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 Kit Goes to Puerto Rico Quiz

Written by: Emilio Velez

Characters: Kit Cloudkicker, Baloo, Wildcat, Rebecca Cunningham, Molly Cunningham are copyright 1990/1991 Walt Disney Company and are being used without premission. The writer has made sure that no money was made in the creation of this fanfic and that all material is used with the upmost affection and respect. Tammy Martinez, Natalie Martinez, Carlos Martinez, David Martinez, Lauren Martinez, and Tammy's relatives are the property of the writer and cannot be used without premission from the writer.

Let's see how smart you really are in my 2nd story. Feel free to grab a piece of paper. Read the following questions and no cheating please.



1. Who are Tammy's grandparents?

2. Who are Tammy's aunts and uncles?

3. Who are Tammy's cousins?

4. What city did they sleep in the hotel?

5. What kind of language did the Martinez family speak?

6. What is Tammy's favorite song?

7. Is the pool at the hotel indoors or outdoors?

8. What are the little frogs in Puerto Rico called?

9. What book did Tammy read at her grandparents' house?

10. What magazine did Tammy read on the plane back to Cape Suzette?

11. Where did Tammy take Kit on a date? Put them in order.

12. When they went to the arcade, what game did they play?

13. What did Kit and Tammy order at the resturant?

14. What color is Kit's swimming trunks?

15. In the 2nd chapter, after Kit and Tammy comes out of the pool, where did they go next?

16. In the same chapter, how did Kit and Tammy spend the time before going to Tammy's grandparents?

17. How many days did they stay in Puerto Rico?

18. In the 5th chapter, how did the kids kill some time before going to the airport?

19. How many times did Tammy and Kit dance the merengue?

20. What color and shape from the fireworks when Kit and Tammy kiss each other on the lips?

BONUS. Why did the Martinez family want to go to Puerto Rico?

answers below


















1. Yolanda, Pablo, Maria, and Jesus

2. Fabio, Rosa, Roberto, and Carmen

3. Shawn, Mary, Silvia, Luis, Jose, Esteban, and Ramonita

4. San Juan, Puerto Rico

5. Spanish or Espanol

6. El Pollito

7. Indoors

8. Coquis

9. Find a word puzzle

10. Sports Illustrated

11. Rain Forest, Musuem, Park, Resturant, and Arcades

12. Pinball

13. Tammy ordered a hamburger and Kit ordered a hot dog

14. Yellow

15. The Jacuzzi

16. Skating in the park

17. 4

18. Going to the swimming pool

19. Twice

20. A Blue Heart


BONUS. A summer vacation


Now, check all your correct answers and see what your results are.



16-21---- You will go to Puerto Rico with Tammy

11-15----- You may go out with Tammy to Puerto Rico

6-10----- Tammy is undecided if you can go with her to Puerto Rico

0-5----- Don't even think about going to Puerto Rico

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