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 Just the Bear Necessities

Written by: Susie Walton


First I want to dedicate this to the best show ever...TaleSpin. And the many people who helped to make it a success in our eyes. The cast and crew tried hard to make a wonderfully touching series and they succeeded! I also want to especially thank Dan Green who’s fan fiction and talking to has really inspired me to write. Also, Kristof who has also inspired me through talking and his fan fictions. Thanks!


Then there is Debbie for her help in the comics! Thanks a bunch! And Staci who I have written to about fiction. Gregory, who has also helped me out with many things from questions about web sites to questions about writing.


I also think this would be a good time to tell about the TS convention! It will be in LA, California sometime in July, 1999. For more information contact Laura ( Please spread the word about it!!!


Once again let TaleSpin live in our imaginations until Disney opens its eyes!


Disclaimer: Kit Cloudkicker, Baloo, Rebecca Cunningham, Molly Cunningham, WildCat, Don Karnage and all other TaleSpin characters are property of Disney and are use without permission in a non-profit way. The author does not take credit for the creation of them either. Places such as Higher for Hire and Cape Suzette are also property of Disney and are used with out permission in a non-profit way.


Kendal and Sara Dover (a.k.a. Jeremy and Katherine Cloudkicker....please see “Parent Trap” are property of the author and please do not use unless you are giving permission. THANKS!


You made read, copy, paste and print for you viewing pleasure as long as this story is not edited in anyway from its original form.


Now on to reading!

Bare Necessities?


“But, Mommy, I wanna go!”


Molly whaled throughout Higher for Hire.


“Honey, you know you can’t fly with Kit and Baloo. You’re too young.”


Molly crossed her arms and turned away from her mother, pouting.


“Then why are you going?”


Rebecca sighed and walked over to her daughter. She put an arm around her.


“Molly, honey, I have to go. This shipment is very important and I need to make sure it gets there safely.”


“What’s so important about it?”


Molly turned and face her mother and cocked her head to the side waiting for an answer.


“Well, it is for Mr. Khan and it will bring us in a lot of money.”


“Why are you doing something for Mr. Khan?”


~She thinks more and more like me~ Rebecca thought to herself as she chuckled.


“Because he paid us well, and he is a good customer. Now please understand why I need you to stay with WildCat.”


Molly turned around again and mutter “OK I do” quietly under her breath.


“Thank you.”


Rebecca gave Molly a quick kiss on her check.


“Hey ya Beckers”


Rebecca turned and watched Baloo walk inside Higher for Hire.


“Where’s Kit?”


“Oh he’s comin’ just had to git the mail.”


Kit walked inside Higher for hire carrying three or so letters.


“Hey Miz Cunningham. I got the mail.”


“Thank you Kit. I’ll take them.” Rebecca said as she smiled at the boy.


Rebecca took the letters from Kit and shuffled through them quickly, then she placed them on her desk.


“Baloo, remember this is a very important run today, I---”


Baloo interrupted Rebecca.


“Yah, yah I know, don’t worry me and Kit boy can handle it.”


“But just in case I’m going with you two. I want make sure the cargo gets to Greenberg, NOT to Louie’s.”


Baloo had started to walk out the door, but quickly retreated back to Rebecca.


“You’re comin? Listen boss lady ma’am, me and Kit fly you do the uh, bill stuff.”


“Not this time Baloo, this is very important. Khan wanted to make sure his cargo got there OK.”


Baloo shook his head obviously annoyed.


“OK, fine what’d about Molly? She can’t come too?”


“Of course not, she is going to stay with WildCat.”


Baloo let out a sigh and turned back towards the doors.


“Fine, we leave in 10 minutes.”




The Sea Duck was flying smoothly, the three had no problem dropping off Khan’s cargo and now could head back home to Cape Suzette.


“See Beckers no problem.”


“Baloo course correct...45 degree bank left”


“Thanks kiddo. Anyways, told ya you didn’t have to come.”


“I had to make sure though you know you didn’t--”


Baloo had anticipated a insult coming on, but stopped Rebecca in mid sentence.


“No, didn’t what? Are you trying to say I can’t deliver my own cargo? You know Becky I ain’t as worthless as you think.”


