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 Kit Goes to Puerto Rico

Written by: Emilio Velez

Characters: Kit Cloudkicker, Baloo, Wildcat, Rebecca Cunningham, Molly Cunningham are copyright 1990/1991 Walt Disney Company and are being used without premission. The writer has made sure that no money was made in the creation of this fanfic and that all material is used with the upmost affection and respect. Tammy Martinez, Natalie Martinez, Carlos Martinez, David Martinez, Lauren Martinez, and Tammy's relatives are the property of the writer and cannot be used without premission from the writer.

Chapter 1


Kit and Tammy finished their freshmen year in high school. Tammy plans a summer vacation to Puerto Rico.

Tammy and her family wants to see their relatives in Puerto Rico. "Call your boyfriend on the phone and ask him if he wants to come with us." said David. "Sure daddy!" said Tammy.

Kit is sleeping in his bed. His phone rings and he wakes up. He picks up the phone.

"Hello!" said Kit. "Hi sweetie!" said Tammy. "Hey sweetheart!" said Kit. "Would you and the others come with me and my family to fabulous Puerto Rico today?" asked Tammy. "Certainly my love!" said Kit. "We will have some fun together in P.R." said Tammy. "I'd love too!" said Kit. "I'll introduce to my relatives in Puerto Rico." said Tammy. "Cool!" said Kit. "See you in a moment." said Tammy. "Bye!" said Kit. They hang up their phones.

"Whoooo-Hoooo!!!" yelled Kit. Baloo gets up from bed. "What happend Kit?" asked Baloo. "Tammy wants all of us to go to Puerto Rico with Tammy and her family." said Kit. "That's so cool!" said Baloo. "I'll tell Becky, Molly, Wildcat." Baloo walks out of the room.

Kit sighs and then smiles about it. He looks at the album and looks at some pictures of him and his girlfriend Tammy in there. 2 minutes later, Rebecca comes to the room. "Ahh, Baloo told me, Molly, and Wildcat that if we can go to Puerto Rico." said Rebecca. "Yeah Miz. Cunningham!" said Kit. "And I say yes." said Rebecca. "Cool!" said Kit.

Kit picks up the phone and he dials Tammy's phone number. He hears 2 rings before Tammy picks it up. "Hello!" said Tammy. "Hi my girlfriend! We'll be there in a moment." said Kit. "That's Awesome! We will have fun together you and me. We can have a lot of dates there." said Tammy. "See you in a moment!" said Kit. "Bye!" said Tammy. They both hang up their phones.

"Kit, you forgot to tell her that we can use the Sea Duck." said Rebecca. "Can't, it's out of gas, remember." said Kit. "Oh, that's right." said Kit.

Kit, Baloo, and Wildcat packs up their clothes for the trip. Kit puts on his red short-sleeve shirt. Rebecca and Molly goes to their appartment to pack their stuff.

Everyone walks to Tammy's house. All 5 goes through the gate and then to the door. Kit knocks on the door. Tammy walks downstairs towards the door. She is wearing a light blue short-sleeve shirt with a pair of white shorts. She opens the door.

"Hey mi amor!" said Tammy. Kit and Tammy hugs and then kisses right on the lips. "Are you ready to go to Puerto Rico?" asked Tammy. "Oh yeah!" said Kit. "We'll leave in 5 minutes. My daddy has a big van." said Tammy.

5 minutes later, David drives to his house with his big red van. He honks his horn. Everyone goes to the big van. They all travel to the airport.

When they arrive at the airport, all 10 gets out of the van and enters the airport. Kit puts his arm around Tammy as they find their flight to Puerto Rico. They take a seat. The plane takesoff and heads to P.R.

All the passengers watch a movie. Tammy puts both arms around Kit and puts her head on his schoulders. Then she kisses him on the cheek a couple of times.

From Cape Suzette to Puerto Rico is about 1000 miles going south. Cape Suzette is in the tri-state area in the northeast. Tammy is lying down on Kit's lap. Kit rubs Tammy's hair and arm and then smiles.

It's 12 noon, the plane is about to land. "Can I borrow your baseball magazine?" asked Tammy. "Sure!" said Kit. Kit gives Tammy his baseball magazine. She puts her hand in her pocket and she grabs her case with her glasses inside. She can't see very well. She reads the articles and pictures in the magazine.

