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 Parent Trap

Written by: Susie Walton


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  At the dock of an old wooden building with a yellow sea plane parked outside there sat a big gray bear, dunking his feet into the water. Obviously deep in his own thought, for he was unaware that a red car had pulled up to the front of the wooden building, known as Higher for Hire, and out stepped a female bear, Rebecca Cunningham.


"Baloo, what are you doing? Don't you have to be packing up for your run today?" Rebecca looked around outside and noticed someone was missing. "Baloo, Where's Kit? He should be back from school by now"


The gray bear finally snapped out of his day dream and looked over at Rebecca.


"Huh, oh Kit's still at school he had a track practice and I was just sitting here thinking. Waiting for him to get here."


Baloo got up slowly and walked into Higher for Hire's door. Rebecca up stood there, baffled. ~Wonder what's wrong with him?~ Rebecca walked behind Baloo into Higher for Hire.


"Baloo what's the matter? You seem very down today? You can tell me."


Baloo went over and sat in a red chair, putting his face in his hands. He let out a sign. Slowly Rebecca walked over to Baloo.


"This has something to do with Kit, doesn't it? What's wrong, if-if you tell me maybe I can help" Rebecca had as much sympathy in her voice as Baloo had ever heard. He looked at her in the eyes and could see that they were longing to know what was wrong with him.


"Well, Beckers, when I got home today from that cargo run to Walla-Walla-Bing-Bang there was 'dis note at the door." Baloo handed Rebecca a note. "I still can't believe it"


Rebecca took the note and reads it out loud to herself.

"Dear Mr. Baloo,


My name is Katherine Cloudkicker and my husband's name is Jeremy Cloudkicker. We have been told that you have our son, Kit Cloudkicker, living with you as of now. We want to take him home with us to Port Handsburgo and we plan to be back here tomorrow at 9am to pick up him and his stuff.


The Cloudkickers


Baloo! They are Kit's parents but why? How?"


"That's what I don't get Becky after nearly 10 years why would they come back for him now, and how did they ever find Kit. He has no records that I know of and he most defiantly wouldn't have one on him being here." Baloo got out of the chair and began to pace around the office. "Besides what is Kit going to do....I mean he hasn't known these people for 10 years. How do you think he'll take this. I don't want him to go all hysterical on us."


Rebecca quick re-read the note and put it on her desk. She walked over and put a hand on Baloo's shoulder.


"The best thing to do is to tell Kit what is going on and see what he has to say about all this. It is Kit's choice Baloo not ours. He is old enough to know what he wants. He will probably have many things to think about and all we have to do is show him that we a re here for him."


"I Guess yer right Becky, but I just don't want to lose that kid, not after all we've been through. He's-he's like my son and now I could lose him because his parents come back after 10 years and want to take him away from me. It just ain't fair and ain't right of them to do 'tat. They should have come fer him when he was in real need, not know once he finally finds a stable place. They just can't take him away from me, Beckers."


"From us, Baloo, Kit is like my son too, but we do have to leave the choice up to him. As hard as that is going to be. We owe Kit that"


Baloo looked at Rebecca and then gave her a hug.


"I'm going to be upstairs yell to me when Kit gets home. You should stay here also."

"Don't worry...I will"


Baloo walked up to his bedroom and closed the door behind him. Slowly Rebecca took the note off her desk re-read, then slowly she got out a piece of paper and started to write on it.




After what seemed like hours Kit's voice finally was heard at Higher for Hire.


"Yeah, bye Ernie, I'll see ya tomorrow at school"


Kit quickly looked around ~Hum. wonder why the Sea Duck's still here?~ Kit went into Higher for Hire.


"Hey Miz Cunningham. Why's the Sea Duck still here? And where's Baloo any ways. I thought you have a cargo run tonight."


"Kit, Baloo's upstairs, and we canceled the cargo run for tonight. We, well, need to talk with you."


Kit quickly realized something was wrong. Slowly he moved over and took the same seat Baloo took earlier. "Baloo, Kit's home" Rebecca yelled up the stairs and then quickly sat down by Kit. Baloo opened the bedroom door and headed down the stairs. Kit looked into Baloo's eyes and could see that something was not right.


"Hey guys what is going on...." Kit questioned with a slight quiver in his voice.


Baloo got down the stairs and headed over to the desk. He picked up the note. He then handed it to Kit.


