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Behind the Voices Of Kit Cloudkicker: R.J. Williams & Alan Roberts

93rd Update: 05/04/2020: Minor editing to reflect the addition of Alan Roberts' profile. Added link to Alan Roberts' profile

When I turn on to watch Tale Spin or any other animated series no matter how good or bad it really is; I always wondered what those wonderful and sometimes funny voices really are. Kit's voice sounds so interesting; it is a high pitched voice and everytime he laughs; it always sends a chill down my spine. It is almost too evil! Actually that was a good thing since it was a part of Kit's dark side. However; at times, Kit's voice sounds so high pitched that it can be a bit annoying. However; I always wondered who actually voiced Kit Cloudkicker because he did such a great job at it. In November of 1997 when I was searching for Tale Spin material for the first time; I stumbled on Tale Spin On-Line's cast and credit information. I noticed that Kit Cloudkicker was voiced by R.J. Williams; however, I didn't know until someone on a newsgroup stated that the reason why he loved Kit was that *he* was voiced by a child actor. R.J. Williams was 12 years old when he voiced Kit. To me that's what got me interested in chasing for voice talents in Tale Spin.

R.J. Williams (Robert Jackson Williams; born on July 19th, 1978 (A full year after I was born actually) in Los Angeles, California) is the son of a director and started acting at the age of four; he has made a number of special guest TV appearances and movie appearances as well. His hosting career began when he starred in the syndicated children's series "Wake Rattle and Roll," where he completed 130 episodes. After "WR&R," R.J. took a break from being in front of the camera in order to further hone his behind the scenes skills by attending the prestigious USC film school. After USC, he hosted the pilot of "ET on MTV" for "Entertainment Tonight" and "MTV." In the fall of 2002 R.J. went on to start his own production company Arjay Entertainment, which he used to create, produce, and host a pilot for "The Red Carpet." Showtime Networks acquired the show and R.J. completed 13 more episodes, which were all subsequently acquired by the network. R.J. was also tapped by Dick Clark Productions to host the one hour special preceding the 2003 American Music Awards on ABC. In 2004 he produced and hosted a series of specials for Showtime titled "VIP Access" as well as begining production on a second season of "The Red Carpet" With a very promising development slate, his company was recently able to gain representation by the highly regarded talent a gency CAA. Most recently, Arjay teamed up with L'Oreal to present Above the Line Beauty, a new makeover show that premiered on Fox Movie Channel, coinciding with the world premiere of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Arjay continues their relationship with FMC with their latest project: The Fox Fall Launch Party. In just two years Arjay Entertainment has proven that they really are redefining reality television. On September 13, 2010; it marked the day YouTube confirmed their first ever live streaming project that had been in stealth mode for quite some time. They selected Young Hollywood to be their partner and kick things off with segments featuring pro skater Tony Hawk, comedian Dane Cook and "Jackass" star Steve-O.[14] On January 16, 2012; Williams was behind the launch of a new network in partnership with Google (YHN), giving Young Hollywood a platform that reaches a global audience of over 800 million people.[15] YouTube spent 100 million dollars on launching this venture [16] In June 2012, Williams was the subject of a cover story on BBC World News about the 100 Million dollar initiative and Young Hollywood's key role in it.[17] The Young Hollywood Network has become a “barker channel” for other new YouTube channels — like a Leno for the YouTube set introducing audiences to other YouTube stars.[18]

Young Hollywood, started in 2007 by RJ Williams, was created from the ground up without any venture financing. Young Hollywood creates and distributes celebrity and lifestyle programming globally; owns several leading entertainment websites,licenses the Young Hollywood trademark internationally for a range of consumer products and services; and works closely with brands in the advertising world to help find innovative ways to touch consumers [1] His company owns a library of over 2000 hours of content, and a distribution network that reaches hundreds of millions of viewers a month.[2] Young Hollywood has become one of the largest producers of original celebrity online programming in Hollywood; forming partnerships with companies such as Yahoo, Hulu, Google TV Guide,[3] Blinkx,[4] and Metacafe.[5] In 2010, they built a brand new million dollar hi-definition broadcast studio at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.[6][7] and grew to 24 employees. ABC News online called Young Hollywood "one of Hollywood's hottest websites"[8] In addition, Williams works closely advising several brands including Coca-Cola, Samsung, AT&T, Unilever, Subway, Rayban, Intuit and Electronic Arts on content production, product integration, experiential marketing and maximizing their social reach.[9][10] Williams was named to the The Hollywood Reporter Power 50 list joining the top execs from such places as Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, YouTube and Netflix. It was said that "Everything Young Hollywood Founder and CEO RJ Williams does is counterintuitive and effective" [11] Fast Company recently included Williams on their list of "today's most innovative business thought leaders" joining Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, Legendary CEO Thomas Tull, and Tumblr CEO David Karp.[12][13]

