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DuckTales Rants

Update #110 (08/06/2018)- Ducktales Returns: The Beagle Birthday Massacre! Rant is completed and posted!

Welcome to the SHACK OF THOUGHTS. This is the place for reviews of your favorite (and most hated) television shows and VHS/DVD content. It's time for all shows to get what they rightfully deserve. Before you select a link to your favorite review; I should point out that all opinions are solely mine and may or may not reflect the views of the people who vist my site; or even people who don't visit it. Although I'm sure that there are people who completely agree with what I say. For the protection of the innocent (and even the guilty) I shall not name names unless I am forced to by a court of law.

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Ducktales Volume 1 DVD Review- Too Bad Iger Still Doesn't Get It.

Ducktales Volume 2 DVD Review- Now I Can Stop Complaining About It...

Ducktales Volume 3 DVD Review- Another Day; Another Disney DVD Review.

Ducktales Returns: Woo-oo!/Escape To-From Atlantis! Rant- ...And Returns With A Gold Eating Dragon!

Ducktales Returns: The Beagle Birthday Massacre! Rant- ...And The Return Of A Literal Magica Shadow! ! - NEW!!

Ducktales Returns: The Impossible Summit Of Mount Neverrest! Rant- ...And The Possible Thing About Wormholes!

Ducktales Returns: The Missing Links Of Moorshire! Rant- ...And We Found The My Little Kelpies: Drowning Is Deadly!!

Ducktales - Treasure Of The Golden Suns: Don't Give Up The Ship Rant- The Upstreaming Of Disney Begins In Earnest!

Ducktales - Treasure Of The Golden Suns: Wronguay In Ronguay Rant- Never Let BS&P Talk You Into Eating Your Hat.

Ducktales - Treasure Of The Golden Suns: Three Ducks Of The Condor Rant- So Much For That Theory.

Ducktales - Treasure Of The Golden Suns: Cold Duck Rant- The March Of The Evil Penguins!

Ducktales - Treasure Of The Golden Suns: Too Much Of A Gold Thing Rant- HIC! HIC! GOLD! HIC! HIC!

Ducktales - Back To The Klondike Rant- ...And Into The Nasty Goldie!

Ducktales - Horse Scents Rant- Ducktales Episode Or Failed Perfume?

Ducktales - Scrooge's Pet Rant- With A Face Only A Rich Snob Would Love.

Ducktales - Cash As Catch Can: A Drain On The Economy Rant- Here We Go Again.....

Ducktales - Cash As Catch Can: A Whale Of A Bad Time Rant- A SEA MONSTER ATE MY ICE CREAM!

Ducktales - Cash As Catch Can: Aqua Ducks Rant- What A Perfect Doofus?!

Ducktales - Cash As Catch Can: Working For Scales Rant- The Rich Go To 11.

Ducktales - Merit-Time Adventure Rant- Webby Earns Her Over Wings!

Ducktales - The Golden Fleecing Rant- Today; This Would Be Called Poetic Justice.

Ducktales - Ducks Of The West Rant- Welcome Aboard The Scooby Doo Episode Of Doom.

Ducktales - Time Teasers Rant- Nothing More Symbolic Than Replacing Your Gun With A Wiener.

Ducktales - Back Out In The Outback Rant- With Ducktales; You Rule From Sun Up To Sundown.

Ducktales - Raiders Of The Lost Harp Rant- Oh! You Are Annoying, Annoying, Annoying!

Ducktales - The Right Duck Rant- When Mars Comes Calling; Always Call The Party Crasher!

Ducktales - Scroogerello Rant- I Didn't Know Scrooge Played Go In His Life!

Ducktales - Double'O'Duck Rant- The Foreshadowing Of Cartoon Duck Syndrome.

Ducktales - Luck O'The Ducks Rant- You Have To Be Lucky When A Leprechaun Is Around.

Ducktales - Duckworth's Revolt Rant- Rage Against the Veggies & The Lurch Butler Wannabe.

Ducktales - Magica's Magic Mirror/Take Me Out Of The Ball Game Rant- Take Me Out Of This Episode!

Ducktales - Duck To The Future Rant- Even Scrooge Knew The Meaning Of Content & Values; Why Doesn't Eisner & Iger?