"I guess the best why to tell you is to let you read it for yerself"


Kit quickly reads the note and then placed it on a table. His face, mixture of surprise, shock, and worry.


"Where-where did you get this?" Kit managed to spit out.


"It was on the door when I came home today. Now Kit we don't know if it is-" Baloo was cut off by Kit.


"My parents, do you think it is them. Gee after all these years. I don't know. When could I met them....I mean any time before tomorrow do you think." Kit is now almost anxious sounding.


"Kit, now you do know that you would have to leave Higher for Hire and move away from Baloo and I." Rebecca hated to bring that point up, but it had to be made.


When that statement hit Kit, he just stopped ~I couldn't leave Higher for Hire or Baloo. Oh man~


"You mean forever?" ~Duh, like that isn't obivious~ "Why do you think they came back for me after all this time?" Kit purposely avoided the point that Rebecca brought up.


Baloo could see that when Kit looked at Baloo he turned back into a little lost boy who was looking for answers.


"I don't know Lil' Britches"


"After nearly 10 years I know have my parents back. I'm no longer an orphan."


When Kit stated that both Baloo and Rebecca knew that they have just about lost Kit to two people who never even cared for Kit in his true time of need.


"Now Lil' Britches if you need to think about this feel free to, you don't have to leave tomorrow."


Kit turned his head and looked questioning at Baloo.


"Baloo, don't you see these people are my parents and now they have come back for me. It is just that now I have my own family. How can I pass that up."


Baloo's attitude quickly changed and he become almost anger.


"Kit you mean to tell me that you are going to leave us, leave your home, for some people that you haven't known for 10 years. I thought I knew you better than that. What about me, and Becky? What about Molly? Huh? Are you just going to leave?


Kit's face slowly begins to look as if he will break down in tears, somehow he controls himself. He looked at Rebecca for answers, but she couldn't help. Kit turns his face back to Baloo. Finally, He started to cried and tears roll down his face.


"Baloo, I love you and you mean so much to me, but these are my parents. I-I just can't not go with them and keep wondering my whole life what happened to them. I need to know, Baloo."


Baloo had now become anger.


"Kit, these people deserted you when you were only 2! They never even looked for you until now! Who saved you from the pirates? Did they? No I did! And now you're just leaving me in a snap!"


"Balooooo, come on that's not fair" Rebecca chimed in hoping to settle Baloo down a bit.


"No, Rebecca, the kid needs this. Kit, if you leave here again because you need to know, then well, you shouldn't come back. Because I love you and it pains me to see you get up and leave all the time."


Kit, still crying, looked at Baloo and then at Rebecca.


"You both mean the world to me, but now I have parents. Me, Kit Cloudkicker, has parents. I need to find out why they left me and what happen to them after all these years. That doesn't mean I won't be back."


Baloo stormed out of Higher for Hire, Kit jumped out of the chair in hopes he could catch him, but by the time Kit got close to Baloo, he was already in the Sea Duck taxiing. Kit stopped and just stood there, alone.


"Kit, he just needs time to think. He'll under stand where you're coming from. Then he'll realize he was wrong-"


Kit interrupts Rebecca "But is he wrong? My parents did leave me and only now do they come to look for me. I just don't know what to do?"


Kit goes to the end of the dock, the same place that Baloo was earlier, and put his head in his hands and softly begins to cry. Rebecca goes and sat down next to him and put her arm around Kit who put his head in her chest and softly cries.


"Don't worry Kit it will all be OK. You'll see, it will all be OK." ~At least I hope it will~




2 hours pass and both Kit and Rebecca are sitting inside Higher for Hire, waiting.


"Miz Cunningham, where do you think he went?" Kit had finally calmed down a bit and was pacing around Higher for Hire.


"He probably is just flying around someplace, trying to think things out. Kit, he is just as confused as you. He needs to think things out also." ~Boy am I glad Molly went with WildCat to the store~


"I guess yer right it is-" Kit stopped talking as the sound of the Sea Duck is heard. Quickly both Kit and Rebecca run outside to met up with Baloo.


"Baloo where did you go? You were gone for nearly 2 hours."


"No place." Baloo has a hint of anger in his voice. Kit can tell and he tries again to make Baloo understand


"Papa Bear, Like I said you have done so much for me, but they are my parents and I NEED to know, what I- did or what happened. Please let me do this."


