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 Kit Cloudkicker on Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Written by: Emilio Velez

Characters: Kit Cloudkicker, Baloo, Wildcat, Rebecca Cunningham, Molly Cunningham are copyright 1990/1991 Walt Disney Company and are being used without premission. The writer has made sure that no money was made in the creation of this fanfic and that all material is used with the upmost affection and respect. Tammy Martinez, Natalie Martinez, Carlos Martinez, David Martinez, Lauren Martinez, and Tammy's relatives are the property of the writer and cannot be used without premission from the writer.



Baloo: Hey Becky, itís 8:00, Kit will be on that game show.


Molly: What is he going to be on?


Rebecca: Heíll be on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.


Molly: Heís going for a million dollars!


Baloo: Thatís right!


Baloo turns on the TV.


Baloo: Here we go!




Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, itís time for Who Wants to be a Millionaire!


(Crowd Applauds)


Announcer: Here is your host Regis Philbin!


Regis comes out and the audience applauds.


Regis: Hello everybody and welcome to the most popular game show, ďWho wants to be a Millionaire.Ē We are ready to start off our game.


(Audience Cheers)


Regis: We will play our fastest finger question. To play; each of our 10 contestants will have a question and 4 answers. If any of them puts those answers in the correct order, in the fastest time, will be in our contestant in the hot seat. Here we go!


(Waits a few seconds)


Regis: Put these Major League Baseball teams in order, starting from the West. (Music plays) Yankees, Tigers, Angels, Rangers.


The 10 contestants including Kit put the answers in order.


Regis: Ok, time is up. Here is the right order, starting from the west. Itís Angels, then Rangers, then Tigers, and finally Yankees. Letís see who got it right in the fastest time and the winner is, Kit Cloudkicker.


Kit: Yeaaahhh!!!




Molly: All right Kit. Get that million.


Rebecca: Thatís my Kit!


Baloo: Go lilí Britches!




Kit gets up and goes to Regis.


Regis: Are you ready to get that million.


Kit: Oh, Iím ready!


Kit and Regis sit in the hot seats.


Regis: Ok, we got Kit Cloudkicker from Cape Suzette. Heís 18 years old and goes to the University of Cape Suzette. How are you!


Kit: Iím fine!


Regis: You have your girlfriend Tammy in the audience. Hello Tammy!


Tammy: Hey Regis!


Regis: So, you and Kit go to the same classes, right?


Tammy: Thatís right!


Regis: So Kit, when you that million, what would you do with it?


Kit: Tammy and I would pay off our tuition fee in college.


Regis: Thatís great, so you made it to the hot seat. You start off with $100 and going up. If you get to the $1000 or $32,000, you are guaranteed to leave with that much money. You have your lifelines 50:50; which the computer will take away two wrong answers. Ask the audience; which the audience will poll to see if thatís the right answer, and phone a friend, which you call anybody in the country. Are you ready?


Kit: Yep!


Regis: Tammy, are you ready?


Tammy: Me too!


Regis: Audience, are you ready?


Audience: Yeah!


Regis: All right, letís play ďWho wants to be a MillionaireĒ




Molly: Here we go, Win it all Kit!




Regis: For $100, What is the name of Fred Flintstoneís wife? A) Betty B) Pebbles C) Wilma D) Mary


Kit: I watched the Flintstones before and the answer is C) Wilma.


Regis: Yes, thatís right!


Crowd cheers.


Regis: For $200, Which galaxy contains our solar system? A) Mars B) Snickers C) Twix D) Milky Way


Kit: We live in D) Milky Way.


Regis: You are correct.


Crowd cheers.


Regis: For $300, Which of these is not a time zone of the continental US? A) Pacific B) Eastern C) Midwest D) Mountain


Kit: The answer is C) Midwest.


Regis: You got it!


Crowd cheers.


Regis: For $500, By what name are the Academy Awards also known? A) Oscars B) Globes C) Emmys D) Tonys


Kit: They give out in the Academy Awards is A) Oscars.


