloo. "Aww, poor Kit." said Rebecca.

When Tammy and Joel arrives at the movie theater, Joel comes out of the car. He opens Tammy's side of the door. He takes Tammy's hand and pulls her out. After she comes out, she snatches Joel's hand off of him with attitude. They go inside the movie theater. Joel buys a bucket of popcorn. They go into the theater screen. They both sit in the back row and then watches the movie.

"I hope this better be a good movie. Nothing scary." said Tammy. "No, I know you hate scary movies, but this is not scary. I promise it won't." said Joel. They watch the movie and eating some popcorn. In the middle of the movie, she sees something scary. She sees a weapon coming down and it scares her to death. She gets up and Joel pulls her back her down.

5 minutes later, she sees another scary scene. She gets up and grabs the bucket of popcorn and smaches it on Joel's head. Tammy walks away from him. She exits the movie theater. Joel follows Tammy. "No, don't leave, I'm sorry." said Joel. "Sorry? you broke a promise to me and now I don't want you anymore. So leave me alone!" said Tammy. Tammy turns around and walks away. Joel pulls her shirt. Tammy turns around and slaps him in the face, and he goes down on the floor. "Go away!!!" yelled Tammy.

Tammy walks back back home from the movies. She walks almost a mile from the theater. Her feet is hurting. She walks in the house.

"Did you knock that comedian down?" asked Carlos. "Yes I did!" said Tammy. "Give me a high five sister." said Carlos. Tammy and Carlos gives each other a high five. Lauren comes downstairs. "Did you brake him up?" Asked Lauren. "Yep, it worked." said Tammy. "Well now you've got Kit now." said Lauren. Tammy gasps and runs upstairs to her room.

Natalie hears Tammy's footsteps. Tammy jumps into her bed. "Hi Tammy!" said Natalie. "Are you okay sis?" "What am I going to do tomorrow?" Kit saw me in Joel's car. What can I do?" said Tammy. "Well, you can say sorry to him and he may feel very happy." said Natalie. "What happens if he doesn't believe me?" asked Tammy. "Just explain it to him." said Natalie. "Are you sure?" asked Tammy. "Trust me Tam-ster!" said Natalie. "I'll give it a try." said Tammy.

Their father walks in the room. "Hi daddy!" said Tammy. "Good job for braking Joel out of your life." said David. "Thanks daddy!" said Tammy.

Meanwhile at Higher for Hire, Kit is still feeling sad. He lies down and a few tears come down his face. "Hey Lil' Britches, are you still feeling sad about it?" said Baloo. "Yeah, she broke my heart." said Kit.

"Tomorrow, she may apologize to you." said Baloo. "I hope she will." said Kit. "Well, goodnight Kit. See you in the morning" said Baloo. "Goodnight papa bear." said Kit. Kit shuts off the lights and goes to sleep.

  At 7 am on a friday morning, Kit gets up from his bed. He puts his yellow shirt with the interlocking NY Yankess logo with the word ANSKY on. He is also wearing a pair of blue jeans. He also puts his gym clothes in the backpack because he has gym today.

Kit grabs his backpack and he leaves his room. He walks downstairs to Rebecca's car. Rebecca and Kit goes in the car. Rebecca drives Kit to high school. When she arrives, she drops Kit off in front of the school. "Bye Miz Cunningham!" said Kit.

Kit and the other students stand outside the school until 8 am. Then the school bell rings and everyone goes inside the building. Kit goes to his locker. He grabs his books from his locker. Then he goes into the home room. He takes his seat. A few other students including Ernie were there before Kit. Kit high-fives Ernie. "This is it man. We are going to win tonight." said Ernie. "We play today, we win today, Dassit!" said Kit.

5 minutes later, Tammy walks in the classroom. She sits next to Kit.

"Kit!" said Tammy. "What is it this time Tammy?" asked Kit angrily. "I'm sorry about what I did yesterday." said Tammy. "Why did you do this to me? I saw you go out on a date with Joel." said Kit. "Well, Joel called me to go on a date with him. I really don't want to go with him. I always want to go with you because you're my favorite." said Tammy. "So you're saying that you are not going out with any boy except me?" asked Kit. "Yes, I promise I will never go out with another boy again." said Tammy. "Apology accepted!" said Kit. "Oh, Thank You Kit!" said Tammy. "You're welcome!" said Tammy.