"Kit, yer parents will be 'ere tomorrow, you might want to get ready for 'em." Baloo walked past Kit and heads inside.


Kit stands there for a second before he finally speaks.


"Miz Cunningham, I'll be in my room....packing." Kit said very unemotionally. And then headed inside Higher for Hire.


"I sure hope this works out, Kit. I don't want to see you hurt again." Rebecca just said out loud to no one in particular. She finally turns and heads inside Higher for Hire.




Finally the sun shone over the cliffs of Cape Suzette. It had not been a night of much sleep. Baloo had stayed downstairs, Kit had laid awake in his bed till at least 5:00 AM, and Rebecca stayed up at her desk sorting papers. At the first ray of light everyone finally came downstairs. Baloo, Kit and Rebecca sat around the table no one speaking and no one touching their food. Finally Rebecca spoke up.


"Uh, Baloo you have a run today at 2- do you know how to get there? Since----"


Rebecca quickly stopped what she was saying as Baloo gave her an icing stare.


"I mean since it can be tricky and all. I believe it is to Kameberg."


"Yeah, Beckers, sure thing."


Kit slowly got up from the table as he put his dish in the sink he quickly glanced at the clock on the wall. ~8:00AM! Oh man, they'll be here soon~


"Baloo, Miz Cunningham if you don't mind I'm going to go for a walk outside for a bit."


"Sure thing Kit, I mean we can't chose what you do or where you go." Baloo stated and both Kit and Rebecca gave him a stare, but he just kept on eating his bagel and strawberries and cereal, and pop. Kit walked outside and headed down the street.


"Baloo, what is that suppose to mean. Kit needs us to show him we are behind him."


"Listen Becky, I don't care what you have to say about 'backing him up'..... I'll take this my way you take it yours."


Baloo stomped over to the sink and crashed his plate into the sink. He then slumped over and put his head on his arms.


"Becky, why does the kid need to leave, ain't he happy 'ere. I just don't want to see him go."


Rebecca just stood where she was ~I knew this wouldn't be easy~


"Baloo, listen, Kit knows what he's doing. If for some reason things don't work out, you want him to feel he can come back here, right?"


"Yeah but---"


"But, nothing Baloo" Rebecca interrupts "Cut the kid some slack and you need to grow up about this. Learn to accept this as a chance you took when you first met Kit, you never knew what happened to his parents. This could have happened months ago, but it didn't, it happened now and there's nothing we can do about it."


Baloo stood up and heading up the stairs.


"Yeah, I guess yer right Becky, but I still ain't going accept it."

He walked into his room and shut the door.



"Oh Baloo you have to accept it sometime." Rebecca whispered to herself.


Baloo sat up stairs looking at Kit's bed. A tear slowly formed in his eye, he wiped it away and laid down on his bed.


"Lil' Britches, why do ya have to leave? You can stay will ol' Papa Bear"


Baloo slowly closed his eyes and saw images of him and Kit until he finally feel asleep.


"BALOO! Get down here!"


Baloo woke up with a jerk. "Huh, what?" He quickly looked at the clock, 9:10.


"Oh man, Kit's parents."


Baloo quickly jumped out of bed and grabbed his trusty hat. He took a quick look into the mirror and headed down stairs. Once at the bottom Baloo saw two new bears. One was a tall dark brown male bear. And the other was smaller that him and a light yellow, tan colored female bear.


"And this is my husband, Jeremy."


Baloo had just missed the introductions.


"Uh, Hi. The name's Baloo. You must 'b Katherine and you're Jeremy. Pleasure to see you after ALL these years!"


"Baloo! I'm sorry he just woke up. Kit should be coming in anytime. He went for a walk, but hasn't been back yet."


At that, the door to Higher for Hire swung open. Kit stepped inside and opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Instead he just stood, wide eyed looking at the two new bears in Higher for Hire.


"Oh, Kit. You look so old now!" Katherine approached Kit and gave him a hug.


"I remember when you were only two and-"


"Yeah it's been long hasn't it." Baloo muttered, but no one paid much attention to him.


Slowly Katherine let go of Kit and held his shoulders. Jeremy came over and stood next to Katherine.


"My boy, my little man." Jeremy said, very proud sounding.


Katherine looked into Kit's eyes, she then took off Kit's hat and took another look at him.


