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Treasure Of The Golden Suns Part Two

Reviewed: 07/26/2009

Never let BS&P talk you into eating your hat!!

We continue on with the story arc with part two of the Golden Suns story arc as I believe this is the debut of Miss Beakly and Webby along with Launchpad. Ooooo; this is going to be fun, so let's rant on shall we...?!

This episode was written by Jymn Magon, Bruce Talkington and Mark Zaslove and the story is edited by Jymn Magon. The script was consulted by Tedd Anasti and Patty Cameron. The teleplay was done by Mark Zaslove.

The animation is done by TMS; which should be a constant for most of the season from 1987-1989; with the exception of a few episodes in between; and of course the rest was done by Wang Films/Cuckoo Studios combination. I believe they started the animation by committee episodes in the 1990 episodes.....

Opening Moment #1: The title card for this episode is called “Wronguay in Ronguay” which shows that Jymn Magon is truly writing this episode. As in the bad episode title puns are in full force here. He may not have invented them; but he perfected them and that's what he will be remembered for. Too bad since he was also an excellent writer. See Bad Reflection On You Part Two.

So we begin this episode back outside the oozing chocolate candy factory as the woman news reporter continues to talk and police continue to surround the place. The news reporter says nothing of note as we head inside and we basically get new footage of the finish from the last episode of the Beagle Boys Chocolate Statues being carried out by two officers as one white haired dogsperson officer proclaims that the bonbon is going to Sing-Sing. Okay; this makes sort of sense from a storyline point of view, but it's a waste of time. Why not show this at the end of the first episode and show El Captain's saying beware from the start? Not a big deal; just an observation. Then logic break #1 for the episode rears it's ugly head as Al Khan Whizzer's head gets un-cracked on site with a mallet and chisel as he pops up and eats chocolate. Cute spot though; but all three Beagle Boys were carried out still completely covered with chocolate in the previous episode!

We cut to the female reporter as she continues to fill in the details about the objet d'art that the Beagle Boys were after as the police continue to secure the area and clear out the Beagle Boys. And then more logic is broken as Scrooge takes the ship away from the chocolate wave and he walks off on his own even though we clearly saw him talking to his nephews during that sequence in the previous episode! Now I see why Disney started doing PREVIEWS for syndication episodes?! It was to KILL CONTINUITY ERRORS like this. And of course it's all on a television as we cut to an office inside another Scottish office as a bearded stereotypical duck from Scotland is in his green chair blowing Scrooge off because that will cost him a pretty penny. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. He looks almost like Scrooge; only he's a real heel. This is Flintheart Glomgold; one of the two main villain's of Scrooge McDuck and this guy has only one track in mind: Make more money than Scrooge McDuck; and do it by any means! That what makes him a heel see. He also has a heel accountant who has red hair; freckles on the side and Mr. T title teeth so you know that he's a heel too. See if this keeps up; Flintheart will be richer than Scrooge. He walks around his office proclaiming that he is gaining on him and then he goes to his computer and it REJECTS his claim as Flintheart blows it off. OUCH! That has got to smart.

Flintheart Glomgold is voiced by Hal Smith and like Alan Young started in the 1940's with the movie Stars Over Texas as an actor; but actually got into the business as a writer before hence in 1943 with Good Luck Mr. Yates and finished in 1955 with It Came From Beneath the Sea (sound familiar TaleSpin fans?). He got into movies and various television series in the 1950's (mostly uncredited) before being in the Andy Griffith Show as Otis Campbell. As for voice acting he was Owl in the Walt Disney original Winnie The Pooh movies (not the DTVA movies ones that came later then 1994) as Owl and was Elmer Fudd in the Looney Tunes. So he was in Disney shows long before DTVA existed. Adventures in Odyssey: Once Upon An Avalanche was his final credit in 1994 which was released at the time of his death. This is not Hal Smith only character debut in DTVA by the way as there is more to come in Ducktales; but he did appear in Bonkers, Gummi Bears, was Owl in the DTVA version of Winnie The Pooh in 1988, Darkwing Duck, and The Little Mermaid: The Animated Series. Now for the surprise I was talking about: Have you seen the TaleSpin episode The Old Man & The SeaDuck? Now I'm sure you now my feelings about how Libby Hinson handled that episode now do you? Well; Joe Macgee is voiced by Hal Smith; but guess who Doctor Cooper (the turtle doctor who tells Baloo that MacGee died 20 years ago) was voiced by? It's...wait for it.... Alan Young. That would prove to be the last time the duo would voice act together before Hal Smith's death; at least on a Disney show in the same episode. By the way; Glomgold's clerk is also voiced by Hal Smith as he provides the green telephone to him and Glomgold answers it because MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH talks and he listens. Well; we then see El Captain at a phone booth somewhere on a sidewalk in the city telling Glomgold if he wants to be the richest duck in the world. Oh; like Flint isn't going to take THAT offer now wouldn't he? El Captain is wheezing so the unknown fever of doom is slowly starting to take over his body now. More on that later as Flintheart is loving what he's hearing; DUH!