Ducktales - Jungle Duck Rant- Welcome To The Jungle; We Love Ducks & Games!

Ducktales - Launchpad's First Crash Rant- At Least In Theory.

Ducktales - Dime Enough For Luck Rant- With Friends Like Gladstone; Who Needs Enemies?!

Ducktales - Duck In The Iron Mask Rant- Aren't There Laws Against Using Agony Booth Bad Writers As Cartoon Writers?!

Ducktales - The Uncrashable Hindentantic Rant- Don't Give Launchpad Any More Incentive Than He Already Has.

Ducktales - The Status Seekers Rant- I'm Seeking The Status Of Master Ranter.

Ducktales - Nothing To Fear Rant- Except For Richard Merwin Writing This Episode.

Ducktales - Doctor Jekyll & Mr. McDuck Rant- Welcome To Bad Saint Hallow Eve's Pranks Mr. McDee!

Ducktales - Once Upon A Dime Rant- There Was A Future WildCat Named Scrooge....

Ducktales - Spies In Their Eyes Rant- Welcome Back To Hell; Seaman Donald Duck!

Ducktales - All Ducks On Deck Rant- Enter The Phantom Blot!

Ducktales - Ducky Horror Picture Show Rant- Where Is Tim Curry THE EVIL ONE When You Need Him?!

Ducktales - Till Nephews Do Us Part Rant- If Anyone Objects To This Wedding; Please Shoot Scroogie Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace.

Ducktales - Time Is Money Part One: Marking Time Rant- The Story Arc That Made Ducktales Jump The Shark.

Ducktales - Time Is Money Part Two: The Duck Who Would Be King Rant- I Think We Finally Found Johnny Bravo's Soul Mate.

Ducktales - Time Is Money Part Three: Bubba Trubba Rant- Now We Really Go Downhill.

Ducktales - Time Is Money Part Four: Ducks On The Lam Rant- Can You Smell The Excitement? Or Is It Scrooge's New Prison Outfit?

Ducktales - Time Is Money Part Five: Ali Bubba's Cave Rant- Welcome To JTTS Hell Scrooge McDuck!

Ducktales - Super Ducktales Part One: Liquid Assets Rant- Because Regular Ducktales Cannot Contain Fenton's Ego.

Ducktales - Super Ducktales Part Two: Frozen Assets Rant- What Is Magon's Fetish For Out Of Context Puns?!

Ducktales - Super Ducktales Part Three: Full Metal Duck Rant- Now That's Vanity!

Ducktales - Super Ducktales Part Four: Billionaire Beagle Boys Club Rant- What Is This: The Abridged Ducktales Series I Didn't Know About?!

Ducktales - Super Ducktales Part Five: Money To Burn Rant- Nothing Like A Bunch Of Robot Aliens To Screw The Story Over.

Ducktales - Send In The Clones Rant- Magica Makes Her Debut; Pentagrams And All!

Ducktales - Sphinx For The Memories Rant- Donald Duck As An Evil King? Now THAT's A Dream Job!!

Ducktales - Where No Duck Has Gone Before Rant- Nothing Is More Ironic Than Major Courage Displaying Lobster Courage!

Ducktales - Armstrong Rant- Rust Up Like An Armstrong Brother!

Ducktales - Robot Robbers Rant- Welcome Canada & The United States To Robot Construction Hockey Night In Duckburg!

Ducktales - Magica's Shadow War Rant- Can You Smell The BS&P Stink Starting To Flow Here?

Ducktales - Masters Of The Djinni Rant- You Just Knew Bobo Would Get Involved Somehow.

Ducktales - Hotel Strangeduck Rant- I Guess So; Since Scrooge Bought It In The Middle Of Nowhere!

Ducktales - Lost Crown Of Genghis Khan Rant- I See Launchpad is Prepping For Something Else Other Than Crashing.

Ducktales - Top Duck Rant- Time For Some TaleSpin Fun!

Ducktales - The Pearl Of Wisdom Rant- No Relation To My Fanfic Plot Device Of The Same Name.

Ducktales - The Curse Of Castle McDuck Rant- What Kind Of Course? The Curse Of Money Or the Curse Of Me Ranting On It?!