“Baloo I didn’t mean it like that it is just you don’t always come off as the most reliable person. I caught up on that the first time I saw you”


“I’d be inclined to add lazy, irresponsible and rude!” Rebecca thought to herself.


“Uh guys I think that--” Kit tried to get in, but neither Baloo or Rebecca paid any attention to him.


“Becky, one day you’ll see that I’m just as good at being responsible as you. You don’t always have the best ideas. Remember that mid-air refueling service?”


“Guys! I really think you need to--”


Baloo and Rebecca both turned to Kit who was pointed out the window.


“WHAT?” They both said simultaneously.


“Me and Miz Manager we dizcussion something.” Baloo added on.


“Oh OK” Kit said calmly “ I guess you don’t care to know about the pirates attacking us on our right. No problem”


Kit folded his arms, propped his feet up on the dash and looked back out the window just as bullets flew towards the Sea Duck.


“Pirates, but where did they come from?”


“They came when you and Miz Cunningham were discussion.” Kit said as he put his feet back down and got out his maps.


~If they aren’t going to do much, then I’ll get us out of here!~ Kit thought as he plotted course for a get away.


Kit turned back to face both Baloo and Rebecca, who’s faces had become a red color.


“Well uh, lets get out of ‘ere.”


“Gee where did you ever think of that one. If I was flying we never would have---” Rebecca muttered under her breath. Even though she knew she had helped Baloo not notice the pirates.


“Becky listen this is my plane and I do the flyin, you just sit...K?”


“Listen you two” Kit jumped in, trying to be the peacemaker “You can fight, argue, discuss or whatever when we are back at Higher for Hire. Now let’s just git out of here.” Kit let out a sigh and turned back out the window watching the pirates with no interest.


~Sometimes I just don’t get those two. They are so alike, pig headed.~ Kit thought to himself.


“Uh, Kit’s right let’s git rid of these pirates.”


Baloo pulled back on the stick, sending the Sea Duck straight up.


“Baloo, what are you doing?”


“Trust me Becky I know what I’m doing”


Baloo then let the Sea Duck turn sharply to the left, doing a ‘Baloo Corkscrew’.


“Ha, what was that?” Rebecca asked panting.


“Just the Baloo corkscrew.” Baloo said with gusto in his voice.


Baloo looked back and saw the pirates were still behind them, Baloo turned and faced Kit, who was still fumbling with the maps.


“Baloo the cliffs are about 10 miles ahead, if you just fly straight then we can git into Cape Suzette fine.”


“Sure thing Kit.” Baloo said as he turned the Duck


The Sea Duck turned and head towards the cliffs of Cape Suzette with pirates at their tails.


“There Baloo see it? See it?”


“Becky I ain’t blind. Let me just inform our friends behind us.”


Baloo reached down and picked up the mic.


“Hey Karnie, if ya don’t want to be pickin you plane out of the water then I suggest ya turn around. The cliffs of Cape Suzette and right in front of us! Aha.” Baloo had to chuckled.


~Outsmarted again, Karnage~ Baloo thought


“Et is Karnage! And yes, I do believe we have scared you enough today. Back my men!”


Baloo placed down the mic and looked anticipating the pirates retreat. With Karnage in the lead the pirates turned around and headed for the horizon.




Once the Sea Duck landed at the dock of Higher for Hire, Kit jumped out, followed by Baloo and Rebecca who were “discussing” responsibilities.


“Baloo listen you are a lousily manager, just look at Baloo’s Air Service.”


“Becky that is the past and I have matured.”


“Yeah uh-huh sure, I don’t think being able to fly and eat at the same time, while out running pirates counts as maturing. Baloo it’s time that you got rid of your bare necessities and realize that you need more that. You have Kit to look after and you do have one end of a business to hold up.”


“Listen Becky one time you’ll need me to help you out and I’ll show ya.”


Baloo headed upstairs while Rebecca sat down in a chair.


“Miz Cunningham, Baloo is a terrible manger and he knows it. He also know that he does have responsibilities and he is getting closer to seeing that there is more than bare necessities to life. He knows he has to look out for me and even you guys. It, just, well, is hard for him to think that other people know that too. He really doesn’t mean everything he says.”