So we logically head to Scrooge McDuck's swimming pool as Scrooge has an even gayer bathing suit on and his diving gear as he invokes the Sand Sucker (as Scrooge calls it when he blows it off) on the bottom of the pool and the thing breaks down faster than an XBOX 360. Scrooge comes up and blows it off as Duckworth just stands there in SIX INCHES OF WATER and still has his suit on! Well; he did have the decency to bring a towel and an extra tank; but he should have brought some suit lifters if you catch my drift. Duckworth calls him out on the sunken gold treasure hunt and Scrooge still wants to go because he didn't get to be the number one rich man in the world by backing away from a challenge. However; he still has to solve the mystery of the wooden boat and apparently; we hear the nephews cheering victory somewhere as we cut to inside Scrooge's library room as Huey runs over to the table with a book because he's figured out. See; there is no such word as “gannaw ondat” in Spanish. So that means it's code and that's the letter mean numbers of some kind. Okay; that makes some sense as Louie goes to the globe and believe this means latitude and longitude. And that is triple right...and I smell Eisner blowing a gasket already because complex speaking is just asking for trouble. Although; Cartoon Duck Syndrome can negate such attitudes so these nephews might be all right.

They found the gold as they yell and in comes Scrooge asking for answers and the nephews ask if they can come along and of course Scrooge blows it off and wants Duckworth to look after them. Duckworth is completely against them after getting MURDERED by the red carpet in the first episode. Well; at least Jymn Magon remembered THAT one. Scrooge then asks then where the treasure is and the nephews intentionally forget. HAHA! And Scrooge gets flustered of course as the doorbell rings right on cue. We cut to Duckworth going to the front door and he opens it to show Flintheat Glomgold? Okkkkkayyyy; this is different. Duckworth blows him off right away; but recoils since it was saved by appointment as Flint marches in and blows off Scrooge's stingy money tactics on laundry. So he likes swimming in his pool. Do you have a problem with that Flint? Scrooge demands answers and Flint wants to buy his messed up candy factory and Scrooge agrees to buy it at double the asking price and Flint states it at $2 million which Scrooge agrees because it will take that much to clean it up see. And Scrooge blows off Flint for being a poor business man; in which Flint blows off with playground level insults which Scrooge proclaims is not true and he'll eat his stupid stereotypical hat will be the day he can run rings around him. Ummm; start eating Scrooge; you already do. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm...

Flintheart triple dares him and Scrooge sezs IT IS ON BABEE! And it's NO DQ so there is NO EXCUSES BABEE! Well; that is nice to know as there are only two DA RULES (FAIRY GODPARENTS!): Make the most MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH in two weeks. Loser eats Flintheart's stereotypical hat. Personally; the real winner in this is already known; it's BS&P: AHHAHAHA! Scrooge calls deal and Flintheart walks off and laughs it up as we go to the tree near the window and see El Captain hiding behind it. We then cut inside the hallways of Scrooge's home away from home as Scrooge is dancing with Duckworth (oh man; that is more disturbing than I had intended) because he can kill two birds with one stone (Death reference #1 for the episode); get the treasure and win the bet as then he realizes that the nephews still have it and then he drops Duckworth like a bad habit with a MAN-SIZED bump. He runs into the library and begs for mercy; agreeing to let them go on an adventure just this once. And if you listen closely; you can hear Duckworth show the emotion of good cheer for the first time in his miserable life. The nephews want Woodchucks honor on this one and Scrooge gives it to them. Dewey slides off the globe in a neat spot and the nephews cheer for victory as they are going to South America and the tiny country of Ranguay which of course proves that this show is fiction because there is no such thing in real life.

