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Kit Cloudkicker Poems

The best stories are Tale Spin stories!

My Poems (2)


"Cloudkicker, The Navigator": This is not a story; but a little poem that Disney should've used for the 30-second ad for Kit Cloudkicker.

"The 10 Most Painful Things You Can Do To Kit Cloudkicker" : Here is first Top Ten on Kit Cloudkicker.

Kit Cloudkicker Fan Poems:


Alyson Terry  (9)

TaleSpin Anonymous: Here's a list of 48 symptoms that prove that you've been watching the greatest animated series of all time too long.

I'm the Navigator!: Another poem about everyone favorite daring young bearcub.

The World According to WildCat: Want to become a great fixer? Here are some tips on how to be the best.

Vactioning in Themria; and Liking It!: This line sez it all! 

Skies are Yours : The symbolic musing of Disney's TaleSpin.

This is Cape Suzette: The full story of Cape Suzette summarized in one small poem.

Tie that Binds : The prelude poem to the fanfic "Essence on You".

To Molly; your 16th Birthday: This letter written by Rebecca Cunningham; about 9 years after Essence on You.

Stage Set, Actors Ready: Food for the TaleSpin Soul according to the writer. A long poem.


Dan Green (2)


Kit Cloudkicker Quiz - How well do you know about Kit Cloudkicker? Take this little test and see just how smart are you. (Dan; I hope this isn't the only quiz your planning..... I love it!)

Twas the Night Before Christmas in the TaleSpin World: A remake of a classic Christmas poem based on the TaleSpin characters. Based on Kristof's/Dan Green's latest fanfic.


Ted H. (5)

The Navigator's Free Spirit

The Red Scarf - The symoblism of Kit Cloudkicker's red scarf.

To Whoever You May Be - According to Ted; Imagine that Kit Cloudkicker actually wrote this before meeting Baloo.

To The Star of My Life- Inspired by Aly's fanfic "Sphere of Influence"

To Surf The Sky - Inspired by Kristof's fanfic "Seeking the Truth"


Steve Carter (1)

Christopher's Song


Elysabeth (2)

Searching for a Better Life: Okay; I made up the title myself. However; it makes sense. This poem is inspired by Dan Green's fanfic: "Thicker Than Water" and it is basically Kit's ture battle cry.

A New Year's Thank You: This is a must-read poem thanking everyone for supporting the best animated series of all time.

Marie Kelly (Alternate E-Mail) (1)

"Respite": A poem about Kit Cloudkicker's symbolic fall off the Iron Vulture in Part Four of Plunder and Lightning.

Number of Poems: 22

I need your help for this part of the website. Please send in your poems and song lyrics about Kit Cloudkicker and/or any Tale Spin character. (No High Flight Stories Please!! And they must be your own creation due to legal issues. The last thing I want to do is have a story that I used without premission and have the original creator of the story flame me for it.) ASCII or Microsoft Word is fine; ( No HTML please because my editor does mess them up big time.) Size is now limited to 20K per poem; I'm having problem with space now at Geocities. E-Mail them to me at:

Molly and Kit remind you to keep sending in those stories.

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