The plane lands at the airport in San Juan. Kit, Tammy, Molly, Rebecca, Lauren, Baloo, Wildcat, David, Carlos, and Natalie leaves the plane and the airport.There is a taxi van in front of them. They all go to the van and goes to a hotel for a few days.

Then they arrive at the hotel. They go to their rooms. Everyone puts their luggage away. Then they all get out their rooms. Lauren goes to the hostess of the hotel. "Hay, dos carros afuera esperandote!" said the hostess. "Gracias!" said Lauren. "What did she say?" asked Molly. "she said there are 2 cars out there for us." said Lauren. "Cool!" said Molly.

Everyone exits the hotel and goes in the 2 cars. The Martinez family goes to the red car and the others go to the blue car.

They arrive at Tammy's grandparent's house on their father's side. Everyone gets out of the car and goes in the house. "Hola Guela!" said Tammy. Tammy, Natalie, and Carlos hugs their grandma and grandpa.

"Quien es?" asked grandma Yolanda. "Este es mi novio Kit Cloudkicker, esta es Molly, esta es la senora Rebecca Cunningham, este es el senor Baloo, y Wildcat." said Tammy. "Guys this is my grandma Yolanda and my grandpa Pablo."

Kit and Tammy sit in the love seat in the living room. "Tomorrow, we will have a party here for a get together." said Tammy. "That's awesome!" said Kit. "My grandparents on my mother's side are coming, aunts , uncles, and cousins will be there and I'll introduce them to you." said Tammy. "Plus, we will dance the merengue. I want my grandma to play the El Pollito or the spanish chicken dance."

Kit and Tammy watch a few hours of Sabado Gigante with Don Francisco. Tammy puts her arm around Kit. They watch their favorite part of the show. It's the El Chacal. He elimanates the worst singers by blowing his trumpet in the show.

"Que tu mira?" asked Yolanda. "Sabado Gigante guela." said Tammy.

At 10 pm, everyone except the grandparents goes back to their cars and goes a couple of miles from their grandparent's house.

15 minutes later, they arrive at the hotel. They park their cars in a lot. They enter the hotel and they go to their rooms. Lauren, David, Carlos, Wildcat, Rebecca, and Baloo sleeps in room #64 and Tammy, Natalie, Kit, and Molly sleeps in room #65.

Tammy takes her glasses off and puts it her her case. Everyone changes their clothes. Natalie is wearing a green nightgown. Tammy is wearing a pink nightgown. Everyone begins to sleep for the get together party.

At 8:00 in the morning, Kit, Molly, Tammy, Natalie, Carlos, Baloo, Rebecca, Wildcat, Lauren, and David gets up from bed. Everyone changes into their summer clothes.

Kit is wearing a yellow T-shirt and a blue corduroy material pants. Molly is wearing an orange thin shirt and regular green pants. Tammy is wearing a thin puerto rican shirt with white sleeves and red pants. Natalie is wearing purple long-sleeve shirt and blue pants. And Carlos is wearing a green shirt with a coqui on the front and black corduroy material pants.

The adults go shopping. The kids are watching television. They go downstairs to have breakfast.

After they finish eating breakfast, Kit runs back upstairs to get the bathing suits. Kit has yellow trunks, Carlos has light blue trunks, Molly has a pink swimsuit, Tammy has a white swimsuit, and Natalie has a red swimsuit.

He grabs the bathing suits and he walks downstairs with it. He gives them out. Kit and Carlos go to the boys bathroom to change. Tammy, Molly, and Natalie go to the girls bathroom to change.

5 minutes later, the kids come out of the bathroom to go to the pool. The pool is indoors instead of outdoors. All the kids go through the door and they all go to the water.

They start to have fun at the pool. 20 minutes later, the adults come toward the pool."Hi miss Cunningham!" said Tammy. Rebecca rubs Tammy's hair and says "Hi Tammy!"

A few moments later, Kit and Tammy gets out of the pool and goes to the jacuzzi. "So what are we going to do tonight at your grandma's house?" asked Kit. "All of us are going to dance salsa and merengue." said Tammy. "Are you going to teach me how." asked Kit. "Yes!" said Tammy.

