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 TaleSpin's Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Written by: Emilio Velez

Characters: Kit Cloudkicker, Baloo, Wildcat, Rebecca Cunningham, Molly Cunningham are copyright 1990/1991 Walt Disney Company and are being used without premission. The writer has made sure that no money was made in the creation of this fanfic and that all material is used with the upmost affection and respect. Tammy Martinez, Natalie Martinez, Carlos Martinez, David Martinez, Lauren Martinez, and Tammy's relatives are the property of the writer and cannot be used without premission from the writer.

Editors Note: Contains unconvential humor. Read at your own risk since it is in play-type format...

The Whose Line Is It Anyway theme song plays. The crowd applauds.


Drew Carey: Welcome to Whose line is it anyway? The show that makes you want to fly out of the Sea Duck. Featuring tonight, he’s wearing blue all over so he can be Mr. Fix it Wildcat. He is a teenager wearing blue jeans, a red hooded sweater and a white cap backwards like he’s cool with his bleach blonde hair Kit Cloudkicker. She’s wearing black pants and a white and becomes the boss Rebecca Cunningham. He’s large and in charge wearing his pilot gold shirt Baloo. These are your contestants.


Crowd Applauds


Drew: We will start off a game called “Film and Theater Styles”, it will feature Kit and Rebecca will come down and do a film style, what do you think they should be in audience?


Man: Soap Opera!


Drew: The Soaps, anyone else?


Woman: Sci-Fi!


Drew: Sci-Fi, good one, next.


Man: Batman and Robin!


Drew: Cool, next.


Woman: Western!


Drew: One more style!


Man: Mickey and Minnie!


Drew: Ok, you two are in a park walking together. After you do the talking, I’ll add the styles to that scene, go ahead.


Rebecca: So, did you win?


Kit: No, I was 0 for 4, I never got a base hit.


Rebecca: Don’t worry; you’ll knock them next time!




Drew: Let’s start with Soap Opera.


Rebecca: You struck out? I don’t want to talk to you. You make me sick! You’re in a slump!


Kit: Hey, at least I bat .500 average.




Drew: Western.


Kit: Now I own this park, gimme all your money. (Points with two fingers like a gun. Rebecca raises her arms) Show me the moolah.


Rebecca: Not in the OK corral park!


Kit: I need to see that dough.


Rebecca: Watch me dance, (dances western)




Drew: Ok, Sci-Fi!


Kit: Oh my God, these trees are moving, what are we going to do?


Rebecca: let’s run! (Pretends to run away from moving trees)


Kit: Oh no, we’re surrounded by evil trees!




Drew: Batman and Robin!


Kit: Holy Cape Suzette, what are we going to do Batman, I mean Batwoman?


Rebecca: Let’s open a can on them. (Pretends to fight)






Drew: Let’s end it with Mickey and Minnie!


Rebecca: (light voice) Let’s take a scram-ola!


Kit: (light voice) Let’s get Goofy and Donald Duck so we can blow this park into smithereens.




Drew: Ok, (laughing) thank you, well done.


Kit and Rebecca take their seats.


Drew: Next, we go to a game called “Scenes from a hat”, it features all 4 of you. Come on down. In this hat are the audience suggestions what you will do. The first one is “Dropping a Contact Lens in a bubble bath”.


Rebecca sits on the step as a bath, Kit comes over


Kit: Oh no, I drop my contact lens! (Baloo and Wildcat comes over finds it)




Drew: Let’s try “Getting exhausted after a marathon”


Baloo: What’s wrong?


Kit: Tired! (Falls to the floor)




Drew: Let’s try “Drunk people at golf course”!


Baloo: (pretends to swing and miss the ball and falls) Did I hit that?


Wildcat: There it goes!




Drew: How about “Stooges in a restaurant”!


Kit: Hello!


Wildcat: Hello!


Kit pretends to slap Wildcat in the face. Wildcat pretends to poke Kit in the eyes.


Kit: I ordered onion and pepperoni, not pepperoni and sausage.




Drew: Let’s try the last one “Chinese Boxing”!


Rebecca and Wild bows down like the Chinese and pretends to fight each other


Rebecca: Take that and that!




They take their seats


Drew: Ha ha, good one guys, thank you, now we go on to a game called “Standing, Sitting, Bending” which features Kit, Rebecca, and Wildcat. There two chairs here, one of you must be seated, one of you must be standing, and one of you must be bending over. After a few seconds you can start changing around. The scene is you’re in a bowling alley discussing strategy. Let’s begin!