R.J. Williams Credit List:

1981 (2)
A Chipmunk Christmas (Animated TV Special): Tommy Waterford
The Young and the Restless (TV Series): Brook Prentiss

1983 (5)
Magnum P.I. (TV Series): Young Thomas Magnum
Matt Houston (TV Series): Tony/Joey
The Love Boat (TV Series): Richie Wilson
The Other Woman (TV Movie) : Bobby Vitelli
T.J. Hooker (TV Series) : Larry Randall

1984 (5)
Mass Appeal (Movie) : Boy
Passions (TV Movie) : Eric
Punky Brewster (Live TV Series): Scotty Lotabucci (10/05/84)
Quest (Short): Unknown
The Night They Saved Christmas (TV Movie) : C.B.

1985 (3)
Detective in the House (TV Series): Dunc Wyman
Kissyfur (TV Animated Series) : Voice: Kissyfur
Off The Rack (TV Series): Tim Halloran

1986 (5)
American Anthem (Movie) : Mikey Tevere
Highway To Heaven (TV Series): Joey
Lazer Tag Academy (Animated TV Series): Voice: Nicky Jaren
St. Elsewhere (TV Series) : Tim Perry
Carly Mills (TV Short): Jeffy Mills

1987 (4)
Pound Puppies (Animated TV Series) : Voices: Boy 2, Boy In Crowd
The Price of Life (Movie Short): Young Zachary
The Real Ghostbusters (Animated Series): Kenny Fenderman (uncredited)
Webster (TV Series): David

1988 (3)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV Series) : Ian Andrew Troi
The Big Five (TV Short): Danny
Windmills of the Gods (TV Movie) : Chris Ashley

1989 (8)
21 Jump Street (TV Series) : Young Doug Penhall
A Man Of Passion (George)
Dink: The Little Dinosaur (Animated TV Series): Voice: Dink
Empty Nest (TV Series): Timmy
General Hospital (TV Series) : Rowdy (Played until 1991)
Paddington Bear (Animated TV Series): Voice: David Russell
The Karate Kid: The Animated Series (Animated TV Series): Additional Voices
Two Daddies? (Animated TV Movie): Additional Voices

1990 (7)
Adventures of the Gummi Bears (Animated TV Series) : Voice: Cavin
Baywatch (TV Series) : Jeremy; Tackler
Captain Planet and the Planeteers (Animated TV Series) : Voice: Jason
Full House (TV Series) : Ricky
TaleSpin (Animated TV Series) : Voice: Kit Cloudkicker
TaleSpin Thanksgiving Ad (Animated Commerical): Voice: Kit Cloudkicker
Wake, Rattle and Roll (TV Series) : Sam Baxter

1991 (3)
Pro Stars (Animated TV Series): Additional Voices
Darkwing Duck (Animated TV Series): Voice: Kid Who Pesters Darkwing Duck
American Playhouse (Television Series): Young Zachary

1993 (1)
Saved By The Bell: The New Class (TV Series): Eric

1994 (2)
Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad (TV Series) : Chad Williams
What'z Up (TV Magazine): Host

1996 (1)
Shattered Image (Movie): Producer, Writer, Director

1997 (1)
Solider Of Fortune Inc. (TV Series): Unknown

2000 (2)
C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation (TV Series): Unknown
The Hookup (TV Series): Host, Executive Producer, Creator

2003 (2)
AMA Red Carpet Party (TV Special): Host
The Red Carpet (TV Series Documentary): Host, Executive Producer, Writer, Director