So we cut to a valley as a biplane with some smoke (AND THAT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH, MOVIE RATING AND ONE DONALD DUCK SHORT!) puffs along as we head inside the passenger room with lots of caged life stock as Dewey is complaining about the seating. Hey; you should be lucky that the animals are acting with restraint. They could have gotten the Gorilla Birds and then you would have seen hell unleashed. Scrooge blows it off nicely because this is paradise as the right engine completely catches fire. Man; this makes the Thunderyak seem like the SeaDuck in comparison. Louie looks around and notices that the hiccups aren't a good sign as the sun isn't setting right and they are going north so they yell at Scrooge and he wakes up to sell his soybean futures which would be expensive in 1987. And then history is made as Louie gets off this gem of a line:

Louie: The plane's going the wrong way to Ranguay.

And hence the episode title and the start of Jymn Magon's bad title episode puns. They worked sadly because people tuned in to millions over time. Scrooge unstraps himself from his seat belt (with the worst chair which wasn't even bolted to the floor natch) and swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (twist me tartan) and he'll see to this. He tries the iron door; but it is locked. Louie suggests the intercom and Scrooge pushes the dreaded red button of doom on the conveniently placed speaker and all it does is have a female voice (Russi Taylor) repeat the usually non-stop flight to Ranuguay promo. You know; there is something fishy about someone's reputation when you name your flight airline Wrongway Airlines. Sadly; Rebecca doesn't exist now to sit Scrooge down and tell him the importance of resumes. Scrooge tells everyone to step back and he does the worst headbutt I have ever seen in my life that it's too funny to watch. It looks like he was jack-hammering himself into the door. The nephews check on him and claim that he is knocked out and of course they go in and Scrooge is up about two seconds later with a busted top hat for logic break #2. The nephews go into the cockpit and demand that the pilot turn the plane around right now and they turn the seat around and it's the AUTO AVIATOR VERSION 2! In fire truck red I might add. So this is where these people get these TaleSpin is in the Ducktales universe ideas from! The nephews try to grab him and they don't get SHOCKED!

I guess it was too expensive to do it; so Louie tries the fire extinguisher on it; but that only succeeds in making it cut the Wrongway Airlines promo. The nephews notice a power cord and socket near the door and Dewey tries to unplug it; but Dewey makes the fatal error of unplugging it by the cord and not by the plug; and the wire snaps causing the robot to becomes charged and go haywire. Well; you have no one but yourself to blame for that one Dewey. And of course the plane goes into a nosedive as Louie has to go into the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook. If Kit was here; this scene would be over in 15 seconds as this would be his wet dream realized. Besides; Kit doesn't need a book anymore he seems to have this down pat. So claims Ted anyway. Huey's waking up the robot is pretty funny since the robot is unplugged and DEAD already you idiot! Sadly; the guide book has nothing about flying an airplane. HAHA! About damn time those nephews got licked; not let's see how well they do without that damn book...or why Kit is so much better you you three combined. The plane takes a nosedive that is nearly impossible to do in real life; but Scrooge takes over (thus rendering the nephews useless) and does a hyperbole that would even put Baloo to shame and everything is all right. Dewey then notices the robot has a label on it which was made by Flintheart Glomgold Company! HAHA! Scrooge calls this one fishy. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. And maybe this should prove once and for all that the nephews are all that resourceful after all.

So we head to Ranguay (a typical stereotypical South American town judging by the look) as the suspect plane bounces into the landing strip and manages to land off-screen with no crash into anything but a tennis net. No wonder Scrooge wanted no part of Launchpad; he can land a plane better than he ever could. The door opens on the left side and both Scrooge and the nephews get off. Scrooge proclaims that the locals are there to welcome them as the MOB OF DEATH comes storming in and they bowl the QUACKEROONIES OF DOOM (my group name for this series and you'll see why when we get there) and close the door; and then they open the door and throw Scrooge and the nephews out along with some international objects for good measure. We cut to a far shot of the landing strip as the plane drives away and somehow the plane stops smoking right on cue. How about that? The locals found a way to FIX the engine without going to the engine. Huey blows the nice laid back country with sarcasm. Scrooge proclaims that they go into town and find some transportation to find that treasure. So we get more chaos and mayhem as the locals continue to scatter like scalded, stereotypical South Americans.