"It's so hard to believe that you have grown into such a fine young man. I hope we never have to leave you again." Katherine gave Kit another hug and then turned to Baloo and Rebecca.


"I believe we need to get some things in order and then we will be on our way."


"Oh yes, please come this way Mrs. Cloudkicker." ~Boy does that sound weird~ Rebecca thought to herself as she lead Katherine and Jeremy to her desk. Kit followed behind them.


"Now let me see, well, since we have no birth records of Kit, uh I guess the only things you need are his doctor and school records." Rebecca shifted through all her papers. "Here you go." She handed the Cloudkicker's about 5 pieces of paper. Jeremy looked over the papers quickly and shook his head. "Yes, this seem to be all we need."


"Well then should we go." Katherine began to walk out the door.


"Uh, guys, can I have a minute?"


Katherine stopped and faced Kit. "Sure thing. We'll be out in the car. Don't be too long."


Kit smiled as he watch his new mother leave. He then turned around to face Baloo and Rebecca. Kit had a tear starting to form in his eye.


"Well I guess this is good-bye. I'll miss ya guys. Tell Molly and WildCat what happened and that I'll miss them to"


"Sure. Kit, you can come back anytime you want. I expect to see you!" Rebecca bent down and gave Kit a quick hug. She then went back to her desk with a tear in her eye, leaving Baloo and Kit alone.


"Baloo, you mean so much to me, but I have to go. I'll come back and see you." Kit went up and gave Baloo and hug, Baloo let him and hugged him back.


"Now, Kit if you have any problems you come back here and see us. OK?"


"Sure thing Papa--uh Baloo"


Kit turned and started to walk outside, he turned around quickly and walked back to Baloo. Kit took off his hat and put it in Baloo's hands.


"Here's something to remember me by. I'll miss you"


Baloo took the hat and looked down at it.


"I'll miss ya too Kit. Don't be a stranger."


Kit heading out the door again and took on finally stare at his old home and his old 'parents'. He smiled at them and the door closed behind him. Baloo stood for a couple of seconds, looking down at the hat. Rebecca went over to him.


"Why'd he have to go?"


Rebecca hugged Baloo and he put his arms around her and cried silently on her shoulders. Kit's hat fell from his hands and slowly to the floor, sitting there, not moving.


  "So, Kit, how did you ever met up with Baloo?"

~Of all the questions~ Kit thought to himself. "Well I kind of 'ran' into him at Louie''s a hang out for pilots. Well we just sort of stuck together."

"Ohh, how interesting" Jeremy said in a very disinterested tone.

Kit sifted slowly in his seat. Katherine turned from the wheel quickly to face Kit.

"So, what do you like to do for fun?"

"Well, I like to cloudsurf."

Kit grabbed his airboard from under his sweater, and opened it for them. Katherine turned around again and looked at it, Jeremy took it from Kit and took a closer look.

"Very interesting. How do you do it?"

"Well, from the back of an airplane ya jump out and grab a tow rope or something. Than ya just surf. Kind of like water skiing." Kit sounded very proud of his sport.

Jeremy handed the board back to Kit, who closed it and placed it back under his shirt.

"So, what have you been up to? I mean what have you been doing for 10 years?"

Kit felt uneasy again, he knew had to tell them about the pirates.

"Well, I was in an orphanage 'till I was 10 then I struck out on my own. I, uh, well, met up with the pirates for about a year and then left. I then 'ran' into Baloo, and have been at Higher for Hire ever since."

Katherine and Jeremy looked at each other, stunned.

"Pirates, really?" They said simultaneously.

"Why did you leave?" Jeremy asked.

"I got sick of their stealing, plundering, betraying, and killing, I'd had enough. So, I stole Shere Khan's energy stone that they stole and hit out on my own. One problem is since I left Don Karnage has always tried to get me back, not with the pirates, just revenge. It is a hard life at times, but ya get us to it. He isn't that bright....if ya know what I mean. So I can pretty much out smart he anytime." Kit said, finally getting if off his chest.

"Well, I guess we can tell you won't need much of our help." Katherine said with a nervous chuckle in her voice.



Back at Higher for Hire, things weren't going so well. Molly had just returned and was getting the news about Kit.

"Honey, now listen, Kit left and he is with his parents. You should be happy for him."

Rebecca tried to get Molly calmed down, but without much success.