~That kid thinks to much like an adult, very observant~ Rebecca thought to herself.



“I know Kit, I don’t mean everything I say either. I guess, well I wish he was more responsible. Kind of like you.” Rebecca gave Kit a heart felt smile that made Kit blush.


Kit gave Rebecca a weary stare.


“Kit you do so much around here. You take care of yourself, which you also did for a long time. You have a job and go to school. If Baloo tried as hard as you did...well he could run Higher for Hire.”


Rebecca stood up and went over to Kit.


“That doesn’t mean you need to help him at all.”


She gave Kit a smile with a hug and then turned around.


“I’m going home, Molly should be there. Night.”


“Good night”


Rebecca walked out of Higher for Hire, Kit stood a moment and then headed upstairs for bed.


When he walked into the room he saw Baloo holding an old flyer that read: “Baloo’s Air Service -Let Baloo take your cargo to many heights”


Kit chuckled to himself ~No wonder he never got much business, he had a crappie slogan~


Baloo looked over at Kit and let out a sigh. “Ya know Kit, Baloo’s Air Service wasn’t always as bad as it was when you and Miz Cunningham came along. At one point it was going just great.”


Baloo slowly let him remember a time when he was free to do what he wanted.


“I had no responsibilities, no bosses , no worries, I could go whenever I felt like it--”





Cape Suzette 1930


“Hello, this is Baloo’s Air Service, how may I service you?”


A young Baloo sat at a desk cluttered with paper, sitting back in a chair with his feet up and a phone in one hand.


“Yes, one shipment to Pampador. Uh, it’s one crate of oranges and two crates of pineapples. OK, drop ‘em off today at about 4.”


~Another costume, things are looking up~ Baloo thought as he whistle a song to himself as he walked of the doors.


He walked over to the Sea Duck and went inside.


“Baby we have another shipment, more costumers ya know. One day we’ll be the big cheese of Cape Suzette.”


Baloo turned and looked up at the office of Shere Khan.


“One day....”



“Well, Kit that’s how it was for about 4 years, steady business. But then in 1934 it kind of fell apart. I’m still not sure why, but for some reason I just began to back off of business. Guess ol’ Louie couldn’t keep me away long enough. Then you came along 4 years later and saw the pretty much worst time of Baloo’s Air Service. And well then Becky and Molly came and that’s where we are now.”


Kit went over to Baloo’s bed and sat next to him as he looked up to his eyes.


“Do you every wish that maybe Baloo’s Air Service stayed open?”


“Well, I do, but then I figger that that would mean I never would have met ya”


Baloo ruffled Kit’s hat and Kit left out a small laugh.


“And I wouldn’t want that. Also, I never would have met ol’ Becky and Molly. Even if Becky becomes a pain now and then she still is important to me.”


~That’s is the first time I have ever heard Baloo say that about Miz Cunningham~ Kit smiled.


“I’m glad that we met Papa Bear.”


Kit gave Baloo a hug.


“Me to Lil’ Britches. Now howz about we git some sleep fer tomorrow?”


“OK, Baloo.”


Kit got off of Baloo’s bed and took off his sweater and got into bed with his night shirt on. Baloo reached over to the desk and turned off the light.


“Night Kit.”


“Good night, Baloo”




Baloo had hoped that the light would never flood his room, because he knew that meant there was another run for him to do. But just like everyday the sun rose and woke Baloo up. Baloo grumbled to himself as he turned over to see the time.


“8:00! Man, I need to get some shades fer these windows. Hey ya Kit time to rise and shine.”


Baloo finally focused his vision and saw that Kit wasn’t in his bed.


~That kid needs to sleep in for once. It is a Saturday after all~


Baloo rolled, or fell, out of bed, took his cap and put it on. Baloo then headed downstairs where he saw Kit sitting at the table having toast.


“Mornin’ Baloo.” Kit said with a smile as he took another bit of toast.


“Kit, once will you try to sleep in?”


“Sorry Baloo, but I can’t, the sun hits my bed first at about 7:30.”


Baloo walked over to a cupboard and took out some cereal. He then poured it into a bowl and went and sat down by Kit.