So we head into a goods store (I think) as Huey wonders why everyone is leaving the country. Scrooge goes to one of the locals (who is a pretty beefy mallard who might be Tank's grandfather) packing his suitcase who is wearing a brown Mexican hat, brown shirt and brown pants. The local (Jim Cummings) blows him off and Scrooge is confused as Monsapis as some sort of festival. Non-verbal cues is NOT Scrooge's strongest suit I see. Of course Baloo doesn't even have THAT excuse for his laziness for Plunder and Lightning. The local proclaims that some Yankee brought the last mule and the transportation is all gone. Nice to see all the racial stereotypes shown all to see. Of course; it was 1987 and we didn't know any better back then. By 1996; we knew better and that's why Magon is a freelancer now. Scrooge does a cute grab on the suitcase to amuse me some more and that logically leads to...

The scene changer as Scrooge is walking on the lone desert complete with the CACTUS JACKS OF DOOM just to accent the whole place well. You know he's Scottish because he says wee see. (and I can violate rule #12 too purists!) He was very persistence as well as they got their camel as it is more stubborn than Kit ever WAS and the nephews are forced to push it. HAHA! Huey should only be so lucky; he only gets to carry the wooden boat around. Trust me boys; Kit knows this spot all too well and you guys are spoiled compared to him because he always gets it HIMSELF. Scrooge has the compass and he makes it to the cliff of doom. Scrooge proclaims that the sunken ship is somewhere around here but there is nothing...AND THE ROCK SEZS...Oh wait; that's not really fair since there is some cactus' lying around. Huey proclaims that they blew it and they apologize for screwing up. Please don't give Kit and fanfic writers any ideas Huey. Emotional Fragile Emos are not a pretty sight to read! I would rather read a Mary Sue character until the end of time then have Kit Cloudkicker turned into a Fragile Emotional Emo. Scrooge calls this nonsense because he doesn't give up on treasure hunting see. Scrooge takes the ship and notices that there is a compass point on the anchor of the ship which is the next clue to where the treasure is. Okkkkaaayyy. So we go north as we cut to the binoculars watching over our heroes on the cliff and then cut to a saw cutting the skull and crossbow sign as it goes into the bane of my existence: the quicksand spot. I HATE THIS SPOT! The golf cart leaves with Flintheart laughing which basically gives away who did this in advance.

So we do another scene changer and see the hot sun causing the nephews to collapse on the camel and Huey drinks out of the water jug with the other nephews blowing him off for it. I agree; he didn't do as much work as the other in dealing with the camel; he only lugged that wimpy ship around! Dewey asks if Scrooge is tired and he goes to his wooden box of tricks and he's not tired of course. After all; he's hunting for gold see. So he throws a water mask into the box and shuts the lid which causes the camel to finally get excited and Dewey asks what the English to Spanish for “Cool your jets” is. Like a camel understands anthros anyway? And it took slamming a box to improve the camel's work rate?! That is just peachy. Huey goes to his LIBERAL BOOK OF RED LIES THE KIDS EDITION. POW! OUCH! Ummm... And the word Monspasis really means torrential rains. You just consulted the book just NOW? Why not just after Scrooge got confused THE first time? Scrooge pushes the box into the quicksand like an idiot and I betcha he sinks along with the quality of the episode. I check the DVD.... DAMN YOU JYMN! You're better than this I know! The nephew consult the book; but Scrooge wants the Kit Cloudkicker method and get the damn rope. It's nice to know Scrooge knows Kit's method works BETTER than the nephew's way. The nephews run to the camel and get the rope; but then turn around and then gasp in horror as only Scrooge's hat is shown. Oh lord; as the nephew yell out for Scrooge to end the segment at just over ten minutes in. This episode was going along perfectly until they resorted to the quicksand spot which isn't even a good spot in 1977; let alone 1987. And the nephews seem to be getting weaker as this episode marches along.

After the commercial break; Huey is panicking at the top hat floating on top of the quicksand but the nephews don't want him to dive in. Why? So Scrooge can save himself and make the nephews look weaker silly.. And then the top hat starts floating and we see Scrooge come to the edge safe and sound with his diving gear and the danger sign. D'OH! Well; at least they kept the crap to a mininum even if it was at the expense at the nephew's heat. Huey proclaims that nothing keeps Scrooge down. Well; nothing shuts Drake Mallard up so I can see where Drake gets it from. Scrooge gets a hug from Dewey and Scrooge proclaims that this was sabotage and someone is trying to beat them to the gold. NO?! REALLY?! The nephews think that is impossible since they have the only map; except that a cut scene from the movie version clearly shows that El Capitan stole the chocolate engraving from the first act.