"No, he left me again. I want him Here!" Molly threw a tantrum, complete with screaming and crying.

Baloo had, enough and went over to talk to Molly.

"Pig-tails, I didn't want Kit to leave neither, but he did. Now we just gotta get along with out 'em. Kit is with his parents and he deserves to be." Baloo picked up Molly. "Besides I'm 'ere." Baloo threw Molly up into the air and caught her.

Molly was calmed down a bit and started to laugh.

"I guess, but I still want him here!"

"Well all do honey, we all do."

Rebecca took Molly from Baloo and set her back on the ground.

She fixed her pig-tails and then gave her a little push outside. Molly took off out the door.

"How are you Baloo?" Rebecca said, still looked straight ahead as she asked her question.

"Huh? Oh well Becky I'm getting by just fine. Besides the Cloudkicker's seem like nice people. I'm sure Kit's happy and it is his choice not mine."

"Baloo" Rebecca looked at Baloo straight in the eyes. "I'm not usually like this and I don't know why I want you to do this, but I want you to go downtown and look up information on the Cloudkicker's. I just have *that* feeling."

Baloo got a wide grin on his face and without evening saying anything he took off out the door. But instead of being gone about an hour, he came back in about 1 minute, still smiling a foolish looking smile.


"Baloo, ahh how did you? What did you?" Rebecca stammered out, but utterly confused.

Baloo showed her a couple pieces of paper.

"You didn't think that I wouldn't look them up did ya? I went downtown this mornin'. I haven't had a chance to look at it myself though."

Baloo sets the papers on Rebecca's desk and they both shuffle through them.

"Now let us just see about the Cloudkicker's." Rebecca said with mischief in her voice.

"Baloo look." Rebecca held up one of the papers. "Read the last line."

Baloo took the paper from her hands and looked over it quickly.

"Becky, do you know what this means? It mean that Kit's parents are...."

"Baloo wait, it can't be true. Probably some other Cloudkicker."

Baloo handed Rebecca the paper back and took off out the door. Rebecca followed right behind him.

"Baloo what are you doing?"

Baloo had already headed towards downtown.

"I'm going to go to the police and see what they have to say about the Cloudkickers. Wait here and I'll tell you what I find out."

"Fine, but hurrying back, Baloo."

Rebecca walked back inside Higher for Hire and took the papers again. She started to re read the again.






Baloo stormed inside Higher for Hire, in a rage.


Rebecca had been up stairs and ran down the stairs when Baloo yelled.

"What, what Baloo?"

"Well I headed downtown and went to the police station. Inside I asked the about the Cloudkickers. I made sure I told them Jeremy and Katherine Cloudkicker. Well this is what they handed me!"

Baloo handed Rebecca a piece of paper and she begins to read it out loud:


"Kendal and Sara Dover:

Alas: Jeremy and Katherine Cloudkicker

Alas: Joe and Marylin Carrie

Wanted: One count of robbery, two counts of kidnapping.


These two are known pirates and should be considered armed and dangerous.

Any information leading to the arrests of these two will provide a reward.


Please contact 1-800-I-Got-You.

Help keep our streets safe!"



Rebecca put the paper on the desk and thought for a moment.

"Baloo, what are we going to do? Kit's in danger!"

"I'm on it Becky!"

Baloo headed out the door towards the Duck with Rebecca right behind him. But he quickly stopped in his tracks.

"Becky, we've got to call Kit and tell him the truth. If we just show up they could try something. We can't risk dat"

"OK, then let's hurry up and call him. We need to warn him as soon as possible" Rebecca had already started to head back inside.

Baloo followed behind her.

"Yes, please connect me to the Cloudkicker's home in Port Handsburgo." Rebecca said, but quickly handed the phone to Baloo. "Baloo, you need to talk to him."

Baloo took the phone from Rebecca and waited for Kit.

"Yes this is the Cloudkicker's. May I ask who's calling?"

"Uh ya, this is Baloo, I wanted to talk to Kit. Is about, uh, school ya, school."

"Ohh! Well this is Katherine, let me get him."

Rebecca whispered to Baloo "Gee maybe you could tell them you want to talk to Kit about the dentist!"

"Hush, I think he's coming" Baloo waved him hand at Rebecca.

"Hey, Baloo" Kit's voice came over the phone. “Ya wanted to tell me something about school?"