Regis: Yes, thatís it!


Crowd cheers.


Regis: For $1000, What do the fifty stars on the flag of the United States represent? A) Stars B) Indian Tribes C) Pilgrim Fathers D) Presidents


Kit: The stars represent A) Stars.


Regis: You got $1000.


Crowd cheers loudly.




Rebecca: Heís off to a great start!


Baloo: Good work Lilí Britches!




Regis: Now you got $1000, you get to keep that 1000 even if you miss a question.


Kit: Cool!


Regis: For $2000, Who portrayed the character ďThe FonzĒ on the television series ďHappy DaysĒ A) Ron Howard B) Henry Winkler C) John Travolta D) Tom Bosley


Kit: Letís see, Ron Howard is Richie Cunningham. C and D are not from Happy Days. The answer is B) Henry Winkler.


Regis: Final Answer?


Kit: Hmmm, Final Answer!


Regis: Thatís correct!


Crowd cheers loudly.


Tammy: Good job!


Regis: You got 2000 and hereís the $4000 question, Who created the cartoon series ďThe SimpsonsĒ? A) Charles Schulz B) Matt Groening C) Walt Disney D) Tracey Ullman


Kit: Ok, Walt Disney made Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald Duck. Charles Schulz created Charlie Brown. Tracey Ullman is a comedian, so the answer is B) Matt Groening.


Regis: Final Answer?


Kit: Yes!


Regis: Got it for $4000.


Audience applauds.


Tammy: All right!


Regis: You good at this, 8 questions to go. Hereís the $8000 question. What was the baseball player Babe Ruthís actual first name? A) George B) Herman C) Francis D) Douglas


Kit: This one is easy, the answer is A) George.


Regis: Confidant?


Kit: Pretty confidant.


Regis: Is that your final answer?


Kit: Yes!


Regis: That is right!


Crowd cheers.


Regis: $16,000, here it is, How many pins are on the back row at the start of a tenpin bowling game? A) 3 B) 4 C) 5 D) 6


Kit: I played this game before and the answer is B) 4.


Regis: Final Answer?


Kit: Yes!


Regis: You are absolutely correct!


Tammy: Yes!


Crowd cheers loudly.


Regis: Hereís the $32,000 question, Who was the 22nd and 24th President of the United States? A) Benjamin Harrison B) Grover Cleveland C) Chester Arthur D) James Garfield


Kit: I heard that there is only one president who got elected twice, but not the 23rd, the answer is B) Grover Cleveland.


Regis: Make it your final answer?


Kit: Final Answer.


Regis: You got $32,000.


Crowd cheers wildly.




Molly: Heís almost there; heís 5 away from 1 million.


Baloo: Thatís right!


Rebecca: I hope he can get it.




Regis: You are 5 away from that million. Now, you keep $32,000 even you miss any question.


Kit: All right!


Regis: For $64,000, Which cartoon character called himself the ďroughest, toughest hombre in the westĒ? A) Tasmanian Devil B) Yosemite Sam C) Deputy Dawg D) Elmer Fudd


Kit: One of my favorite characters is B) Yosemite Sam.


Regis: You want one of your favorite Looney Toon characters your final answer?


Kit: Hmmmmm yes, final answer.


Regis: You got it right!


Kit: Yessssss!!!


Crowd cheers.


Tammy: Whooooooo, all right Kit!


Regis: You still have the 3 lifelines. We are going for $125,000; here it is, What are the two official languages of the Olympic Movement? A) French and German B) French and English C) French and Spanish D) French and Italian


Kit: (exhales) Ok, this is tough, I have no idea. Ok, I will use a lifeline.


Regis: Choose one.


Kit: Iíll ask the audience.


Regis: Ok audience, I want you use that keypad and press the A B C and D buttons and vote now.


(Waits a few seconds)


Kit: Ooh!


Regis: The audience said B is 60% C is 25% D is 8% and A said 7%.


Kit: I was thinking about it too. So, I will go with the audience and say B) French and English.