6 minutes later, Kit and Tammy jumps out of the jacuzzi and Carlos, Molly, and Natalie comes out of the pool. They all grab a towel to dry themselves. Then they go to the bathroom to change back to their clothes.

Kit, Tammy, Molly, Natalie, and Carlos goes upstairs to watch some T.V. Kit and Tammy puts on their skates, helmets, and pads. Kit can't skate well when he's fast. Everytime he skates too fast, he'll fall.

"Oh, when we skate, hold on to me please." said Kit. "Okay!" said Tammy. They both leave the room and the hotel. They go outside to skate for fun. Tammy has a watch on her right hand so she can tell what time they have to go back to the hotel.

Kit and Tammy skates around the park. They are skating really fast. Kit is about to fall. "Take my hand." said Tammy. She lifts Kit on his feet. "Hold on to me." said Tammy. Kit holds Tammy's wrist. They skate fast together.

Moments later, Tammy and Kit stops. Kit slips and he almost falls down. Tammy lifts him up again. Tammy puts her arm around Kit so he doesn't fall again and then they slow down.

"Tammy, maybe tomorrow you can tell me about this island of Puerto Rico?" asked Kit. "Sure, I'll show you everywhere around this island and I'll show you a beautiful rain forest." said Tammy. Kit and Tammy looks at each other and then kisses each other on the lips.

"When we go back to the hotel, Me and you will practice dancing salsa and merengue including the El Pollito. My favorite merengue song." said Tammy. "Sure, I'll dance with a girlfriend like you." said Kit. Tammy hugs him and squeezes him and then closes her eyes. "Mmmmm, that's my boy!" said Tammy.

Kit puts his arm around Tammy. He also uses his right hand and holds Tammy's left hand and they both skate across the park. As they go across the park, they kiss each other on the lips at the same time.

They both skate back to the hotel. This time they skate slowly so Kit doesn't slip and fall to the ground. Then they go in the hotel and Tammy's arm is around Kit. They go 1 flight upstairs with their skates to go to their room. They arrive at the door. Tammy opens it and they go in and sits on the bed. They take off their skates and their equipment.

They rest for 10 minutes. Molly, Carlos, and Natalie comes in the room. Tammy grabs her CD spanish music and she puts it in the CD player. Natalie volunteers to dance with Kit so he remembers how to dance the merengue.

Kit and Natalie begins to dance. Tammy pushes play and the music starts. Kit and Natalie hold their hands down. Then they put 1 arm around each other and swings their hips. Then they let go and they dance solo looking at each other. They put 1 hand up in the air and the other hand on the waist and continues to swing their hips.

Then they go closer to each other to put 1 arm around each other. Then the music stops. Natalie pats Kit on the schoulder. "Well Tammy, I'm ready for this party!" said Kit. "That's great!" said Tammy.

The temperature is about 50 degrees, Kit wears a green cardigan sweater and Tammy is wearing a purple pullover sweater. The rest of them are wearing cardigan or pullover sweaters.

Kit, Tammy, Molly, Natalie, Carlos, Rebecca, Baloo, Wildcat, Lauren, and David are ready to go to David's parents. Everyone goes to the 2 cars and they go to the house. They travel a few miles to the house.

Now, they arrive at the house. They park their cars in the lot and they all come out. Then they enter the house. The grandparents on David's and Lauren's side, aunts, uncles, and cousins are there.

They enter the house. "Hi!" said Tammy. "Is this your boyfriend?" asked one of Tammy's cousins. "Yes, this my love Kit. Kit this are my cousins Shawn, Silvia, Luis, Esteban, Jose, Ramonita, and Mary. These are my grandparents on my mom's side Jesus and Maria. And these are my aunts and uncles Fabio, Rosa, Roberto, and Carmen." said Tammy. "Hello Tammy's cousins!" said Kit. Tammy giggles.

Pablo turns on the radio and puts some spanish music disks in the radio. Tammy puts her arm around Kit and then kisses him on the cheek. Tammy gets up and goes to her grandma. "Guela, puedes poner la cancion El Pollito!" asked Tammy. "Si!" said Yolanda.

As the El Pollito music begins, Kit gets up and goes in the middle of the living room where Tammy is. Kit holds on to Tammy's hand.