Rebecca sits, Kit stands, Wildcat bends over and holds the chair


Kit: I have a way to score a strike!


Rebecca: Really?


Kit: All you do is roll down the middle and knock the pins.


Rebecca stays seated, Wildcat stands, and Kit pretends to roll bending over.


Kit: Look, it’s a strike, I told you so.


Rebecca: Let me see that.


Kit stands, Wildcat sits, Rebecca bends over looking at the alley.


Rebecca: I don’t see anything.


Kit: It’s a strike Miz Cunningham!


Rebecca: I didn’t know that!


Wildcat: Lemme see!


Kit stands, Wildcat bends over, and Rebecca sits.


Wildcat: Lemme take a shot! (Pretends to rolls)


Kit: Gutter ball!


Rebecca: And there are no pins anyway!




Drew: Ha ha ha ha!!!! Thanks you guys, now we go on to a game called “Props” Wildcat and Baloo, you’ll get this one (double arches) and Kit and Rebecca you two get this one (a large “T”) you make as many ideas with those starting you Kit and Rebecca.


Kit: Would you like a cup of “T”?




Baloo: Welcome to my rat hole, would you like to come in? (Wildcat goes in the hole)




Rebecca: (as a merry-go-round) are we having fun Kit?




Wildcat: Welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order?




Kit: (as a toy winder) here we go! (Rebecca walks like a toy)




Baloo and Wildcat use it as a seesaw going up and down, up and down.




Rebecca: Introducing the garden weasel (Pretends to dig with that)




Baloo: (as a monster) Hey I’m Godzilla!




Kit: Here comes the ski lift! (The item comes to them and pretends to sit on it)




Drew: Thank you, I’ll take those!


They take their seats.


Drew: Now we go to a game called “World’s Worst”, it features all 4 of you. Stand on the steps. You will act out the world’s worst person to sit next to in college.


Rebecca: I’d like to buy an A!




Wildcat: Hey I’m trying to read here!




Kit: What time is this over?




Baloo: That’s my final answer!




Kit: Can you repeat the question?




Wildcat: 1+1 hmmmm!




Kit: Is this History or Government?




Rebecca: I got an A! I got an A!




Baloo: Why am I flunked at this Math test?




Kit: Let’s talk about tornadoes teach! (spins around)




Drew: All right, good one you guys, you receive a million points. (Contestants take their seats) Let’s go on to a game called “Helping Hands” it features Baloo and Rebecca, there are some props on the table and Wildcat will provide the hands.


Wildcat puts his arms through Baloo’s arms. Baloo puts his arms behind his back.


Drew: This scene is you’re in a pizza parlor and Rebecca is the customer and you are the chef. Let’s begin!


Baloo: Welcome to Cape Suzette Pizza!


Rebecca: Hi, I’ll order a Peppero……


Baloo: Yeah, you really come to the right place! (Finds the dough and the roller) (Speaks fast) I gotta handful of dough and I don’t have any money! We roll the dough (rolls the dough unflat) There’s your dough right here, now we grab sauce.


Rebecca: Here (passes the sauce to Baloo)


Baloo: (opens the lid and throws it away) There you go, (pours all the sauce on the pizza and splashes on Rebecca and Baloo) It’s the big kahuna.


Rebecca: I’m all wet! Here put cheese on them, (spreads cheese on pizza)


Baloo: (snatches cheese from Rebecca and eats some) oh these are good!


Rebecca: (angry) Baloo, those belong on the pizza!


Baloo: Ok, (puts pizza on the face) there’s your pizza!




Drew: (laughing his head off) excellent you guys, that gives you and zillion points there. Let’s go to a game called “Party Quirks”. It features Baloo as the host of the party, the others are guests of the party and they have ways of behaving in the party. Baloo must guess who it is. You three stand there and I’ll ring the doorbell, go ahead.


Baloo: (on the phone mad) No no, I ordered 50 kracatoa specials, goodbye! (Hangs up) What a moron.




Baloo: Oh, hello Wildcat!


Imitating King Kong


Wildcat: GRRRRRRR, GRRRRR (goes to the audience and grabs a woman) GRRRR, You want some of this?


Baloo: What’s going on, are you Godzilla?




Baloo: Hi Kit!


Thinks he’s a dog


Kit: (on all fours) hey, where’s the Puppy Chow.


Baloo: Yes over there.


Kit: Thanks!




Baloo: Hey Beckers!


