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The Jungle Ace Voice Talents

29th update- 01/25/2020- Whitby Hertford credits added. Benny Grant includes his new last name and credit. Minor edits made otherwise.

Whitby Hertford

Acting Credits

1985 (1)
Ratt: Lay It Down (Video Short): Young Stephen

1986 (4)
My Sister Sam (TV Series): Damien
Poltergeist 2: The Other Side (Movie): Kane's People
Second Serve (TV Movie): Richard/Renee (child)
The Twilight Zone (TV Series): Young Boy

1987 (3)
In Self Defense (TV Movie): Evan
Home Fires (TV Movie): Will Ash
Rampage (Movie): Andrew Tippetts

1988 (4)
Beaches (Movie): Tom*
Cagney & Lacey (TV Series): Bobby Gorvel
Family Man (TV Series): Josh Tobin
Side By Side (TV Movie): Newsboy

1989 (6)
A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (Movie): Jacob
Empty Nest (TV Series): Timmy, Alec
Full House (TV Series): Walter Berman
McGee & Me! (TV Series): Phillip Monroe, Santa
Mr. Belvedere (TV Series): James Montgomery
The Further Adventures Of Superted (Animated TV Series): Additional Voices

1990 (6)
Midnight Patrol: Adventures In The Dream Zone (Animated TV Series): Voice: Nick
Peter Pan and the Pirates (Animated TV Series): Voice: Michael Darling
Taking Care of Business (Movie): Yuppie Son
TaleSpin (Animated TV Series): Voice: Jungle Ace Co-Leader; Ernie
The Munsters Today (TV Series): Kid Grandpa
Tiny Toon Adventures (Animated TV Series): Voice: Duncan Duff, Fliorello

1991 (2)
Pro Stars (Animated TV Series): Additional Voices
The Addams Family (Movie): Little Tully

1992 (5)
Darkwing Duck (Animated TV Series): Voice: Kid Who Pesters Darkwing Duck.
Mikey (Movie): Ben
The Little Mermaid: The Series (Animated TV Series): Crabscout #3, Ollie, Young Triton (Rex)
The Ben Stiller Show (TV Series): Kreepee Kid
The Legend Of Prince Valiant (Animated TV Series): Voice: Prince Henry

1993 (4)
2 Stupid Dogs (Animated TV Series): Additional Voices
Civil Wars (TV Series): Boy
Johnny's Golden Quest (TV Movie): Additional Voices
Jurassic Park (Movie): Volunteer Boy

1994 (3)
Aladdin The Series (Animated TV Series): Voice: Boy
Batman: The Animated Series (Animated TV Series):Voice of Billy the Seal Boy
It Runs in the Family (Movie): Lug Ditka

1995 (3)
Capitol Critters (Animated Series): Additional Voices
Land Before Time III: Time of the Great Giving (Animated Movie): Voice of Hypec
The Ben Stiller Show (TV Series): Kreepee Kid

1996 (1)
Minor Adjustments (TV Series): Rocky Delmond

1997 (1)
Mousehunt (Movie): Vinny - Nylon String Salesman*

2000 (1)
MADtv (Television series): Billy

2007 (3)
Moving McAllister (Movie): Fastfood Cashier
The Pink Conspiracy (Movie): Nursey
UCB Comedy Originals (TV Series Short): Doc

2008 (2)
Break (Movie): The Lawyer
Dark Reel (Movie): Onion Chef

2009 (5)
789 (Short): Mad Scientist
Chowder (TV Series): Voices: Customer, Satisfied Customer, Man Behind The Scenes Friend #1
Elevated (Movie): Maxwell
Glee (TV Series): Dakota Stanley
How I Met Your Mother (TV Series): Lost In Space Robot

2010 (10)
Gerald (Movie): Funeral Home Director
Introducing Jackie Chiles: For The People (Short): Writer
Jackie Chiles Knows Barack Obama (Short): Writer
Jackie Chiles Knows The Internet (Short): Writer
Long Story Short (Short): Actor: Fisher, Screenplay, Producer
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (Documentary): Himself
No Clean Break (TV Series): Lawyer
Tall Justice (Short): Spud
The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien (TV Series): Passenger, Fluffer Guy, Mad Max Warrior
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Animated TV Series): Voices: Cadet Korkie Kryze, Mandalorian Super Commando

2011 (10)
Ben & Burman (TV Series): Sherman
Elliott (Short): Actor: Graham, Writer, Producer
Glory Daze (TV Series): Leprechaun
Happy Place (Short): Actor: Banks, Writer, Producer, Composer
Hit List (Movie): Phil
Jackie Chiles Knows Tiger Woods (Short): Writer
Psych (TV Series): Donald
The Baby Duce (Short): Chris Duce, Jeremy Duce
Raising Hope (TV Series): Officer Ross
Mad (Animated TV Series): Voice: Piglet, Hawkeye, Man With Mattress, Snott Pilgrim, Francis, Announcer

2012 (4)
Dreamworld (Movie): Actor: Oliver Hayes, Writer, Producer
Eagleheart (TV Series): Tommy Tumbles
Peter At The End (Short): Actor: Harrison, Writer, Associate Producer
Tomorrow (Short): Actor: Miles, Writer, Producer

2013 (2)
Pharrell Williams: Happy (Short): Himself
The Casper Kind/Swiss Mistake (Short): Actor: Rascal Woods, Story, Writer, Producer, Director

2014 (4)
Midway (Short): Actor: Otis Alabaster, Producer, Writer
The Perfect 46 (Movie): Jesse Darden, Producer
Wildlife (Short): Possum Mutz
TSA America: Suspicious Bulges (Short): Officer Biggs

2016 (1)
Prettyface (Short): Charlie.

