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What is TaleSpin?

- TaleSpin officially debuted on May 5th,1990; with the first episode "I Only Have Ice For You" on the Disney Channel. Don Rosa was the writer of that episode with Alan Robert's debutting as Kit Cloudkicker.

- The official pilot episode of Tale Spin debuted on CBC (Canada) and the Disney Channel (United States) on September 9th,1990 which is known as "Plunder & Lightning"; which debuts R.J. Williams as Kit Cloudkicker. The series ended on August 8th,1991 with "Flying Dupes" and the series was officially taken off syndication on September 1994.

- The series features three characters from the Disney version of the "Jungle Book" in all new roles. Baloo Bear (now known as Baloo Von Bruinwald XIII) is considered the best pilot in the world and he has proven it time and time again. He flies a powerful two-engine plane known as "The Sea Duck". Baloo befriends a 12-year old medium-brown bearcub named Kit Cloudkicker (Mowgli is absent in this show because this is a furry world) who is being chased by an evil gang known as "The Sky Pirates" or Air Pirates; led by a fox/wolf (You make the call here.) villain by the name of Don Karnage after stealing a powerful crystal which emits powerful waves of energy. In the wrong hands and with the proper weapon could easily level large cities such as the fortress city of Cape Suzette.

- Other characters from the Jungle Book include Louie the Ape; who now owns a resturant and bar on an island just a few miles from the city of Cape Suzette; and Shere Khan who actually isn't a villain at all; but more of a tweener. He is the president of the largest corporation in the Tale Spin world. (His corporation make about $3 billion a year in cira 1937 Usland Dollars)

- There are new characters as well. When Baloo was late on his latest payment for "The Sea Duck"; the bank handed over the deed to a Miss Rebecca Cunningham; a light-brown she-bear. She has a dream of taking a failed business (Like Baloo's Air Service) and make it into a successful business (Known as Higher for Hire). Becky (This is the only time I'm using this since she hates being called that) is a single mother of her only child; a golden bearcub girl named Molly (who looks like she has Cubbi's personality with Sunni's looks). Baloo also has a great fixer in Charles WildCat. He can be goofy at times; however, he has proven that he can fix anything from planes to 1937-telephones, plus an animal lover.

- The main villian in Tale Spin is Don Karnage. An air pirate with a huge ego and an accent that is so strange that just hearing him speak gives me a slight case of the giggles. (Thanks to Jim Cummings who is the voice of Don Karnage) If you want a good laugh now and then; Karnage is your man. He is the leader of a group of people wanted by the Cape Suzette Air Police; known as the Air Pirates. Karnage is a snappy dresser; a very bright wolf/fox and can be threatening in spite of his comic appearance.

- For me however; the real reason why I love TaleSpin is the young 12-year orphan bearcub called Kit Cloudkicker. He has a dream and the obession that many children had at his age. Kit's dream was to become a pilot and even own his own plane. He is a very complex character and is so in depth that even I cannot explain it in this section. See my Profile/Editorial on Kit Cloudkicker on this site, among others in the Editorial section of this website; along with additional commentary from the Rant Shack Of Thoughts; both from the rants of this show's episodes as well as other shows I have ranted on throughout the years.

Kit Cloudkicker Profile/Editorial

Why Tale Spin?

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