Has a crush on the host of the party


Rebecca: Hello, I… oh you stud muffin, the biggest man I ever saw. (goes around him)


Baloo: Hey you have a crush on me!




Wildcat: Grrrrrr, Grrrr!


Baloo: Put her down you King Kong wanna be!




Baloo: Who are you?


Kit: Anymore chow! Where’s my house? Hey, I’m waging my tail!


Baloo: Oh, you’re a dog!




Drew: Oh my, I’ll give you 10 million points on that. Let’s go to a game called “Hoe-down” It features all 4 of you, you will sing in a hoe-down with the assistant of the piano man. Give me suggestion audience of a TV show hoe-down.


Man: Talespin!


Drew: All right, a Talespin hoe-down. Let’s start.


Piano man plays the Hoe-down. The audience claps along during the song.


Wildcat: (singing) I starred in Talespin. I am Mr. Fix it!

I hate working on the sea duck cause it’s really hard.

I work for Higher for Hire, and I get a lot of money.

So give a lot of dough cause repairing really sucks!


Hoe-down music continues to play


Kit: (singing) I really like to cloud surf, right up in the sky.

When the air pirates came to me, I really knocked them dead.

I hated those pirates cause they make me sick.

When Karnage came to me, I kicked his butt!


Hoe-down music continues to play


Rebecca: (singing) When I joined Talespin, I am the boss.

When I told Baloo to move the cargo, he goes to sleep.

Then I grabbed a clipboard and then I pinched his butt.

He really really makes me sick cause I said so!


Hoe-down music continues to play


Baloo: (singing) I am the pilot and I really like to fly.

I take my Sea Duck to a restaurant called Louie’s.

I order a krackatoa when the air pirates came in.

Karny makes me sick and he should go home!


Wildcat, Kit, Rebecca: (singing) He should go hoooome!!!


Crowd gives them a standing ovation.


Drew: All right, that was a fun game, now I total up the points, and the winners are Rebecca Cunningham and Kit Cloudkicker.


Audience applauds


Drew: Now, we will end this show with all 4 of you reading the Talespin Credits in the style of my choosing. Act out as four sports commentators. I like to thank Wildcat, Kit, Rebecca, and Baloo. I’m Drew Carey, Goodnight!





President Walt Disney Television Animation

Gary Krisel


Conceptual Producers

Jymn Magon Mark Zaslove


Wildcat: Holy cow, it’s Jymn Magon, he’s 4 for 4.


Supervising Producer

Jymn Magon


Wildcat: Is Jymn Magon again!


Associate Producer

Ken Tsumura



Ed Ghertner Larry Latham

Jamie Mitchell Robert Taylor

James. T Walker


Kit: I’m sure Jamie Mitchell can score 5 goals today!


Story Editors

Duane Capizzi Karl Geurs

Ken Koonce Jymn Magon

Bruce Talkington David Weimers

Mark Zaslove


Story Writers

Alan Burnett Carter Crocker

Jeremy Cushner Martin Donoff

Mark Edens Michael Edens

Karl Geurs Libby Hinson

Ken Koonce Eric Lewald

Julia Jane Lewald Jymn Magon

Bruce Morris Cathryn Perdue

Steve Roberts Don Rosa

Dev Ross Jeffrey Scott

Dave Stefan Jan Strnad

Steve Sustarsic Ellen Svaco

Colleen Taber Bruce Talkington

Chuck Tately Len Uhley

David Wiemers Mark Zaslove


Baloo: Tonight’s match, Steve Roberts and Bruce Morris vs. Len Uhley amd Mark Zaslove.


Post Production Producers

Larry Latham Jamie Mitchell



Drew Carey


Baloo: Drew Carey, What’s he doing there!


Characters and Voices of

Wildcat……………………………Pat Fraley

Kit Cloudkicker…………………...Jason Marsden

Baloo……………………………...Ed Gilbert

Rebecca Cunningham…………….Sally Struthers


Dialogue Direction

Ginny McSwain


Rebecca: Ginny McSwain, she can score constant 3 pointers.


Animation Directors

Terrence Harrison John Kimball

Marsh Lamore Rick Leon

Mircea Mantta Jamie Mitchell

Mitch Rochon Bob Shellhorn

Robert Taylor Richard Tureblood

James T. Walker Bob Zamboni


Wildcat: Bob Zamboni, I didn’t know he plays hockey.