2018 (1)
Clean Blood (Short): Unknown

Total Number of Credits: 86

* - Uncredited.

Gabriel Damon Ladaei

Actor Credits

1984 (2)
Call to Glory (TV Series): RH Sarnac
Shattered Vows (TV Movie): Cheryl

1985 (4)
Amazing Stories (TV Series): Bobby Mynes
Diff'rent Strokes (TV Series): Timmy Frankel
Punky Brewster (TV Series): Lyle
Riptie (TV Series): Simon Flynn

1986 (5)
Convicted (TV Movie): Joel Forbes
General Hospital (TV Series): Johnny Hartman
One Big Family (TV Series): Roger Hatton
Our House (TV Series): Tommy
Webster (TV Series): Mark

1987 (6)
Good Morning, Miss Bliss (TV Series): Bradley
Highway to Heaven (TV Series): Bobby Martin

Pound Puppies (Animated TV Series): Voice: Sparky
Stranger in My Bed (Movie): Stuart Slater
Terminus (Movie): Mati
Who's the Boss? (TV Series): Young Cornelius

1988 (6)
Journey to Spirit Island (Movie): Willie
Ohara (TV Series): Unknown
Superman (Animated TV Series): Additional Voices
Tales From The Hollywood Set: Closed Set (TV Movie): Timmy
Tequila Sunrise (Movie): Cody McKussic
The Land Before Time (Animated Movie): Voice of Littlefoot

1989 (8)
Baywatch (TV Series): Tod
Growing Pains (TV Series): Kenny
Just Like Family (TV Series): Coop Stewart
Just The Ten Of Us (TV Series): Alex Cutler
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (Animated Movie): Voice: Nemo
Mr. Belvedere (TV Series): Billy Podell
Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV Series): Jeremy Aster
The New Lassie (TV Series): Wayne

1990 (5)
Robocop 2 (Movie): Hob
TaleSpin (Animated TV Series): Voice of a Jungle Ace Member
The Jackie Bison Show (Animated TV Movie): Voice: Felix The Boy
The Rock (TV Series): Marlo Dipucci
WIOU (TV Series): Drew

1991 (2)
Eerie, Indiana (TV Series): Nicholas
Iron Maze (Movie): Mikey

1992 (3)
Newsies (Movie): Spot Conlon, Performer: King Of New York
The Commish (TV Series): Brad Harris
True Colors (TV Series): Tony

1994 (1)
Sirens (TV Series): Nicholas Marque, Beetle

1997 (2)
Bayou Ghost (Movie): Peter
ER (TV Series): Tommy

2001 (1)
Social Misfits (Movie): Jason

2005 (1)
Planet Ibsen (Movie): Actor: Young Strindberg, Co-Producer

2006 (1)
Danny Boy (Movie): Danny

2017 (1)
RoboDoc: The Creation Of Robocop (Documentary): Himself

Total Number of Credits: 48

Benny Grant (Luciano)

Actor Credits

1990 (4)
Bobby's World (Animated TV Series): Additional Voices
Father Dowling (TV Series): Eddie Bell, Jr.
Night Court (TV Series): Tony Jr.
The Fanelli Boys (TV Series): Young Anthony

1991 (1)
TaleSpin (Animated TV Series): Voice: Jungle Ace Member

1992 (2)
I Don't Buy Kisses Anymore (Movie): Lenny Fishbine
Dudley (TV Series): Unknown

1993 (1)
Problem Child (Animated TV Series): Additional Voices

1994 (4)
Aladdin (Animated TV Series): Voice: Boy
Boy Meets World (TV Series): John
Red Planet (Animated TV Series)- James "Jim" Marlowe Jr.
The Fantastic Four (Animated TV Series): Voice: Rick Jones

1995 (4)
Family Matters (TV Series): Student
Fudge (TV Series)- Hank
The Secret World of Alex Mack (TV Series)- Toby Ward
Mask: The Animated Series (Animated TV Series) - Additional Voices

1996 (3)
Kirk (TV Series): Todd
Life With Louie (Animated TV Series): Additional Voices
The Spooktacular New Adventures Of Casper (Animated TV Series): Voice: Vic

1997 (2)
Extreme Ghostbusters (Animated TV Series)- Additional Voices
Step by Step (TV Series)- Pete

1998 (1)
Burning Rangers (Video Game) - Voice: Sho Amabane (uncredited)

1999 (2)
Party of Five (TV Series)- Hockey Player #1
Power Rangers Lost Galazy (TV Series)- Baxter

