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Behind the Voices Of Kit Cloudkicker: Alan Roberts

2nd Update: 05/04/2020: New Webpage to account for Alan Roberts' work. Alan Roberts' profile completed.

R.J. Williams was not the first voice of Kit Cloudkicker and thanks to Ducktales 2020, he won't be the last. In fact, according to the debut order worldwide, I Only Have Ice For You was the first episode aired on Disney Channel, therefore the first voice of Kit was Alan Roberts. Jymn Magon was the voice director at the time, before Ginny McSwain took over. Alan did most of the Disney Channel episodes and two full syndication episodes, along with parts of the Bad Reflection On You two parter, before Ginny McSwain decided to change actors to R.J. Williams. Alan was adopted and worked on mostly commercials and a few cameos on television. Like R.J. Williams; his career as an adult is involved in the entertainment industry, but not in acting. R.J. Williams became a director/producer, while Alan worked as a special effects artists. (Source: DAF Radio Interview with Alan Roberts, April 2019 which is available on Facebook somewhere.)

Alan Roberts Credit List:

1987 (1)
Webster (TV Series): Noah

1990 (1)
TaleSpin (Animated TV Series): Voice: Kit Cloudkicker (I Only Have Ice For You, Time Waits For No Bear, It Came From Beneath The SeaDuck, The Bigger They Are, The Louder They Oink, The Idol Rich, Stormy Weather, Mommy For A Day, A Fuel Dollars More, and pieces of A Bad Reflection On You.)

1992 (1)
Batman: The Animated Series (Animated TV Series): Voice: Young Arnie

1996 (1)
All Dogs Go To Heaven: The Series (Animated TV Series): Additional Voices

1997 (2)
Volcano (Movie) - Special Effects Technician: Lava.
Mimic (Movie) - Special Effects Assistant (uncredited)

1998 (4)
Firestorm (Movie) - Special Effects Technician (uncredited)
The Big Lebowski (Movie) - Special Effects Technician (uncredited)
Solider (Movie) - Special Effects Technician (uncredited)
Godzilla (Movie) - Special Effects Technician (uncredited)

1999 (1)
Stigmata (Movie) - Special Effects Technician (uncredited)

2002 (1)
Fastline (TV Series) - Special Effects: Pyro/Mech

2003 (2)
Cold Case (TV Series) - Special Effects Technician
Threat Matrix (TV Series) - 2nd Unit Foreman/On Set Foreman

2004 (2)
Win A Date With Tad Hamilton (Movie) - Special Effects Technician (uncredited)
Desperate Housewives (TV Series) - 2nd Unit Coordinator/On Set Foreman (uncredited)

2006 (1)
Keeping Up With The Steins (Movie) - Special Effects Technician: Spectrum Effects

2007 (1)
Live Free or Die Hard (Movie) - Pyrotechnic (uncredited)

2008 (1)
Eagle Eye (Movie) - Special Effects Technician

2012 (6)
Austin & Ally (TV Series) - Special Effects Technician
Face Off (TV Series) - Special Effects: Pyro/Mech
Jessie (TV Series) - Special Effects Assistant (uncredited)
Django Unchained (Movie) - Special Effects Technician (uncredited)
Revenge (TV Series) - Special Effects Technician
Grey's Anatomy (TV Series) - Special Effects Foreman

2013 (6)
Ultimate Solider Challenge (TV Series) – Pyrotechnician
The Mentalist (TV Series) - Special Effects Technician
Robot Combat League (TV Series) - Special Effects Coordinator
The Haunted Hathaways (TV Series) - Special Effects Technician
The Newsroom (TV Series) - Special Effects Technician
Sam & Cat (TV Series) - Special Effects Technician

2014 (7)
House of Lies (TV Series) - Special Effects Technician
Rake (TV Series) - Special Effects Foreman
Curio Shop (Short) – Pyrotechnician
The Homesman (Movie) - Special Effects Lead Technician
The Possession Of Michael King (Movie) - Special Effects Assistant
American Sniper (Movie) - Special Effects Technician (uncredited)
The Mindy Project (TV Series) - Special Effects Coordinator/Special Effects Foreman

2015 (8)
Blackhat (Movie) - Special Effects Technician (uncredited)
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Guide to Blowing Sh*T Up (TV Short) – Pyrotechnician
Bunk'D (TV Series) - Special Effects Technician (uncredited)
Freaks of Nature (Movie) - Special Effects Technician
The Hungers: Mocking Jay - Part 2 (Movie) - Pyrotechnician (uncredited)
Agent X (TV Series) - Special Effects Technician
Boys In Blue (TV Movie) - Special Effects Technician
48 Hours 'til Monday (TV Movie) - Special Effects Coordinator

2016 (5)
Midnight Special (Movie) - Special Effects
The Thundermans (TV Series) - Special Effects Supervisor
Roadies (TV Series) - Special Effects Foreman
K.C. Undercover (TV Series) - Special Effects Assistant
Teen Wolf (TV Series) - Special Effects Foreman

2018 (4)
Westworld (TV Series) - Pyro Foreman/Special Effects Coordinator
Hit The Floor (TV Series) - Special Effects Coordinator
American Horror Story (TV Series) - Special Effects Supervisor
Prince of Peoria (TV Series) - Special Effects Coordinator

2019 (2)
L.A.'s Finest (TV Series) - Special Effects Coordinator
The Mandalorian (TV Series) - Special Effects Coordinator

Unknown (1)
Magic Camp (Movie) - Special Effects Foreman

Total Number of credits: 58+

Other Notes:

- As of April 2019, Alan still works as a special effects artist.
- Was adopted.
- Also worked on commercials as a child actor.

Voice Credits from IMDB
Special Effects Credits from IMDB

Alan Roberts is not the only child to voice characters in TaleSpin. In fact; he is not the youngest voice in TaleSpin either:

All The Children That Contributed Their Voices To TaleSpin

R.J. Williams: He voiced Kit Cloudkicker in the remaining episodes where Kit appeared as a character and pieces of A Bad Reflection On You.
Janna Michaels-Parr: Voice of Molly Cunningham.
Jungle Ace Members: Voices: Whitby Hertford, Gabriel Damon, Benny Grant, Brandon Bluhm & Ben 'Ryan' Ganger.
Edan Gross:
Voice Of Bobbo In Flight School Confidential.

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