They both swing their hips and Kit puts Tammy's arms up and slides her arms down. Then they let go and they put 1 hand in the air and the other hand on their waist. Then they hold hands. They dance fast in a circle. Then the song is over. Tammy's relatives begins to applause for Kit and Tammy. The they kiss each other on the lips. Then they sit on the couch.

"So how do you like this place?" asked Tammy. "This is a cool place! I've never been here before, but it's cool!" said Kit. "That's great! It's the first time that I've ever going on a vacation with a boyfriend." said Tammy.

At 11:00, all the relatives start to leave the house. Tammy and the others also leave the house. "Adios guela y guelo!" said Tammy. They all go to the cars and they enter the cars and leaves the house to the hotel.

Then they arrive at the hotel. Lauren and Rebecca park their cars in the hotel lot. Everyone gets out of the car and goes in the hotel. They go 1 flight upstairs to their rooms. Everyone changes to their nightgowns or boxer shorts. Everyone goes into the bed and goes to sleep.

  At 9:00 in the morning, everyone gets up from bed. They all change their clothes. Kit is wearing a blue shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Tammy is wearing a white shirt and also wearing a pair of jeans. The temperature is 55 degrees. Kit and Tammy are wearing thin jackets. Kit is wearing red and Tammy is wearing blue.

"Where are you going?" asked Natalie. "I'm taking Kit on a date. I'll be back this afternoon. Tell mom and dad about it so they won't get worried." said Tammy. "I'll tell them." said Natalie.

Kit and Tammy exits the room and they go downstairs. Then they leave the hotel. Tammy has a red squishy on her wrist. She squeezes her hair and holds it. She grabs the squishy and ties it on her hair.

Kit and Tammy goes for a walk around the island. They both hold hands. They go to the rain forest.

"Sweetheart, this is the largest rain forest in Puerto Rico." said Tammy. A few raindrops fall on Kit and Tammy. They approach a big pond.

Kit and Tammy hears whistling in the pond. "I hear whistling." said Kit. "The whistling comes from a coqui." said Tammy. "What's a coqui?" asked Kit. "Coquis are tiny frogs that whistle instead of croaking." said Tammy.

Tammy puts her hand in her pocket and takes out her glasses. She puts it on her eyes. She uses her thumb and index finger and grabs a little frog. She looks at it on her palm. The coqui whistles a few times. "Can I see that?" asked Kit. Tammy drops the coqui on Kit's palm and he looks at it on his palm. Then Kit drops it back in the water.

They go across the waterfall from the back. "Be carefull Kit." said Tammy. "Hold on to my hand." Kit holds Tammy's hand as they walk sideways across the waterfall. Then they exit the rain forest.

"So, what's next?" asked Kit. "We have a lot of sites to see here." said Tammy. "Great!" said Kit. "Follow me." said Tammy.

They go to the directory board. Tammy still has her glasses on. She reads the board. She points at the place that they are going to. "What are you pointing at?" asked Kit. "Puerto Rico's most popular musuem." said Tammy. "What is it called?" asked Kit. "San Juan museo." said Tammy.

They go into the musuem. They get on line to enter. "Cuanto?" asked the clerk. "Dos!" said Tammy. "Cinco dolares!" said the clerk. Tammy pays $5 to the clerk. Then they enter. "Gozar el museo!" said the clerk. "Muchas Gracias!" said Tammy.

Tammy grabs a map of the musuem. All the words are in spanish and Kit can't read it. "What does it say?" asked Kit. "Deportes is sports, historia is history, geografia is the geography of Puerto Rico, etc." said Tammy.

They walk upstairs to the sports section. They check out the baseball room. "This is so cool, it has Bernie Williams, Sandy and Roberto Alomar, Juan Gonzalez, Ivan Rodriguez, and other puerto rican players." said Kit. "Yep, there are a lot of puerto ricans in baseball." said Tammy.

After they finish the sports section, they go to the gift shop. Kit wants some baseball cards and Tammy wants some spanish music tapes. They give it to the cashier. The cashier checks the prices and says "Ocho dolares!" "Aqui tienes!" said Tammy. The cashier gives her the stuff they bought. "Muchas Gracias!" said Tammy. they exit the musuem.