"Hey, Kit, really I need to tell you something, that is very important." Baloo just hoped Kit would listen

"Sure Baloo what is it?"

"Now I don't want you to think I'm trying to get ya back or I' m trying to doubt what ya did, but I went downtown to look stuff up on your parents. And well I found out they're pirates and dangerous!"

"You DID What?! I can't believe you Baloo. I thought you wanted me to be happy?! If I'm with my parents the I'm happy!"

"Kit wait! There's something I need to tell ya about them!"

"Save it!!" Kit said quickly and then hung up the phone.

Before Baloo could get another sentence out. Baloo slammed his phone down also.

"What did he say?"

"Nothing he doesn't believe me. I can't get that kid to change his mind either. I don't know what to do."

Kit had just hung up the phone on Baloo and just stood there. ~Why did he have to do that? It has to be the wrong Cloudkickers~

All of a sudden there was a crash in the kitchen, Kit took off running to see what had happened. Inside the kitchen, facing Kit, stood Don Karnage.

"Allo, Small one. How's everay ding? Well long time see no? Tell mee where are you're neew parents?"

"Karnage get out of here now. You're nothing but a pain"

"Ohh you make me boot shake . Just tell de wonderful me...where are dey?"

“DEY who?”

Why, your tendery lovin’ paarents. I have unfinised bizness with deem.”

“Karnage, you aren’t getttin near my parents!”

Kit saw that he had to get out of there fast. So he ran for the back door, but before he could he bumped into both his parents.


"Guys, come on get out of here! This is Don Karnage!"

Jeremy grab both of Kit's arms and held him tight. Katherine went over to Don Karnage.

"Well looks like we kept our part of the bargain, where's yours?" Katherine said as she held out her hand.

"Bargain?" Kit choked out realizing this weren't his parents and the awful mistake he had just done with Baloo.

"Yeah, sonny, Karnage, here, wanted you, and for a price. $1,000! We ain't your parents. You are just a lousy orphan. Now Karnage where's the money."


~How could I be so stupid. I've got to get a message to Baloo~

"Ahh, let me just you go. Happy? You keeped you end and now de boy is mine again! How nice!"

Kit gulped.


"Boy once you desert de pirates, you hert my feelings. So now et is time to make me feel better. Take him to de plane and den to me wonderful ship."

Jeremy and Katherine, Kendal and Sara, dragged Kit along to the outside. Out there were two planes. They shoved Kit into a plane, and tied him up quickly. One thing Karnage finally learned, Kit is one quick guy. Don Karnage then got into the front of the same plane and started to taxi.

"Comfee?? Well, do not worry so, soon you shall be in da brig waiting for what you git for leaving us"

Don Karnage started to laugh. And began his take off.

~How could I not see they weren't my parents? No one would ever come back for me~

Don Karnage plane took off with Kit tied up in the back. Kit couldn't see the Iron Vulture, but he knew it was out there. Just waiting.



“Kit’s in danger, who knows where his is now? I mean he could already be in the Iron Vulture!”


Baloo had gone on a full rampage now, he had to go and find Kit.


“Baloo, calm down! If Kit is some place...not save, then he’ll find a way to get us. You just have to let Kit figure it out.”


“OK, Beckers, you stay here and man the phone and radio. I’ll take to the Sea Duck and fly around, maybe someone has heard something.”


Faster than Baloo entering Louie’s all you can eat buffet, Baloo had already started the Sea Duck’s engines and headed for the cliffs. Rebecca sat quietly by the phone, tapping her fingers, impatiently.




Meanwhile inside the Iron Vulture Don Karnage’s plane had just landed inside the beck. Kendal and Sara came in another plane and were already jumping out of their planes to get to Kit. Kit meanwhile had tried to undo his hands and legs, but found out he was tied up too well. Before Kit could try anymore four paws reached down and plucked him out of the plane.


“So mee boy you are back, yes no? Et had been a long time since we meet and I wanted to make yer stay most wonderful, so I’d took the pleasure of letting you stay in da brig. Happy night.”


Both Kendal and Sara dragged Kit down many corridors and finally into the brig. Before the both left Kit looked at them and pleaded.


“Why did ya two do this? Why did you pretend?”