We then cut to the binoculars (a sign that your episode isn't going to suck, usually) on the far shot as Flintheart swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE on the jagged rock cliffs with El Captain. El Captain tells him to leave him alone and go after the gold; but Flint proclaims that MURDERING Scrooge is the only way to prevent him from getting the gold because he's a MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH magnet. Kind of like a chick magnet; only older. SLAP! OUCH! Ummmm....El Captain said just beat him to the gold as he goes to the golf cart as he takes out the chocolate ship map to force the point. Well; he did steal it from the candy factory so it makes perfect sense, but why bother buying the candy factory anyway? Never doesn't matter either way as Flint steals the map (I think) because it's his and puts it in the map case and then brings out the dynamite to stop Scrooge dead in his tracks for death reference #2. Now that's the spirit Flint! MURDER Scrooge the old Bugs Bunny way! AHHAHAHAHAHA! El Captain calls him el-stupido and wheezes. Compared to Teamo Stupidito?! Now that is SLANDER my Captain as we pan to the skies and there are rainclouds and thunderstorms ensue. In TaleSpin; that is a sign that a friendship is going to go bye-bye.

The thunder claps as we cut to the babyfaces and their camel and it rain which is enough for the camel to go haywire and run off with the nephews in tow. Well; for three seconds anyway as Scrooge catches up for no reason and manages to ride them camel. Oh sure; let's turn Scrooge into Super Duck why don't ya?! I'm all for Scrooge being made strong (because he earned his keep make no mistake); but this is extremely absurd when you have three nephews who can do the job nicely. Make them do it once in a while and let them understand how to be masters of their own destiny on their own without resorting to books. Scrooge relates a story about a cattle ranch in Wyoming which somehow will be used in a future episode; knowing Jymn and his writers. Huey calls Scrooge Llama boy which is absolutely embarrassing to be called. Ask Baloo about it (Destiny Rides Again – I'm just saying) and Scrooge finally gets REJECTED and camel rides off dropping stuff where ever it goes. Good; about time they managed to make Scrooge fail at something. Scrooge is all right because he landed on his wallet which is Scrooge's nice way of saying ass. Like in TaleSpin when they say tail section or aileron.

So now Flint throws the dynamite down the hill as he want to bury Scrooge good. WHY?! If you want to bury anyone; bury Drake Mallard since he did it you in the episode In Like Blunt. El Captain tells him to forget him because it's all about the gold see. Flint has a point in doing this because Don Karnage did what El Captain did with the Sub-Electron Power Amplifier thinking he would win easily. And guess who stole it from him? The last person he would EVER thought would have the guts of stealing it? Moral: Never trust a kid; even as a criminal. Flint wants to be safe than sorry; but El Captain doesn't want to wait as Flint and El Capitan turn around and they are SHOCKED and APPALLED (in that order) as their jackass is EATING THE MAP on the rock! Wait a minute?! Wasn't it in the pouch?! That's logic break #3 for the episode as he eats half of it before Flint can grab it and now Scrooge has the only map and now he has to put the dynamite out to save him. HAHA!

Moral of the story: Never trust a jackass. Oh wait; that doesn't make me look good. Projection is only funny until it happens to you. So; it's always trust a jackass. That's right. Pay no attention to the ranter behind the curtain. Flint throws the innocent chocolate away (NOOOOOO! He couldn't have had it as an evening snack natch) and goes down the hill to the TNT tubes and uses his fingers to put the fuse out. OUCH! That has to smart. I guess their hands have so much water; they cannot burn their hands even if they tried. Otherwise; that's fuzzy cartoon logic. Flint thinks he's safe (Bill Cosby:Riiiiiggghhhtttttt!) but the thunderclap forces Flint to throw the device stage left and I betcha the fuse starts up again. It doesn't sadly as Flint understands what the word means in Spanish too. El Capitan blows him off for being reckless and Flint blows him off because they'll simply follow them as El Captain simply states that they'll just take the map from them. Fine by me; that is more heelish anyway.