“Ya, knomw Kit, ya realmy hood fri to relaf sometim.” Baloo tried to say as corn flakes shot out over the table.


Kit let out a chuckle. “Baloo I do relax, I just wake up early.”


“I wonder where Becky is, she should be here soon.” Baloo said after he swallowed a spoonful of cereal.


“She probably got held up in traffic.”


In the background a telephone rings.


“I got it Baloo.”


Kit jumps out of the chair and runs over and grabs the phone.


“Hello, Higher for Hire, if yer buying were flying”


~i always wanted to say that~ Kit thought to himself and he listened to the other end.


“WHAT!!! Hello? Who is this? HELLOOO?”


Kit dropped the phone and ran over to Baloo.


“Kit what is it? Who was it?”


“Baloo I don’t know who it was, but they said they have Miz Cunningham and Molly! Oh, Baloo how can we find them? We don’t even know who that was?”


Kit started to cry in Baloo’s arms. Baloo looked at Kit.


“Lit’ Britches don’t ya worry. We’ll find ‘em. I’ll call the police and then can help us.”


Kit looked up at Baloo as he whipped away his tears.


“Do ya really think we’ll find them?”


“I know it Kit!”


Baloo put Kit back on the ground and headed over to the phone. He pushed down on the receiver and then began to dial.


“Uh, yes, I would like to report a kidnapping.” Baloo said into the phone.




In a small brig somewhere in Pontario, Rebecca and Molly sat on a wooden bench.


“Mommy I wanna go home, this is boring.”


~Boring? This is probably the biggest thing that has happened to us in the longest time! At least she isn’t afraid ~Rebecca thought to herself.


“Molly, we’ll get home soon. I’m sure Baloo knows about us and will help us. Kit will come too!”


Before Molly or Rebecca could say anything more, two dark figures stepped into the door way.


“It is perfect, he’ll come for sure.” One of the figures said.


“Well it’s official, the police can’t help us here.” Baloo had tried for hours to get the police to investigate. Finally he gave up in disguised.


“Baloo, we have to get them! Who knows what happened to them.” Kit had already paced around the room at least 12 times and now was sitting, uncomfortable, in a chair.


“Yer right Kit, now if them was Becky she would first, uh, call the police.” Baloo had began taking a list which was enough to surprise Kit.


“We already tried the police.”


“Right, OK, so now we should try to figure out who called. Was it a girl or guy who called?” Baloo was actually trying to investigate!


“It was a man’s voice, the only thing that I noticed was there was a weird skip in his voice, kind of like he was moving.”


“OK” Baloo scribbled a couple notes down on a piece of paper. “I think the only person who could help us out is--”


“Buzz?” Kit and Baloo said simultaneously.


Kit let out a sigh and got up out of the chair.


“Well? Lets go.” Kit already was heading out the door when Baloo started behind him.


“Sure hope ol’Buzz can help us.” Baloo muttered to himself.



Kit and Baloo came up to Buzz’s workshop, all around things fly, walked. If you weren’t careful you could seriously lose your head. Kit and Baloo walked ever so slowly and finally spotted Buzz across the room.


“HEY BUZZ!” Baloo yelled, hoping to get Buzz’s attention, but without much success.


Buzz continued to tinker of this and that, finally Kit managed to get across the room and tap Buzz’s shoulder. Quickly Buzz jumped up into the air and began yelling.


“Take what you want. Take All of it!!!”


Baloo went over to Buzz. “Calm down Buzz, it’s just us. We need your help.”


“Oh, yes, I knew that!” Buzz began to get off of the floor. “No what do you need? A zoom-a-jig? Turningbopper? A Hozza-”


Baloo let out an irritated sigh and spoke. “No Buzz, I have a friend in trouble.”


“Trouble, hmm lets see...Nope I don’t think I have anything to help them. In less they have their hand caught in a peanut butter jar. Well then I CAN help.”


Kit turned to Baloo, Baloo just shook his head. “Buzz, a friend of mine got kidnapped and when the kidnappers called back there was a noise in the background. Maybe you could help us figger out what made that sound. Maybe we could locate them.”