Assistant Producers

Donna Alcock Barbara Donatelli

Stephannie Elliot Barbara Ferro

Beth Gunn Traci Tolman

Scott Wolf



Kurt Anderson Viki Anderson

Ryan Anthony Andrew Austin

Rich Childlaw Victor Cook

Larry Eilkleberry Holly Forsyth

Sharon Forward George Goode

Jan Green Warren Greenwood

Larry Houston Bob Kline

Rob Laduca Larry Latham

Jim Mitchell John Norton

Eduardo Olivares Frank Paur

Chris Rutkowski David Schvartz

Swinton Scott David Smith

Robert Souza Lonnie Thompson

Hank Tucker Wendell Washer

Roy Wilson Yi-Chih Chen

David Thrasher (Flying Dupes)


Kit: Starting lineup, David Smith, John Norton, Bob Kline, Jan Green, and Kurt Anderson.


Character Design

George Goode Skip Morgan

Tom Owens Toby Shelton

Len Smith Kenny Thompkins


Computer Animation

Kelly Day Michael Peraza


Prop Design

Liz Chapman Dennis Greco

Terry Hudson Marty Warner


Rebecca: Marty Warner, give him a tennis racket.


Key Layout Design

Derek Carter Kelly Day

Paul Felix Frank Paur

Carol Kieffer Police Jim Schtenker

Michael Spooner Colette Van Mierlo

Ed Wexler


Wildcat: Paul Felix and Derek Carter for the championship.


Key Background Stylist

Greg Battes Gary Conklin

Gary Eggleston James Gallego

Paro Hozumi Bill Lorencz

Fred Warter


Color Key Stylist

Janet Cummings Robin Draper

Debra Jorgensborg Yolanda Rearick

Marta Skwara Jill Stirdivant

Britt Teegarden


Kit: Janet Cumming shoots and she scores!


Overseas Animation Producer

Russel Mooney Brian Ray


Overseas Animation Supervisor

Bob Baxter Marlene Robinson May

Bob Shellhorn


Supervising Timing Director

Marlene Robinson May Bob Shellhorn


Timing Directors

Vincent Bassols Carole Beers

John Kimball Marsh Lamore

Rick Leon Mircea Mantta

Jamie Mitchell Mitch Rochon

Bob Shellhorn Bob Treat

Richard Tureblood James T. Walker


Wildcat: Timing, John Kimball calling the shots, so does Rick Leon.


Continuity Coordinators

Vonnie Batson Jim Finch

Kathrin Victor


Track Reading

Christine 'Skip' Craig


Rebecca: Tracks, Craig in first place!


Post Production Manager

Sara Duran


Post Production Supervisors

Barbara Beck Joseph Hathaway


Post Production Coordinator

Jeffrey Arthur


Post Production Assistants

Naci Battelle John Royer

Wade Zia Nassir


Production Assistants

Donna Alcook Johanne Beaudoin

Peggy Becker Jacaleen Cotter

Michelle Pappalardo Michelle Schlickt

Annamarie Solano Yolanda Valdez

Samantha Weerasinghe Donna Weir

Rick West Jodi Wildman

Luanne Wood


Baloo: Donna Weir makes the catch!


Talent Coordinator

Olivia Miner


Script Coordinator

Leona Jernigan Anita Lish

Marie Sager Mirth Schilder


Archives Supervisor

Krista Bunn


Art Coordinator

Karen Silva


Sound Editors

Brain Baker Mark R. Crookston

Paul Diller Michael Gollom

Rich Hinson M.P.S.E. Sam Horta

Marc Orfanos Jerry Winicki


Music Editors

Thomas Harris Brian F. Mars


Wildcat: Thomas and Brian, make the 7th inning stretch!


Dubbing Mixer

Timothy J. Borquez


Sound Dubbing Supervisor

Christopher Keith


Supervising Sound Editor

Matt Preble David John West M.P.S.E.


Managing Editor

Rich Harrison


Kit: Oh, Rich Harrison, he plays hard!


Supervising Editor

Cecil E. Broughton M.P.S.E.


Assistant Editors

Jennifer Harrison David Lynch

Thomas Needell Craig Paulson


Foley Design

Ron Eng


Music Composer and Conductor

Christopher L. Stone


Rebecca: Chris Stone, shotput gold!


Music Lyrics/Songs

Michael Sliversher Patty Sliversher


Produced by

Robert Kraft


Baloo: He got a base hit, it’s over!


Rebecca, Wildcat: It’s over!


Kit: Talespin wins 100 to 0!




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