So we cut to the babyfaces as Scrooge found some bushes and made himself an umbrella to deal with the heavy rain. Yeah right?! Like that is going to work against a flood sure?! Scrooge has sure been hogging all the spots in this episode hasn't he? I think the nephews are more worried about their heat than the rain at this point. Scrooge relates the story about the Malaysian umbrella while hunting for uranium in Boreno. Okay; I would buy that story only because I have actual evidence and it sounds plausible. Unlike Monty's BS stories of course. So we go into a long sequence of thunder cutting rocks; foot shots and walking on puddles as the group continues walking to some really good music along the mountain like terrain. We finally end at a mountain cliff below and Scrooge gets off death reference #3 as no one can sail a ship uphill.

Scrooge then admits that he has been fooling himself and goes over and sits on a rock sulking. Don't you just love it when the writers finally have enough sense to stop Super Duck? Too bad that they didn't take the hint to stop Super Mouse Monty. Huey tells Scrooge not to give up (HA! Hypocrite!) but Scrooge sulks like crazy as Huey suggest searching one of the mountains as Scrooge whines about which one as they refer to the map. Scrooge sulks because he's finished. See; the whole point of Scrooge was to not depend on such things and depend on himself to win but he's now losing the touch due to age since Flint is younger now. However; treasure hunter don't quick the search as Louie turns the ship upside down and notices a map mark on the bottom and Scrooge notices that the boat itself matches with the surroundings as he uses it to show a mountain which is shaped like a boat OUT OF NOWHERE. And now Dewey sees a cave and the babyfaces drop the ship and run inside the cave. I call fatal mistake #1 of the pilot right there for them as they head inside and there is nothing...AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING as we fade to black....

We return with Scrooge sulking on the floor about failure again as we are inside the cave as Scrooge is sleeping a restless sleep while the nephew watch on the opposite wall just feeling sorry for him. However; they cannot give up now after coming so far. They decide that they'll search for the mountains in the morning and look for some string for now. So we cut to the entrance of the cave as Flint and El Captain enter the cave with the flashlight and notice everyone is sound asleep now. Oh goody; this should be fun as El Captain wheezes with that creepy look on his face with the light shining as he has got them now and the gold as the segment ends a little more than 15 minutes in. Man; it seems every commercial break of part two in each episode is posed to make El Captain look as creepy as humanly possible.

After the commercial break; we continue with the babyfaces snoring in the cave with vision of gold dancing in their heads. Funny spot as the nephews snore is all “Wah-wah-wah-wah-wah” as the heels notice Scrooge but there is no boat there. So throwing the boat away turned out to be the smartest move those babyfaces ever made. That is just peachy folks. Flint goes forward as El Capitan keeps telling him the boat's not here; but Flint trips on the makeshift security system (rope with pots and pans.) and the nephews awake to the Junior Woodchuck alarm. About damn time the nephews looked strong for a change. Good for you Jymn Magon! This episode is looking really good now. The heels bail into the deep cave as Scrooge wakes up and yells thieves, robbers and politicians. In 1987; that was funny. In 2009 with Sean Malstrom; that is no longer funny; that is reality. Scrooge uncorks the torch which magically lights itself (logic break #4 for the episode) and the babyfaces go after the heels. We cut to the EYE SOCKET FORK IN THE ROAD and Scrooge and the nephews takes the right path (Republican!) and Flintheart and El Captain takes the left path (Democrat!). The pots and pans (the Independents) do nothing of course..It really doesn't matter because they all end up having a meaning of the minds. And it wasn't at the water cooler.

Everyone blows each other off in shock and then Flintheart and El Captain bail stage northeast as Scrooge wants to feed Flint a knuckle sandwich. Ah; nothing warms my heart more than the POWER OF THE PUNCH. Normally because I get it in my kisser every time I do these rants it seems. More running leads nowhere as Scrooge calls Flint out and Flint is on top of the stone ship through DA....HOLE (God bless Baby Plucky!) as he blows off Scrooge as Mr. Second Best (HA!) and seals the place with a rock. Scrooge wants to find another exit. Well; backtrack to the entrance that is designed to waste some more time. Sadly; the logic people didn't get the memo so the water keeps raising and they are trapped like rats so they keep moving deeper and deeper into the cave. Up to the point where the water is up to their neck and they are forced to swim like ducks. If this was Drake Mallard or Bumblelion; they would be dead by now; although Drake would probably live by sheer force of contriveness. Scrooge manages to find dry land as Huey proclaims that El Captain was the same one who tried to steal the wooden boat back home as Scrooge thinks he's safe. But he makes the fatal error of not looking where he is going and he slips and he is hanging by a thread against a cliff outside and has lost the torch. Oh well; at least he found a way out in the most difficult manner possible.