Ducktales - Launchpad's Civil War Rant- More Like Launchpad's Whacky War To Me..

Ducktales - Sweet Duck Of Youth Rant- No Thanks Buddy; I'll Stick To Turkey!

Ducktales - Earth Quack Rant- That Pun Was A 7.0 On The Jymn Magon Pun-o-riffic Scale!

Ducktales - Home Sweet Homer Rant- I'll Drink To That Mr. Simpson. Oh Wait...


Ducktales - Micro Ducks From Outer Space Rant- I Guess Shrinkage Is A Problem In The DTVA World!

Ducktales - Duckman Of Aquatraz Rant- Cue The OZ Jokes!!

Ducktales - The Money Vanishes Rant- ....AGAIN!!

Ducktales - Sir Gyro De Gearloose Rant- Ah Yes; The F-Bomb Episode....

Ducktales - Dinosaur Ducks Rant- Time Is Money Zero!

Ducktales - Hero For Hire Rant- Let's Get Fired Again. Part Trios!

Ducktales - Superdoo! Rant- Did Scooby Doo Meet Larson & Gary or something?!

Ducktales - Maid Of The Myth Rant- LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Ducktales - Down & Out In Duckburg Rant- You Are SUCH A Weasel Man!!

Ducktales - Much Ado About Scrooge Rant- It's All About The Play In Thee.

Ducktales - The Land Of Tra-la-la Rant- Back To The Land Of Fenton-DUM-DUM...

Ducktales - Allowance Day Rant- The Time Bandit Strikes In The Future...

Ducktales - Bubbeo & Juliet Rant- Does This Mean Bubba Kills Himself And NOT Be A Scrappy Doo?!

Ducktales - The Good Muddahs Rant- The Beagle Babes Do Some Illegal Kidnapping!

Ducktales - My Mother The Psychic Rant- Fenton's Mother Needs a Real Job & A Sidebar!

Ducktales - Metal Attraction Rant- Quackery's Biggest Foe Attracts On Gizmo Duck!

Ducktales - Dough Ray Me Rant- Probably The Only Time Drake & Gizmo's Egos Combined Were Less Inflated...!

Ducktales - Bubba's Big Brainstorm Rant- Which Seems To Be "Become Worse Than Scrappy Doo."...

Ducktales - The Big Flub Rant- I Betcha That Is What Scrooge Thinks Of Launchpad...

Ducktales - A Case Of Mistaken Secret Identity Rant- More Like A Case of Airhead Syndrome Striking Again...

Ducktales - Blue Collar Scrooge Rant- The Template To Old Man & The SeaDuck...

Ducktales - Beaglemania Rant- ...Is Running So Wild; It Needs A Bullet!

Ducktales - Yuppy Ducks Rant- Yuppy: Quackeroonish for ummm...CRAP!!

Ducktales - The Bride Wore Stripes Rant- The Groom Wears Airhead Syndrome!

Ducktales - The Unbreakable Bin Rant- Which Is Like Saying That The Titantic Is Unsinkable...

Ducktales - Attack Of The 50 Foot Webby Rant- More Like The Attack Of The Five Foot Webby Haters!

Ducktales - The Masked Mallard Rant- Gizmo Duck Finally Has Some Competition...Or Maybe not.

Ducktales - A Ducktales Valentine Rant- Does This Mean The Love-In Lasts More Than 22 Minutes?!

Ducktales - Ducky Mountain High Rant- A Hogzilla Beagle?! Surely You Jest...

Ducktales - Attack Of The Metal Mites Rant- Now That Explains Dijon Well; Doesn't It?!

Ducktales - The Duck Who Knew Too Much Rant- Who Knew Too Much Vanity?!

Ducktales - The New Gizmo Kids On The Block Rant- Oh Great; A Gizmo Duck That Dances & Sings. I Thought Being A Windbag Was Bad Enough?!

Ducktales - Scrooge's Last Adventure Rant- Liar.

Ducktales - The Golden Goose Part One Rant- It's The Army Of Mustard Heads!

Ducktales - The Golden Goose Part Two Rant- The World Ends In Gold...!

Ducktales - Treasure Of The Lost Lamp Movie Rant- More Like The Treasure Of The Extended Love In To Me.

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