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MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge Fanfics

The Cartoon Character World Cup

17th Update: 07/04/2006- My final script (The World Cartoon Cup Final) is uploaded.......and that is it for this series!

For those who don't know about MXC; here's a matchbox version of the show's history.... The original show is known in Japan as "Takeshi's Castle" and that show was a serious obstacle course where Japanese competitors win prize money for not being painfully elimanated. The show lasted 120 episodes on Japanese Television. Spike TV decided to add this show in 2003; with some major differences. What Spike TV basically did was keep the overall show format and then redub every voice so that it sounded so over the top and funny that for some odd reason the audience would hurt from laughing at the outrageous humor much more than the competitors did when they take their lumps on the field. Okay; it's anime butchery at it's worst...but in a Samurai Pizza Cats kind of way; except that MXC has much of the taboo stuff that Saban would edit out (Saban did Samurai Pizza Cats and it will be considered the only time anime butchery actually improves a series.). Think Kung Pow: Enter the Fist for another example. I love this show (**** 1/2) despite the vulgar humor; but it doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the show. I was either laughing out loud; or saying "OH MY GOD! THAT'S A MAN-SIZED BUMP!". It should also be noted; that the competitors spots are unintentional and that injuries are real in "Takeshi Castle". In other words; in MXC what they say is fake; what they do is real.

The show is hosted by Takeshi (In MXC; he is called Vic Romano) who usually wears a blue samurai dress and he has a sidekick who wears a red samurai dress (MXC Name: Kenny Blankenship) whose name I don't know. They usually surround themselves with their crew and their mascot who is known in MXC as Skanky (a samurai warrior mascot with oversized fists) who appears in one of the game to attack the competitors (In MXC; the game is called Wall Bangers). In MXC; the competitors names are changed to represent a certain team like the Porn industry or Toy's & Games (There are two exceptions: The Couples Special episode and College Girls episode where it's slightly more in line to the actual Takeshi's Castle series). Again; the dubbers wrote it over-the-top so that it sounds funny. They compete in games to score points for their team which they have to avoid doing stuff that might get them on the MXC Impact Replay (usually the one elimanation that is the most painful). During the show; we meet the colorful Guy LaDouce who goes to the field to talk to the competitors and set up the games for the episode. However; he oftens gets involved in the actual games and sometimes acts in such an animated manner that its hard to tell weither the show is faithfully translated or not. Guy also has a couple of cousins who take over if the Guy (the MXC character) is in trouble with the law. There is also Captain Taneal who is the skipper and referee of the event. The skipper (the MXC character) asks a question about their opinions and usually tells them that their opinion is wrong. He looks after the rules of the games (if there are any to begin with). After the show is over; Kenny Blankenship counts down the most painful elimanations of the day. Anything can happen in this show and usually I would laugh in glee. This show sells Spike TV all by itself (except for Star Trek (which was in syndication since forever) and Slamball.) and it makes me forget about shows from The Strip and The John Henson Project which is getting worse (the balloon blowing promo was the only joke so far that is even remotely amusing)....

I've decided to do the whole scripts in play script format; which is what I use for my rough drafts for fanfics because I don't see any other way of doing it properly to give this program justice. The scripts I wrote are for what I call the MXC Cartoon World Cup; which is a series of events between the characters of cartoon television shows. I'll focus mostly on the Disney Television Animation since TaleSpin is on that bracket. The characters compete in the same way that Most Extreme Elimanation Challenge (Takeshi's Castle) competitors do in the television show; with the winning team (the one who scores the most points) going on to the next round. I'll explain the acutal games inside the acutal scripts since it would take too much space to reveal them here. Eat and enjoy......!

One Final Note: All scripts contain some sexual dialogue, suggestive themes and of course; obstacle course violence. I tired hard to write a clean version of this show; but it didn't exactly work. I got rid of the coarse dialogue; but that's about it.

The MXC Cartoon World Cup Competition

Story Scripts

The Disney Television Animation Competition

The Quarter-Finals

Quarter-Final #1: The TaleSpin Team VS. The Darkwing Duck Team

Quarter-Final #2: The Gargoyles Team VS. The Kim Possible Team

Quarter-Final #3: The DuckTales Team VS The Gummi Bears Team

Quarter-Final #4: The Rescue Rangers Team VS The Wuzzles Team

The Semi-Finals

Semi-Final #1: The Gargoyles Team VS. The TaleSpin Team

Semi-Final #2: The Ducktales Team VS. The Rescue Rangers Team

The Final:

The Ducktales Team Vs. The TaleSpin Team


The American Cartoon Cup Competition

Pairings and Seedings Event

TaleSpin Vs. Spongebob SquarePants Vs. Batman Vs. The Simpsons

The Semi-Finals

Semi-Final #1: TaleSpin Team VS. Spongebob SquarePants Team

Semi-Final #2: Batman Team VS. The Simpsons Team

The Finals

The Simpsons Team VS. The TaleSpin Team

The World Cartoon Cup Competition


The Tiny Toons Team VS. The TaleSpin Team

The Franklin Team VS. The Bearstein Bears Team

The Blinky Bill Team VS. Wallace & Gromitt

The Dragon Ball Team VS. The Innuyasha Team


The Bearstein Bears Team VS. The TaleSpin Team

The 2006 World Cartoon Cup Final

The Innuyasha Team VS. The TaleSpin Team

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