Regis: Final Answer?


Kit: Uuh, ok final answer.


Regis: They are all correct!


Kit: Whew!


Crowd cheers loudly.


Tammy: Whoo, yeah Kit.




Rebecca: Close one!


Baloo: Yeah!




Regis: Well Kit, you are 3 away for a million. Hereís for a quarter of a million dollars. Which agents are played by the ďMen in BlackĒ Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith? A) g & j B) k &j C) h & j D) m & j


Kit: Ok, I think I know this, but Iíll try to use the 50:50.


Regis: Ok computer, please take away two of the wrong and just leave 1 right and wrong answer. (Two answers are gone)


Kit: Ok, itís between b and d. Hmmm, Iíll take a guess and say B) k and j.


Regis: Final answer?


Kit: Yes!


Regis: You got it!


Kit: Yesss!!!


Tammy: Whoo-hooo!!!


Crowd cheers very loud.


Regis: You got $250,000 going for a half a million. Here it is, How many bones are there in a giraffeís neck? A) 7 B) 17 C) 27 D) 47


Kit: This oneís another toughy. (Thinking hard and exhales) Ok, Iíll phone Baloo.


Regis: Whoís he?


Kit: Heís a friend of mine.


Regis: Ok, letís get Baloo on the line.


Phone rings at Higher for Hire. Baloo picks it up.


Baloo: Higher for Hire.


Regis: Hello Baloo!


Baloo: Hey Regis! How are you?


Regis: Iím good and you.


Baloo: Great!


Regis: We have your friend Kit here, and he needs your help. He has $250,000 going for $500,000.


Baloo: Ok!


Regis: In a moment, Kit will ask you a question and 4 possible answers. Kit itís all yours, you have 30 seconds and it starts now.


Kit: Papa Bear, How many bones are there in a giraffeís neck? 7, 17, 27, or 47


Baloo: I donít know Lilí Britches, Iím going to take a guess and say 7.


Kit: Are you sure?


Baloo: About 75% sure!


Kit: Ok thanks!


Buzzer sounds and Baloo hangs up the phone.


Regis: Ok, if you miss it here, you will lose $218,000.


Kit: Iím trying to avoid it. Iíll go what Baloo said and say A) 7.


Regis: You want it your final answer?


Kit: Ok final answer!


Regis: You are right!


Kit: Yes!!! (Raises his fist up in the air)


Audience cheers for Kit.


Tammy: Whew!


Regis: You have $500,000. 1 question left to go. You are out of lifelines.


Kit: Letís do it.


Baloo: Win it Kit!


The lights go out except Regis, Kit in the hot seat and Tammy in the audience.


Regis: Good luck, here the 1 million dollar question. Which punctuation mark is also the name for the currency of Costa Rica and El Salvador? A) Period B) Apostrophe C) Comma D) Colon


Kit: Oh no, this oneís a tough one.


Molly: Take your time Kit.


Rebecca: You can do it.


Kit: (thinks hard) I know itís not A and B. Itís between C and D. (thinks hard) If I get it right, I can pay my college fee for my girlfriend and myself. Iíll take my final guess and say D) Colon.


Regis: For the last time, I will say this, is that your final answer?


Kit: (thinking) final answer.


(Answer lights up and waits a few seconds)


Regis: I really have to say this.


Kit: Whatís that?




Kit: Yeeaaaaaahhh!!!


Tammy runs to Kit, and then she hugs and kisses him. The confetti comes down on the stage. They walk out of the stage.


Regis: How about that, An 18 year old Kit Cloudkicker won a million dollars. The youngest person to win a million dollars in history.




Kit and Tammy go in the door.


Molly, Baloo, Wildcat, & Rebecca: SURPRISE


Kit: Well, look at this.


They celebrate with Kit.


Wildcat: Hey Kit, say something!


Kit: Sure, Iíd like to end this with a kiss.


Kit kisses Tammy on the lips and hugs her at the same time.


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