The nephews grab him over the cliff and Scrooge looks over and notices as we see the treasure ship filled with a hull of gold on the right side. Yeap; they found it all right. Now they have to defend it from the heels with about four and a half minutes left in the episode. We then cut to the near shot of the ship as the rain has stopped and the babyfaces walk on the gold treasure towards the hull as Scrooge declares victory which signals danger because I smell heels coming at six o'clock. I check the DVD....Not yet as Scrooge sees three tons of gold (a CHEST OF DEMONS with a cross on it) and then he blows off Flint. The nephews wonder how they are going to get this gold home and Scrooge proclaims that they are going to earn their Junior Woodchuck seamanship badges. So we cut to the nephews hammers golden planks with golden nails into the hull. Okkkkaaayyyy; I don't think this makes any sense at all; but since bears flying airplanes makes no sense either, I'll play along for the sake of argument. Since the rains have stopped (man; that was one quick rain); the water will drained into the sea any minute now.

Louie and Dewey are almost finished hammering the golden nails as Scrooge has his golden helmet on welding the WHEEL OF MORALITY on top of the ship. I do see one obvious logic break here: How did they melt so much gold so quickly to make lumber and nails? And gold melting requires way too much heat anyway? Never mind; let's end this episode as Scrooge blows off Flint again. All hands on deck as the nephews get on board as the sail is also made of gold. Okay that makes even less sense along with the floor repairs. Seriously; and some question Plunder and Lightning's breaks in logic. Why? Because they are Cartoon Ducks and when you see Cartoon Ducks; you accept them without. Since bears are Russian and Russians are EVIL Communists (which is so absurd no one should be caught dead...oh never mind); they are booed. Now you understand the psychology of why people thought Ducktales and Darkwing Duck was better than TaleSpin; even if the quality would prove otherwise in hindsight (not to see the two duck cartoon sucked in any way; but still). It's the “American” way see. Then again; I'm Canadian; and that's why I'm so biased the other way.

The nephews salute their master Scrooge as he asks if the ship seaworthy and they call him Captain Uncle which is just too funny not to mock. And yes; the ropes are made of gold too in case you're wondering. They set the sails and we are off in a really neat visual. Again; this is neat; but the obvious logic break prevents it from being awesome. The sun comes out and they have to cover their eyes to prevent blindness. Again; neat spot and at least this spot makes sense. The sails then catch for no reason (as there was no wind to begin with) and the ship starts sailing. Unless the rapids are making it go of course as the music is awesome here. The nephews comment about the ship map being made when the place was flooded as Scrooge wants it to be held steady so they can make it; but there is a whirlpool and rock on the left side and they are going to crash into them. Scrooge jumps down and uses the BIG ASS Q-TIP OF DOOM to prepare the cannon as the nephews gingerly grab a cannon ball and they load it into the cannon. More Q-tipping leads to Scrooge striking the match onto the fuse as the ship is close to the narrow rocks. Ummm; check your internal logic there TMS; it wasn't narrow on the previous shot where the nephews were panicking. That's logic break #5 for the episode. I thought TMS and DTVA was cured of Wuzzles Syndrome? The cannon fires and it blasts a huge hole into the narrow cliff and they get through easily. Scrooge decides to load the cannon again just in case. Oh; we know why you want to do that Scroogie...It starts with MURDER F and ends with T and in the middle it's L-I-N.

So we logically see Scrooge's ship sailing through Ranuguay which is completely flooded (DUH!) as they are closing in towards the airport and out towards sea. Scrooge is loving this because they are close to being home free with his gold. And then...DAMN; I'm good. I knew Jymn Magon wouldn't forget the heels somehow. Flint even remembered to pack some heat just to show his loving caring side. El Captain calls this his gold as he wheezes some more. Geez; this guy needs a doctor STAT! And so we cut to the babyfaces being forced onto a rowboat as Flint keeps his gun set on profits as he thanks Scrooge for doing all the work for him. Now THAT IS how a heel business man ought to do it; no matter how Malstrom gets so pissed of at it. And apparently; it's just in time too because in ten minutes; he'll win the bet as El Captain returns with his logbook and he checks off everything as if he owns the ship and Huey blows him off on that. I don't think Huey even knows the HALF of it and El Captain isn't even half as bad as KIT is BS&P wise.