At 8:30, Kit, Tammy, and other 24 students go to gym. They all change in their lockers. The boys go to the boys locker room and the girls go to the girls locker. Everyone starts changing to their gym uniform.

The gym uniform is a gray shirt with the word Cape on top and Suzette on the bottom. In the middle is a cardinal head. The pants is black with the left leg that says CARDINALS.

10 minutes later, everyone comes out of the lockers. They go outside to the mini basketball court. Kit and Tammy are leaders for the workout. So they yell "CS are you ready?" "Yes we're ready." Then they do their alphabet jumping jacks. They go from A to Z.

Then they put their left foot over the right foot and they bend down 3 times and then they switch feet. They bend down 3 more times.

Then they stretch to their right. They call out their names 1 row down and another row down, etc. The coach tells the students "I want first names only. Ready, go!"

"Kit" "Tammy" "Jerry" "Erica" "Willie" "Tinesha" "Robert" "Jennifer" "Enzo" "Kim" "Brian" "Elizabeth" "Barry" "Rachel" "Danny" "Linda" "Gregory" "Laura" "Mark" "Cindy" "Christopher" "Diana" "Bernie" "Kelly" "Ricky" "Marisa"

Now they switch to their left and the coach says "I want last names only. Ready, go!"

"Cloudkicker" "Martinez" "Joyce" "Martin" "Waldman" "Burton" "Sullivan" "James" "Vasquez" "Lavour" "Williamson" "Lovelett" "Turrisi" "Paulsen" "Jefferson" "Smith" "Michaels" "DiDominico" "McDonald" "Maloney" "Jones" "Andrews" "Kramer" "Thomas" "DeJesus" "Lawton"

Then they take a lap around the block. Kit and Tammy walks around the block together. It takes them 5 minutes to go around the block.

After that, some students are playing basketball. Kit and Tammy wants to play football with 5 boys and 5 girls. The coach gives them a belt with 3 flags on it. Kit and Tammy wears the belt. The coach gives Kit the ball and everyone starts playing football.

After football, all students go back to their lockers to change back to their regular clothes.

At 10:00, they go to Global Studies class. Now they all learn about the caribbean islands. Mr.Miceli gives each student a map of the islands. Kit and Tammy identifies each island, bodies of water, and a few cities. Then they color the map.

At 10:45, they go to English class. They are studying the parts of speech. Kit and Tammy studies for 5 minutes. Then Mr. Davidson gives everyone a 3 page test. Everyone starts doing the test.

At 11:30, they go to Science class. Ms. Giovanni gives everyone notes about sounds. Kit and Tammy writes down the notes on the board.

At 12:45, they go to lunch. Kit and Tammy orders their food. Then they go to their table. They eat their lunch. Then they chat to each other.

"I heard that you are going to be a cheerleader for tonight." said Kit. "Yep, also Molly wants to be a cheerleader too." said Tammy. "I told coach to give me 2 cheerleanding outfits. 1 large for me and 1 small for Molly." "Oh, remind me to get my new baseball uniform." said Kit. "Okay!" said Tammy.

"What does the uniform look like?" asked Tammy. "It's a white uniform with pinstripes. It has the words CAPE SUZETTE on top and CARDINALS on the bottom. In the middle, it has a big cardinal with our number next to it. On the back is the number with our names on the top. The pants is white with pinstripes. I still have my mock neck at home." said Kit.

At 1pm, they go to Math class. They are learning about long division. Mr. DiFelice gives examples on the board. He gives them about 5 examples on the board. Everyone gets the idea of long division.

At 1:45, Kit and Tammy go to Art class. They get their project from Mr. Law. Kit is drawing Yankee Stadium and Tammy is drawing some Yankee players like Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, and Tino Martinez, etc.

"Who's you're favorite player?" asked Kit. "Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, and Tino Martinez." said Tammy. "Me too!" said Kit.