“Listen kid, Karnage really doesn’t like you. He wanted you back here and had to think of a way to do that. Finally he knew it when we came to the pirates. He always knew your weak spot would be parents and it looks like he was right.” Kendal had loss all feeling he had ever showed towards Kit in his voice.


“Besides we got paid good.” Sara said with a laugh.


Kendal and Sara both left Kit alone to try and figure how to get out of this mess and how to get in touch with Baloo. He slowly started to work on the ropes and hopefully in a matter of time he would be free.


Finally with one final twist inwards, Kit freed himself from the ropes. In five seconds Kit was up and standing by the door.


~I can’t believe I believed they were my parents~ Kit couldn’t shake that feeling of regret and stupidity. Kit pushed on the door to see if it would give way...much to his surprise it did. Unfortunately, when he placed all his weight against the door, the door opened so easily that Kit toppled down on his face. By the time had gotten to his feet Dumptruck was already chasing him.


“Ey, you git beck ‘ere before I hert you.”


“Ya, why don’t ya make me”


Faster than Kit had ever moved he was running up the catwalk, not knowing where he was going, but he knew he’d get there fast. With the commotion that Dumptruck made, ever available pirate had seen Kit get away, and now they were, also, after him.


“Man, this is great.” Kit panted out loud as he ran. After a few more feet Kit could no longer wondered if anyone was behind him and he took a quick glance backwards and saw no one, but in front of him.... Before Kit even had a chance to get his whole face forward he crashed into someone. With a grunt the two fell backwards from each other. They both hit the ground with thuds and as they got up faced each other.


“Hey you what are you doing out here? I’m warning you....” Sara jumped at Kit, but he stepped out of her reach.


“Yeah, what can you do now?” Kit ducked under her feet and once again was running.




“Ey Louie this is Baloo.”


Baloo let go of his end of the mic and waited for a reply.


“EY, man, what’s shaken?”


“Louie, Kit’s gone with his parents, but the ain’t his parent and well I figured out they ain’t his parents and he could be in trouble.”


“Whoa, is dat all man, well ol’ Louie can help ya out. I’ll tell ya if I hear any new, news.”


“Thanks Louie you are a pal. Sea Duck out.”


“No prob man.”


Baloo set the mic down and let out a big sigh.


“I hope yer safe Lil’ Britches.”




Little did Baloo know how UN-safe Kit really was. Kit had finally found a hiding space inside one of the many rooms. He had ran nearly a mile dodging pirates, walls, and anything else.


“If only I’d stayed with Higher for Hire none of this would have happened. I’m so sick of this, run here, run there. I’m done.” Kit said to himself as he got out of his hiding spot.


“Hey Karnage. I’m Here!!!!” Kit shouted at the top of his lungs, he even started to jump around.


Quickly 10 pirates ran up to Kit and tackled him to the ground. They picked him up and held him by the shoulders. Don Karnage came into the light.


“Well now why di you do dat?”


“Karnage I’m sick of runnin from ya, I ain’t afraid of you.” Kit kicked out trying to hit Karnage, but came up short.


Karnage grabbed Kit’s face and looked directly into his eyes.


“Well you should be afraid of mee!”


Karnage jerked Kit’s face to the left and they turned and began to look out the room.


“I want you to call de Sea Duck and tell em we have de boy. Den, take him to de top and throw he over.”


“Karnage you rat.” Kit hissed, quickly Karnage turned back to Kit and got in his face. Kit was sure he was going to hit him.


“Quiet you filthy rat. If I was not as nice as I am, I wouldn’t even radio you friend. I just want em to know about your tragic death.”


Kit shot Karnage a glance as he left the room. The pirates dragged Kit up to the radio room and got on the radio.


“Iron Vulture callin Sea Duck” MadDog whined into the mic.


“Yeah this is da Sea Duck coming in.”


“Da cap’t wanted us to let you know we have yer little friend. Ah, he won’t be here long, though.”


“WHAT!!!! If anyone hurts that kid, I’ll make you pay!!”




“Wait get back on the mic and tell me where you are so I can git there and teach ya all a lesson.”


MadDog turned off the radio and went back to Kit.


“I guess we throw him over now.”




Dumptruck and HackSaw grabbed Kit by the shoulder and took him out the door, MadDog followed behind them.


~This is great. What am I going to do now?~ Kit tried to think of a way out, but couldn’t. He finally gave up fighting and just let them pull him.