So, what's next my girl?" asked Kit. "Well, there is a lot of places to go to in Puerto Rico." said Tammy. They both walk to the park. Kit puts his arm around Tammy as they walk. They sit on the bench.

"I'm having an awesome time on this island. I'm hearing a lot of spanish music instead of regular music here." said Kit. "Thank you Kit!" said Tammy. Tammy hugs Kit and squeezes him. And then Kit hugs Tammy and smiles. Now, Kit and Tammy looks at each other and then they start to kiss right on the lips. "Do you want to have lunch with me?" asked Tammy. "Yeah, I can go with a girlfriend." said Kit. "Oh Kit, I love you!" said Tammy. "I love you too!" said Kit.

They walk a few blocks to a resturant. They enter the resturant. A waiter comes toward Kit and Tammy. "Cuanto?" said the waiter. "Dos!" said tammy. "Persuigueme por favor!" said the waiter. Kit and Tammy follows the waiter to their table. They sit in their seats. They sit close to each other. Then they read the menu.

3 minutes later, another waiter comes to the table. "Buenos tardes, que quires ordenar?" asked the waiter. "Yo quiero ordenar un amburguesa y papas fritas y mi novio quiere un hot dog con salsadulce y papas fritas." said Tammy. "Estara listo en cinco minutos." said the waiter. "Muchas Gracias!" said Tammy. "Oh, can we hae some soda please?" asked Kit. "Si!" said the waiter.

"Tonight, we are going to see my grandmother's house. This time it's on my mother's side." said Tammy. "That's cool! Are your relatives coming?" Asked Kit. "Yep, and you're going to dance with me again. Right?" said Tammy. "Exactly!" said Kit.

5 minutes later, the waiter goes to the table and serve them their drink and their food. "Ahh, gracias!" said Tammy.

Kit eats his hog dog and Tammy eats her hamburger. Then a few minutes later, a waiter gives Tammy the bill. Tammy and Kit goes to the cashier. "Diez dolares!" said the cashier. Tammy pays the cashier $10. "Que pase un dia bueno!" said the cashier. "Gracias!" said Tammy. Then they leave the resturant.

"What time is it?" asked Kit. Tammy looks at her wrist watch and says "1:30". What are going to do before all of us are going to your other grandparent's house?" asked Kit. "How about, we can go to the arcade?" asked Tammy. "Cool!" said Kit.

They both smile at each other and they kiss again on the lips. They both walk a few blocks to the hotel.

Then they arrive at the arcade. They enter the place and then goes to the pinball machine. Kit plays a pinball game and Tammy plays another pinball game next to Kit's. 10 minutes later, Tammy and Kit are getting tired. They leave the arcade room.

Tammy goes to the telephone booth. She picks up the phone and then dials the number. She hears 2 rings. "Hola!" said Carlos. "Hi Carlos, is mom there?" asked Tammy. "Yes!" said Carlos. "Good, tell her my and Kit and on our way back to the hotel." said Tammy. "Okay, I'll tell her." said tammy. "Okay Bye!" said Tammy. She hangs up the phone and then they leave the place.

Tammy and Kit walks 10 blocks from the arcade room to the hotel. They go in the hotel. Then they go in the room. Tammy takes off her glasses. "That was a good date!" said Kit. "Ready for tonight?" asked Tammy. "I'm ready anytime!" said Kit. Kit And Tammy lies on the bed and rests for tonight.

  Kit and Tammy rests on the bed for a little while. A moment later, David comes to the room. "We'll leave in 10 minutes." said David. "Cool daddy!" said Tammy. David leaves their room.

Tammy replaces her red squishy into a black one with ribbons surrounding it. She squeezes her hair and takes out the red squishy and she shakes her hair. Then she puts her black squishy on. She fixes her bangs together.

Kit and Tammy takes their swearter with them. Everyone goes downstairs to the lobby. Baloo grabs his video camera. They exit the hotel. Then they go to their cars. Everyone enters in one of the cars. Now they all takeoff to the house.

Rebecca's car is following Lauren's car. They pass the rain forest and goes on the highway. They exit the highway in 5 miles.

They make a right hand turn and passes 4 lights and then turns left. A mile down is the house.

The house is light blue and a white roof. They park their cars in front of the house. Everyone gets out of the cars. Thenthey go in the house.