After they drawn the picture, they start coloring them. Kit uses white, black, and blue for Yankee Stadium. Tammy uses peach, brown, blue, black, and white for the players. It takes them a long time for them to color every part of the drawing.

At 2:30, their school is over. Kit and Tammy goes to their lockers. Kit and Tammy are 17 lockers apart. They put their books away. Then they go to the gym office for their uniforms. The coach gives Tammy her 2 cheerleading outfits and the coach gives Kit his new uniform.

Rebecca is in her car with Molly. Tammy and Kit comes out of the gym office. Then they go into the car. Tammy gives Molly the small cheerleading outfit. Then they go to Higher for Hire.

When they arrive, they all come out of the car. Kit runs upstairs to his room to change to his baseball uniform. He still uses his mock neck, cap, and wristbands.

After Kit finishes, he goes downstairs and then Tammy and Molly goes to Kit's room. They start changing to their cheerleading outfits.

The outfit is a white longsleeve shirt with the initials CS with a big cardinal on the front. It also has a red stripe on each arm on the shirt. The skirt is red, blue, and white and it's 2 inches above the knees. It also has a red ribbon and 2 yellow pom poms each. their outfit, they tie their ribbons on their hair. Then they come downstairs. Rebecca take a picture of Molly and Tammy as cheerleaders.

Kit watches Tammy teaching how to cheerlead. They are both practicing in the middle of the office.

"Now when you cheerlead, you got to do what I say." said Tammy. "Okay, what's the first step?" asked Molly. "If you want to applause the team, instead of clapping your hands, use both pom poms and shake it together in front of you." said Tammy. They both put the pom poms in front of them and shaking it. "Nice job!" said Tammy.

"The next step is to stretch your arms. You can put your arms with your pom poms up, down, left, right, straight across, dignally, on your chest, and on your hips. But we do it at the same time." said Tammy. "Okay!" said Molly.

Tammy grabs a 8 x 12 foot mirror and she wheels it in front of her and Molly. They stand in their position looking at the mirror.

"Now when I say a move, we will do it at the same time." said Tammy. "Okay! Let's do it." said Molly. "Both hands up, right hand down, right hand on hips, left hand diagnally up, both hands straight across, right hand on the chest, both hands down, now bend down, and then jump and put both hands up in the air. Excellent!" said Tammy. "Thank You!" said Molly. "I'll teach you some more when we get to the ball park." said Tammy.

At 6:00, Tammy, Molly, Kit, Rebecca, and Baloo are ready to go to the final game. Tammy goes outside and she goes to Wildcat. She opens Wildcat's door. "Hi Wildcat!" said Tammy. "Hi Tammy!" said Wildcat. "Are you ready to go?" asked Tammy. "Yup!" said Wildcat. Wildcat grabs his blue yankee jacket. Everyone goes to Rebecca's car.

"Is your family coming to the game?" asked Kit. "They are already there ." said Tammy. "We will win tonight." said Kit. "I am going to face your ex-boyfriend tonight."

When they arrive, they come out of the car and they go to the field. The stadium is remodeled to 5000 seats, a big screen, a scoreboard with balls, strikes, and outs, and a lineup card with the position and number.

There are a lot of lights surrounding the stadium. Nobody is there except the 30 players, the 2 coaches, Molly, Tammy, 5 other cheerleaders, Baloo, Wildcat, Rebecca, and the Martinez family siting behind the Cardinals dugout on the first base side.

20 minutes later, thousands of people comes to the stadium. The opposing team comes to the field. Kit goes to the bullpen to warm-up with Oscar. Joel Ventura warms-up in the opponent's bullpen.

At 7:00, all 5000 people are ready for the game. Bob Sheppard announces "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Cape Suzette baseball finals." the crowd begins to cheer and applaud.

"The starting lineup for St. Bruno Blue Jays. At center field #12 Andrew Collins, at 3rd base #21 Tony Wilson, at right field #16 Thomas Kauffman, at first base #8 George Zimmer, at left field #33 Nick Barnett, pitching #50 Joel Ventura, catching #25 Luke Evans, at second base #23 Donald Rippley, and at shortstop #37 Mickey Webster." said Bob Sheppard.