MadDog picked Kit up and held him over the long fall to the water. Kit tightly closed his eyes, not wanting to watch.


“Hey MadDog, Karnage told me to tell you to put that kid down and let us take care of him.”


Kit opened his eyes to see Sara and Kendal standing by them.


“What? Ahh, but I wanted to do et.”


“Strict orders, sorry.” Sara moved closer to MadDog as he put Kit on the ground. “Also he wanted to speak with you.”


MadDog took one last look and then slowly stomped away. Once he was out of site Sara and Kendal turned back to Kit.


“What are ya going to do?”


“Nothin kid, listen we go along with most of Karnage’s ideas, but when we found out what he was goin to do to ya. Let’s just say, this is your lucky day.” Kendal said.


“Ya, but I wouldn’t get to use to it. We’ve got to hurry and get you to the radio room so you can call you friend.”


Kit stood stunned, but then decided to follow them. After making sure not to run into any pirates they made it to the radio room.


“Cloudkicker to Sea Duck, come in Sea Duck.”


“Kit??!! Where are ya?”


“I’m still on the Iron Vulture. Kendal and Sara got me away from the pirates. Here are the coordinates, 97 degrees north west of Cape Suzette. Baloo you’ve got to hurry I don’t know how long it will take Karnage to figure out what happened.”


“OK, Lil’ Britches I’ll be there as soon as possible.”


Baloo got off the mic and heading towards the Iron Vulture.


“Now kid we’ve got to get you someplace where you can be safe until Baloo comes. We’ll head back up top.”


All three headed for the top of the Iron Vulture again. Once on top they wanted, until the sound of the Sea Duck’s superfly engines were heard.


“Well kid best of luck to ya.”


The Sea Duck came even closer and Baloo started to open the back and let the tow rope down. Then there was clatter from behind them and they turned around. Karnage and 15 pirates stood with swords ready.


“Well looks as if we have traitors. Now, now what ever shall I do? I know, git THEM!!”


At once all the pirates ran towards the un-armed three. Without even hesitating Kendal reached down and grabbed Kit. He took a look around for the Sea Duck and saw it was close enough. With all his strength he tossed Kit into the air, right inline with the tow rope. Kit grabbed the rope and open his air board.


“GOOD LUCK KID!!” Kendal yelled back to Kit as he was toppled by pirates. Kit took a quick glance back towards them.


Kit quickly ran inside the Sea Duck and went up to Baloo. He gave Baloo a hug and had a tear in his eye.


“Baloo, you’re here. I miss you so, I’m sorry that I left you.”


“Now Kit you’re here that’s all I need to know. And now yer safe too.”


Baloo gave Kit a warm smile. At once Kit’s face turned panicked.


“Baloo! Kendal and Sara, they saved me.....”


“They what?”


“Yeah they saved me! I have to see if they are OK.”


“But Kit....”


“Please Baloo, I know they aren’t my parents, but I just need to know.”




Baloo turned the plane and face the Iron Vulture. On top Kit could see that two pirates were being held by five more pirates. Kit turned away, not wanting to see what was happening.




“Baloo, they helped save me and now, I can’t do anything to help them.”


Kit started to cry and Baloo set the Sea Duck on auto pilot and went over and hugged Kit.


“Kit don’t ya worry, they’ll be fine. Karnage wouldn’t do anything to hurt ‘em.”


“Are you sure?”


“Trust me.”


“Thanks papa bear.”


“Oh I almost forgot.”


Baloo headed to the back of the plane and came out with something in his hands. He then placed Kit’s hat on his head. Kit took the hat off and looked at it. He then placed it back o his head and went over and gave Baloo another hug. The Sea Duck turned and headed home.




At Higher for Hire everyone was happy to have Kit back home.


“Kit we missed you, but I am sorry that they didn’t turn out to be your parents.”


“Thanks Miz Cunningham, but the whole experience did remind me how important you all are to me.” Kit gave Rebecca a hug.




Kit turned and face Molly. “Yeah Molly...”


“Are you going to leave again?”


“I hope not, I’m pretty sure I’m home.”


Molly ran up and gave Kit a hug. Rebecca went over and stood by Baloo.


“So I guess everything is OK now?”


“Yeah Beckers, Kit’s goin be OK.”


Rebecca put her head on Baloo’s shoulder and let out a sigh as she watched Kit with Molly.



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