2002 (1)
Ozzy & Drix (Animated TV Series) - Voice: Nerve Cell Technician #1

2019 (1)
Flip It Like Disick (TV Series) - Himself

Note: Benny is mostly a broadway star from 1991 to present. Sample plays include according to IMDB: (1991). Stage Play: Lost in Yonkers. Comedy. Written by Neil Simon. Directed by Gene Saks. Richard Rodgers Theatre: 21 Feb 1991- 3 Jan 1993 (780 performances + 11 previews that began on 12 Feb 1991). Cast: Mercedes Ruehl (as "Bella"), Kevin Spacey (as "Louie"), Irene Worth (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), Mark Blum (as "Eddie"), Danny Gerard (as "Arty"), Lauren Klein (as "Gert"), Jamie Marsh (as "Jay"). Standbys: Leslie Ayvazian (as "Gert"), Irene Dailey (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), Mike Damus (as "Arty"), David Neipris (as "Jay"). Understudies: David Chandler (as "Eddie/Louie"), Didi Conn (as "Bella/Gert"), Pauline Flanagan (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), David Neipris (as "Jay"), Justin Strock (as "Arty"). Replacement cast: Lucie Arnaz (as "Bella"), David S. Chandler (as "Eddie"), Didi Conn (as "Bella"), Benny Grant (as "Arty"), Rosemary Harris (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), Jane Hoffman (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), Anne Jackson (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), Timothy Jerome (as "Eddie"), Jane Kaczmarek (as "Bella"), Bruno Kirby (as "Louie"), Brian Markinson (as "Louie"), Mercedes McCambridge (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), Alan Rosenberg (as "Louie"), Isa Thomas (as "Grandma Kurnitz"), Steve Vinovich (as "Eddie"). Produced by Emanuel Azenberg. Note: Filmed as Lost in Yonkers (1993).

Total Number of Credits: 26+

Ben 'Ryan' Ganger

Acting Credits

1986 (2)
Webster (TV Series): Jack Ossofsky
Who Is Julia? (TV Movie): Timmy

1987 (2)
Flowers in the Attic (Movie): Cory
Night Court (TV Series): Eric

1988 (3)
Fantastic Max (Animated TV Series): Voice: Maxwell Arnold "Max" Young
I Gonna Git You Sucka (Movie): Little Boy
Superman (Animated TV Series): Additional Voices

1989 (3)
Bert Rigby, You're a Fool (Movie): Jim Shirley Jr.
Dink: The Little Dinosaur (Animated TV Series): Voice: Shyler
Highway to Heaven (TV Series): Jason

1990 (4)
Empty Nest (TV Series): Jimmy
Murder She Wrote (TV Series): Boy #2
Night Angel (Movie): Kid
TaleSpin (Animated TV Series): Voice: Oscar Vandersnoot

1991 (2)
Pro Stars (Animated TV Series): Additional Voices
Tiny Toon Adventures (Animated TV Series): Voice: Duncan

1993 (1)
Dinosaurs (TV Series): Voice: Caveling

1994 (1)
Ed Wood (Movie): Angry Kid

1995 (3)
3 Ninjas Knuckle Up (Movie): Stunt Double
Raging Angels (Movie): Little Boy
The Puzzle Place (TV Series): Jody's Bully

1996 (1)
Baby Face Nelson (Movie): Young Benny

Total Number of Credits: 22

Brandon Bluhm

Acting Credits

1986 (3)
Popples (Animated TV Movie): Voice: Billy
The Colbys (TV Series): Blake "L.B." Jeffrey Colby
The Twilight Zone (TV Series): Young Will

1987 (4)
Destination America (TV Movie): Unknown
Dynasty (TV Series): L.B. Carrington
Highway to Heaven (TV Series): Jerry, Kid #3
King Of The Building (TV Special): Brian

1988 (6)
Colors (Movie): Tommie Hodges
Married...with Children (TV Series): Lenny
My Two Dads (TV Series): Ben
Superman (Animated TV Series): Voice: Scout Kid
The Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Derickson Story (Movie): Matthew
Valerie's Family: The Hogans (TV Series): Jerome

1989 (3)
Hard Time On Planet Earth (TV Series): Timmy Hogan
Monsters (TV Series): Ian
Torn Between Two Fathers (TV Special): Sam.

1990 (3)
Burning Bridges (TV Series): Quentin Hollinger
Empty Nest (TV Series): Joey
TaleSpin (Animated TV Series): Voice: Jungle Ace Member

1991 (1)
Dynasty: The Reunion (TV Movie): Blake Jeffrey "Little Blake" Colby

1993 (2)
Step by Step (TV Series): Kid#1
The Adventures of Brisco Country Jr. (TV Series): Telegraph Boy

1994 (1)
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman (TV Series): Denny

Brother of Brady Bluhm. He is an author, often writing under the name The Behrg, a childhood nickname. Studied at BYU. His first novel, Housebroken, was a 2015 first-round Kindle Scout selection. He is the author of Still Born and In the Beginning. He now works full time as a sales agent. Official Website.

Total Number of Credits: 23

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