"And for the Cape Suzette Cardinals." said Bob. The crowd cheers. "pitching #26 Kit Cloudkicker, catching #13 Oscar Vandersnoot, at third base # 12 John Castillo, at left field #27 Shawn Maxwell, at center field #17 Dominick DiPaolo, at first base #4 Sal Zimmerman, at shortstop #9 Raymond Ferrer, at right field #24 Jason Spencer, and at second base #10 Dante Gallagher."

Kit and his players take the field. Kit trots to the mound. Kit starts practicing his warm-up with Oscar.

Tammy escorts the mayor of Cape Suzette to the mound. Tammy takes Kit baseball glove. She goes behind the plate and bends like a catcher. Bob Sheppard announces "Ladies and Gentlemen, please direct your attention to the mound as the mayor of Cape Suzette willl throw out tonight's first pitch." The mayor throws it to Tammy and the crowd applauds for him. Tammy gives the mayor the ball and she escorts him out of the field.

The first batter comes to the plate. Kit does his full wind-up and he pitches low and the batter swings and misses. Then the batter swings and misses again. And then he strikes him out. Then the next batter comes to the plate and he ground it to Kit. He throws it to Sal for out number 2. The the next batter comes to the plate. Kit strikes him out.

In the bottom of the 1st inning, Kit comes to the plate. He swings and linedrives to Joel. He catches his linedrive. Oscar comes to the plate. He bats like Jim Leyritz. Joel hits him on the foot. Oscar goes to first base. Then John comes to the plate. He hits it into a 4-6-3 DP. (2nd base, shortstop, 1st base Double Play).

In the 2nd inning, Kit runs into trouble. The 1st batter and the 2nd batter gets back to back singles. Then Joel comes to the plate. The first pitch he fouls a ball and he throws the bat away. It almost hits the cheerleaders. Tammy picks it up and gives it to Joel. "Thanks sweetie!" said Joel. "Sorry! Kit is mine now!" said Tammy.

Joel goes to the plate again. Joel swings and blast a bomb to left field and he gets a 3-run home run. He trots around the bases.

In the bottom of the 6th, Ernie pinch hits for Sal. Ernie hits a single to right. After 2 batters get a walk, Kit comes to the plate. Joel pitches to him and he swings a blast to left field for a grand salami. The crowd cheers and the cheerleaders cheer their heads off. Kit trots around the bases. The players and the cheerleaders go to him.

In the 7th inning, Kit has 3 outs away to win the championship. He strikesout the 1st 2 batters. Joel comes to the players. He swings and pops it up shallow to Kit. Kit catches it and Cardinals win the championship. All the players and the cheerleaders go to the mound. Kit jumps on Oscar and holding up number one. The players and cheerleaders make a pile one on top on each other.

Then they all come out of the pile. Kit is shooting pain on his ankle and shin. Tammy picks him up with her hand. Everyone on the team hugs each other. Kit, Tammy, and Molly hugs together.

They all start crying because they won the finals. Kit recieves the Cape Suzette MVP. Kit and Tammy goes to homeplate where Joel is. Joel shakes Kit's hand and says "Good work Kit!" "Gracias Joel!" said Kit.

Then Kit, Tammy, and Molly gets to the car. Rebecca beeps her car. They all go in the back of the car. Rebecca, Wildcat, and Baloo goes in with them.

The Mrtinez family follows Rebecca's car. Then they arrive at Higher for Hire. Everyone gets out of the car. Kit gives Molly his cap. Then they all go in.

Tammy and Kit stays outside and they go to the end of the pier. They all watch Kit and Tammy from the window.

"You have a nice plane!" said Tammy. "Thanks, but it's not my plane, It's Baloo!" said Kit.

They both put their lips together and puts their arms around each other. Then they close their eyes. And then they touch each other's lips and they begin to kiss. As they kiss for a few seconds, a lot of fireworks begin to explode into a red heart. Now they are in love forever.


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