The grandparents are there. "Hola mama!" said Lauren. "Mi hija!" said Maria. "Hola papa!" said Lauren. "Hola Lauren! Como esta?" said Jesus. "Muy bien!" said Lauren.

"Guela!" said Tammy, Natalie, and Carlos. "Mi nietos." said Maria. They hug their grandma and grandpa. Kit and the others smile. "Quienes son ellos?" asked Maria. "Esta es mi novio Kit Cloudkicker, Molly, la senora Rebecca Cunningham, el senor Baloo, y Wildcat." said Tammy.

Kit sits on the love seat with Tammy. Kit puts his arms around Tammy. They look at each other and smile. Then they kiss each other on the lips. He does it to Tammy a couple of times.

10 minutes later, Tammy's aunts, uncles, and cousins come to the house. Jesus puts on some spanish music. "Do you want to dance with me?" asked Tammy. "Of coarse my sweetheart. Kit gets up from the love seat. He puts his out. Tammy puts her hand on Kit's hand and she gets up.

As David puts a merengue song on, Kit and Tammy stand in their positions looking at each other. Now, the music starts.

They put both hands in front of their chests and they swing their hips. They move their feet around. Then they let go and they dance solo looking at each other.

they put their right hand up in the air and their left hand on their chest. They tap slowly back and forth. As they do that, Tammy yells "WEPA!"

Then they reach their hands and then grabs each others hands. Then they go close to each other. A few seconds later, the music is over. Kit and Tammy kisses each other on the lips. Everyone applauds for Kit and Tammy. Then they go sit on the love seat.

Next to Tammy is a spanish find a word puzzle. She grabs a pencil. Then she puts her hand into her pocket and she grabs her glasses. She puts her glasses on her eyes. She crosses her legs. She holds the book on her left hand and writes with her right hand.

She finds a couple of words in the book. A few moments later after that, she can't find the last word.

"Find anything?" asked Kit. "I'm struggling here." said Tammy. "Oh, nevermind! I found the last word." "Oh, cool!" said Kit. Tammy puts awaythe book and pencil, but she leaves her glasses on.

"Hey, uhm, you kids can play some ping-pong down the hall." said Maria. "Si, guela!" said Tammy. Kit, Tammy, Molly, Natalie, and Carlos goes down the hall and into a room with a ping-pong table.

They all start playing some ping-pong. They are having some fun for an hour of that game. They start getting tired after a while. Natalie looks at the clock. "Que hora es?" asked Tammy. "Siete!" said Natalie.

All 5 kids come out of the room and goes to the family room. A few minutes later, Jesus brings out a tray of snacks. Everyone gobbles up the snacks.

Tammy grabs a different puzzle. She also grabs a pencil. She writes down the words in spanish on the book. It took her about 10 minutes to finish that puzzle. Then she puts the book and pencil away.

At 9:00 pm, Everyone gets tired. The aunts, uncles, and cousins begin to leave the house. Then a few minutes more, Kit, Molly, Tammy, Carlos, Natalie, Baloo, Wildcat, Rebecca, Lauren, and David leaves the house. They all go to their cars. Tammy, Natalie, and Carlos waves goodbye to their grandparents and says "Adios!"

Then they leave the house. They turn right and goes on the highway. It takes them 5 miles from Lauren's parent's house. The kids are feeling tired.

20 minutes later, they arrive at the hotel. They park their cars in the lot. Everyone gets out of the car. They walk to the hotel. They go 1 flight upstairs and goes to their rooms.

Then they change their clothes. The girls wear their nightgowns. The boys wear their shorts and without a shirt. Then they go on the bed and they go to sleep.

At 9am, Kit gets up from bed. He grabs another pair of shorts from his bag. He doesn't have a shirt on. He goes to the bathroom and he takes a shower. He opens the curtain and he turns on the hot and cold water. He drops his green shorts on the edge of the sink. Then he enters the bathtub. He closes the curtain. He takes off the blue shorts and throws it on the bathroom floor. Then he takes a shower in peace.

After those 5 minutes, Kit grabs a towel and wraps it around his waist. He opens the curtain and gets out of the tub. He grabs the green shorts and puts them on.