When Baloo got the words out he noticed how hard and unlikely it would be to find Rebecca and Molly.


“OK now was the sound a Shriiiiiiiiikkkk? Or a radda radda reeeeee? Or more of a chalug chalug chalug?”


kit listen to Buzz’s ‘noise’ and tried to remember. “No, it was more of a low rumble.”


“Ohh so more like a garrrrrrrrr?” Buzz said making an arm motion as he did it.


“Yeah, just like that” ~I can’t believe he found the sound~ Kit thought to himself, hoping this would help them find Miss Cunningham and Molly faster.


“Humm, no the only thing I know that disturbs a phone enough to make that sound would be a large amount of copper. And the place that has the largest copper mines is Pontario.”


~It was amazing how Buzz could figger out something’s sometimes~ Baloo thought to himself.


Kit turned back to Baloo. “I say that’s where we head Papa Bear.”


“I think ya right kiddo. Buzz, thank you for everything.” Baloo turned and shook Buzz’s hands.


Both Baloo and Kit turned and walk outside the workshop behind them they could hear a faint voice saying “What I’d do?”



Baloo and Kit got to the Sea Duck as fast as they could. Kit grabbed everyone of his maps trying to find the fastest way to get to Pontario.


“OK, Lil’ Britches what’s the fastest way. We need to get there now!” Baloo said as he started up the Sea Duck.


“OK once you are out of the cliffs 127 North-northwest. That should get us there is about 90 minutes.”


Kit continued to look at his maps, but couldn’t help, but feel a little odd about the whole kidnapping thing. ~Why would someone kidnap Miss Cunningham and Molly, unless they wanted to get us there~ Kit sat up straight in his chair, Baloo turned and look at Kit puzzled.


“Baloo! We totally missed it!” Kit said as he slapped his forehead.


“Missed what?” Baloo had now turned completely to look at Kit.


“Don’t you see what’s going on? This whole thing is a trap! It has to be Karnage’s idea. He wants to catch us!”


Baloo let the thought sink in. “Of course! Well we’ll just have to out smart Ol’ Karnie. It’s plan time.”


~Baloo sure seems kind of responsible about this whole thing~ Kit thought about how Miss Cunningham had insulted him about being irresponsible. ~He’s trying to impress her~ Kit realized.


Kit turned back to Baloo. “Baloo, you’re trying to prove to Miz Cunningham that you’re responsible aren’t you? That’s why you are doing all this. Going to the police, talking with Buzz. You want to show our boss up, don’t ya?”


Baloo let out a soft almost guilty chuckle. “Kit, I’m just sick of people always thinkin I can’t do anything on my own. I don’t know I just wanted to Miz Boss that I can do something right we she ain’t around.”


Kit look out of his window, getting a feeling of almost pity for Baloo. He wasn’t quite as irresponsible as everyone thought.


“But that doesn’t mean she’ll change me!” Baloo ruffled Kit’s hat as he laughed. “I ain’t all dat responsible ya know!”


Kit turned back to Baloo and gave him a warm smile. “Baloo we still have another 50 minutes of flying to do. Keep up your responsible side for a bit more.” Kit chuckled, never having known the bear be this responsible, even when they had to rescue Miss Cunningham and Molly before. He never seemed all that concerned about it. ~I could get us to him like this~ Kit thought as he looked over his maps again.




It had been 2 days since Rebecca had be at her front door seeing Molly being held by that pirate and then being forced to come to this place. Rebecca was getting sick and tried of having to sit here. She had a business to run and a daughter who, at the moment, was sleeping, but still had school to attend. It finally was clear to Rebecca, she had to get out of this herself. Without making a sound she went over to the front door of her cell and looked outside. There were no guards, but the keys were on the opposite wall. This was going to be a lot harder than she originally thought.




“There’s Ponatrio, Baloo. If you fly low they may not be able to see us.” Kit hoped they would be able to see them.


The whole flight over no one had really said anything. Both pilot and navigator had more to think about. They both knew this was a trap, by whom, they weren’t quite sure, but whoever it was had an idea that Baloo and Kit would come.


“Hey kiddo, if this is a trap then they will probably be waitin fer us, so I want you to wait in the Duck until I come back.”


