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 Kit Has a Girlfriend Quiz

Written by: Emilio Velez

Disclaimer: Kit Cloudkicker, Baloo,WildCat, Molly Cunningham, Rebecca Cunningham, Oscar Vandersnoot Ernie and "The Jungle Aces" are copyright 1990/1991 Walt Disney Company and are being used without premission. The writer has made sure that no money was made in the production of this fanfic and all material is used with the upmost affection and respect to the Walt Disney Company and the Tale Spin Team.

Disclaimer#2: Tammy Martinez, Carlos Martinez, Natalie Martinez, David Martinez, Lauren Martinez and Joel Ventura are all the creation of Emilio Velez and cannot be used without prior premission from the writer of this fanfic. You many make copies of this fanfic if you wish as long as it is unaltered in any way and proper credit is given to the writer of this fanfic; not the webmaster.


This will show how well you know about this story. Feel free to grab a piece of paper. Read the following questions and no cheating please. Good Luck!



1. Who is Kit's girlfriend's name?


2. Who is Tammy's mother, father, brother, and sister? Say or write the name and the relative.


3. Who is Tammy's ex-boyfriend?


4. What is Kit's high school baseball team name?


5. What is Kit's first date with Tammy?


6. What is Tammy and her family's heritage?


7. What kind of dance does Tammy teach Kit?


8. What are Kit's, Molly's, and Tammy's favorite major league baseball team?


9. Where does Joel take Tammy for a date before Tammy smacks him?


10. What video game does Kit play all the time?


11. What is Kit dreaming about in chapter 7?


12. How many players are there on the baseball team?


13. What position does Kit play?


14. What was the score when Kit pitched a perfect game?


15. What was the score when the team won the champion?


16. What grade are Kit and Tammy in?


17. What time is the final baseball game in chapter 10?


18. In chapter 2, what ride does Kit and Tammy like the most?


19. In chapter 4, how does Tammy and her family spend the time?


20. What are Tammy's favorite major league baseball players?


BONUS. How does Kit meet Tammy for the first time?


Answers Below


















1. Tammy Martinez (If you say just Tammy, it is not acceptable. You have to include the last name too.)


2. Lauren (Mother), David (Father), Carlos (Brother), and Natalie (Sister).


3. Joel Ventura


4. Cape Suzette Cardinals


5. An Amusement Park


6. Puerto Rican


7. Merengue


8. New York Yankees


9. A Movie Theater


10. Sonic the Hedgehog


11. He dreams about Tammy falling in love with him.


12. 30


13. Pitcher and First Base


14. 2-0


15. 4-3


16. 9th grade or Freshmen


17. 7:00 pm


18. The Water Floom


19. Flying Kites


20. Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, and Tino Martinez.


BONUS. In his homeroom at high school.













Now check your correct answers and see what your results are.



20 or 21 ---- Tammy loves you forever


15-19 ---- Tammy loves you badly


11-14 ---- Tammy wants to love you


6-10 ---- Tammy is undecided


2-5 ---- Tammy will try to brake up with Joel


0 or 1 ---- Tammy loves Joel than you

Great job; Little Britches.

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