He walks out of the bathroom. He sits on his bed. He grabs the remote control and turns on the television. A few moments later, the others wake up. Today is their last day in Puerto Rico. Kit watches some T.V. for a little while.

10 minutes later, Rebecca comes to the room. "You kids can go to the pool downstairs if you want." said Rebecca. "Sure miz Cunningham!" said Kit.

Kit, Tammy, Molly, Natalie, and Carlos goes downstairs with their bathing suits. Then they walk across the hall. Kit and Carlos changes in the boys bathroom and Tammy, Molly, and Natalie goes to the girls bathroom.

They change in the bathroom for 5 minutes. Then they come out of the bathroom. They open the glass door and they all go in the pool. They start to have some fun.

Natalie sets up a little basketball hoop for Molly. She hooks it up. Tammy throws a little basketball to Molly. She throws the ball and she misses the hoop. Kit catches the ball and throws it back to Molly. Molly tries it again and she tosses it. She misses it again barely. Tammy grabs it and she dunks it in for Molly. "I score 2 points for you." said Tammy. "Thanks!" said Molly.

Now, Kit teaches Molly how to swim. "Molly, when you swim, you'll move your legs up and down and so does your hands." said Kit. Molly swims slowly. Kit holds on to her stomach. She practicing to swim. Then Kit swims with her. He races with her across the pool. "Are you ready Molly?" asked Kit. "Yep!" said Molly. "Okay, on your mark, get set, go!" said Kit.

Kit and Molly swims across the pool. Tammy, Natalie, and Carlos watches them swim across the pool. Kit and Molly touches the edge of the pool. Then they turn back. They move a little faster to the other end. Kit beats Molly by a foot. "Whoo! I made it!" said Kit. "Good job!" said Molly.

"Hey Tammy, what time are we going back to Cape Suzette?" asked Kit. "We'll leave at 3:00." said Tammy. "What time is it now?" asked Kit. Tammy looks at her wrist watch. 12 PM." said Tammy. "Thanks!" said Kit. "You're welcome sweetie!" said Tammy.

An hour later, all the kids come out of the pool. They grab a few towels for each of them. They go through the glass door. They go back to the bathrooms and they change for 5 minutes to their regular clothes. Then they all come out of the bathrooms. They walk across the hallway and go upstairs into their room.

The kids and the adults watch T.V. for a while as they all pack their clothes to go back to Cape Suzette.

Lauren and David comes to the room. "Ready to go home?" asked David. "We're ready dad." said Carlos. Everyone leaves the room with their luggage. They walk downstairs and exits the hotel. Rebecca, Baloo, and Wildcat are waiting for them outside. Behind them is a taxi van. They all go in the van.

"Where we going?" asked the taxi driver. "The airport!" said David. Then driver takes them with his van to the airport. They arrive at the airport. They get out of the van. "Que pase un dia bueno!" said the taxi driver. They enter the airport and go to the right plane where it is going to Cape Suzette. They enter the plane and they all takes a seat. Kit sits next to Tammy.

Tammy grabs a Sports Illustrated magazine. She puts her hand in her pocket and grabs her glasses. She puts them on her eyes.

Tammy reads the magazine. She reads the baseball section. She looks at the Yankee pictures. "Who won the MVP?" asked Kit. "It says Scott Brosius!" said Tammy. "Awesome!" said Kit.

2 hours later, the plane begins to land at the airport. The time is 5pm. The wheels of the plane touch the ground. The plane slows down and then stops. "Great trip!" said Wildcat. "Gracias mi amigo!" said Carlos.

As the plane stops, Kit, Tammy, Molly, Natalie, Carlos, Wildcat, Baloo, Rebecca, Lauren, and David get up from their seats and leaves the plane. Then they leave the airport and goes to the parking lot. They go to their regular cars as usual. They enter the cars and they go to Higher for Hire.

10 minutes later, they all arrive at Higher for Hire. Kit and Tammy walk to the pier. The others are watching them.

"Thank you for taking me and the others to Puerto Rico." said Kit. "You're welcome!" said Tammy. "I love you!" said Kit. "I love you too!" said Tammy.

Kit and Tammy looks at each other. They both put their lips together. They go closer and put their arms around each other. Finally, they touch each other's lips and they begin to kiss. The fireworks start to explode into a blue heart. Now, they are in love for good.


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