Flint calls this fun but it's time to part ways of course as he lowers the rowboat down to the water and El Captain steals the golden helmet from Scrooge's head for one last insult. Well; at least that explains the sails, but what about the nails and lumber YOU BASTARD?! How are we supposed to explain THAT logic now?! The rowboat is on the water as Scrooge threatens Flint again as Flint tells him that he can try now that he's the richest duck in the world and he gives him a gold coin just to show his caring side. I believe that is his fatal mistake right there as El Captain is going to seriously (insert swear word here) him good now. Damn; I'm good as El Captain invokes the cannon and threatens him to get it back and proclaims that his usefulness is at it's end. Oooo; I am so loving this guy now as Flint rolls up his sleeves and blows him off. You do not want to piss off a Latin temper there Flintheart Glomgold; it will never get you anywhere. They play throw the cannon mouth at each other for a while in a tug of war while blowing each other off as the fuse finally blows and the cannon ball goes into the air and I betcha it lands into the hull and the ship sinks into the water. I check the DVD....Scrooge is back rowing as Louie points out the obvious and...Damn; I'm good.

I don't know who to blame on this one so we'll call this one a draw as Scrooge rows over and decides not to be a heartless bastard even if it is Flint. Well; that is good to know as Flint is hanging onto some wood as the boat is completely gone in seconds over the deepest trench. The nephews help Flint into the boat as Flint wheezes like El Captain on speed. Scrooge then calls Flint a great sailor on a submarine. Umm; if Scrooge was trying to insult Flint; he failed because submarines operators are pretty good sailors in my view. The stranger is gone and probably drowned since he got his gold at the bottom of the trench anyway. The nephews wonder who he was as Scrooge checks his golden watch and the bet is officially over and Scrooge wins. Well; Scrooge couldn't lose since Flint lost all the gold so I'll take his word for it. Flint blows it off because all of the gold went to the bottom; but Scrooge shows the only gold coin left; the one Flint gave to him. HAHA! Time to eat that hat of your Flint; with or without mustard. And of course; Flint is screwed as the coin with the golden sun logo (shown for the first time) is shown and Flint takes the hat from Scrooge and he eats it without mustard. HAHA! Well it's nice to know Flint is a good sport after all when he is kept in check of his own rules. Scrooge rows the boat away as Flint hates eating his hat as BS&P is loving every minute of this as we see in the background El Captain floating on a log as the sun setting in the west as he wheezing that he'll get his gold so help him to end the episode at 21:16. Bad logic breaks aside; this one was more fast paced and I enjoyed the finish a lot. I really starting to dig El Captain. I just hope they balance out Scrooge and the nephews though. **** 1/4 (85%).


Well; I thought this would be the debut of Miss Beakly/Webby and Launchpad; but I was wrong as it turned out to be the debut of Flintheart Glomgold who is pretty good for the most part; although Shere Khan's tweener image doesn't help him in any way. I really liked this episode better and it would have been better if the writers and storyboards actually watched themselves and remembered what happened in the previous episode so mistakes would not be made in the beginning of the second episode. This was a repeat of Catteries Not Included and To The Rescue where the writers tried to pay off an angle; but they didn't read their own script. Plus; there were a few logic breaks in the gold lumber and the gold nails (I wish El Captain just said the items so I could lop them off as such like he did with the sails). As much as the visuals and the spots were neat; it was hard to watch them and not realize that they broke logic and reason because how did Scrooge and the nephews get those golden planks and nails anyway. Also; I'm glad that they finally got the Super Duck Scrooge out of their systems and I hope they keep a more balanced nephews/Scrooge from now on because as much as I like Scrooge; he made the nephews look awfully weak at times. With that said; the strengths were without question; TMS's animation for the most part and the finish with El Captain as I was digging him more and more as he was getting more and more selfish as time went on. I cannot wait until he gets really awesome when he starts acting punch drunk in episode 5 finale. Overall; a better episode; and I look forward to episode three. So.....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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