“Balooo, I want to help you I --”


“No Kit this is final.” Baloo had a level of harshness in his voice that told Kit not to mess with his ruling.


~Maybe Baloo being responsible wasn’t *that* good of a thing after all~ Kit thought as Baloo took the plane down.




~This is getting no where fast~ Rebecca thought to herself. She had tried opening the lock on the door with her hair pins. All she got was a bunch of busted hair pin. Finally she went over and sat down on the bench next to Molly. ~Thankfully she’s still sleeping~ Rebecca thought as she touched her daughter’s head.


“Well if I can’t get out of here I should get some sleep.~ Rebecca said to herself as she laid down next to Molly. Rebecca put an arm around Molly and then shut her eyes.




Baloo slowly slide out of the Duck. Somehow ,weather it was luck or not, they hadn’t gotten caught landing and Baloo wasn’t gong to get caught now. Kit sat in the navigators seat with his hands crossed on his lab.


“OK, Kit now I’ll be back as soon as I find out where Becky and Molly are. Stay Here!” Baloo whispered to Kit as he slipped out of the Duck and then out of site.


“Yeah, yeah” Kit mumbled he knew that Baloo was serious and he wasn’t going to cross him. He just wished he could help out. Kit looked at his watch. “I’ll give him five minutes.” Kit said to him self as he put his hands behind his head.




“OK, quite don’t make noise, be careful.” Baloo had been talking to himself since he left the Duck. “Man this is hard.” Baloo whispered as he crossed a narrow cliff. “Maybe I should get Kit he could do this faster.” ~NO~ Baloo answered his own question in his head as he shook his head. “I’ve got to do this on my own, show Becky I can.” Baloo finally pasted the ledge and started to walk slowly down a corridor. In front of him he saw a small jail. ~Beckers~ Baloo thought as he took off in an sideways type sprint.


“Hey ya Becky. Looks as if I can do something --”


Baloo looked into the cell and slapped his forehead. ~Can’t believe it~ Baloo said as he put his hands up into the air.



~This is getting real boring~ Kit thought to himself as he sat inside the Sea Duck. It had been about 20 minutes since Baloo left and it had been way too long.


“OK, I’m going out there” Kit said hoping to convince himself Baloo was fine...just lost.


As Kit started to et out of the Sea Duck out in the distance there was a faint sound. Kit’s ears perked up as he turned his head to the sound. As his listened closer he could tell it was more than one person. He tried to make out what they were saying, but he couldn’t. Slowly Kit started to head towards the sound.


After walking through what seemed like a maze he came to a long corridor of cells.


“Hello?” Kit called out, then waited for a response.


“ us please.”


Kit stopped as he began to recognize the voice. “Kendal?”


Kit jogged up to the cell doorway and inside sat Kendal and Sara.


“Kit thank goodness it’s you. We’ve been trapped here since you excepted. The pirates and going to kill us, please get us out.”


Kit looked around quickly for keys.


“Where are the keys?” Kit asked as his eyes still searched the room.


“Over there, to the left of that last cell”


Kit turned around and saw what Kendal was talking about. He turned away from the cell and started to walk over to the keys. Once his hand grabbed the key two stinger hands grabbed Kit from behind. Kit dropped the keys as he struggled to turn around.


“You’ll never learn will ya kid? Once a pirate always a pirate” Kit stopped struggling as he realized his massive mistake.


“Why go through as this, Kendal?” Kit asked distastefully.


Kendal put Kit back on the ground and turned the boy to his eyes.


“Kid we wanted to get you back here and if that meant going through this whole elaborate play then we will. Kid like I said me and Sara are pirate, we do what will help us out in the long run. Giving you to Karnage does just that.”


Kit stared blankly at Kendal. “Then why let me go back at the Vulture?”


Sara jumped in. “Because your friend Baloo was there and he never would have let us ‘keep’ you. Now that we have him, there’s nothin he can do.”


Kit swore he felt his heart sink in his chest. “Don’t you dare do anything to him!” Kit felt himself struggling again.


“Yah, yah, sure whatever” Sara said with a flick of the wrist.




