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Edan Gross

7th Update: 02/08/2017: More Credits Added, Moved & Deleted.

Many of you will remember Edan Gross; he was the voice of the yellow fish 'Flounder' in the TV animated series version of Disney's "The Little Mermaid". However; very few people know that he also voiced 'Christopher Robin' in Disney's "The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" and remember Tale Spin's "Flight School Confeditial" episode (where Kit goes on a teenage rebellion to persue his dream of flight) and that cute, plump Themreian kid who was with Kit for almost the entire episode? He is Bobbo; and yes; he was voiced by Edan Gross. Here's the following film credits for Mr. Gross (No offense!)

Acting Credits

1985 (1)
Trapper John, M.D. (TV Series): Joshua Gordon

1986 (5)
Acceptable Risks (TV Movie): Jake Snyder
Cheers (TV Series): Child #2
Golden Girls (TV Series): Little Boy
The Twilight Zone (TV Series): Boy
Webster (TV Series): Sherman Berman

1987 (9)
Daddy (TV Movie): Matty Burnette
Foofur (Animated TV Series): Additional Voices
Highway to Heaven (TV Series): Kid #2
Married With Children (TV Series): Young Al; Carlol
Newhart (TV Series): Little Boy
Pound Puppies (Animated TV Series): Voice: Jerry
Sweet Surrender (TV Series): Bart Holden
The Tracy Ullman Show (TV Series): David Havershim
Yogi's Great Escape (Animated TV Movie): Voice of Bitsy

1988 (5)
Child's Play (Movie): Voice: Friendly Chucky, Kid In Animated Commercial
Empty Nest (TV Series): Jeffrey Millstein
Murphy Bown (TV Series): Joey
Superman (Animated TV Series): Additional Voices, Scout Kid
Runaway Ralph (TV Movie): Merton

1989 (5)
Best of the Best (Movie): Walter Grady
Free Spirit (TV Series): Gene Harper
The Karate Kid (Animated TV Series): Additional Voice
The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (TV Series): Himself
Lisa (Movie): Ralph

1990 (5)
Child's Play 2 (Movie): Voice of Tommy Doll
Coup de Ville (Movie): Young Bobby
The Earth Day Special (TV Special): Himself
Tiny Toon Adventures (Animated TV Series): Voice of Tyrone
We'll Take Manhattan (TV Movie): Rocky

1991 (10)
And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird (Movie): Max
Child's Play 3 (Movie): Voice of Good Guy Doll
Herman's Head (TV Series): Little Herman
Little Dracula (Animated TV Series): Little Dracula
Pro Stars (Animated TV Series): Additional Voice
Superboy (TV Series): Young Clark
Tale Spin (Animated TV Series): Voice: Bobbo
The Steadfast Tin Solider (Animated TV Special): Additional Voices
Walter and Emily (TV Series): Hartley
Winnie The Pooh: And Christmas Too (TV Movie): Christopher Robin

1992 (4)
Mikey (Movie): Classroom Kid*
The Little Mermaid (Animated TV Series): Voice of Flounder (Until 1994)
The Ren and Stimpy Show (Animated TV Series): Singer, Additional Voices
The Legend of Prince Valiant (Animated TV Series): Voices: Brother Paul, Young Arthur, Boy, Prince Thomas, Will, Wesley

1993 (5)
Best of the Best II (Movie): Walter Grady
Northern Exposure (TV Series): Brad Young
Return to Zork (Video Game): Waif
The Halloween Tree (Animated TV Special): Tom
The Wild West (TV Series): unknown voice

1995 (1)
Renegade (TV Series): Kenny

1999 (1)
Giggles (Video): Voice: Flounder

Total Number of Credits: 51

* - Uncredited.

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