2004 (3)
VIP Access: Behind Closed Doors (TV Special): Host, Executive Producer, Creator, Director
VIP Access: Celebrity Weekend Exposed (TV Special): Host, Executive Producer, Creator, Director
VIP Access: Extreme Celebrity Getaway (TV Special): Host, Executive Producer, Creator, Director

2005 (5)
Above-the-Line Beauty (TV Series): Executive Producer
Fox Fall Launch Party (TV Special): Executive Producer
VIP Access: Adrenaline Rush (TV Special): Host, Executive Producer
VIP Access: Outrageous Adventures (TV Special): Host, Executive Producer, Writer, Director
Young Hollywood Awards (TV Special): Executive Producer, Host

2006 (3)
Breakthrough of the Year Awards (TV Special): Host, Executive Producer
The Best of VIP Access (TV Special): Executive Producer, Director
The Young Hollywood Awards (TV Special): Host, Executive Producer

2007 (2)
Entertainment Tonight (TV News Program): Himself
Young Hollywood (TV Series Documentary): Himself - Host , Director, Producer.

2012 (1)
Click (TV Series Documentary): Himself - CEO, Young Hollywood

2013 (2)
The Chosen One (Video): Himself
Young Hollywood's Greatest (TV Series): Executive Producer

2014 (5)
Evolution Of... (TV Series): Executive Producer
Larry Freaks Out (Video Short): Special Thanks
Quiet On The Set (TV Series): Himself - Correspondent, Executive Producer
Amp'd Up (TV Series) - Executive Producer
Evolution Of... (TV Series) - Executive Producer

2015 (5)
Food Feed (TV Series): Himself – Correspondent
Beyond The Athlete (TV Series): Executive Producer
Pop Culture Underground (TV Series): Executive Producer
Hollyweird Laboratories (Movie): Executive Producer
Backstage Diaries (TV Series): Executive Producer

2016 (2)
Young Hollywood On The Go (TV Series): Executive Producer
Short Shorts (TV Series): Executive Producer

Total Number of credits: 82+

Awards (7 Nominations, 15 Won)

- 1985 Young Artists Award nomination for Best Young Actor Guest- Starring in a TV Series (Magnum P.I.)
- 1987 Young Artists Award nomination for Exceptional Young Actor in Animation: All forms (Kissyfur)
- 1989 Young Artists Award nomination for Best Young Actor in a TV Movie of the Week, Mini- Series, Pilot or Special (Windmills of the Gods)
- 1990 Young Artists Award winner for Best Young Actor in a Daytime Drama (General Hospital)**
- 1991 Young Artists Award nomination for Best Youth Variety or Gameshow (Wake, Rattle & Roll)
- 1992 Young Artists Award nomination for Outstanding Voice-Over in an Animated Series (TaleSpin) *
- 1993 Young Artists Award nomination for Outstanding Voice-Over in an Animated Series or Special (TaleSpin)
- 1993 Young Artists Award nomination for Best Young Actor Guest-Starring in a TV Series (Full House)
- R.J. Williams directed film "Shattered Image" in 1996 won a total of 14 film-festival awards.

* : Shared With Janna Michaels-Parr
**: Also won the same award in 1991

Other Notes:

- R.J. Williams was also a Junior editor for Disney Adventures between November 1991- January 1992.
- Attended Crossroads High School in Santa Monica, California and graduated in 1994.

Additional Credits From IMDB
Arjay Entertainment LLC

Young Hollywood Website

R.J. Williams is not the only child to voice Tale Spin. In fact; he is not the youngest voice in Tale Spin either...

All The Children That Contributed Their Voices To TaleSpin:

Alan Roberts: He voiced Kit Cloudkicker in: I Only Have Ice for You, Time Waits for No Bear , It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck, The Bigger They Are, The Louder they Oink, The Idol Rich, Stormy Weather, Mommy for a Day, For a Fuel Dollars More; and pieces of A Bad Reflection On You..
Janna Michaels-Parr: Voice of Molly Cunningham.
Jungle Ace Members: Voices: Whitby Hertford, Gabriel Damon, Benny Grant, Brandon Bluhm & Ben 'Ryan' Ganger.
Edan Gross:
Voice Of Bobbo In Flight School Confidential.

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