Rebecca, Molly and the newest addition to the cell, Baloo, sat on the same cot.


“So, after you called the police, you then went to Buzz and he helped you figure out we were here?”


“Yup Boss-Lady. Now I’m ‘ere and Kit’s out there.”


Rebecca felt almost flattered by Baloo’s effort on he behalf. “OK, well Kit’s safe in the Sea Duck..”


Baloo cut Rebecca off. “Do you really think he’d stay in the Duck? He’s probably out there looking for us right now. He could even be caught by now.” Baloo felt panic begin to grow in him.


“Well Baloo maybe he’ll find us and get us all out of here.” Rebecca tried, not only to lift her own sprites, but Baloo’s as well.


“It’s just so hard not knowing where he is. Or if he was safe.”




Kit sat in the cell pondering the walls. ~There has to be a way out~ Kit though. He slowly got off his feet and began to feel the ceiling. There was no knowing what Karnage had in store for him. If he had gone through all this just to get him here. It could be good. Kit tried to push that thought out of his head and concentrate on escaping.


Finally Kit felt something give way on top of the ceiling. It was a small port whole. Probably used to store ammunition in during a fight. Kit had his hand trace the out side and figure he could fit thorough.


“Here goes nothin” Kit said to himself as he hoisted up through the whole.


Going along the passage was hard enough since it was tiny, but the darkness just made it worst. Also, ever slide that Kit took he could feel the ceiling under him shake.


Then out of nowhere the ceiling below Kit gave way and Kit came tumbling down to the ground. Kit managed to give out a little squeak before hitting the ground with a thud. When Kit opened his eyes he saw three figure looking at him, wondering. He blinked his eyes twice and let them focus. Finally he managed to see who it was.


“Baloo?” Kit couched as he got to his feet.


“Baloo went over and examined the cub and once he saw he looked to be in one piece gave the cub a hug.


“Lil’ Britches where in the Sam hill were you?”


Kit dusted himself off as he talked. “I was in the Duck then I heard a noise. I thought it could be you guys so I went to it. It was Kendal and Sara, but they’d change. They were mean! Well they locked me up and then I went through the ceiling, there’s a small whole up there. Then I dropped in here to see if you guys were Ok.” Kit examined himself and felt fine, except for the headache he had from hitting the floor. ~Probably nothin~ Kit thought to himself.


“Well I’m glad you’re here Kit, but you didn’t have to have quite that big of an entrance” Rebecca giggled as she spoke.


“Well it was really no--”


Kit was cut off by the sound of feet steps approaching.


“Quick, we can’t let the know Kit’s ‘ere” Baloo said as he pushed Kit behind him.


Don Karnage walked to the cell and looked in. “So Baloo, having a peaceful stay., ey?”


“It’s great Karny, real home like.”


Don Karnage clenced his fist. “It is Karnage.” Quickly he turned around and continued walking. Baloo and Rebecca let out a sigh of relief. Kit got out from behind Baloo.


“Do you think he knew I was there?”


“Naw, he never saw ya.”


“ARRGGG, where is da boy!!!!!”


Don Karnage’s voice rang through out the cell. Kit looked up at both Baloo and Becky hoping to figure out what to do. Baloo looked back at Kit and said the first thought that came to mind.


“Hey Kit, do you think you can fit back up in that hole again?”


Quickly Kit jumped, was pushed up into the hole by Baloo. Just as Karnage turned the corner Baloo had gotten Kit’s last foot up.


“Baloo!! Where is da boy?” ~This is getting way to confusing~ Karnage thought to himself ~It is just a little boy~


“How would I know that one Karny? You have us trapped in this sardine can.”


Baloo’s humor had slowly began to drive Karnage, crazy. If it was one thing he disliked it was an annoying bear not to mention a cub too.


Kit sat quietly inside the hissing space not wanted to move for fear the whole ceiling would cave in. He knew he couldn’t sty here forever. If only...


Kit notice the keys were behind Karnage’s back, if he had a string or something he could get them up. Slowly Kit flattened himself on his stomach and began to seal crawl across the ceiling.


“Very well Baloo, I will be on my going way and let me say dis to you. If I see dat boy before you, he will not be very luckily.”



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